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Players in Florida Judicial Corruption

We've considered usual suspects Demers and Greer,
poster boys #1 and #3, now consider poster boy #2.
Tim Johnson is villain #2 and first name on the 
scientology law firm of
Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel, & Burns.

Look at Johnson's activities in the Cooper's Point scandal. A multimillion dollar swampland scam run on the city of Clearwater and the county of Pinellas by Mel Sembler, another co-conspirator whose name has come up in the Terri Schiavo scandal, as Greer’s contributor among other things.

 If you believe that I've got some swamp land in 
Florida to sell you. The Great Cooper's Point
Land Scam!
 Two years ago after a six year improvement effort 
which included cutting down Brazilian pepper shrub,
the City of Clearwater finally announced that
Cooper's Point, a mangrove swamp in Pinellas County,
would be ready to open to small groups. You may
recall Mel Sembler having a hand in Cooper's Point.
When he was having problems over the Cooper's Point
matter he hired attorney Timothy Johnson who just
happened to have been campaign aide for Pinellas
County Commissioner George Greer. In 1987 Michael
Kenton, then the environmental management director
for the city of Clearwater, Florida, passed up a
chance to buy Coopers Point, a mangrove swamp in
Pinellas County, for use by the city as a park.
Instead he approached the Sembler Company and
struck up a deal. Together they bought the
property for $1 million using $15,000 of Kenton's
own money. Kenton was paid a management fee of
$50,000 by the Semblers. Two and a half months
later the team almost got away with selling the
swamp to the city of Clearwater for $2.6 million
when the Saint Petersburg Times learned of the
deal and had a field day. All eyes then turned to
State Attorney James T. Russell to see what he
would do.
  As usual in matters dealing with Mel Sembler's 
schemes like Straight, Inc. Russell did absolutely
nothing. He decided this was not a criminal matter
since Kenton had been a state employee and thus
the state ethics commission should handle the
matter. Had the states attorney decided to
prosecute Kenton for criminally defrauding the
City of Clearwater then the path would have been
open to prosecute Kenton's business partner—the
Sembler Company who was the big benefactor in the
scheme. There was never any consideration to
prosecute anybody at Sembler Company--after all
they weren't city employees! But Sembler still had
some swamp land to unload. That's when he hired
Tim Johnson to lobby his case before the man
Johnson had helped get elected County Commissioner
George Greer and to the other County Commissioners.
Now that was an amazing feat because the county
wasn't interested in buying the swamp, the city of
Clearwater was. Well ole' Tim Johnson convinced
the county to front 66% of the money but not share
in the ownership. And that's what happened.
Clearwater came up with $650,000 and the county
with $1.3 million. Clearwater got the deed and
Sembler made a
cool $1 million in seven months. He had succeeded 
in actually selling some swamp land to his
neighbors even though they would not own it! And
Michael Kenton? Mr. Kenton had to turn over his
earnings to pay for the fine the ethics commission
put on him.
  According to the St Petersburg Times of 12-5-89, 
Clearwater Commissioner Bill Nunamaker stated, "I
still think we've gone after the little cog in the
big wheel." To which Clearwater Mayor Rita Garvey
replied, "The difference is that they [the Semblers]
didn't work for the city." When Nunamaker asked city
attorney Milton A. Galbraith Jr. to see whether
there was some way to get some repayment from the
Semblers Galbraith had replied, "I don't know that I
could come up with a good rationale to support an
action like that."
  The city and county were so anxious to buy the 
swamp in 1987 but it was not until 2002 and $372,406
worth of improvements that the city finally opened
the park--and that was for limited use only by groups
like schools and bird watchers. Additional
improvements are planned 16 years from now.

See Coopers Point Partners, LTD [The filing documents are not on-line, but include Michael W. Kenton and his attorney/business partner attorney Jarrell Murchison.]

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