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Bush-Cheney Heading For Nuclear Rendevous At Desert One

Bush-Cheney Heading
For Nuclear Rendevous
At Desert One

By Webster Griffin Tarpley
Author - 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism: Made in USA

click for map of Bernard Lewis Plan for the Middle East

WASHINGTON DC/LOS ANGELES -- With the direct threat of military attack against Iran issued Aug. 13 by Bush, the world has entered a phase of new and acute danger of general war. Bush made the threat in an interview with Israeli television. "All options are on the table," said Bush, speaking from his estate in Crawford, Texas. Asked if that included the use of force, Bush replied: "As I say, all options are on the table. The use of force is the last option for any president and you know, we've used force in the recent past to secure our country." (Reuters, dateline Jerusalem, August 13, 2005) Bush's comments were ostensibly made in the context of the US campaign to shut down the Iranian nuclear program, but in reality came in the midst of feverish US-UK preparations for a new 9/11 of state-sponsored, false flag synthetic terrorism which is intended in the intentions of the terrorist controllers in London and Washington to set the stage for the attack on Iran, as well as for martial law austerity dictatorships throughout the English-speaking world, and beyond.
A possible scenario for what is in store over the next few weeks could well include a nuclear detonation under US military auspices on the coast of the Carolinas under the cover of the anti-terrorism exercise Sudden Response 05, but blamed on Hezbollah or some other alleged Iranian asset, followed by US atomic bombing of Iranian military bases, nuclear sites, and other strategic targets, using nuclear devices of various yields. US confrontation with Russia, China, and the other powers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would not be far behind. With that, the nuclear genie would be out of the bottle, and we would not see him confined again in our lifetimes.
With these new threats from Bush, so reminiscent of his 2002-2003 demagogy in advance of the invasion of Iraq, there could be no rational doubt that the US regime was in headlong flight forward towards war with Iran. Bush and Cheney, and their masters in the US secret government, appeared determined to repeat, on a grand scale, the fiasco of the April 1980 Operation Eagle Claw the attempt to extract the US hostages from Iran which left 8 US dead among a field of burning aircraft at the Iranian site labeled Desert One. This time, the toll would be many orders of magnitude greater.
That Bush's threats were no mere throw-away lines was shown by the blunt response just a few hours later by German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who in August 2002 had been the first NATO head of government to repudiate the then-imminent Iraq war. "Take the military options off the table, since we,ve seen that they are worthless," said Schroeder in a campaign speech in Hanover. He told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag: "I consider the military option extremely dangerousI can definitely exclude that under my leadership this government would be a part of it." Instead, Schroeder spoke in favor of "patient diplomacy," and also of German-Russian reconciliation. Schroeder pointed to the evident limits of the much-touted US "superpower," noting that "in the United States, one should realize that the US might, unilaterally, win wars, but cannot win peace, as we have seen in Afghanistan, and even more so in Iraq." (BamS, August 14, 2005) German Foreign Minister Fischer warned that military operations against Iran would always bring the risk of uncontrollable escalation. (DPA, August 13)
In an irony of history, Schroeder's prompt stand against a wider war has increased the penalty for the aggression now being planned by the Bush-Cheney regime and its backers. If the US attacks Iran before the September 18 German elections, Schroeder might be swept back into office, given the clear inability of his feckless opposition to resist US dictation. When Wolfgang Schaeubele, one of Schroeder's key opponents, visited Bush, Bush told him that "his greatest concern is Iran." However, Bush reassured his guest that there would be no US attack on Iran before the German vote on September 18. (Frankfurter Rundschau, August 18)
The British Foreign Office was compelled to align itself with Schroeder's critique. The Foreign Office spokesman stated: "Our position is clear and has been made very, very clear by the Foreign Secretary. We do not think there are any circumstances where military action would be justified against Iran. It does not form part of British foreign policy." (Sunday Times, August 14, 2005) Thus, according to all present indications, the US would go into Iran utterly alone, without even the window dressing of a sham coalition of the bribed and the blackmailed.
Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his own response to Bush from the deck of the Russian battle cruiser Peter the Great in the Barents Sea. Putin's warning addressed the Cheney-Rumsfeld reliance on low-yield nuclear weapons as a key component of US strategy. "I think that lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear arms is a dangerous trend, because somebody may feel tempted to use nuclear weapons," Putin told journalists. "If that happens, the next step can be taken -- more powerful nuclear arms can be used, which may lead to a nuclear conflict. This extremely dangerous trend is in the back of the mind of some politicians and military officials," the president said. (Interfax, August 17) This can be read as a nuclear counterthreat in response to Bush's "all options are on the table." The threatening overtone took on consistency over the following hours. Putin flew in a Tupolev-160 strategic bomber with Major General Anatoly Zhikharev, deputy commander of the Russian strategic air force. With Putin on board, this plane was one of two which successfully flight-tested what Russia described as "a new, high-precision, long-range cruise missile." Putin had his picture taken in a flight helmet and, in contrast to Bush's ludicrous "Mission Accomplished" bluster, announced that the cruise missiles had hit their target. A new Russian RSM-54 ICBM, called SS-N-23 Skiff by NATO, was fired from the submerged nuclear sub Yekaterinburg in the Barents Sea and also hit its target on the Kura testing range on the Kamchatka peninsula. All this was in the context of maneuvers by the surface warships and subs of the Russian Northern Fleet.
Russia was also joining with China in Peace Mission 05, an unprecedented joint exercise in the Far East between August 18 and August 26, evidently directed against US-UK meddling in the region. The political basis of this cooperation against hegemonism had been outlined in the July 15 Russo-Chinese joint statement on the world strategic situation. At the same time, intelligence agencies of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus held a drill involving the prevention of terror attacks on energy assets. Between August 22 and August 30 the combined air defense forces of the Commonwealth of Independent States will drill warding off air attacks around Astrakhan at the northern end of the Caspian Sea. The hypothetical aggressor was, once again, clearly the United States. Russian military sources indicated that the US and NATO had so far not mounted military exercises on this scale in multiple regions. The message of all this is that Russia's military comeback has succeeded to a remarkable degree, with more to come: Putin also announced a 22% increase in the Russian military budget, which is still dwarfed overall by the US. Russia, however, has been able to maintain substantial superiority in a limited number of strategically decisive categories. As the US has grown weaker under catastrophic neocon misleadership, Putin has grown more assertive: On August 17, Putin met with King Abdullah of Jordan in Sochi and called for a fixed timetable for the gradual departure of foreign forces from Iraq the theme Bush sees as taboo. Putin also called for the convocation before the end of the year of an international conference to stabilize Iraq another Bush bugaboo. US intentions in the Far East had been made clear by attack dog Zbigniew Brzezinski in a July 29 article in the Moscow Nezavisimaya Gazeta, which boasted that the Russian presence in that region was about to collapse. During August, Pakistan was holding Tri-Service maneuvers along its border with Iran, thus possibly creating a diversion to complicate Iran's situation.
For weeks, top US officials foolishly ignoring rumblings from many quarters around the world -- have given free rein to their obsession with Iran. When a few days after the London 7/7 attacks, a bomb in Israel claimed the lives of two victims, Rumsfeld placed the blame on Hezbollah and Iran. On August 9, Rumsfeld and outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Meyers complained that Iran was responsible for the availability in Iraq of new types of shaped charge explosive devices, which had played a key roll in the heavy US losses of early August. Press accounts alleged that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had created a special terror unit for anti-US operations inside Iraq, featuring the use of sophisticated and deadly shaped charges which were capable of easily knocking out the US Abrams tanks. According to one version, the Iranian commander of this irregular warfare group is a certain Abu Mustafa al Sheibani, who leads a score of teams of Iraqi Shiites and Hezbollah fighters who are expert in using the shaped charges. The overall commander of the effort is identified as Brigadier General Qassim Sullaimani. (Michael Wane, "Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq," Time, August 21, 2005) The propaganda value of such stories for whipping up an anti-Iran war psychosis is obvious.
In an article appearing August 1, Rumsfeld went far towards declaring Moslems in general as inferior beings against which crusades could and should be waged. According to Rumsfeld, the terrorists "seek to destroy things they could never build in 1,000 years and kill people they could never persuade." (London Financial Times, August 1, 2005) These statements were accompanied by a campaign of warmongering hysteria in the reactionary and neofascist media. Arnaud de Borchgrave, the Belgian count who runs United Press International, wrote on August 16 that Iran is responsible for having made Iraq "hell for the US," and that the current Jaafari regime represents a step towards a "greater Iranian Shiite empire." In de Borchgrave's view, the "military option for air strikes is on the table." (UPI, August 16, 2005)
The acute danger of a US nuclear sneak attack on Iran had been indicated by a signal piece contributed by CIA veteran Philip Giraldi to the magazine The American Conservative. Giraldi is the partner of retired CIA operations man Vince Cannistraro, and can be presumed to be drawing on high-level leaks by those opposed to the Bush-Cheney war scenario. Giraldi wrote:
"The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections." (The American Conservative, August 1, 2005; reprinted by Justin Raimondo,, July 25, 2005)
The notion of a massive nuclear and conventional attack on Iran which is so graphically evoked here should not obscure the other, more immediately important, element of this warning: Cheney is counting on "another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States." It is evident that such a determined warmonger as Cheney is hardly likely to leave the coming of that indispensable terrorist provocation to chance: the terror event that provides the pretext for war must be an integral part of the plan being pushed through the US bureaucracy by the secret government, their spokesmen Bush and Cheney, and the neocon faction in general. We are dealing in short with state sponsored terrorism.
As for the military side, US nuclear sneak attack plans have been in the works for some years under the supervision of the utopian Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. In the summer of 2004, Rumsfeld promulgated an "Interim Global Strike Alert Order." "Global strike" is Pentagon jargon for pre-emptive attack or, in plain English, a sneak attack. Under this order, the US STRATCOM (Strategic Command, corresponding to the Cold War Strategic Air Command) in Nebraska revamped its posture to be ready to deliver nuclear and conventional attacks on states alleged to be developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The plans to deal with an alleged threat from North Korea and/or Iran go under the designation CONPLAN (or contingency plan) 8022-22. This planning was ordered by Bush in a January 2003 secret directive in order to provide a "full-spectrum" global strike, including notably "a capability to deliver rapid, extended range, precision kinetic (nuclear and conventional) and non-kinetic (elements of space and information operations) effects in support of theater and national objectives." A centerpiece of CONPLAN 8022-22 is the so-called bunker-busting nuclear projectile, a specially configured earth-penetrating bomb designed to destroy deeply buried facilities, command bunkers, and the like. The entire package was foreshadowed in the pre-emptive war clauses of Bush's National Security Strategy published in September 2002, supposedly in response to the 9/11 events. In December 2002, the Pentagon's quadrennial Nuclear Posture Review ordered STRATCOM to prepare for greater flexibility in nuclear attack options against Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Syria and China quite an enemies, list.
According to Lt. Gen. Bruce Carlson, commander of the 8th Air Force, his fleet of B-2 and B-52 bombers had been reorganized to be able to carry out such short-notice pre-emptive attacks. "We're now at the point where we are essentially on alert," Carlson said in an interview. "We have the capacity to plan and execute global strikes." Carlson boasted that his headquarters was the U.S. Strategic Command's "focal point for global strike" and were ready to execute an attack "in half a day or less." In July 2004, Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, praised the progress made on CONPLAN 8022-22, gloating that "the president charged you to 'be ready to strike at any moment's notice in any dark corner of the world' [and] that's exactly what you've done." The May 15, 2005 Washington Post article by William Arkin detailing CONPLAN 8022-22 was an important signal piece and would take an important place in a chronology of the current escalation.
CONPLAN 8022-22 appears to ignore the messy experience of defeat in Iraq and rather chooses to harken back to a mythologized version of the Afghan campaign of 2001-2002. It calls for nuclear and conventional air strikes, with limited use of Special Forces teams: the result is practically no "boots on the ground" or "follow-on ground operations," according to published reports. Afghanistan was subdued in 2001-2002 by means of air power to enforce deals made on the ground by CIA negotiators with local warlords and druglords. Something similar involving bribery of Iraqi generals was tried on the way to the bloody morass of present-day Iraq. The CONPLAN 8022-22 strategy is utopian enough to enrage any military traditionalist concerned about logistics, depth, and political factors. It is Blitzkrieg, with the utopian elements accentuated.
Wayne Madsen reports information he describes as coming from the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), the German foreign intelligence service, according to which the nuclear and conventional bombing campaigns already detailed will be supplemented by infrastructure sabotage and other acts of terrorism by the People's Mujaheddin (Mujaheddin e Khalq, MEK), US Special Operations units, and other marauders. (Despite recent talk of a US "war on terror," the Pentagon is not reticent about using the MEK, who are still on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, as auxiliaries. In fact, some of the MEK personnel have been personally rehabilitated by none other than General Geoffrey Miller, one of the principal felons of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.) The goals of the US operations include inciting a rebellion in the Khuzestan province of southwestern Iran, the site of many of Iran's oil fields and refineries, most probably including the critical Kharg Island tanker terminal. The majority of this area's population are Shiite Arabs. According to one scenario, the US would intervene in response to an appeal from the phantomatic Al Ahwaz Popular Democratic Front, whose program would include secession from Iran and the declaration of an independent Arab state calling itself Ahwaz. This simulacrum of Ahwaz corresponds to the new state called simply "Arabistan" in the standard Bernard Lewis Plan for the Balkanization of the Middle East. (see map). Also in correspondence with the Bernard Lewis Plan, the CIA is agitating among Kurds and Turkmen along the border with Iraq and Turkey and among Baluchis along the border with Pakistan by promising them their own balkanized homelands. The Persians, according to this report, would be relegated to an oil-poor "Irani triangle" (or "Iranistan," in classic Bernard Lewis Plan terminology) around Teheran, Isfahan, and Qom. According to the BND, the US Navy is tapping Iranian undersea cables, while US Task Force 121 covert action teams are swarming over sensitive points inside Iran. The presence of US special forces teams on Iranian territory has been an open secret since the beginning of 2005, along with numerous violations of US airspace by US military aircraft. (See <>, August 10, 2005)
To clarify these points, a map reflecting the Bernard Lewis Plan for the Balkanization of the Middle East is included with this article. This map is based on one published in Linda de Hoyos, Derivative Assassination: Who Killed Indira Ghandi? (New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1985), with some changes. Bernard Lewis served during World War II as an agent of the British Arab Bureau, the imperialist agency charged with keeping the Arab world weak so as to preserve London's domination. Bernard Lewis is associated with two principal ideas about the Moslem and Arab world. The first is that the real basis of Islam is not at all to be found in the luminous Baghdad Renaissance of the Caliph Haroun al Rashid around 800 AD, in its time the most advanced civilization in the world, but is to be sought rather in the benighted irrationalism of al Ghazali and his Destruction of Philosophy the world of dervishes, sheikhs, and necromancers. Over more than a century, the British have sought to control the Arab and Islamic sense of identity by finding, publicizing, and glorifying the most backward and self-destructive tendencies in one and a half millennia of Moslem history, attempting to accredit these as the true essence of Islam. Bernard Lewis, glorification of Moslem irrationalism thus prepares the way for the ideology attributed to al Qaeda. Lewis, second idea is that the existing Arab countries are illegitimate, and need to be carved up into a crazy quilt of ridiculous petty states who will be unable to threaten any important interest of Anglo-American imperialism. In a 1992 Foreign Affairs article in which he surveyed the region in the aftermath of the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, Lewis offered the following prophecy of the coming Lebanization of the entire Middle East on the lines of the post-1975 Lebanese civil war:
"The eclipse of pan-Arabism has left Islamic fundamentalism as the most attractive alternative to all those who feel that there has to be something better, truer and more hopeful than the inept tyrannies of their rulers and the bankrupt ideologies foisted on them from outside... The more oppressive the regime, the greater the help it gives to fundamentalists by eliminating competing oppositionists. If the central power is sufficiently weakened, there is no real civil society to hold the polity together, no real sense of common national identity or overriding allegiance to the nation-state. The state then disintegrates"as happened in Lebanon"into a chaos of squabbling, feuding, fighting sects, tribes, regions and parties."
Of course, Bernard Lewis only repeats with his usual arid banality the geopolitical nostrums which his British imperialist predecessors had expressed with far greater panache. T.E. Lawrence ("of Arabia"), for example, who was a far more colorful operative than Lewis, developed similar ideas in an October 29, 1918 meeting with Lord Cecil, Lord Curzon, Lord Balfour, General Smuts, and Mark Sykes of the Foreign Office, who helped draw up the map of the modern Middle East in the infamous Sykes-Picot deal. At that time the British effort was to break up and balkanize a Caliphate that actually existed, with its center in Constantinople. Lawrence stated:
"If the Sultan of Turkey were to disappear, then the Caliphate by the common consent of Islam would fall to the family of the prophet, the present representative of which is Hussein, the Sharif of Mecca. Hussein's activities seem beneficial to us, because it marches with our immediate aims, the breakup of the Islamic bloc and the disruption of the Ottoman Empire, and because the states he would set up to succeed the Turks would be as harmless to ourselves as Turkey was. If properly handled the Arab states would remain in a state of political mosaic, a tissue of jealous principalities incapable of cohesion, and yet always ready to combine against an outside force."
In other words, the eternal British mantra of divide and conquer, now embraced with giddy enthusiasm by fanatical parvenu neocons, greedy barbarian Bushmen, and cost-plus arrivistes along the Potomac.
The Bernard Lewis Plan represents the real US-UK war aims in the Middle East. This map is what Appalachian poor whites, no-future rural youth, and black and Hispanic ghetto victims are dying for in Iraq. The hogwash spouted by neocons about democracy, or Bush's pledge to bring reform and modernization to Arab societies, are cynical subterfuges to achieve this goal. In the light of this analysis, the basic purpose of Bush's Iraq invasion was quite simply the destruction of that society, and the deliberate provoking of a three-way civil war. This is, after all, what we are observing empirically. Maybe it is now clear why, despite an alleged $20 billion in reconstruction funds available, there is so little electricity in Baghdad.
According to one high-ranking retired US military officer, a warning has been issued inside the Pentagon about a large-scale terrorist attack in the US around the fourth anniversary of 9/11 on September 11, 2005. (EIR, August 16, 2005) According to this source, US CENTCOM (Central Command), SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and STRATCOM (Strategic Command) were asked what their capabilities against Iran would be. CENTCOM reported that it was bogged down in Iraq and had nothing to spare. SOCOM replied that it could mount raids inside Iran, but these would not be sufficient to eliminate the Iranian nuclear program, and might include losses so heavy as to be politically unacceptable. STRATCOM offered a target list for nuclear attack. According to this source, the reluctance of the US military to cross the nuclear threshold with a sneak attack was great, with key generals "highly resistant" to such a move. This source implied that the center of support for US nuclear aggression against Iran was in INSCOM, the Intelligence and Security Command, the home of utopian psychological warfare strategists and assorted Strangeloves. (EIR, August 16, 2005) Generally speaking, INSCOM and SOCOM, with their old boy networks and interfaces with CIA, DIA, NSA, etc., are the prime suspects in the terror provocations now looming.
The US campaign which thus shapes up has many of the characteristics of a punitive expedition, The US would bomb the bases of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, along with the nuclear facilities at Bushehr, Isfahan, and related locations. But published reports also indicate that the Pentagon utopians feel that they will also need to seize control of the areas where the laboratories, research facilities, factories, universities, and reactors are located, in order to ensure their complete destruction. The utter devastation of these areas might require as much as one month. After this, the US forces would leave most of Iran immediately, except perhaps for some advisers attached to the Ahwaz forces and other rebels. It will thus will be a campaign of pure vandalism and destruction, designed to push Iran back into the Stone Age. It will aim at the destruction of modern civilization. This will be the main thrust, and not any neocon slogans about democracy, modernization, women's rights or other Orwellian lies.
The war party in Washington was shocked by the July 8 demand of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that the US establish a firm timetable for vacating the Uzbek and Kyrgyz bases in central Asia which were extorted by Bush from Putin on September 11, 2001. On July 29, President Karimov of Uzbekistan had given the US an ultimatum to get out of his country within 180 days, meaning by January 29, 2006. As Sovietologist Stephen Cohen noted on WTOP radio in Washington DC soon afterwards, this represented the first rollback of US-UK expansionism into the former Soviet sphere since the collapse of the USSR in 1991. On August 2, the Russian government newspaper Rossiskaya Gazeta suggested that, once the US left, Russia would take over this key airbase. It was also clear that the US was shopping all over the region for bases from which to attack Iran and other states. In this connection, a Russian newspaper suggested that Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, who shares a border with Iran, was ready to grant the US a base or perhaps even two. But Aliyev's top international affairs adviser denied it, and indicated that his country was not interested in joining US moves against Iran. Central Asia is beginning to resemble the Balkans of the pre-1914 or 1939-41 phases, with the great powers jostling each other for advantage as hostilities loom closer.
Despite the limited ground forces which the Pentagon utopians imagine they will need to vandalize Iran, the US forces in neighboring Iraq will nevertheless require reinforcement during the time of operations in Iran. There may be insurrections among the Iraqis, counterattacks across the border by the Iranians, and the like. The most probably means to accomplish a buildup of 20,000 to 30,000 US troops in Iraq will be available in the time between October 15 and December 15. Anecdotal reports of individual servicemen having their leaves cancelled for this approximate time frame have been received. US military spokesmen have already referred to their plans for a "plus-up" of their numerical strength during this period, allegedly because of the need to protect the October 15 constitutional referendum and the December 15 national elections. But that will be a pretext, a deception. Indeed, all such US troop strength projections are based on nothing but deception, as in the case of Rumsfeld's July 27 visit to Iraq to promise some form of troop reduction during 2006. These statements are calculated to deceive US voters in advance of the (scheduled) November 2006 US Congressional election, but above all to deceive the Iranian leadership. They are also designed to fool US soldiers, giving them the mirage of light at the end of the tunnel in their personal predicament. Their truth content is equivalent to that of certain protestations of mutual friendship made during May and early June of 1941 by Hitler and Stalin. The US government and mass media are currently operating in a total wartime propaganda mode. At the New York Times, for example, the despicable tradition of Judith Miller, Iraq war stenographer for the neocon regime, showed itself alive and well, as Richard Bernstein attempted to write off the German warnings as a mere election ploy by Schroeder. "No country, including the United States, is making serious military threats against Iran," wrote the mendacious Bernstein in the face of all reality. (NYT, August 16, 2005)
