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update.gif (1754 bytes)July 14, 2005 --

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.


Sat Jul 9, 2005 01:50


My Fellow Americans,

The Supreme Law Firm heartily endorses Carl Worden's analysis below, for the following reasons:

(1) we have now provided our contacts at the U.S. Coast Guard with evidence that the uranium oxide ("yellow cake") was exported from Niger -- NOT to Iraq -- but to Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona, in the Negev Desert;

(2) separately, we have endeavored to circulate reports confirming that Dutch Intel-1 recently nailed the Mossad (Israeli secret police) for receiving plutonium at the Port of Amsterdam, which was stolen by the Russian mafia from former Soviet nuclear stockpiles in the Ural Mountains;

(3) separate reports also confirmed that the Mossad were directly implicated in the crash of a cargo plane at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport, which was transporting ingredients for chemical and biological weapons to Israel;

(4) the criminal "outing" of Valerie Plame's identity -- as an undercover CIA operative -- evidently resulted in the assassination of many of her subordinate operatives, necessarily implicating the guilty parties as accessories to murder as well;

(5) the "yellow cake" allegation was made by George W. Bush in his State of the Union address to Congress in 2003; because this story is now proven to be false, Bush is necessarily implicated in a felony violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001, and conspiracy with others to violate same, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, and 371 (also a felony);

(6) George W. Bush has already been formally notified that he is under investigation on suspicion of attempting to murder a foreign head of state, genocide against the People and the Nation of Iraq, and treason in connection with the events of 9/11;

(7) Alberto Gonzales and Donald Rumsfeld have also been formally notified that they are likewise under investigation on suspicion of related felony violations of the Title 18, United States Code, chiefly the federal laws prohibiting torture.

All of this adds up to a pretty long rap sheet of impeachable offenses, and we haven't even begun to itemize all of the related RICO predicate acts that were committed in support of the crimes enumerated above.

Our sincere congratulations to Carl Warden, for staying on top of this history-making story (see below).

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice


World Renown Internet Magazine and Radio Program

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"These documents reveal that the CIA was used as a "cash cow" for George W. Bush, Senator John Kerry, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Daddy Bush was a part of this CIA Black Ops Proprietary company that handled TRILLIONS of dollars for Queen Elizabeth II"

-- Sherman Skolnick,
World Famous Crime-Fighter & U.S. Corrupt Judge-Buster.


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(Cloak & Dagger News_7 _9_05: Chicago)

In the CIA leak case,Special Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is about to release Criminal Indictments against George W. Bush. Result? White House threatens to assassinate Fitzgerald.

The source did not elaborate about how the suspect was reportedly identified so early, although suggested he was onboard bus 30 that exploded outside of the British Medical Association at 9:47 local time. We are continuing our investigation.

July 8, 2005: British authorities are seeking a Moroccan man identified as Mohamed Guerbouzi, in connection with yesterday’s bombing attacks in London. Guerbouzi has been under investigation in Great Britain in connection with two previous attacks, a 2003 suicide bombing in Morocco and the Madrid train bombing on 11 March 2004. Guerbouzi held a senior position in the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, or GICM, according to investigators, and has been living in the UK for the last ten years.

July 8, 2005; 5:30 AM ET: Just a few short hours before the first explosion ripped through London, there was a significant sell-off or “selling short” of the British Pound in the financial market. This activity took place absent of any economic news or other known market-driven factors that would sufficiently explain the sell off. This activity also occurred without the normal corresponding pricing action in the other major currency pairs. In summary, a large amount of GBP was sold to liquidate a “long position” and secure profits, or to take a “short position” to profit from an anticipated drop in the value of the British Pound. In either case, the market activity warrants further investigation

Video: Bombing Exercises In London Underground


"Carl f. Worden" wolfeyes@hisurfer.net wrote:

From: "Carl f. Worden" wolfeyes@hisurfer.net
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 16:04:49 -0700


Carl F. Worden

Okay, folks, let's move past the bloody events of 7/7 in London, and examine an equally important national news story that is hardly being reported. Just as the Watergate scandal eventually forced Richard Nixon to resign from the Office of The Presidency, the "Plame Outing" portends to do exactly the same for the presidency of George W. Bush.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative investigating whether or not Saddam Hussein of Iraq still had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, or WMD. Mrs. Plame's husband is former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

As George W. Bush was in the process of "convincing" Congress that Iraq still had large stockpiles of WMD and was planning to use them "imminently" against the United States and our allies, covert CIA agent Valerie Plame was confiding to her husband that Bush was lying. Mrs. Plame also told her husband that Iraq had made no attempt to secure nuclear materials from Niger, as was also being alleged by the Bush Administration.

At the time, only one lonely voice screamed from the rooftops of this nation that the president and his administration were "wrong" about Iraq's WMD stockpile, and that was former Marine and U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter. He did get some press, but the Bush Administration put out a rumor that suggested Ritter was on the payroll of Saddam Hussein and could not be trusted. Those who knew of and trusted Ritter didn't buy the lie, and those who just wanted to kill somebody after 9/11 accepted the administration version as Gospel. That's just the way it is nowadays.

But when Valerie Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador and a most highly respected source for his accuracy, integrity and credibility, came out publicly and stated the Niger/Nuclear story had already been proven bogus before Bush mentioned it in his 2003 State of The Union address, Bush was caught flat-footed in a bold-faced lie. The excuse given for the faux pas was an alleged failure to fully vet the script of the speech before Bush gave it, and as usual, those who opposed the coming war knew it was a lie, and those who wanted to get on with the killing accepted the excuse as an innocent boo-boo.

At the time, the Bush people were quite full of themselves and riding high in the polls. They saw themselves as virtually untouchable after the 9/11 attacks and their military success in routing out the Taliban Government in Afghanistan, so they let their egos and the power they wield fool themselves into thinking they could do just about anything to anyone, and nobody could do a thing about it. Come to think of it, that's what brought down Richard Nixon. Hmmm...

So instead of just allowing the whole Wilson -- Niger -- Nuclear lie to drift away into obscurity and irrelevance, they wanted revenge. The next thing you know, conservative columnist Robert Novak has written an article that identified Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a covert CIA operative investigating weapons of mass destruction! With that revelation, Plame's cover was blown and she had to withdraw. But what most folks don't realize is that when a covert spook is exposed, the enemy always arrests, tortures and kills everyone associated with that spook -- and especially those they thought were on their side. To this day, nobody really knows how much damage was done by the Plame outing, but I can assure you that people died because of it, even if Plame herself is safe.

It is a federal crime to expose the name of an American covert agent, circa the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. It carries a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $50,000.00 fine, which in my mind is just not enough. Considering how many people can be exposed, tortured and executed when just one highly-placed CIA operative is identified, the deliberate outing of such an agent should carry the death penalty and nothing less. Notice I wrote the "deliberate" identification of such an agent should carry the death penalty, and not the inadvertent screw-up of a blabbermouth.

But the Plame outing was deliberate, and for a specious reason: The Bush people knew Wilson's wife was a covert CIA spy, and they put two-and-two together to figure out it was she who told her husband the Niger story was a lie. Is that petty or what??

