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More on the USD 27.5 Trillion Dark Operations Funds

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From: "Karl W B Schwarz" <kwbschwarz2@snet.net>
To: "'Karl W B Schwarz'" <kwbschwarz2@snet.net>
Subject: 9-11 was about financial matters too
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 12:09:58 -0400

Greetings to all Email Update Members,

In case any of you are wondering, some of our email updates do go to the office of Patrick Fitzgerald depending on the content.  This one did on the first transmission.

Some will receive this Saturday and some on Sunday because I can only send so many emails a day before SBC Yahoo starts blocking them.

This came in Saturday from one of the email update members in response to the Saturday email:

Karl, so well said!  And not to change the subject, did you hear about the House passing HR-5020, Intelligence Authorization Act for 2007?  Oh, this angered me!  For them to threaten Intel whistleblowers, journalists and military officers in hopes to give this cabal government more power and control over their corruption and agendas were beyond my comprehension...are they ignorant?  This will definitely back fire and hopefully to our advantage!  Threatening our Intel and generals with consequences?  WOW!  WILL THEY THREATEN BACK!  Talk about civil war from within and to the Public!

You are about to read below part of the reason and a major part of the reason our Congress is doing such things and selling all of us out.  They truly are a bunch of gutless wonders serving their Puppet Masters well.

Most have heard about the short selling of stocks and profiting huge on 9-11.  Most have heard about the huge questions regarding Larry Silverstein, the buildings, the insurance and paying twice for the towers since they are attacked by two separate planes.  One strategy, one planned attack, two planes, Lucky Larry gets paid twice what the towers were worth.  One of the buildings even fell around 5pm and it was not even hit in the 9-11 attacks.  Read on.

Some of the short selling stocks did not involve airlines but did involve people who are directly and indirectly involved in this huge GWOT scam.  One of the members on the Email List sent the following and it ties back into information that I wrote about in One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas:

Hello Karl,

I don't think I sent this on before, but here are stock transactions for Universal Forest Products Industries from Sept. of 2001, and look at what happens day before 9-11.  To any layman, it sure looks like a sell-off, now does it not?

Chart Graphic

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Now, go to "dogpile.com" and type in Peter Secchia and you will see the ties.  Check out BIOPORT in Lansing, Michigan, and how they profited once Anthrax hit.

It's all there. 

When DNC first learned of my book and its title, they wrongly assumed that I was a Republican outing just Bush.  No, my book outs both sides of the aisle in a blistering critique of our government and is why I finally had to self-publish.  Every American needs to read my book for it is based on a lot of inside information.

BioPort was the exclusive anthrax vaccine vendor to our Department of Defense and they are now involved in a deal with DynCorp, as DynPort Vaccines, LLC.  DynCorp is a well known mercenary company that has profited off these types policies for many years.  Their CEO at one time was Herbert “Pug” Winokur and when Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling had to leave Enron Pug Winokur became its interim CEO to keep the lid on that fraud.  Read on, another Enron executive shows up later in this story.

BioPort lost their cushy deal to VaxGen when that company was awarded a $1 billion defense contract to provide anthrax vaccines but then BioPort hired a major lobbyist and got a cushy deal on Project BioShield where Bush wants all Americans to take a vaccine that is known to be harmful to our soldiers.  The private sector does not have a Feres Doctrine to hide behind so that is why Congress and Bush gave the pharmaceutical industry blanket immunity from doing harm to you with medicines and vaccines.

This article is an excellent read on how the sleaze works in our capital:  https://www.dailypress.com/news/local/dp-anth-day4-bioportdec06,0,1903057.story?page=1

You information sleuths can dig deep to learn how a forest products company can be shorted down 25% within 7 days prior to 9-11 and then defy the Dow Jones and S&P over the next two weeks.  What do they make that got that rebound and who were they supplying?  The insiders were ready for 9-11, too bad our defenses were not but then they were told to stand down by the same government that is behind this charade.

Most have seen the sleazy business practices of Halliburton, Kellogg Brown and Root, and how they have used 9-11 to spend hundreds of billions of dollars enriching the insiders and taking over oil and gas supplies.  Most have watched as our oil, defense, pharmaceutical and other companies have reported record profits while our economy is sliding downhill everywhere but in those inner circles.  Most have watched as our government turned Hurricane Katrina into yet another easy way to line the pockets of the insiders and ignore the people that were harmed.

How are they keeping it propped up?  How are they keeping the illusion alive?

I am not certain how many on the email list know that another person and I took a stack of 9-11 related documents to the office of Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General for the State of New York on December 27, 2004.  Those same documents were delivered to Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau on the same day.  Most people probably recognize Spitzer’s name as the person that stood up to Wall Street regarding the defrauding of the New York State Pension funds.  When corporate fraud was running rampant through Wall Street, major corporations that issued stock and debt instruments, and in Washington, DC our government regulators just sat there like deer in the headlights while Spitzer enforced New York law against the wrongdoers.  Every attorney general in the United States has the same cause of action and has sat still while millions of Americans were plowed under.

While the very fabric of our economic structure has been plundered, our regulators and law enforcement persons have stood idly by and watched while millions of Americans were put into the poor house or their net worth severely diminished.  I stood up for those screwed over Americans and can tell you there was a dear price to pay in doing so.

You see, they cannot dig too deep on any fraud without their own government fraud becoming glaringly apparent.  The corporate fraud and the government fraud are intertwined. 

I wrote about this matter and it appeared on OnlineJournal.com but is now only available on the Internet and on my website at this link:  https://www.karlschwarz.com/01-14-05_Schwarz.pdf

That particular stack of documents related to a $120 billion Brady Bond deal that closed in 1991 during the George H W Bush Administration and apparently involved Goldman Sachs and Cantor Fitzgerald.  The latter firm being the one that lost almost all of their employees on 9-11-2001 in the WTC North Tower.  That Brady Bond deal was supposed to have matured and been due in late September 2001 and early October of that same year as a ten year maturity.  Apparently the bonds were destroyed in WTC I and the deal never closed at least according to any records we have been able to find.

Someone basically got free use of $120 billion for 10 years as of 2001 and there might have been two such fraudulent transactions running parallel.  Since they were based on government instruments and Wall Street deal doing, we will have to look in those two places to find who gave the government side of the deal color of legitimacy when it was a clear cut fraud.

The email update yesterday had this in it and it was a prelude to this update because of what you will read below:

“Are you aware that SEC records were destroyed and they were investigating a tsunami of market fraud and IPO fraud on Wall Street dating back to the Clinton – Gore Go-Go economy?

Most have heard about that colossal corporate fraud named Enron and Global Crossing, but are you aware that the key documents that would have proven the fraud against Wall Street and Global Crossing, all $52 billion of it, were stored at Global Crossing Holdings, Ltd, 83rd Floor of WTC I?  Their corporate headquarters were supposedly in New Jersey, but the key documents that would have sent them to prison and recovered billions for screwed over investors were in WTC 1. 

Were you one of the millions of Americans that were harmed or plowed under by the capital markets fraud?  Many of the SEC cases had to be scrapped or started over from scratch.  How convenient!

That was not the only fraud based in that building.  Global Crossing Holdings, Ltd was on the 83rd floor of WTC I and records that everyone wanted to sue those thieves just miraculously got destroyed on 9-11.  If you dig deep at the FCC regarding Global Crossing you will see that I fought that battle for over a year in the NYC bankruptcy court and at FCC.

The SEC records that were destroyed were in WTC Building 7, that building that was ordered by Larry Silverstein to “pull it”.  Hundreds of billions has been stolen from people like you and me, and the cases collapsed with WTC Building 7.  Many high level executives and major investors would have been fined or gone to prison and they walked free when 9-11 happened.  Many in our government would have been exposed as to the extent of fraud they are against the American people.  The Global Crossing investigation was in WTC Building 7 too.

There are four banking groups identified in those Brady Bond files headed by Schroeder Bank (Germany and Switzerland), France based Credit Lyonnais, Japanese banks and Security Pacific Bank, which was acquired by Bank of America.  Each of those four groups apparently took a $30 billion hit.  But it gets more interesting because there may have been two parallel $120 billion transactions, one of them supposedly legitimate and the other as bogus as it gets and both of them appear to be fraud of huge proportions  Why steal just $120 billion when a group can steal $240 billion?

I am knowledgeable about these matters for two reasons.  First, I am intimately involved with a group that has, according to my attorneys, a considerable gold asset called Bonus 3392-181 that is executed and comes under international laws and treaties and very much outside of US law.  It could be used to help correct a lot of the financial fraud in banking. Secondly, I have been working behind the scenes to help Ambassador Leo Wanta sort out what might be the banking scandal of all banking scandals.

At $27.5 trillion, I think you can classify that as scandalous and it even makes the Caspian Basin oil pale in comparison at a paltry $14 trillion or so at current outrageous prices of oil and gas.