An example of the US covert buildup with active press complicity and lying came in the August 18 edition of The Washington Post. Here we are informed by staff writer Bradley Graham that 700 members of the 1st battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division will be going to Iraq soon. The deployment will be "to bolster prison operations," wrote Graham, who also cited Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Barry Venable as saying that "The basic fact driving this deployment is the steady rise of the prison population. There need to be some additional resources devoted to this." Elsewhere in the article we read that the troops will "not necessarily provide prison guards but rather engage in a number of detention-related operations, such as securing the area around a prison compound or transporting detainees from one prison to another." To see the absurdity of this cover story, we need only recall that paratroopers are by definition among the most highly trained elite shock troops, whose main purpose is to carry out offensive operations behind the lines of an enemy. To use them for defensive operations is a waste. Unless the Pentagon generals have gone mad as hatters on the tactical plane as well as the strategic one, they would know that the many hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to train a paratrooper will be quickly lost if that trooper is required to act for any length of time as a prison guard, detainee convoy escort, or garrison soldier around a prison. Paratroopers must train as paratroopers or they soon cease to be paratroopers and become useless. These paratroopers and others being shipped to Iraq are earmarked for use in the upcoming attack on Iran, the only possible offensive use for such troops at the present time. The US press is now full of falsifications of this puerile character.
Pentagon planners are aware that Iran would respond to a foreign invasion with an array of asymmetrical warfare techniques. But they may not realize how aggressive Iran might be when facing attack. The US has no monopoly on preventive attacks. The Taliban had few opportunities for preventive attacks. Saddam Hussein, possibly because of his long-standing ties to the US, never undertook preventive action during Operation Desert Shield in late 1990, when US forces in northern Saudi Arabia were very weak, and his passivity probably continues to disorient US planners to this very day. Iranian officials have proclaimed repeatedly that they are not Iraq, and will not resign themselves to an exclusively defensive posture if hostilities are imminent. And since the US has already committed multiple acts of war against Iran with teams on the ground and overflights, international law will be on the Iranian side.
How might Iran respond to a US attack? An obvious measure would be to step up the flow of bombs, guns, and fighters into Iraq. But the main Iranian card is that country's long Persian Gulf coast. This narrow seaway is of course the oil aorta of the world, and Iran would have many operations to sever it. Iran is thought to possess an array of missiles ranging from obsolete Chinese Silkworms to ultra-modern Russian 3M-82 Moskit (called SS-N-Sunburn by NATO) and even the SS-NX-26 Yakhonts sea-skimming cruise missiles. The Sunburn, for example, has been designed for the express purpose of sinking US aircraft carriers, and could also destroy supertankers. Even artillery pieces and tank cannon could become interdicting factors when deployed in the rough territory along the northern coast of the Gulf. A few hulks scuttled in the Straits of Hormuz could block all traffic as totally as did the freighters sunk by Nasser in the Suez canal in 1956. And then there are mines. A few Iranian mines set adrift in the Gulf in 1987 caused the maritime insurance premiums for tankers to rise so sharply that the Emir of Kuwait was forced to re-flag his ships under US registry so as to procure US escorts and minesweepers. Deliveries destined mainly for Europe, Japan and China would be cut off, and the economies of these countries would be severely curtailed. The oil price would rise into the ionosphere, with the mythical Hubbert's peak nowhere in sight. The US would view the results with some Schadenfreude, since powerful economic and strategic rivals would be dealt stunning blows, even as a wholly artificial demand for dollars would emerge as nations scrambled to pay their imported oil bills. But the constriction of Gulf oil traffic would be a prelude to the thermodynamic collapse of the world economy.
Finally, there is no guarantee that Iran would imitate the restraint shown by Saddam Hussein, who never so far as is known contemplated attacks on targets located on US territory.
As for the US forces engaged in Iran, they might quickly find themselves in an extraordinarily critical situation, somewhat along the lines of Mogadishu in 1993, or like the British at Saratoga. If the Iranian human wave assaults of the Iran-Iraq war are any indication, significant parts of the Iranian population may prove willing to wage a form of people's war against the invaders. At worst, the US forces might face a fate similar to that of the German army in Romania in the closing months of 1944 annihilation. Responsible US military leaders must act now to prevent such a needless catastrophe.
The Pentagon has a trick of flying dying soldiers out of theatre and not counting them in the Iraq casualty statistics even if they expire a few moments after their airplane has left the ground. Some reckonings of actual US deaths as a result of Iraq operations range between 7,000 and 9,000, with part of the discrepancy due to this practice. (Brian Harring, The Harring Report, US deserters must be approaching 6,000, with many of them taking the last available chance to make a run for it when their planes land at Shannon Airport in Ireland for refueling. Cases of documented fragging have now surfaced. These factors, plus the difficulty of attracting recruits to be sent into the Iraqi shooting gallery, add up to the collapse of US land forces Army and Marines by early 2006 at the latest.
Inside Iraq, the US-UK coalition has been cynically employing terrorism as a counterinsurgency tactic. These operations have been developed in accordance with the British colonial doctrine of General Frank Kitson, the author of such classics as Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peace Keeping and Gangs and Counter-Gangs. These speak to the heart of false flag operational doctrine. When Kitson found anti-British nationalism developing in Kenya during the time of the Mau-Mau, he deliberately created false flag units which, presenting themselves as Mau-Mau, committed the most unspeakable atrocities. The effect was to discredit the nationalists and slow down the country's progress towards independence. As I noted in 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism, the Zarqawi operation in Iraq is a US-UK asset. Zarqawi is manifestly a false flag countergang, tasked to carry kidnappings and grisly murders as necessary for the purpose of discrediting and demonizing the opposition to continued occupation.
The average person around the world might well be astounded that the neocon administration in Washington, who never learned the lesson of Vietnam, have also been unable to learn the lesson of Iraq. The neocons would assert that they are acting on the lessons of Iraq, which for them add to the thesis that the US is losing in Iraq because of infiltration of weapons, supplies, and foreign fighters through the famously porous borders of Syria and Iran. This amounts to a psychotic flight forward, in which the neocons hope to escape from the problem of military defeat and the breakdown of the US land forces by courting a larger military defeat and the accelerated disintegration of US land forces.
The attitude of Russia and to some extent of China towards a US invasion of Iran represents a giant question mark. There is every reason to think that, since the fall of the Shah, the USSR and then Russia have been determined to prevent the US occupation of Iran, especially northern Iran and the Caspian Sea coast, the possession of which would give London and Washington the opportunity to project their meddling deep into new areas of central Asia. In his Carter-era study entitled Hostage to Khomeini (New York: Benjamin Franklin House, c. 1980), Mother Jones columnist Robert Dreyfuss wrote that the decisive factor in blocking the US special forces action at Desert One in April 1980 was a massive show of force over that site by the Soviet Air Force. According to one version cited by Dreyfuss, it was Soviet bombs, and not an accidental collision, which caused the conflagration that ended that mission. Today there are teams of Russian technicians at Bushehr, and Russia has reportedly installed a mobile system of ground to air missiles to defend the reaction from possible US or Israeli strikes. The implementation of CONPLAN 8022-22 would almost certainly cause fatalities among the Russian personnel involved in these activities. Will Russia prove more willing to tolerate a US presence in Iran, or the deaths of her citizens, than the USSR had been? We may soon find out, and they results may be anything but edifying.
In order to wage war, the Anglo-Americans must have a pretext that will allow the controlled corporate media to portray them as the aggrieved parties, the victims of aggression. The model is the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, or Hitler's Gleiwitz radio station massacre, which provided the cover story for his September 1, 1939 attack. After six months of sending special forces teams and aircraft into Iran, this is of course a hard case to argue, but the American people generally do not know about the illegal incursions, and no lie is too big for the media.
A duo of military madmen have come forward with one approach to destroying Iran as a modern state. They are Lt. General Thomas McInerney, assistant vice chief of staff of the Air Force and director for the Defense Performance Review, and Army Maj. General Paul Vallely, former deputy commanding general, Pacific. Vallely also bills himself as the senior military commentator of Fox News. In their book <>Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, these two develop the following lunatic scenario for dealing with Iran:
"The United States must prepare to approach the UN Security Council with a draft resolution for a total economic embargo on Iran, the seizing of Iranian assets (to be held in trust for future Iranian government), and a strict naval quarantine in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. The United Nations would lift the embargo only when the Iran government dismantles its nuclear weapons program under the supervision of international inspections. Libya (and before Libya, South Africa) has given Iran an example to follow on how to dismantle a nuclear weapons program in a way that meets international standards of verification. Iran would be required to surrender or destroy all equipment needed to produce fissionable materials (highly enriched uranium and plutonium), all long-range ballistic missiles, and all cruise missiles; release all documents related to its nuclear weapons program; and expel all foreign scientists, technicians, and engineers involved in nuclear weapons design, development, and production. Because the French or Russians are likely to veto " or, at least, threaten to veto " such a Security Council resolution, the United States should be ready to impose these conditions on Iran with a coalition of our own." (As excerpted in National Review.)
The method is the same as Iraq use the UN as a fig leaf for acts of war if possible, otherwise repudiate any notion of international law and act unilaterally, using a group of petty states as a cloak. The proposed closing of the Straits of Hormuz would of course represent a major act of war, and would be seen clearly as such by Europe, Japan, and China, who depend on Persian Gulf oil. Clearly some other approach will be required.
That approach is to create a pretext for war using state sponsored, false flag synthetic terrorism on a scale larger the previous exercise of this type on September 11, 2001. Giraldi states above that Cheney's planning includes "another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States." Since the ruling clique manifestly wants war, they are not going to leave such an attack to chance; they are going to furnish themselves, with their own guaranteed apparatus. One variant, already the object of numerous rumors and chatter around Washington, is a "new 9/11" attack against several major US cities, including New York and Washington. A possible occasion might be the anniversary day of September 11, 2005. To be fully effective, the attacks would have to be attributable to an Iranian-backed grouping, most likely Hezbollah, which is considered by the US an Iranian asset. Hezbollah, a mass political party in Lebanon, is big enough to allow a considerable number of patsies and double agents to be housed or at least sheep-dipped there.
The synthetic terror event required by the Bush-Cheney clique and its masters is likely to be conducted through the US military and intelligence apparatus under the cover of a terror drill or a war exercise. Since even those parts of the 9/11 truth movement who have talked the most about military drills have not sufficiently clarified this matter, a word of explanation is required.
If we catalogue each coup d,etat, high-level political assassination, destabilization, war provocation, and spectacular terrorist event on a world scale over the past 50 years, we will find that almost all of them have been conducted or conduited in whole or in part through the military/intelligence apparatus of the state involved. In many cases, the cover story which has allowed this to be done has taken the form of a military or terrorism maneuver or exercise which closely resembled the actual event which followed, but which masqueraded as a mere drill up to the very last moment. For example, the US Operation Mongoose, which on the surface had to do with the assassination of Fidel Castro, appears to have functioned as a cover story for operations leading to the assassination of President Kennedy. On the day after John Hinckley Jr.'s attempt to assassinate President Reagan, there was scheduled a presidential succession exercise, presumably one of the Nine Lives series. This is discussed in my book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (Washington DC: EIR, 1992; reprinted Joshua Tree CA: Progressive Press, 2004).
9/11 itself offers the greatest density of war drills and terror drills seen so far. These included Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Tripod II, and a National Reconnaissance office drill. The publication of William M. Arkin's Code Names (Hanover NH: Steerforth Press, 2005) has added Global Guardian to this list. Global Guardian is important since it establishes beyond doubt what I argued in 9/11 Synthetic Terror: namely that one of the main ingredients of the 9/11 plot was an option for a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and possibly other states. A recent posting on notes that Global Guardian also had included some simulation of a rogue network interfering in the command and control of strategic assets a kind of nuclear coup:
A 1998 Defense Department newsletter reported that for several years Stratcom had been incorporating a computer network attack (CNA) into Global Guardian. The attack involved Stratcom "red team" members and other organizations acting as enemy agents, and included attempts to penetrate the Command using the Internet and a "bad" insider who had access to a key command and control system. The attackers "war dialed" the phones to tie them up and sent faxes to numerous fax machines throughout the Command. They also claimed they were able to shut down Stratcom's systems. Reportedly, Stratcom planned to increase the level of computer network attack in future Global Guardian exercises., [<>IAnewsletter, 6/98]
The bad" insider points towards the invisible government's 9/11 threat to launch the war of civilizations in the nuclear dimension should Bush refuse to unleash it on the conventional plane. Details about these exercises are found in my 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism: Made in USA (Joshua Tree CA: Progressive Press, 2005) As I try to show, some of these maneuvers involved sending US Air Force fighter interceptors to Alaska and Northern Canada so as to reduce the probability that these planes would be able to prevent the aircraft or other flying objects from hitting the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. These maneuvers also sowed confusion, with fake blips inserted on radar screens manned by loyal officers, and military and commercial aircraft masquerading as hijacked planes. This use of maneuvers on 9/11 is consistent with the LIHOP (Let It Happen on Purpose) or perhaps HIHOP (Helped It Happen on Purpose) interpretation of 9/11 which has been ably defended by Michael Ruppert. These maneuvers can be compared to the Fletcher Prouty character being sent to the South Pole just at the time of the Kennedy assassination in Oliver Stone's JFK.
But, when we come to Global Guardian, Amalgam Virgo, the plane hijacking exercise under whose overall aegis 9/11 was manifestly prepared over a period of months and years, and to such specific exercises as the 9/11 National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) drill involving a hijacked aircraft hitting that agency's own headquarters, the terror drill mimics the actual attacks so closely that the drill must be seen as the deliberate camouflage of the attack. Modern military and security bureaucracies involve officers sitting in front of consoles in war rooms and situation rooms for hours on end. If there is to be state sponsored terrorism, some of the terror operations have to be prepared using those very consoles. Some of the officers present may support the coup, assassination, provocation, or terror plot. Some may be indifferent or simply unwitting. Some might actively oppose the plot and sabotage it if they knew what was coming. Outside agencies of unknown orientation may also be watching. Thus, a drill designed so as to be practically congruent with the terror attack tremendously facilitates the work of the plotters, faction. If a loyal officer asks the coup plotter sitting next to him what he is doing, the coup plotter can cite the code name of the drill, and also note that the loyal officer does not possess the proper security clearance needed to know any more. In other words, war drills and terror drills are the keys to making the terror attacks happen on purpose through the state apparatus of the relevant country. They are one key reason why any explanation of 9/11 short of invisible government MIHOP (i.e., that the US invisible government made 9/11 happen on purpose) is inadequate.
These basic facts were illustrated once again in London on July 7, 2005. Scotland Yard knew in advance that these attacks were coming, as shown through the warnings to Netanyahu and, presumably, other visiting bigwigs. The long-range preparation of the London explosions was carried out under the aegis of a trio of exercises: Atlantic Blue for the UK, Topoff 3 for the US, and Triple Play for Canada. These dealt with bomb attacks on the London Underground system at the same time that an important international conference was taking place in the UK in this case, the meeting of the G-8 in Gleneagles, Scotland. The drill apparently included a biowar attack on the conference, a detail that seems to have ended up on the cutting room floor. The immediate cover for the London 7/7 events was by all accounts the simulation being conducted by Peter Power and Visor Consultants, which involved bombs going off at pretty much the same stations at the same times that the explosions actually occurred. The Visor Consultants drill may well have involved personnel on the ground who thought they were participating in a legally sanctioned simulation, but who were really performing actions which led to the explosions. In this way, drills can help to produce the destructive effects associated with the terror attack. They can also transform unwitting employees into patsies, some of whom can pay for their naivete with their lives. These may or may not be the same persons as the patsies who are ultimately accused of being responsible.
With these facts in mind, let us turn to the following two items. The first is an article from the Winston-Salem Journal of March 18, 2005. The second is a press release from the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) issued June 29, 2005. Both have to do with operation Sudden Response 05, a nuclear terrorism drill which began August 17, 2005.
Winston-Salem Journal
Friday, March 18, 2005
N.C. sites to be part of summer terrorism drill
SHALLOTTE - The largest terrorism drill in North Carolina history is being planned for August and will include a mock attack on the Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal in Brunswick County.
Officials said Wednesday the drill will stretch from Fort Bragg to Morehead City in the state's central coast area to Brunswick County on the southeastern coast.
Emergency and law-enforcement units from Virginia to South Carolina have been invited to participate, as have those from the seven counties that surround Fort Bragg. Participation by military personnel and equipment will hinge on their availability.
The exercise is thought to be the first to test the new National Response Plan that takes effect next month and requires coordination among local, state and federal officials in terrorism and emergency response.
The idea came from Fort Bragg and the FBI, said Andy Albright, an exercise facilitator and civilian employee of the Coast Guard in Wilmington. Other military bases and state and local agencies were invited to join.
Planning for the drill has been going on for a year, Albright said.
The exercise is to begin with a weapons of mass destruction drill at Fort Bragg with some of the perpetrators escaping. Other events will occur over the next three days at or near other military bases in eastern North Carolina, at the State Port in Morehead City and in the Pamlico Sound.
There will be a May 17 workshop in Morehead City to help prepare those who will participate and a July exercise to test communications before the August events, Albright said.
Randy Thompson, Brunswick County's emergency services director, said it has been 31/2 years since local emergency management has tested its response to a situation at Sunny Point.
The last time was when a boat loaded with munitions caught fire and burned at the terminal, the largest military munitions shipping point in the United States.
NorthCom Press Release
Exercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario
Posted Jun 29, 2005 at 1:00:PM MDT
FORT MONROE, Va. -- Here's the scenarioA seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this really a possibility?
Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible.
Sudden Response 05 will take place this August on Fort Monroe and will be carried out as an internal command post exercise. The exercise is intended to train the JTF-CS staff to plan and execute Consequence Management operations in support of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV's response to a nuclear detonation.
Some of this year's objectives for SR05 are to refine nuclear incident Concept of Operations, produce a CM Operation Order, refine command post set-up procedures and maintain situational awareness of multiple CM incidents.
The Sudden Response exercise has been held at Quantico, Va., in the past, but has been moved to Fort Monroe to maximize command post training time. The senior leadership felt that it was more important to accomplish training instead of losing up to a day and a half in travel time, said Paul Deflueri, J7 Lead Exercise Planner. "This will allow us to still meet our training objectives," he said.
Some external participants may work with JTF-CS during the exercise.
"We,re trying to get representatives from FEMA Region IV as well as representatives from South Carolina Emergency Management Division and active duty soldiers from the (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) Consequence Management Response Force to play the role of task force units," Defluri said. "Each time we do one of these internal exercises, we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity," Defluri said. "That's what we,re trying to do for SR05: create a good scenario and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise."
In the related exercise Operation Orbit Comet, held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, under the command of Maj. Gen. Virgil Packett, the drill involved military response to the taking of several US Congressmen as hostages by terrorists. Congressmen Bob Etheridge and Mike McIntyre volunteered to play the victims in this exercise, which had some of the features of a dry run for a coup. This exercise was also slated to include a raid on a safe house, the detonation of a large explosive device on a ferry, and a simulated commercial oil spill at Morehead City.
Without attempting a line-by-line exegesis, it ought to be clear that an exercise of this type would lend itself to transformation into an actual nuclear terrorist incident, including the detonation of some kind of nuclear device. This is especially true given the presence of Fort Bragg, home of the US special forces, founded by General Edward Lansdale, who was an integral part of the Allen Dulles-Lyman Lemnizter clique which has been key to secret government operations since the Kennedy-LBJ era. We cannot be reassured by the intent of the organizers to make these proceedings "more robust and try to add in fidelity," since the maximum of fidelity would be to include a nuclear device or nuclear detonation.
We should also bear in mind that, before they settled on the nuclear test site of Alamogordo, New Mexico, US World War II nuclear planners had considered setting up their nuclear proving ground on the coastal islands of North Carolina. The advantage was seen in the fact that the nuclear fallout from a detonation along the North Carolina coast would tend to drift directly out over the Atlantic Ocean, instead of falling on populated areas, as the New Mexico fallout always threatened to do. This means that the rogue network could organize a quite spectacular nuclear 9/11 along the Carolina coast without also doing commensurate damage to their already rickety war machine.
It is possible to fight back. The mobilization that started at a Sunday, July 24 morning workshop at the Washington DC Truth Convergence has perhaps disrupted the hidden agenda of Sudden Response 05. A mobilization by a number of websites especially -- and email blasters starting on July 28 identified the obvious subversive potential of Sudden Response 05, and urged vigilance by world public opinion and local citizens. On August 15, the website of the Charleston Post and Courier published a strange article which apparently represented the attempt of this paper to respond to widespread fears in the region that the planned drill was going to culminate in an actual nuclear detonation. Here we read:
