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Media Cover-up - Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

This is a  summary of fascinating accounts by 10 award-winning journalists from the book Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson. All of these writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major, incredibly revealing news. Some were even fired or laid off. These journalists have won numerous awards, including several Emmys and a Pulitzer. Help create a better world by spreading this news across the land.

Jane Akrehas—Fox News. After our struggle to air an honest report, Fox fired the general manager [of our station]. The new GM said that if we didn’t agree to changes that the lawyers were insisting upon, we’d be fired for insubordination in 48 hours. We pleaded with [him] to look at the facts we’d uncovered. His reply: “We paid $3 billion dollars for these TV stations. We’ll tell you what the news is. The news is what we say it is!” [After we refused,] Fox’s general manager presented us an agreement that would give us a full year of salary, and benefits worth close to $200,000 in “consulting jobs,” but with strings attached: no mention of how Fox covered up the story and no opportunity to ever expose the facts. [After declining] we were fired.  P. 43-45, 49

Kristina Borjesson—CBS, Emmy award winner. Pierre Salinger announced to the world on Nov. 8, 1996, that he’d received documents proving that a US Navy missile had accidentally downed [TWA flight 800]. That same day, FBI’s Jim Kallstrom called a press conference. A man raised his hand and asked why the navy was involved in the recovery and investigation while a possible suspect. “Remove him!” [Kallstrom] yelled. Two men leapt over to the questioner and grabbed him by the arms. There was a momentary chill in the air after the guy had been dragged out of the room. Kallstrom and entourage acted as if nothing had happened.  P. 110, 111

Philip Weiss—New York Times Magazine. James Kallstrom, then of the FBI, said vehemently at a press conference that every boat in the area of the [TWA flight 800] crash had been identified. Subsequently, government radar data was released showing that the boat closest to the crash had never been identified and sped away at more than thirty knots an hour. Kallstrom was later hired by CBS.  P. 186

April Oliver—CNN.  CNN was a willing accomplice in [the] campaign to crush the [Tailwind] story. CNN management ran at the first sign of heat. The heat included everyone from Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell to Special Forces veterans. My co-producer and I were fired. We were branded journalistic felons. CNN’s goal, in the words of one manager, “kill this thing, drive a stake through its heart and bury it.”  P. 217, 218

Greg Palast—BBC.  In the months leading up to the November [2000] balloting, Gov. Jeb Bush ordered elections supervisors to purge 58,000 voters on the grounds they were felons not entitled to vote. As it turns out, only a handful of these voters were felons. This extraordinary news ran on page one of the country’s leading paper. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong country: Britain. In the USA, it was not covered. The office of the governor [also] illegally ordered the removal of felons from the voter rolls—real felons—but with the right to vote under Florida law. As a result, 50,000 of these voters could not vote. The fact that 90% of these voters were Democrats should have made it news as this alone more than accounted for Bush’s victory.  P. 65, 66

Monika Jensen-Stevenson—Emmy-winning producer for 60 minutes. Robert R. Garwood—14 years a prisoner of the Vietnamese, was found guilty in the longest court-martial in US history. At the end of the court-martial, there seemed no question that Garwood was a monstrous traitor. Several years later in 1985, Garwood was speaking publicly about something that had never made the news during his court-martial. He knew of other American prisoners in Vietnam long after the war was over. He was supported by Vietnam veterans whose war records were impeccable….My sources included outstanding experts like former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Tighe and returned POWs like Captain McDaniel, who held the Navy’s top award for bravery. With such advocates, it was hard not to consider the possibility that prisoners (some 3,500) had in fact been kept by the Vietnamese as hostages to make sure the US would pay the more than $3 billion in war reparations. [After the war] American POWs had become worthless pawns. The US had not paid the promised monies and had no intention of paying in the future.  P. 225, 226, 233

Michael Levine—25-year veteran of DEA, writer for New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. The Chang Mai “factory” that the CIA prevented me from destroying was the source of massive amounts of heroin being smuggled into the US in the bodies and body bags of GIs killed in Vietnam. Case after case was killed by CIA and State Department intervention and there wasn’t a thing we could do about it….In 1980, CIA-recruited mercenaries and drug traffickers unseated Bolivia’s democratically elected president. Bolivia [was] the source of virtually 100% of the cocaine entering the US. Immediately after the coup, cocaine production increased massively. This was the beginning of the crack “plague.”…The CIA along with State and Justice departments had to protect their drug-dealing assets by destroying a DEA investigation. How do I know? I was the inside source….I sat down at my desk in the American embassy and wrote evidence of my charges. I addressed it to Newsweek. Three weeks later DEA’s internal security [called] to notify me that I was under investigation….The highlight of the 60 Minutes piece is when the administrator of the DEA, Federal Judge Robert Bonner, tells Mike Wallace, “There is no other way to put it, Mike, [what the CIA did] is drug smuggling.  It’s illegal.”  P. 264-268, 271, 289

Gary Webb—San Jose Mercury News, Pulitzer Prize winner. In 1996, I wrote a series of stories that began this way: For the better part of a decade, a Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods gangs of LA and funneled millions in drug profits to a guerilla army run by the CIA. The cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America….The story was developing a momentum all of its own, despite a virtual news blackout from the major media. Ultimately, it was public pressure that forced the national newspapers into the fray. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times published stories, but spent little time exploring the CIA’s activities. Instead, my reporting and I became the focus of their scrutiny. It was remarkable [Mercury News editor] Ceppos wrote, that the four Washington Post reporters assigned to debunk the series “could not find a single significant factual error.” A few months later, the Mercury News [due to intense CIA pressure] backed away from the story, publishing a long column by Ceppos apologizing for “shortcomings” in the series. The New York Times hailed Ceppos for “setting a brave new standard,” and splashed his apology on their front page, the first time the series had ever been mentioned there. I quit the Mercury News not long after that….Do we have a free press today? Sure. It’s free to report all the sex scandals, all the stock market news, [and] every new health fad that comes down the pike. But when it comes to the real down and dirty stuff—such stories are not even open for discussion.  P. 297, 303-310

