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Florida Judicial/Court Corruption (cont.)

Here are a few links to my experience with judicial corruption in Pinellas County Florida:

Mark Adams Article 1


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North Country Gazette article


Rule of Law info


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If you have any questions or want to see any documents, please email me or give me a call at 813-654-1235.  Thank you for your efforts to inform the public.


Mark A. Adams, Esquire

Here are some documents that give more background on the case:

1. The Second District Court judges’ notes which show that an Order to Show Cause was supposed to be issued to Judge Crockett Farnell on Oct. 29, 2003.  This shows that the original panel of judges believed that Adams had provided evidence which would have justified the removal of Judge Crockett Farnell from his case.

2. The Second District Court’s Order dated October 29, 2003 which was issued by the Clerk of the Second District Court rather than the Order to Show Cause that the original panel of judges directed the Clerk to issue. Please note that this order issues a stay of proceedings in the trial court which is supposed to prohibit Judge Crockett Farnell from taking any action until the stay is vacated by the Second District Court or until it issues its mandate.

3. The Second District Court’s Order dated November 24, 2003 which shows that a second panel of judges from the Second District Court has decided to deny Adams’ petition for a writ of prohibition despite the fact that the original panel of judges believed that he had provided evidence which would have justified the removal of Judge Farnell from the case. Please note that this order does not expressly vacate the order staying proceedings in the trial court issued on Oct. 29, 2003.

4. The Second District Court’s Order dated February 10, 2004 which vacated the stay of proceedings in the trial court. This order makes it clear that Judge Farnell had violated the order staying proceedings in the trial court when he issued an order for my arrest on January 12, 2004.

5. The Second District Court’s Order dated February 16, 2004 which vacates the Order dated February 10, 2004 which vacated the stay. Please note that this order states that the stay was lifted by the Second District Court’s Order dated Nov. 24, 2003; however, as you can see by looking at that order, the stay was not lifted by it.

6. The notes showing that the Second District Court’s Order dated February 16, 2004 was only authorized by one judge, Stevan Northcutt, in spite of the requirement of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.040(a)(1) which requires a majority or at least two of the three judges on the panel to issue a decision.

7. The Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.040. Please note that this rule states that three judges shall constitute a panel and that it does not authorize a second panel of judges to consider an appeal.  8-18-05

Law Office of


Attorney and MBA

Mailing Address   Telephone (813) 654-1235 Harbor Island Office

P.O. Box 1078 Facsimile (813) 654-1390 610 Garrison Cove Lane

Valrico, FL 33595   Tampa, Florida

October 5, 2005

The Honorable Barbara Pariente

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida

500 South Duval Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1927


Re: Smith v. Corporate Sports Marketing Group, Inc., and State v. Adams

Case Numbers: 01-009347-CI-015 and CTCAB36199MMANO

Dear Chief Justice Pariente:

I just received copies of Judge Demers’ Order on Motion to Vacate Reassignment of Criminal Contempt Case, his transmittal letter to you, and my co-counsel’s letter to you regarding the same. I would like to inform you of the basis for my belief that there have been improprieties in the above referenced actions, to respectfully request that you appoint a judge outside of the jurisdiction of the Second District Court to hear my criminal contempt case, and to respectfully request that you initiate an investigation of the officers of our courts who were involved with the following violations by the Judicial Qualifications Commission and The Florida Bar. Following is a brief history of this matter.

I filed suit for the Smiths in December of 2001 to recover unpaid commissions owed to Mr. Smith by Corporate Sports Marketing Group, Inc. (CSM), to recover the Smiths’ tax documents required to file their income tax return for 2000 which CSM’s comptroller refused to return to them, and to recover for the damages caused when CSM’s president, Christopher C. King, called the Smiths’ residence and falsely told their ten year old son that Mr. Smith had stolen $800,000.00 worth of art work and that the police would be arriving soon to search the Smiths’ home and arrest Mr. Smith. Mr. King also made these outrageous statements to Mrs. Smith, and he did in fact make this false claim to the Clearwater Police Department which did not arrest Mr. Smith or refer him for prosecution on Mr. King’s baseless charge.

