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Edward Bernays 'Propaganda' Series (Pt. 12) on Smells Like Human Spirit (SLHS) Episode 104

Episode 104: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 12)


Who decides what is and isn’t important? Who creates the demand for a particular product or service? What is the public’s role in this process? In Chapter 10 (‘Art and Science’) of Edward Bernays’ seminal text ‘Propaganda’, the ‘Father of PR’ outlines his contention that the mechanism of propaganda must be used to "accustom the public to change and progress." In a short but insightful chapter, Bernays states that propaganda helps to establish what is beautiful, valuable, and desirable, specifically using the marketing of Art galleries as his example.

Although on the surface it may be ludicrous to suggest that contemporary art is a hoax, sold to us as being beautiful and revolutionary through the mechanism of propaganda, consider what our author Edward Bernays accomplished in terms of establishing the idea that the presence of a piano was essential in a modern home.

So what is art? Who defines it? Who controls it? To find out more, download Episode 104 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast!


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