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Re: Michael Masinter, Ken Goodman and the death dealers

From: Michael MASINTER <masinter@...>
Date: Fri Apr 8, 2005  12:50 pm
Subject: Re: [disability-civil-rights] Zogby, etc.

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Yes, it is springtime, and a liberal application of manure will benefit every garden.

Michael R. Masinter 3305 College Avenue
Professor of Law Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Nova Southeastern University (954) 262-6151 (voice)
Shepard Broad Law Center (954) 262-3835 (fax)
masinter@... Chair, ACLU of Florida Legal Panel

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, pc93 wrote:
> Spread this liberally, locally and globally:
> http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2005/4/emw226586.htm

Written at an earlier date (revised):

Michael Masinter is a "disability rights advocate" who is a chair of the ACLU, has connections with Kathy Cerminara from the same Shepard Broad Law center of Nova Southeastern University and Ken Goodman (one of the ethics heads of University of Miami). Ken Goodman has connection to the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. go to Google and type in "Hospice of the Florida Suncoast" "Ken
Goodman" in the same search field. Michael Schiavo's right-to-murder lawyer George Felos is in touch with some if not all of these people either directly or through second or third parties. Michael Masinter doesn't care about the disabled or the truth of all records beginning Feb. 24/25 1990 and what they reveal. Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. is attempting murder on a brain-injured individual right now at the behest of those with criminal and other intents, none of which really are about Terri's wishes or helping her to have her own voice through rehab and therapy. These interests prevented Terri from regaining a voice and substituted false wishes which were accepted by a corrupt judge and a corrupt court system. Judge Greer with others have fleeced the elderly and sent them to an early grave as there is at least one affiant to this. Terri is not the only one being fleeced and murdered by these people. It
is a big scam ... some having to do with guardianship as some guardians have up to 50 to 60 wards. Also Judge Greer assumed himself to be a guardian ad litem, etc. and he is not a relative of hers and that is against the law. Michael Schiavo never stated Terri's wishes when he tried to kill her the first time in 1993/94 time period when he denied her antibiotics for a urinary tract infection in the hopes she would get sepsis throughout the body and die. When caught and when asked in court he said that he wouldn't do it again because there was "some law" that prevented him. Michael Masinter is part of the right-to-murder crowd. He helps people with criminal intents who use the law to their purposes to get away with murder on the disabled without any concern (if there is concern one wonders what it might be) for the disabled person having attempted murder foisted upon them. Re: Ken Goodman: Look up the despicable interview that was on PBS with Ken Goodman and Johnny Byrd. Goodman said Terri was permanently unconscious for 13 years and had no brain. Ken Goodman is on right- to-die clergy committees as well which includes Bishop Wenski from Orlando. I was at the Hospice Woodside just yesterday and Terri said "aaaaa" “waaaaaa” (I want) twice when asked if she wanted to live and some police officers heard it. Then the family was kicked out of the room and the police outside said that Terri said "noooo" in regards to wanting to live. Michael Masinter and his ilk are no friends of the disabled.

Note: Kathy Cerminara co-authored a book having Right-to-Die as it's main subject.. Kathey Cerminara helped Ken Goodman with a timeline re: Terri Schiavo. Michael Masinter is a chair of the ACLU, calls himself a disability advocate and is friends with both Kathy Cerminara, and Ken Goodman who formed Partnership for End-of-Life. No doubt the future will show the connections between best buds Deborah Bushnell, George Felos, Mary Labyak, Jay Wolfson, Judge Greer etc.

A timeline of some of the death interests is here:


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