John Kelly—author, ABC producer. ABC hired me to help produce a story about an investment firm that was heavily involved with the CIA. Part of the ABC report charged that the CIA had plotted to assassinate an American, Ron Rewald, the president of [the investment firm]. Scott Barnes said on camera that the CIA had asked him to kill Rewald. After the show aired, CIA officials met with ABC executive David Burke, [who] was sufficiently impressed “by the vigor with which they made their case” to order an on-air “clarification.” But that was not enough. [CIA Director] Casey called ABC Chairman Goldenson. [Thus] despite all the documented evidence presented in the program, Peter Jennings reported that ABC could no longer substantiate the charges. That same day, the CIA filed a formal complaint with the FCC charging that ABC had “deliberately distorted” the news. In the complaint, Casey asked that ABC be stripped of its TV and radio Licenses….During this time, Capital Cities Communications was maneuvering to buy ABC. [CIA Director] Casey was one of the founders of Cap Cities. Cap Cities bought ABC. Within months, the entire investigative unit was dispersed.  P. 326-329

Robert McChesney—500 radio & TV appearances. [There has been a] striking consolidation of the media from hundreds of firms to an industry dominated by less than ten enormous transnational conglomerates. The largest ten media firms own all US TV networks, most TV stations, all major film studios, all major music companies, nearly all cable TV channels, much of the book and magazine publishing [industry], and much, much more. Expensive investigative journalism—especially that which goes after national security or powerful corporate interests—is discouraged. Largely irrelevant human interest/tragedy stories get extensive coverage….A few weeks after the war began in Afghanistan, CNN president Isaacson authorized CNN to provide two different versions of the war: a more critical one for the global audience and a sugarcoated one for Americans….It is nearly impossible to conceive of a better world without some changes in the media status quo. We have no time to waste.  P. 371-381

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Truth and Action: To Save a Human Life,.


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Bagram Tortures,.

No Accountability for Bagram

05/27/2005 14:15

BagramThe U.S. Army staffed, operated, and condoned the sustained daily functions of a proverbial torture chamber at the Bagram Military Detention Center in Afghanistan in 2002. Now, 2? years later, the officers responsible for that facility have yet to face the consequences for their leadership failures.

The dark history of this interrogation and detention facility is mired in denial, gross command irresponsibility at all levels, and soldiers gone wild with rage. Combined, all factors resulted in the injury and in several cases, the death of detainees.

During the course of interrogations, unlucky detainees were routinely abused by the assigned Military Intelligence interrogators from the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion from Fort Bragg, N.C. Augmenting the staff were Military Police soldiers  from the Army Reserve's 377th MP Company from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Regarded as potential sources of human intelligence information, detainees being held for interrogation were routinely kicked, beaten, hung by irons from immovable objects to include detention cell ceilings. Their humiliation was constant as a matter of policy. This policy was set by Army Capt. Carolyn A. Wood, an experienced Army interrogator then assigned to the 519th MI Battalion. 

Wood posted her own list of "interrogation rules of engagement" (ROE) at Bagram and later did the same when transferred to Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad. Wood's ROE were in effect until they were discovered to be inconsistent with interrogation rules published by the CJTF commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez.

Given the ghastly treatment that many detainees received at Abu Ghraib, some resulting in horrifying deaths, one may not be shocked with the revelations of abuse at the Bagram facility. Making the situation worse was the likelihood that a detainee in a field detention center may be completely innocent, and guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This did not stop Army MI personnel, and MPs from exacting punishment on detained, injured, and shackled suspects that was no less than horrific. 

Such crimes, we now discover, were not rare.

As reported by The New York Times last week, an Afghani named Habibullah was captured by an Afghan Warlord on Nov. 28, 2002. Two days later, he was delivered to the Bagram detention facility by CIA operatives who said that Habibullah was suspected of being a brother of a former Taliban commander from the southern Afghan province of Oruzgan.

Maj. Bobby R. Atwell, a military police officer now assigned to the 16th MP Brigade at Fort Bragg, who was then serving as the provost marshal at Bagram, offered, in an interview with the NY Times, that Habibullah "had a piercing gaze and was very confident." Perhaps it was this perceived arrogance on the part of the detainee that led to his ultimate fate.

When delivered to the Bagram facility, Habibullah was described as being in good health by the doctor who examined him. 

However, the senior intelligence operations chief at Bagram, Lt. Col. John W. Loffert Jr., later told Army investigators, "He was already in bad condition when he arrived." Since Loffert is not a doctor, the reader must assume one of two things: Either Habibullah had visible symptoms of poor health, or the officer lied.

On his second day in the Bagram facility, interrogators declared Habibullah as being "uncooperative." According to MP Capt. Christopher M. Beiring, this following a day of being subject to the standard policy of "being hooded, shackled, and isolated for at least the first 24 hours."

Soldiers who were assigned to the facility readily admitted, in classified investigative reports later released and published in the news media, that the guards kept prisoners awake by yelling or poking at them or banging on their cell doors. This went on while Habibullah was shackled by the wrists to the wire ceiling over his cell door.

To which the question arises: Would you remain calm and cooperative at this juncture after a full day of this kind of welcome at a detention facility?

When it came time for a rectal exam, and more heavy-handed treatment meted out by the guards, it is not surprising that Habibullah became violent. The detainee struck Sgt. Alan J. Driver Jr. - is a reserve MP from the 377th MP Co. - with a knee. That act probably sealed Habibullah's fate.

Later that day, Spec. Willie V. Brand, a guard and not an interrogator with the 377th reported Habibullah as "uncooperative" and then saw fit to deliver a flurry of peroneal strikes in response. This involves kneeing the victim in the muscle group just above the victim"s knee. The next day, Brand found Habibullah uncooperative again, and assaulted the detainee a second time with more knee shots to the legs. 

As an MI soldier for more than 30 years, I can attest that nowhere in any Army Training Manual, Army Regulation, or Field Manual does the U.S. Army prescribe numerous and repeated peroneal strikes to the legs or a detainee - for any reason. 

It is interesting to note that Brand, a junior enlisted soldier, has been charged with assault and other crimes perpetrated against detainees. His civilian lawyer, John P. Galligan, is quick to point out that his client, Brand, was performing his duties consistently within the standard operating procedures that were in place at the Bagram facility.

