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Time To Weed Out Garden Of Freedom

There are many methods of 'brainwashing' and 'mind control' taking place across the planet.. but I have to wonder.. is it occurring anywhere else at the rate that it's occurring in the Land of the Free?

The media that at one time, delivered us the word about what was happening, without bias towards the government.. no longer exists.  Freedom of Speech??? Hmm, it sounds familiar, but it sounds more like a 'dream' than a reality in this country. Do you remember how your tv program would be interrupted with "breaking news, reporting live"..notice how that doesn't happen alot these days, yet crime and horrendous deeds have escalated.. which makes one think that there would be 'breaking news' occurring more often..but it doesn't, because now before one can report a story, any story of significance..it has to be cleared by those in charge of what we are allowed to know and see.

Has anyone else wondered or had any thoughts on why a judge was murdered?

Or why another judge's family was murdered? The judiciary system and those that
are supposed to represent it..has lost all honor. So now we're being told to provide better protection for those that have sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution. Well, perhaps if they actually were doing their jobs..they wouldn't need the extra protection from the people that they are supposed to be protecting!!!!!

We have more and more 'New' churches popping up. They preach to love one another at the pulpit..but run around promoting genocide, and brainwashing their followers to 'take out' the enemies of Christ... which if ya think about it..THEY are enemies of Christ..Christ was a man about love..not destroying each other. Yet, more and more people are falling for the "I'm a servant of Jesus, and Jesus says that this group or that group needs to be destroyed for their sins.". Go get rid of so and so...they're pagan, they're jewish, they're muslim,buddhist, etc etc etc.  IT does not matter people...we're all trying to get to the same place! Who cares if one calls The Highest Divine Power, Jesus, God,  Mary, Isis, Thor, Zeus, Allah, Buddha, Om, Azna, or Billy Bob!!! etc etc...

Divinity appears to us all, in a manner which we can most easily identify.  If you want the right to call Divinity by the name that is most comfortable to you, then your neighbor has the right to do the same.

Why are so many allowing themselves to be 'herded' by these people?? I don't think it's really all that difficult to see the manipulative behavior,of 'the powers that be' are incorporating all the worst aspects of Nazism and Communism.

But too many think it's too hard to remove the blinders they've been wearing for so long, what they will see is painful and horrifying..therefore,they'd rather go along with the rest of the herd, than to wake up and see.

Too many have decided 'thats the way it is'..they have taken on the "I'm a victim" persona... and would rather just sit back and bathe in 'self pity' than to refuse to be a victim.. and become a Survivor.

Sooo the judicial system, the big government of the People, clergy, health care
providers, the media big wigs, they all get together and have their 'meetings'... behind closed doors of course, for OUR own safety. They decide on what we will see, hear and feel. They plot and plan what needs to happen to keep the American People fighting amongst one another...after all, as long as the People are killing each other..The elitist's won't have to worry as much about the People coming for them.

Old tactics are working..divide and conquer.

I'm serious people.. it's time to stop putting the blade in your neighbors back.. who gives a shit if they worship standing up or sitting down??? Who gives a shit if they listen to country music and you prefer rock and roll??? Extreme exaggerations???..maybe. The point is..Does what your neighbor does in the privacy of their own home, really effect your life? Does the way the worship or cook, or dance, or sing, really and truly effect your life??  In most cases, I'd say no.  Yet here we are, ripping each other apart.. while those in control of our country, those whose actions DO affect our lives..are sitting smug, getting what they want.. watching us destroy each other and lessen the number of those that they are going to have to face, those that will stand up and say "ENOUGH"!!!!

There are ALOT of things that need to change in this country... But NONE of it is going to change, until we clean house!!! Our field of Freedom is overrun with deadly weeds, but we're not gonna be able to ever plant anything wonderful, until we clear the field...and not just be cutting those weeds back.. we need to yank them out by the root. Do you see what I'm saying???

Just my thoughts.

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