Shortly after filing this action in the Circuit Court for Pinellas County which was assigned Case No. 01-009347-CI-015, Mr. King began boasting to Mr. Smith and others who knew him that Mr. King’s attorneys were connected, that they would bury Mr. Smith, and that I was an idiot. This is apparently a litigation tactic used by CSM’s counsel Timothy W. Weber, Esquire when the opposing party is represented by a sole practitioner. I know of another case where the same tactic was used by a client of Mr. Weber.

Due to these statements, the Smiths lost faith in me, and I moved to withdraw. My withdrawal was approved without any reservation of jurisdiction as of October 1, 2002. (Please see Exhibit A). I also moved to disqualify Judge Crockett Farnell based on Mr. King’s repeated boasts of his attorneys’ connections and implied ability to improperly influence Judge Crockett Farnell supported by affidavits of Mr. Smith and an independent witness to those statements; however, Judge Farnell refused to disqualify himself.

On December 27, 2002, I received a motion seeking sanctions against me and the Smiths in Case No. 01-009347-CI-015 which was filed with the court on December 26, 2002, but counsel for the defendants did not take any action to amend their pleadings or to serve me with process to establish the court’s jurisdiction over me.

It is fundamental to our concept of justice that the rights of an individual cannot be adjudicated in a judicial proceeding to which he has not been made a party and in which the moving party has failed to bring him properly into court. Alger v. Peters, 88 So.2d 903, 906 (Fla. 1956). If a party wants to obtain a judgment against a person, that party should take the simple steps required to bring that person into the jurisdiction of the court according to the dictates of due process. Id.

Before a trial court’s potential jurisdiction of the subject matter can be exercised, it must be lawfully invoked and called into action by pleading and process. Lockwood v. Pierce, 730 So.2d 1281, 1283 (Fla. 4th DCA 1999) citing Lovett v. Lovett, 112 So. 768 (Fla. 1927). When no proceedings have been brought against a particular person or entity, the court does not have subject matter jurisdiction to enter a judgment against that person or entity, and if any such judgment is entered, it must be reversed. Id.

Subject matter jurisdiction cannot be created by waiver, agreement, or error of the parties or counsel or by the exercise of the power of the court. 84 Lumber Co. v. Cooper, 656 So.2d 1297, 1298 (Fla. 2d DCA 1994). The entry of an order or judgment without jurisdiction is a fundamental error which requires the appellate court to vacate that order or judgment. Id. At 1298-1300. Once a court has lost jurisdiction, a court may only acquire the jurisdiction to determine a cause through a lawfully instituted proceeding. Id. at 1299.

However, in spite of the court’s clear lack of jurisdiction to enter any order or judgment against me, on July 30, 2003, Judge Crockett Farnell entered a judgment for expenses on motions to compel and an order sanctioning me and Mr. Smith which had been prepared by counsel for the defendants. In addition, this order referred me to The Florida Bar for investigation.

I received a copy of the order sanctioning me on August 28, 2003 from The Florida Bar. The order that should have been timely sent to me on July 30, 2003 apparently was lost in the mail. The next order mailed to me in August of 2003 in the court’s envelope was returned to the court file because it was sent to an incorrect address. (Please see Exhibit B).

After learning of the order sanctioning me, I timely filed and served a motion to vacate the same and a motion for a protective order regarding discovery in aid of execution of the same prior to the date that any such discovery was due, and on September 18, 2003, I set these motions for hearing on October 29, 2003 at 3:30 PM. (Please see Exhibit C).

