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Susan Mokdad & Pro Se Litigants Movement

Sir David Andrew relays:

Eleven years ago Susan Mokdad was murdered at Coleman Prison on Valentine's Day


     It has been 11 years since Susan Mokdad was MURDERED by her captors at Federal Coleman Prison. Susan was locked in a cell, denied medical attention and was allowed to bleed to death internally. Her captors knew that she was ill and had been hoping that she would die since January 31, 2003. After suffering at the hands of her captors for two weeks, Susan died Valentine's Day 2003. 

    Susan was a co-founder of Pro Se Litigants of Tampa Bay back in 1989, an organization which had about 30 members. In the spring of 1991, a group of pro se litigants from Highlands county heard about this organization and six litigants from Highlands decided to attend, and the following week 10 litigants from Highlands attended the meeting in Tampa. An alliance was formed. Those in Highlands had contact with litigants in Orlando and Melbourne. The following week representatives from all four groups attended the meeting in Tampa, with over 40 in attendance and Pro Se Litigants of Florida was born. Within just a few months membership climbed to over 300.

    Inquiries came in from all over the country and within less than a year Pro Se Litigants of America was Incorporated. By 1994 membership Nationwide had exceeded 10,000. From this membership emerged the Common Law Courts. These groups had begun to have a major impact upon the corrupt court systems, causing several de facto corporate courts to have back logs and almost grind to a halt. In spring of 1995, a group of Black Robed Devils (judges) from around the country secretly met in Chattanooga to conspire a plan on how to destroy the Pro Se Litigants and the Common Law Courts.

    Resulting from this scheme litigants across the country were being arrested and thrown into jail for anything that could be trumped up. Finally, the FEDS cooked up fraudulent charges and the homes of Emilio and Wilma Ippolito (Susan's mom and dad) and Susan's home were raided. The FEDS arrested Susan, her dad and 10 other litigants from the Tampa Bay area and Orlando, naming 256 so-called unindicted co-defendants.

    The main crime, which they were charged with was passing out "Citizen's Rule Books" to jurors and judges. Attorney General Johnny (Janet) Reno (a transvestite) and ITS crooked group of US Attorners claimed that the giving of these Books, containing the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution for the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, to jurors was jury tampering and that such books were a threat to judges. Can you imagine that they convinced a federal grand jury to swallow such HOGWASH.

    All were denied bail.  Marty Franz died from cancer in Prison while awaiting trail, he, too, was denied medical treatment.  Phillip Marsh, founder of the Pilot Connection, also, died in Coleman Prison and was buried in a pauper's grave near the prison. The FEDS took everything that Phillip had, he died a pauper. Philip was teaching people how the beat the Infernal Revenue Service at their own game. The courts claimed that Philip was lying to the people. Personally, I believe that Philip was teaching the best he knew how. I know that he made some mistakes, but I do not believe that he was intentionally lying.

    I can remember a pretty blond setting in the middle of the auditorium at one of Philip's lectures. I was scanning for bugs and wiretaps. The blond was wearing a bug. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized what I was doing and that she had been outed. At the end of the meeting instead of walking out the main entrance she stood up and then ran to the back of the auditorium and crashed out a fire exit setting off the alarm. She was an IRS Agent looking for something that they could use against Philip and others who were present. At a Colonel Bo Gritz rally, I caught two Bat Fagots (ATFE) wearing bugs; and they too were sitting in the middle of the auditorium and made an unusual exit when they realized that they had been spotted.

    But then, come to think about it, between the FEDS, the County of Hillsborough and the City of Tampa, the BureaucRats stole everything that Susan and her parents had, too, about $3,000,000 in real estate alone. Folks, it is all about the almighty dollar; and the profits of these organized mobs of Black Robed Devils and winged monkeys, who daily fleece the dumb sheople. We do not need more government, what we need is less government.

    Only one litigant, who was charged, walked even after being tried and convicted by a pocket jury, Toby Brown. Toby refused representation by an attorner of any sort, whatsoever. When it came to sentencing he refused to agree to go to or sign himself into prison. After hammering Toby for four weeks, attempting to force Toby to book in, the judge let him go. Folks, there are two things which these de facto corporate courts cannot do, they cannot arraign or sentence without representation.

    They need a signature granting jurisdiction and to book you into the iron bar hotel, everything they do is commercial process or contract law. Toby was not a dumb sheople and was not about to book himself in their hotel. Remember, an attorney holds your power of attorney, and it is his duty as an officer of the court to sign the booking sheet for you and anything else the Black Robed Devil secretly orders him to do.

    The others were all forced or CONNED into excepting a Public Pretender. Emilio was not even allowed in the courtroom, he watched his own hanging from a monitor in a jail cell. The Court appointed Larry Myers a Public Pretender and he was tried, absente reo, he had not been arrested, booked or arraigned. Larry disappeared and had not been heard from until he was arrested in 2011, and retried for the same bogus charges, double jeopardy.

    Larry did not commit any crime, in fact, Larry had never received a traffic ticket nor had he ever been in a traffic accident. And he had never been arrested until February 1995, when the FBI picked him up without warrant, probable cause or charge; and held him unlawfully for four days, because they did not have any record on him. He was clean, and they wanted to know who he was, since he was not in their system. Emilio and Larry were the chief judges of the Common Law Court.