Still, this chatter has stirred up folks all over the Lowcountry, worried that nuclear fallout could seriously ruin their weekend. Officials with Charleston County, the state's emergency management personnel and even the Department of Defense have gotten worried calls from folks scanning the skies for mushroom clouds over Fort Sumter. Trouble is, as with most conspiracy theories, the facts often get in the way. Locals officials say no drills are planned this week, and the state Ports Authority says no plans have been made to detonate any nuclear weapons in the harbor.Other details, such as why Iran would blow up Charleston, are not explained in these theories. ]
Of course, the web sites calling attention to this suspicious drill never implied that Iran would have anything to do with the possible explosion, which was always clearly attributed to the rogue network inside the US command structure. Otherwise, the denials respecting activity in the Charleston area was pure lying. Here was a case where the cockroaches of the invisible government may have wilted in the bright glare of publicity. Perhaps as a result of this negative publicity, the start of the drill was postponed from the scheduled August 17 to August 18 at 3:30 in the afternoon. In the afternoon of August 18 it became apparent that the drill was going to be postponed a second time, probably to Monday, August 22, or perhaps definitively. Soon NORTHCOM announced that this dangerous drill was over. If local citizens can work to prevent terror drills from erupting into provocations, the task of the terrorist controllers and coup plotters will become complicated beyond measure. At the same time, the American people may finally break through to awareness about the crimes plotted within their own government, and shut those criminals down for good.
Another highly dangerous drill series is the so-called Urban Dispersion Program, being held in New York City between August 6 and 26. (<> As Salon reported, "Government scientists released colorless, harmless gas at four Manhattan locations Monday as part of an effort to find out how fast and far a toxic substance could spread if released in the city. According to this article, this program "aims to produce a computerized model of air flow patterns that could help authorities decide how to evacuate people after a chemical or biological attack." Another round of gas dispersion is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2006. This type of drill poses the obvious threat that a single rogue network official might be able to replace the harmless gas with some far more toxic substance.
The basic interest of New Yorkers is to have this pernicious drill series shut down as soon as possible.
We should stress that there are numerous war drills and terror maneuvers going on, and all of them require vigilant scrutiny followed by timely denunciation and exposure as necessary. On August 18, a "multi-agency command and control tabletop exercise" was scheduled to be held on the University of California Maritime Campus with the participation of Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the most sinister of the private military firms, involving the hypothesis of port-related terrorism in and around San Francisco Bay. 200 people were involved as "participants, evaluators, controllers, or observers." On Friday, August 19, a mysterious explosion, later ascribed to a defective transformer, took place in San Francisco. Were these events connected? Or again: from August 15 to August 19, NORTHCOM held Alaska Shield/Northern Edge, with an array of "simulated natural disasters and terrorist events in 21 communities." Incessant terror drills offer the rogue network multiple opportunities to go live with the provocation they are seeking, and also function as a kind of mass brainwashing. With these drills, the secret government is waging war on the people. One basic demand for activists is therefore that these sinister and suspicious drills be called off, since they represent a threat to the American people and to world peace.
As noted above, the command center for operation Sudden Response 05 is Fortress Monroe, located near where the James River meets Chesapeake Bay, not far from the scene of the 1862 Monitor-Merrimac battle. The fort features a cell where Confederate leader Jefferson Davis was held prisoner after the Civil War on charges of high treason, and it is evident that some top military officers ought to be occupying that cell block today.
One of these is General Peter J. Schoomaker, presently the US Army Chief of Staff, who is part of a utopian/irrationalist clique in the Pentagon which has been fostered by Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Schoomaker was the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command in 1994-1996, commander of the US Army Special Operations Command in 1994-1996, and commander in chief of the United States Special Operations Command in 1997-2000. Schoomaker was brought back from undistinguished retirement to head the Army after the firing of Gen. Shinseki, who had questioned the utopian recipes for the conquest of Iraq. He also took part in the aggressions against Grenada, Panama, Iraq, and Haiti. Schoomaker was an integral part of the failed hostage rescue mission at Desert One in April, 1980, which once again prods us to ponder the high incidence of fascist outlooks among defeated military officers. Schoomaker may be usefully compared to Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Hitler's military yes-man.
On August 9, 2005 Schoomaker fired General Kevin P. Byrnes, one of the army's dozen or so four-star generals, from his post as leader of the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The ouster of such a high-ranking officer was a rarity, and the reason given was the transparent cover story of an extra-marital affair with a civilian woman. What makes this relevant to our purposes is that the Army's TRADOC plays a key role in maneuvers. In fact, the headquarters for Sudden Response 05 was located at Fort Monroe, placing the entire operation under Byrnes, command. Byrnes was replaced by Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace. (Washington Post, August 10, 2005) What was the goal of cashiering Byrnes, just as the Cheney drive for nuclear terrorism and nuclear attack on Iran went into overdrive?
The utopian-terrorist faction of the US military loves to wage war on the cheap. More traditionalist views stress logistics and force structure. Byrne had reportedly clashed in 2002 with the Pentagon's utopian intelligence boss, Stephen Cambone (the keystone of the Cambone-Boykin-Miller clique responsible for Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib) over troop strength cuts. According to one version, Byrnes, command had been ordered to prepare for the influx of 50,000 raw recruits into Fort Rucker, Alabama possibly in the context of a reinstituted military draft. TRADOC had also been told to prepare to accept recruits with no education, with criminals records, with no ability to speak English practically penal divisions. Army retirees were also slated to be dragooned back into service. Byrnes would thus emerge as the leading figure of a military opposition of sorts against the crackpot aggressive planning of the Bush-Cheney-neocon regime. Byrnes was also said to be associated with a group of generals linked to the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. (, August 10, 2005) Carlisle Barracks is the home of Jeffrey Record, who is the author of a decidedly down-beat evaluation of the first Gulf War of 1990-91. Analysts associated with the War College have also been exceptionally blunt in their criticism of the current Iraq war. Record wrote in January 2004 that the Iraq war had been a "strategic error," and was being waged with a strategy that "promises more than it can deliver." The intriguing question remains as to whether Byrnes was also disinclined to have drills and exercises in which TRADOC was involved used as covers for state-sponsored terrorism.
The events of 9/11 were prepared by a scenario film, The Lone Gunmen, which depicted an airplane coming under the control of a terrorist faction of the US government who used a sophisticated remote control system to attempt to crash a passenger airliner into one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Sudden Response 05 also corresponds to a terror scenario. This one was called Special Bulletin, and it revolved around terrorists seizing a nuclear weapon aboard a ship in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina and preparing to detonate it. US security forces attempt to disarm the bomb, but it blows up despite their efforts, causing a hecatomb. This film was shown on television in 1983, and was directed by Edward Zwick and written by Marshall Hersokovitz. It starred David Rasche, Michael Madsen, and Lane Smith. Its showing caused considerable uneasiness in the Charleston area.
If these variations should not prove viable, there is always the possibility of staging a more traditional Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Persian Gulf or somewhere nearby, blaming it on Iran. The sinking of a US warship could easily be carried out by a third country UK, Israel, Australia, or any of the Echelon powers to reduce the possibility of exposure.
Given the collapse of US middle class support for Bush and his neocon war adventures signaled by the resounding success of the Cindy Sheehan anti-war vigils on August 17, it might be expected that the new 9/11 followed by the Iran or North Korean attacks might cause protests and chaos inside the US. For such an eventuality, the neocons as disciples of Hitler's main legal adviser Carl Schmitt have the remedy: police-state, military dictatorship. At the end of the first week of August it became known that the US Army Northern Command (in other words, the madman Schoomaker and his cabal. Planners in Colorado Springs, including Admiral Timothy J. Keating, Northcom commander, and Major General Richard J. Rowe, chief operations officer, were said to be contemplating a total of 15 crisis scenarios presupposing multiple simultaneous terror attacks in the US. These mobilization plans were drawn up in CONPLAN 2002, a 1,000 page overall guide to a military takeover, and in CONPLAN 0500, which addresses the specifics of the 15 scenarios. Both CONPLANS were said to be well on their way to becoming OPLANS, or operational plans. These activities are manifestly a continuation of the Pentagon's 1968 Operation Garden Plot, the original plan for a military seizure of this country. (9/11 Synthetic Terror, p. 377)
The outcry against this thinly veiled plan for a military dictatorship in the traditional civil liberties community was decidedly muted. In fact, the most vociferous protest came from Homeland Security boss Chertoff, who complained in effect that the coming police state had to be organized under his own Department of Homeland Security, and not under the military.
An entire new scurrilous literary genre has grown up around the neocon campaign to attack Iran. This new vogue resembles the pre-1914 German attack scenario novels published in Great Britain, but at least those were clearly labeled as fiction. A recent tome in the new genre is Kenneth R. Timmerman's Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. Timmerman tries to pin the 9/11 attacks on Iran, in the same way Laurie Mylroie and Judith Miller tried to pin them on Iran. His black propaganda technique is too much even for the Washington Post, whose reviewer commented: "The reader gets the impression that Timmerman would rather not bother with facts precisely because they undermine his conspiracy theory. A persistent problem with this book is its absence of credible evidence." Another author who writes out of the attack Iran bag is Jerome Corsi, who was part of the Swift boat slanders against Kerry and has also founded the Iran Freedom Foundation the US domestic arm of the Mujaheddin e Khalq. Corsi responded to the leak of the NIE on Iran by warning that: "The atomic 9-11 plot is in full swing as you are reading these words. The attack could happen any day." Corsi's book is entitled Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians; it is dismissed as "irresponsible" by the Washington Post, which notes that both Timmerman and Corsi "present their ideology as self-evident verity and their assumptions as incontrovertible facts. Still in the bookstalls is Paul L. Williams with his lurid Osama's Revenge: The Next 9/11, full of last year's stories about the suitcase bombs that are allegedly already inside the US. All of these figures are at home on Fox News, and also on the 9 PM to 1 AM John Bachelor Show on the ABC Radio Network, a kind of radio shock theater for practitioners of extreme neocon gothic. Among other key black propaganda conduits are Joseph Farah's World Net Daily and G2 Bulletin. Here we can read such elucubrations as these: "WND and G2 Bulletin previously reported, based on captured al-Qaida leaders and documents, that the terrorist group has a plan called American Hiroshima, involving the multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. over the Mexican border with the help of the MS-13 street gang and other organized crime groups. (, August 8, 2005)
In the first half of August, Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, whose intelligence contacts make him something of an unpredictable gadfly, came forward with allegations that a special military intelligence unit code-named Able Danger had identified Mohammed Atta, the chief 9/11 patsy, as part of an al Qaeda cell in the United States. According to Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, who said he had worked with Able Danger, the military intelligence people wanted to alert the FBI, but were prevented from doing so by lawyers. Shaffer also alleged that, after 9/11, he had informed Philip Zelikow, the highly suspect staff director of the Kean-Hamilton commission and a partner of Condoleezza Rice, about Able Danger's awareness of Atta's presence in the US prior to the World Trade Center attacks. The final 9/11 commission report had no mention of this matter. The 9/11 commission responded to this allegation with a chaotic series of denials, finally coming to rest with the assertion that Shaffer's story was not "historically significant." Since the report about Atta to the FBI had been blocked during the Clinton administration, Weldon and the right-wing radio demagogues appeared eager to exploit this story for partisan advantage, be it only to eclipse Cindy Sheehan. Weldon also appeared interested in attacking the Kean-Hamilton investigation. The reality was clearly that those who prevented the FBI from being alerted to Atta if this ever really happened -- were by all odds moles cooperating in the invisible government's 9/11 project. As far as Zelikow's role in suppressing vital evidence, this incident would take its place in a long catalogue of such sabotage developed over the past year by the 9/11 truth movement. At the same time, it cannot be excluded that the entire affair was a dog and pony show staged in the context of the intelligence warfare of August 2005, not of summer 2000. The information about Atta was allegedly generated by the U.S. Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base, and this is not a reliable source. Reacting to the Able Danger story Kristen Breitweiser of the Jersey Girls called the Kean-Hamilton 9/11 commission results "an utterly hollow report," and called for the creation of a new and independent investigation. Indeed: the only adequate answer to this new round of allegations is a real examination of 9/11 by an independent, international truth commission not controlled by Washington insiders.
Opposition to the Cheney war plan was also in evidence in the broader civilian Washington bureaucracy, where full-scale intelligence warfare was raging among the various factions. On August 1, the CIA issued its long-awaited National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran. The main thrust of this document was to undercut the neocon hysteria according to which Iran was quickly approaching the point of no return at which it would join North Korea in possessing at least one nuclear device. According to the NIE, Iran, although determined to acquire nuclear weapons, was about ten years away from being able to do so about double the 5 years cited in February 2005 by Defense Intelligence Agency Director Vice Admiral Lowell E. Jacoby in testimony to the Congress. CIA veteran Ray McGovern pointed out that the leaking of the NIE had been designed to undercut Cheney, Bolton, and their circle. However, noted McGovern, "Cheney does not feel at all bound by US intelligence." (, August 3, 2005)
A few days later, on August 4, additional indictments were forthcoming in the case of former Pentagon Larry Franklin, part of the Feith-Luti neocon shop, accused of traducing Pentagon secrets to Israel. Two FBI raids of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) over the previous months had led to widespread anticipation of further indictments . Indicted on this occasion were Steven Rosen, former AIPAC Director of Foreign Policy issues and a former CIA and RAND Corporation employee who held top security clearances, along with Keith Weissman, AIPAC's former Senior Middle East Analyst. Nor was this all. It was later reported that Rosen was meeting with David M. Satterfield, former US Ambassador to Lebanon and currently the deputy to neocon Zalmay Khalilzad at the US Embassy in Baghdad. According to the article, Rosen obtained classified information from Satterfield and sent it out in a memo to AIPAC employees, and then disclosed it to "a foreign national." (New York Times, August 18, 2005) Satterfield had been a loud protagonist of the Bush administration campaign to eject Syria from Lebanon; in February 2005 Satterfield had gone to Lebanon with neocon Paul Wolfowitz in an attempt to organize a US "people power" coup in that country. At that time, signs observed in Beirut street demonstrations read: "Satterfield Get out of Lebanon!" AIPAC was a significant target because it was a headquarters for so much of the neocon agitation for war with Iran: on May 24, Richard Perle had addressed the AIPAC annual convention with a call for war with Iran, ranting: "If Iran is on the verge of a nuclear weapon, I think we will have no choice but to take decisive action."
Another useful indictment was that of Jack Abramoff on August 11; Abramoff, in addition to being a gangster who served as money bags for Tom Delay and other Congressional Republicans, was also a pro-war ideologue in his own right. But at the same time it was clear that if the intent really was to stop the threatening conflagration, more and better indictments would be needed. Leading neocons were now at the confluence of a series of investigations: the Pentagon leaks to Israel, the Valery Plame matter, the forged Niger yellowcake documents, and the Achmed Chalabi leaks to Iran. Caught in the crossfire were such figures as Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Michael Ledeen, Douglas Feith, etc. Unconfirmed reports from the Chicago grand juries working with independent counsel Fitzgerald asserted that sealed indictments had already been returned against the top figures of the Bush administration, but there was no way to verify this in the short term.
Underlying the entire Iran nuclear question is the hypocrisy of the double standards applied by the US. Just a few weeks earlier, the US had granted India various forms of nuclear assistance, despite India's active nuclear bomb program. Brazil was getting ready to export nuclear fuel, and yet was not targeted in the same way as Iran. The lesson is clear: countries the US is seeking to cultivate are not harassed, but critics of US policy are put through the wringer. Britain, France, and Germany, to some degree caught up in the distorted US view, offered to guarantee Iran that they would not start a nuclear attack on Teheran, but they could not offer any real assurances about what the US, Israel, India, Pakistan, or others might do. It must finally be recalled that the Bush regime's threats of preventive nuclear attack against non-nuclear states as embodied in the September 2002 national security statement, along with its efforts to develop new forms of mini-nukes to use in such sneak attacks, effectively destroy the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in its very foundations. No sovereign state could accept such infringements on its sovereignty as are now being demanded from Iran.
Another factor tending to heighten the adventurism of the US-UK-Israel grouping is the fact that Israeli society has been brought to the edge of civil war by the efforts of Sharon to dismantle Israeli settlements in the Gaza strip and to abandon that area as a Palestinian Bantustan or "living tomb" in the framework of a longer-term strategy to tighten the Israeli grip on Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to former Prime Minister Barak, Sharon's Likud Party is on the verge of collapse over this matter. Without going into the details, it is clear that the activism of these vociferous and violent Israeli right-wing fanatics makes an assassination of Sharon a distinct possibility. In the wake of such an assassination, even if it were carried out by Jewish terrorists, an Israeli attack on Iran would surely be more likely. This might be done in ostensible disregard of US wishes, according to the decades-old Breakaway Ally Scenario, which was embraced by Cheney on the morning of January 20, 2005. According to this, Israel strikes first, and then leaves the US to deal with the consequences. According to a pro-Israeli website, the war plan for Iran was presented to Sharon in 2004 under the title of "Project Daniel: Israel's Strategic Future," which was largely a recipe for Israeli pre-emptive action. Co-author Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto, a former Knesset member and the former chief of planning for the Israeli Air Force, told WND military action should include "striking all known Iran nuclear facilities, including hidden facilities, underground tunnels, covert operations, such as the killing of scientists ... whatever is necessary." (Aaron Klein,, May 4, 2005)
The present crisis would not be possible if the overall lesson of September 11, 2001 had been learned by a significant minority of the US population, and if that minority had an institution through which to act. Here the responsibility of the Democratic Party is very grave, since the Democrats have continued to portray themselves as the True Believers of the 9/11 Myth, the most faithful devotees of blaming 9/11 on al Qaeda, Bin Laden, the laptop, the cave, Atta, and the rest. Especially along the left extremity of the Democratic Party, we find a line of foundation-funded opinion leaders and commentators whom we can only define as left gatekeepers. These gatekeepers have stubbornly denied, mocked, vilified, censored, blacked out and embargoed any suggestion that 9/11 was a provocation by a US military-intelligence network, which it so manifestly was. So much so that if we ask why the US population would still believe the Bush administration on 9/11 and the imminent terror attacks of 2005 when they would not believe Bush about any other issue the answer must be that the left gatekeepers are responsible. If the American people do not finally move out of their present credulous gullibility and realize that the large-scale international terrorism of our time is overwhelmingly state sponsored, false flag synthetic terrorism, they will continue to be an easy mark for the unscrupulous factions who do not hesitate to employ terror as a means to power.
Finally, no one should give up in despair before the imminent danger of a new round of state sponsored terrorism designed to lead to war with Iran and/or North Korea. These plans can be defeated, and the key to defeating them is to produce a shock wave of publicity, of denunciation, of indignation, and of outrage. Such plans have been defeated before. Back in the late fall of 1975, the Anglo-American finance oligarchs and their secret team military operatives were reeling from the recent rout the previous spring in Vietnam. Some of them, including James Rodney Schlesinger, had held a meeting on Easter Monday, just after the fall of Saigon, to discuss desperate military expedients to prevent the possible collapse of the entire US-UK world strategic position. The method chosen was a possible nuclear confrontation with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. Typically, this secret and illegal plan was built into a military staff exercise, in this case HILEX 75. HILEX (high level exercise) 75 was designed as a staff exercise, a headquarters drill, involving top government officials and simulating a strategic confrontation with Moscow. But in this case the staff exercise contained and concealed a real confrontation, to be set off over some appropriate pretext. What pretext? We do not know, since the world thankfully never got that far. A group of activists in the main NATO countries embarked on a campaign of denunciation and exposure weeks in advance, flooding newspaper, radio, and television offices, elected officials at all levels, key academics, and others with word of what was looming. On Christmas Eve 1975, I passed out leaflets with a half-dozen friends on the steps of the Milan cathedral in Piazza Duomo spelling out exactly what was planned. This was a part of a mobilization across western Europe, the US, and Canada. Somehow, the confrontation variant hidden within the HILEX 75 drill was allowed to lapse. We must now do the same thing with Sudden Response 05 and similar terror drills and war exercises. As the astounding success of the Cindy Sheehan operation suggests, support for the Bush regime is now evaporating with breathtaking speed. In a climate marked by the radical rejection of Bush and everything he stands for, the 9/11 myth for which Bush was the leading salesman may also disintegrate, making a new 9/11 and a widening of the war that much more difficult.
The organizing committee for the Independent International Truth Commission on the September 11, 2001 Events on July 24 set up a Monitoring Group to attempt to apply prospectively, into the future, the lessons about terrorism that had been learned from the intensive study of 9/11 and earlier cases. The IITC Monitoring Group is accordingly checking the public affairs departments of the official websites of NORAD, the Department of Defense and its subdivisions, FEMA, Homeland Security, the British Ministry of Defense and Home Office, NATO Headquarters, and similar sites in Russia, China and the OECD countries generally. The goal is to identify in advance those drills, maneuvers and exercises which lend themselves to cloaking acts of state sponsored synthetic terrorism, and to expose and denounce in advance the dangers that are thus identified. The cooperation of all persons of good will in this vital work is actively requested; send emails to This essay would not have been possible without the first fruits of this monitoring activity.
The methodology used here was presented to the IITC workshop at the Truth Convergence held at American University, Washington DC on July 24, 2005. The basic analysis presented in this article was posted in interview form on on July 28, 2005, and in subsequent programs on August 7, August 11, and August 18. It was presented to the McClendon study group at the National Press Club in Washington DC on August 3, 2005, on the Meria
Heller internet radio program on August 17, 2005, and with Sally O,Brien on WBAI New York on August 21 and August 25, 2005.. 