Actually, there is a Third Reason and that is I was the high bidder in the Global Crossing bankruptcy to take over that network and could not get the time of day from the creditors.  We fought that battle in the bankruptcy court and at the FCC for several years.  They knew we were already on the trail of a huge fraud as to why they did Global Crossing in the first place and lured so much money from so many unsuspecting investors. 

The major banks wanted a proprietary global network and they wanted it funded out of everyone’s pocket but theirs.

If you have been keeping up with, or even know about the Leo Wanta story you might find this email update both a lot to absorb and edifying in that you will learn about how we got into this damned mess in the first place.

The basic Leo Wanta story is provided at this link:


A little more specific details about how the United States conducts financial warfare against nations is spelled out at this link:


Greg Szymanski of American Free Press, RBNLive.com and Artic Beacon, came out with a story on this matter in early April 2006.  https://www.arcticbeacon.com/3-Apr-2006.html

However, this matter goes far deeper and is far more twisted than first meets the eye when reading through it.

This started off as a $27.5 trillion transaction of questionable purpose and originating from two lead banks.  Even though guaranteed by the US without telling us about it, they used offshore banks in Canada, Germany, Holland and the UK to set this up. The funds went into about 200 banks in multiple countries.  The point I want you to pay attention to is this – those funds are US government funds that actually belong to you and me.  There are some, within this nation, trying to make sure it belongs to them through theft and deception.  There are some that want this all routed back to the Federal Reserve and keep the lid on it.

Some of this activity goes all the way back to Iran Contra, Clinton, ADFA, Bob Nash and other characters involved in that fiasco.  Some of this activity is how the Al Qaeda funds were passed around as drug trafficking and money laundering to set up the attack on this nation.

Attempts have been made to block Leo Wanta from these funds while certain parties try to get access to the accounts and the vast sums of money held in those accounts.

Some of you may know about the Five Dancing Israelis that were filming 9-11 and cheering about it.  Some of you may even know the name Dominik Suter as being the head of that bogus moving company and seemed to think 9-11 was something to cheer about.  What is not generally known is the name of Dominik Suter appeared on an FBI account seizure list in Europe to seize Al Qaeda accounts.  He was released and fled to Israel.

There are different factions trying to get control over these funds and much of it they cannot do so because the accounts are set up as security accounts requiring positive identification. 

Some of the banks holding the Wanta funds have been told he is dead, so he is having to go through the process of proving he is alive.  They have used that as an excuse to get access to the funds.  I am aware of one of the Iran Contra people who is dead by means of murder and they cannot get at his accounts because they cannot produce the access codes.  If they did move the funds with the help of certain insiders at the banks, many will have to a lot to answer for under 18 USC § 4 and 18 USC § 35 for fraud against the United States. Read, fraud against you and me.

The judge that entered the order basically held that Ambassador Leo Wanta is the authorized person on the accounts in question.  That is why he alone was authorized to close the accounts, recover the funds and pay the taxes due on the trading activity.

That lawsuit was the matter of (Plaintiff) Ambassador Leo E. Wanta v. United States of America, et al (Defendants), Case number 02-1363-A, United States District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division.  That particular court is where sensitive national security matters are heard and kept quiet for national security reasons.

The government is not prosecuting these cases for two reasons.  First, the National Security Act of 1947 and these accounts are supposed to be secret dark ops accounts.  Said another way, the US government does not want you and me to know what they have done.  Second, the United States would open up a can of worms and wind up being the defendants in what would drag net in many within our government to face criminal charges.

At this time, those funds are supposed to be in about 110 banks, 18 countries or so, and not in G7 currencies to keep the matter quiet.  However, things are not quiet and are not going to be quiet about such a large sum of money.

On April 15, 2003 a United States District court ruled that Mr. Wanta was to liquidate the multiple entities that were formed as US government fronts, recover the money and pay the taxes.  I have read the order and it says what it says. That seems simple enough but to date banks are balking and some are apparently under tremendous pressures to not release the funds to comply with the court order.  The final order makes numerous references to the National Security Act as the reason for putting the lid on this matter.

To get the deal done, the United States guaranteed the foreign banks that they could cash their foreign currency part of the deal in for US dollars.  Are you getting that picture?  Petrodollars so they all stay tied to the dollar and do not jump ship to the Euro.

Well folks, it still has not happened and there are deposits in other currencies in other countries so large that their withdrawal would crater the commercial banks, the Central Banks of those nations, and their economies.  What a vicious web some of our leaders have weaved.

So, on the one hand we have a court order to recover and pay the taxes and on the other we have dark ops accounts that some in the United States would love to see stay in place so they can bully those nations at will.  There is a third group that wants these funds to stay dark ops so they can continue to play all sorts of dark ops games.

Now, imagine this scenario.  Flood $27.5 trillion back into the US and watch both the inflationary pressures rise on us and also the overall value of the dollar would crash.  From all appearances, this $27.5 trillion is “off balance sheet” so it is something that the Treasury and Federal Reserve do not want you to know about. 

This has every appearance of being yet another idiotic plan out of DC that is so FUBAR that even trying to unravel it is a nightmare in and of itself

But there is a catch.  Only a fool would think that the Bush Administration, Treasury and the Federal Reserve would let these funds get away from them and basically at this time they are out of their reach and control.  By complying with the US court order, Mr. Wanta would be exposing them one step at a time and they cannot allow that to happen.  I am convinced they already have in place a means to take the funds via wire transfers to keep this matter quiet.

Think about what I said above regarding Global Crossing.  What is Global Crossing and how did they pull off that huge market fraud, walk free and continue to do business?  Who really controls Global Crossing? 

Everywhere Global Crossing installed fiber cables there was a parallel entity named Cable Systems Holding, Ltd of Bermuda along for the ride.  That entity is a creature of Citigroup Venture Capital, the same company that touted Global Crossing to the moon and the same company that was fined billions of dollars by Spitzer and the SEC. 

This is not only a warning to Leo Wanta and some he is working with but also a heads up as to what they are up against.  I know IP centric networks globally and I know how Global Crossing has been used to launder money, divert shareholder money and now functions as a global proprietary trading network for the major banks and Wall Street firms.

Global Crossing is now controlled by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and other major banks and Wall Street firms as their proprietary trading network.  It interconnects 227 financial centers around the globe and is separate from the Federal Reserve and at the same time wired to the Federal Reserve.  It carries defense, embassy and intelligence information on secure point-to-point nodes that cannot be penetrated.  It handles UK embassy traffic globally.  It handles SWIFT, the international financial networks that average about $6 trillion a day in settlements.  They can conduct all sorts of legal and illegal business and folks like us would be none the wiser about it.

They can even make wire transfers up and disappear and leave no trace where the funds were diverted to.

There is one party working with Mr. Wanta that thinks he can do this as FOREX and just convert the currency from the non-G7 to the G7 currencies.  I am aware of several ways that the bank heist would happen over the Global Crossing network and the money just disappear back into the Federal Reserve coffers. 

Since it was Wall Street and our own government that created Global Crossing and then blew out the shareholders in bankruptcy, it is safe to presume that Global Crossing is yet another front company for the government and major banks.

When you read at the above links you will see that the United States agreed to a 15% tax treaty rate and then increased that to 18% and then reneged on that.  The “word” of the United States government is dirt.  Like those medical benefits for veterans being gratuities and gifts they can withhold at will.  There is plenty of proof that the word of our government is not nearly as meaningful as they want you to think.

Nations such as Holland, Austria, Hungary, Italy and other jurisdictions were the targets for where to put money in large enough amounts to wage economic war against Russia by buying up rubles and affecting their economy.  There are funds parked in Singapore and other places.  That could not be done in US dollars and keep it quiet.  You see, Reagan started a new type of arms race when he introduced Star Wars but they could not get the banks to agree to do this massive deal during his presidency to wage economic warfare too.

The mere size of these accounts is now a huge lever on the nations where the funds are parked.  Withdrawal of the non-G7 funds would create shock waves through those nations and their commercial banks so the workout has to take on a different nature or it will cause huge economic dislocations.

The deal was finally closed under the George H W Bush administration and along with it came the Brady Bonds, named for his Secretary of Treasury Nicholas Brady.  That happened in 1988 and 1989.  If you tracked any of that, the Brady Bond deals for Mexico, South America and Russia are now known to be scams and Trojan Horses to expand US financial influence over the world.  Many in those nations are still very angry at the US government and certain wealthy elite parties here that scammed many nations.

Many of you will remember this quote from George H W Bush in one of his idle babblings:  “if Americans knew what the Bush family has done to this country they would run us out of town.”

Folks, you are reading about it right here and yes, they should be run out of town.

If you have been paying attention, the GHWB administration not only concocted Desert Shield and Desert Storm but they also hatched another Bush-Brained idea called Operation Steppe Shield in 1989, named for the Kazakh Steppes region of Central Asia and a former Russian state under the USSR.