On October 1, 2003, without any regard for my motion to vacate and motion for a protective order, Judge Farnell improperly issued an Order to Show Cause Why I Should Not Be Held In Indirect Criminal Contempt with the hearing on this order to show cause set for October 29, 2003 at 2:15 PM prior to the hearing on my motion to vacate and motion for a protective order. (Please see Exhibit D). This order to show cause was drafted by Timothy W. Weber, Esquire, and it was improperly issued on an ex parte basis founded upon a false and misleading document signed by Timothy W. Weber, Esquire which purported to be an affidavit although the notary only shows that Mr. Weber acknowledged this document. (Please see Exhibit E.)

On October 27, 2003, I filed a Petition for a Writ of Prohibition with the District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida for the Second District (hereinafter referred to as the “Second District Court”) which was assigned Case No. 2D03-4844, and on October 29, 2003 prior to 11:46 AM the Second District Court issued its order staying proceedings in the trial court in Case No. 01-009347-CI before Judge Crockett Farnell. (Please see Exhibit F.)

On November 24, 2003, the Second District Court denied my Petition for a Writ of Prohibition without expressly vacating the stay. (Please see Exhibit G.) Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.310(e) provides that a stay shall remain in effect until a mandate issues or the stay is otherwise modified or vacated. Moreover, the comment to 9.310(e) states, “The stay is vacated by issuance of mandate or an order vacating it.” Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.020(i) states, “If any timely and authorized motion under rules 9.330 or 9.331 is filed, the order shall not be deemed rendered as to any party until all of the motions are either abandoned or resolved by the filing of a written order.”

On December 9, 2003, I timely filed a Motion for Rehearing, Request for Written Opinion, and Request for Rehearing En Banc in Case No. 2D03-4844 as authorized under Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure 9.330 and 9.331, and therefore, pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.020(i) the Second District Court’s order dated November 24, 2003 was not deemed rendered and was not final. (Please see the Second District Court’s online docket attached as Exhibit H). Furthermore, the Second District Court’s order dated November 24, 2003 did not expressly vacate the Second District Court’s prior order staying proceedings in the trial court, and therefore, the order staying proceedings remained in full force and effect.

On December 9, 2003, Timothy W. Weber, Esquire, willfully violated the Second District Court’s order staying proceedings in the trial court by filing a notice of hearing scheduling a hearing for January 7, 2004 at 2:30 PM in the trial court for a contempt trial on the order to show cause why I should not be held in indirect criminal contempt. (Please see Exhibit I).

Prior to the hearing on January 7, 2004, I filed a motion showing that the Second District Court’s order staying proceedings in the trial court was still in full force and effect, and I also had a copy of this motion hand delivered to Judge Farnell’s assistant. In addition, I informed Judge Farnell’s assistant that the stay was still in effect, and I tried to appear by phone to point out that fact to Judge Crockett Farnell. However, he refused to hear me.

On January 12, 2004, Judge Crockett Farnell willfully violated the Second District Court’s order staying proceedings in the trial court when he issued an order for my arrest for failure to appear at the improperly scheduled hearing on January 7, 2004, and in this order, Judge Crockett Farnell set conditions for my pre-trial release by requiring a bond of $25,000.00 to secure my appearance at a hearing on the order to show cause which was set for February 17, 2004 at 11:00 AM. (Please see Exhibit J). I was arrested at home in front of my family on the morning of February 19, 2004, and I was released on bond at approximately 10:30 PM on that date.

On January 27, 2004, the Second District Court of Appeal denied my Motion for Rehearing, Request for Written Opinion, and Request for Rehearing En Banc in Case No. 2D03-4844 without vacating the stay. (Please see Exhibit K.) On January 29, 2004, I filed a motion for extraordinary relief seeking to vacate Judge Farnell’s order for my arrest issued in violation of the Second District Court’s order staying proceedings before him. (Please see the Second District Court’s online docket attached as Exhibit H). However, this motion to enforce the stay disappeared from the Second District Court’s online docket on February 4, 2004.