Given the widespread proliferation of catastrophic abuse directed at detainees, and numerous other corroborative facts, Galligan"s assertion has great credibility.

The situation at Bagram continued to spiral out of control. By Dec. 3, 2002, Habibullah"s sustained defiance made him a open target for scores of peroneal strikes for being, again, "noncompliant." 

One M.P., not named in the N.Y. Times, stated that he gave Habibullah five peroneal strikes and another gave him three or four more, again, for being, "combative and noncompliant." The piece in the N.Y. Times revealed that some guards later asserted that he, Habibullah, had been hurt trying to escape.  Some guards later asserted that he had been hurt trying to escape. 

How combative can a man be while shackled to the ceiling and chained to the floor by his feet and with a bag over his head? These were the conditions of Habibullah"s detention and restraint on Dec. 3, 2002, according to M.P. Sgt. James P. Boland. 

Later that date, Boland found Habibullah, slumped forward and held up by the chains attaching him to the ceiling.

Sgt. Boland informed investigators of Habibullah"s condition. Boland returned and entered the cell with Specialists Anthony M. Morden and Brian E. Cammack, both members of the 377th MP Company. Habibullah"s hood was removed and, according to Cammack, Habibullah then spat on him.

After serving as a municipal police officer during 1972-80, I can attest that this is not an unusual event when dealing with detainees. I and most other police officers have been subjected to much worse.

By his own admission, Cammack stated that, he "exploded" and yelled at Habibullah, "don"t ever spit on me again." Further, Cammack admitted that he began kneeing the shackled and swaying man in the thigh "maybe a couple" of times. Twenty minutes later, Habibullah was found dead in his cell by Sgt. Boland and Spec. Cammack. According to Boland, "Spec. Cammack appeared very distraught, the soldier was running about the room . hysterically."

Immediately, another MP was dispatched to find a medic. When his assistance was requested by the MPs, Spec. Robert S. Melone, indignant at being bothered, reportedly said, "What are you getting me for? Call an ambulance instead!" Another medic was contacted, he responded, and found Habibullah on the floor, dead, his arms outstretched, eyes and mouth open wide.

On Dec. 8, 2002, an autopsy performed on Habibullah revealed that his death was attributed to a blood clot that likely traveled to his heart and blocked the blood flow to his lungs. This clot was probably the result of the severe injuries to his legs, according to the autopsy findings. Significantly, the autopsy discovered bruises and abrasions on the victim"s chest, arms and head. Also present were deep contusions on his calves, knees and thighs. His left calf was marked by what appeared to have been the sole of a boot.


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OKBOMB - Murdered in Oklahoma: Uncovering a DOJ Coverup

by Paul Craig Roberts

In 1995 Kenneth Trentadue was murdered by federal agents in a federal prison in Oklahoma City. A coverup immediately went into effect. Federal authorities claimed Trentadue, who was being held in a suicide-proof cell, had committed suicide by hanging himself, but the state coroner would not buy the story.

Prison authorities tried to get family consent to cremate the body. But Trentadue had been picked up on a minor parole violation, and the story of suicide by a happily married man delighted with his two-month old son raised red flags to the family.

When the Trentadue family received Kenneth’s body and heavy makeup was scraped away, the evidence (available in photos on the Internet) clearly shows a person who had been tortured and beaten. His throat was slashed and he may have been garroted. There are bruises, burns and cuts from the soles of Trentadue’s feet to his head, wounds that obviously were not self-inflicted.

As the state coroner noted at the time, every investigative rule was broken by the federal prison. The coroner was not allowed into the cell, and the cell was scrubbed down prior to investigation.

The federal coverup was completely transparent. A US senator made inquiries, but the US Department of Justice (sic), knowing that it would not be held accountable, stuck to its fabricated story.

That was a mistake. Trentadue’s brother, Jesse, is an attorney. He believes that federal officials, like everyone else, must be held accountable for their crimes. He has been battling the Justice (sic) Department and the FBI for a decade.

Jesse Trentadue has amassed evidence that his brother was mistaken for Tim McVeigh’s alleged accomplice in the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Federal agents, believing that they had Richard Lee Guthrie in their hands, went too far in attempting to force him to talk.

Jesse Trentadue learned that the FBI had informants planted with two groups on which McVeigh may have relied: a white supremacist paramilitary training compound at Elohim City and the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang. The implication is that the FBI had advance notice of McVeigh’s plans and may have been conducting a sting operation that went awry.

The FBI has documents that name the informants. Teletypes from then FBI director Louis Freeh dated January 4, 1996, and August 23, 1996, confirm that the FBI had informants imbedded with the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang and in Elohim City. In these documents, Freeh reports to various FBI field offices that the Elohim City informant (possibly explosives expert and German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir) "allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh" and "that McVeigh had placed a telephone call to Elohim City on 4/5/95, a day that he was believed to have been attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OKBOMB attack."

The FBI denied to federal judge Dale Kimball that any such documents existed. But someone had leaked the teletypes to Trentadue, and he put them before the judge along with an affidavit of their genuineness. Caught red-handed lying to a federal judge, the FBI was ordered to produce all documents Trentadue demanded. Judge Kimball gave the FBI until June 15, 2005, to deliver the incriminating records. Needless to say, the FBI doesn’t want to deliver and is attempting every possible dodge to escape obeying the judge’s order.

In his effort to uncover the DOJ’s coverup of his brother’s murder, Jesse Trentadue may have uncovered evidence of the FBI’s failure to prevent the bombing of the Murrah Building. It is bad enough that the murder of Kenneth Trentadue is covered over with many layers of DOJ perjury and the withholding and destruction of evidence. Evidence that the FBI was aware of McVeigh’s plan to bomb the Murrah Building and failed to prevent the deed would be an additional heavy blow to the prestige of federal law enforcement.

