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A Victory for American Indian Chiefs / Ambassador Rarahkwisere Update

Sir David
Nov 11 (5 days ago)
Greetings Happy Campers:

Well, it looks like a successful day.  The Rarahkwisere:Okwaho section on https://sirdavidandrew.com and https://lonewolfterritory.com have been updated three times today.  There is some more information and 12 more documents were posted and three YouTube links.

The Court does not want any adverse publicity.  Well, too bad, so sad, they have it now.  Since these websites are viewed regularly by people from all around the world.

They will regret denying Ambassador Rarahkwisere the right to council of choice.

Once again government attorners are making themselves out to be the laughing stock of the profession.  But what can be expected from winged monkeys and a black robed devil, who stir the pot and cook up a brew.

The prosecution this past week successfully bored the jury nearly to death with their claim of divine right of kings and that the Federal Government has that right exclusively upon this land. 


See Harry Daniels v Her Majesty the Queen, 2013 FC 6, January 8, 2013, and the United Nations' Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People.  Each People or Nation possesses the Right of self-determination and does not need the recognition of BIG BROTHER, the Great White Fathers, Her Majesty the Queen, the British Crown or the so-called Holy See (of which there is nothing holy, thereabout).  All of these are beasts or monsters, which commit genocide, eat out the substance and destroy the land - all for their own greed or gain.

I was interviewed by Sean Trashner, trashner@hotmail.com and that interview has been posted to YouTube in three parts.  Please spread the word.  Let's show Sean that you really do care about freedom and liberty.

A Victory for American Indian Chiefs PART 1


A Victory for American Indian Chiefs PART 2



A Victory for American Indian Chiefs PART 3



or there is these shorter versions, which are much easier to type or copy and paste.


This Case is being tried at the Federal District Courthouse in Albany, New York. 
However, it should be noted that they have no right to the land at Albany, since said land was seized in direct violation of the German Flats Treaty of 1775.

The Case reopens on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, for further boring examination of witnesses by the prosecution. Wait until the Jury hears about Harry Daniels, then this case is over for prosecution.

Remember both Canada and the United States are both British Crown States, and their laws are almost identical.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs exists on both sides of the imaginary border. But then, Canada and its Provinces were created by the United States Congress in 1866, check Record, even theugh Canada didn't officially become a Nation until 1867, and the same time the United States (District of Criminals) was created by CONgress. Of what I speak may be found in the Statutes At Large.
Federal Court Ruling – Harry Daniels v Her Majesty the Queen
The Temples of Baal

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