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AG Crist Keynote Speaker Honoring Schiavo Judges As Jurists Of Year

    While Michael Schiavo and his attorney, George Felos relentlessly persisted in their quest to cause the death of disabled Terri Schiavo by judicial homicide in consort with Pinellas County probate Judge George W. Greer, Florida’s Attorney General Charlie Crist stood idly by, allowing federal and state civil rights laws to be grossly violated and failed to protect one of Florida’s most vulnerable persons from egregious discrimination.

    From the time of March 18 when Terri’s nutrition and hydration was stopped by judicial order of Greer until she died 13 days later, Charlie Crist kept a low profile, leading many to charge that he was neglecting the duties of his office.

    The Empire Journal has learned that on Friday, July 15, Charlie Crist, Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2006, was the keynote speaker at the 8th Annual Convention of the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates held July 13-17 in Coral Gables. (Document in PDF Format)   

    Crist was on hand to honor the ABOTA jurists of the year, Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer and U.S. District Court Judge James Whittemore of Tampa, the two judges most responsible for the death of Terri Schiavo.

    The life of Terri Schindler-Schiavo was in the hands of Greer and Whittemore, and both sealed her death warrant, aided and abetted by the chief law enforcement officer of the state who turned his head in indifference---apparently more concerned with his own political future than the life of a helpless human being.


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