Ken Trentadue


Date: Sat Aug 6, 2005  12:17 pm


Greetings, on that day me, my wife and a friend were
watching, and there were two helicopters flying above
that building. One was taking pictures of the building
and you could see the other one in the backround,
apparently flying in circles around the building.
Suddenly, you could see two blasts from the center of
the roof, just seconds apart. We called ABC news and
they told us, if we brought them $15.00 and a blank
tape they would give us a copy of the segment they had
just shown, however, when my wife went back to get it,
they gave her back the tape and money, saying that if
she wanted a copy of that, she would have to get a
court order. That segment was never aired again, COVER
UP. I believe the whole thing was a putup job, by
government just as was 911, and they both stink.
America needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because
it is not what they think.

Warren Nelson

--- "S.T.Ill Freeman"

Milo <shining@...>
Date: Tue Aug 2, 2005 7:41 pm
Subject: milorad104
Send IM
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Patrick Briley
August 2, 2005

On the morning of April 19 1995 a helicopter hovered
near and then over the Murrah building before and
after it was bombed at 9:02 am. Several very reliable
witnesses told me they saw this helicopter above the
Murrah building.

At a time when the public was being asked in OKC to
call the FBI with leads about the bombing, I called
the FBI offices in OKC on April 21, 1995 and asked to
speak with an FBI agent to tell him about the
helicopter and the witnesses. FBI agent Dan Vogel took
my call and I fully identified myself to him with my
name. I spoke about one sentence to agent Vogel about
the helicopter witnesses when Vogel ended the call by
telling me that the FBI would NOT be pursuing the
helicopter information and by abruptly hanging up the

The one sentence I did tell Vogel was that I knew of
several reliable witnesses who had seen a helicopter
near and above the Murrah building before and after
the Murrah bombing. I was not given the opportunity by
Vogel to describe the helicopter or tell him who the
witnesses were by name before he abruptly hung up on
me. And if I had been given the chance I would have
suggested to Vogel that the FBI track down who was
flying the helicopter to find out what they saw and
who they were.

But Vogel and the FBI clearly did NOT want to know or
investigate. And neither Vogel nor anyone else from
the FBI ever called me back about the story. The FBI
knew how to reach me and Vogel knew who I was. Vogel
knew who I was not only because I gave him my name but
also because his wife Dee Vogel had worked with my
wife for over ten years and my wife had taught his son
Adam Vogel at Deer Creek High School near OKC.

FBI agent Dan Vogel did not even want this information
from me on April 21, 1995 and he NEVER called me back.
Believe me, he knows me. I him gave my name when I
called and I explained to him then that my wife worked
with his wife for over 10 years and also taught his
son in high school.

My helicopter witnesses included a 32-year veteran of
Air Force intelligence and a lady with a commanding
view in a corporate skyscraper, the Kerr McGee
building in downtown OKC.

Another helicopter witness was OKC resident Debbie
Burdick who went to the FBI on the morning of the OKC
bombing and told them of seeing McVeigh and John Does
in McVeigh’s yellow Mercury, a brown Chevy truck and a
blue Cavalier parked in line north of the Murrah
building. Burdick said the men were looking up at a
helicopter over the Murrah building just moments
before the Murrah building was bombed.

Debbie Burdick was also threatened by FBI agent Odom
from Denver twice, during and after the federal
bombing trials, not to go to the press or to attorneys
with her story. Burdick was asked by Odom to the
effect, “You do not want to harm America by revealing
your story, do you? But as a result of Burdick’s
information three Middle Eastern men, Anis and Asad
Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti in the blue cavalier also
associated with the 1993 WTC bombing were arrested on
the day of the OKC bombing and then later released by
direct intervention of the FBI.



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Concerning grand jury probe re: 9/11

Two civilian defense contractor employees--told to remain silent - say other workers quietly retro-fitted missile and remote control systems onto A-3 jets at Colorado public airport prior to September 11 when similar A-3 parts much smaller than a Boeing 757 were found at Pentagon

Missile & remote control systems added to small jets before 9-11; same parts found at Pentagon

Presidential candidate says scores of retired and active military and intelligence officials would testify before current grand jury probing government involvement in 9/11 attacks

by Tom Flocco

Fort Collins, Colorado -- May 26, 2005 -- --

According to two civilian defense contractor employees working at commercial corporate facilities at Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport (left), in the months before the September 11 attacks U.S. Air Force defense contractors brought in A-3 Sky Warrior aircraft under cover of darkness to be completely refitted and modified at the small civilian airport in Colorado.

The revelations are important evidence for a reportedly ongoing secret 9/11 probe because widely available Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) photographs taken during the attacks clearly show that the few aircraft parts found at the Pentagon belonged to a small jet very similar to a modified A-3 Sky Warrior--not the American Airlines Boeing 757.

It is not known whether all members of Congress are aware of the under-the-radar-screen grand jury proceedings, who has already testified, and whether the probe is purposefully being kept from public knowledge, according to government intelligence sources.

The two witnesses say that separate military contractor teams--working independently at different times--refitted Douglas A-3 Sky Warriors (above) with updated missiles, Raytheon's Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote control systems, fire control systems, engines, transponders, and radio-radar-navigation systems--a total makeover, seemingly for an operation more important than use as a simple missile testing platform for defense contractor Hughes-Raytheon.

The employees asked not to be identified for personal safety reasons and fear of job retaliation; but both told 2008 independent presidential candidate Karl Schwarz (left) "the Air Force brought in separate teams to do top-secret military work unrelated to commercial aviation at our airport, and we were told by our bosses not to discuss what we had seen with anyone."

The witnesses were quite fearful about several recent "suicides, car wrecks--mysterious deaths--directly related to the aviation experts" working on the systems that were installed on the A-3?s at Fort Collins-Loveland--having breached the government-blocked information flow at great personal risk, according to Schwarz--but providing more evidence for a New York 9/11 investigation.

Schwarz, a former Republican from Arkansas now living in Georgia and running as an independent to clean up government corruption and crime told that he met with the employees for about an hour in February to discuss the issue.

The witnesses told Schwarz that each jet was placed in a hanger just big enough for a work crew and one A-3 Sky Warrior; and "we were under strict orders not to discuss what the military teams were doing or what we saw."

The presidential candidate told us "there are about 150 retired and active U.S. military and federal intelligence officers who will come forward and testify regarding government involvement in the September 11 attacks--but only if there is a serious criminal grand jury."