Next, two reporters were involved in relaying the Plame/CIA identity to columnist Robert Novak. They are Time Magazine reporter Matthew Cooper, and Judith Miller of the New York Times. Both reporters were ordered in court to reveal the source of the Plame outing, and both refused to do so on the grounds of the First Amendment right to free press and free speech. In every case prior, the courts upheld a journalist's right to protect a confidential source, but that was before we ended up with the current Supreme Court that I contend is the worst enemy of the Constitution that has ever been impaneled. Nevertheless, I hate to admit this on the grounds I'm subscribing to situation ethics and I hate my hypocrisy, but I'm happy to report this corrupted Supreme Court refused to hear the appeals of Cooper and Miller.

Cooper's boss at Time Magazine has agreed to give Cooper's notes to the court, while Miller has already begun her stay in prison. But the court has ordered Cooper to testify in open court as to his source, and he has agreed to do so. Cooper's notes reveal his probable source to be White House insider Karl Rove, but that is not conclusive, and we won't get closer to the truth until Cooper testifies. If it is Rove, I doubt he revealed Plame's identity to the reporters without President Bush's permission, but they may take the same stand Nixon took; that Nixon didn't know anything about the Watergate break-in, but he did make a mistake trying to cover it up. We'll see.

But the real reason this Plame incident is so important is that it adds a tremendous amount of credibility to the recently exposed "Downing Street Memo", in which notes were taken at a meeting in Britain that revealed Bush planned to attack Iraq long before the WMD accusations were made, and that the "Intelligence was being fixed" around that policy. The fact that such a petty act of revenge was enacted against Joseph Wilson's wife for the "crime" of her husband telling the American people the god's-honest truth, certainly lends credence to those who contend the Downing Street Memo is a smoking gun that reveals deliberate deception upon the Congress and the American people to go to war with Iraq on the basis of entirely false allegations.

Last time I checked, that was an impeachable offense, and now we have the deliberate outing of a carefully placed CIA spy who was working to protect you and me from further terrorist attacks. Do you join me in asking, "Whose side are these Bush guys on??"

Carl F. Worden

Hijacking Catastrophe is powerful, understated, straightforward and educational. In a single meticulously organized hour of evidence and analysis, viewers are treated to a thoughtful explanation of modern American empire, neo-conservatism as a driving force for the current Bush administration.


MI6 operative on London Bombings

Rested after a good night’s sleep in the Gleneagles Hotel, Tony Blair glanced nervously at his watch and wondered if the bombing of the London transport system would take place on schedule. London’s Chief of Police, Sir Ian Blair, and MI5 boss, Eliza Manningham-Buller, had promised to keep him firmly in the loop; and Jack Straw had advised him that the Israelis had been placated.

Blair caught a glimpse of himself in the dresser and checked his profile. Carole, his personal image advisor, had told him to soften the pronounced jaw when seated next to Bush. “You’re overdoing the Winston thing,” she had said pointedly. “Killing people was yesterday; starving Africans and rainforests is now the thing.” She was wrong about the killing, of course. The good Miz Caplin would never understand his rites of passage, at least not in the Brethren’s sense of the term. And yet something was still bothering him.

The intelligence services had been caught off balance by Mossad’s unwelcome intrusion into matters they considered a strictly British affair. Having the headline “Israel Warned Blair Two Days Before Attack” splashed across the front pages of an otherwise complicit print media was something to be avoided at all costs. Binyamin Netanyahu would go ahead with preparations for his press conference and allow himself to be “advised” by Scotland Yard shortly after the first blast. If MI5 were to dally in their attacks on commuters, he would have no choice but to claim that Scotland Yard had warned him prior to the event, and the Blair government would have to hope that the British people would not notice the obvious irregularity.

Back in London, Netanyahu dropped security protocol and looked cautiously out of his hotel window. Reflecting on his long years of experience in helping to finance and organise terror attacks on Israeli citizens to provoke world outrage against the rightful inhabitants of his stolen country, he knew that errors would be made and officials would let their tongues slip when the heat was on. Press reports would have to be altered at short notice and the volume turned up loud until all the world would hear nothing but “al Qaeda, alQaeda, al Qaeda". It had worked before and it would work again. The Goyim, whether American or British, would once more be led by the nose to believe the official version of events. Binyamin snickered inwardly at Eliza Manningham-Buller’s chosen title for the fictitious terror group. The nonsensical “Secret Group of the al Qaeda Organisation in Europe” suggested to him that Manningham-Buller had probably spent her childhood reading nothing other than Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” and “Secret Seven” adventure books. Yes, that was it, the Secret Seven on the seventh of July. How apt. How very Qabalah.

Whatever, the British had insisted on bombing close to the venue at which he had been billed to deliver an important seminar, if only to give the attacks, in the words of an MI6 liason officer, “a real whiff of al Qaeda". The Liverpool Street bombing would even lift the hotel in which former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was staying. The Prime Minister of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, was also close to the epicentre. The British government and their Freemason paymasters in the City of London were sure sending a message to the Americans and Canadians: “We’re back in control of the terror game now. This time, the British Crown is playing for keeps.”

But the clock was ticking, and still no word. “Hashem,” Netanyahu growled softly, “deliver us from the ignorant Goyim and their slow-witted ways.”

At 8.40 am, “Mad Dog” Spencer stepped into the third carriage of a subway train bound for Aldgate and Liverpool Street Stations. He knew he would have very little time to leave the package behind in a shabby plastic bag and put sufficient distance between himself and the ten pounds of high explosives strapped to a timer. The latex treatment, which had given him the facial appearance of a down-and-out, was beginning to itch. Such inconveniences would have meant nothing to him back in the days when working in Kabul with his old MI6 friend, Clive Newell. It was Newell who had introduced him to the legendary CIA asset, Osama bin Laden, then known by his American codename “Tim Osman". Those were the days: fighting the Soviets back-to-back with artificial Islamic terror groups financed out of London, courtesy of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

Spencer remembered Clive fawning over Osama as “our baby", and his raging against the CIA’s unwarranted incursions on the British Crown’s right to use the fledgling al Qaeda gang as it saw fit. After all, the British had established the occultic Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the 1920s for the express purpose of destroying pro-American Arab nationalism as a counterforce to continued British imperial rule and as a means to defame the world’s fastest growing religion. America had paid for her obstinacy on September 11, 2001, although the Bush administration had deliberately left the gate wide open to all comers, including Mossad and the mercenary wing of the British SAS. Bush got what he wanted. Now it’s our turn.

Had “J-boy” been telepathic, he would doubtless have been sharing Spencer’s thoughts. They were old pals and had been through much the same thing. J-boy scanned the faces of his fellow commuters on the southbound Piccadilly Line train. They will all be dead in less than three minutes, he thought. Still, it all works to the good of Queen and country, and Tony will get his shiny new National Identity Cards. A shame it had to be a “wet job", but his many years of experience in helping the IRA to carry out terrorist atrocities in Northern Ireland and on the British mainland had shown him that only the proactive approach toward bringing things to a head delivered the political goods.

The 1974 Birmingham pub bombings. Yes, sir, that was us; and six innocent Paddies went to prison. It didn’t stop there. The good times for J-boy only started in earnest when working for the maverick Gordon Kerr. As an operative for the DET 14th Intelligence squad, J-boy had killed both Republicans and Loyalists, changing sides as frequently as was required by both MI5 and the SAS. The slaying of pensioner Francisco Notarantonio was J-boy’s finest moment because, in contrast to bombings with a high civilian body count, it required a level of deception unmatched in any previous MI5 assassinations in Ireland and Britain. Sir John Stevens finally ended the fun, despite MI5’s efforts to kill him too. But still, Her Majesty’s Government saved the day by forbidding the press from revealing any further names. Not that the press requires censorship these days - the mainstream boys do it themselves. It’s a cakewalk.