Are you keeping up thus far?  We launched a two-pronged war against Russia.  First, rise to technology levels they could not compete with without hurting their economy and at the same time attack their currency, their economy.  Someone decided to also go after the oil in the Caspian Basin.  We set up a series of Brady Bond deals that proved over time to be nothing but scams on other nations.

It was all part of globalization and commerce and bludgeoning other nations into the fold so certain Wealthy Elite insiders could plunder this entire world.  Lest you have not noticed, they still are and part of the funding to accomplish that is this $27.5 trillion slush fund that has continued to grow and other parallel slush funds they have yet to admit to.  Lest you have not noticed, what I am disclosing is how you are being plundered every day of your life.

Any takers that the person in question is named Bush?

Where did all of this money come from?  They just created it; you will not find it in the Official National Debt numbers they lie to us about every day of every year.  They just printed off the money and went offshore and swapped for other currencies. Is it used to artificially prop up our capital markets?  At times, yes it is.  It is used to set up other nations as suckers to beat up on them?  Yes, it is.

Apparently the Chicago trust that was the mandate on this aberration deal was a Delaware corporation.  When we followed that trail, if it is the right one, we found it odd that a little bank out of a little town in Texas apparently acquired a much larger entity.


Federal Register / Vol. 60, No. 137 / Tuesday, July 18, 1995 / Notices

B. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

(Genie D. Short, Vice President) 2200

North Pearl Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-


1. FCT Bancshares, Inc., Mart, Texas; to become a bank holding company by acquiring 100 percent of First Central Holdings, Inc., Dover, Delaware, and thereby indirectly acquire The First National Bank of Mart, Mart, Texas. In connection with this application, First Central Holdings, Inc., Dover, Delaware; also has applied to become a bank holding company by acquiring 100 percent of the voting shares of The First National Bank of Mart, Mart, Texas. 

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

System, August 12, 1995.

Jennifer J. Johnson,

Deputy Secretary of the Board.

[FR Doc. 95-17560 Filed 7-17-95; 8:45 am]


Mart, Texas map

Yeah, I smell another Bush-Brained idea.  This has every appearance of being another CIA front company.

The files are in PDF - you'll have to put your trust in me here, I'm serious about this. files 1-5 document financial transactions totaling $37 trillion files 6 explains what this all means files 7-8 give evidence of where the money has been going. I can't give you text, but somebody already typed out this from file 6: In this type of transaction the only "real" money involved is the 10% difference between the cost and the invoice price to the funder's; the remainder is a computerized paper transaction. The "real" money was supplied by a variety of sources in many different currencies, in gold and other forms of convertible collateral. The US Government's role was to agree to convert these Foreign mantes into US dollars, which they did at considerable profit by converting at a substantial discount. Because of the huge amounts of money, these conversions took place in major US banks, led by Morgan Guaranty Trust Bank, under the direction of the comptroller of Currency, a part of the US Treasury Department, in co-operation with the Federal Reserve, the Attorney General, and the State Department, under the overall direction of the White House. This loan transaction is the largest ever put together, and some two thirds have been completed, resulting in some 1.76 trillion dollars worth of foreign monies having been put up for conversion. We do not know the discount employed, but we believe that it was between 10 and as much as 25% in some cases, hence the remaining monies for disbursement must lie somewhere between 1.3 and 1.6 trillion US dollars, ie the United States has already received a minimum of $150 billion dollars in "conversion" fees. The remaining monies for disbursement have been held by the US banks, for reasons which can only be described as fraudulent, under the direct instruction of the US Government, for over a year and a half. In addition, there has been a conspiracy of misinformation, orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Government, regarding the exact whereabouts of these monies and the timing of their payout. These monies should have been paid out in June, 1989, or shortly thereafter. TAX AGREEMENT To avoid key Government people becoming directly implicated in the delays and improper uses of the money, a tax treaty was agreed on June 28th, 1990, between the IRS and the transaction Mandate, Mr Alex Gaus, Jr, Trust Manager of First Central Holdings Inc. of Chicago, whereby a single, reduced tax sum of 15% only would be taken out up front, instead of the full amount otherwise due in 1991 from the Trust in taxes. This reduction was in lieu of the interest which should have been earned since April, 1989, and the advance tax payment. As a result of the US Government budget negotiations in July, the Government requested that the treaty sum be increased to 18%, a total tax Payment of $318B. This was agreed to by Mr Gaus on July 25th. Whether coincident or otherwise, it should be noted that on Feb 7th, 1991, the Secretary of the US Treasury Department, Nicholas Brady, announced that the Budget deficit forecast for 1991-92 would be $318B. Together with the "conversion" costs, the United States will have benefited from this transaction by a sum of at least $400 Billion US dollars, yet they are still holding onto all the monies for disbursement. Investigations were made into First National's role. "Payout delayed until after April 17th to complete investigations into possible arrests of top bank officials." Ay Late April, 1990. the US Government was under severe foreign pressure, and President Bush took charge directly, with his Chief of Staff John Sununu handling day to day liaison with the Mandate, Mr Gaus. Despite many promises and reports, nothing reached the Trust account. On May 8th 1990, there was an official complaint by the Trilateral Commission against the transaction regarding the arbitrage split between Japan, Taiwan and the US. In July, 1990, it was discovered that the Comptroller of Currency, Mr Clark, a Reagan man, had opened an account in the name of First Central Holdings, but under his own control. So when he said things had moved towards the account, and others monitored the movement of monies, the statements were seen to be correct. But of course subsequent payouts never occurred. On July 18th a Government lawyer reported that President Bush had suspended Mr Clark and sent him on an extended vacation, and his position was temporarily taken over by Judith Walters. Mr Clark had appealed to Mr Reagan and President Bush had had to confront Mr Reagan in his California home the previous week, in the presence of ex-Presidents Nixon and Ford, and tell him that he was no longer running the Government and could not do so in absentia. It was then discovered that Mr. Clark had had Mr. Gaus' phone tapped. It was also discovered that Mr Clark had not previously revealed to the President's staff where all the monies had been placed, some in secret accounts. When Mr Reagan was informed he was "mildly embarrassed." Other changes took place in the C of C's Office, With Karen Wilson moving from Chicago to New York send Robert Herman taking over in Chicago, reportedly to close any areas whereby the Government's role in the delay and deception might leak out. Besides daily promises of positive activity, these are ;some examples of particular unfulfilled completion promises from the White House to Mr Gaus: "President Bush issued yet another release decree on June 4th, 1990, for immediate disbursement," "The monies had to be paid out before President Bush met president Gorbachev in Helsinki in June, 1990." "The monies had to be paid out before the July, 1990 NATO meeting." "The monies had to be paid out on conclusion of the G7 meeting in Houston on July 11th, 1990." On return to the White House, late in evening, President Bush signed off on ***

It was hard to find out anything about the Mandate Alex Gaus, Jr or even the First Central Holdings, Inc.  There are three financial institutions in the Chicago area mentioned in the reading on this matter including First Central, Harris Trust and Continental Bank.

The Harris Trust entity was acquired by the Bank of Montreal.



Pay To :

Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Canada

For A/C:

Harris Trust And Savings Bank, Chicago, Illinois
Swift Code: HATRUS44XXX
Account Number 3144-1008-691


IFX Markets Inc Forex Client Account
Account Number 44422-294-045-0

Another bank mentioned in the links is Continental Bank, formerly Continental Illinois, and it failed during the mid-1980s due to an oil and gas fraud at a cost of about $9 billion to taxpayers.  Guess who was the financial whiz kid that was hiding the truth from regulators?  The correct answer is Andy Fastow, CFO of Enron and currently serving time due to his sentence in that colossal fraud.

You see, when rule of law is not brought to bear on these white collar criminals they are then hired to go do the hat trick again for some other company.  Andy Fastow was specifically hired by Enron because of his success in hiding fraud from the regulators in multiple SPE, or Special Purpose Entities.  What law firm worked with Enron in the creation of such entities?  Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw, of which senior partner Richard Ben Veniste was on the faux 9-11 Commission and his law firm kept Bridas Corporation tied up in court while the United States was taking over the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline post 9-11.

Getting the picture yet?  Enron and Mayer Brown shared an office in Uzbekistan, one of the former USSR states defined as the Caspian Basin and vast amounts of oil and natural gas.

Being directly involved in this matter in trying to sort out the mess, I have seen the factions, their rationale, and a clear way to sort out the mess.  Guess what?  Now that George H W Bush has parked those funds, he, Clinton and the current Bush all want to keep the financial terrorism tool in place so they can exert more control over those nations.

They do not want the funds recovered, they do not want you to know about those funds.

We as a people need to decide if we approve of the way this nation treats others and has come to treat us too. 