Small plane evidence moved at Pentagon

The approximate 16-foot entry hole at the outside facade of the Pentagon on 9/11 has been the subject of countless questions by those who say the hole was caused by an air-to-ground missile (AGM) fired from a small military jet rather than an impact from a Boeing 757.

Interestingly, the Hughes division manufactures the AGMs; and the Raytheon division maintains the last few A-3 Sky Warriors in operation save 2-4 Air Force jets--while also manufacturing the Global Hawk UAV remote control systems.

Some reasons cited to support a missile hole include evidence that a) the wings and rear stabilizer caused virtually no damage to the outside walls and windows at point of impact, b) no 757 interior or exterior parts were found at the scene,  c) the soft nose of a 757 would have had difficulty piercing through three Pentagon wall rings, and d) three aircraft parts found were similar to the somewhat outdated but still serviceable Douglas A-3 Sky Warrior military attack jet rather than the much larger Boeing 757.

Air-traffic controllers from the Washington, DC sector originally said the incoming plane was a military jet according to reports; but no grand jury has called them to testify and they have been strangely gagged from speaking out.

One air traffic controller from another Northeast sector revealed to a 9-11 widow that FBI threats were made of both a personal and career nature: "You are ordered never to speak about what you saw on your screen during the attacks; and if you do, things will not go well for you and your family."

Curiously, a large piece of wreckage was found in the entry hole; but the public was kept from closely observing what appears to be a sheared-off piece of wing from a much smaller jet than a Boeing 757.

A group of military personnel and federal officials in suits tightly covered the piece of wreckage with a blue tarp and carried it away to a waiting truck. No reporters or independent aircraft experts have been permitted to examine any of the recovered aircraft parts and no subpoenas have been issued to hear public grand jury testimony from the "movers."

Other government officials who looked more like FBI agents than rescue workers were also photographed moving evidence around immediately after the crash; but none have been subpoenaed to publicly testify as to whether they were bringing evidence to or removing it from a mass murder crime scene.

As if they had prior knowledge, within minutes after the Pentagon crash--FBI agents quickly confiscated a) video tape from a gas station security camera aimed directly at the exact point of impact while recording the size of the plane and/or missile, b) security camera video film from a nearby Sheraton hotel and c) film from a Virginia Transportation Department freeway overpass camera.

This, raising significant questions about obstruction of justice since no reporter, independent crime scene expert or grand jury has been able to view and analyze the film since it was confiscated or certify that it was not tampered with--and those surrendering the film were again told not to discuss the matter.

It is not known whether the FBI has invoked immunity from prosecution regarding this evidence--or cited "National State Secrets" in a manner similar to FBI linguist Sibel Edmonds' case linked to financing the 9-11 attacks, drug money laundering and political campaign contributions.

The explosive evidence raises questions as to whether the grand jury will subpoena all Pentagon wreckage to determine whether it was a section from an A-3 Sky Warrior as many knowledgeable sources believe but also whether the recovered parts do not match a Boeing 757 as asserted by many.

Schwarz told us military officials will likely say the A-3?s were being fitted with system platforms to test-fire missiles; but the time-line of secret refitting prior to the attacks and recovered parts consistent with an A-3 attack jet found at the Pentagon provide credible evidence that an unregistered Sky Warrior was diverted to be used on September 11 to fire a missile into the Pentagon. The Defense Secretary spilled the beans at least once in a national interview.

One month after the attacks on October 12, 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told Parade Magazine, "Here we're talking about plastic knives, and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building, and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center [para. #12]."

Schwarz also indicated that New York City District Attorney Robert Morgenthau (left) has more than enough evidence for a 9-11 NYC criminal case, and that prosecutors should investigate who authorized the refitting of the A-3 Sky Warriors with remote control and air-to-ground missiles at the civilian airport, given the A-3 jet parts found at the Pentagon.

A-3 Sky Warrior parts found--not Boeing 757

More-> Ref.

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What’s In A Name?

By Sovereign Dave

When you hear the name “Applebee’s Restaurant” you think of food served in a restaurant.

The name “Coca-cola” is a drink company selling cola products.

When you hear the name “Walmart Department Store” you know it refers to a store that sells a variety of merchandise in departments.

Even if the name doesn’t include a descriptor of the products such as Nike the company goes to a great effort to insure that it’s their “quality shoes” you envision and not something deceptive. No decent company uses deception to misrepresent the product they sell. Besides, there are plenty of laws to insure they don’t “bait and switch.”

So let’s look at government and see if they “live-up-to” the same standards as industry. In industry, one looks at the name and identifies the purpose directly from the name; for government one must look at the name and assume the direct opposite purpose. This is really easy once one gets used to thinking “truth” for industry and “deception via opposite meaning” for government.

Let’s examine some of the “bait and switch” deception government uses in the names of the programs they promote:

•        PATRIOT ACT: This is an easy sell. Everybody wants to be a patriot! No “apple-pie” American would want to be against ANYTHING that includes the word Patriot. However, this act has NOTHING to do with PATRIOTISM and EVERYTHING to do with its opposite: NATIONALISM. No patriot would trade ANY freedoms for security. Only those bent on Nationalism and control want someone to trade freedom for security. True patriots would simply say, “Give us some weapons and you’ll see how safe we’ll make this country from terrorists.” On the other hand Nationalists say, “We’ll take your guys and get you to fight bogus wars on terror for us.” If Walmart had to market this program in its store, the FTC would have insisted on calling this the “NATIONALISTIC SOCIALIST ACT”.

•        HOMELAND SECURITY:  This is a double deception. It implies “my home” and “I’m secure” to yield “I’ll be secure on the land of my home.” Again, no freedom loving person needs restrictions on their movement and stockades to insure freedom and liberty. If this were in industry, it would have been labeled, “FATHERLAND SECURITY [aka sig heil]”

•        SOCIAL SECURITY: Now this one is “half” truth in that it is indeed about SOCIALISM. But again its purpose is anything BUT security! This is nothing more than a social agenda tax and a way of numbering and tracking people [Colin Powell said so too]. The Nazi’s had a name for this one above the concentration camps: “Work will set you free.”

•        LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL: In reality, semblance justice. Justice only when two parties in court are independent of government: Liberty for government; justice for some, death for a few.

