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Terri's funeral mass

Continuously updated as new information comes into my mind (04-07-05):

April 5, 2005

Went with my mother to the funeral mass for Terri Schindler. Picked up David Kirkland. Arrived a little after 5pm.

Media was asked not to come but media was stationed outside the church with  their cameras etc. Saw Bobby Schindler. Greeted Bobby. Went to reception area  after heading to the church and finding out that that was not the reception  area. Media had cameras in hand on the right hand side periphery when we  headed to the church before we turned back. Headed to correct reception area.  Had a smoke. I asked for one from a guy who looked like Ted Hires (perhaps it  was Ted Hires). Inside reception area signed guestbook. There were some bumper  stickers the woman had there who was at the guestbook station that said 'Terri  was murdered!'. Got a few of those. There was also a little card that had  Terri on it that was the one most familiar with Terri have seen on the internet with the prayer.. the one where it has Terri and Jesus in profile or something. It is a nice card... it has a well known saint prayer on there I believe according to my mom.. Don't remember the name. Introduced my mom to Mary Schindler after giving her a hug and a kiss. Met and gave a kiss to June Maxim and Ginger Berlin of The Empire Journal (David K. was talking with  them). Ran into John Sipos and gave him a hug. Saw Pam Hennessy (one of the Schindler's volunteer media coordinators, etc.) and gave her a hug and a  kiss.. went and had a smoke with her. Gave a hug and a kiss to Suzanne (Terri's sister) and introduced my mom. Ran into another great friend of Terri and her family.. Sarah (forget her last name, urgh). Saw Floriduh Voter but she didn't give me a hug or a kiss! ;=] Opps. I also saw Jackie D. For the sake of clarity you can assume I gave most of the women a hug and a kiss whom I mentioned, if I didn't I give you one now. Ran into Cheryl Ford (fight4terri) and introduced my mom. Introduced my mom to Father Malinowski after shaking his hand. Ran into Gordon Watts and shook his hand at his pinky as he had a drink in his hand and his other arm was full of some big book or something. He was wearing a cowboy hat and rosarys around his neck. Introduced my mother. Mass was about to begin.. met with Bob Sr. (Terri's dad) and gave him a big hug. Introduced my mom. Headed over to the mass.

