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Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

For Global Distribution:

Ties in with a frame-up job by the JQC, LEO, US DOJ, FBI,. of an honest judge - Judge Holder

Judge Holder is a judge who the Florida JQC is trying to punish or cause to be removed from his judgeship position because he reported corruption of various fellow judges. Ex-criminal prosecutor from US Attorney's Office (DOJ) Del Fuoco (DelFuoco) took the stand yesterday [06/06/05] at the Tampa County Courthouse at 800 East Twigg on the 6th Floor in an official "non-standard" trial. Del Fuoco in the binding JQC proceeding was brought in on the side of the corrupt JQC and his testimony revealed a blatant frame-up job against Judge Holder for a paper he submitted to an Air War College. Due to a frame-up by certain actions of the perps it came to be that they were able to cause some investigation to occur by making others believe plagiarism was involved in above stated Air War College paper he submitted in a course he had taken in preparation for his advancement to Colonel. The frame-up was caused years later by possible judicial, LEO tampering with his legal secretary's computer in chambers,. and then initiated an investigation by slipping an anonymous envelope through Del Fouco's door at an airforce reserve airbase.

The "non-standard" trial but binding proceeding may take up to a week. Holder's parents were there who were outstanding military personnel as well as Holder himself. It is believed that Holder's attorneys will expose and lay bare Holder's being framed for a fall by corrupt officials. The JQC's case is based on the flimsiest of evidence and what is more the JQC will go after a good judge simply because he is good and exposed corruption of fellow judges but will let corrupt judges get away with serious improprieties including stealing people's goods, death threats, on up to taking part in aiding and abetting murder,.

Teknosis was there before the proceeding began and was with another. We both witnessed the committee's arrival and one of the main officials presiding over the hearing called from behind us across the area where we were sitting to the area where the group had arrived. Someone in the group said they got parking spot 51 and the man who called to them said good. They then went over to the man and they disappeared into an unknown area of court adjacent to the court chambers to talk business.

As above stated the proceeding may take anywhere from up to 3 days or more. John Schestag has given documentation to Mr. Holder's attorneys regarding JQC corruption re: their trying to get John to get "dirt" on Holder for their current lynch attempt on Holder (see below). More re: proceeding. No official we asked in the building said they knew about the proceeding, even on the floor outside the courtroom the woman behind the window who should know didn't indicate knowing anything. The hearing or whatever they are calling it was quite interesting and Teknosis caught the first portion of the hearing on digital recorder. Although Teknosis wished to stay he had to return to Orlando area. He would have liked to get all of the days of the proceedings recorded and awaits others to report back regarding their attendance on subsequent days (hopefully including today). There was a court reporter and so the transcripts could be acquired yet they are sure to be costly because of the length of the hearings. Teknosis will attempt to make available the recording he was able to do in mp3 format. The lawyers for Judge Holder were very professional and succinct. The prosecutor for the JQC is a dunce and doesn't know how to speak directly into the microphone. First the prosecutor for JQC was telling of the people on the panel, how unprepared he was, and then garbage about the plagiarism frame-up trying to prove Holder as guilty. One of the lawyers for Holder got up and left no doubt in my mind that Holder would be cleared because not guilty and they intend to prove it that the whole thing is a fabrication (frame-up). Then there was talk about the strength of the case that it hinged on Del Fouco,. then Del Fouco was brought in. I was surprised. It was interesting to hear him talk,. It was obvious that the place where the evidence was supposedly slipped under/through the door was unsecure and there were some descrepancies in his testimony. He also tried to put forth that people give anonymous evidence as tips but in this case the envelope with the framed-up plagiarism papers,. was kicked by him as he unpadlocked the door with full hands and entered the space carrying 7/11 coffee and other items.. so he didn't know if it was slipped through the grating or through the side of the loose padlocked door of his office, or even through an adjoining female latrine which had access to the office space. Subsequently the envelope which contained the papers was lost and had a typed note on paper that said something like SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS. But that was lost too. He just said that he was working various cases and that he was trying to indicate that he was well known and that people come forward with tips but nothing about people trying to frame anyone in this arena. How very naive and biased that is! It was obvious that this was to frame Holder and not any real tip. This leads me to believe that Del Fuoco has an agenda, in fact Del Fuoco may be mad that he was removed from the criminal division perhaps due to the shoddy job re: mishandling of this case or other cases, or was demoted because of his tenacity in cases and he was given some kind of message not to attack corruption in some way and he became part of the schemes of the perpetrators to get Judge Holder removed from office. After further research this appears to have bearing on the question of why he was transferred from the criminal to civil division of United States Attorney's Office -> ref.

12 Q Have you ever been a party to any piece of

13 litigation either within or without your capacity as a

14 U.S. -- Assistant United States Attorney?

15 A Yes. I'm sorry. Excuse me. I am presently a

16 plaintiff in a lawsuit.