•        REAL ID: This represents the future ability of government to implement “the mark of the beast.” It’s a “stepping stone” in the war on the people. The REAL ID will be the REAL numbers they tattoo on your forehead or the REAL ID chip inserted under your skin; it’s a “NATIONAL [your papers please] ID”

•        WAR ON TERROR: This implies it is a war on those who oppose our “way of life” and terrorists. Again this is an “easy sell” as no one wants terrorism. But in the eyes of government, anyone who opposes the growth and policies of government will eventually be labeled as something akin to a terrorist. Examples abound: Militia group, enemy combatant, tax protestor, war protestor, anti-government person, traitor, etc. As government becomes more intrusive, more people become enemies. So this war ultimately becomes, “The War on the People”.

•        MEDICAL PRIVACY ACT: A doctor told me they already took great efforts to insure privacy before this act and that this act merely permitted government to snoop into medical care. He’s right: The next time you visit a doctor, examine the paper they forward for you to sign. It states that they can share information for “law enforcement purposes”. So literally some police officer could demand a copy of your medical records as it mentions nothing of a judicial court order. In our study of “opposites” this might be medical but it’s only privacy is from those NOT connected with government. If this was a Nike shoe, it would have been called, “Medical Privacy [except from Government] Act”.

If all these programs were marketed by CocaCola, Nike and Walmart the following warning labels would have been applied to the acts:

•        Warning: The FDA has determined that these acts will seriously deprive you of life, liberty and happiness. Do not take if you have any signs of depression or mental illness. Do not take these products if you expect to think rationally. Do not take these products and expect to operate the machinery of a productive life. Do not take if you have a dependency problem; taking these products will cause government to be dependent on your livelihood and will make you a perpetual slave. Do not use while pregnant or nursing--May cause brain-dead and “dumbed-down” children. Do not take if you have ulcers or have a history of cancer and heart disease.

•        Warning: The surgeon general has determined that these “smoking gun” acts will cause you to become “brain dead” leading to government euthanasia.

•        Warning: The EPA has determined these products to be environmentally unsafe. Use sparingly. Continued abuse will destroy the environment of liberty and freedom for years to come. All these acts have been known to cause “big government” cancerous growth in laboratory rats. These acts are known to cause a “global warming” declaration of independence.

•        Warning: ATF warns that continued usage of these products could lead to gun control and resulting random acts of violence against government.

•        Warning: The FTC has determined that the sponsors of these acts use deceptive practices such as “bait and switch” and false advertising. Before you sign a W2 or 1040 the act’s sponsor must provide a “truth and lending” disclosure identifying ALL rights you surrender. You are entitled to a mandatory 3 day waiting period after signing. Lemon law: The FTC has determined that these acts are merely more “law for government” masquerading as “law for people”; you have no legal duty to volunteer in their application to you.

•        Warning: The NRC and UN Inspectors have determined that these acts are “Trojan horse” weapons of mass destruction to be used against “we the People”.

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Judge Greer Resuscitates Michael Schiavo

Florida’s Sixth Judicial Circuit Court judge George W. Greer kills people with the stroke of a pen.

He killed Terri Schindler-Schiavo by judicial order, resulting in the disabled woman’s death on March 31 by starvation and dehydration.

And then with blind vision, he signed an order falsely stating that Terri’s estranged husband and guardian Michael Schiavo had predeceased Terri, dying on March 30, 2005.

At least that’s what the Letters of Administration said that was filed April 7 in the office of Ken Burke, clerk of the circuit court of Pinellas County containing Greer’s signature.

But then there’s the matter of Greer’s judicial counterpart in the Sixth Judicial Cirucit, John C. Lenderman.  The Empire Journal has learned that Lenderman  represented Prudential Insurance Company in the Schiavo matter and apparently failed to make the disclosure to anyone even though his sister, Martha Lenderman, is a member of the board of directors of the hospice where Terri Schiavo died.


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Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

Remember that judge Holder who had another judge caught red-handed invading Holder's chambers while stealing and planting documents?

Here is the real story that I am cross-posting with permission as it intersects Terri's case.


I will need lots of help to prepare and send out a Press Release about the demonstration against the Judicial Corruption being enabled by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) and the Florida Supreme Court.

The JQC is the very corrupt arm of the Florida Supreme Court run by pro-death and very corrupt executives with a pro-death agenda for activist Judges who ignore the law and the state and federal constitutions.... "OUR Laws, Civil Rights and Constitutions"!! Now the same corrupt JQC hierarchy has elected to persecute Honorable Gregory P. Holder, an honest and moral judge who believes in the truth and the law and his oath of office to protect the constitutions. Judge Holder is a West Point Graduate and when secretly requested to join a gang of corrupt judges to fix cases and take bribes, etc., he went to the authorities and exposed this offer to join the "Good Ole Boys" in robes for personal wealth via judicial racketeering and corruption.

Why not? Everybody is doing it...... after reading this, take the time to look up Judge Greg Holder on the internet and see what hell they are putting him through because he is an honest and moral judge and was working undercover for Florida's citizens to expose these crimes. Now his life has been threatened and now made pure hell on earth. Judge Holder, a very devout Catholic with a wonderful loving family is being attacked by the same corrupt JQC, corrupt judges and law enforcement groups that have protected corrupt Judges, Cope, Greer, Baird and many others in Pinellas and Hillsborough and other Florida Counties.

Jeb Bush, the FBI, the FDLE, State Attorneys, and all other local law enforcement agencies continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on to try to bring down an honest and Christian Judge who is truly Honorable! Other judges conspired against Judge Holder and were then caught breaking into his locked chambers in an attempt to steal private documents and to plant false evidence in his personal desk. However, an honest bailiff caught them in the act.

What did the JQC do? Nothing! Just a big misunderstanding. Finally, when enough public outcry and political pressure was increased, these judges ran for cover to keep their big fat pensions and resigned from the bench. Now some others in this same corrupt group planted new false and fabricated evidence in an anonymous envelope about Judge Holder and the same JQC is persecuting him to get him removed from the bench and lose his attorney's Bar license to practice law.