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Bush / Cheney,. Indited in Chicago Grand Jury Probe

update.gif (1754 bytes)September 18, 2005 -- Impeach / jail Bush / co.

Disclaimer: This allegation is either true or untrue. It is posted as received with perhaps other pertinent details or information to be researched, gathered, etc. The information is not posted because Teknosis believes it to be true but to show what is out there or is being put forth.

BUSH AND CHENEY INDICTED!!! + Many of the Crime Family

Hot Off The Presses!

Sunday August 7th Briefing Hit
By Bush Crime Junta


 Incomplete Briefing Interrupted by
4 consecutive highly localized power failures  click (right-click "Save As")


       AUGUST 9TH
CLICK (right-click "Save As")


A Chicago grand jury has indicted the President and Vice-President of the United States along with multiple high officials in the Bush administration
Chicago -- August 2, 2005 -- --

U.S. federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's Chicago grand jury has issued perjury and obstruction of justice indictments to the following members of the Bush Administration:

President George W. Bush,

Vice-President Richard Cheney,

Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card,

Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby,
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez,

former Attorney General John Ashcroft,

imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and former Senior Cheney advisor Mary Matalin.

There were no indications given as to whether the President and his top staff members would appear publicly before cameras at the grand jury proceedings, given the gravity of the charges.

Besides the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, the Fitzgerald probe is reportedly far-reaching and expanding much deeper into past White House criminal acts involving Bush-Clinton drug money laundering in Mena, Arkansas to White House involvement in 9.11; but also war in Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was indicted for obstruction of justice and is reportedly consulting with members of Parliament and legal aides regarding how to avoid appearing in the U.S.A. for interrogation before Fitzgerald in Chicago.
The revelations emanated from sources close to the grand jury who spoke with federal whistleblower Thomas Heneghen in California who said White House Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove was also indicted for perjury and was reportedly involved with Mary Matalin in a major Bush administration document shredding operation to cover-up evidence.

Heneghen had reported over ten days ago on a broadcast that his sources close to the grand jury said former Secretary of State Colin Powell had been subpoenaed and had testified against President Bush, telling the citizen panel that the President had taken the United States to war based upon lies--a capital crime involving treason under the United States Code. Heneghen also reported a week ago that Gonzalez and Card had been subpoened and that Tony Blair had defied his subpoena after the response time limit had expired.

Sources close to the investigation report that members of the House, Senate, 9.11 Commission and other members of the media are also under investigation as potential targets by a grand jury regarding obstruction of justice and other oversight failures linked to the 9.11 attacks--indicating that citizen panelists working with Fitzgerald may be seeking a wholesale cleansing of what many have said is a crime-wracked White House and Congress.

Also last Monday, the whistleblower reported that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts was planning to obstruct justice by calling Fitzgerald for Senate hearings to question the prosecutor's motives for the far-reaching investigation.

This, giving rise to questions as to whether Roberts and other Republican legislators--some now under secret investigation--would join President Bush in seeking to fire Fitzgerald in the same manner that President Nixon had fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox in order to obstruct justice and cut off further investigations into White House crimes.

Two weeks ago Heneghen said he had talked to sources just ten minutes prior to French and U.S. intelligence agents intercepting British intelligence agents who were attempting to bomb the subway underneath the Dirksen Federal Building where Fitzgerald was presiding over grand jury hearings.

Serious questions can also be raised as to whether intelligence forces linked to President Bush and Tony Blair had participated in a failed attempt to scuttle the Fitzgerald probe by literally blowing it up--at a time when UK reports reveal that military-grade explosives were used to blow up the London subway on July 7. Sources say the alleged Chicago subway bombing attempt has been attributed to an underground and closeted enmity involving warring intelligence and military factions within the United States government.

Moreover, reports indicate that the disturbance occurred at the same time that the Chicago Tribune and local web blogs had reported that the subway had been evacuated for 45-50 minutes regarding a "suspicious package" late on Monday afternoon, July 18. Also confirming the under-the-radar-screen hostilities involving agents loyal to the administration and others who are disturbed about the cover-up of government involvement in the 9.11 attacks was a recent contact made with this writer by a major New York media outlet which called seeking "names of those who could confirm its own reports of warring factions within the government which were threatening the safety of U.S. citizens."

developing.....please link or copy--and distribute widely.
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Cloak and Dagger




"I hope they go after the
'fictitious Presidency' as well!"
says Cloak and Dagger

A Chicago grand jury has indicted the President and Vice-President ation!


(right-click "Save As")



Cloak News Update: 8/5/05:


Tom Flocco was warned by a U.S. Intelligence source that a contract FBI Division 5 operative had compromised his website without his knowledge. He made the decision to immediately move the site to a new server since the site was unstable and experiencing intermittent availability. The recent stories "Financial Terrorism Towers Over 9.11" and "Bush and Cheney Indicted" will both be placed up online with his archive shortly, while his website is restored. Tom was locked out of the administration editor which allows the posting of stories and news on his site; and the site went up and down on the web during certain parts of the last few days without his knowledge or control. This necessitated an immediate move to a new location to avoid future difficulties and interference with the news he was reporting. Tom thanks his supporters for their patience. He is sticking by his Bush-Cheney indictment story and his key on-the-record source Tom Heneghen, despite the fact that U.S. and independent web media will not report the story--except for Sherman Skolnick. regular reporter and co-host Skolnick said today that he has confirmed with impeccable sources in the U.S. and two other countries that Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Antonin Scalia were named on August 4 as unindicted co-conspirators in the Bush-Gore 2000 election recount case.


Cloak News Flash:Aug.7/05:1:30AM

Chicago Special Prosecutor's criminal indictment's drives Bush crazy.  Bush prepares to replace Special Prosecutor with Bonesman schoolmate. Some in Military itching to act. Bush going down road like Nixon in "Saturday Night Massacre."

[pc93: from another source, email received Aug. 8:


***Bush Plans to Fire Prosecuter***
Posted on Sunday, August 07 @ 09:26:50 EDT by Lisa

  Sunday morning online editions of Newsweek and Time
are reporting that the President is planning to fire
Chicago's U.S. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald
and replace him with a Bush classmate/Skull and
Bonesman from Yale.

Following on the heels of these reports, we have
learned from U.S. intelligence sources that federal
agents are prepared to immediately arrest Mr. Bush if
he fires Fitzgerald and seeks to obstruct justice and
commit additional treasonous acts regarding ongoing
grand jury proceedings against his administration and
himself. reported last week that Fitzgerald's
grand jury voted out perjury and obstruction of
justice "True Bills" or federal criminal indictments
against President Bush, Vice-President Cheney,
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, former Attorney
General John Ashcroft, former CIA Director George
Tenet, Presidential Senior Advisor Karl Rove,
Presidential Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Vice-
Presidential Chief of Staff I. "Scooter" Libby,
imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and
Vice-Presidential Senior Advisor Mary Matalin.

On Friday, federal whistleblower Tom Heneghen
reported that the true bills also listed Supreme
Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice
Antonin Scalia as unindicted co-conspirators.

According to sources close to the grand jury,
Fitzgerald's citizen panel is now able to prove that
George W. Bush was not legitimately elected
president in the 2000 election; but more
importantly, it has fingered the United States
Supreme Court for fraud, obstruction of justice and
treason, making the Bush terms totally illegal.

The scope of the indictments and investigations
indicates that the grand jury's indicted criminal
acts reaching back to 2000 will lead to further
legitimate assumptions that Bush-Cheney involvement
in the 9.11 attacks and sending American young
people to war
(ref 2) based upon lies orchestrated by Mr.
Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are both
squarely in the sights of the grand jury.




(Plus a wee more (understatement) from Flocco @ the bottom ...)
Newsweek 2

Leak Investigation: An Oversight Issue?
Aug. 15, 2005 issue - The departure this week of Deputy Attorney General James Comey, who has accepted the post of general counsel at Lockheed Martin, leaves a question mark in the probe into who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Comey was the only official overseeing special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's leak investigation.

With Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recused, department officials say they are still trying to resolve whom Fitzgerald will now report to. Associate Attorney General Robert McCallum is "likely" to be named as acting deputy A.G., a DOJ official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter tells NEWSWEEK. But McCallum may be seen as having his own conflicts: he is an old friend of President Bush's and a member of his Skull and Bones class at Yale. One question: how much authority Comey's successor will have over Fitzgerald. When Comey appointed Fitzgerald in 2003, the deputy granted him extraordinary powers to act however he saw fitâ€"but noted he still had the right to revoke Fitzgerald's authority. The questions are pertinent because law-yers close to the case believe the probe is in its final stages. Fitzgerald recently called White House aide Karl Rove's secretary and his former top aide to testify before the grand jury. They were asked why there  was no record of a phone call from Time reporter Matt Cooper, with whom Rove discussed the CIA agent, says a source close to Rove who requested anonymity because the FBI asked participants not to comment. The source says the call went through the White

House switchboard, not directly to Rove.

FLOCCO: Following on the heels of these reports, we have learned from U.S. intelligence sources that federal agents are prepared to immediately arrest Mr. Bush if he fires Fitzgerald and seeks to obstruct justice and commit additional treasonous acts regarding ongoing grand jury proceedings against his administration and himself.

#1 MORE! ... Don't stop reading 'til you've read it ALL

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Merry Early Christmas to you all!!! (and with a Christmas like this, I couldn’t handle any more for the rest of my life). Thank you Tom Flocco (his article below) and now TIME and Newsweek are starting to break this. If there’s any integrity left in America, this should explode as the biggest scandal ever.

A big chain reaction is about to unfold probably leading to this statement being true before X’Mas: “Bye bye Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Gonzalez, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Card, Scalia, Renquist (yes them too) and many many more (and since Roberts was appointed by one NOW officially so tainted as black as Bush is, probably bye bye to him too). Bush and most of those people’s indictment is already
filed under seal.

I don’t get it, why isn’t EVERYONE on this story, potentially the biggest of our lives!

I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, I’M NOT USING A WEAK SOURCE (ACTUALLY THERE’S SEVERAL GOOD ONES though the goddammed mainstream media has been totally silent, until today, check TIME and Newsweek, see explanation below), OR JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. This has been out all week in the internet under the radar. This has been going on even longer behind the scenes.

The MSM were hinting Rove might go down and I didn’t get it, now I see THEY didn’t get it, it’s a lot more serious than just Rove. That it was just Rove was pure spin. We all knew how serious things were, we just didn’t suspect someone was going to really act on it!

This explains why the Valerie Plame story is such a huge deal. It was always about Bush, but evidence in it also clearly got connected to other major issues too, like the frauds behind 911, Iraq, Mena, Arkansas, and the 2000 election.

THE INDICTMENTS ACTUALLY CONNECT THE DOTS OF WHAT THE FRAUD DID: getting 1800+ of our soldiers and countless foreign civilians killed based on deliberate conscious fraud, and all these things lead to the big “T” (TREASON), and I kid you not. Also that SC justices were unduly pressured even threatened to make Bush President in 2000, making Bush illegitimate.