On February 10, 2004, the Second District Court issued an order in Case No. 2D03-4844 vacating its order staying proceedings in the trial court dated October 29, 2003. (Please see Exhibit L.) On February 16, 2004, the Second District Court issued an order in Case No. 2D03-4844 vacating its order of February 10, 2004 which falsely stated that “the stay was lifted concurrently with the order denying the petition for writ of prohibition on November 24, 2003.” (Please see Exhibit M.) However, pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.020(i), the Second District Court’s order dated November 24, 2003 was not a final order, and it did not expressly vacate the stay. (Please see Exhibit G).

“The mandate in any case functions to end the jurisdiction of the appellate court and to return full jurisdiction of the case to the trial court.” State v. Miyasato, 805 So.2d 818, 824 (Fla. 2d DCA 2001). If a stay has been entered, the mandate typically causes the stay to end. Id. “The mandate of an appellate court is the official method of communicating its judgment to the inferior tribunal.” Colonel v. Reed, 379 So.2d 1297, 1298 (Fla. 4th DCA 1980). “There can be no twilight zone in jurisdiction nor vacuum in its application. It is either effective full of force or not at all.” Id. quoting State ex rel. Davis v. City of Clearwater, 146 So. 836, 836 (Fla. 1933). Furthermore, an appellate court cannot confer jurisdiction over the subject matter if it was not possessed by the trial court. Skipper v. Schumacher, 160 So. 357, 359 (Fla. 1935).

In light of the foregoing, it is clear that the Second District Court’s order staying proceedings was still in full force and effect in January of 2004, and therefore, the Second District Court should have vacated the order for my arrest issued on January 12, 2004 and it should have issued a writ of prohibition prohibiting Judge Crockett Farnell from proceeding further in Case No. 01-009347-CI. Yet, the Second District Court failed to do so.

Upon reviewing the Second District Court’s file in Case No. 2D03-4844, I learned that the original panel of judges who had been assigned to hear my petition directed the clerk to issue an order to show cause to Judge Crockett Farnell on October 29, 2003 which would have stayed proceedings before Judge Farnell. (Please see Exhibit N). In addition, I did not find any order authorizing the clerk to issue the order that was issued on October 29, 2003 nor did I find any orders showing that the Honorable Patricia J. Kelly and the Honorable Douglas A. Wallace had been disqualified or that the panel had been reassigned due their absence. Furthermore, I learned that the Second District Court’s order dated February 16, 2004 was only authorized by Judge Steven T. Northcutt even though Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.040(a)(1) requires a majority of the three judges on the panel to issue a decision. (Please see Exhibit O).

Although the Second District Court did not remove Judge Crockett Farnell from Case No. 01-009347-CI or my criminal contempt case which arose out of it, on December 20, 2004, Judge Farnell entered an order disqualifying himself the day after leaning that a local television station wanted to cover my contempt trial. As my counsel’s letter mentioned, this case was then randomly reassigned to Judge Bruce Boyer. However, a month later Judge David A. Demers entered an order reassigning my cases to Robert Beach, Senior Judge, even though Judge Boyer had not entered any order of recusal in this action, had not been disqualified, was not temporarily absent, and was not unable to perform the duties of his office as is required for any such reassignment pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.050(b)(2) and (4).

Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.050(b)(2) states, “The chief judge may enter and sign administrative orders, except as otherwise provided by this rule.” Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.050(b)(4) states, “If a judge is temporarily absent, is disqualified in an action, or is unable to perform the duties of the office, the chief judge or the chief judge’s designee may assign a proceeding pending before the judge to any other judge or any additional assigned judge of the same court.”

Judge Beach dismissed an action for slander and tortious interference that I had filed against Timothy W. Weber, Esquire, his firm, and its client, Chris King, even though I had shown that Chris King repeated slanderous statements about me which he attributed to his attorney to a person at a party in Miami who knew my former client Mr. Smith. Judge Beach ruled that these and other slanderous statements which were made out of court and were not relevant to Mr. Smith’s case against Chris King and CSM were protected by the absolute litigation privilege. However, the absolute litigation privilege does not extend to statements that are made out of court or to ones made in court which are not relevant to the case. See, Myers v. Hodges, 44 So. 357 (Fla. 1907) and Ingalsbe v. Stewart, 869 So.2d 30 (Fla. 4th DCA 2004).

