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Lee Emil Wanta / Wantagate: Christopher Story FRSA: [Ex] US Treasury Secretary Paulson Cremated Hiding Manner Of Death???

The following information appears on www.fourwinds10.com today 3rd January 2008:
Casper 1-03-08
BUSH was confronted today with the death of PAULSON.
"That's a lie" says he.
"Well, produce him" says we.
"I can't" says he, "he's sick".
"Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die", says we.
"Can you produce the FIVE CHENEY assistants who have been shot"?
The three administration people arrested per the STORY update were taken to the Hague.
BUSH mumbled something about an instant recession "IF"**
The current RUMOR in D.C. is that PAULSON has already been cremated to preclude the truth coming out.
Christopher Story now writes:
** FACT: Yesterday George Bush Jr. INTERFERED WITH THE SETTLEMENTS. What he meant by 'IF' was that if the Wanta et al payments are not effected immediately TODAY (i.e. HE does not block them YET AGAIN, which he has the perverse power, as he showed yet again yesterday, TO DO), banks will collapse and there will indeed be an 'instant recession', accelerating into a GLOBAL DEPRESSION. The reasons for this will be explained separately.
The Editor of International Currency Review is currently preparing a new report which deals inter alia with the further shootings that have taken place, and also with the 'mainstream media' syndrome.
On the one hand, many Americans rightly complain that their 'mainstream' media cannot be trusted to report the truth. On the other hand, when www.worldreports.org NEWS reports something like the arrest of Paulson in Germany last December, the arrest of Greenspan last June, the arrest of the former Governor of the Bank of England last July and now the shooting and death of Paulson, they complain that because it isn't in the 'mainstream' media it can't be true. We have received more than 200 emails asking US why it's not in the 'mainstream' .
To which the obvious answer is: DON'T ASK US. ASK THE 'MAINSTREAM'.
People cannot have it both ways. If they don't trust the 'mainstream', by all means read our reports. But don't then turn round and complain that because the 'mainstream' haven't reported what we have reported, it cannot be true.
That's double standards. You cannot have it both ways. Make up your mind which sources you trust, but don't, please burden us with your unbelief. It's not fair on the pro bono publico messenger.
Christopher Story FRSA
Editor and Publisher



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