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Help Save Ron Paul’s Congressional Election

Ohio and Texas have a lot of delegates at stake in the primaries on March 4, 2008. Curiously, in spite of overwhelming public support for election reform and for restoring peace, Congressional leaders in those movements are facing challengers in these primaries. If they lose, who in Congress would dare speak out against the war or the dangers of secret vote counting after that?

For more about these crucial elections, see Help Keep the Election Reform Movement and the Peace Movement Alive https://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_mark_ada_080215_help_keep_the_electi.htm

Learn how you can help, and take action! For information about action being taken in Texas and Ohio to make sure that our votes are counted accurately, see Project Vote Count www.ProjectVoteCount.com

Spread the word like Paul Revere. The Neo-cons and their magical, secret vote counting, election fixing computers are here, and they want to get rid of the two Congressional leaders who have done the most to expose them! Take action to stop the Neo-cons. Pass this email along to all of your contacts now!

For more election news that you didn’t hear about from the corporate media cartel or all of those organizations which claim that they are looking out for your rights, see Project Vote Count’s Election News https://www.projectvotecount.com/ElectionNews.aspx You’ll learn the big secret that the corporate media cartel is trying to keep you in the dark about, secret vote counting is unconstitutional.

A Zogby poll shows that 92% of Americans are intelligent enough to understand that counting votes in secret is dangerous. Of course, this poll shows that 8% of Americans either don’t know what to think about secret vote counting or are actually in favor of it. That explains half of Bush’s support in the polls.

To see the Zogby poll and other important information about voting, go to Project Vote Count’s FAQ page https://www.projectvotecount.com/faq.aspx

Everyone knows that the people are supposed to be able to peacefully remove bad leaders through elections, but what if those who control the machines, and their secret vote count, want bad leaders in power? Is there another way that citizens can prevent abuse of power without resorting to violence?

Yes, there is or was another way to hold our governors accountable without resorting to violence. If you want to find out about the other civil check on government abuse of power that our Founders provided for us, then read What Happens When the People Lose the Power to Control Government and What You Can Do to Take the Power Back? https://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_mark_ada_080204_what_happens_when_th.htm

If you care about the safety of your family, read this article now, and send it to all of your contacts today. Now is the time for action!



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