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Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

From: "John Schestag" <TheSalvationNavy@webtv.net>  Add to Address Book
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 14:28:11 -0400
To: "pc 93" <pc9323@yahoo.com>
CC: john.sugg@creativeloafing.com, paultimmerman@webtv.net,
phenn@aol.com, drk4the1@aol.comkansaslisawilson@yahoo.com,
Subject:  Just Like Tennessee, Massive Florida Public Corruption Coverup Expose

Florida Pubic Corruption Expose'


Thanks for your concern.....

Sure... send this out to everybody's mailing lists and any media newsdesks who want to investigate the dirty law enforcement and judicial corruption and the very corrupt Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission's (JQC) leadership running this broken and corrupt political system and racketeering officials within Hospice... these cases should have all of the transcripts available too.

Send this to the Florida and Federal House Judicial Oversight Committees and to every member of the Florida Senate and House and the Federal Senate and House... and any honest DOJ officials you may know of.

There is even a Pinellas County paper floating around in the Sheriff's office when Rice was Sheriff, that showed that the rogue deputies, themselves, took all of my briefcases from my home and waited until they were back in the sheriff's offices and then were ordered to break all of the locks and go through all of my records. They then stole all of my vintage gun collection and old and current passports which is a federal felony.

Additionally, I was a federal witness about rampant corruption within Bernie McCabe's office before the Federal Grand Jury in Tampa. This federal grand jury process is supposed to be very very secret, by very tough federal witness protection laws.

Within a couple of days, the Sheriff threatened me (a federal witness) that I'd better not be going to the "Feds" Grand Jury again or I'd be "gator bait".

The excellent felony corruption case was then dropped like a hot potato and the records and evidence I gave to the U.S Attorney before all members of that Grand Jury is now missing and that U.S. Attorney was demoted out of the criminal section. Recently, (a couple of months ago) the FBI in Tampa claimed that I was a liar and was never before the Federal Grand Jury because I wasn't subpoenaed by anybody.

I was never subpoenaed, I was "called up" by the DOJ officials and the U.S. Attorney's office in Tampa with the instructions where I was to go and when and to bring all of my original evidence papers.

Therefore, the Pinellas County Sheriff's office threatened a Federal U.S. State Grand Jury witness. A major felony and Pinellas County just gets away with it.

As I've said many times before, Pinellas County is America's MOST corrupt county. Please google Judge Gregory P. Holder and also U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Del Fuoco (my U.S. Attorney that had me before the Federal Grand Jury)... I believe the racketeering officials finally got to him as his family was threatened and rogue sheriffs stalked him outside his home in Palm Harbor to terrorize him.

Honest Judge Holder's life was also threatened. Read about it. One good FBI investigator warned the judge about his life being in extreme danger because of the honest judge doing the right thing... then the honest FBI agent's job was threatened by is own FBI bosses in Tampa!!

This U.S. Attorney was also threatened for exposing corrupt rogue cops planting drugs throughout the west Florida area. And one U.S. Bank Examiner, now living in Pinellas County, had a gun drawn on him to keep his mouth shut about major financial, drug and bank racketeering in Pinellas County!!

Who had the gun in his hand and aimed at the bank examiner's head?... a senior Pinellas County Sheriff's officer!!

The bank examiner was also laughed at by the FDLE and FBI. Bernie McCabe would not even meet with him and the terrorized bank examiner was told by some staff assistant that if the Sheriff's office doesn't forward it to the State Attorney, then there is no crime. The Sheriff's Internal Affairs also laughed at this terrorized man. I can bring him forward to testify under oath and with some "honest" federal protection.

Now this same corrupted system just MURDERED Terri and they are laughing at all of the terrorized citizens of America and giving themselves awards and honors... The very corrupt Pinellas Board of County Commissioners know all about this and do nothing but pat each other on the back and tell all of us what wonderful and honest public officials they all are.

I won't print the sex swill that is taking place within the County Governments, but you can see about the forced rapes going on within the county and murders... committed by law enforcement against prisoners.

There is much much more, but the St. Pete Times won't ever tell the truth and, instead, just smear or poke fun at the brave victims, like they did recently with Lisa's personal life and not reporting the real story about Judge Greer.

I was with Lisa at the interview and 99% of the things we both told the St. Pete Times was about Greer's crimes and the Law Enforcement's felony crimes with Terri's horrible physical abuse in her home, in Hospice and in the courts... Lisa will tell you the same thing.

Yet, not a "single word" was ever put in ink about this interview exposing Greer, Sheriffs, State Attorney, the Hospice criminal activities and federal Medicare felonies and false court documents signed by Greer "numerous" times....