Due to the foregoing, I firmly believe that Timothy W. Weber does have connections which have resulted in the aforementioned actions taken by members of the local judiciary without regard for the rule of law and many other similar actions, and I do not believe that I can get a fair and impartial trial on the baseless criminal contempt charge in Pinellas County or in any circuit within the Second District Court’s jurisdiction.

I know an attorney in Gainesville who has indicated that he would represent me if my case was assigned to a judge there, and I believe that I can find counsel to represent me in Miami. I hope that after reviewing these enclosed documents you will reassign my contempt case to a judge outside of the Second District Court’s jurisdiction and in an area where I will be able to obtain counsel. Also, I hope that you will request an investigation of these actions by the Judicial Qualifications Commission and The Florida Bar in order to help preserve the integrity of the judiciary.

If you would like more information or if I can be of any assistance, please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration of this serious problem with justice in our courts.


Mark A. Adams, Esquire

CC: The Honorable David A. Demers, Chief Judge

The Honorable Tom Hall, Clerk of the Florida Supreme Court

Rene M. Bauer, Assistant State Attorney

Gregory L. Olney, Esquire


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Mark, you close with the request the Court "help preserve the integrity of the judiciary". Many of us believe the American judiciary has lost integrity--that is why many are looking for alternatives to restore integrity among judges such as detailed on the website www.jail4judges.org Punishment often leads to reform!!

Posted by: Mr. Moyer | Oct 23, 2005 11:59:10 PM

Commissioner Bailey:
Florida Department Of Law Enforcement

Every day that your agency refuses to investigate you continue to provide the subjects opportunities to extort, defraud, steal, harass, harm and threaten me, others.

Every day that these matters are not addressed you are also telling them and others like them that what they have done is acceptable, and that it is also State approved, and they are free from prosecutions.

Every day that passes that you refuse evidence, documents, my taped statements, sworn affidavits, witnesses not only as a victim but a material witness; you are complicit within the same acts and conspiracies, corruptions that I assert against Sheriff White and the two subject Judges.

And every day you do nothing to stop it you are further endangering me; my life and well being and you are further exposing other citizens of this State to further harms and doing nothing to send a message to individuals such as the subjects, public officials, the judicial that the subject criminal acts, frauds, extortion, the rent to own, fraudulent eviction, foreclosures, State, Federal, real estate and foreclosure sales tax scams will not be tolerated.

What I have, am being subjected to by the very agencies that should have done something about this two years ago should never have occurred and if you think that you are serving the public good by refusing to investigate public officials, a Sheriff and Judges you are misguided.

The real estate attorneys and the clients that they have knowingly, intentionally, deliberately assisted within their conspiracies to extort, blackmail, defraud, threaten and steal, and the judges, sheriff assisting them just feel more empowered, open and brazen and that also has a domino affect; encouraging, sending a message to existing and future Pasco County public servants that they can continue doing business the same way unopposed, unchallenged, knowing that one agency will cover for another in the interests of a few influential individuals.

It is so unbelievable to me and many, many, many others including those individuals that have signed almost 200 individual petitions requesting that your agency and the Governor look into just a part of what I have been not only alleging but asserting that matters such as these are just dismissed within a wall of "Spins", lies, evasions, avoidance.

Also,very upsetting, disturbing, scary to say the least are the obvious methods used; like asking me who the reporters are that I have been speaking with. Telling me that the Sheriff investigated the matters and that all I have asserted and alleged are purely civil matters, That I should get an attorney. Just throwing me back to the Judges that I am accusing, taking the word of the Sheriff and others that I am accusing and like them using things, words; trying to spin them and when logic, truth, rational discussion is too much to defend then it is intimidation, bullying; the last refuge of someone that has no legitimate defenses or arguments.