The U.S. Government cleared Judge Holder of any wrongdoing, yet the "Political Thugs" in Florida want to give him "Pay Back" to send a message that if you are not corruptible, you shouldn't tell anybody else and just keep this dirty little secret from the unsuspecting and dumb citizens of Florida.

Had Terri been before honest Judge Holder, she would've attended the visit with the Pope that her parents, Bob and Mary just attended in Rome. Think about this and see what a statement we all can make to protect this judge who does the right thing and is honest. Do it for Terri and all of the other Terri-Like Pro-Death Cases soon to be before the likes of Greer all over America.

Because he's honest and pro-life, the JQC will now order another "murder" to ruin this good and honest Judge's career on the bench. This continued persecution by the JQC and other corrupt judges like Greer, etc., has caused Judge Holder to exhaust his family's personal savings as well as put terror into his family's hearts as their beloved Dad is being lynched by judicial corruption that has taken over Florida's Courts and law enforcement.

Please send this information far and wide in America and around the world and I will soon supplement this notice with exact places to park and time and location to demonstrate to support Terri's cause and to support Judge Holder who is in the battle of his life against the corrupt tyrants in the Supreme Court of Florida and the corrupt thugs running the JQC.

The JQC's Lords of Judicial Crime, report to nobody but themselves and are paid huge secret salaries that nobody is permitted to examine or audit for possible felony fraud, false billings and travel expenses and theft of taxpayer's funds for their personal use.

The local Tampa FBI was investigating the judicial corruption in Tampa Bay based on information from several sources including Judge Holder and he was proven right on the mark..... and then the Chief Judges threatened the FBI with whatever dirt they had on the FBI or the FDLE and the investigations were stopped quite suddenly. Hmmmmm? Why?? There are credible facts and some statements of big sex clubs involving public officials and drugs and sex paid with tax payers funds... and then this was all hushed up when judges were to have been caught having all types of perverted sex inside the courthouse and at homes or gathering spots in Tampa Bay along with law enforcement agency heads. Look how rampant it is and State Attorneys, like Bernie McCabe and others seem not to care..... how deeply are they involved? Bernie McCabe is to have had much more hard evidence on Michael's assault and murderous attack on Terri than California's jury had on Scott Peterson's murder of Laci!

Think about this and try to read the "original" SunStar medic's and police reports at the crime scene where Terri laid on the floor nearly dead with head and neck bones and body bones broken. Judge Holder would've let ALL of this evidence into a fair and just trial for Terri. ALL OF IT. When this intentionally hidden evidence is seen by an honest Tampa Federal Grand Jury, of a civil murder trial federal jury, if permitted, they will surely indict George Greer, Baird, Felos, Bushnell, McCabe, Rice, Michael and many others.... as conspiracy is a major felony in the murder and torture of Terri. She was clearly denied her federal civil rights and was intentionally murdered.... this is not in question.

The corrupt JQC and law enforcement failed in their duties to remove Greer from the bench long before he was given Terri's case, They have political "bull feces" smeared all over their faces and they are about to drown in their own corrupt political sewage. So many forget that this was a hideous torture murder of the most cruel kind (under color of law) and only our dedicated group seemed to care.

Greer, Michael and Felos are laughing at all of us and "High Fiving" with his lawyer pals who have put money into his hands to continue this fraud on our country. Greer has now replaced God in his own mind. Former Sheriff Rice now wants to become Florida's Attorney General. None of this will stop until the broken JQC is replaced with honest citizens and finally does it's job and exposes corrupt judges, which is their stated job for the citizen's of Florida. Instead, they target honest judges who refuse to get involved in this rampant corruption.

Now the scared corrupt judges call Judge Holder a "snitch" or a "whistleblower" in order to smear him. In fact, Judge Holder should be appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to head up a new top judicial position and oversee a honest Citizen Judicial Review Board and investigate and prosecute the rampant public corruption now taking place in Florida's courts.

Now is the time for all of us to attack back against these frauds in high public office and beat them at their own game and put them in prison. Just letting them resign to keep their fat pensions is not just and fair. It's no more than letting a habitual bank robber just return his armed robbery proceeds and resign from being an armed bank robber.

Greer ordered this murder! Our beloved Terri was taken by his hand. Our constitution in Florida is turned on it's ear and is now in the political dumpster of felony corruption. The people of Florida and the nation are still in control and can make a difference and run these political felons and bad cops at all levels out of the halls of justice and the government's castles and give them a nice green processed meat sandwich and kool-aid in one of our nice state or federal prisons for a few decades to think about Terri.

Stay tuned...... as times and trial dates may "suddenly" change once the Supreme Court and the JQC and media gets wind of our planned demonstrations for Terri's honor and for a very brave Judge Holder.... and our own civil rights and civil duty to demand immediate and sweeping changes in Florida's corrupt judicial cesspool and drop all charges against this good Judge, Greg Holder.

Use all of our current Terri posters and have a few that say "Support Judge Greg Holder" and many that say "Ban the JQC", "Investigate the JQC" and "Impeach Judge Greer" and other such anti-judicial corruption posters.

All the very best and send this to every local and national news outlet you can find and to all of your lists who will help Terri's memory.


The reason, I did not send this to news outlets, is I am awaiting a press conference to be held shortly by another supporter for JUSTICE, concerning a person not on our list.

Paul F. Timmerman
Greenacres, FL

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Florida's SNAFU

From:  "xxxxxxx xxxxxxx" <> Add to Address Book
Date:  2005/05/25 Wed PM 10:19:35 EDT
To:  <>
Subject:  Re: [terrisjustice] latest from TEJ: Schindlers could contest Michael Schiavo as Executor

A friend of mine, a retired detective and coroner's investigator has just finished looking at all the medical and legal reports available on Terri's case.   He says there are so many cover-ups that it isn't funny, but that Florida also has some outdated laws and no laws at all in matters where they should.  (He was just down there speaking with a probate lawyer and judge regarding a family death where there was no will.  He says the lack of good probate law is astounding!)

For example, in some other states, if the bone scan had been discovered, even after 11 years being hidden, and showed what it does, Michael Schiavo would have been immediately removed as guardian, guardianship could easily have been attained by her parents and a criminal investigation would have been done post haste.  Terri would be alive now.