Bush is SO cornered and desperate, he’s going to insanely lunge like a cornered animal, to arrest Fitzgerald (illegal at this point because of the ob viously plain motives) to stop this process of justice somehow, however doing that itself will be considered further Obstruction Of Justice, because he is only doing it to prevent his well documented treason from being prosecuted! And consequently teams of Federal Marshals are being prepared to arrest Bush if he issues the arrest order! (conceivably this could lead to an internal struggle between Federal Marshals and Secret Service both acting under different sets of orders, who knows it could get hairy). But as I see it, bottom line he’d be exposed and wouldn’t get away with it. A tenth of all this, heck just Rove’s head, would have satisfied me to no end, but there’s all this, and even more. How could this be happening? Because Fitzgerald and 1 or 2 of the Grand Juries he’s working with (the Grand Jury itself has the power to issue INDICTMENTS based on any evidence the prosecutor presents even on other cases, whether the prosecutor requests it or not! But if both Prosecutor & Grand Juries see the evidence the same way, and have INTEGRITY, AS APPEARS TO BE THE CASE, OH MAN!!! That is what it appears is going on) And the punishment for treason during wartime and which results in the death(s) of U.S. personnel, the maximum penalty according to the applicable Federal law under which the Indictments are being issued, is DEATH. Read that again, Bush & others may be facing the death penalty. In the Valerie Plame case it appears W was the one that leaked her CIA cover and it appears that when her cover was blown, several of her approximate 100 undercover foreign agents’ covers themselves (out there looking for actual WMD) were blown too, and were swiftly murdered. Being in his position as President he of all people after 911 would be expected to know this and assume it, and not do it just to provide a payback to Joseph Wilson. And get this, it appears there’s a big movement of spin by the Bush crowd to start referring to the conflict in Iraq as no longer
“war” .

It used to be “GWOT = Global War Against Terror” Now the spin is: “GSAVE = Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism”.

Why? If they can convince a jury or court that we’re not really at war, then they don’t face the death penalty

It’s very tragic, but the irony of this is so fitting, that the biggest proponent of secrecy and preventing leaks to the press, should be brought down totally over the worst type of leak imaginable.
Flocco’s first article: (was hacked out of his own site)
Awesome Skolnick article:

The legal issues from a lawyer: /
And Tom’s site has been down, read this note from Tom that just appeared in Stolnik’s site:
Cloak News Update: 8/5/05:

Tom Flocco was warned by a U.S. Intelligence source that a contract FBI Division 5 operative had compromised his website without his knowledge. He made the decision to immediately move the site to a new server since the site was unstable and experiencing intermittent availability. The recent stories "Financial Terrorism Towers Over 9.11" and "Bush and Cheney Indicted" will both be placed up online with his archive shortly, while his website is restored. Tom was locked out of the administration editor which allows the posting of stories and news on his site; and the site went up and down on the web during certain parts of the last few days without his knowledge or control. This necessitated an immediate move to a new location to avoid future difficulties and interference with the news he was reporting. Tom thanks his supporters for their patience. He is sticking by his Bush-Cheney indictment story and his key on-the-record source Tom Heneghen, despite the fact that U.S. and independent web media will not report the story--except for Sherman Skolnick. regular reporter and co-host Skolnick said today that he has confirmed with impeccable sources in the U.S. and two other countries that Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Antonin Scalia were named on August 4 as unindicted co-conspirators in the Bush-Gore 2000 election recount case.


Bush plans to fire prosecutor as federal agents prepare to arrest him
by Tom Flocco
Washington -- August 7, 2005 -- -- Sunday morning online editions of Newsweek and Time are reporting that the President is planning to fire Chicago's U.S. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and replace him with a Bush classmate/Skull and Bonesman from Yale.

Following on the heels of these reports, we have learned from U.S. intelligence sources that federal agents are prepared to immediately arrest Mr. Bush if he fires Fitzgerald and seeks to obstruct justice and commit additional treasonous acts regarding ongoing grand jury proceedings against his administration and himself. reported last week that Fitzgerald's grand jury voted out perjury and obstruction of justice "True Bills" or federal criminal indictments against President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former CIA Director George Tenet, Presidential Senior Advisor Karl Rove, Presidential Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Vice-Presidential Chief of Staff I. "Scooter" Libby, imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and Vice-Presidential Senior Advisor Mary Matalin. On Friday, federal whistleblower Tom Heneghen reported that the true bills also listed Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Antonin Scalia as unindicted co-conspirators. According to sources close to the grand jury, Fitzgerald's citizen panel is now able to prove that George W. Bush was not legitimately elected
president in the 2000 election; but more importantly, it has fingered the United States Supreme Court for fraud, obstruction of justice and treason, making the Bush terms totally illegal. The scope of the indictments and investigations indicates that the grand jury's indicted criminal acts reaching back to 2000 will lead to further legi timate assumptions that Bush-Cheney involvement in the 9.11 attacks and sending American young people to war based upon lies orchestrated by Mr. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are both squarely in the sights of the grand jury. “by Tom Flocco
- Tuesday, July 16, 2002 There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought. But thus far the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee has not publicly referred to prior knowledge of the attacks as it relates to stock transaction profits, while also failing after nine months to publicize the critical Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) “control list” report tracing what in effect were stock trading profits of death.”


Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda?


July 31st, 2005 Cloak and Dagger talk with Webster Tarpley [Transcribed by PC93]

LB: Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. I’m your host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host the great American judge buster Sherman H. Skolnick and of course we’re here to scrape the bullshit off the truth and helping us once again is our famous and wonderful guest Webster G. Tarpley and Webster come on in and let’s start the briefing and start off with talking about your book Synthetic Terrorism. It is a great book. I’ve got it. I’ve read it. Marvelous. It’s a must read. Welcome to Cloak and Dagger.

WT: Thank you very much Lenny. Yes. I would just like to read before I get into my actual topic tonight, maybe remind people that you can get 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA from . There’s a special offer. You can get 9/11 Synthetic Terror and my Unauthorized Biography of George Bush both I believe for 29 dollars and then you don’t pay any postage. If you do this, do me a favor because if we get the Amazon sales up we increase our chances of getting the book into bookshops which is an important thing to do and I have to say that probably some people in the 9/11 movement would be able to help in this regard. Now the topic I want to get to tonight is a very urgent one and indeed it’s the 31st of July and I want to point to a story that I became aware of about a week ago and I’ll try to do this in the order in which this unfolded in front of me. And perhaps I’ll get into some more detail toward the end. It would seem that we have vastly increased danger of a new 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, in Europe or someplace else and at the same time that being used as the pretext for the preventive or sneak attack on Iran that Cheney and the Neocons have been talking about for many, many months. The source of this.. the thing that gives it a very special urgency is an article that has appeared in a rather obscure right wing publication called The American Conservative. And let me just ask Lenny and Sherman have you guys seen the complete text of this magazine article by any chance?

SS: What is the name of it?

WT: It’s called The American Conservative. I’ve tried to find this on Capitol Hill. I couldn’t find it on Capitol Hill in Union Station. I couldn’t find here in the..

SS: Is it any good?

WT: No. It’s a magazine with Pat Buchanen but it happens to have one of the crucial articles I think for the current situation. It’s an article by a guy called Phillip Giraldi. Phillip Giraldi is a CIA old boy. He’s a veteran of the CIA Operations Directorate and he works together with Vince Cannistraro that maybe I think you might have heard of because he seems to be better known.

SS: Yeah. Cannistraro is a network consultant propaganda chief.

WT: Ok. So those two guys work together. Giraldi and Cannistraro are a team and in the current issue.. and don’t ask me what current issue means of The American Conservative we have the following quotation which I’m just going to read for you. “The Pentagon acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s Office has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM).. that is of course what you have out there in Nebraska.. Offutt Air Force Base. It’s the old Strategic Air Command plus the Navy plus other capabilities. So STRATCOM has been tasked with drawing up a contingency plan to be deployed in response to another 9/11 type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets including numerous suspected nuclear weapons program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional means hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the Untied States. Several senior air force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled by the implications of what they are doing... that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack. But no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections. Now I have not seen, as I’m stressing, the original American Conservative version of this. It is however all over the internet and probably a convenient place for people to find it is It’s an article by Justin Raimondo.. I think that people have heard of on July 25. So a week ago tomorrow. July 25, 2005. Now I have many reasons for believing that this is the real thing and that we have to take this very, very seriously. Let me point out that back in May at about the time that the current crisis was beginning to build up because that’s when I would date it. It seems to me that it begins around the beginning to the middle of May. We had an article by William Arkin. You remember William Arkin has put out this very interesting book on code words. He’s essentially got an encyclopedia of all the code words of the US military and spook world and he’s put that together as a kind of a dictionary. So Arkin wrote in the Los Angeles times and this was then picked up in the Washington Post on May 15th that Rumsfeld has issued a new defense planning guidance on essentially sneak nuclear attacks. And Arkin then tells us that this has evolved into something called CONPLAN meaning contingency plan. CONPLAN 8022-22 completed in November 2003. And this is a plan for a preemptive offensive strike against Iran and/or North Korea. In January 2004 Admiral James O Ellis certified that STRATCOM was ready to take those actions. In others words to carry out a nuclear sneak attack against Iran. There’s also an included option on North Korea. So the idea is that you’re allegedly attacking countries that possess weapons of mass destruction. I’m sorry I’m getting some interference in the background. I hope you can still hear me.

LB: Yep. Go ahead.

WT: Now anyway the CONPLAN 8022-22 I take it is the overarching capability here and we now have this new step by Cheney reported in the tasking of STRATCOM to make this specific and the most important thing about the newer report that I started with is that it explicitly starts from a new 9/11 terror attack. Now let’s just put this a little bit into a context because I think there is a context that makes this hang together. As I have been arguing for over the past several weeks and maybe months by now.. the invisible government.. the rogue network that brought you 9/11 and that means a network inside the federal government of the United States above all although also reaching into the British government and of course a large part of it is privatized… has been moving towards some kind of crescendo.. some kind of confrontation since about the beginning of May. I would date it quite frankly back to that day on May 11th when the plane approached the Whitehouse and Congress, The Supreme Court and the Whitehouse were all evacuated amid scenes of panic. On May 15th we have the Washington Post article announcing that what we just heard the Interim Global Strike Alert Order based on CONPLAN 8022-22 for the sneak attack against Iran and North Korea. On May 18th we had a live grenade thrown near Bush or at Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia. The background for all this in mid-May is what seems to have been a world hedge fund meltdown with perhaps 20 to 25 per cent of the worlds hedge funds essentially being thrown into bankruptcy when a lot of them bet wrong on General Motors and Ford and when those two companies were actually going bankrupt. On June 22nd a small plane approached the Whitehouse. Congress was once again evacuated among scenes of panic. July 1st is an important date. You may recall the Scott Ritter analysis from back in February that Bush had ordered the bureaucracy to be ready to attack Iran as of the end of June. Sometimes this report comes out to attack during June but I think the correct reading is to be ready to attack by the end of June. On July 2nd three small planes appeared over Camp David. All of these are essentially the invisible government prodding Bush to take action. Of course his normal mode is to do virtually nothing. Then of course on July 7th the London underground explosions and bus explosion. Again prodding not only Bush but Blair and indeed all the other leaders to essentially accept the demands of this US invisible government. On July 8th the Singapore Cooperation Organization put out this demand that the US set a timetable for giving up its bases in Uzbekistan and Kirgisia. Those are the bases remember that were the result of Bush’s telephone call with Putin on the day of September 11th which was complete with all kinds of nuclear blackmail on the part of the US world network against Russia. At that point I think Putin went into a kind of tactical retreat and said fine come in to these Uzbek and Kirgis bases. On July 9th we have a bomb in Israel killing 2 people. Highly significant is that Rumsfeld blamed Iran in a remark that was not very much reported but which I was able to pick up. Then as Sherman was saying before with the one on the 22nd we have.. I’m sorry.. on the 21st we have London explosive devices.. We have this very strange second round of explosions in London which it seems to me just in parenthesis leading to a permanent martial law regime in the United Kingdom under the Civil Contingencies Act and this circus that their running on in London from day to day, this absolute ape theater that their putting on seems to me to simply be a pretext to get the population terrorized to the point where they’ll accept permanent martial law. On July 22nd the Sharm El-Shaikh bombing in Egypt with 80 to 90 to 100 people killed.. highly significant that on July 22nd.. this is what Sherman is referring to a small plane crashed between the German parliament, and that’s the old Reichstag, the one that Hitler burned down. the model for all these things, and the office of the German federal chancellor, that’s Gerhardt Schroeder. So it comes down right in the middle between these two buildings. I had been there just at the end of May. That I think is an unmistakable death threat to Schroeder who may be planning to somehow try to break lose from the Maastricht system, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the rest of the straightjacket and to try to make direct bilateral deals with Russia in order to get his country out of economic depression.

SS: Was that a British plane Webster?

WT: No, I think it’s a small plane that took off from inside Germany. It’s an ultralight aircraft and the pilot was killed and I don’t know how the British would get into that but maybe there are details I don’t know about.

SS: Well at the time some claimed in Germany that the German authorities were holding a British/German spy.

WT: I don’t know. Do you have references on that?

SS: Well, our friends across the pond talk about it so..

WT: Well I know that. Does anybody talk about it in anything that’s cited.. (says something hard to understand).. I don’t know and I have to confess for me the overall pattern is more important than the internal details of each one.

LB: Yeah, let’s let.. go ahead.

WT: What I’m trying to get at that there’s an unmistakable pattern of crescendo, in other words, they’re building up to something and they’re treating Bush and Blair very roughly. At the same time Blair seems to be responding by giving them at least the beginnings of Marshall Law in Britain but here we seem to have a kind of a stasis. Now we’ll get to this in a second. On the 25th Raimondo comes out with the Giraldi quotes. I don’t know when Giraldi published his article. On the 27th we had Rumsfeld in Iraq talking to the generals saying the US is going to begin getting out of Iraq next year. Now this is very strange because if you think of the Bush administration they’re practically hysterical that there can be no timetable for withdrawal. What I take this to be is simply disinformation. In other words it is black propaganda. If you go back to May and June of 1941 you will see that Hitler and Stalin, both of them, were putting out a series of dispatches and reports about their peaceful intentions and the lack of military buildup along their borders. I think what we’re getting today from US officialdom is a kind of blatant disinformation of this Hitler/Stalin type. Basically they call it a prewar type. I think to date they may indeed be thinking that Iraq has now been brought to the verge of civil war. If they do make their attack on Iran those forces will simply move into Iran and leave Iraq to descend into civil war and chaos because that is the essence, of course, of the Bernard/Lewis plan for the Balkinization of the Middle East which is the script behind what the US is doing. And then finally on July 29th and I think that this is another big turning point.. according to the Washington Post that I have here on the 29th the government of Uzbekistan out there in Tashkent in Central Asia has told the US you have 180 days to get out of that base. In other words the US is being unceremoniously booted out of Uzbekistan and the important airbase that they have been using for scores and scores of flights in regard to Afghanistan but it’s also a base that they would be using in regard to a campaign against Iran. If you look at the map the US has got, of course, Iran sandwiched into a vise between the airbases in Iraq to the west.. the airbases in Afghanistan to the east.. the airbases in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to the south. If they can envelop Iran also from the north they gain a great deal but that depends on these bases in Uzbekistan and Kirgisia and as I say this is a very blunt statement saying get out and get out within 180 days.. get your aircraft out.. get your personnel out… get your officials out .. no reasons. have no reasons.. sovereign Uzbek decision. You don’t need reasons.. go home! I think one of the reasons that comes out along the edges is they don’t talk about war so much. What they talk about is color revolutions.. what I would call CIA people powered coups.. that there had been attempts by the US to overthrow these governments and in particular we’re talking about Karimov there in Uzbekistan. They tried to topple him. He’s been able to hang on and I think he learned a lesson. It’s clear that with the backing of Putin and of China he’s in the process of kicking the US out. On the radio here yesterday in Washington we had Stephen Cohen.. sovietologist.. worked at Princeton for many years now NYU coming out and saying this is the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union that the forward march of Anglo-American expansionism, or this is how I would say it, he says it’s the first time the US has lost one, I would say it’s the first time this implacable forward march of Anglo-American aggression and expansionism and destabilization has been thrown back and kicked out of a country because up to now it’s always been going into countries and not leaving. Now of course maybe the US won’t leave but this in some ways puts a kind of a 180 day limit on that ability to attack Iran. Because if you’re serious about attacking Iran you want that base. And if you start attacking Iran maybe you go back to the Uzbek government and say well now we do need the base because we’re also attacking Iran

SS: For all we know Webster the Uzbekistan Supreme Court has ruled on this huh?

