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Expected result of Jeb Bush / McCabe inquiry re: Schiavo collapse

They think this is the end? Can they 
really escape justice? All that this
proves is that political / judicial
/ LEO,. corruption is alive and well
in Florida.



The Associated Press
There is no evidence that Terri Schiavo's
collapse 15 years ago involved criminal
activity, said a prosecutor asked by Gov.
Jeb Bush to look into the case.

Bush, who asked State Attorney Bernie
McCabe to further investigate Schiavo's
case after her autopsy last month,
responded Thursday by saying he
considers the state's involvement with
the matter finished.

"Based on your conclusions, I will
follow your recommendation that the
inquiry by the state be closed," Bush
said in a two-sentence letter.[Ed.
note pc93: As the door slammed shut
on his future political career.]

Charts prove criminal activity in Terri's

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Dear Jeb Bush,

Are you really that influenced by an internet push poll that you dismissed this entire matter with a terse, two sentence statement that you are officially closing the state inquiry on this matter?

Your state has the dubious distinction of hosting the Terri Schiavo execution, that Rush Limbaugh referred to as "The day that America hit bottom." You failed your duty to protect your state's most vulnerable citizens. You have contributed substantially with your missive in allowing pro-euthanasia groups to move to the front of the line and control the destiny of this country.

You appear to many to have walked away from an important issue with your tail between your legs. Did you actually expect someone like Bernie McCabe to do anything other than whitewash the report? His entire "inquiry" probably consisted of no more than asking Michael Schiavo if he tried to kill Terri and then taking Schiavo's "word" for it, if even that.

I am deeply disappointed by what must be simple political posturing. What else could it be to turn a Schiavo investigation over to McCabe? It only has turned out a cruel and heartless gesture to conduct what was programmed in advance to be a dismal failure of an investigation. To ask McCabe makes as much sense as asking Jim King, Judge Greer or even George Felos to conduct an investigation. What got into you to ever trust this guy after he "hosed" you in 2003? There are hints that McCabe may have even stopped an investigation of the matter with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Perhaps my biggest concern is the gigantic wave of ridicule you just inadvertently caused to an already suffering and grieving family who have been once again humiliated and slapped in the face with this failed investigation. The talk shows and media are about to go wild, making fun of you, the Schindlers, those who support the Schindlers and even Terri Schiavo. This is a dark day, indeed. I wished you would have thought better than to give the press the statement that you did and decide to close this investigation.

I had a lot more faith in you despite what many have started to say about your statements of support for the Schindler family. You have been increasingly regarded by many as a statesman of only "lip service" and no action. Honestly, Jeb, if you can not grow a backbone sufficient to deal with these obstructionists in one small county's "good ole boy" network, then how on God's green earth do you expect to handle the much bigger problems of a presidency, that are an everyday part of that job?

Michael Schiavo is probably at home about now, laughing and uncorking a bottle, courtesy of your letting him walk free. The Clearwater police did ten times a better and more thorough job of their investigation of Schiavo's false March 29, 2004 allegations than McCabe did with this investigation, and they at least were forthcoming of their methodology, results, and disclosure in their report.

This, sir, is a joke.

Posted by: Eric | Jul 8, 2005 12:22:20 PM

Mr. Governor,

Perceptual manipulation, deceit, and fraud!
You knew it, you know it. Case closed? Oh, no.

A thumb: McCabe? That's what your staff says.
THE Thumb. You?

Why did you consider it important that Mary's Terri suffer such a brutally painful death at the murderous hands of a Constitutions and law and ethics hating George Greer? Michael Schiavo? He was nothing more than a convenient pawn exploited by the state to establish a precedent for judicially sanctioned murder.

She screamed for her life.
MURDER in the First Degree.

John Sipos


Posted by: John Sipos | Jul 8, 2005 4:44:33 PM

you people are completely crazy. [Ed. note pc93: And your comment means what? Have any proof about "us" people?]

Posted by: renee | Jul 8, 2005 7:02:14 PM

The proof of your insanity is contained in what you write. If you would just take your meds you might be more amenable to treatment. Paranoid and delusional thinking is evidenced by most of your posts. [Ed. note pc93: And this guy talks about insanity. lol. If this is the best you have for me your apologetics, empty assertions,. are nothing more then a bunch of smoke being blown up the butts of whomever believes the tripe you are spewing forth. There are more than a few hundred people that know me that know the opposite of your lies.]

Its not that you are different in your perceptions or that your differences somehow make you supperior to everyone else- its that your assumptions,prejudices and bias make your thinking dysfunctional. [Ed. note pc93: There are as many truths as there are individuals. Think what you want but stop blowing smoke up peoples rear ends.]

You do not reach logical conclusions when presented with facts and evidence. [Ed. note pc93: Examples for your empty assertions?] You maintain delusional thinking by filtering and interpreting based on your prejudgment, bias and pre formed conclusions. [Ed. note pc93: Your high falutin verbiage is just that based on an empty abstractions of your mistaken perceptions of who I am. Never having met me your words fall far short of any truth.]

The only position you are capable of taking is extreme. [Ed. note pc93: Laughable to say the least.]

You allow your irrational emotions to dominate all of your thinking. [Ed. note pc93: No doubt you are programming yourself with these memes. You are welcome to them as they are clearly of your own making.] Agitated, irate or suspicious are your most common states. [Ed. note pc93: Lol. You are a good joker except your not very funny.] No one would describe you as thoughtful. [Ed. note pc93: hahhahha. Get a load of this guy. We know where your head has been for over the last over 16 years. Let the world know when you have pulled the head out of your rear end but then again you might want to keep it in there as the stench, and dis-ease transmission is likely to cause some real global problems before some specialists are able to give you a good deodorization/disinfection and get you out of quarantine.] The most common descriptive terms used in reference to you include OVERLY (as in overly reacts, overly angry, overly withdrawn, etc.) and PARANOID. [Ed. note pc93: Stop being a turd. Considering where your head is at that might be difficult.]

In short- you need professional help. [Ed. note pc93: In short. You know where you can go jump.]

Posted by: TRUTH | Jul 9, 2005 2:37:12 AM

Take your meds. Stop harassing and stalking government officials. Move out of your parents home. Get a paying job. Attend therapy as recommended. [Ed. note pc93: hahahahahaha. It is apparent that living in fantasy land and making a jackass of yourself appears to be -> no, IS <- your forte.]

Posted by: TRUTH | Jul 10, 2005 10:21:56 AM

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