I do not care if you try to call the press and attempt to discourage them and I do not care how intimidating you get. The truth is the truth and if you want to expose me as a liar, a nut, a fraud all you have do to is give me a polygraph, have me provide sworn affidavits, under penalty of criminal perjury, regarding my assertions and allegations, and along with a taped interview, and permit me to present evidence documents.

You may not care about my life but it has been over 700 days and I have no apologies for stating what I have regarding your FDLE office in Brooksville.

Something else I learned:

Your agency in Brooksville, the Sheriff also, even Judge Bray; they take advantage of people's perceptions that they can trust telling them anything, that they are genuinely concerned but what they do is use it to obstruct investigations and then they call the people you disclosed to them and spin every thing around.

I can see how you can be made to look like your crazy, your assertions, allegations made to look like they have no merit , and how a chain reaction of obstructions are created in order to close all the doors in a victims face.

You go to the Sheriff he refuses to investigate; you go to the FDLE; they call the Sheriff; you go to the Attorney General they call the Sheriff, the FDLE. You go to the Bar, and around and around. You go to the Governor............and it continues. Then you are forced to deal with corrupt Judges with "Judicial Immunity". All your money was stolen, you are unjustifiably, illegally burdened to the point that you lose.

Another scary thing is that we are looking at Governor Crist's "Friends".

We are talking very, very, very serious assertions and allegations and I am not an insane person that would accuse individuals of extortion, blackmails, frauds, thefts, threats and conspiracies to commit same.

I was crazy to think that the extent would be so far reaching

Peter J. Salomon


Posted by: Peter Salomon | Jul 5, 2008 1:31:20 PM

From: P.J.S.
Subject: Att: JUdge Robert J. Morris Jr:
To: "courts 6th judic Public Info Officer" , "courts@jud6.org" , "flcourts." , "ginskeep@jud6.org" , "Pasco Attorney"
Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009, 7:00 PM

June 7, 2009

Honorable Robert J. Morris

Chief Judge Sixth Judicial Circuit

Within a period of almost three years, despite the tremendous, irreparable harms, damages, injuries, burdens, and the injustices unfairly, unlawfully, criminally imposed upon me by design not only by the very individuals the Slives, David Carter, that initially defrauded me, used me, The Fund, First American Title, The Florida Bar, Pasco Clerk Of The Court, Property Appraiser, for the purposes of also defrauding the tax authorities, others within their real estate, mortgage, rent to own, financial, money laundering schemes, frauds but also by the very individuals, that have been entrusted to protect its citizens, enforce the laws of this State and that have further assisted, enabled, empowered, encouraged them to get away with it and continue to do so, while using the West Pasco Judicial to do it, at the expense of my and other citizens’ rights and privileges and the Florida taxpayers.

The subject Judges’ and attorneys’ judicial fraud, public, judicial corruptions brought to light regarding and revolving around these matters, my allegations, assertions, and their adverse affects, consequences go beyond Pasco County.

From April 16th through May 27th, 2009 Judges Bray and Mills within the simplest to understand judicial frauds further evidenced support of several of my accusations, that I have been alleging, asserting, evidencing for so long.

Furthermore: With no legitimate options left for Judge Bray, within two more frauds he again fraudulently defaulted me, and again by design permitted the Slives and their attorneys to steal two more subject properties. His basis for the subject Orders was that “Answers” are not “Pleadings” and as a result he and Mills never obstructed nor denied my filing same without an attorney’s signature, as Ordered by them within their subject fraudulent Orders, directives to the “Clerk Of The Court” on April 17th, 2009.