WT: I congratulate them. I think it’s exemplary. I think there are countries that are bigger and wealthier. Of course the US was giving them to this date was some miserable pittance of 20 billion dollars a year. This was also on the eve of a visit by Nicolas Burns one of the mad dogs in striped pants from the US State Department who is going to go in there and lecture Karimov about how Karimov had to allow an investigation of the destabilization. Of course the investigation would become a vehicle for the destabilization and the overthrow of Karimov so Karimov seems to be smart enough to say get out and I think that brings the hysteria of the rogue network in Washington and London, in some other places to a kind of a boil. Now let me just make a comment about what people can do and how you can understand this. We already know. I have a chapter about this in my book 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA.. you can get it on Amazon. I have a whole chapter about war games and terror exercises. These are different things. However their function is similar in the way that their used. Remember that on the day of 9/11 there’s a whole array of war games. You have Vigilant Guardian, Northern Guardian, and so forth. You have the fact that the whole 9/11 operation was conducted under the aegis of an operation, war exercise called Amalgam Virgo. You have a biowarfare drill going on in New York City. You have the National Reconnaissance Office conducting a drill about crashing planes into buildings including the Pentagon on that day. The average citizen, and this is the point where if you don’t advance to the level of MIHOP, if you’re not able to understand Made It Happen On Purpose you can’t understand what is going on around you. This is where LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) will simply not be enough to understand anything. The way in which these terror operations are run, be it 9/11 the 7/7 bombings in London or the one presumably upcoming, the way in which they’re run is that they are conduited through the normal military and police and intelligence agency bureaucracy but they’re conduited using military maneuvers and terror drills which closely resemble, which closely mimic the terrorist activity that’s about to happen. And there are many reasons for this. One reason is you’re conduiting a terror operation through a bureaucracy where some people know what is happening, some people are vaguely aware and support it, some people know nothing at all, some people know nothing at all and would be actively hostile if they found out what you were doing. There are loyal people inside bureaucracies, strange as it may seem. There are whistleblowers who might just go out and somehow raise hell about what’s going on. So if your going to crash planes into buildings you have a military or terror drill that seems to revolve around crashing planes into buildings. Go back to the Hinckley attempt to assassinate President Reagan. There was a 9 Lives exercise going on, set to go on the next day involving Presidential succession. In other words if Reagan had been killed that day and Bush had become President back in 1981 that would have been under the aegis of a coincidence, but of course it’s not a coincidence, a Presidential succession drill set for the very following day. If we look at the London 7/7 events we’ll see that in April of this year we had had this exercise series Atlantic Blue on the part of the British, TOPOFF 3 (meaning Top Officials 3) on the part of the United States and Triple Play on the part of Canada and that exercise was about bombs in the London underground that came at the same time that an important international gathering was taking place which was itself subjected to a biowarfare attack. Now the biowarfare doesn’t seem to have happened, at least as far as we know, but that would have been the G7 or G8 meeting Glen Eagles Scotland. So the idea is it’s what you realize that the kind of exercise that is going to be held is a key to seeing when these things might actually take place. This becomes a means to prevent them from happening. In other words to expose them it’s a kind of a mass whistleblower corp of the general public before the fact. Because I have to stress that press releases and press reports, press briefings, preparatory meetings and all sorts of things take place and they’re in the public domain. You can go to NORAD and see what they have posted in the way of coming drills. You can go to the Pentagon and all the subdivisions thereof. You can go to NATO headquarters. You can go to the Homeland Security. You can go to FEMA. You can go to the British Home Office. You can go to the Italian Defense Ministry.. and on and on and this is exactly what we need to be doing. This is an appeal that I’m making and we discussed this here in Washington last Sunday at a workshop of the Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11 and on terrorism in general. This was the one held at American University that we can perhaps talk about if we have a few minutes at the end but I think the important thing is there’s a kind of vigilance which is now required of people. Get yourself onto some website you can monitor and start looking for terror drills that might begin to fulfill Dick Cheney or again the controllers of Dick Cheney, the people who actually run Dick Cheney, their intention perhaps during the month of August. Remember that the month of August is a very dangerous one. We don’t have any Congressional oversight such as it is. The Congress has now gone home. They’re wallowing in politics. Now as a result of that workshop I got an e-mail from one of the participants who calls my attention here to an exercise and those of you who are taking notes you should take notes on this. Sudden Response 05. Sudden Response 05 will take place in August, starting tomorrow, I don’t know exactly when, in Fort Monroe. Fort Monroe is an old fort left over from the postwar of 1812, it’s a at the mouth of, well it’s on the Virginia side, it’s above Norfolk, Virginia. It’s on Chesapeake Bay. It defends the entrance to the James river from Chesapeake Bay. So from Fort Monroe down into North Carolina, down into South Carolina, they’re running Sudden Response 05. How interesting. This was reported in the newspapers here. We have the Winston-Salem North Carolina Journal March 18, 2005. North Carolina Sites Will Be Part of Summer Terrorism Drill. Now lets get to the heart of the matter. What is it that they’re going to be drilling. Well, a seafaring vessel, a freighter, transporting a 10 kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Now, I don’t know what that means, a port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

LB: Fort Sumter.

WT: Wow. Yes. It’s the cradle of secessionism and it’s the cradle of one attempt to destroy the United States and maybe it will be the cradle of another attempt to destroy the United States. So the freighter has got a 10 kiloton nuclear warhead. It gets to someplace in the Carolinas. This is not so clear. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this a real possibility? Well, says this, this is a press release from NORTHCOM, from the US Military Northern Command. And they say Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here in Fort Monroe, Virginia is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible. Now they say that this will be an internal command post exercise. Watch out. There are in theory two different kinds of drills, one is a, you know, the commonest is a military maneuver where tanks go out in the field, soldiers march around, divisions go places, and you have that. In the air force it’s live fly, airplanes actually take off. Right. For the fleet, ships actually move around and mimic what they’re going to do in case there’s real combat. But then there’s also what you can call the staff exercise, right, the sandbox exercise as it’s sometimes called, the headquarters exercise, things like the HILEX series, like High Level Exercise, or TOPOFF. But this is supposed to be an internal command post exercise that’s going to be largely related to Fort Monroe but it’s going to theoretically involve places along the North Carolina coast just in the same way as Peter Power of Visor Consultants was running an exercise in the London underground about bombs going off in those stations at pretty much that time. It’s going to have the participation of FEMA region 4. It’s going to have active duty soldiers from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Consequence Management Response Force. Now here’s an interesting quote. This is from a guy called Paul Deflueri. He is the J7 lead exercise planner. He says each time we do one of these internal exercises we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity. What is the maximum of fidelity. The maximum of fidelity is that there really is a nuclear bomb there. That’s how I would see it. In other words this opens up a continuum of horror which we simply have to contemplate. Then he says that’s what we are trying to do for SR 05, for Sudden Response 05, create a good scenario, and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise.

WT: Consequence

LB: Madmen.

WT: Management Exercise.

SS: Isn’t the danger, Webster, that they might want to piggyback some kind of a real event on top of the mock drill.

WT: Yes. This is exactly what I’m arguing. And there would be.. some people… a lot of people... let’s say the majority of people taking part in this event, assuming this is the real thing, will believe that they’re taking part in what it’s billed as.. that it’s a civil defense exercise to protect against the terrible consequences of a bomb going off. But it’s perfectly feasible once you have such a thing going on, to bootleg into it, and conduit through it something that begins to approach more and more the actual contingency that’s being discussed, in other words a nuclear detonation. And that is why, this is simply the fruit of one regional researcher looking into this. I’ll give you a couple of others. I want to call peoples’ attention to the John Batchelor radio program. It is on the ABC radio network here in the United States and it seems to be on from 9’oclock every night to 1’oclock in the morning. And they have any number of people come on there but if you listen to this for awhile you will note that they have the wildest most extravagant and fantastic Neocon propaganda. For example just to give you an idea of the level. When you had the Iranian election. Neocon commentator come on and say this election was no good because the participation was only 22 per cent. I said alright I’m going to check the press about this and most wire services agreed that the participation had been 80 or 85 per cent… much more than the US. So, It was perfectly legitimate and I think that gives you the idea of what kind of wild stuff gets on there. However, it’s now obviously going to be used as a sewer where wildly inauthentic elements are mixed in with other propaganda elements that may indeed foreshadow something that’s going to happen. So here we go. Yosef Bodansky, he is a terror expert, right, always in quotes, right “terror expert”. He presents himself. He gives himself out to be a “terror expert”. He has worked for the Congress. He has written many books. He wrote a book about Bin Laden even before September 11th. He knows something. The question is how does he know it. Comes on the other night.. he says oh.. says there’s increasing tension in the Islamic.. the Moslem populations of central Italy. Hmm. How does he know that? He doesn’t tell ya how he knows it. But he says that there is increasing tension because a hit is planned in Rome. And I think that probably there are other indications that Rome might find its way onto the target list in some way. It’s certain that there’s straws in the wind which is all you ever have, that Rome may be targeted. So we’ve now got the coast of the Carolinas, we’ve got Rome and I’m sure we have other places. I’m sure that you could add a few. Well, what I’m suggesting is, if there’s a movement out there, if there are people who take 9/11 research seriously and the work that we’ve all been doing these last few years. Now is the time to get yourself into gear and go into a vigilance mode like you’ve never done it before, because the goal here is to stop something before it happens. We’re after all opposed to terrorism. Terrorism is the way the oligarchy makes war upon the people. We want it stopped. We want it shut down. We want that mole network cleaned out. And we want the patsies quite frankly rolled up and thrown into jail themselves, sociopaths and psychopaths that they are. But the main thing is to realize that the actual operation is not going to be done by patsies. They’re not going to be done by a bunch of lunatics spouting the nostrums of Algazari or something like this. It’s going to be conduited through the state bureaucracy, military, intelligence, and other government ministries, or executive departments as we call them here, or forms of local government, or always a privatized possibility, always a private military firm, or somebody like Visor Consultants as we’ve seen again and again and again. So I think this is a kind of emergency that seems to come together. Let me just also point out a couple of background factors because people want to know why now, why now. One thing is that the US land army is in the process of collapsing as people have seen. There’s a military limit to how far this can go. There’s some people on the internet who are arguing the real number of deaths, people killed in Iraq among the US military is between 7 and 9 thousand and that this has been hidden. There are other reports there are approximately 5,500/6,000 deserters mainly in Ireland. The planes seem to land at Shannon Airport near Dublin in the middle of Ireland and that’s your last chance to make a run for it and that seems to be where people are making a run for it. And so forth plus the collapsing morale, the collapsing levels of recruitment and so forth. You’ve also got this tremendous financial crisis which I tried to point out. The hedge funds seem to have taken a body blow. A deadly crisis of the hedge funds back in about the middle of May. I was aware of it at the time. And then you wonder what does that do. Every time you have a qualitative deterioration in the financial situation that is translated into increased adventurism, increased desperation on the part of these invisible government types because ultimately they are controlled, they work together let’s say with financiers, with Wall Street and the city of London. You’ve also got a political crisis, right, we’ve got God knows, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby on the verge of being indicted and the rest of that. In other words Bush cratering, Bush in freefall, key figures of the Bush administration possibly subject to indictment, and so forth. And you could.. it’s not of course that Bush… it’s not.. and I don’t want to give the impression that Bush is launching all this to save himself. Bush does not have the power to do any of this. He is being prodded to do it. He is being prodded to do the public part of it by those who have the power to make the behind the scenes part of it come true. And those people behind the scenes regard Bush as their asset as long as he carries out their orders… the forces above and behind the Whitehouse to which our real attention ought to be directed rather than the simple puppets Bush, Cheney and the rest of the expendables that you see. So financially, militarily, politically and I’m sure we could say other dimensions that have brought this entire Anglo-American system to the brink. And again, look at Britain. Look at this constant ape theater that their putting on… telling people oh these terrorists are still at large, right, the second time they said there were four or five of them.. patsies, they seem to have arrested those patsies. But now you find these grave spokesman for the terror analysis community saying well we’re sure, you never know why, that we have a fifth, a sixth, a seventh and an eighth cell and that they could go into action at any time. So the Londoners in particular are being subjected to a kind of terror demagogy and terror blackmail, the goal of which seems to be Tony Blair seeing himself as an Aznar. Remember Aznar right before the Madrid bombings in the spring of last year, Aznar was on his way out. He was going to lose the election because the Spanish hated his war policy. Tony Blair is a lame duck to the extent that he has to face the voters. He would have been out this year, or maybe next year but he was on his way out for sure. This is the great danger of martial law is that it lets an unscrupulous politician say well if I have to get reelected I’m gone, I’m dead road kill but if I have martial law I can stay in power for three, four, five years, how many, and I think it’s the Aznar model that Blair is trying to imitate. Whether the British people will let him, whether the British people will be, say, as I hope, whether they will be as intelligent as the Spanish and kick him out, and the rest of the people who are trying to use terror to brainwash that country, well I hope that they’ll do that. But it seems to me that Tony Blair is trying to imitate Aznar, but of course not to imitate his failure. So what I urge people to do, get your attention fixed on these coming maneuvers and send that in. You can send it to me. I’m at . If you guys get some maybe you can forward them to me. I know you’re going to be interested too and let’s try to set up a vigilance. We call it maneuver monitoring. It’s a function of the independent, international truth commission on 9/11 that we decided that would not simply look backward or look around us from day to day, wait for what came in, but to go out aggressively and since we do know something about how terrorism takes place to try to undercut it by trying to identify in advance those kinds of maneuvers and drills that would lend themselves to being the vehicles and conduits for some sort of apocalyptic action on the part of this bankrupt and hysterical ruling class that we have.

SS: That’s a brilliant analysis that you’ve made Webster and of course the Scotland Yard secret police are in a bind. They cannot release the pictures of the July 7th event because actually the trains and the subway were bombed from underneath. Therefore those that were onboard with knapsacks who they claim had explosives in their knapsacks did not do it because the train was bombed from underneath. And they don’t want to show the pictures because that would verify it.

WT: I think there’s solid reasons to believe what you just said Sherman. I would agree with that.

SS: And the idea of trying to flush out the thing in advance by the various methods you mention is a brilliant idea and I commend you.

WT: Great.

LB: Webster, you wanted to say something at the end about the university you said mentioned earlier.

WT: I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know when we could come back on but maybe we could come back on cuz I think that maybe we just wanna forget about that for the moment.

LB: Ok. Let’s leave that. We’ll do that in a next briefing next week. But let’s just.. once again your book is available at .

WT: Yes. It’s called 9/11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA. It has a whole chapter, including this analysis of the uses of military drills. I’ll tell you an example. I’ve actually done this once before. Maybe I should tell this story briefly because shows it can be done. 1975 was a rough year for the rogue network. Because remember they had been kicked out of Vietnam, right, they had been routed. They had been routed out of Vietnam after 15.. 20 years of attempts to impose a puppet regime in that country. So the rogue network, the US establishment, would be another way to say it, was pretty hysterical and they were pretty interested in finding some way to reassert themselves because of course in those months after the end of the Vietnam debacle. I’m talking about the helicopter flying the people off the roof of the embassy and these scenes of wild panic. There was of course a danger that the whole Anglo-American world position would collapse and that the Soviets and the Chinese would advance and that pro-US governments would fall and that pro-Soviet regimes would come in. There was some chance of that happening. Anyways they took it seriously. So they planned a maneuver called HILEX 75. HILEX again being High Level Exercise. If you want help with these acronyms you have to get the book by William Arkin. I have no interest in this book but it does help you to understand what a lot of these acronyms and abbreviations mean. A sort of military jargon, right, the stuff that we’ve just gone through, right and remember the one you have to remember..


WT: Well yeah. MIHOP. But it’s Sudden Response 05. Sudden Response 05 is the one you want to find out about. Or TOPOFF. If you find TOPOFF 4 or TOPOFF 5 or TOPOFF 6, you better watch out for that one too. Or Amalgam Virgo. They could bring that one back. Anyway, the one we had was HILEX 75. HILEX being High Level Exercise. And this is gaming at the level of US government, NATO governments, state department, foreign ministries of those countries. And in those days I got a report that this was actually a staff exercise, it was a sandbox exercise but it had the capability of course of becoming something real. And the way that this worked was, the idea was that they were going to have a simulation of a thermonuclear confrontation in the Warsaw pact. But there was a possibility that that kick over into something real. In other words an actual confrontation with the Soviets and the rest of the Warsaw pact. So it was in December of 1975. I was in Europe at the time. And the people I was working with in those years did a European wide, US wide campaign calling attention to the danger posed by HILEX 75.. that HILEX 75 could turn into the third world war. And it was simply a barometer of the desperation of the US, British ruling elite, that they felt that they somehow needed to teach the Soviets a lesson, or scare the Soviets, or throw the Soviets back on their heels to prevent the loss of Vietnam from being the collapse of their entire world position. So on New Years Eve of 1975 I was on the steps of the Milan cathedral with 4 or 5 of my friends at the time and we handed out a leaflet saying watch out for HILEX 75 that is a staff exercise of NATO, and telling all about it, and it could turn into the third world war, because there are nuclear weapons at Verona, there are nuclear weapons at Naples, there are nuclear weapons here, there and everywhere. So do something about it. Call your local journalist, call your member of Parliament, call the local Italian Defense Ministry or call the local military bases.. do something. And somehow with very limited means I think it was clearly I think in retrospect possible to remove, or at least, well it turned out to be remove, to block, to negate this capability that was built into HILEX 75 to turn it into a real war. The exercise I believe happened but it didn’t turn into a real war. And I think that part of the reason it did not turn into a real war was because there were probably a total of maybe 200 or 250 people around the world who went out and did something, a leaflet, a phone call, talking among friends, something like this, right, talk it up. And I believe what 75,000 listeners for Cloak and Dagger or something of that order? That is a massive maneuver. In other words, if people who listen to this are willing to do something. Put out a statement. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Do something to call attention to the fact that there is a grave danger of a synthetic terrorist action, a state sponsored false flag synthetic terror attack during the month of August and beyond, and that this could turn into this attack on Iran that Cheney is talking about. Notice that they won’t have to tie it to Iran. Part of the verbiage which I read to you at the beginning is they don’t care if Iran can be implicated. But if the terror event takes place, Iran will be the target no matter what, just in the same way that Iraq was going to be the target of 9/11 whether or not they could be tied to it.

SS: We appreciate your treasury of wisdom that you’ve brought to this program. His current book Synthetic Terrorism has been bundled up with his previous wonderful book Unauthorized Biography of George Bush that originally came out in ’92, went out of print and now is available through I’ve read both books. They’re both very wonderful.

LB: They are must read books for all media scientists, professional spies, and amateur sleuths, so you’ve gotta get Webster’s book.

SS: Thanks for being on this program Webster and bringing your treasury of wisdom onto this program.

WT: It’s always a pleasure.

LB: And we’ll have you back again next week and looking forward to your briefing again next week Webster.

WT: Ok. Maybe this time we can get some of the lessons from the Cynthia McKinney hearings that were held here on the 22nd of July and the weekend Truth Convergence at American University which had some progress and lessons of other types.

LB: Absolutely. We’ll look forward to having your briefing on that subject next week.

SS: My usual conclusion is THE HELL WITH THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.

LB: Read it yourself instead of asking the government why because that will cause the propaganda to die. Goodnight gentlemen.

[Almost at the same time - WT: Goodnight. SS: Goodnight Webster.]


WSWS : News & Analysis : North America

Why were the terrorists shielded?

US military intelligence identified four 9/11 hijackers in 2000

By Patrick Martin
10 August 2005

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A top-secret military intelligence unit identified four of the 9/11 suicide hijackers as Al Qaeda operatives, including two of the pilots, more than a year before the September 11 terrorist attacks, a front-page report in the New York Times revealed Tuesday.

The article by reporter Douglas Jehl, cites Republican Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania and an unnamed former military intelligence officer as its sources.

Jehl’s report confirms what has been widely reported overseas but long covered up by the Bush administration and the American media: Mohammed Atta, believed to be the operational leader of the 9/11 attacks, was under US intelligence surveillance even before he came to the United States in 2000. How Atta was able to enter and re-enter the country on multiple occasions over the next year, enroll in flight school, and use credit cards and bank accounts in his real name, despite being a known Al Qaeda operative, has never been explained.

Weldon first revealed the existence of the military intelligence program, code-named Able Danger, in an interview with the Norristown Times-Herald, a newspaper in his suburban Philadelphia district, on June 19. He followed this up with a little-noticed speech to the House of Representatives on June 27. It was not until the issue was raised by Government Security News, a publication that specializes in reporting on the US homeland security apparatus, that it was taken up by the major media.

The Times interviewed the former military intelligence agent at Weldon’s congressional office. By his account, Able Danger was set up in 1999 to conduct data mining from publicly accessible databases, cross-referencing with information from US agencies like the Immigration and Naturalization Service and with classified intelligence information. This technique pinpointed the names of Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, the pilots who flew hijacked jets into the north and south towers of the World Trade Center, as well as Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Midhdar, two of the five men who hijacked an American Airlines jet and crashed it into the Pentagon.