After the US District Court ordered Leo Wanta to recover the funds and pay the taxes due, our president appointed his cousin, George Herbert Walker, III as ambassador to Hungary.  That is one of the countries where the dark accounts were established and run out of Vienna.  https://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/24686.htm

The task we have before us is to get the funds recovered but do so in such a manner we do not crater the US dollar or the nations where these funds are.  We also have to go around the global trading network that they have set up to affect any type of financial fraud or theft in wire transit they wish to do.  Some of the funds have been located and others are mysteriously missing or were being used as pass through accounts so they could be taken and used for other purposes.

To get it done, we are having to seek gold bullion because it is far more valuable than the cheap paper our government has created with its own policies.  That bullion will have to be used to shore up the banks there and here thanks to the idiotic economic policies of our last three presidents.  We cannot suck up the petrodollars in making this workout happen because that will either force certain countries to move to the Euro or our idiotic Federal Reserve will print off more and erode the value of the dollar more.

Our government has flooded the world markets with dollars and then bullies people into staying on the dollar for their purchases of oil and natural gas.  That is called petrodollars diplomacy and God help any nation like Iraq, Iran or Venezuela that defies them and goes with the Euro to denominate their oil purchases.

This $27.5 trillion slush fund is another form of bully weapon for it is not denominated in dollars or other G7 currencies at this time.  Withdrawal of such vast sums could financially destroy smaller nations and economies if not done right.

There is mention in the reading on the Wanta matter regarding “collateral providers” and Americans are entitled to know what collateral was put up since there was $27.5 trillion in US dollars created by this scheme and that was converted into other currencies to affect all kinds of mischief.  AMRO Bank of the Netherlands and Barclays PLC were the main collateral providers according to the information we have been able to find.  We have not seen the collateral documents but there is a possibility that some or all of it was the type of falsified gold collateral certificates and there are trillions of them in existence at this time.

There are literally trillions of dollars of bogus gold collateral certificates that have been given color of legitimacy by our government over the past 15 to 17 years.  If this deal was underwritten on bogus paper, Americans deserve to know the truth and the identity of the persons who did that.

There is very good chance that falsified gold collateral certificates were used as collateral since the ultimate objective of the United States was to create a financial weapon it could use at will against any nation and keep it off the books.  Why tie up real collateral on a deal that is not supposed to exist?

They call such financial schemes Trojan Horses and it is one of the reasons that the United States and our major corporations are hated with a passion in much of the world.  Trojan Horses are used to bully other nations and take over resources, blast open closed doors to major US corporations when the countries default or cannot repay.  They are a means of financial warfare or financial terrorism may be more accurate.

If you do the simple math, 110 banks more or less and $27.5 trillion is a huge deposit that the withdrawal of which would devastate most banks and most countries those banks are located in.

I have dealt with some of the banks and to say they are panicking is to be mild.  Horrified that the funds are under order to be withdrawn is a more accurate statement.

One of the Iran Contra operatives that was running parallel accounts to this Leo Wanta operation was murdered in 1994 and there are accounts out there that only he knew the codes to get the funds out or moved.  We have already detected the overlaps between these Iran Contra accounts and the parallel operation that Leo Wanta was involved in.

Could this be solved to where the foreign nations and the United States could have a win-win?  Absolutely but we have folks in DC so stuck on stupid such equity would never occur to them. They are more concerned about evading prison sentences than working this out as a win-win for all parties except them.

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Lo strano caso di Leo Emil Wanta, ambasciatore somalo ed agente USA che doveva arrestare il cittadino svizzero-israeliano Marc Rich... ed invece si ritrova in carcere, negli USA, da 12 anni, condannato a 22 anni per "reati fiscali". Riportiamo due sue lettere: una del gennaio 2001 ed una del gennaio 2004. Marc Rich venne graziato dal presidente Clinton pochi minuti prima della fine del suo mandato. Vedi anche: "Operazione Fenice Pallida".

Aggiornamento giugno 2004: lettera di Wanta all'avvocato svizzero Paschoud dove tra l'altro si accusa la Fiat-Valsella di aver venduto mine antiuomo a Saddam.

16 January 2004

The Honourable, George W Bush       The Honourable, Richard Cheney
Office of the President                    Office of the Vice President
Telefax: (omissis)                          Telefax: (omissis)

The Honourable, John Ashcroft        The Honourable, John Snow
Office of the Attorney General         Office of the Secretary
U S Department of Justice              U S Department of the Treasury
Telefax: (omissis)                         Telefax: (omissis)

Distribution: The Congress of the United States of America, WSHdc.ops, et al

In the matter of: Recently released subpoena documents seized in Cantonal du Lausanne, Switzerland from SDR Diplomatic Pouch, on 7 July 1993; a clear Obstruction of Justice by state agent provocateurs to prevent the lawful process of Arrest Warrant for Marc Rich/Reich on a Lake Geneve/France ferry trip, with federal agents aboard.

Please Note, the enclosed sensitive USGovernment documents/exhibits hidden by the state of Wisconsin, USA from 07 July 1993 through JAN-7-2004 ......

p. 1 of 7 : 26 January 1992, Singapore filing from Rick Reynolds [SA233MS] to US Secret Service Agent Rick Zainos, WH Vice President Dan Quayle, CIA ops, L E Wanta. GAO / Sector V New Orleans ops. et al

p. 2 of 7 : Subject matter of p. 1 of 7, but destroyed/altered "by others" - see taping of subject investigation exhibit of USDollars One Billion (US$1,000,000,000.00) in Republic of Singapura

p. 3 of 7 : U S INTEL ops FIELD NOTES seized in Diplomatic Pouch by state of Wisconsin agents, beyond their International Jurisdiction, in the Cantonal du Lausanne, Switzerland, pls note -

White House - Vince Foster, 2024566605 - and - VP Al Gore U.S. Treasury - US Customs Service [CRAY 92 Super CPU to PRC/China] FBI (SA32NV), RAC Bill Lecates, USSS SAC Glen Speedy, et al
UN Groupe: Sec Gen Boutros Boutros Ghali (PRO - 13 programme) Other U S Administration Officials, et al: including NSA, DEA, CIA, FBI, US treasury, etc >> My Controller AMB/General Vern Walters  <<

p. 4,5 of 7 : As stated previously, 16th May 1992, Singapura letter to my wife's local counsel Thomas A Wilson, former USG analyst from our federal target V Ramakrishnan, noting: page 2, para 2: "RELATING TO LEO AND ONE OF THEM IS CONNECTED WITH OR RELATED TO REAGAN/GEORGE BUSH CONSPIRACY REGARDING THE CONTRA WAR WHERE OUR CLIENT ALSO

(Page 2)



p. 6  of 7 : Proof of second civil tax assessment payment as a CORPORATE NUISANCE TAX issued in Singapore, and duly deposited in the state of Wisconsin - Department of Revenue, 13 June 1992: but hidden from the COUNTY COURT JURY, but finally FILED in November, 1995 after May, 1995 non-jurisdicional/non-subject matter/non-residency country trial with lawless sentencing of 22 years to Wisconsin Prison System.

p. 7 pf 7 : Continuation copy - dated 05 January 2004 - that our USGovernment Officials continues to illegally DISAVOUW the sanctioned INTEL Operations of:

Frank B Ingram  SA32NV
Leo E Wanta  S-31-IANO, Sector V
Rick Reynolds  SA233MS
Lee E Wanta  Stillpoint / Galloping Ghost Ltd (HK)

We are very ready to execute the original 1995 - GAG ORDER, in good faith and in good order to end this USGovn nonsense forthwith; when will our USGovernment be ready?

Thank you for everyone's kind consideration and assistance to approve this timely request. My family and grandchildren have better things for me to do than plead this wrongdoing "by others." There mis-deeds are no longer of interest to me !!!!! I am 63 now, and have physically  and emotionally lost 12 years of my family life for serving OUR GREAT COUNTRY with Honor and Dignity with American Integrity.

Sincerely yours with humility and heavy heart

(signed) Ambassador Leo E Wanta et al - 16 Jan 04

End - with 7 pages enclosed

[Notes in brackets are from S. Skolnick. Scanned doc.]

22nd day of January, 2001 A.D.