Not only has Judge Bray unjustly, unlawfully, criminal used, abused his authorities, State granted immunities to assist the Slives, subject attorneys cover up their judicial frauds, unlawful, criminal acts, including using the Sixth Circuit Judicial as additional tools of criminal frauds, thefts, extortions, blackmail, tax, financial, real estate, mortgage, money laundering scams and schemes but also, while incorporating Judges Mill and Firmani, Pasco Sheriff to assist him within further acts of retaliations and to cover up judicial frauds, including within fraudulent tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosures, complaints to quiet titles, and additionally use the Pasco Sheriff to unlawfully, criminally influence the State and other local law, regulatory enforcement agencies as well as Federal, and the Florida Bar to further fraudulently obstruct, suppress investigations, suppress, conceal, omit material documents, evidence, matters of law.

Financial bribes by the Slives’ and their attorneys to parties and their attorneys named within lawsuits and that should be adverse to them, and that if the subject fraudulent litigations were legitimate would place their clients in jeopardy, including involving my own attorney within collusions to insure I would not be properly, adequately defended, represented and assured that material documents, evidence, matters of law be concealed, omitted, ignored suppressed, criminal, regulatory investigations fraudulently obstructed, with the assistance of attorneys David Carter, Richard Williams Jr., Roland Waller, James Pritchard; Officers within the Florida Bar, ex- New Port Richey City Attorney, and that have direct, indirect social, political, financial influences with the Pasco Sheriff, subject Judges, Pasco, state Officials, Florida Bar………………………………And you; Your Honor want to exhibit the same types of evasions, delays, denials, defenses, diversions, spins, tactics that I have been accusing them of and have evidenced?

How can you as a Chief Circuit Judge ignore such serious, damaging, allegations, assertions, my volunteering, providing, under oath, and penalty of perjury taped testimony, material documents, evidence, witnesses within legitimate investigations and not within illegitimate, corrupted Courts, and law enforcement, that as part of corruptions, have and can within closed doors, under color of law, authority are using, abusing me, others to cover up their fraudulent, unlawful, criminal acts and that not only casts some serious doubts about the integrity of the Courts within your own Circuit but endangers all citizens of this State.

Just going back to the accused and asking them and accepting their statements and what they can manipulate as evidence contradicting allegations against them is not an investigation and especially when it involves individuals that can manipulate, alter, conceal, omit, suppress evidence, documents and as has been the case throughout. That is the equivalent of providing an alleged robbery suspect within a police investigation the right to be dismissed as a suspect based on hi/her own testimony and evidence, witnesses, maybe accomplices he/she/ provides, without investigating, interviewing the victim and not accepting, examining contradictory material evidence that would contradict the suspect’s claims.

Combined with all I allege, assert, maintain; my attorney himself stated to me that he was feeling the pressure as a result of my accusations within other cases he was involved in with Judge Bray, and another party defrauded by Judge Bray and the Slives and the subject attorneys and which additionally explains why my attorney at times did not even show up for hearings and fraudulently deceived me within his own judicial frauds permitting the subject Judges, the Slives, and subject attorneys to just have their way with me.

The judicial frauds within fraudulent tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosures, Motions for summary Judgments, to quiet title on and by the subject Courts regarding 14226 County Line Rd., 6738 Sea Ranch, 6804 Osprey Lane, i1132 Carol Dr. and the others have additionally permitted, enabled the Slives and subject attorneys to not only fraudulently steal the subject properties but permit them as well as attorney Carter to impose, maintain fraudulent State, Federal tax liabilities on me and my subject companies, while laundering monies and enabling them to dispose of the subject properties.

So deep are the judicial frauds within the County Line Rd., Hudson property and others that the subject Judges knowing that if they reversed their fraudulent decisions or permit me to prevail within that case or others attorneys such as Paul Nessler, Randal Love, Anet Lopez would be exposed regarding their thefts, frauds, including judicial frauds.

And there is more that I can not even cover within this email but including under oath, under penalty of perjury, my Miranda Rights advised I will take as many polygraph exams anyone is willing to give me. What I allege and assert are beyond petty crimes, thefts, and permitting the subject Judges to continually rule within fraudulent cases, outside their jurisdiction and the scope of their of their authorities is not acceptable. Judge Bray, his close friend Judge Mills, Firmani are so deep into the frauds that permitting me to prevail is not an option and especially since it will jeopardize the subject attorneys with their own clients, and even though they brought there clients into their scams, in order to unjustly enrich themselves.