Had this information been widely circulated in 2000 or 2001, the September 11 attacks, which took the lives of 3,000 innocent people, could have been prevented. But the Times article states: “In the summer of 2000, the military team, known as Able Danger, prepared a chart that included visa photographs of the four men and recommended to the military’s Special Operations Command that the information be shared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation... The recommendation was rejected and the information was not shared...”

According to the account in Government Security News, the former military intelligence agent remarked bitterly: “We were directed to take those 3M yellow stickers and place them over the faces of Atta and the other terrorists and pretend they didn’t exist.”


White House discussions

Remarkably, Weldon reveals that he discussed Able Danger with top White House officials, including then-deputy national security adviser Stephen Hadley, in September or October 2001, just after the 9/11 attacks. The White House was thus fully aware that the US military had identified Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi well before September 11, but it suppressed that information from all subsequent investigations, including the 9/11 commission.

The 9/11 commission staff nonetheless learned of the existence of Able Danger in October 2003, when several former military intelligence officers spoke to the staff, including executive director Philip Zelikow. According to the former military intelligence officer interviewed by the Times, they specifically mentioned Mohammed Atta by name in these discussions.

The former spokesman for the 9/11 commission, Al Felzenberg, in an interview with the Times, confirmed that the discussions about Able Danger had taken place, but claimed Atta’s name had not come up and the staff had not believed the report to be significant.

The June 19 Norristown Times-Herald article, however, gives the following account:

“Weldon said he was told specifically by commission members Tim Roemer, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana, and John Lehman, a former secretary of the Navy, that they had never been briefed on the Able Danger unit within Special Ops or on the unit’s evidence of a terrorist cell...”

The former military intelligence officer told the Times-Herald, “I personally talked with Zelikow about this. For whatever bizarre reasons, he didn’t pass on the information.”

There is no mention of Able Danger in the final commission report, and no hint that any US government agency had linked Atta to Al Qaeda before the September 11 attacks.

This demonstrates that the 9/11 commission was a fraud and a whitewash. Rather than uncover the real story of the terrorist attacks, the commission conducted a sophisticated cover-up of the real relations between US government agencies and the terrorists who killed 3,000 people. Meanwhile, Zelikow, the chief organizer of the 9/11 panel, has been rewarded for his services to the Bush administration and to the military/intelligence apparatus with an appointment as senior counselor to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a longtime friend and associate.

Nor is he an exception. Stephen Hadley, who was informed of Able Danger nearly four years ago, was given the top job at the National Security Council. The military officer who headed the Special Operations Command at the time the Able Danger information was suppressed, General Peter Schoomaker, is now the Army chief of staff.

It is clear from these promotions—all appointments requiring presidential approval—that the decision to conceal the identity of Atta and his three co-conspirators was endorsed at the highest levels of the American state. No one suffered from a decision that had the effect of giving a free hand to plan, prepare and carry out the worst terrorist attacks in US history.

The reasons given in the Times article for the suppression of the information generated by Able Danger do not hold water. There were allegedly concerns that information gathered by military intelligence could not be shared with law enforcement agencies because of legal prohibitions. “Under American law, United States citizens and green-card holders may not be singled out in intelligence-collection operations by the military or intelligence agencies,” Jehl writes, admitting, however, “That protection does not extend to visa holders” like Atta and his colleagues.

It is simply not credible, even in the pre-9/11 climate, that US intelligence agencies—steeped in the most sordid methods of work, from slander and blackmail to torture and murder—were somehow paralyzed by a too-delicate concern for the democratic rights of suspected Al Qaeda operatives. Such arguments are presented not as serious explanations, but to advance a definite political agenda: the removal of all restraints on the operations of the intelligence apparatus, both at home and abroad.

Weldon shares this agenda. He is a conservative Republican, vice chairman of both the House Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee. He is an advocate of a much more intensive data-mining operation, such as the Total Information Awareness program briefly sponsored by the Pentagon after 9/11, then abandoned in the face of widespread criticism of its Orwellian implications.

The Pennsylvania congressman has clashed repeatedly with the US intelligence establishment, particularly over his efforts to hype the alleged threat of an Iranian-sponsored nuclear terrorist attack within the United States. He is the author of a recently published book whose title reveals his viewpoint: Countdown to Terror: The Top-Secret Information that Could Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack on America and How the C.I.A. Has Ignored It.

Whatever Weldon’s idiosyncrasies, however, the conflict between the warmongering congressman and the CIA has produced a major breach in the official wall of silence about the relationship between the US intelligence agencies and the 9/11 hijackers. Until now, the Bush administration, the CIA, and the various official investigations, including the 9/11 commission, all claimed that only two of the hijackers, al-Midhdar and al-Hazmi, had come to the attention of US intelligence prior to the terrorist attacks.

After lengthy footdragging, the CIA was compelled to admit that though it had linked these two with Al Qaeda in January-March 2000, it failed to notify the FBI until August 27, 2001—two weeks before they took part in the September 11 suicide hijackings. The two men were able to enter the United States and live in the San Diego area for months, with one of them listed in the local phone book, although both were on a CIA watch list. At one point, the two rented a room from an FBI informer who was debriefed in his living room by an FBI agent whom he politely introduced to his two terrorist tenants.

The Times article attempts to bolster this crumbling official cover story, declaring that Weldon’s account “is the first assertion that Mr. Atta, an Egyptian who became the lead hijacker in the plot, was identified by any American government agency as a potential threat before the Sept. 11 attacks.”

This claim is flatly untrue. There have been repeated accounts, particularly in the German media, about Atta being under surveillance by the CIA while he was living in Hamburg, and about this surveillance continuing after he shifted his activities to the United States in the summer of 2000, apparently by the Israeli secret service Mossad (the CIA not being permitted to conduct its own surveillance operations on US soil).

Reports were carried by the television network ARD, the magazine Der Spiegel, and major daily newspapers like the Berliner Zeitung and Die Zeit. Their accounts have the CIA beginning surveillance of Atta in Hamburg in January 2000, following him during a trip to Frankfurt, where he purchased chemicals that could be used in making explosives, right up to the point where he visited the US embassy in Berlin, on May 18, 2000, and obtained a US entry visa. Atta flew to the United States from Prague, capital of the neighboring Czech Republic, on June 3, 2000.

Both Der Spiegel and Die Zeit reported that Mossad kept Atta under surveillance while he was attending flight school in south Florida in 2000 and early 2001. At one point, after a trip to Europe, Atta was stopped by a customs officer when re-entering the US at Miami International Airport, because his visa was invalid. Nonetheless, he was allowed in.

Finally, on August 23, 2001, Mossad presented to the CIA a list of 19 named Islamic fundamentalist terrorists living in the United States and said to be planning an imminent attack. Aside from the chilling coincidence in the number—19 Islamic fundamentalists participated in the September 11 attacks—the Israeli list actually named four of the future hijackers, including Mohammed Atta.

The Times report confirms once again the analysis the WSWS made within four months of 9/11 (“Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?”). We charged then, and reiterate now, that the least plausible explanation of the September 11 tragedy is the official version: that terrorists entered the United States, obtained training at US flight schools and organized the simultaneous hijacking of four airliners, without any agency of the American government having the slightest idea what they were doing.

This new revelation only reinforces the suspicion that the tragedy of 9/11 was not the result of an “intelligence failure” or an inability to “connect the dots.” High-level officials in the state apparatus took affirmative action to protect the Al Qaeda operatives and allow them to prepare a terrorist attack. Whether they knew the full extent of what Atta and his confederates would do on September 11 can be debated, but there is no question that a terrorist outrage within the United States served the political purposes of the Bush administration.

The new right-wing government desperately needed a Pearl Harbor-style event to shift public opinion and create the conditions where it could press forward with plans—already well prepared before 9/11—for military interventions in the Middle East and Central Asia, the two largest sources for oil and gas. Bush, Cheney & Co. ruthlessly exploited 9/11 as an all-purpose justification for right-wing policies at home as well, from tax cuts for the super-rich to unprecedented attacks on democratic rights.

In response to the Times report, it is necessary to demand answers to basic questions about September 11:

* Why were known Al Qaeda members permitted to enter the United States and carry out their plans?

* Who made the decisions which facilitated the work of the terrorists and why have they not been held responsible?

* Why have the facts about September 11 been covered up, not only by the White House and the intelligence agencies, but by congressional Democrats and the American media?


Media Darling Terror Expert Admits Government Sponsored
Terror Loftus Says Rogue Elements of intelligence
Agencies Protecting Terrorists
Steve Watson/Infowars

August 5 2005

We have continually documented how those at the top of
British and US intelligence services have again and
again recruited, funded and employed useful terrorists.
In 1993, the bomb used in the first WTC attack was
cooked by the FBI and the driver was under their
instruction. It was the same story in 1995 with the
destruction of the Alfred P Murrah Building in
Oklahoma, again the Feds were implicated, the stooges
were under their control. And we know for a fact that
Bin Laden was a protected CIA asset, he even had the
codename Tim Osman.

We have previously revealed how former MI5 officer
David Shayler has alleged, and French intel sources
have corroborated, that the MI6 paid a Libyan
al-Qa'ida cell £100,000 in 1995 to assassinate colonel
Qaddafi. The use of the group that has come to be known
as "Al Qaeda" as assets by Intelligence services the
world over is well documented.

So It came as little surprise that the so called
mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings was in the employ
of British Intelligence.

The July 29 edition of FOX News Channel's Day Side
programme revealed that Haroon Rashid Aswat, had been
working for MI6. Former Justice Dept. prosecutor and
Terror expert John Loftus revealed that the
Al-Muhajiroun group, based in London had formed during
the Kosovo crisis, during which Fundamentalist Muslim
Leaders were recruited by MI6 to fight in Kosovo.

Mr Loftus Appeared on The Alex Jones Show earlier this
week and revealed even more detail concerning the case
of Aswat and the "War on terror". Although it seemed
that Loftus was reluctant to accept that time and time
again the "failures" of the Intelligence agencies are
more than just coincidence, he had no choice but to
verify the stone cold facts that Alex presented him
with during the 20 minute interview.

Loftus firstly pointed out that the Israeli services
have long known that British Intelligence have allowed
Muslim extremists to train and recruit in Britain with
the promise of safe haven so long as British interests
are kept off the hit list.

Loftus went on to spell out that British Intelligence
and the US dept of Justice had protected Haroon Rashid
Aswat before in 1999 when he traveled to America. The
Justice Department failed to indict Aswat as he
attempted to set up a terrorist training school in

"His superiors, his subordinates were indicted, not
him. The New York office claims The British told them
he was dead, he wasn't dead he was hiding in South
Africa." Loftus highlighted.

Aswat was then allowed back into Britain just weeks
before the bombings even though he was on a watch
list and was a known terrorist and a wanted man. Mr
Loftus made this clear in explicit detail:

"The only explanation is that the Arab Newspapers
were right and this guy was working for the British
Secret service."


When questioned over the drills that were being
operated on 7/7 at the exact same times and
locations as the bombings, Loftus asserted that it
"was a coincidence, a lot of those are run, there is
no conspiracy there". Yet as we have reported, the
chances of this happening are literally millions to

Furthermore Loftus suggested that Tony Blair and the
British Government had no knowledge of Aswat and
that opportunist bureaucrats in MI6 were to blame.
Alex pointed out that even if this was the case
there are compartmentalized crime groups within the
intelligence services that are funding Al Qaeda
leaders to attack Western citizens. This equates to
Government Sponsored terror. Loftus could only

"Boy you have put your finger right on it there.
There are compartmentalized groups who engage in
crimes. Are these authorized by the Government or is
it wink and a nod stuff? We haven't got to the
bottom of this yet and a lot of us are very very

Mr Loftus then reasserted what Alex has been
addressing for a long time now, that the whole Al
Qaeda Phenomenon began in the mid forties as the CIA
was recruiting Nazi Arabs. In the mid eighties
Loftus himself testified before Congress on the
illegal use of Nazi war criminals by US intelligence.

"The Muslim Brotherhood was an Arab Nazi Movement.
The CIA shredded all its files on the Muslim
Brotherhood, but you can find out what's in them by
doing a google search on two words - Banna and the
second word is Nazi. Search those two words and
you're gonna find about 20-30 very interesting
articles on how this whole Al qaeda stuff began. It
began in 1945 when the British recruited this Nazi
Arab Movement, The Muslim Brotherhood, CIA took them
over in the Early 50s, we hid them in Saudi Arabia."

Loftus pointed out that Saddam Hussian was a member
of the Brotherhood by proxy through his family who
were directly recruited by the CIA in the 50s. And
all this at the same time as the Bush family were
directly funding the Nazi Party in Europe, beyond
the end of the War and into the 1950s.


When Alex posed the question "What will happen in
the next 6-18 months?" Loftus replied

"I think it's gonna be Syria, Syria is coming
down. We've had it and the Iraqi Government has
had it... A new Sovereign Government of Iraq
will declare war on Syria and the UN will support
it. Under the UN charter every nation has a right
to self defence...The Iraqi people have been
being prepared for this everyday"

The US will of course be involved as the ally of
the new "Sovereign" Government of Iraq. Loftus
suggested that US officials will sell this to the
American people by telling them that Saddam's WMD
are all buried in Syria!

OF Course the war will then expand as WMD are not
found, we will have to go into Iran. This Will be
very difficult to sell unless there is another
major terrorist attack, as Alex pointed out to Mr


Alex then went on to ask Loftus if he had heard
of Operation Northwoods, the official Government
plan to carry out 9/11 style attacks on its own
citizens and blame them on foreign enemies to
provide a pretext for invasion. Loftus admitted
he knew all about it and pointed out that it was
an operational document and not a wargame.

Loftus also took on Alex's assertions concerning
Operation Gladio and admitted that the facts
were indisputable.

Loftus then went on to explain and corroborate
that Kermit Roosevelt admitted on NPR radio that
in 1953 the CIA and British intelligence carried
out a wave of bombings and shootings in Iran.
Roosevelt then went on to brag about how they
subsequently blamed the bombings on Iran's
President, Mossadegh. We have covered this
extensively in the past yet the mainstream media
won't touch the story. Loftus asserted that this
is one reason why US ground forces cannot go
into Iran again. He also stated

"There was a separate group called the OPC, the
Office of Policy Co-ordination...they took CIA
money but operated under State Department Control
with Pentagon support, so no one really
controlled them. These guys operated under total
plausible deniability, they weren't ever to get
caught, they weren't ever to link America to it.
Of Course guys like Kermit Roosevelt thought it
was too good to keep secret so they have been
bragging about it over the years."

Mr Loftus is just another former Government
official and terror expert in a long line who has
corroborated our facts and highlights how our
information is bang on the money. He concluded the
interview by asserting that the very top ranks of
the intelligence agencies are so corrupt that they
are recruiting terrorists for their own agendas,
to make money whilst forwarding an agenda of fear
to restrict civil liberties and stop good people
questioning the actions of the secret services.

This is a must listen interview and highlights
once again the fact that we are winning this
information war against Government sponsored
terror and the new world order, we are at the
front-line, we ARE the mainstream media, because
we have to be, bringing the real facts out first
and firing from all directions.


7/7 Mastermind was working for British Intelligence


Infowars Interview with John Buchanan transcribed by PC93

Now we will explore how the American branch of the Illuminati aided and abetted Adolph Hitler and how the Bushes were the first family when it came to treason.

John Buchanan / Investigative Journalist: “I’ve been an investigative reporter and a journalist for 35 years. I’ve worked in every major media market in the United States and I’ve written for more than a hundred newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally. So last September 17th I became the first journalist in US history to go to the US National Archives and the Library of Congress and pour over the thousands of pages of documents in both places to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt or any refutation of the facts that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W Bush and George Herbert Walker his maternal great grandfather for whom his dad is named were Nazi traitors to the country who should have been tried for treason. Two weeks ago in early August [2004] a major world newspaper The Guardian finally got on the story internationally and they flew a renowned reporter of theirs named Duncan Campbell over to Washington to take me back to the Archives and the Library of Congress so they could verify that these explosive documents were real and I didn’t have forged copies. Prescott Bush was the grandfather of George W Bush and the father of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush is named for his father-in-law George Herbert Walker. Prescott Bush graduated from Yale in 1917 and was in Skull and Bones with E. Rollin Harriman who was the younger brother of W. Avril Harriman. The Bush family really had nothing going. They were essentially social climbers and opportunistic people. At the time that Prescott Bush met Dorothy Walker he was a tire salesman. And George Herbert Walker as all fathers do when their daughter is going to marry someone said in his heart ‘You know it’s not an appropriate thing socially that my daughter marry a tire salesman.’ So he brought Prescott Bush first into Brown Brothers Harriman and then Union Banking Corporation. In actuality it was anything but a bank. It was essentially a Nazi money laundering operation that had a lot of tentacles into a lot of different other businesses. They owned a shipping line called Hamburg American Line for example, which was the first Nazi front business seized. Although the line was no longer operational in 1942, in the early 1930’s it transported Nazi spies into the US and then their promotional ads offered cash rewards to any American citizens who would go back on Hamburg American Lines and proselytize for Hitler. 8 months after the US had entered the war the New York Herald Tribune ran a front page article “Hitler’s Angel Has $3,000,000 in US Bank” and it caused a major scandal and just rocked the world of politics. Brown Brothers Harriman, which George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were affiliated with and partners in worked with IG Farben which operated Auschwitz. Prescott Bush, he did a number of things that were not only anti-American but were pro-Hitler, and he did all that he could to proselytize for Hitler and the rise of his Third Reich because their largest client Fritz Thyssen, of his patron W. Avril Harriman, dictated what kind of behavior he would practice to enhance his own career. So he was put on the board of directors of Union Banking Corporation and he was also a shareholder in Union Banking Corporation along with E. Rollin Harriman but what’s interesting about what the documents show is that they clearly state that all of the shareholders were phantom shareholders for Fritz Thyssen and did his bidding directly. So the point I’m making is it’s not as if they bought these shares of stock as a passive investment to hopefully profit from the war. They were directly doing the bidding of the individual who built the Nazi war machine. Some very shocking documents that I saw at the Library of Congress two weeks ago on August 9th had to do with the hearings of McCormick-Dickstein Committee of November 1934 show that Prescott Bush and the DuPont family, the Remington family and J. P. Morgan tried to overthrow the US Government, assassinate FDR, and put a Hitler style fascist state in place. I have in my possession testimony from the McCormick-Dickstein Committee in November of 1934 by one of the fascist plotters that they were going to follow Hitler’s model exactly and impose Martial Law on the United States, round up unemployed people that were worthless to the economy, and troublemakers and Jews, and put them into internment camps. And their plan was if necessary to exterminate the people that could not be part of the effort. The only reason the coup attempt in 1934 didn’t succeed is that they hired the wrong general to lead it, General Smedley Butler, the great marine hero, two time Congressional medal of honor winner who worked with the plotters just long enough to be able to identify who they were and then blew the whistle on them to Congress. Incredibly, after being warned by the FBI and the Justice Department and the Treasury Department to cease and desist in their Nazi dealings they had continued them until 1951. There had been 28 additional seizures of Nazi assets and Nazi business fronts between late 1942 and late 1951 and that they had moved Nazi assets into Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and Panama and they had continued to do business with their primary Nazi patron who was Fritz Thyssen who backed Hitler beginning in 1921 and who was the wealthiest man in Germany and a steel and coal baron who with his partner Fredrick Flick essentially built the Nazi war machine along with IG Farben. In 1951 when Fritz Thyssen died in Argentina, Union Banking Corporation was liquidated by the US Government and Prescott Bush received 1.5 million dollars for his holdings in his Nazi business and that was the beginning of the Bush family fortune for all intents and purposes. George Bush doesn’t take his philosophical foundation from the Bible or the teachings of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount. George Bush takes his inspiration from what he learned in Skull and Bones and from the Thule Society that Hitler and Goebbels and Goering cut their teeth in, Bohemian Grove, these evil organizations that perpetrate the ugly things that these criminals are doing to this country for which they must be held accountable. Now you look at the Republican National Convention this week and you bring in Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak last night. Schwarzenegger is the son of a Nazi, he has praised Nazis, he has praised Hitler. He talked in terms last night like we will not falter, we will not waiver, we will win this war on terror:

Schwarzenegger: “He’s a leader who doesn’t flinch, who doesn’t waiver, who does not back down. [Applause]” 

Well that’s exactly the speeches that Hitler made after the Reichstag fire. Terrorism and the homeland being under attack are precisely the issues that Hitler used to subvert everything within the German system of government. This is a criminal regime. They not only emulate Hitler but its genesis comes from Hitler and I defy anyone, a historian, journalist, author, anyone, to come forward and disprove my premise that you cannot differentiate Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 and the Reichstag fire and his attempt to dominate the world from George W Bush’s unprovoked invasion of Iraq and subversion of the Constitution through the Patriot Act after 9/11 which I submit is his Reichstag fire. Carl Rove and his minions are every bit the masters of propaganda that Joseph Goebbels was. They literally took lessons from Goebbels and Goering about how to create such brilliant propaganda that unreality can become reality, can be subverted to fantasy, political subterfuge right before your eyes. So there’s just an endless broken record that is leading up to the present era that the Bush family has had a single goal for a hundred years which is to become the most powerful family on the planet and to rule the world. And they are on the verge of doing that under George W Bush. It’s critical that every citizen of this country rise up and do something because the day of reckoning is at hand and these people are Nazis, they are practicing Nazi philosophy, they are mimicking Nazi tactics and time is running out.

