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Top Secret UK Eyes Only - 6 Memos That Prove Conspiracy To War


The "Downing Street Memo" to David Manning from Matthew
Rycroft on July 23rd 2002 


Memo from Jack Straw To Tony Blair March 25, 2002
Straw admits case for war in Iraq is weak, and that
there is no link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.


Memo from Peter Rickets March 22 2002
This memo admits that Saddam had not accelerated
his WMD program.


Memo from Chris Meyer To David Manning March 18
2002 "I then went through the need to wrongfoot
Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SORs and the
critical importance of the MEPP as an integral
part of the anti-Saddam strategy."


David Manning Memo to Tony Blair on March 14
2002, describing his trip to the US. IN this
memo, Manning confirms that Condi Rice was
committed to regime change in Iraq in 2002.
The use of military force for regime change per
se is illegal under international law and
treaties to which the US is a signator.


Memo from Overseas & Defense Secretariat
March 8 2002 This memo admits that threat of
WMD from Iraq had NOT increased.

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