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Ron Paul 2012! It's ON!

Ron Paul 2012 - It's on!
Issue 4

 Unless you've been under a rock all week, you already know that Ron Paul announced an 2012 presidential exploratory committee!   

Watch the press conference where he announced ithere.  The new website is at RonPaul2012.com.


His big announcement comes on the heels of the release of Dr. Paul's latest book, Liberty Defined, which is already selling so well that it will debut on the New York Times bestseller list at #3. Only two slots to go to #1! 


It has been a bona fide Ron Paul week, with appearances on no less than a dozen national talk shows, including:

See the full list of appearances here.  And coming up next week is the first GOP Debate on May 5th.   


The grassroots has a money bomb planned for that day - the May 5th Debate Day Money Bomb.  Sign up and spread the word!   




In addition to the moneybomb and the debate, there will also be an online radio marathon on May 5th.  Full details and tune in to listen at:  RunRonPaul.com.




And of course, don't forget the debate! It will be on Fox News on the evening of May 5th. Check local listings for stations and times in your area.  


One of Meetup's mottoes is, "Use the internet to get off the internet!" No better advice could be given to the Ron Paul grassroots.  Meetup has two systems in place to help: One is the original, local Meetup groups from 2008.  Now is the time to get back in touch and reactivate them!!  The second is a nationwide Ron Paul meetup at meetup.com/ronpaul.   


Please show your support and join. It's free!  The next nationwide Meetup is planned for the Debate Day - decide what you will do on that day with your community:



Go Ron Ron Paul!

News from the Community

  • Oath Keepers - Operation Sleeping Giant seeks awaken America's veterans and fill them with resolve to defeat the enemies of the Constitution.  You need not be a service member or veteran to join.     
  • Porc Fest - New Hampshire's Free State Project celebration is going on from June 20th - 26th in Lancaster, NH.  Full details at PorcFest.com.  
  • Silver Circle Movie - Recently added a TOP indie film consultant to their crew, and Boston Comic Convention 2011.  
  • Adam Kokesh - Has a new show on Russia Today that is getting rave reviews.  Check it out every weeknight at:  Adam vs. the Man.com     
  • DPer  Joη - Created a new website to discuss all 50 issues and 10 principles in Ron Paul's new book, Liberty Defined.  Visit the site at: Liberty Defined.org.   
  • Tom Mullen -  Who is dedicated to ideas that are conspicuously absent from our current political discourse, has a new website at Tom Mullen.net.  His latest essay on the DP is, The Bouncers are Running the Night Club.    
  • Gage Skidmore  - Has a treasure trove of amazing Ron Paul photos, including from his latest visit at Mississippi State University.  Check out the pictures at Gage's Flickr page.  
  • Trevor Lyman - Appeared on Russia Today to discuss Ron Paul's recent announcement.     
  • Tom Woods - Guest hosted the Peter Schiff Show last week and read an excerpt from Liberty Defined exposing the philosophy of the Neocons.  (3 minutes - must listen!)  
  • Alcoholism & Addiction Cure Book - As you may know, I made quitting smoking my New Year's resolution, and just passed 4 monthswithout lighting up! I highly recommend the book The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure which was in turn recommended to me by DPertakeaction.
  • New Poster - I've got a new poster to share.  This time, rather than doing it myself, I worked with the Union Press in Somerville Mass, to come up with this wonderful letterpress print: 



    Liberty is the Right to Be Who You Are 

    It is 12" x 18" and they're $20 each, including domestic priority shipping.  All proceeds go toward ongoing operations of the Daily Paul.  I have one hanging above my desk, and I really must say that I love it!  Order here. 
  • Hit the reply button on this email and let me know what you think. If you value the Daily Paul as an information hub for the Liberty community, please support my efforts with a donation.    
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