Ambassador Leo E. Wanta/Stillpoint.ops
Diplomatic Passport No. 04362 & 12535 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

U.S. President George W. Bush
U.S. Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney
U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno
U.S. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Federal Judge David L. Russell
U.S. White House Counsel Bernie Nausbaum [Clinton White House]
Estate/U.S. W/H Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, Jr.
U.S. DoJ Attorney- John Russell
S.E.C. Chairman, Arthur Levitt
Dresdner Banque, COB, Bernhard Walter
Deutsche Banque AG, COB, Rolf-Ernst Brewer Georgio Bomio,
Esquire Central Authority for U.S. Requests Division of International Legal Assistance
Federal Office For Police Matters Bundesrain 20, 3003 Bern, Switzerland
Credit Suisse, COB Guy Studor, et al
Former Director/FBI William Sessions [who was sacked on flimsy grounds the day before Foster was murdered] SAC Bill Lecates - SAC Glen Speedy - SAC Jeb McGruder - SAC Gary Small [followed by bracket, identifying them] Section V [asterisk after Speedy identifying him as] U.S. Secret Service, Nashville, TN, USA
U.S. DoJ C.L. Ford, Esq.
cc Frank B. Ingram (FBI SA 32 NY) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury/U.S. Custom Service Rick Reynolds (S.E. Asia ops SA 233 MS) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury/U.S. Customs Service *** [name left out]/ (S-31-IANO) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury Office of Internal Affairs/Sector V-New Orleans

IN THE MATTER OF (A) MARC RICH- Visit in Lausanne, Switzerland at Hotel Au Lac with Ms Lorrayne Fine (1) of L.H. Financial (Tel Aviv & Johannesburg, SA); (2) of AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) as Corporate Secretary & Account Signatorie at Credit Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland; (3) of AmeriTrust (Suisse) Societe as Director and Corporate Co-Ordinator with Suisse Banque- as to Private Contract between Humewood Enterprises (London & Dublin) and AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) for Prime Banque Guarantees (PABag/icc 400/500/600)- Aggregate Amount of US Dollars Five Trillion with rollovers and extensions - as authorized by U.S. Government entities - and International Banking Groups, et al.--

Marc Rich at Hotel Au Lac Lausanne further discussed the scheduled meeting with Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster, Jr. on 07 July 1993, as to

(1) Children's Defense Fund "set-aside" allocations of US Dollars Two Hundred and Fifty Million (US $ 250,000,000.00), through Credit Suisse Banque, Agent for AmeriTrust Corporation (USA);

(2) Suisse newly-organized "AmeriTrust (Suisse) Societe" to meet Suisse Tax Regulations, as to PBG [Primary Bank Guarantees] transactions as authorized under Title 18 USA Sec.6/USG Proprietary Corporations- and endorsed through US Govt. entities.

(3) New lodging at Hotel de la Paix, Geneva for (07 July 1993)
    (A) Vince Foster Groupe
    (B) Frank B. Ingram (SA 32 NV)
    (C) Rick Reynolds (SA 233 MS)
    (D) Consul General Giovanni Ferro
    (E) Italia Judge Pierre Liugi [si tratta forse di Pier Luigi VIGNA?]
    (F) Italia Secret Police Erika Ruffo
    (G) Somalia President Haji Mohammed Hashi Haile of Mogedishij, et al
    (H) Ms Lorrayne Fine (Mossad) and her daughter from Johannesburg SA
    (I) Banque Paribas Vice Chairman, Antonio Salvatorie, et al.

When U.S. Treasury Rick Reynolds observed Marc Rich on Lorrayne's Hotel Patio; no one was certain that Lorrayne had advised him of Reynolds/Ingram/Wanta planned attempts to travel by Lausanne boat ferry across to French Casino, 45 minutes across Lake- with L. Fine, G. Ferro, Fine's daughter, L. Wanta, et al.

Please Note FBI Director William Sessions had authorized this groupe to take Marc Rich, if and when, he was out of Switzerland for "tax evasion". Bill Lecates also authorized F.B. Ingram to take down Marc Rich if the opportunity came available.

[Editorial note: President Clinton by unceremoniously sacking Sessions, the day before the later Foster murder, put a stop to FBI Director William Sessions' elite unit investigating high criminal offenses by both Clinton, former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons Neil, Jeb, and George W., little-known business cronies of Clinton, as well as other top-level criminals jointly with Bush/Clinton gang. The gang included Clinton White House Senior Advisor Rahm Emanuel, who is also reportedly Acting Deputy Station Chief for North America of Israeli Intelligence, The Mossad, of which Ms Fine ostensibly was an operative. Rahm, now a Managing Director in Chicago of reputed worldwide money laundry operation Wasserstein Perella & Co., specializing in laundering huge funds through the Chicago markets for the Red Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police.]

Our U.S. Groupe (Intel) was also involved in the T.A. Trace Analysis Lab in Morges, Switzerland (Dr. John Lutz) as to Bulgaria delivery of Red Mercury 20/20 to Iraq via Trieste Port

[Israeli Zvi Margelit, et al., were also delivering RM 2020 to Iraqi Military via this travel plan & Andras Szasze et al. (See: Thieves World, by Claire Sterling, Simon & Shuster, NY-1994 release) ]

[Editorial note: Sterling, a (Roma) CIA front operative, unfairly condemns Leo E. Wanta in her book, yet Wanta played a key role in wrecking the Soviet government in the Soviet Ruble caper of 1990 which is highly detailed in that book. Also note Red Mercury is the ingredient in "suitcase" nuclear devices that can be carried around by terrorists. ABC Network high-paid propagandist, Barbara Walters, has reportedly been a sizeable stockholder in Israeli weapons manufacturers that apparently sell diabolical weapons to all comers, Red Chinese, terrorist organizations, and such. As we have pointed out in some of our website stories, ABC News has received the CIA subsidy, since 1988-89, once had by CBS News, for ABC News to run their foreign bureaus as a vacuum pump of intelligence data for the American CIA.]

It was not known in July, 1993, that Suisse Surete, Interpol, et al., was aware of our intel to take down Marc Rich - until Suisse Surete arrested Somali Ambassador Leo Wanta for failure to pay alleged, and bogus, Wisconsin Tax Assessments for 1982 and 1988 - thus the Sessions arrest warrants for Marc Rich were illegally discovered - and I believe resolved in the murder of
(1) Vincent Foster (Washington, DC, USA)
(2) Freddie Woodruff (Tbilisi, Georgia) [An American CIA official]
(3) J.J. Smith (Mexico City)
(4) Lino Burys (Hong Kong)
(5) etc., etc.

(AA) Further, Ms.Fine was aware of the oil activities of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, Somali Ambassador Wanta as to Operation Restore Hope, 90 Million Barrels of Saudi light crude oil as bid contracted to Marvelous Investments Limited Hong Kong - as assigned to - White Cloud Petroleum Corporation (Delaware) c/o Bank of New York for Delivery to Houston, Texas, USA [White Cloud was/is reportedly owned by the George Herbert Walker Bush Family]
(BB) Purchase of Ciga Hotels and properties,
(CC) Purchase of Credito Italiano Bank et al.,
(DD) Rome American Hospital (Roma) facilities,
(EE) U.S. Treasury Note Procurement/delivery via London Treaty Provisions in favour of AmeriTrust Corporation (USA), Marvelous Investments, Ltd. (HK/BVI), New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd. Gesellschaft of Wien, Austria-Europa [Vienna, Austria]
(FF) Certain forex currency transactions as authorized under 18 USC Sec. 6 et al.
(GG) Certain Suisse & European Property purchases, as well as other European trade companies/societies-

Our intel and related corporate documentary evidence and exhibits are readily available to interested parties; on a "need to know basis", due to the sensitivity involved.

Respectfully submitted under penalty of perjury,
Ambassador Leo E. Wanta DPP #04362 & 12535 22 Jan 2001 AD.
Approved by /s/ Rick Reynolds, Rick Reynolds (SA 233 MS) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury/s/ Frank B. Ingram Frank B. Ingram (SA 32 NV) U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.

[Editorial notes: The exposure widely of the details in this letter would tend to expose the Bank of England together with a Wall Street cabal including Goldman Sachs & Co., implicated in forcing down the price of Gold so as to attempt to save certain huge hedge funds borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars on what is known as "gold carry" or "gold carriage" arrangements. That is, a low price of gold, below the cost of production of the most efficient mines, enables certain huge speculators to borrow tremendous funds for as a little as one per cent. A party to this huge Price-Fixing Fraud has been Alan Greenspan as the head of the conspiratorial Federal Reserve masquerading as a "U.S. Government" entity when it is a private-owned, private run group of alleged banks issuing paper money masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar".

As to the contents of the letter and what is involved, both Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine are aware of it as is ABC and CBS News. ABC and CBS have a severe hang-up conflict of interest because of the Israeli-"Red Mercury" nuclear suitcase bomb matters involved. Newsweek is owned and operated by the British who have a substantial interest in covering up these matters to protect huge British interests, including the Bank of England and others. Newsweek's Michael Isikoff who is reportedly aware of the letter is a reputed asset of The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, going back to the time he helped kill stories reportedly, as part of Newsweek's sister publication the Washington Post. ABC is a proprietary operation linked to the American CIA which subsidizes, for intelligence gathering and spying, ABC News' foreign bureaus. ABC as earlier mentioned has Barbara Walters with a substantial interest to reportedly kill any story about the letter because of her reputed financial linkage with sizeable Israeli weapons manufacturers and "Red Mercury". As we have discussed in other items on our website, Foster ran a secretive "Gold Bank" in the Caribbean for intelligence agencies and together with his sidekick, Hillary Rodham Clinton, worked worldwide money laundry deals based on smuggled gold bullion. Any mass media admission that they lied to us about the death of Foster, earlier claiming it was "suicide" when they knew all along it was murder, would inevitably bring up the smuggled gold matter as well as the gold Price-Fixing matter. See our website item about the Roger D'Onofrio Affair, as discussed by foreign wire service bureaus, early December, 1995; involved jointly criminal activities of the Vatican Bank once headed by Bishop Paul Marcinkus originally from the Chicago-area mafia enclave of Cicero and their First National Bank of Cicero, later re-named several times. See our website story about the Giannini Family.

