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Death Ray: Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura, more., + interviewed on Alex Jones Show

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Death Ray: Conspiracy Theory

with Jesse Ventura




Ref: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/dr-judy-wood/death-ray-conspiracy-theorywith--jesse-ventura.html


Directed Energy Weapons:

Is This What Became of Star Wars?

Published by zeemonkey10

November 15, 2012 


A lethal weapon that can vaporize targets and whole cities from miles away seems like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but Jesse and his team find that this technology could be all

too real. Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory interviews the real heavy-hitters of this story: Dr. Judy Woods and John Hutchison.


Ventura says he doesn't know how the WTC towers were brought down but the use of this technology makes the most sense.


A much-watch presentation!


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Richard.D.Hall interviews Dr Judy Wood on 9/11 truth. (two interviews on same show, first interview begins around 37:40, then after watching to the end go to the beginning of video to see the 2nd interview)






Directed Energy Technology


Of notable mention: Watch the "spire" turn to dust.




  • Everyone is allowed their opinions.But the trolling continues.Funny how no one mentions the video of the experiment on the piece of iron.Faked?Funny how no one in the responses mentions the video of the car handles that appear to be smoking and are blocks away from ground zero.Faked? Can anyone here show ''they'' have a Masters or PhD degree(s) in her field?Thought not.Paranoid? I have my eyes wide open.My ear to the ground.Whack job?I'm sure some considered Einstein a whack job too.Wake up ppl.
    stoker187 1 day ago 
  • exposethebunk.... is a.... SHILL.... attempting to muddy the waters ..he knows the truth but gets paid to disseminate lies and confusion. A vehicle cannot burn in the interior and produce enough heat to buckle the doors and not melt the plastic lights on top. Also the fuel lines running from back to front would ignite the fuel tank...
    savydude1 3 weeks ago 




9/11, The Hutchison Effect, & Directed Energy Weapons (7 parts)


















Jesse Ventura: Secrets of Tesla's "Death Ray" Revealed (interviewed on Alex Jones Show)



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