Why did the St. Pete Times' editorial staff and News Executives actively censor all of the truth and numerous sources any honest newspapers in America strive to obtain?

Also, anybody who can professionaly scan some formal documents I still have and I've sworn to and had notarized and submitted to the Florida State Supreme Court, the JQC as well as the FBI and FDLE, Bernie McCabe and Sheriff's Rice and Coats, please let me give you this information so you can publicly post them all over the internet and with the Empire Journal for publication.

I have solid proof that the Florida Supreme Court Justices intentionally hid this information from Judge Holder's case, which is an illegal act to hide evidence, criminal judicial acts and court evidence.  The same Florida Supreme Court Justices, themselves, are obstructing justice and all denying due process of law to protect the JQC's crimes.

I'm in fear that I'll be raided again, maybe beaten, hospitalized again or even murdered this time for "resisting" arrest or who the hell knows. No, I'm not being theatrical as one good former Pinellas judge warned me that this will probably happen as the heat is turned up on McCabe, Greer, et al., as they don't want to be arrested by the DOJ's Public Corruption Strike Force and end up the rest of their lives in federal prison as the Tennessee Public Official Racketeering Gang did a few days ago... via the DOJ's "Tennessee Waltz".

We need Florida citizen's "demanding" the same type of Federal DOJ investigation of the judicial gang and JQC going after Judge Holder, some out-of-state honest FBI special strike force and tough agents in Florida in Pinellas County... not dirty agents covering up crimes and stopping federal investigations like they did to help Judge Holder's tormentors, covering up the truth and solid criminal evidence Judge Holder had provided to them.

They just set up an honest judge for telling the truth who also provided facts and solid evidence of judicial corruption.

It now appears that Jeffrey Del Fuoco didn't have the personal character or fortitude to stay clean and fight the rampant political corruption and, to save his job, was transferred and demoted and just kept his mouth shut and has now become involved with the planting of a false envelope of forged evidence to falsely accuse Judge Holder.

U.S. Attorney DelFuoco tells a story in a sworn deposition that doesn't ring true about him having this false evidence in his personal storage unit in Pinellas County after it was put under his office door when he was at the Army Reserve Facilities in St. Petersburg.

Read it all on the internet's site for the Florida State Supreme Court and then you'll see what these thugs in robes are doing to Judge Holder as their "Political Pay Back" for being honest and exposing judicial and dirty cop corruption.

I had once really trusted former Criminal U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Del Fuoco with all of my secret evidence I willingly gave to him before the Federal Grand Jury to protect my civil rights and protect me from physical harm or murder. He did neither.

How did it get, then, into the hands of Bernie McCabe and the Sheriff within a few days? Leaking Federal Grand Jury testimony and evidence I provided is a major federal felony. Not in Florida...

Funny, isn't it??? These Tennessee top officials, like these Florida top officials, are always the more "honorable" and lawful. They are church and civic leaders and then the next day they are all just dirty rotten racketeering felons walking out in cuffs and chains to jail.

The FBI knows what is going on for years with Florida's organized crimes, and law enforcement's and judicial bribe protection and sex and drug racketeering with law enforcement bribes and drugs, etc. Time to clean up the Tampa FBI?

Tampa Bay is far worse than Memphis, Miami, Chicago, New York and L.A. put together. The federal bank examiner is very scared, but, still wants to testify before an honest Federal Grand Jury without any leaks back to the Pinellas County Sheriff and Bernie McCabe.

This same man said he will testify to finding money laundering by drug traffickers who may be wearing uniforms and taking bribes from organized crime, dirty judges and land developers who may be paying off former and present Pinellas County's Commissioners and zoning officials and state elected officials.

Just look how the members of the Florida Legslature are ignoring all of the criminal evidence Paul Timmerman has provided to all of them numerous times by e-mail, by formal letters and is willing to provide them by hand, personally on video tape of the felony crimes by judges and law enforcement. Why are ALL of these elected officals so scared to do anything about it?? Think about it.

Could it be because they all see what is happening to Honest Judge Holder for coming out to tell the officials the truth of this rampant judicial and law enforcement corruption? He did the brave and right thing to do in public office and they are literally gunning for his silence.

That is why the public and Terri's groups all still support Terri and one good and honorable judge on Monday morning, June 6th, 2005 at the county (not federal) courthouse in Tampa. If we don't expose how the JQC is letting Greer get away with MURDERING TERRI, under color of law, who is going to??

