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The Conservative Descent into the Welfare State

From: bernhard1848@att.net

To blunt the Marxist revolutionaries in his centralized German state,
Bismarck adopted many of their social welfare programs; FDR would do the
same as he co-opted the Socialist and Communist Party USA platforms by
incorporating much of their platforms into his own Democratic platforms
of 1936, 1940 and 1944. To win votes and stay in power at all costs,
Democratic leadership had shed the old party mantle of conservatism and
strict interpretation of the Constitution.  By 1948, Southern Democrats
had had enough of the Marxist tide overwhelming their party and formed
their own conservative Democratic party – they would not compromise
their conservative principles as others did.

Bernhard Thuersam

The Conservative Descent into the Welfare State:

“The idea of the welfare state is irrevocably bound up with the post-war
British Labour government, though the ideas and the practice of welfare
did not originate in Britain or in the European socialist movement. The
most important path-breakers were the Germans, who introduced a health
insurance scheme in 1883 and a general pension scheme for old age and
invalidity in 1889.  The French instituted similar pension plans in
1910.  In 1911 the British Liberal government initiated a national
insurance system, old-age pensions…and health and compulsory
unemployment insurance systems....The Swedes, in 1913 introduced the
first compulsory and universal pension system in the world….”

The welfare state can also be seen as a response to the needs of
advanced capitalism and particularly to the fact that the private
sector, on its own, is unable to ensure the reproduction of all the
conditions of production, including the following: an ideologically
non-hostile labour force able and willing to work without having to
provide for its own health care and future pension needs out of wages;
an efficient transport and educational infrastructure; and the provision
of essential supplies, such as gas and electricity, at reasonably low

Thus the welfare state, while it improves the standard of life to the
workforce, simultaneously stabilizes the capitalist system from an
economic, social and political point of view.  Herein lies the
inescapable dilemma which has faced the socialist movement ever since
its origins: does the success obtained in forcing capitalism to reform
itself and improve the conditions of the population also stabilize and
legitimize capitalism itself?  Do short-term achievements undermine the
grounds for the eventual overthrow of the [capitalist] system?

It is certain that a British Conservative government would have
introduced some welfare measures between 1945 and 1950.  The British
Conservatives had committed themselves to social reforms ever since the
Second World War, when….Churchill told the nation (21 March 1943) that,
after the war, unemployment would be abolished, state ownership should
be extended, compulsory national insurance introduced “for all purposes
from the cradle to the grave”, and that “there was no finer
investment…than putting milk into babies.”

This is not to say that Churchill and the Conservatives had become
supporters of the welfare state. They had not. They had understood that
the mood of the country was shifting, and moved tentatively and without
zeal towards the creation of a “New Jerusalem.”

(One Hundred Years of Socialism, The West European Left in the Twentieth
Century, Donald Sassoon, New Press, 1996, pp. 137-139)


Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century
By,  Donald Livingston, Kent Brown, Marshal De Rosa and Thomas Di
List Price: $24.95

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A great dissatisfaction with the government rests within society, yet
the discussion continues to revolve around the same issues. In 7 essays,
scholars propose that the real problem is size and scale, suggesting
that the country is simply too big for one central government. This
thought-provoking book begins a debate on how to divide it on a more
human scale. Such scholars as Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Yuri Maltsev, Donald
W. Livingston, Kent Masterson Brown, Marshall DeRosa, Kirkpatrick Sale,
and Rob Williams contribute to the debate.


The last leg of our current problems began on 8/15/71, when the dollar
had been so undervalued that gold backing was removed and the dollar,
the world's reserve currency, was left to float as just another fiat
currency. The dollar stability created by gold was gone and it was only
a matter of time before it lost 98% of its value, which is what has
happened over the past 41 years.

- Bob Chapman (theinternationalforecaster.com)


CISPA: Steamrolling Civil Liberties
The devilish details of amendments to the House-passed cyber-security
bill, CISPA.

Kids, the Disabled, and the TSA
Becky Akers on the airport police state.

Remember the Kent State University Massacre
42 years ago, soldiers killed four and wounded nine unarmed students.

Colorado Farmer Gets Four-Year Prison Term for Being Shot by a Cop

New Frontiers in the Police State
Criminalizing school children.

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat To Supreme Court Over ObamaCare

Congressional Democrats Introduce Amendment to Outlaw Self Defense
Kurt Nimmo

Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release”
Public Affairs Director falsely claims document does not apply within
Paul Joseph Watson

Resettlement Camps: May Be Performed As DOMESTIC Civil Support
Mac Slavo

FDA Allows Mold, Insects, Rodent Hairs, Ammonia, Arsenic and Maggots In
'Reconditioned' Food
This is a real dandy! The FDA prohibits people from selling raw milk and
tries to prohibit kids from working on family farms, yet is willing to
go along with this crapl (literally crap). I guess with "govt.
regulations" it all depends on who the govt's friends are. Everyone else
gets stiffed but the govt's "friends" can do what they want. What else
is new in the "land of the free"? (Al Benson, Jr.)

Karl Marx and the “Reconstruction of a Social World”–Part Four
by Al Benson Jr.

It’s Official: Economy Heading Down

by Al Benson Jr.

Ron Paul Wins 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus Despite Fraud From Romney

Republicans Are Finally Getting Nervous About Ron Paul’s Secret Delegate
Grace Wyler
Business Insider

United States Budget Dilemma

Old Crow Medicine Show - Ruby Ridge


Ron Paul 2012 Podcast

Ron Paul Campaigns Meetup Groups

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap


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