J-boy allowed the package to slip neatly between his feet, and he gently sidled it into the corner of the standing room in front of the double doors to the carriage. When the train pulled into the station, J-boy was gone. He would disappear into the crowd and make an expeditious exit before the explosion would claim the lives of twenty-one “useless eaters", and leave at least one hundred survivors without vital body parts for the rest of their lives.

As J-boy vanished into the back seat of an Astra Cabrio before being driven to an MI5 safe house, Tony Blair entered the foyer of the Gleneagles Hotel with a smile on his face. He knew that the first three bombs had been detonated just split seconds apart. Mentally, he quickly ran through the lines he had prepared the night before. He would say something Churchillian with an allusion to the wartime blitz and the unfailing courage of Londoners. It would be a bravely defiant speech. Nobody would suspect that the bombings were his own handiwork. Still, until such time he would have to play dumb and wait for Jonathan Powell or Ian Gleeson to brief him officially. Powell, he knew, had not been informed, but would know soon enough once John Scarlett had apprised him of the matter.

Sir Ian Blair, London’s Chief of Police, tried to sound surprised when informed of the bombings. The transport police had, as agreed in prior exercises, already briefed the press about an unexplained power surge. The rationale for such an explanation would be based on the alleged need to minimise panic and, as a helpful corollary, to maximise any potential casualties at sites where bombs had yet to be detonated. MI5 had quite deliberately misbriefed Sir Ian on the number of detonations they had planned, just to keep him sharp. This was the first time that such a hugely complex operation was known to senior figures within the British executive, Scotland Yard and the intelligence services. In fact, considering the potential for accidental disclosure, it was unprecedented in its scope and daring.

Sir Ian was nervous, and rightfully so. He had wanted to suspend all cell phone network services, but had been overruled by both Eliza Manningham-Buller and Tony Blair, the latter saying that “commuters should be given the chance to digitally record the full horror of the attacks". Yet Sir Ian knew that journalists would be curious as to why services were allowed to continue, given the widely known fact that the Madrid bombings had been detonated by mobile devices. It would be a tough call. He wouldn’t, of course, be able to say that he knew well in advance that timers had triggered the explosives. He would just have to HOPE THAT JOURNALISTS WOULD IGNORE THIS SMOKING GUN and fall for the mantra their editors would insist on repeating: “al Qaeda, al Qaeda, al Qaeda.” Sir Ian took a deep breath and quietly thanked Moloch in his heart for making real investigative journalism a thing of the past.

Eliza Manningham-Buller discovered a spring in her step. This was the first time she had been allowed to participate in the killing of large numbers of innocent people. It was a great day for England. It meant that she and John Scarlett would regain full control over al Qaeda and all the other terror front groups that had deserted to the CIA following Clinton’s symbolic and disciplinary cruise missile attacks on the Taliban. Eliza had also been cleaning house. There were no more David Shaylers around to be blowing whistles on payments made to Osama. No more attempts to expose her protection of British-trained and financed terrorists, such as Abu Qatada, a pro-British, anti-American gentleman with impeccable manners and a heart for the Queen.

Department K had already confirmed that both Spencer and J-boy were safe and in debrief. With the Edgware Road detonation also a success, Simpson wouldn’t be far behind. That just left ’Green Eagle’, Lawton and Pettigrew. Blair would now have been fully informed and she would take the conference call alone. There was still the matter of the fake al Qaeda website. The DNS was still POINTING TO AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER IN MARYLAND, AMERICA. The Israeli intern had, according to one duty officer who speaks fluent Farsi and classic Arabic, done a poor job of the grammar and had even misquoted the ayahs selected from the Koran. MSNBC TV translator Jacob Keryakes was already saying that al Qaeda would never have posted a statement on a secular website and that the claim of responsibility contained give-away errors. The whole thing is phoney, he scoffed. “This is not something al-Qaeda would do,” he said.

Eliza, being a perfectionist and the first to laugh at the CIA’s obvious home movie and audio productions of fake al Qaeda PR, was not entirely happy with substandard work. The press, however, would be cowed, online bloggers dismissed as nutty conspiracy theorists and the website pulled as soon as it had served its purpose. She could only hope that the ad hoc team charged with planting “clues” and tampering with forensic “evidence” in the subway stations would make a much better job at framing fictitious Islamic extremists. But, darling, no mini-vans full of Korans or miraculously intact Arab passports to be found within the eye of the blasts. Manningham-Buller sniggered into her coffee cup at the crass ineptitude of the Bush administration. British terrorism had always had a touch of class.

Meanwhile, all hell had broken lose in Tel Aviv. Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom had been barking down the phone to Israeli Ambassador Zvi Heifetz, enraged that the British had not acted on his warnings of an attack on the subway system, but had instead failed to communicate that this was an inside job. How dare they endanger Netanyahu’s life? Now they’re claiming the finance minister was warned before the attacks and are preparing a damage limitation exercise that points to Mossad in the event that things go awry. Shalom had the soon-to-be redacted Associated Press report in front of him:

(Jerusalem-AP) July 7, 2005 - “British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday’s explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.

“Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said. … Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. He did not say whether British police made any link to the economic conference.

“The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the nature of his position.”

Shalom was aware of the political fallout this would cause. The British were trying to spin things their way and his opposite number, John Scarlett, was refusing to take his calls. All this despite repeated warnings from the Israeli side since July 4. Yes, we told them it was going to happen, and TONY BLAIR SAT ON THE INFORMATION AND DID NOTHING.

Shalom knew that AP would eventually redact the news report (and they did: nomorefakenews.com); so he was pleased to read what Stratfor had put out:

“Contrary to original claims that Israel was warned “minutes before” the first attack, unconfirmed rumours in intelligence circles indicate that the Israeli government actually warned London of the attacks “a couple of days” previous. Israel has apparently given other warnings about possible attacks that turned out to be aborted operations. The British government did not want to disrupt the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to London, hoping this would be another false alarm.

“The British government sat on this information for days and failed to respond. Though the Israeli government is playing along publicly, it may not stay quiet for long. This is sure to apply pressure on Blair very soon for his failure to deter this major terrorist attack.”

Heifetz ended his conversation with Shalom and eyed his liquor cabinet. If the press runs with this, he thought wistfully, Blair will be exposed as a murderer of his own people. You can kill Israelis and get away with it. You can kill Americans and they’ll make you President for a second time. But the Brits are made of wiser stuff. They’ll hang Blair from the highest lamppost in London.

Heifetz had also been told that Sir Ian Blair had refused to disable the cell phone networks. That’s an open admission that Blair knew well beforehand that explosions were not to be triggered by cell phones. Heifetz whistled at the audacity of it all, and wondered if just one curious journalist would push the matter to its logical conclusion. Not any of the media whores from the Murdoch press, of course. Or even from the Fabian socialist Guardian newspaper. The BBC would naturally report the government-approved version of events and any embarrassing questions would be drowned out in the general cry for revenge and increased police state powers.

As reports of bus explosions hit the airwaves, Tony Blair’s face animated the live feed. Flanked by Chirac and Bush, Blair went into Churchill mode and began the spin. Trying to look shocked and concerned, but inwardly full of glee, Blair let loose the repertoire he had prepared the night before. He would be returning to London to meet with police and intelligence chiefs, and he would preside over a press and propaganda control operation known as COBRA.