Remember!! ... the JQC's corrupt big wigs will all be at Judge Holder's trial in Tampa.  This is all open to the public too, so fill up the courtroom and see the trial open up before you all for yourself and bring your cameras as they are allowed.

The U. S. Attorney will also be on the stand. These very same JQC officials can and should put Judge Greer on trial and not Judge Holder. You can "demand" an answer from them face to face with the nation's media's camera crews all watching for their responses...

The DOJ will need to have several hundreds, no, thousands of pairs of handcuffs when they finally assign a honest head of the FBI travelling to Florida with the courage to clean up Florida... starting with Pinellas County, America's MOST corrupt county, by far.

I'd like my documents scanned and posted. Both Paul and I have WebTV which is limited with some of the fancy frills needed to enlarge my documents big enought where all can easily see the print and take some action. These facts will blow your minds.

Good luck to Terri's and Judge Greg Holder's friends and supporters,

Stay strong and God Bess.....


John Schestag, Founder
Florida Whistleblowers
P.O. Box 1
Ozona, Florida 34660
(727) 785-9397

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Is it ok to make available the information in your story below on the internet?

Let me know.



--- Fernandezmari07@aol.com wrote:

From: TheSalvationNavy@webtv.net (John Schestag)
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 19:25:55 -0400
To: endeavortime@yahoo.com (Jennifer Rogers)
CC: paultimmerman@webtv.net,
thirstforjustice@yahoo.com (Robert),
         bogritz@msn.com, FernandezMari07@aol.com
(Mari Fernandez),
         Fight4Terri@aol.com (Cheryl Ford),
         jmgoldsberry@earthlink.net (Judith
         gww1210@aol.com (Gordon),
jaybirdie@earthlink.net, jbutlerski@aol.com,
GHomer1952@aol.com (John      McDougall),
         cminardi@tampabay.rr.com (Cathy Minardi)
Subject: Re:



I didn't know anything about the slimy details in these messages.

We have to meet and talk.  When I went to the FDLE and FBI about Judges Cope and Greer, I was threatened by the Sheriff's office and their Internal Affairs. I had told the FDLE and FBI that I had proof of Judge Cope and Greer's corruption and case fixing.

Soon thereafter my home was broken into and the place completely tossed and all of my legal files stolen... boxes and boxes of investigations I had shared with the FBI that would put Cope and Greer into prison.

I was out of town and when I reported the burglary to the Sheriff, they seemed very nervous and didn't send forensic technicians or even take a crime report from me! Only later did I find out from an elderly neighbor that she saw uniformed deputies going through my house and tossing everything between 2:00 a.m. and before sun-up...

I caught them in lies and felony crimes. Sheriff Rice and now Sheriff Coats did nothing and hid under their desks. [pc93: Do you really think future Florida Attorney General hopeful Rice wasn't involved in these crimes? He is personal friends of Judge Greer,.]

Then, two men, who knew the Sheriff's, were "said" to have broken in my home with my own stolen guns and therefore this was an armed burglary.

Astonishingly, the state's criminal prosecutors refused to speak with me, the victim, and when I went to court as a victim/witness and wanted the state to interview all of the witnesses I had as well as evidence of Sheriff's involvement and how Cope and Greer had a man come to my house and claim "I HAD DIED" of cancer and the county was taking my home... Greer, was behind all of this too and was caught lying... the judge and prosecutor would not let me speak.

The FDLE and FBI were later found to have leaked all of my copied evidence papers directly back to the Sheriff and Cope and Greer... the criminals themselves.

These armed burglary crimes call for 15 years in state prison per the penal code on sentencing. The Sheriff would not return my stolen property which had been in their custody "for several days" before it was entered into their property department's records. Another series of crimes exposed.

When I went before the judge to testify, the judge made fun of me and claimed that Sheriff's deputies would not do such a thing and he would not allow any crime witnesses to come forward and then he took the prosecutor off the case and McCabe put another do-nothing prosecutor on the case who was friends of the judge.

Then the two men who committed this armed burglary and "took all of my boxes of court records and my original evidence and my investigation files on Cope and Greer and Sheriff Rice's crimes", were not sentenced at all and were released and they both had criminal priors.

The judge then claimed that my place wasn't "really" burglarized and that none of my belongings were "really" stolen... sort of a big misunderstanding... (this gets better.)

So I requested that the judge explain how my property is now in the Sheriff's own property room and all of my original evidence records against Cope, Greer, Rice and McCabe are now missing? The judge scoffed at me on the record and said that I was not credible and he closed the case on me without letting me have any restitution, no property (gun collection) returned and my case files returned or anything... I mean nothing!!