The physical therapist who originally requested the bone scan should have reported the results to authorities immediately too.  Therefore, my friend says it appears that the therapist, the hospital and others right on down the line covered up the tragedy of Terri's collapse from the git go and attorneys, the judge, nursing homes and the hospice have just perpetuated the "lie" from beginning to end.  Terri could be alive today.

He also told me that if Thogmartin lives up to his medical expertise, he will be able to find the reason that Terri collapsed in the first place, even though it has been 15 years.  If he proves what many of us suspect, then Michael Schiavo could be prosecuted for murder.

Also, worst comes to worst, the Schindler's could file a civil suit against Michael Schiavo (and possibly others) for wrongful death.  He would not spend time in jail, but they could sue his butt off and if they win, they will finally know some of the truth.  They have lots of evidence to back up such a suit.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:29 PM
Subject: RE: [terrisjustice] latest from TEJ: Schindlers could contest Michael Schiavo as Executor

I'm wondering if a wrongful death suit could be brought against Greer, Felos, and Schiavo as a class action suit on behalf of disabled and elderly people in this country.  There were certainly many laws broken in Terri's case, and Judge Greer's faulty reasoning led to her death which also, because of the precedence of case law, puts all people in the same class as Terri in danger of losing their lives illegally, too.  I would certainly participate in such a wrongful death suit if we could find an organization to fund the suit.  I'm sure a lot of other people would, too.


From: [] On Behalf Of CYC Cripps
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 5:52 PM
Subject: RE: [terrisjustice] latest from TEJ: Schindlers could contest Michael Schiavo as Executor

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx <> wrote:
>meant to ask for the link  Front page today.

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OKC Bombing Fallout
OKC BOMBING FALLOUT: FBI has secret docs
Thu May 26, 2005 13:48


FBI has secret docs it's reticent to give up - Judge ordered disclosure of info on informants that could shed light on Oklahoma City tragedy
Posted: May 25, 2005 5:00 p.m. Eastern

The FBI says it has located 340 documents related to the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995, documents that could reveal damaging information about what the agency and its informants knew about the mass murder plot, reports the McCurtain Daily Gazette.

According to the report in the McCurtain County, Okla., paper, the documents address the monitoring of the bombing by FBI informants, Alabama attorney Morris Dees and Dees' organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Writes reporter J.D. Cash in the Gazette: "If proven true, the ramifications of such disclosures would be far-reaching. Not only could the discovery of these documents lead to additional arrests and prosecutions in the OKC bombing case, but evidence of a cover-up of a sting operation involving the FBI and a private charity could ruin a number of careers of highly placed individuals."

The documents are part of an extensive filing made in federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday. A court order was obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, the plaintiff in a Freedom of Information suit against the Oklahoma City FBI office, the Gazette reported. Trentadue has been seeking evidence in the untimely death of his brother, whose body was found beaten and slashed while the inmate awaited a parole violation hearing.

Trentadue believes his brother was tortured and killed by government agents who mistakenly thought he was involved with executed killer Timothy McVeigh and others in a string of bank robberies and the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

After learning the FBI was involved in a sting operation with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Trentadue, the Gazette reports, sought a copy of two teletypes from former FBI Director Louis Freeh that discussed the undercover operation "that proved the FBI knew in advance McVeigh's plans for bombing a federal building."

The FBI initially denied it had the teletypes, but after Trentadue produced redacted copies of them, he went to court to force the FBI to cough up copies of their original un-redacted versions.

On May 5, U.S. District Court Judge Dale A. Kimball ordered the FBI to turn over un-redacted copies of two teletypes sent by Freeh to a select group of FBI field offices, including the OKBOMB task force in Oklahoma City. Kimball's order also included instructions to perform an extensive search for other records involving McVeigh, his alleged co-conspirators and informants working for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The paper reported that, according to a Jan. 4, 1996, teletype, Freeh disclosed the Southern Poverty Law Center had an informant at the white supremacist Elohim City compound when McVeigh called the facility requesting assistance with his plans. The teletype said the call was made on April 17, 1995 – 48 hours before a truck bomb destroyed the Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 persons and injuring 500 more.

For years, the FBI has repeatedly denied the agency had any prior knowledge of the bomb plot.

The FBI now says it has found 340 documents that could also link the SPLC to McVeigh, Elohim City and members of the Aryan Republican Army.

On Monday, the FBI proposed several alternatives to turning over the documents listed in Kimball's order, saying it did not have time to comply with the judge's order to turn over the material Trentadue is seeking by June 15.

Said an agency representative: "In the past, the backlog in the FOIPA Section has been exacerbated by the high volume of administrative appeals that will require review and response by the FBI's FOIPA Section personnel. … At the present time, the FBI is involved in over 150 pending lawsuits in various federal district and appellate courts throughout the United States."

The agency further argued that revealing the elements of its intelligence-gathering operation at Elohim City would not be in the best interests of the nation.
Related stories:

Withheld evidence to sink case against Nichols?

Declassified FBI memo reveals twists in probe

Reporter's Oklahoma City coverage vindicated

Was FBI early arrival in Oklahoma City?

Another suicide or another cover-up?







According to his death certificate, Timothy McVeigh died a soldier

Deathbed confession implicates USG withholding
of key evidence in OKC bombing case

Only a couple of hours into the rescue, Sgt. Terrence Yeakey became painfully aware of something disturbing. Did he somehow figure out that the building had been blown from the inside and that the news reports were baloney? Did he overhear a strange conversation from some of the many ATF agents who were on the scene sooner than they should have been? Whatever it was, Terry was upset. He called his wife that morning crying - the big ol' Teddy Bear of a guy was crying - and saying repeatedly, "It's not true. It's not what they are saying. It didn't happen that way." Terry Yeakey may have been the first to discover the sham.

[APFN] The Terrance (Terry) Yeakey Incident
Terrance (Terry) Yeakey was a courageous young black
Oklahoma City police officer who was on duty near the
Murrah Building the morning of that building's bombing.
Officer Yeakey entered the bombed out Murrah building
and saw things that apparently caused him to be murdered.
The hideous details are within these audio tapes, an interview with Terrance Yeakey's wife:
(Real Player)
Part 1
Part 2


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