“A co-ordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos,” Sir Ian Blair told Sky News in a telltale direct translation of the Freemasons’ Satanic motto “Ordo Ab Chao".

The British people had been fooled again. Another war is on the cards.

On Saturday July 10, a British freelance journalist with a wealth of experience in sniffing out illegal MI6 activities in Germany took a stroll along the Muenchner Strasse in Frankfurt and recalled the warm summer evening in 1997 when a gun-wielding MI6 operative tried to shoot him dead: an incident witnessed by several passers-by and still on file with Inspector Werner Dietz at Frankfurt’s central police headquarters. The attack only strengthened Michael James’ determination to return a popular politician from enforced exile to his homeland in Kenya and to continue on African soil his investigation into the MI6 assassination of Robert Ouko, Kenya’s anti-British foreign minister.
The same journalist was mulling a call from a former MI6 agent who, back in 1997, had warned him of the clear and present danger to his life. Even though he already knew that Tony Blair had been informed of the impending attacks on London, what he had been told in terms of Blair’s direct involvement sounded almost too fantastical. That Tony Blair enjoyed killing Arab children was a proven fact. But British citizens on British soil? “Then tell it as a short story with the outline of events I have provided, my friend,” his confidante implored. “The facts will speak for themselves.”

And these are the facts: Tony Blair played a direct executive role in the false flag terror attacks on London, killing over sixty innocent civilians and maiming hundreds, possibly thousands, more. He worked in close cooperation with his namesake and fellow occultist, Sir Ian Blair, and with the head of MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller. Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, was also kept informed of events leading up to the atrocities.

The first expositor that will surely hang Tony Blair came in the form of reports by the Associated Press and the intelligence specialists Stratfor that the Israelis had been repeatedly warning the British government since July 4, and that Blair chose to ignore both Shalom and Heifetz. The AP reports, which were quickly withdrawn from public view, have been salvaged from the Google cache and are on display at nomorefakenews.com, among many other websites. The second is represented by a major blunder in planning and response, namely Sir Ian Blair’s decision not to shut down the cell phone networks. That decision was based entirely on his foreknowledge that the explosives would not be detonated by means of mobile phones, as was the case with the equally suspicious events that struck Madrid on March 3, 2004, and his deferring to Tony Blair’s desire for graphic images of the carnage. A third expositor lies in the fact that MI5 made a number of glaring and very telling errors in their presentation of the “al Qaeda” website, even allowing a simple DNS trace to a server in the United States.

Another anomaly may emerge in the fact that the perpetrators seem to have somehow escaped being filmed by London’s vast network of CCTV cameras - a remarkable feat when one considers that the average Londoner is caught on camera three hundred times a day, and certainly more evidence that these operations were carried out by sophisticated insiders. Without a doubt, a number of Arab men will be rounded up in the days ahead and questioned by police until charges can be made to look credible.

When Tony Blair told the press that the bombings bore all the hallmarks of al Qaeda, he broke with tradition and actually told the truth. The fall-guy al Qaeda network is the bastard child of the British intelligence services and the Freemasonic terror school, the occultic Muslim Brotherhood. MI5, MI6 and al Qaeda are virtually indistinguishable. Yes, Mr Blair, the bombings bore all the hallmarks of MI5 - and you know it, precisely because it was you who authorised the attacks.

It’s not the first time that MI5 has been active in perpetrating acts of terror against the British people. Recent exposures have shown that most of the bombings carried out by the Irish Republican Army during its long campaign against the illegal British occupation of Northern Ireland were, in fact, provoked, instigated and executed by undercover MI5 agents posing as Irish patriots.

This pattern of subterfuge and deception in creating terror to manipulate public perceptions has been a specialty of American and British governments for the best part of fifty years. Diligent researchers and real journalists who aren’t fooled by government propaganda and the mainstream media, already know that the CIA, MI5 and MI6 financed al Qaeda during its heyday as the main organiser against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. They also know that Osama bin Laden was, and probably still is, on the CIA payroll, operating under the name “Tim Osman". The business relationship between the mercurial and sinister Bush family and the bin Ladens is well known. All of these facts can now be verified on the public record, thanks to the efforts of independent journalists and truth campaigners. Less well known is the integral role played by the British intelligence services (both MI5 and MI6) in creating, steering and financing the terror network, and also in protecting key operatives from public exposure and arrest.

Blair has obtained the results he wanted: the collapse of all resistance to the imminent introduction of National Identity Cards, the inflaming of public rage against Islam in preparation for an attack on Iran and Syria, and a distraction from the continued illegality of the Iraq war and issues that threaten to overwhelm his administration, such as the Downing Street memo, which evidences fraud and treason at the highest levels of state.

Tony Blair has one other ambition that remains unfulfilled. He has stated that he wishes to become the first ever president of a European superstate, a project recently derailed by the stunning French and Dutch rejection of the proposed European constitution. He also wishes, in his capacity as the new Prince of Europe, to remodel the European entity as a UK-US-Israeli forward base for imperial expansion in the Middle East and Central Asia; and he wishes to stamp this initiative with the imprimatur of the British Crown, forcing the United States to play the junior role in a new world order shaped by international bankers in the City of London.

The attacks on London and the forthcoming attacks on France and Germany are therefore also designed to resurrect the failing European project as the answer to the demands for increased security and surveillance and the continued negation of civil liberties - demands that will now be heard and amplified throughout the European Union by frightened and gullible citizens.

I was the first, long before Harold Pinter, to publicly call for the lawful arrest and execution of Tony Blair for mass murder and high treason, and I would like to renew that call here and now. With a wry nod in the direction of the British Consulate in Frankfurt, which has already tried to nail me for honest journalism, allow me in my capacity as one who possesses pre-degree qualifications in British Law, Constitution and Government to stress that such measures are not only lawful, but are indeed obligatory under the code governing statutes on Citizens’ Arrests.

Tony Blair is a dangerous psychopath who must be stopped before he kills and maims again. According to psychologist Dr Paul Broks, his repeated lies and his lust for the blood of innocent people evidence “a plausible psychopath - charming, intelligent, emotionally manipulative, ruthlessly ambitious and self-serving.” How much longer do we permit Blair to remain at large? How many more deaths and fake terror attacks will it take before men and women of courage invoke the law and apprehend this monster?

To paraphrase another serial killer, George W. Bush, if we can’t bring Tony Blair to justice, we must bring justice to Tony Blair.

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         everything would be,  what it isn't.
          And contrary-wise     what it is,         
            it wouldn't be. And  what it            
                wouldn't be, it would.
                         You see?"
                    Alice in Wonderland.
                     ~ Lewis Carrol
Military Men are Just DUMB STUPID ANIMALS to be Used as Pawns
in Foreign Policy."   ~ Henry Kissinger quoted in
"Kiss the Boys Goodbye:How U.S.Betrayed Its Own POW's in Vietnam"
     The Z**nists have said for a long time that
"Once 10% of the Goyim Understand, the Game is Over."

Nothing in Politics Happens Without Being Planned. ~ F.D.R.