To silence Wanta, he was framed with the connivance of Tommy Thompson when he was Governor of Wisconsin and part of the CIA's reputed operation Children's Defense Fund. See our website story, Old/New White House Gang. Tommy Thompson is now part of the cabinet of alleged "President" George W. Bush, who some consider to be an "imposter" President. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press has a lot to lose by dealing with the different situations in the letter.]


From: "Karl W B Schwarz
Suject: Why the Plan is Urgently Needed
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 10:29:11 -0400

Greetings to all Email Update Members,

If you have been paying attention, US petrodollar diplomacy at gun point is not working.  The policies of Free Trade for the sake of the Wealthy Elite are backfiring in their faces.  The policy of doing oil deals with blunt military force is not working.  Their precious 20 Year War Plan is a complete disaster.

Our trade policies are a disaster and the gutless wonders in DC just maintain business as usual.

Our policy of spending much on war and little on domestic needs are eroding the value of the dollar and confidence in same and confidence in our government.

Their refusal to build an economy based on real growth, rather than artificial growth stimulated by debt and that money being directed into just the right hands, is harming all of us and harming the value of the dollar.

The US dollar took a serious nose dive over the past month and just yesterday shock waves hit markets across the globe as investors panicked and confidence in the dollar fell precipitously.


Saturday 13th May, 2006

Global stock markets tumble as U.S. dollar shatters


Big News Network.com     Saturday 13th May, 2006

Equity markets around the world plummeted Friday as the U.S. dollar went into freefall.

The American currency's near collapse followed several weeks of declines, which has seen the dollar lose 7% of its value against the euro, yen, and the pound, in the last month alone. The dollar index (weighted against a number of currencies) has fallen to its lowest level since October 1997. The relentless selling has failed to cause even the shallowest of corrections. Friday's announcement by the Trade Department of a 5.6% fall in the trade deficit for April, coming in at $62 billion against analysts expectations of $67 billion, failed to arrest the slide.

The dollar rout has unnerved global stock markets with major falls being recorded in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. London's FTSE 100 fell 129.90 or 2.15% Friday to 5,912.10. The Paris-based CAC 40 at 5,150.45 was down 112.49 or 2.14%. The German DAX fell 138.44 or 2.29% to 5,916.28. The Amsterdam Exchanges index was off 11.79 or 2.53% at 455.09. In Sweden the OMX Stockholm 30 index fell 29.71 or 2.85% to 1,013.69. The Swiss SMI shed 143.17 or 1.77% to 7,954.10.

In Asia Japan's Nikkei 225 ended the day down 260.36 points or 1.54% at 16,601.78. The Hong Kong Hang Seng fell 238.93 or 1.39% at 16,901.85.

Middle East markets, where the week ends on Thursdays, suffered one of their worst weeks ever. Most Mideast currencies are pegged to the dollar which means the value of stock investments held by foreigners has been plummeting in line with the U.S. currency. The Dubai stock market shed 14.35% for the week, while the Abu Dhabi market gave up 10.49%. Market analysts fear the stock meltdown may feed into the propery sector which is overblown, particularly in Dubai. Emaar, the emirate's largest property developer lost 22.8%, more than a fifth of its value, over the week.

In the U.S. the Dow Jones industrials fell 119.74 or 1.04% to 11,380.99 Friday, while the S&P 500 declined 14.68 or 1.27% to 1,291.24. The Nasdaq Composite shed 28.92 or 1.27% to 2,243.78.

In Canada, the Toronto S&P/TSX Composite lost 127.36 or 1.05% to 12,038.07. The Mexican Bolsa index dropped 280.37 or 1.31% to 21,154.90, while the Brazil Bovespa declined 635.10 or 1.55% to 40,211.97.

The dollar hit a new low of 1.2955 against the euro Friday, while the British pound touched 1.8998. The Swiss franc soared to 1.1965, while the Japanese yen traded as high as 109.32. The commodity currencies were litte changed from Thursday's close but in solid demand. The Canadian dollar reached 1.0991 while the Australian dollar firmed to .7782. The New Zealand dollar reached a modest high of .6325. The dollar was just shy of its lows for the day the close of trading in New York Friday.

The feverish selling this week has come despite a quarter-point increase in the Fed funds rate to 5%, well ahead of European, Swiss,and Japanese interest rates. The Fed demonstrated an increasing concern over the extent of dollar-selling by signalling its regular monthly interest rate increases may not be over. Markets have been selling the dollar on the basis the Fed will soon pause, just as other countries are planning to begin a round of interest rate increases.

Our plan is to recover the $27.5 trillion in such a manner that the Federal Wire cannot steal it and divert it into the M3 money supply that they no longer report to American citizens.  My sources say that they have put the system in place to do just that – steal the wire transfers and put that money back into the hands of the Federal Reserve and their Wealthy Elite owners.  Even a simple FOREX conversion from other currencies into dollars would disappear into the hands of the Fed.

Our plan it to pay off the US debt and then apply some of the funds to urgently needed matters that DC conveniently overlooks.  Things such as infrastructure, job creation, alternative energy, our veterans health needs.

They know that with each veteran we treat, we will be making a civil and criminal case against them.  Therefore, they are trying to block the recovery of those funds and application of them to the veterans.

They know that any steps to address the nuclear waste and human detriment caused in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq will be proving one patient, one square meter at a time, the civil and criminal negligence of those that gave the orders knowing they would be harming tens of millions of people.

To respond to some emails that we have received, NO, THIS IS NOT NESARA.  NESARA does not exist and people have been sent to prison for that scam.  Only Utopian fools believe in NESARA.  It is pie-in-the-sky economics that would crater our entire economy and reduce the US to third world poverty status.

People borrowed the money – time the NESARA folks realized that they will have to pay it back.  Money talks and their lunacy does not warrant another word on the matter.

There is no magic bullet where all homeowners would suddenly be debt free and their home mortgages erased.  There is no magic bullet where all car owners would suddenly have no car payment, no debt due on their car.  There is no magic bullet where your credit card debts would simply be erased.

The dollar is weak for two reasons.  First our government and their Wealthy Masters want it weak to keep the doors open to globalization of trade and at the same time they are using threats of economic and military force to keep the world tied to the petrodollar.  Second, the sheer irresponsibility of our government and their debt policies has wrecked the value of the dollar.

The Russian ruble cannot go head to head with the dollar, but now Putin intends to launch a ruble denominated oil trade next year while the threat of Euro trading remains. https://en.rian.ru/russia/20060510/47915635.html  Due to our dollar policies, that is a good and prudent move of this own people. Something a good leader is supposed to do, just like Chavez.

None of this would even be necessary but for the US debt, our juvenile delinquent leaders in Washington, DC and their fiscal irresponsibility.

Can the US debt be paid off?  Yes, the official debt figure that is tied to US Treasury bonds could be eliminated merely by recovering the $27.5 trillion that Ambassador Leo Wanta is in charge of and deposited offshore in non-G7 currencies.

Would that strengthen the US dollar?  Yes, overnight and it would take the boot heels if the Financial Terrorists off the necks of those foreign nations where the funds were deposited.

Why is the dollar under attack?  Because we have complete idiots running this nation that do not care about all Americans.  They only care about their Wealthy Elite masters and their own empowerment.

Best regards,



Updated June 25, 06

United Kingdom Update - 21 Juni 2006


By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review, London


LONDON, 21 June 2006 – The integrity of the international banking system is on the line this week. This is because the behaviour of certain banks is being closely watched by a team of informed observers who are privy to scandals that the banks in question hope can still be swept under their plush boardroom carpets.

Collectively, the scandals represent the most brazen attempt by banks to seize the funds of their depositors, in history. The relevant funds, which amounted – when fitfully paid out in 1989-93 – to about $27.5 trillion, are now believed to be worth approaching $70 trillion. They represent assets corralled on Presidential instructions by the US Treasury’s most distinguished Secret Service financial agent, Leo E. Wanta. He remains the Trustor of these funds.

The financial war chest was amassed for geostrategic purposes at the ‘end of the Cold War’, after Mikhail Gorbachëv had received $10 billion via certain American-assisted international financial transactions. He has since constructed a colossal headquarters campus outside Moscow, with some of this money*.

As everyone knows, most scams require a counterparty. For the international banks involved, their counterparty was, and remains, the US intelligence community – or rather, corrupt elements thereof, led by professional criminal intelligence ‘barons’ such as George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.

