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Barack Obama / Barry Sotero / Harrison J Bounel Blatant Real Estate / Tax Fraud?

SDA relays:

Obamanation is also known as Harrison J Bounell

LONG LEGGED MAC DADDY has even more names.

Harrison J Bounell
J Harrison Bounell
5046 South Greenwood Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60615
This address where real estate fraud has been committed is owned by Judge Jane L Stuart.
Obamanation's book keeper Esquire Harvey Weinberg cooked the books on this fraudulent Real Estate deal for Obamanation at the tune of about 1.23 million dollars.

Real Estate and Tax Fraud
Involving Northern Trust Company and Fanny Mae.
Obamanation has 58 addresses across the country where he has lived in various states.

Thirty-eight minutes

Trunews.com  Rick Wiles

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