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Comeygate: Former FBI Director James Comey's Perjury?


Former FBI Director James Comey is the one, through his surrogates, that either put out a fake memo, or he is letting people make up memos that do not exist, completely, and the whole story is just made up.

Either the memo is fake or the whole memo story is made up and Comey is just letting it hang out there as a lie, but he did not do it, or he perjured himself to Congress.

Those are the three things.

  1. The memo is either fake and the media and the FBI and the Deep State, the Democrats and the Republican establishment are going along with it.


  1. The memo itself is real but it is fake.


  1. The memo is real and it really happened.


  1. Comey perjured himself to Congress.


Comey Caught Committing Perjury To Congress?

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