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Ron Paul News Update - April 28, 2011

The Case for Ron Paul
by Debra Medina
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Ron Paul on CNBC - 04/27

Congressman Ron Paul discussing the Federal Reserve's first ever press conference

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Ron Paul on MSNBC - 04/27

Congressman Ron Paul discusses the Federal Reserve with Dylan Ratigan


Ron Paul on CNN - 04/27

Congressman Paul calls in to discuss the Fed's historic press conference and other news of the day.

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Ron Paul schools MSNBC Host - 04/27

Congressman Ron Paul debates host Cenk Uygur

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ADAM vs. The Man - Veterans for Ron Paul

Host Adam Kokesh discusses Veterans for Ron Paul and is later joined by Peter Schiff

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Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck Radio Show

Glenn Beck interviews Congressman Ron Paul and the main topic of conversation was the Federal Reserve

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