17 Q Okay. Could you tell me about that, please, sir?

18 A Yes. It -- I am the plaintiff in a lawsuit

19 involving the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

20 Q Okay. Let's talk about that. We'll come to that

21 in a moment. How long have you been involved in public

22 corruption matters, sir?

23 A Well, let's see. Pretty much -- Well, I'm sorry.

24 I'm not trying -- Define what you mean by that.

25 Q I'd be happy to. How long have you been involved


1 during your legal career in investigating or prosecuting

2 public officials accused of wrongdoing?

3 A Off and on -- Off and on approximately fifteen

4 years approximately.

5 Q As a result of your work, have any public officials

6 lost their jobs?

7 A Have they lost their jobs?

8 Q Right. Either because they were sent to jail or

9 fired other otherwise lost their jobs?

10 A I believe so.

11 Q Okay. Any of these officials blamed you for the

12 resulting consequences?

13 A I don't know what to say to that. Probably. You

14 know, I've never had anybody overtly blame me for that

15 occurring; but I'm certain that they probably were unhappy

16 that it occurred. Let's put it that way.

17 Q Would it be fair to say, Mr. Del Fuoco, that the

18 civil case involving the Manatee County Sheriff's Office is

19 a case that resulted from retaliation against you by

20 officials that were unhappy about the work that you were

21 doing?

22 A That's my spin on it, yeah.

23 Q Is that what the court papers say? Let's -- We'll

24 keep the matter as public record and make it easy for you.

25 Do the court papers in that case claim a complaint by you


1 against certain current or former officials in the Manatee

2 County Sheriff's Office in which the general allegations are

3 that these folks did improper things to you or your family

4 as a result of public corruption work that you were doing?

5 A Yes.

6 Q Okay. And isn't it fair to say, Mr. Del Fuoco,

7 that in terms of what's public record in that case that law

8 enforcement officers retaliated against you and your family

9 for work that you did in connection with public corruption?

10 A Yes.

11 Q Is the same true with respect to the investigation

12 that you did against the Plant City Police Department? Did

13 you suffer any retaliation of any kind, you or your family,

14 as a result of work that you did in connection with that

15 case?

16 A Can I consult just for a second?

17 Q Certainly.

18 (A brief pause was had.)

19 A I'm sorry, Mr. Weinstein. Could you ask the

20 question?


22 Q Yes. Would it be fair to say that you were the

23 subject of some retaliation of any kind, you or your family,

24 as a result of work that you did in investigating or

25 prosecuting public corruption in Plant City?


1 A Yes.

2 Q And isn't it a fact, Mr. Del Fuoco, that you've

3 become -- you were retaliated against for ethical complaints

4 that you've made within the U.S. Attorney's Office?

5 A I think that's beyond the scope.

6 Q Okay. Sir, were you transferred at some point

7 during your career out of the public corruption section of

8 the U.S. Attorney's Office?

9 (A brief pause was had.)

10 A Yes.


12 Q And was that transfer against your will, sir?

13 (A brief pause was had.)


15 Q Let me rephrase the question, maybe make it easier.

16 A That's fine.

17 Q Did you request that transfer, sir?

18 A I did not request that transfer.

19 Q Okay. At some point during your career, were you

20 transferred out of the criminal section of the United States

21 Attorney's Office to the civil division of the United States

22 Attorney's Office?

23 A Yes.

24 Q Did you request that transfer, sir?

25 A No.


1 Q Okay. Would it be fair to say, Mr. Del Fuoco, that

2 you've been the subject of retaliation even within the

3 United States Attorney's Office for complaints that you've

4 made regarding public corruption or other ethical matters?

5 A May I?

6 Q Yes.

7 (A brief pause was had.)

8 A I've been advised that that's outside the scope of

9 the testimony.

In addition Del Fuoco had been given evidence by John Schestag in another judicial / LEO corruption matter which Del Fuoco apaprently leaked to the very people attacking him and threatening him with his life. I recorded the first half of the day and it is hope that some of the style of the things I have said will be revealed hopefully in my recording. I hope that it is good quality as I haven't listened to it yet.

These documents were provided to me by Mr. Schestag.

Keep eyes open for more documents to be distributed as well as John's complete story which has already been given to others for distribution.













07-Sworn Affidavit_Schestag91404_1


08-Sworn Affidavit_Schestag91404_2


09-Sworn Affidavit_Schestag91404_3


10-Sworn Affidavit_Schestag91404_4














Docs 1-16 in PDF



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Juan, I'm really proud of you, and hope you can get more info' on a victory for Holder himself.

Something has got to be rockin' in Washington, and if the Bush family really are Christians, they had better take notice of Holder being cooked, to not be a whistle-blower!

So far, what I've read is still different from the stuff I've put on hold, concerning the post execution of Terri Schiavo.

When I let this baby out of the bag, those pigs behind the bench responsible for the current Holocaust against Disabled People will be rounded up for war crimes trials.

Posted by: Ironsides | Jul 30, 2005 2:16:56 PM

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