Taking their cue from the example of such corrupt operatives, lesser intelligence fry joined in – scamming billions from Wanta’s fund, which was organised in order to finance, at the supranational (intergovernmental) level, the post-Cold War ‘Global Security Environment’. A key front man in this endeavour was Mikhail Gorbachëv, whose ‘Global Security Project’ initiative was actually designed by Leo Wanta himself, again of course on US Presidential instructions.

Scams are greatly facilitated when irregular parties share a common interest. In this case, both the banks and corrupt elements of the US intelligence community, neither of which of course owned any of these funds, coveted the billions and trillions of dollars raised during 1989-92, for their own purposes.

The banks saw the funds as the answer to liquidity and prospective solvency problems. They accordingly collateralised and cross-collateralised the vast and rapidly expanding deposits placed with them for safekeeping, and performed elaborate hypothecation exercises, using the Trustor’s funds as base.

Corrupt CIA operatives and fake CIA lawyers muscled in and, on the basis of Powers of Attorney awarded to certain of their number by questionable means, misappropriated, redirected and even stole billions, with one or more fake CIA lawyers illegally placing the Trustor’s funds in foreign bank accounts under their own name.

Moreover the original funds were ransacked even as they were paid out by the Federal Reserve, under the authority of the Fed’s former Chairman, Dr Alan Greenspan. An analysis published by International Currency Review in February 2005 of the initial amounts which were misdirected from the Fed, inter alia directly into private offshore bank accounts, found that an estimated $742.5 billion had been misappropriated1.

Subsequent investigations have suggested that even this total is understated.

But that was nothing to what happened later. In order to gain control of these funds – supposedly assembled in order to make the world a ‘safer place’ after the ‘end of the Cold War’ – corrupt elements of US intelligence, headed by President Clinton, set the ball rolling by targeting the Trustor himself. Ordered by William Sessions, the head of the FBI, to travel with intelligence aides to Switzerland in 1993 with a brief to arrest Marc Rich, Wanta was himself arrested and flung into a stinking jail for 134 days – by the Swiss authorities. Almost simultaneously, Clinton fired William Sessions without giving any reason, and Vince Foster, an FBI informant who had been handling funds ‘belonging’ to the Children’s Defense Fund, a CIA front for funny money, was murdered in the Washington, DC area.

Wanta’s effects, including 18 US Treasury instruments worth $18 billion, were removed from him – and the official assets worth $18 billion face value have disappeared. Following an urgent intervention by the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, Mr Wanta was suddenly released, but was then taken, still in shackles, to Geneva airport and flown to New York. After being frog-marched through Kennedy, this distinguished and upright US Treasury intelligence officer was arraigned before a judge on a trumped-up charge at the US Eastern District Court of New York. The judge saw through the ruse and threw the case out, but Leo Wanta was illegally re-arrested on the courtroom steps without a warrant, on instructions from the Wisconsin authorities.

The new false charge alleged that Wanta had failed to pay a tax bill of about $14,000 that he did not owe, in Wisconsin state taxes, dating back to 1982 – despite the fact that he had been living mainly abroad on US intelligence business, working directly for the President of the United States, for many years. He was accordingly extradited to Wisconsin, where he was jailed.

During incarceration in that State and elsewhere, attempts were made to have this distinguished US Treasury officer – still of course Trustor of the original $27.5 trillion of intergovernmental funds and the relevant accruals – declared insane. He underwent five so-called ‘lunacy tests’, his life being saved when a doctor of Chinese extraction, no doubt familiar with similar abuses back in her home country, refused to certify him. Had she done so, he would have been sent to a Soviet-style ‘psychiatric hospital’ and never heard from again.

After many vicissitudes, Leo Wanta was released into house arrest in Wisconsin, where he languished for many further years. During this time, he managed to raise the falsely charged state tax, which the State of Wisconsin took – but ‘lost’. With the help of friends, he later raised the same amount again, and this time, the payment was registered. But in the meantime vast additional penalties, fees and other charges had accrued. His house was sold at a knock-down price without his consent, and the proceeds stolen. In July 2005, a sum of $30,626.97 made available by a friend, was paid in person by Mr Wanta’s lawyer to the court in Wisconsin; and on 14th November 2005, he was released from all restrictions.

(Since this final payment included the false state tax bill for the third time, it, too, has reportedly been misappropriated. The problem faced by the Wisconsin authorities was how this payment could legitimately be recorded. It couldn’t).

It was only a matter of weeks before the significance of this development started to trickle round the US intelligence community, which, all of a sudden, faced an unprecedented problem.

For it emerged that the CIA had systematically lied that Leo Wanta had long since been dead. This false information was of course exploited by the many US intelligence crooks who had been making illegitimate use of the Trustor’s funds.

As for the banks, they likewise took maximum advantage of the CIA’s lie. If the Trustor was dead, then the banks could do what they liked with the funds. So they used them for every off-balance-sheet ruse yet invented by their financial engineers.

In other words, neither the banks nor the CIA ever thought that the funds would be claimed. Imagine the cataclysmic shocks that reverberated around the world’s international banks when it began to be rumoured late last year that, far from being long since dead, Leo Wanta was alive and had gone to court to obtain a ruling on the disposition of the assets.

These are held in offshore bank accounts belonging to so-called Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence community corporations. Such entities were authorised by President Reagan in January 1981, under Executive Order 12333.

Given the inherent criminal tendencies of intelligence organisations, this courted the obvious danger that dishonest operatives might use such corporations for scamming purposes – particularly given the well-known fact that the National Security Act 1947, et seq., under which the CIA was established, is effectively a crooks’ charter. And so it has proved.

On 15th April 2003, US Federal Judge Bruce Lee, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, released a Memorandum Opinion, in response to Leo Wanta’s application for relief, which concluded as follows:

‘Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding’.

In March 2006, Economic Intelligence Review, published by World Reports Limited, London, reproduced, in facsimile format, the entire Memorandum Opinion 2. It then transpired that knowledge of the existence of this document had been deliberately suppressed within the US official structures – since of course it confirmed that Leo Wanta is legally the controller (Trustor) of the funds and is therefore solely entitled to dispose of them in accordance with law and his Presidential instructions.

And the CIA liars and scamsters didn’t want that to be known.

In February 2005, International Currency Review 3, likewise published by World Reports Limited from London, had displayed facsimiles of Federal Reserve computer print-outs, obtained from sources in the public domain. These represented audited sheets on which the Trustor, Leo Wanta, verified or queried the sources and uses of funds finally paid out by the Fed, including the $742.5 billion which was misdirected by the US central bank on Greenspan’s authority.

On one of these sheets, which referred to one billion US dollars sent by Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, on 10th August 1989, to Banco de Panama, Panama City, for credit of ‘Pilgrim Investments, Jorge Bush’, Leo Wanta had annotated as follows:

‘Acceptance of value by former US President of the United States, George (Jorge) Bush is direct violation of our USA Title 5, Section 7353, et seq. – Jim Baker told me to just “SHUT UP” as I am protected by Rogers-Houston Memorandum to “co-operate”, but I kept receipts & notes’.

Separately, George Bush Sr., who was co-signatory of an account belonging to one of the Title 18, Section 6 corporations (Ameritrust), had asked his fellow co-signatory, Leo Wanta, to allow him (Bush Sr.) to remove $210 billion from the account. Leo refused – as he did on another occasion, when President Clinton sought Wanta’s agreement for the diversion of a substantial sum into his (Clinton’s) control.

Both Clinton and Bush Sr., working secretly together, therefore had every incentive to try to have Wanta removed permanently from the scene – Bush Sr. especially, since the Trustor had only recently annotated the misdirection of $1.0 billion, into one of Bush Sr.’s offshore accounts.

In summary, Leo Wanta was unjustly sentenced, on the basis of false witness and false charges, to jail/house arrest until the year 2015, a period of 22 years. The principal of the original $27.5 trillion, provided at a deep discount by over 200 international banks at an interest rate of 7.5% annually, for a 20-year period, falls due for repayment in 2012-2013.

But Leo Wanta is now – in mid-2006 – engaged in a global operation to recover funds of which he is Trustor – to the consternation of at least four constituencies:

  • The US intelligence criminalist crooks, including two Presidents, themselves.
  • Some of the mentioned criminal Presidents’ associates, aides and ‘gophers’.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency deceivers who retailed the gross lie that Leo Wanta was dead, so that the funds could be diverted.
  • The international banks that assumed that the funds would never be claimed, and which had a community of interest with their de facto intelligence co-conspirators in choosing to believe the CIA’s lie that the Trustor was dead.

Faced with the fact that, on the contrary, Leo Wanta is both alive and free – and following the widespread distribution among banks of US Federal Judge Bruce Lee’s Memorandum Opinion via Economic Intelligence Review in March this year – the international banks and the corrupt elements of the intelligence community faced a prospective crisis without historical precedent in the history of intergovernmental finance.