The Criminal Judge? ..... Judge Shames!!!

As I've always maintained..... Pinellas County is America's MOST Corrupt County!!

Please don't believe me and just get the ridiculous public criminal sentencing records, transcripts and rulings and the blatant evidence tampering and open lies by Judge Shames on this case for these felons and corrupt Judge Cope and Greer.

Please get some very tough member of some national press group "outside" of Florida as it's a smoking gun about Shames covering-up for Judges Cope and Greer and the corrupt Sheriff's and McCabe's thugs with badges.....

This is scary...... Johnny

Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 12:56:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jennifer Rogers <endeavortime@yahoo.com>

To: paultimmerman@webtv.net, Robert
<thirstforjustice@yahoo.com>, John
       Schestag <TheSalvationNavy@webtv.net>,
bogritz@msn.com, Mari
       Fernandez <FernandezMari07@aol.com>, Cheryl Ford
       Judith Goldsberry <jmgoldsberry@earthlink.net>,
Gordon <gww1210@aol.com>,
       jaybirdie@earthlink.net, jbutlerski@aol.com,
       kansaslisawilson@yahoo.com, John McDougall
       Cathy Minardi <cminardi@tampabay.rr.com>

--- Jennifer Rogers <endeavortime@yahoo.com> wrote:

Here's the part I was telling you about, quoted from the link
mentioned below:  "Please investigate...

Michael's fiance Jodi Centonze, has a mother who used to be a clerk, possibly still is [pc93: she's dead], I'm not sure though, at the Pinella's police dept (the same police dept. guarding the hospice; Terri was moved to this hospice which is for the terminally ill and not the disabled which is in violation of Florida law... was she moved to this one specifically because Michael could easilly CONTROL her situation being all the connections he had with the operation there?

Well, I may be mentally challenged being as I am not classified as a genius, BUT, I also was NOT born yesterday. Then there is the insurance company Michael Schiavo is now been afforded "Director" status, ie. JERGER & CENTONZE INSURNACE AGENCY, INC.

A company also owned by his girlfriend and her family. There is high speculation which needs to be investigated as to whether he has defrauded the writing of an insurance policy for his wife's life ie. Terri Schiavo.

M. Schiavo has long been known for writing policies that are highly speculative in nature, questionably legal and with offshore silence status.

Posted by: Devaughan | April 4, 2005 07:48 AM

Thanks for your comment, Devaughan. My post touches on some of these details. Unfortunately, insurance policies are confidential and are not available to the public record. I suspect it would take Federal involvement to investigate any alleged possible insurance fraud because the local police appear too connected to the situation to be bothered. And unfortunately, according to The Empire Journal, the judge who heads the Criminal Law Division of the 6th District court where any potential criminal case would be heard in the county, is none other than Judge Shames-- Shames was originally the lawyer the Schindler's sought and discussed their case with but could not afford the retainer he required. Shames then went on to seek and gain the bench as judge, and did not recuse himself from hearing the case. Shames is the judge who authorized the hiring of Felos as Michael's attorney even though Felos was on the hospice board, and did so without informing the Schindlers. Shames, like Greer after him, received judicial campaign donations from Felos' law firm. (see


Posted by: Kevin B. | April 4, 2005 09:48 AM

The link:

Blessings to you,


[Note by pc93 - Additional cursory research info/links:]

Future Florida (FL) Governor Hopeful Charlie Crist Seedling?



