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Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

Remember that judge Holder who had another judge caught red-handed invading Holder's chambers while stealing and planting documents?

Here is the real story that I am cross-posting with permission as it intersects Terri's case.


I will need lots of help to prepare and send out a Press Release about the demonstration against the Judicial Corruption being enabled by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) and the Florida Supreme Court.

The JQC is the very corrupt arm of the Florida Supreme Court run by pro-death and very corrupt executives with a pro-death agenda for activist Judges who ignore the law and the state and federal constitutions.... "OUR Laws, Civil Rights and Constitutions"!! Now the same corrupt JQC hierarchy has elected to persecute Honorable Gregory P. Holder, an honest and moral judge who believes in the truth and the law and his oath of office to protect the constitutions. Judge Holder is a West Point Graduate and when secretly requested to join a gang of corrupt judges to fix cases and take bribes, etc., he went to the authorities and exposed this offer to join the "Good Ole Boys" in robes for personal wealth via judicial racketeering and corruption.

Why not? Everybody is doing it...... after reading this, take the time to look up Judge Greg Holder on the internet and see what hell they are putting him through because he is an honest and moral judge and was working undercover for Florida's citizens to expose these crimes. Now his life has been threatened and now made pure hell on earth. Judge Holder, a very devout Catholic with a wonderful loving family is being attacked by the same corrupt JQC, corrupt judges and law enforcement groups that have protected corrupt Judges, Cope, Greer, Baird and many others in Pinellas and Hillsborough and other Florida Counties.

Jeb Bush, the FBI, the FDLE, State Attorneys, and all other local law enforcement agencies continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on to try to bring down an honest and Christian Judge who is truly Honorable! Other judges conspired against Judge Holder and were then caught breaking into his locked chambers in an attempt to steal private documents and to plant false evidence in his personal desk. However, an honest bailiff caught them in the act.

What did the JQC do? Nothing! Just a big misunderstanding. Finally, when enough public outcry and political pressure was increased, these judges ran for cover to keep their big fat pensions and resigned from the bench. Now some others in this same corrupt group planted new false and fabricated evidence in an anonymous envelope about Judge Holder and the same JQC is persecuting him to get him removed from the bench and lose his attorney's Bar license to practice law.

The U.S. Government cleared Judge Holder of any wrongdoing, yet the "Political Thugs" in Florida want to give him "Pay Back" to send a message that if you are not corruptible, you shouldn't tell anybody else and just keep this dirty little secret from the unsuspecting and dumb citizens of Florida.

Had Terri been before honest Judge Holder, she would've attended the visit with the Pope that her parents, Bob and Mary just attended in Rome. Think about this and see what a statement we all can make to protect this judge who does the right thing and is honest. Do it for Terri and all of the other Terri-Like Pro-Death Cases soon to be before the likes of Greer all over America.

Because he's honest and pro-life, the JQC will now order another "murder" to ruin this good and honest Judge's career on the bench. This continued persecution by the JQC and other corrupt judges like Greer, etc., has caused Judge Holder to exhaust his family's personal savings as well as put terror into his family's hearts as their beloved Dad is being lynched by judicial corruption that has taken over Florida's Courts and law enforcement.

Please send this information far and wide in America and around the world and I will soon supplement this notice with exact places to park and time and location to demonstrate to support Terri's cause and to support Judge Holder who is in the battle of his life against the corrupt tyrants in the Supreme Court of Florida and the corrupt thugs running the JQC.

The JQC's Lords of Judicial Crime, report to nobody but themselves and are paid huge secret salaries that nobody is permitted to examine or audit for possible felony fraud, false billings and travel expenses and theft of taxpayer's funds for their personal use.

The local Tampa FBI was investigating the judicial corruption in Tampa Bay based on information from several sources including Judge Holder and he was proven right on the mark..... and then the Chief Judges threatened the FBI with whatever dirt they had on the FBI or the FDLE and the investigations were stopped quite suddenly. Hmmmmm? Why?? There are credible facts and some statements of big sex clubs involving public officials and drugs and sex paid with tax payers funds... and then this was all hushed up when judges were to have been caught having all types of perverted sex inside the courthouse and at homes or gathering spots in Tampa Bay along with law enforcement agency heads. Look how rampant it is and State Attorneys, like Bernie McCabe and others seem not to care..... how deeply are they involved? Bernie McCabe is to have had much more hard evidence on Michael's assault and murderous attack on Terri than California's jury had on Scott Peterson's murder of Laci!

Think about this and try to read the "original" SunStar medic's and police reports at the crime scene where Terri laid on the floor nearly dead with head and neck bones and body bones broken. Judge Holder would've let ALL of this evidence into a fair and just trial for Terri. ALL OF IT. When this intentionally hidden evidence is seen by an honest Tampa Federal Grand Jury, of a civil murder trial federal jury, if permitted, they will surely indict George Greer, Baird, Felos, Bushnell, McCabe, Rice, Michael and many others.... as conspiracy is a major felony in the murder and torture of Terri. She was clearly denied her federal civil rights and was intentionally murdered.... this is not in question.

The corrupt JQC and law enforcement failed in their duties to remove Greer from the bench long before he was given Terri's case, They have political "bull feces" smeared all over their faces and they are about to drown in their own corrupt political sewage. So many forget that this was a hideous torture murder of the most cruel kind (under color of law) and only our dedicated group seemed to care.

Greer, Michael and Felos are laughing at all of us and "High Fiving" with his lawyer pals who have put money into his hands to continue this fraud on our country. Greer has now replaced God in his own mind. Former Sheriff Rice now wants to become Florida's Attorney General. None of this will stop until the broken JQC is replaced with honest citizens and finally does it's job and exposes corrupt judges, which is their stated job for the citizen's of Florida. Instead, they target honest judges who refuse to get involved in this rampant corruption.

Now the scared corrupt judges call Judge Holder a "snitch" or a "whistleblower" in order to smear him. In fact, Judge Holder should be appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to head up a new top judicial position and oversee a honest Citizen Judicial Review Board and investigate and prosecute the rampant public corruption now taking place in Florida's courts.

Now is the time for all of us to attack back against these frauds in high public office and beat them at their own game and put them in prison. Just letting them resign to keep their fat pensions is not just and fair. It's no more than letting a habitual bank robber just return his armed robbery proceeds and resign from being an armed bank robber.

Greer ordered this murder! Our beloved Terri was taken by his hand. Our constitution in Florida is turned on it's ear and is now in the political dumpster of felony corruption. The people of Florida and the nation are still in control and can make a difference and run these political felons and bad cops at all levels out of the halls of justice and the government's castles and give them a nice green processed meat sandwich and kool-aid in one of our nice state or federal prisons for a few decades to think about Terri.

Stay tuned...... as times and trial dates may "suddenly" change once the Supreme Court and the JQC and media gets wind of our planned demonstrations for Terri's honor and for a very brave Judge Holder.... and our own civil rights and civil duty to demand immediate and sweeping changes in Florida's corrupt judicial cesspool and drop all charges against this good Judge, Greg Holder.

Use all of our current Terri posters and have a few that say "Support Judge Greg Holder" and many that say "Ban the JQC", "Investigate the JQC" and "Impeach Judge Greer" and other such anti-judicial corruption posters.

All the very best and send this to every local and national news outlet you can find and to all of your lists who will help Terri's memory.


The reason, I did not send this to news outlets, is I am awaiting a press conference to be held shortly by another supporter for JUSTICE, concerning a person not on our list.

Paul F. Timmerman
Greenacres, FL

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