What to do?

  • If they pretended it was corrupt ‘business as usual’, too many questions were now being asked about why the CIA had lied that the Trustor was dead.
  • If they sought help from their governments, they risked exposing the precariousness of their underlying overstretched balance sheets, and revealing details of their vast off-balance sheet transactions.

It is understood that elements of the US intelligence community have been in turmoil as a consequence of these developments.

As for the banks, a number of them have tried to make out that ‘there is no business relationship’. In the course of a conference call with US colleagues last March, one of these institutions, Coutts, told Christopher Story, the Publisher of International Currency Review, precisely that.

However Story has documentary proof of the existence of a relevant business relationship in the Coutts case, as in the case of many other banks worldwide where the Trustor’s funds are held. Similar ploys have been attempted by certain other European banks. In some cases, bankers have even attempted to deny the existence of funds in certain Title 18, Section 6 corporate offshore accounts.

But these games have now come to an abrupt halt, following a decision by the leading governments concerned, to cooperate – rather than, as was previously the case, each government separately defending its own banks.

For the governments themselves have a common interest – to prevent this escalating crisis of confidence developing into a systemic melt-down induced by the banks’ intransigeance. The stakes could hardly be greater, not least given that derivatives balances outstanding are now believed to exceed some $770 trillion.

Uncomfortably for the international banks concerned, substantial documentation has been accumulated proving the existence of relevant live accounts and banking relationships. These documents will be published in the near future – revealing that vast sums belonging to the Trustor are indeed held in the Title 18, Section 6 corporations’ offshore bank accounts, and must be properly disposed of in accordance with the Trustor’s legal responsibilities and official instructions.

In the meantime, it has of course been universally noticed that the international financial markets have been more than usually volatile since 10th May 2006. This volatility has had almost nothing to do with the spurious explanations typically retailed by ill-informed financial journalists working for the mainstream newspapers.

It has everything, however, to do with liquidity problems facing the banks, which have been, and continue to be, called upon to make available – in short order – colossal volumes of funds from their off-balance sheet books which they never expected to have to account for. Liquidity constraints typically reflect the fact that funds are in the wrong place, have been cross-collateralised and so cannot be released, or do not in fact exist.

It must have been hard for the banks to have been obliged to face up to the fact that the Trustor’s funds are having to be replenished, replaced, and repatriated.

It is embarrassing for the CIA’s professional deceivers to have been caught lying, since they take pride in their perverted professionalism, which is governed by one rule only: never get caught.

Most of all, those intelligence community criminals whose hands have been trapped in the till, must be enduring sleepless nights.

But that’s the situation ‘as we speak’. The banks must deliver, the crooks must be rounded up and brought to justice, and the cynical collaboration between free-wheeling intelligence criminals and international bankers with notoriously flexible morals, must be terminated. Forthwith.

Because if by any chance there is a repetition of what happened in 1989-92, and the Trustor’s funds are diverted – notwithstanding the exposure of these evils that has occurred to date – it won’t just be a question of bankers falling out of sailboats on Chesaspeake Bay.

According to reliable sources, seven European bankers had been arrested by early May, while three had committed suicide.

In a worst-case scenario, a number of large foreign institutions face having their assets seized in the United States if they fail to fulfil their immediate obligations to the letter.

And if that happens, some may very well go to the wall. ENDS.

* * *

1 1. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, page 144.

2 2. Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Numbers 5 & 6, February-March 2006, pages 37-46.

3 3. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, op. cit. [Note 1].

* * *

* Gorbachëv also maintains a magnificent residence in Switzerland – a state of affairs which would have greatly offended his dictator predecessor, Josef Stalin (a.k.a. Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvili-Kochba), who ordered his security chief du jour, Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (1891-1938), to procure the Swiss bank account details of all the leading Soviet revolutionaries. Yagoda duly obliged, but omitted to include details of his own secret Swiss bank accounts. Since Stalin had other means of obtaining the relevant Swiss bank account data, he compared Yagoda’s list with his own, and discovered that his security chief’s bank account details were of course missing. Yagoda duly received the requisite bullet through the temples, like all the rest of the high-ranking Comrades, with the exception of Krupskaya, Lenin’s widow. She put on a scene and broke down in tears in front of Stalin, and he relented.

For further information, visit: www.worldreports.org


New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion
London Based International Currency Review backs up Leo Wanta's story about how the Bush and Clinton crime families have ripped-off U.S. Treasury money to fund the destruction of America.
23 Jun 2006

By Greg Szymanski

While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review.

The up-to-date report just released confirms that $27.5 trillion first raised from 1989-1992 to finance the imposition of the New World Order has now covertly blossomed into much, much more as Americans have been conveniently "made to look left when they should be looking right."   

But important stories like this usually get buried, ignored and overlooked in favor of rebellion in the streets and cockeyed symposiums for truth. Sadly, it's usually the emotional gut wrenching extravaganzas rushing thousands to the streets "crying foul" that gain attention by the masses.

In fact, it is the intelligent crooks behind the scenes, including the entire U.S. Congress and Executive, who are quite content with rebellion, rioting in the streets and 9/11 conferences just as long as the real heat of activism stays away from the important issue -money.

But while Americans remain hoodwinked, some investigators are toiling away tirelessly in the background, following the real stories and the money trail first raised by U.S. Treasury agent Leo Wanta, whose project authorized by President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold war generated vast sums of money to be returned to the U.S. Treasury.

However, according to Wanta and other investigators tracking the New World Order money trail, trillions ended up in private accounts in order to finance the biggest project of all: "the installation of the New World Order, to borrow a phrase used by George H. Bush who lifted the phrase from former Russian President Gorbachev, who still heads up a KGB contingent operating in the United States," according to reliable intelligence sources.

And if the truth ever be told about who really was responsible for stealing the vast sum of money now funding the New Word Order, their nefarious and criminals actions could once and for all be put to rest in favor of a healthy Republic.

Although the amounts stolen and used for clandestine affairs is mind boggling, the giga fund first amassed by Wanta is expected to mature to more than $300 trillion by 2012 when it is expected "to be rolled over" increasing the value immensely, according to European intelligence sources tracing the intricate bank scheme.

The London-based Currency Review in Volume 28, No 4. in March 2003 first provided financial details of the biggest private loan operation in human history, started with U.S. Treasury funds amassed by Wanta but then covertly transferred into private accounts to fund the global takeover.

In essence, the irony lies in the sad fact that treasonous American politicians and corrupt businessmen are using money earmarked for the U.S. Treasury to fund a global campaign to destroy America instead of using the money for the betterment of the country.

Since the initial reports of the massive global fund first surfaced, Wanta and several other witnesses have come forward naming names and listing actual bank accounts and records that have printed in previous Arctic Beacon articles.

Uncovering that the amount of money was so staggering and far exceeded any amount imaginable, the story has been shunned by the mainstream even though it is thoroughly backed up by federal court documentation and other information leaked by U.S. Treasury whistleblowers, some who have been threatened with their lives for divulging the information.

Further, the information has been in the hands of the U.S. Congress for at least three years, but has been suppressed since it opens the door to the immense fraud being perpetrated on the American public.

"By that we mean that the documents given to Congress detailing the raising of the gig-funds were included among a batch of other documents showing billions being scammed into private trust accounts in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere," said the recent International Currency Review report, "wither from the trillions of dollars raised for the Global Security Environment financing operation or from Black Operations' monies employed to wage financial warfare operations against targeted foreign governments.

"They also show, inter alia, transactions via the Federal Reserve approved by Dr. Alan Greenspan which, to put it mildly, raises many questions, including why some of the funds in question were disappearing into privately held trust accounts held on behalf of well-known intelligence-linked barons."

Besides trying to trace the culprits behind the giga-fund scam, the International Currency Review also provided succinct reasons why the fund was established using U.S. finances.

"The reason such a large fund was established was to provide the hidden directors of the New World Order with unlimited resources. We of course refer to these people as the New Underworld Order because it is an irredeemably corrupt operation to ensure absolute global power and control stays in the hands of the self-appointed geo-masonic elite," added the financial report.

"Their intention is that all states be abolished and governance will devolve into the hands of the faceless, invisible controllers as has happened in the European Union Collective. This is in fact just another prototype of the New World Order regional government model. Brussels is where the global fund is managed and where a very large contingent of CIA nest supervises the management of the colossal resources mobilized for this purpose. The proportions of these resources are so gigantic that the funds have to be churned perpetually. One trader involved with these transactions says that he sees Global security Fund transactions on the foreign exchange every day and night. The proportion of the New Underworld Order finances can be compared with the U.S. domestic debt(see data in report)."

For the entire International Currency Review story, go to https://www.911komplott.de/downloads/Global_Security_Fund.doc

Greg Szymanski Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to www.rbnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio https://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


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