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Karl Rove: Worse Than Osama bin Laden


Bush's brain (and a closet case,
I have long suspected), Karl Rove. 
What would Bush do if his brain 
were put behind bars, where it 

Karl Rove, traitorous piece of $#!^

Not long after Karl Rove -- whose 
paycheck is picked up by American 
taxpayers (he is deputy White House 
chief of staff) -- remarked of 
liberals, "Conservatives saw the 
savagery of 9/11 in the attacks 
and prepared for war; liberals saw 
the savagery of the 9/11 attacks 
and wanted to prepare indictments 
and offer therapy and 
understanding for our attackers," 
it seems apparent that Rove outed 
a CIA operative -- whose job was 
to help prevent terrorist attacks 
against Americans and American 
interests -- for cheap political 

Apparently, for Rove political 
pettiness and the arrogant -- 
and illegal -- abuse of political 
power came before protecting 
Americans against terrorist 
attacks, yet Rove, in his manner 
that would make Joseph Goebbels 
jealous, claimed that it is the 
liberals that aid and abet the 

Who is aiding and abetting the 

The oily Bush family has long 
been buddy-buddy with the oily 
ruling family of Saudi Arabia, 
and 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers 
were from Saudi Fucking Arabia. 
Not one of them was an Iraqi.

The Bush regime's illegal, 
immoral, unprovoked and 
imperialist March 2003 invasion 
and subsequent occupation of 
Iraq has been the jihadist's wet 
dream. What better jihadist 
recruitment method was there 
than for the Bush regime to 
invade a sovereign Muslim nation 
that not only did absolutely 
nothing to the United States but 
did not even have the capability 
to do anything to the United 

Yet it's the liberals (translation: 
the Democrats) who are pro-
terrorist, the BushNazis lie.


These treasonous war criminals 
should be tried and executed -- 
if properly tried, undoubtedly 
they would be found guilty -- for 
their treason and for their war 
crimes. Instead, we allow them to 
walk freely and to continue to 
spew forth such bloody fucking 
Nazi-like lies as "Conservatives 
saw the savagery of 9/11 in the 
attacks and prepared for war; 
liberals saw the savagery of the 
9/11 attacks and wanted to 
prepare indictments and offer 
therapy and understanding for
our attackers."

The members of the Bush regime had 
better pray that justice is never 
done, because if justice were ever 
done they would find themselves 
six feet under, just like the 
hundreds of American soldiers and 
the thousands of Iraqis whom they 
have murdered with their 
innumerable lies that have been 
meant to serve as a cover for 
BushCheneyCorp's war-profiteering 
-- its looting of the U.S. 
treasury via its fabricated war 
in Iraq.

Anyway, here is Ted Rall's take 
on Traitor Rove (this column of 
his is slated to be released 
tomorrow). I called for the 
execution of the treasonous war 
criminals of the Bush regime 
some time ago here. Now someone 
else is using the "e" word. I 
hope that this is the tipping 

Karl Rove: Worse Than Osama bin Laden 
FBI and Congress Must Act Against 
White House Traitors

by : Ted Rall      

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NEW YORK -- In war, collaborators 
are more dangerous than enemy forces, 
for they betray with intimate 
knowledge in painful detail and 
demoralize by their cynical example. 
This explains why, at the end of 
occupations, the newly liberated 
exact vengeance upon their 
treasonous countrymen even they 
allow foreign troops to conduct 
an orderly withdrawal.


If, as state-controlled media 
insist, there is such a creature 
as a Global War on Terrorism, our 
enemies are underground Islamist 
organizations allied with or 
ideologically similar to those 
that attacked us on 9/11. But 
who are the collaborators?