    If you wish to drop Larry a letter, then I would ask when you write, it is always nice to send a blank page of paper or two. However print or write his name at the top, or something nice, because the guards are apt to not give it to Larry without something written on the page. Writing paper is usually hard to come by in prison, and Larry is looking at another 10 years in prison for something he did not do. I believe that Larry is 68 years of age. Larry Myers may be contacted at:

Larry M. Myers

#18777018 G29

Federal Correctional Institution

PO Box 7000

Texarkana, Texas 75505-7000

    Can you even imagine jurors so STUPID or IGNORANT to convict two men, who were not even in the courtroom to confront their accusers. Tell me, how can the government even try a man, who has never been arraigned? This crime syndicate operating as government could no longer operate if there were fully informed juries.

    There is NO JUSTICE in the de facto "Corporate UNITED STATES" (see article by that name), since the Black Robed Devils of "The Temples Of Baal" (see article by that name) have a monopoly in running a Just-Us system. Welcome to the mad Hatter's tea party, for we are living on the wrong side of "The Looking Glass", since if you believe government has power over you, then you are delusional. When you step through that gate, you are most certainly no longer in Kansas. It is the TIN (tax identification number) man and the straw man that are with you; and Psalms 23 is not allowed.

    This writer was a member of the Pro Se Litigants, however, I would never appear pro se in a courtroom, since the terms means that one accepts temporary appointment to the BAR (British Aristocratic Regency or British Accreditation Registry). Acting pro se or pro anything subjects their victim to their rules of court and BAR; which then give the power and authority to hold the Defendant in contempt. If one takes exception to the Black Robed Devil's attempt to appoint one pro se, and one remains without representation, they cannot arraign or hold one in contempt, as long as the Defendant does not create a controversy. On contempt ALWAYS agree with the Black Robed Devil.

    During this same time period the Florida militia grew from a few hundred to over 100,000 men in strength. With coordinated efforts between the Florida militia, the Pro Se Litigants, the Common Law Court, the Ecclesiastical Court and the Christian Jural Society the restoration of the Florida Republics was well on its way early in 1996. A convention of delegates met in July of 1996 and Public Notices of secession were posted in September 1996.

    I know how cruel the system is, since I was imprisoned three times in State Prison without ever being tried or convicted of any crimes. I was beaten seven times, three times for refusing to sign some government contract and twice for refusing to give up my Bible. I was even shot and pistol whipped to unconsciousness. 10 days before my final release from Prison I was severely beaten, receiving two broken ribs and two broken facial bones, and landing in ICU for 24 hours. In that same prison, I was made to sit each day at a dining table with a prisoner, who had full blown AIDS with sores all over his body and pus oozing out. Do you think that they were hoping that I might contract AIDS?

    Like Marty, I contracted cancer while in prison. The prison doctor wrote in his report that I was a paranoid schizophrenic since I self-diagnosed as having cancer. About 45 days later when I was released, I immediately went to my personal physician for examination. He examined me and took a biopsy and asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him to fix it. He told me that he wanted me back that afternoon for surgery. I said your joking and he replied no, it is that serious. I had seven additional operations for cancer and received a clean bill of health in 2003 after opting to take an herbal medicine, Indian Healing Salve, as treatment instead of a ninth operation.

    I was supposed to be DEAD, just like Marty and Susan died at the hands of correctional officers. The United States is the prison capital of the world. It is sad that at least 30% of those in prison do not belong there. A large number of prisoners in the prison system today are political prisoners, good folks, who have attempted to exercise their rights in protecting their lives, property or family or just campaigned against the wrong candidate, or even worse ran against the wrong candidate. There are still over two hundred members of the Pro Se Litigant movement or the Christian Jural Society, who are still in prison, without cause, around this Country.

    Please visit my web page at https://sirdavidandrew.com In 2009 I wrote an article on Pro Se Litigants and Susan Mokdad's death containing several photographs, this was published and posted in PDF format and is downloadable at https://sirdavidandrew.com/the_pro_se_litigant.pdf I would encourage readers to take time to read other articles posted on my website. I can assure you that banksters, attorners, bureaucRats and Black Robed Devils do not want good folks to read what is posted on my website or what is posted on https://militias.info

    Lest we forget, Susan Mokdad, age 47, was nearing the time of her release and the Black Robed Devils did not wish to her to be free. She was considered as one of the most dangerous to their business, even more so, since she became a Christian while in prison—a women who could crank out a devastating legal brief in three to four hours. She knew well how the scam was run, and could beat most attorners at their stupid games.

    Since these satanic rulers are involved in cultic gnosticism, please note that the day 14, 1+4=5; and 2003, 2+3=5; and 5+5+2, the month, =12. 12 equates to administration, though, 1+2=3, having to do with deity or spiritual. Two equals destruction. Five is the numerology number which equates to demonic. Having a basic value as demonic administration destruction, the Destroyer or destroyers. I will not sit idle, and let this evil government's dirty deeds go unnoticed or forgotten, they will regret the day which they chose; Susan Mokdad, MURDERED by the gestapo, Valentine's Day 2003.






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