Never doubt that a Small Group of Thoughtful,Committed Citizens
can change the world.Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
                                                 ~ Margaret Mead


Hard Choices: Bombing al-Qaeda’s Server in Houston Sunday July 10th 2005, 8:04 pm

  I’d like to know when the intrepid invaders Bush and Blair will attack Houston, Texas. If we are to follow the unvarnished logic of the “war on terrorism,” the United States and Britain will attack terrorists and those who support terrorists. Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi runs the al-qal3ah.com web site and the server for that web site is located in Houston, Texas.

As we know, the al-qal3ah.com site posted a claim taking responsibility for the terror attacks in London. According to Whois, the street address for the company hosting the site, is Everyones Internet, Inc., 2600 Southwest Freeway, Suite 500, Houston, Texas.

A quick check with MapQuest reveals this to be a densely populated area on a main thoroughfare surrounded by residential neighborhoods (and even a park). No problem. As the bombing of Baghdad demonstrates, the United States has plenty of experience attacking urban areas.

“In hospitals there are 207 people, woman, children and other civilians,”

Mohammad Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi information minister at the time, said on March 22, 2003, after a “precision” attack on Baghdad. “We have calculated in a small area of Baghdad, 19 missiles fell. I went there and saw parts of these missiles—19 missiles in a very small area,” al-Sahaf added. It will probably not require 19 missiles to take out al-Qaeda’s server situated near a busy intersection in Houston. A couple cluster bombs will do the trick.

As for Tony Blair, he should waste no time bombing Willesden, north-west London, where the Saudi dissident Saad al-Faqih lives. Mr. al-Faqih, according to the normally reliable Israeli sources, runs the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (Mira) and owns the Qal3ah forums, according to the U.S. Treasury.

“Al-Faqih has had contact with both UBL [Osama] and Khaled al Fawwaz, who acted as UBL’s de facto representative in the U.K. According to information available to the U.S. Government, al-Faqih and al Fawwaz shared an office in the late 1990s, and al-Faqih worked with and provided assistance to al Fawwaz, who served as the intermediary between UBL and al-Faqih.”

Of course, taking out the whole Willesden neighborhood to get one man may be a bit extreme, but then this was hardly a concern when the U.S. military used a B-1 bomber and a number of 2,000lb joint direct attack munitions bombs on a restaurant in the Mansour district of Baghdad where it was rumored Saddam and his sons Uday and Qusay were hanging out in April, 2003.

“Iraqi officials said they found two bodies in the rubble and were searching for another 14 they thought were still buried, but said no members of the leadership had been killed,”

The Guardian reported at the time. I guess the dead were restaurant patrons and staff, hardly worth concern.

And so, when Bush drops a few 2,000lb joint direct attack munitions bombs a few dozen feet from the intersection of Southwest Freeway and Kirby Drive, a couple minutes walk from Levy Park and overlooking the heavily traveled US Highway 59, the same steely resolve at work when the restaurant where Saddam was not meeting his cohorts should hold sway.

After all, as Bush tells us, sacrifices will need be made in this “war on terrorism,” a sort of non-war (in war, two sides are more or less equally paired) promised to last a couple decades.


THESE are DANGEROUS TIMES, Where Nothing is as it Appears to be!
  Welcome to Alice in Blunderland. - SR
14 Characteristics of Fascism: http://www.ericblumrich.com/14.html
Beware the Troll: http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/troll.htm

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About DU, but were Afraid to Ask!
Depleted Uranium: Lessons in "Humanitarian" and Other Warfare
81 Links at: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mparent7777/106502.html
This is (Possibly) copyrighted material, We believe this constitutes
a 'Fair Use' as provided for in Sec.107 of the US Copyright Law.
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material 
is distributed without profit. For more information go to:


Karl Rove, Fairy Queen of the GOP (Gay Old Party)   


Bush Family retainer and Republican dirty trickster Karl Rove, under grand jury investigation for leaking the fact that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame is a covert CIA operative, may face a stiff prison term, since "outing" an agent like Plame is a federal crime.

Rove, allegedly a closet homosexual like other top leaders of the Republican Party, including RNC chairman Ken Mehlman and Republican apparatchiks Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer, may be preparing himself for the eventuality of prison, writes Al Martin, author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider."

"We have an update on Karl Rove, the Fairy Queen of the Gay Old Party. That's G.O.P. to the unenlightened," writes Martin in his column
"Asset Protection: A Timely Update." (7-4-05)

"The speculation is the grand jury will finger Karl as the leaker with regards to the Valerie Plame CIA situation. Then he's going to put Bob Novak right in the frame."

In a recent interview, Martin confirms that Rove has deep family ties to the Bush Family through Prescott Bush, who was a sales agent for the Portugal-based subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel, which sold war materiel to the Nazis during World War II.

Martin also states that Rove's family, like the Bush Family, was involved in Nazi war profiteering, helping build Nazi concentration camps in Germany. Reliable sources also state that Rove's grandfather was a high Nazi Party official called a gauleiter, which is comparable to a state Republican Party leader.

The irony is that Rove may finally be jettisoned by the Bush Family, since he has outlived his usefulness.

"Will Karl Rove escape the liability of leaking Valerie Plame's name as a CIA operative?" Martin asks in his column. "My opinion is no. I think Karl is becoming an increasing liability, frankly because there has been so much press coverage about Karl Rove and his sordid and secret machinations."

"Will he be then thrown to the wolves? I think it's entirely possible at this point," Martin writes. "Karl Rove has gone on a diet recently, and he's actually tried to grow a beard. He's trying to become a little tougher to get away from the cream puff image. He wants to toughen himself up a bit. And then if he ultimately has to go to the Big House, they'll probably send him to a federal minimum security prison where the queens control it."

(For the rest of this column as well as previous columns about Karl Rove, log on to Al Martin Raw.com at Al Martin Raw.com [Political, Economic and Financial Intelligence])


update.gif (1754 bytes)July 13, 2005 --


-- Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman has a good reason to come to (lover?) Karl Rove's defense.

Mehlman's July 12 RNC talking points memo on Rove and the leak of classified CIA information was not only an attempt to clear Rove but himself as well. When the CIA leak occurred in 2003, Mehlman was the White House political director and he reported directly to Rove, then counselor to the President. Mehlman and Rove were both mentioned in the infamous 2002 Power Point compact disc "found" (containing political disinformation to help Jeb Bush's re-election in 2002) in Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Mehlman would not comment on whether he was called before the grand jury, a sure indication that he was, along with a number of other White House aides. While not a core member, Mehlman was one of the adjunct neo-cons who helped steer the United States into war in Iraq. Rove apparently phoned Mehlman from the White House and helped dictate the RNC talking points, which may, itself constitute interference in an ongoing criminal investigation and misuse of White House resources for partisan political activity.

There is another major sub-story to Rovegate that is being missed by the main stream media: the forgery of the Niger government documents on Iraqi-Nigerien contacts. Those documents first surfaced in Italy and have been tied to a veteran cell of Iran-contra players, one of whom has a very close relationship with Karl Rove -- an individual who has always maintained close contacts with the Italian neo-fascist elements, the same players who forged the Niger documents and who are now under criminal investigation in Italy for running a parallel intelligence network in Italy and the Middle East and North Africa, including Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, and Chad.

The word is that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has more than the Plame leak on his hands -- that his investigation now encompasses the criminal investigation of the Niger document forgeries and AIPACgate.