The right points to critics like 
Michael Moore, yours truly, and 
Ward Churchill, the Colorado 
professor who points out the 
gaping chasm between America's 
high-falooting rhetoric and its 
historical record. But these bete 
noires are guilty only of the all-
American actions of criticism and 
dissent, not to mention speaking 
uncomfortable truths to liars and 

As far as we know, no one on what 
passes for the "left" (which would 
be the center-right anywhere else) 
has betrayed the United States in 
the GWOT. No anti-Bush progressive 
has made common cause with Al 
Qaeda, Hamas, the Islamic Movement 
of Uzbekistan or any other 
officially designated "terrorist" 
group. No American liberal has 
handed over classified information 
or worked to undermine the CIA.

But it now appears that Karl Rove, 
GOP golden boy, has done exactly 

Last week Time magazine turned 
over its reporter's notes to a 
special prosecutor assigned to 
learn who told Republican 
columnist Bob Novak that Valerie 
Plame was a CIA agent. The 
revelation, which effectively 
ended Plame's CIA career and may 
have endangered her life, 
followed her husband Joe 
Wilson's publication of a New 
York Times op-ed piece that 
embarrassed the Bush 
Administration by debunking its 
claims that Saddam Hussein tried 
to buy uranium from Niger.

Time's cowardly decision to break 
its promise to a confidential 
source has had one beneficial 
side effect: According to 
Newsweek, it indicates that Karl 
Rove himself made the call to 

One might have expected Rove, the 
master White House political 
strategist who engineered Bush's 
2000 coup d'¨¦tat and post-9/11 
permanent war public relations 
campaign, to have ordered a flunky 
underling to carry out this act of 
high treason. But as the Arab 
saying goes, arrogance diminishes 

Rove, whose gaping maw recently 
vomited forth that Democrats didn't 
care about 9/11, is atypically 
silent. He did talk to the Time 
reporter but "never knowingly 
disclosed classified information," 
claims his attorney.

But there's circumstantial evidence 
to go along with Time's leaked 
notes. Ari Fleischer abruptly 
resigned as Bush's press secretary 
on May 16, 2003, about the same time 
the White House became aware of 
Ambassador Wilson's plans to go 
public. (Wilson's article appeared 
July 6.) Did Fleischer quit because 
he didn't want to act as spokesman 
for Rove's plan to betray CIA agent 
Another interesting coincidence: 
Novak published his Plame column 
on July 14, Fleischer's last day 
on the job.

If Newsweek's report is accurate, 
Karl Rove is more morally repugnant 
and more anti-American than Osama 
bin Laden.

Bin Laden, after all, has no 
affiliation with, and therefore no 
presumed loyalty to, the United 

Rove, on the other hand, is a U.S. 
citizen and, as deputy White House 
chief of staff, a high-ranking 
official of the U.S. government 
sworn to uphold and defend our 
nation, its laws and its interests. 
Yet he sold out America just to get 
even with Joe Wilson. 

Osama bin Laden, conversely, is 
loyal to his cause. He has never 
exposed an Al Qaeda agent's 
identity to the media.

"[Knowingly revealing Plame's name 
and undercover status to the 
media]...is a violation of the 
Intelligence Identities Protection 
Act and is punishable by as much 
as ten years in prison," notes The 
Washington Post. Unmasking an 
intelligent agent during a time of 
war, however, surely rises to 
giving aid and comfort to America's 
enemies -- treason.

Treason is punishable by execution 
under the United States Code.

How far up the White House food 
chain does the rot of treason go?

"Bush has always known how to keep 
Rove in his place," wrote Time in 
2002 about a "symbiotic 
relationship" that dates to 1973. 
This isn't some rogue "plumbers" 
operation. Rove would never go it 
alone on a high-stakes action like
Valerie Plame. It's a safe bet 
that other, higher-ranking figures 
in the Bush cabal -- almost 
certainly Dick Cheney and possibly 
Bush himself -- signed off before 
Rove called Novak. For the sake of 
national security, those involved 
should be removed from office at 

Rove and his collaborators should 
quickly resign and face prosecution 
for betraying their country, but 
given their sense of personal 
entitlement impeachment is probably 
the best we can hope for. Congress, 
and all Americans, should place 
patriotism ahead of party loyalty. 