Upon entering the church was already looking like it was completely full. Me, my mom and David Kirkland found a seat in the very last pew towards the back. There were lots of people coming in and everyone got situated. It was kinda chaotic in regards to random noise at the very beginning as people were not completely settled. It was also chaotic sorta re: noise towards the end with babies, and one person had a cell phone going off. To continue.. The music was really beautiful. A man was singing and playing guitar. It almost sounded like another language.. It was very nice. People got settled. There were many standing in the back and the balcony got filled up. Some local St. Pete/Tampa/Clearwater/ TV media woman I had seen covering Terri before many times was in the pew in front of us. I always wondered if she really did a good job or not. My impression is that she didn't do a good job of getting the truth out. I will have to ask David as I believe he knew who she was. I guess she was Catholic though or something. Not that everyone there was Catholic but she would say the prayers, etc. She didn't get up when people stood up clapping really. Anyways. The priests did the ceremonies and liturgies and different things. A young girl spoke the main liturgy where they read a part from the bible. Also the main priest of the church spoke first. Father Malinowski was one of the priests doing the service and so was Father Pavone. There were like 5 or so priests up there.. pretty amazing. I liked what some of them had to say but I'm not much really into the whole christian funeral mass thing even though I was raised Catholic. I myself would have very much different ceremonies for me if I died and probably not in a standard church as the world and the entire universe is my church. I am a student of all knowledge and the hidden side of things .. not just the apparent (esoteric and exoteric, etc.) Father Pavone spoke of how he worked with the Pope before and about the culture of life, about caring for  the most vulnerable and disabled, etc. and speaking out against those who make one thing another.. like those who try to make evil good, etc. there is some passage in the collected works of the Bible in this regards. Father Malinowski blessed or sanctified the bread and wine, etc. he spoke re: Terri as well. Most of the priests did. Several times people clapped and then stood up and clapped even more when Father Pavone was talking about the culture of life, etc. and  solidarity of the Pope, caring about the most vulnerable and disabled, etc. and how because of Terri how the culture of life is something we will not only strive for but will realize, etc. and that we will not let it happen again what happened to Terri, etc. Father Pavone spoke of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, etc. about her helping those who were dying and striving to be like Jesus. Pavone also drew a correlation between the Pope and Terri's passing and how the Pope's passing was 48 hours or so after Terri's and that he went through some of the same things.. that there was a correlation and how they were inextricably tied together in regards to the message being sent about caring for the most vulnerable, etc. My personal opinion is that the Pope never said Terri's name and therfore he as head of the Church failed Terri and that he suffered thereby. That's how important Terri's being saved was and he failed. Just my opinion, belief, etc. Communion and wine was had. I didn't have the wine but I did partake of communion as we all do commune with that which is Christ/God, etc. and this was a particularly pertinent occassion in which I had fought the hardest and longest I have ever fought in regards to trying to help another (Terri) to get out of the hands of those trying to murder her and back on the road to recovery through rehab and therapy, etc. At the end of the mass Pamela Hennessy got up and spoke. She gave a particularly moving speech and I shed some tears. No one clapped but then again it was a solemn occassion plus I don't think anyone expected that others were going to get up and it was a surprise sorta. Suzanne (Terri's sister) then got up and talked about Terri and her family etc. how much Suzanne loves them and Terri too, it really made my eyes water. What she said really touched my heart and I think she almost cried too. Everybody clapped. Bobby (Terri's brother) got up there. He first broke the ice and people laughed and clapped. He said he had something to share with us, and he almost cried when he was bringing it up. He opened a little box. It was a purple heart medal. The whole thing was particuarly moving. A soldier in Vietnam who got shot in the head sent Terri his purple heart. I wish I had the letter. I might be able to get it from Bobby if no one published the letter. Basically that Terri was a victim of our country, etc. from domestic terrorism of the judges, etc. (my opinion is of the leaders too).. and that the flag is flying at half-staff, etc. It was very moving. Then someone got up.. and I didn't know who it was but David did.. it was Glenn Beck.. some of his talk was pretty moving. and he almost cried, etc. he said he wished he could have done more, etc. and why didn't he, etc. eventually saying that we didn't fail Terri but I don't recall him ever saying who did.. my thought was that yes, we didn't fail Terri [even though I castigate myself of not letting certain others know what was going on until very late, sometimes I kick myself for being stupid]- our leaders, law enforcement, etc. are the ones who failed us. Yes. I truly believe our leaders, law enforcement, etc. failed us and Terri, and that they did it on purpose, as if this is just part of their plan in regards to destroying the Constitution or showing that it doesn't exist anymore, etc. Glenn read from a pioneer book some saying of the pioneers about continuing on in spite of all adversity, etc. I'll have to get the name of it.. David knew it I think. Then the priest of the Church closed. As they exited the church everyone else did after and there were media cameras intruding on the ceremonies from the back and media out back trying to get pictures of the Schindlers as they came out of the side of the church. I really was mad at the media for showing up when they were told not to come. They did a crappy job of getting the truth out about Terri and they had the gall to show up uninvited. Everyone went to the reception area to talk and have some refreshments. I then headed home as me and my mom had to drive for a couple hours to get home as it was almost 9:50pm when we started to head out. I had a long discussion with my mom on the way back about how human rights and other organizations, major and certain local media, our leaders and law enforcement people, etc. failed Terri, etc. If there ever was a conspiracy this is one of the mothers of them all. I left out the bioethicist, right-to-die(murder), disability advocate, ACLU, corrupt state and federal judges network connection which is tied in with the Florida government and the federal government via the VA, etc. It is all over the net by now as well as on all of the search engines. Jeb Bush now says that let's wait and see what the other states do re: the most vulnerable and disabled, etc. The death lobby is trying to take over the whole country and he and his brother are really part of it and so are others of other political and other parties. This is their Culture of Life (Death) of which they highly speak. Merely because they say they are the harbingers of the Culture of Life they think that the sheep will believe them while they did absolutely nothing to definitively stop the starvation/torture murder of an American citizen in cold blood in front of the face of this very nation. Some will try to deny that this is domestic terrorism. I am of the belief that it is domestic terrorism and a subverting (with the intent to overthrow) the Florida Constitution and the Constitution of these United States of America.

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I rarely drink the wine at communion especially when I'm sick or hear the ones in front of me coughing. You don't HAVE to drink the wine. Many who grew up and recieved their sacraments prior to the advent of wine for the communicants don't enjoy it.
Also we are ALL frustrated and while I too disagree about John Paul II , who I believe did as much as he could and was as personal as the leader of 1.1 BILLION Catholics could be. I will state emphatically that The Bishop of the Diocese of St Petersburg was a wimp and the US Catholic Church as a a whole seriously let Terri down.
We should have stood as one united against this murder.

Posted by: Melissa | Apr 7, 2005 3:55:58 PM

Yes, Melissa,
the Bishop of St. Pete is a wimp and the church should have done much more. It was murder.

Posted by: I. Caganek | Apr 7, 2005 5:33:40 PM

Juan, this is a great blog about Terri. How many people does it take to kill an innocent woman?

Nine. Nine Republican Senators in the Florida Senate.

(Of course Judge Greer, Judge Baird and Judge Whittemore slam dunked her too.)


I can't stand stinkin' white collar criminal judges.

floriduh voter from http://www.freerepublic.com

Posted by: floriduh voter | Apr 27, 2005 1:10:50 PM

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