Future Florida (FL) Attorney General Ex- Sheriff (now FL House Rep. Everett Rice: Sheriff Everett Rice (R) Like all the other state officials in Harper Valley Sheriff Everett S. Rice is a Republican in a county run by Mel Sembler's Republican Party machine. In 1983 Assistant State Attorney Louis Kwall was one of Russell's principal investigators of HRS-related matters. By 1988 Kwall was in private practice with attorney Raymond Gross who is now a Sixth Circuit judge. Attorney Louis Kwall worked for attorney Everett Rice's successful campaign for Sheriff in 1988 and went on to become chairman of the Pinellas County Republican Party from 1993 to 1994. His wife Jean Kwall is Sheriff Rice's general attorney and also his former business partner. In 1996 Mel Sembler and state senator Donald Smith (formerly secretary for Straight Foundation and husband of Judge Irene Sullivan) cosponsored a fundraising event in Madeira Beach for state House candidate Republican Joseph Smith. Jeb Bush was there. Other official greeters were state Senator Charlie Crist and Jack Latvala, Pinellas Sheriff Everett Rice and Pinellas-Pasco state attorney Bernie McCabe. Everett Rice [pc93: now Florida (FL) House Representative (Rep.) running for Florida (FL) Attorney General] was elected Sheriff for Pinellas County in 1988 when he defeated incumbent Sheriff Scott Kuebler and has been reelected every year since. According to data from the Supervisor of Elections for Pinellas County the following contributed to Rice's campaign in 1998 alone (this is just a partial list): Mel and Betty Sembler, $500; Brent Sembler, $200; Leonard and Debi Englander, $50; Walter Loebenberg, former president of Straight Foundation and founder of Florida Holocaust Museum; Anthony Battaglia, Straight's attorney, $250; Battaglia's law firm, $250; Aubrey Dicus, Battaglias's law partner, $400; Terry Hensley, former St. Petersburg Police Chief and former director Straight under its new name Drug Free America Foundation, $100; Fred Kenfield, former Straight board, $70; Kwall and Showers, $300; Allen Alweiss and his son attorney Michael Allweiss, $100 each; Myron Mensch, former Straight board member, $95; Geraldine Mensch, $200; Charlie Crist, $140; Frank Logan $50; Don Genung, $100; Stewart Turley, $100; Bernie McCabe, $150; Republican Executive Committee, $500; Richard Ripplinger, ; Maurice Rothman of Kane's Furniture, $500.

MCTFT, Betty Sembler and Sheriff Rice The Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Office (MCTFT) trains law enforcement and military personnel in state, federal and local governments in America, and police and military officials in other countries throughout the entire world in combating the War on Drugs. The MCTFT is run by the US military through its mighty fighting agent--The Florida National Guard! Prominent on its advisory board is Betty Sembler, President, Drug Free America Foundation, James T. Moore, Commissioner, FDLE (Florida's state police), who has already teamed-up with Betty on at least one initiative and who is on the advisory board for DFAF, Mr. James McDonough, Director, Office Drug Control State of Florida who also sits on the Advisory Board of DFAF, Major General Ronald O. Harrison, Adjutant General of Florida (their national guard) and Sheriff Everett S. Rice, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. The chairman of the advisory board is Captain Donald R. Martin, head of the training academy for the Virginia State Police. (The Virginia State Police has been a big financial supporter of the Straight-linked PANDAA organization.) MCTFT is headquartered at St. Petersburg College which was just a junior college when the agency was first located near Betty. In by-gone days we at the Oakton Institute have been openly critical of the US government's decision to host a federal program with international reach at a mere junior college. There is good reason to believe that that decision had been influenced because of MCTFT's ties to to America's First Family of the War on Drugs, Mel and Betty Sembler. In 2001 Florida state Senator Donald C. Sullivan (formerly secretary of Straight Foundation) proposed a bill to make Saint Petersburg Junior College a full-fledged university which subsequently it has become. Charlie Crist who is now Florida's attorney general played a role in the renaming too. It is now Saint Petersburg College and University Center. See more here:


Charlie Crist (R), Florida's Attorney General. But Charlie Crist is Florida's Attorney General [pc93: Running for Florida (FL) Governor position]. And like everybody else Charlie Crist is in Mel Sembler's pockets too:


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We need to wake all the business owners and show them the beast and give them the tools to help carve up this big old beast.

It's time to fire the high scoolers in FDA, The adminstrations of business who hog all the pay, all the crazieys in the DEA The lawyers and judges will shrivel and die as your message of peace and education spread through all lands. As more of the people help carve on this beast Our living standards will go through the roof, All the people happy they will demand more life. We'll need to wake all the doctors and nurses to find us all more cures and help stop the intruders telling them what to do. They need to wake up so we all can live longer in heaven on earth a little education will do!

As more people awaken and discover they have been had the game will be over, there army, ours. We can not denigh it is all us to blame we all are the reasons we in this mess. The truth of the matter is anyone sleeping endanger our world. look real deep and think really hard at how some jobs relate to the ones who treat us as food.

There is trogulight everywere you won't waste your time sending your ingreadients and recipes far and wide! Help everyone to see this big old beast, It won't take long to bring it down to size. Without knowledge we all are part of the beast with knowledge to everyone, How can it grow?

Have Trogulight with Every meal!

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Posted by: Ed | Jun 3, 2005 10:22:50 PM


can I use this material in my own Greer expose? This is dynamite.


Posted by: Maggie4life | Jun 12, 2005 9:02:48 PM


Posted by: AREYALLSTILLPREDJUDICE | Dec 3, 2008 1:17:01 AM

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