World Renown Internet Magazine and Radio Program

World's Most Trusted Source for Truth-In-News

"These documents reveal that the CIA was used as a "cash cow" for George W. Bush, Senator John Kerry, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Daddy Bush was a part of this CIA Black Ops Proprietary company that handled TRILLIONS of dollars for Queen Elizabeth II" 

-- Sherman Skolnick,
World Famous Crime-Fighter & U.S. Corrupt Judge-Buster.


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(Cloak & Dagger News_7 _9_05: Chicago)

In the CIA leak case,Special Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is about to release Criminal Indictments against George W. Bush. Result? White House threatens to assassinate Fitzgerald.

The source did not elaborate about how the suspect was reportedly identified so early, although suggested he was onboard bus 30 that exploded outside of the British Medical Association at 9:47 local time. We are continuing our investigation.

July 8, 2005: British authorities are seeking a Moroccan man identified as Mohamed Guerbouzi, in connection with yesterday’s bombing attacks in London. Guerbouzi has been under investigation in Great Britain in connection with two previous attacks, a 2003 suicide bombing in Morocco and the Madrid train bombing on 11 March 2004. Guerbouzi held a senior position in the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, or GICM, according to investigators, and has been living in the UK for the last ten years.

July 8, 2005; 5:30 AM ET: Just a few short hours before the first explosion ripped through London, there was a significant sell-off or “selling short” of the British Pound in the financial market. This activity took place absent of any economic news or other known market-driven factors that would sufficiently explain the sell off. This activity also occurred without the normal corresponding pricing action in the other major currency pairs. In summary, a large amount of GBP was sold to liquidate a “long position” and secure profits, or to take a “short position” to profit from an anticipated drop in the value of the British Pound. In either case, the market activity warrants further investigation


Video: Bombing Exercises In London Underground



Karl Rove, Fairy Queen of the GOP (Gay Old Party)   


Bush Family retainer and Republican dirty trickster Karl Rove, under grand jury investigation for leaking the fact that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame is a covert CIA operative, may face a stiff prison term, since "outing" an agent like Plame is a federal crime.

Rove, allegedly a closet homosexual like other top leaders of the Republican Party, including RNC chairman Ken Mehlman and Republican apparatchiks Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer, may be preparing himself for the eventuality of prison, writes Al Martin, author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider."

"We have an update on Karl Rove, the Fairy Queen of the Gay Old Party. That's G.O.P. to the unenlightened," writes Martin in his column
"Asset Protection: A Timely Update." (7-4-05)

"The speculation is the grand jury will finger Karl as the leaker with regards to the Valerie Plame CIA situation. Then he's going to put Bob Novak right in the frame."

In a recent interview, Martin confirms that Rove has deep family ties to the Bush Family through Prescott Bush, who was a sales agent for the Portugal-based subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel, which sold war materiel to the Nazis during World War II.

Martin also states that Rove's family, like the Bush Family, was involved in Nazi war profiteering, helping build Nazi concentration camps in Germany. Reliable sources also state that Rove's grandfather was a high Nazi Party official called a gauleiter, which is comparable to a state Republican Party leader.

The irony is that Rove may finally be jettisoned by the Bush Family, since he has outlived his usefulness.

"Will Karl Rove escape the liability of leaking Valerie Plame's name as a CIA operative?" Martin asks in his column. "My opinion is no. I think Karl is becoming an increasing liability, frankly because there has been so much press coverage about Karl Rove and his sordid and secret machinations."

"Will he be then thrown to the wolves? I think it's entirely possible at this point," Martin writes. "Karl Rove has gone on a diet recently, and he's actually tried to grow a beard. He's trying to become a little tougher to get away from the cream puff image. He wants to toughen himself up a bit. And then if he ultimately has to go to the Big House, they'll probably send him to a federal minimum security prison where the queens control it."

(For the rest of this column as well as previous columns about Karl Rove, log on to Al Martin Raw.com at Al Martin Raw.com [Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence])

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