This is an excerpt from Alex Jones’ Latest film 9/11 Martial Law: Rise of the Police State



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While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.

“I’m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch,” Bush screamed at aides who suggested he meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the war-protesting mother whose son died in Iraq. “She can go to hell as far as I’m concerned!”

Bush flashes the bird, something aides say he does often and has been doing since his days as governor of Texas.
Bush, administration aides confide, frequently explodes into tirades over those who protest the war, calling them “motherfucking traitors.” He reportedly was so upset over Veterans of Foreign Wars members who wore “bullshit protectors” over their ears during his speech to their annual convention that he told aides to “tell those VFW assholes that I’ll never speak to them again is they can’t keep their members under control.”

White House insiders say Bush is growing increasingly bitter over mounting opposition to his war in Iraq. Polls show a vast majority of Americans now believe the war was a mistake and most doubt the President’s honesty.

“Who gives a flying fuck what the polls say,” he screamed at a recent strategy meeting. “I’m the President and I’ll do whatever I goddamned please. They don’t know shit.”

Bush, whiles setting up for a photo op for signing the recent CAFTA bill, flipped an extended middle finger to reporters. Aides say the President often “flips the bird” to show his displeasure and tells aides who disagree with him to “go to hell” or to “go fuck yourself.” His habit of giving people the finger goes back to his days as Texas governor, aides admit, and videos of him doing so before press conferences were widely circulated among TV stations during those days. A recent video showing him shooting the finger to reporters while walking also recently surfaced.

Bush’s behavior, according to prominent Washington psychiatrist, Dr. Justin Frank, author of “Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President,” is all too typical of an alcohol-abusing bully who is ruled by fear.

To see that fear emerges, Dr. Frank says, all one has to do is confront the President. “To actually directly confront him in a clear way, to bring him out, so you would really see the bully, and you would also see the fear,” he says.

Dr. Frank, in his book, speculates that Bush, an alcoholic who brags that he gave up booze without help from groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, may be drinking again.

“Two questions that the press seems particularly determined to ignore have hung silently in the air since before Bush took office,” Dr. Frank says.  “Is he still drinking? And if not, is he impaired by all the years he did spend drinking? Both questions need to be addressed in any serious assessment of his psychological state.”

Last year, Capitol Hill Blue learned the White House physician prescribed anti-depressant drugs for the President to control what aides called “violent mood swings.” As Dr. Frank also notes: “In writing about Bush's halting appearance in a press conference just before the start of the Iraq War, Washington Post media critic Tom Shales speculated that ‘the president may have been ever so slightly medicated.’”

Dr. Frank explains Bush’s behavior as all-to-typical of an alcoholic who is still in denial:

“The pattern of blame and denial, which recovering alcoholics work so hard to break, seems to be ingrained in the alcoholic personality; it's rarely limited to his or her drinking,” he says. “The habit of placing blame and denying responsibility is so prevalent in George W. Bush's personal history that it is apparently triggered by even the mildest threat.”


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Informant Names
JFK Jrs Assassins?

Date: Wednesday, August 31
Topic: News Media Control


“If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the Lord gives you is found doing evil in the eyes of the Lord your God in violation of his covenant....and this has been brought to your attention, then you must investigate it thoroughly. If it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, take the man or woman who has done this evil deed to your city gate and stone that person to death. On the testimony of two or three witnesses a man shall be put to death, but no one shall be put to death on the testimony of only one witness. The hands of the witnesses must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. You must purge the evil from among you.- Deuteronomy 17: 2-7

Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination

by Tom Flocco

“One of my family members was related to JFK Jr.’s grandmother, and although it was not a blood relationship, I had at least a half dozen lengthy conversations with John during the years before he died. We liked each other and hit it off; so this was why John opened up to me and seemed to trust me regarding his future plans to run against either Hillary Clinton for the Senate or George W. Bush for the Presidency in 2000. John had many conversations with my relative; and he gave her permission to discuss his political aspirations with friends so this was not a closely held secret. But what was interesting was that John told me he was pretty sure he could win either of those races.- ("Delbert," former Interpol operative and CIA Division 4 team member)

Caldwell, New Jersey -- August 31, 2005 -- -- “I know I’m risking my life in allowing you to interview me; but I’m aware there is an operational grand jury and indictments regarding the White House, so now is the time. I’m tired



of knowing all the details and perpetrators of the murder of an innocent and good man without seeing justice. John’s death has caused tremendous trauma throughout the Kennedy family,” said a 40ish ex-operative who consented to discuss the investigation and his part in writing the JFK Jr. plane crash preliminary and final reports authorized by the FBI.

“Just refer to me as ‘Delbert.’ That’s good enough,- he said, adding, “If they will kill ‘John-John,’ they’ll kill anybody.-

The long-time Special Forces and Division 4 operative’s explosive evidence, witness testimony and his team’s suppressed and classified final report naming former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton among others as being involved in orchestrating the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. will require U.S. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to hear testimony to investigate John Jr.’s death as part of his ongoing grand jury probe involving White House crime families.



1999   piper saratoga II TC
  ....similar to JFK jr. plane


During three exclusive interviews with, the ex-operative told us the final classified report specifically said “JFK Jr.’s plane broke in half just aft of the cabin. The damage was caused by a plastique (C-4) shape charge which was formed along the bottom of the fuselage and up along both sides of the walls. The charge was caused to be set off or exploded with a large spark generated by a barometric switch device triggered by the altitude of the plane. In other words, the assassins chose the altitude for the explosion of the plane--a standard procedure to make the target’s murder look like an accident.-

Delbert said his team and their witnesses and families have been in physical jeopardy since 1999 “because the media did not report the truth about what happened;- and that all involved are now placing their lives in the hands of Fitzgerald and his deputies to prosecute the evidence--charges that will serve to mitigate compromised media outlets now protecting the White House with spin and insinuations that Fitzgerald is using the “perjury trap- to manufacture crimes instead of genuinely seeking evidence.

Sources close to one grand jury indicate the spin will not work this time. The U.S. intelligence community is monitoring the work of all the prosecutors and grand juries. Serious crimes with supporting evidence involving three branches of government and the media have already threatened the long term survival of the Republic.

We learned that scores of witnesses were interviewed by Division 4: a) at the scene of the explosion off Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, b) when the plane and bodies were recovered, c) in the White House regarding the assassination plot prior to the crash, and d) at the airport concerning what witnesses saw three days before Kennedy’s plane took off. Collectively, they tell a different story than the media--one that might ultimately rival the political intrigue surrounding ancient Rome’s ruling Caesars.

The decision to come forward


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After observing that the Division 4 JFK Jr. preliminary report (filed three days after the crash, but later leaked within the intelligence community for a number of years) had remained online for the last six months, contact was made with where we first saw the document. Webb had already faxed the document to more than 300 top electronic and print media outlets which collectively ignored it.

We inquired whether it would be possible to interview one of the active or retired Division 4 members who conducted the actual investigation and wrote the reports, given the rapidly gathering swirl of secret grand juries.

A former member of the Division 4 International Murder Investigative team named Delbert, who helped write the reports and interview witnesses, was asked to come forward by Stewart Webb and was subsequently contacted by, consenting to several interviews to discuss his findings in the leaked preliminary report and reveal specific names and evidence details contained in the final classified report which has been withheld from the American people.

Delbert told us today that he cringes when he reads the report and thinks about it being in ‘general’ circulation: “It was NEVER meant for general dissemination and consumption; and frankly, I’m somewhat appalled when I think of it being ‘out there.’ The final report was cleaned up grammatically and the actual facts presented in a much clearer, concise manner leaving out any speculation. But I regret this report ever getting out.-

Grand jury activity notwithstanding, what piqued our initial interest was a feeling that the Division 4 team, with experience tracking murderers across the globe and placed on loan to assist an overwhelmed FBI for the JFK Jr. probe--had apparently conducted an investigation far more complete than what the mainstream media was telling its trusting viewers and readers.

Not unexpectedly, the team was told to “back off,” since its leaked preliminary report written by Delbert and another team member revealed specific contradictory evidence, calling JFK Jr.’s death to be a “political assassination of the highest order.-

Division 4 investigative team’s past exploits can currently be seen on the Discovery Channel in “The Hunt for the Serpent,- about a serial killer they chased through Nepal, India, Pakistan and China; but the team also became well-known for a chase through the Hudson Valley into Canada before capturing the Green Valley killer who had murdered 43 young prostitutes. As part of this international version of the FBI, the team specializes in tracking serial killers and pedophiles across foreign boundaries.

The ‘Phoenix Project’ and assassinations

Years prior to serving on this team for three years, Delbert said he was a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, attached to the Phoenix Project / Operation, on orders to “destabilize targeted governments by murdering government officials, elites, professionals, bankers, military leaders, teachers, professors and medical professionals."

“This started in Vietnam and then moved to Central America,- said Delbert, adding “I was part of what we called the Bush-Clinton New World Order takeover to place in power selected individuals who received their marching orders directly from the U.S. government. Plain and simple, Project Phoenix required Americans to kill off innocent people to place in power those selected by the U.S. ruling elite; but I left, finding it very objectionable.-

“These activities are still going on today,- said the intelligence insider. “America now uses FBI Division 5, CIA Division 4, and elements from within the Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for its dirty work. Five-man Delta teams made up of nationals from Mexico and Ecuador are being trained for house-to-house extraction and murder of American citizens--when the day comes that Martial Law is declared and what little is left of our Constitution is scrapped.”

"These (elements) are counter-intelligence goon squads of trained assassins which engage in covert operations both inside and outside the United States--with or without the knowledge of Congress which is supposed to be restraining them from actions against our own citizens. They’re out of control--just a marvelous group of human beings,- said the former intelligence veteran.

With a measure of insight into Delbert’s background and credibility, we asked him to talk about Division 4’s JFK Jr. findings, the specific content of the team’s written accounts and the details of the assassination plot.

The preliminary and final reports

The preliminary report and our three interviews with Delbert provide an open window template through which to view previous evidence that could point to prosecutable obstruction of justice by a grand jury regarding past FBI probes of major political figures who also died in plane crashes or in another manner. Ample evidence indicates that Congress has permitted the Bureau to serve as a private taxpayer-funded political cover-up arm for each White House.

A grand jury itself presents what amounts to a citizen-controlled fourth branch of government, set aside by founding fathers as a necessary precaution against corruption, obstruction of justice and/or treason on the part of the Supreme Court, White House and Congress -acting separately or in concert. Individuals talking to sources close to the grand jury told us that citizen panelists are currently reviewing powerful evidence with explosive documents and are dead-serious about cleansing the government.

A case in point for a grand jury to become operational would occur if, for example, Fitzgerald had witnesses who could corroborate that members of the Supreme Court received financial bribes in 2000 to install George W. Bush in the White House [ Part 1 / Part 2 ], or if Florida’s elected officials destroyed voter ballots to prevent Al Gore from becoming the duly elected president for the same reason. In short, evidence would be collected and the grand jury would hear testimony.

While John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. was reported to have died in an accidental plane crash on July 16, 1999, Division 4’s preliminary report reveals careful details dissimilar to those reported by news outlets, indicating what the team described in its report as “°classic media disinformation, if not outright lies- pertaining to suspect circumstances surrounding the death of the only son of President John F. Kennedy who was himself assassinated on November 22, 1963 under a similar investigative cloud.

Most families of well-known politicians killed in “accidental- plane crashes were not afforded the opportunity of having a separate outside agency like Division 4 to investigate the evidence of their loved one’s death as in the case of the son of an assassinated president. The prelim report summary is revealing:

“Subject was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind, calm. All indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric pressure device, or from a Particle Beam laser. [Delbert said Particle Beam laser was left out of final classified report] Aircraft ‘broke up’ in mid-air, as evidenced by wide spread debris gathered from the ocean and several different beaches. This can only be caused by an onboard explosion, or an attack by a missile or Laser. [Delbert said missile and Laser were left out of final report] Considering the nature of current political leanings of subject and today’s political atmosphere in America, and the before-mentioned facts, there is little doubt that subject was assassinated. In fact, team [Interpol Serial Killer Alpha Team] considers this a Political Assassination of the highest order. It was meant to alleviate a potential threat to the ruling elite. And it succeeded.- [From the JFK Jr. preliminary report, filed on July 19, 1999. This document has been authenticated by several intelligence agents; and we were told copies have been passed around the intelligence community for several years.]

Four team members and two from another U.S. law enforcement agency who jointly participated in producing the final classified report, filed on August 5, 1999, revealed startling evidence which will prevent a continued cover-up.

The six members of the Division 4 team and others will have to be protected and then subpoenaed for sealed testimony; and the grand jury will also need to hear the testimony of scores of the team’s interviewed citizen witnesses who have thus far remained understandably silent about what they saw and heard regarding JFK Jr.’s tragic death.

Delbert said the team's probe was rigorous. We found it staggering:



pdate-Bush Administration Indictment

( Also please forward the Short Wave frequency (5835 KHz) where everyone in the USA can hear Katrina victims calling into local radio talk shows 24 hours a day in the hurricane devastation areas, Telling the Truth about what the government / FEMA / Haliburton / Blackwater etc.are really doing !) I am listening Now and Hurricane victims are saying when they call FEMA they are reaching phone banks in the Bahamas and India speaking for FEMA ! ?


Bush Administration Indictments


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Tom Heneghen Reports Movement Within Chicago Federal Court In Upcoming Indictments Of Bush Administration
by Scott Mowry

Last evening on the "US Intel News" show on the Turner Radio Network, Tom Heneghen gave an update on the progress of the grand juries in Chicago concerning their impending indictments of various members of the Bush administration, both past and present.

Apparently, there is brisk movement within the US Federal Court of Chicago to get these indictments out despite intense pressure from within by a Judge Magistrate named Mark R. Filip, who has thus far suppressed them from being released to the public, according to Heneghen.

"We are heading toward a real showdown in United states of America, and we are heading toward what we might be looking at is a constitutional crisis," stated Heneghen emphatically about the Chicago court situation. "There is team of judges that have decided that they are no longer going
to tolerate this type activity and I believe they are well on their way to try TO FORCE THESE INDICTMENTS OUT rather than keep them sealed. And as I said, a showdown is emerging where Bush and his gang and Clinton and their gang, which are tied together in all of this, are about to be brought to justice."

Heneghen further claimed the newly named "Katrina Fund" disaster relief for the citizens of New Orleans that has been recently sponsored by former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton "is nothing more than a slush fund through Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates and what it is going to be used to do, once again, is pay off people who need to be shut up."

The impending indictments reportedly name George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, John Ashcroft, Scooter Libby, Condeleezza Rice, among many others, for crimes which include perjury, obstruction of justice and treason for the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, in addition to other charges, all of which have been sitting idle with Judge Filip for several weeks now.

"What is important to note, is that indictments are handed down, vis a vis, what we call the foremen of the grand jury and despite the fact that (Special Prosecutor) Mr. (Patrick) Fitzgerald is in charge of the grand jury, the indictments concerning some of the major players are being held by what they call a "Judge Magistrate." And tonight what we want to do is identify the Judge Magistrate who is currently holding on to these indictments and that gentleman is by the name of Mark Filip. His actual name is 'Fickelstein,' but he has changed it to Filiip, so that he is disguised, I guess, as something he is not supposed to be," Heneghen added.

Filip is also directly connected to a law firm by the name of Skadden/Arps out of Chicago that also employed the son of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, who additionally may be indicted as a co-conspirator along with the late Chief Justice William Renquist. Their charges may entail their connection to the fraudulent 2000 Presidential election decision given to Bush which also has links to bribery payoffs from major corporations such as Coca-Cola and the Walt Disney Company, all again according to Heneghen.

From previous reports, Patrick Fitzgerald is overseeing six grand juries while still more grand juries have been convened in Washington, D.C. with testimony supplied by Sibel Edmonds and in New Jersey, which has particularly been investigating the apparent murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr., also linked to the Bush crime family. All of these additional grand juries became necessary to the broadening scope of the investigation which now includes 9/11,the Iraq war, Arab terrorist cells, a large cache of bribery money out of the Philippines, as well as other more extensive criminal activities.

Tom Heneghen was joined on the show by journalist Tom Flocoo, however Stew Webb did not appear on last night's broadcast as scheduled. A posting on the the Hal Turner web site prior to last night's broadcast stated that "Stew Webb is fine and as such Stew and Tom are scheduled to do their show from 8-9 PM EDT." More than likely Stew Webb should appear on next Thursday evening's show which airs over the Turner Network at 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 6PM MST and 5PM PST.


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