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Project Veritas CNN Leaks Reveals CNN Real Live 1984

Searching the net on the Project Veritas CNN Leaks that the major mainstream media has pawned off of being nothing of consequence, Teknosis came upon this information by an individual who was able to connect the dots via the leak recordings that CNN is 1984. Finding this individuals post on Reddit and his subsequent web page creation that is a work in progress and lays this out, based on what he is gleaning from the Project Veritas CNN Leak recordings, is quite revealing and shows that CNN is the real "controlled news network" with no journalistic integrity and starts with the indoctrination of its interns, not letting them be true journalists that get to report what they have gathered and put together reported for the world to see.

See for yourselves in this reveal:

"It’s a real life 1984, and these very leaks, transcribed and told to the world could very well be our generation's 1984! I am not exaggerating, it’s that bad!"


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