Meanwhile, another veteran of the Iran-contra scandal has surfaced in the Bush administration. He is Robert L. Earl who confessed to the FBI of stealing classified national security documents and then destroying them in the infamous White House midnight "shredding party" and PROFS email erasing fest overseen by Oliver North. Earl hammered out an immunity deal with independent special counsel Lawrence Walsh in return for his testimony against other criminal conspiracists. Iran-contra led directly into the office of Vice President George H. W. Bush and resulted in the convictions of North, National Security Adviser and former G. W. Bush Internet spying czar John Poindexter, and current National Security Council official Elliot Abrams.

shredder.jpg (4995 bytes)

Does Robert "Shredder" Earl's sudden appearance at the Pentagon mean another midnight shredding party is coming? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Mr. Fitzgerald)

Amid a major FBI investigation of criminal conspiracies involving lying about the reasons for going to war in Iraq, forged documents, Israeli espionage, and CIA leaks, perhaps Earl's expertise in document disposal and shredding is the reason why he is now the chief of staff for Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, who replaced chief Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz.

-- ROVEGATE -- With the Washington main stream media's newly-found focus on Karl Rove and the leak of highly classified information on the CIA, a few issues are being missed. First, some members of the Washington media were not acting as journalists in the Plame/Brewster Jennings leaks but as purveyors of White House information and providers of classified information to the White House to discredit Amb. Joseph Wilson and his wife. That is why the special prosecutor has been so aggressive against journalists who may have been involved in much more than mere news reporting. Informed sources claim that the investigation has gone from looking at what Karl Rove told Robert Novak (word is that Rove may have used a media intermediary to spread details on Plame and BJ&A to Novak and others) to a criminal conspiracy involving other White House officials, including Lewis "Scooter" Libby and, specifically, Vice President Dick Cheney. Second, Rove was called before the grand jury three times (not including his late 2004 requested meeting with the special prosecutor). This indicates he is far more than a "person of interest" at this stage.

cheney.jpg (2136 bytes)

Is Cheney a target? Some insiders say yes.



Underground.jpg (3073 bytes)

'99 Copeland bombing incident and '02 Tovey bomb-making and weapons caches both involved neo-Nazis wanting to start a British race war. Media spin on Islamic terrorists is the same mistake they made with Atlanta Olympics and Murrah Federal Building bombings

>British communications intercepts of radical Islamic groups show Islamists were "surprised" at London bombings

Former CIA counterterrorism chief says that "mechnical timing devices" were recovered by British police, throwing cold water on "official" British suicide bomber allegations.

July 13 -- Nevertheless, the "official" investigation is now being "steered" to suicide bombing British national Pakistani-descent Muslim terrorists from West Yorkshire, with a nameless "mastermind" behind the attacks.


ROVEGATE -- July 10, 2005 --Newsweek magazine is reporting on the contents of a July 11, 2003 email between reporter Matt Cooper and Time Washington bureau chief Michael Duffy that was handed over, along with other email and notes, to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Although the email shows that Rove talked to Cooper about Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife, there is no mention of how columnist Robert Novak obtained the information on Brewster Jennings & Associates, the carve out brass plate firm that was used by Valerie Plame and her colleagues and which was rolled up as a result of the leak. Rove and his lawyer are trying to limit the spin to Rove "not knowing" Plame's name, let alone that she was a covert CIA agent. Yet Plame's association with a non-official cover (NOC), by default, means that she was covert, pure and simple. Brewster Jennings reportedly "suffered greatly" as a result of the disclosure, according to a knowledgeable source. Another source reported that at least one Brewster Jennings NOC operating in a hostile intelligence environment was executed by counter-intelligence agents as a result of the White House disclosure. Other B&JA assets were forced to abandon their ongoing operations to identify networks involved in weapons of mass destruction proliferation. The CIA has been working on a damage assessment report on the Plame/B&JA disclosures. If no indictments of White House officials result from the Fitzgerald investigation, look for parts of that highly classified report to be leaked and then look for more imprisonments of journalists who refuse to divulge the source(s) of those leaks. Word from intelligence sources is that the damage assessment report is "devastating."


July 10, 2005 -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook: "Al Qaeda" was the name of a U.S. intelligence database

More- http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/


Rove is no "source" 
by donna neversurrender
Wed Jul 13th, 2005 at 16:42:37 PDT
Rove is not a "source" by any definition, so this whole
drama over a journalist's "confidential source" is
another bushco production, just slight of hand to get
the focus off of what we should be paying attention to:
what Rove did and get us arguing about journalism,
confidentiality, and sources.

This whole episode is being spun on the basis that
Rove was someone's "source"!   He didn't expose a
story of public concern, illegal activity, or vital
national interest on behalf of the public. He leaked
highly sensitive, classified, confidential information
that damaged our vital national interest. He's not a
source, he's a criminal and a traitor.

We're not talking about protecting a "whitleblower"
who is exposing criminal activity, we're talking about
someone perpetrating a criminal act by using the
press, or, as remains to be seen,  with the
complicity of the press.

If I called or emailed a reporter, said I committed a
crime, or wanted to commit a crime, say homicide (or
maybe treason), told them how I did it and where the
evidence was, and gave them my name, address and
phone number, you think that reporter has an
obligation to protect my identity?  No way, just the
opposite, he has an obligation to report it to the
authorities. Even better, if I contacted a reporter
and said "publish this and so and so will die", you
think I'm a source?  There is no legal or ethical
protection for someone who is committing a felony!

I am an ordinary citizen in the field of journalism,
but a professional in real estate.  I'm held to a
higher level of conduct in any real estate
transaction, even a personal one, because of my
knowledge.  Journalists, as experts in their field, 
know what they can or cannot publish, know what is
against the law, civil or criminal. There is no
confidentiality protection for criminals, in the
medical profession,  legal professions nor in

In 1972 the Supreme Court said that journalists
have no protection if they are aware of the
commission of a felony.

http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/sunday/commentary/la-op-sources6feb06,0,6080347.story?coll=la-su nday-commentary

"......., if the confidential information relates
to criminal activity, the U.S. Supreme Court said
in 1972 (in Branzburg vs. Hayes) that should a
grand jury investigating the crime need the
information, the journalist must turn it over --
despite the freedom of the press guaranteed under
the 1st Amendment.

No reporter can enter into an agreement that
violates that law. Rather, an agreement of
confidentiality is subject to it. The so-called
news person's privilege, just like the attorney-
client privilege or a president's executive
privilege, is a qualified privilege. When a
judge holds a reporter in contempt for violating
the law, that judge is merely upholding the law
of the land."

I refer you to the NY Times Confidential News
Source Policy: 


Confidential News Sources
February 25, 2004


Principles for Granting Anonymity

The use of unidentified sources is reserved for
situations in which the newspaper could not
otherwise print information it considers reliable
and newsworthy. When we use such sources, we
accept an obligation not only to convince a
reader of their reliability but also to convey
what we can learn of their motivation -- as much
as we can supply to let a reader know whether
the sources have a clear point of view on the
issue under discussion.


Whenever anonymity is granted, it should be the
subject of energetic negotiation to arrive at
phrasing that will tell the reader as much as
possible about the placement and motivation of
the source -- in particular, whether the source
has firsthand knowledge of the facts.

In any situation when we cite anonymous
sources, at least some readers may suspect that
the newspaper is being used to convey tainted
information or special pleading. If the impetus
for anonymity has originated with the source,
further reporting is essential to satisfy the
reporter and the reader that the paper has
sought the whole story.


Confidential sources must have direct knowledge
of the information they are giving us -- or
they must be the authorized representatives of
an authority, known to us, who has such


We do not grant anonymity to people who use it
as cover for a personal or partisan attack. If
pejorative opinions are worth reporting and
cannot be specifically attributed, they may be
paraphrased or described after thorough
discussion between writer and editor. The
vivid language of direct quotation confers an
unfair advantage on a speaker or writer who
hides behind the newspaper, and turns of
phrase are valueless to a reader who cannot
assess the source.


Forms of Attribution to Confidential Sources

When we agree to anonymity, the reporter's
duty is to obtain terms that conceal as little
as possible of what the reader needs to gauge
reliability. We should distinguish
conscientiously between high-level and lower-
level executives or officials. We should not
use blind attribution -- "sources said," for
example -- which is more a tease than a
signpost. Attribution should never amount to
a truism: since "source" merely means a
provider of information, "one source said" is
equivalent to "somebody said." And "informed"
or "reliable source" is no improvement.

We should avoid automatic references to
sources who "insisted on anonymity" or
"demanded anonymity"; rote phrases offer the
reader no help and make our decisions appear
automatic. When possible, though, articles
should tersely explain what kind of
understanding was actually reached by
reporter and source, and should shed light
on the reasons and the source's motives.


Multiple Anonymous Sources

When we grant anonymity, we do not necessarily
require multiple sources. A cabinet official,
for example, or the White House adviser on
national security, may require anonymity while
conveying a policy decision that is clearly
"authorized," necessitating no corroborating

But when we grant anonymity for less
verifiable assertions -- especially if they
form a disputed account, or are potentially
damaging to one side in a court case, for
example -- corroborating sources are often
necessary. The reporter should confer with the
department head or senior deputy to agree upon
the need and the number.

In such a case, the reporter and editor must
be satisfied that the sources are genuinely
independent of one another, not connected
behind the scenes in any kind of "echo
chamber" that negates the value of a cross-

And the Ethics Project of Radio-Television
News Directors Association

Remember "ethics"? Seems like Rove, Cooper,
Miller and Novak forgot about "ethics". But
that's to be expected when, from the top down,
an entire administration is corrupt and


Fulfill all of the following four criteria,
then consider the other questions listed

A story that uses confidential sources should
be of overwhelming public concern. (Plame's
name was of overwhelming public concern?)
Before using an unnamed source, you must be
convinced there is no other way to get the
essential information on the record. The
unnamed source must have verifiable knowledge
of the story. Even if the source cannot be
named, the information must be proven true.
You should be willing to reveal to the public
why the source cannot be named and what, if
any promises the news organization made in
order to get the information.


How would viewers/listeners evaluate the same
information if they knew the source's name
and motivations?

Have we gotten so used to being lied to and
manipulated that we don't see the obvious
anymore, even when it's right in our face? 
What ever happened to logic, critical
thinking, and analysis?

So all these reporters hollering "protecting
my source" about Rove are actually aiding
and abetting a criminal act (Cooper?),
obstructing justice (Miller?), and may even
be considered co-conspirators (Novak?).

What ever happened to logic, critical
thinking, and analysis?

update.gif (1754 bytes)July 14, 2005 --

Tony Blair Served With Subpoena by US Embassy Official
From:"Stew Webb" <stewwebb@stewwebb.com
Official Press Release
Tuesday July 13, 2005 8:PM

Tony Blair Served With Subpoena by US Embassy Official in Valerie Plume Case
By Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers
Heneghan-Webb Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates 2004

Today England's Prime Minister Tony Blair was served a subpoena by US Embassy Officials in London, to answer questions in the Deaths of CIA Valerie Plume Agents Network & 1700 American Soldiers who have died in the Iraq War. Chicago's US Attorney and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had the Subpoena served.

Will Tony Blair now run for cover or stand up like a man and answer Mr.Fitzgerald's questions before a US Federal Grand Jury? George W. Bush has refused and avoided his Grand Jury Subpoena. More to come, stay tuned to www.stewwebb.com

US Intel Breaking News

Official Press Release

Tuesday July 12, 2005 2:PM
Tony Blair Wanted.
For the Deaths of CIA Valerie Plume Agents Network & 1700 American Soldiers.
By Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers
Heneghan-Webb Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates 2004

Tony Blair has been Subpoenaed by Chicago US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Blair is claiming Diplomatic Immunity. US Attorney Fitzgerald readied extradition request.
More Details Coming, stay tuned www.stewwebb.com
Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan
stewwebb@stewwebb.com, stewwebb@sierranv.net
816 478-3267
Official Press Release
July 7, 2005 6:00 AM Central Time
London Terrorist Attack Bush and Blair the Culprits

By Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers
Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates 2004

The attacks on London were orchestrated by Bush & Blair using PE-2 Elements of Team Iraq and have been identified by the American French Alliance. Team Iraq was secretly setup to do insurgency attacks in Iraq by Bush, Blair and Answar Bin Shari of Israel to further the Iraq War Machine into Iran and Saudi Arabia for personal gain, and control of the World Oil Reserves for their own personal benefits.

PE-2 Consists of Rogue British MI-5, Mossad and US Pentagon Secret Teams under Bush, Blair and Shari's Control.

PE-2 also known as Propaganda Dewey was set up by George H. W. Bush when he was Vice President under President Ronald Reagan. After Iran Contra was exposed Bush set up PE-2-Propaganda Dewey. This the Bush CIA Shadow Government within the US Government that is behind the Terrorist attack on America 9-11 WTC and the Oklahoma City Bombing Shadow Government Players.

PE-2 is the Bush Illegal Dirty Illegal Shadow Government within the Government.

This attack in London today upon innocent British People was for their own Satanic Political Agenda.

Expect possible more attacks by Bush, Blair and Shari's PE-2 Terrorist Rouges in England, Israel and the USA.

This is all to undermine Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's investigations of Bush and Cheney's leaks of CIA Valerie Plame, Ambassador Joseph Wilson wife's CIA Team investigating Bushes and Cheney's involvements into the orchestrated 9-11 attacks on America.

Plame's CIA network was compromised and many were killed as a result of The White House Bush-Cheney leaks in violations of National Security Laws and murder of U.S. CIA Federal Agents.

Judith Miller, a Mossad Stooge, was jailed for her involvement in the leaks of the CIA Plame investigations which violated National Security laws and the murder of many CIA agents. Miller was not protecting Whistleblower sources but was in fact part of the Bush espionage plot to stop the Plame team from uncovering Bush Cheney's plotted, planned and orchestrated  9-11 attack upon America on September 11, 2001 which is Treason. Judith Miller stated in the Courtroom July 6, 2005 when asked if she was ready to reveal her source stated: "I cannot take the risk. It is too grave, this Government is too powerful."

US District Judge Lefko of Chicago who's Husband and Mother were murdered several months ago issued the order for Judith Miller and Matt Cooper to turn over their notes regarding their sources. Claiming this was not a First Amendment Right but was in Violation of US National Security Laws because of the murders of several CIA Agents.  Miller and Cooper appealed and July 6, 2005 Miller went to jail.  Judge Lefko's Family was murdered by 2 FBI Division 5 Agents, who left cigarette butts of an FBI Informant-stooge on the crime scene with the informants DNA, the informant was murdered by the 2-FBI Agents.

Matt Cooper is now Obstructing Justice by claiming The White House Bush Brain Karl Rove was his source. This is additional Obstruction Of Justice.

Congressman Conyors in a June 2005 Congressional hearing called for Impeachment hearing to proceed in July 2005 against George W. Bush after testimony by Ambassador Joseph Wilson and CIA Analyst Ray McGovern. Sources says Conyors now has 130 plus Congressman ready. Impeach The White House Occu-punk George W. Bush.

PE-2 Terrorist Cell Fox News reported MI-5 British agents warned Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in his hotel room 30 minutes prior to the London attacks.

Intelligence sources have revealed Michael Shipton, MI-5 British Agent, is tied to the London Terrorist attack, Grab Him.

The Signal man walked with a clipboard in his hand down the street, there are enough cameras to identify this terrorist.

Expect possible attacks in America by these PE-2 Bush-Blair-Shari terrorist teams in order to further their Martial Law agenda over the coming weeks.

Bush will keep pushing for more support of his war machine expansions into Iran and Saudi Arabian for Oil Fields for his families personal gain, with possible attacks on United States Soil.

Crisis Creation, Crisis Solution for Crisis Control. Further remember Adolph Hitler's Mein Kemp strategy of evil.

Fear, Fear, Fear. False Evidence that Appears Real.  George W. Bush save us from your created Big Bad Boogie Man Terrorist Al Qaeda.

American Militias and Patriots be prepared to defend America. Bush intends on declaring Martial Law to avoid his coming Indictments, Impeachment and his going to Jail for Treason and murder for his terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001. This has now been investigated and proven by U.S. Intelligence agents and others.

America's enemy has been identified as Bush-Cheney. End.

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb,
Top Secret Bush Crime Family Narco,  Weapons and Murder Indictments.


WARRANTS AGAINST TOP U.S. SHADOW GOVERNMENT BUSH CRIME FAMILY PLAYERS: Ollie North, Casper Weinberger, John Poindexter, Assistant Attorney General William Richard Scruggs, Carl Lindner owner United Fruit-Chiquita Bananas and George H. W. Bush. These Indictments for Drug & Gun running, Murder, Narcotics money laundering is by The Senate & Congress of Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Government has pending requests with the US State Department, The US Congress & Senate, The US Courts, which are being ignored. This document is 93 Pages There are rewards being offered by The Government of Costa Rico if someone wants to collect them. There are only 3 copies in existence, now there will be millions. Make your copy today.

Breaking News July 3, 2005 Bush Crime Family Goon British Stooge Bob Woodward of the Washington Post exposed the Headquarters of the American French Alliance Good Guys in the CIA and French Intel Good Guys who oppose Nazi Bushes. The AFA have repeatedly stopped Terrorist attacks inside the USA that Bushes plotted since July 2004. Bush Stooge Woodward did this in retaliation for the AFA exposing his Nixon Deep Throat source FBI Feldman.

Woodward was involved in the murder of Neil Moody Cooper, White House Aide Vince Fosters cousin. Foster also was murdered by the Bush Clinton Crime Family for turning States Witness against the Bush-Clintons.

Breaking News Exclusive Top Secret John F. Kennedy Jr. Interpol Classified Reports. Classified Top Secret until 2025 Many more top secret documents released by Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, only on www.stewwebb.com see Breaking News pages.www.stewwebb.com

To subscribe or unsubscribe from Stew Webb's Breaking Newssimply type the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the message bodyof your email and send to listname-request@stewwebb.com






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In the CIA leak case Special Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is about to release Criminal Indictments against George W. Bush. Result? White House threatens to assassinate Fitzgerald.

(Cloak & Dagger News_7 _14_05: Chicago)

 Subject: [IPCUSA] Gannon-Guckert and Gay Republicans Gone Wild in the White
      To: George <gaemerson@direcway.com>

Gannon-Guckert and Gay Republicans Gone Wild in the White House

   by August Keso, April 30th, 2005

Well, well, well! It seems that, if terrorists ever wanted to attack the
White House all they need do is slip in n' out, in n' out, in n' out the
back-door of the McLennan-Rove operated Presidential Suite, as did male
prostitute turned Republican propaganda journalist Gannon/Guckert. The
Republican's favorite gay prostitute had been in n' out of McLennan and
Rove's...err...the White House, on some 200 occasions. Many times he never
bothered to check-in and/or out while coming and coming and
coming...eh-hem...and going.

Certainly he was there only to perform his pseudo-journalistic duties was he
not? Well, he was certainly there performing...ummm...duties of some
Lewinskyan sort, but it couldn't have always been propaganda press duty.
Turns out, on several occasions when the male prostitute showed up, there
wasn't even a press conference held that day, or Jesus-in-Chief, George 'W'
Bush wasn't in the area.

Aside from the obvious national security risk involved with having a phony
journalist roaming freely through the sacred halls of the White House,
imagine the potential embarrassment when the 'White House Home Videos' hit
the internet!

Snoop-Dogg will be standing there with his microphone pimpin' Gay
Republicans Gone Wild in The White House. Somehow one has to believe images
of Gannon/Guckert and Rove or McLennan -- maybe all three at one time --
spread out on the sheets of the Lincoln Bed, basking in the after-glow of
their warm, passionate rendezvous would be a big seller.

Of course, in the background the world would see Gannon/Guckert's "press
credentials" sitting on the nightstand along with the $200.00 Bush's "boys"
gave GG, for rendering his services.

"Order Gay Republicans Gone Wild in The White House and see Karl Rove mount
prostitute-turned-propagandist Jeff Gannon/Guckert, like a cowboy ridin' a
bull at a Texas rodeo," the 'Gone Wild' announcer screams into the late
night television viewer's ears, "when he's done, watch as Scott McLennan
drives his "spur" deep, deep, deep into the... ."

"Order Gay Republicans Gone Wild In the White House and receive free, Gay
College Republicans Gone Wild and Gay Republican Administration Members Gone
Wild and Gay Republican Male Prostitutes Gone Wild and Gay Republican
Propagandists Gone Wild, that is right...you get 'em all free when you order
Gay Republicans Gone Wild In the White House, so don't wait, supplies are
limited! Order your copy of Gay Republicans Gone Wild in The White House
now! And, as an added bonus, we'll send you the Republican Parties official
Petition to Ban Gay Marriage in America."

Ultimately, which side of the plate Gannon/Guckert, Rove and McLennan choose
to bat from, doesn't matter one way or the other. And that is exactly the
point isn't it? All three of these people have made it their life's work, to
bash, demoralize, endanger and harass the gay community. Each of these men
have supported, abetted and aided Bush and the Jihad for Jesus Republiqaedan
Politburo in their effort to goose-step the nation toward a "Gay Marriage

Rove and McLennan, along with the entire Republican Taliban movement wish to
lynch America's gay people, so they can placate the most vicious and radical
pseudo-Christian element of their party. In the mean time, they all want to
play Roman Warriors with their concubine Gannon/Guckert. Hypocrisy is one
thing, but this is just absurd!

Fake journalists, fake news, fake intelligence and now, fake gay haters; all
in the name of dividing the nation and obtaining some bizarre notion of
political triumph. Rove and McLennan want to bang Gannon/Guckert, like he
were a finishing nail being hammered into oak? Fine, but don't play hide my
favorite "queer" in the White House closet and then after getting a "nut"
jump in front of the press and start burning the gay community at the cross!

Not to mention the national security risk a prostitute (male or female)
fronting as a journalist poses to the country.

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