A judge can make mistakes, and that is why there are appellate courts, procedures and it is no shock to anyone that at times judges can be corrupt and unless evidenced as such there isn’t much a citizen can do about it but I maintain that a Judge who is just 99% of the time and only corrupt once is of no use to our legal system, society. But when someone alleges, asserts such serious accusations as I do, as well as provide material documents, evidence upon evidence of documented judicial fraudulent acts, denial of rights, due process, supporting his claims it can not be ignored. When all the players, including the subject attorneys, Judges are part of the judicial frauds, scams against one individual, that they have by design, within conspiracies, collusion defrauded him out of his monies, properties, made him indigent and that his own attorney sold him out also, within a closed hearing room; that is a crime.

I am not requesting anything from you that you cannot legally act on. As a Chief Circuit Judge, a man who is legally deemed, entrusted as having “Authority” I am reporting crimes; felonies, involving judicial corruptions, two sixth Civil Court Judges, One County Judge, as well as fraudulent Judicial Administrative matters, my additional allegations against Judge Bray, and his wife, and who is his Judicial Assistant of abusing Florida taxpayer monies, financial, judicial improprieties within Judicial, financial disclosures for years, within and outside the matters, controversies at issue within the subject cases, but at the same time all directly, material related to the issues, matters, controversies, allegations, assertions at issue, regarding me.

Instead of the standard responses diverting attention from the real issues by making it appear t that I am one of those asking that you decide cases I ask that you do what you promised you would do when you took office, following other serious controversies.

Peter J. Salomon

6815 Flicker Lane



Posted by: Peter J. Salomon | Jun 9, 2009 12:48:06 PM

--- On Sat, 6/6/09, P.J.S. wrote:

From: P.J.S.
Subject: P. Salomon Pasco County Judicial, Public Corruptions
To: aellis@pascocountyfl.net, areyes@pascocountyfl.net, "Pasco Attorney" , bjackson@pasocountyfl.net, bjarvis@pascocountyfl.net, bkennedy@pascocountyfl.net, "citizensvoice" , "clk fl sc" , "CongBillarakis" , connie@leg.state.fl.us, constantine.lee.web@flsenate.gov, crist.victor.web@flsenate.gov, customerservice@pascocountyfl.net, cwilson@pascocountyfl.net, dalfonso@pascoclerk.com
Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 11:17 AM

First of all:

I have been in the mortgage, real estate field for about 25 years. I was looking to move my business to Pasco County , and in the process i was looking for a home on the water; something that I could buy at a good price, fix it up, get a lease with option to purchase on it or owner financing with $10K down.

Through the newspaper I found what I thought was such a home. It was owned, still owned by two real estate brokers Malcolm and Dale Slive. They also own and operate Equitable Management And Investment Company, Inc., in New Port Richey.

The home was in really bad shape, all types of housing violations, along with many rats, vermin as part of the deal. (I have pictures) but I saw the potential; on the water and at a good price.

After several calls, then a meeting with Malcolm Slive we made a deal. He took $3K down, we signed a sales contract, 3 year lease with option to purchase agreement, rental agreement (wife signed also) I lived in a hotel for about two months, spent close to $10K in repairs and although still not finished I finally made it livable and moved in, worked on it as I went along.

For 12 months I made my payments under the rental agreement and then as per the contracts then entered into a mortgage agreement with the Slives.

I want to reference Florida Statutes, Chapter 83

Title VI

Chapter 83

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83.42 Exclusions from application of part.--This part does not apply to:

(1) Residency or detention in a facility, whether public or private, when residence or detention is incidental to the provision of medical, geriatric, educational, counseling, religious, or similar services.

(2) Occupancy under a contract of sale of a dwelling unit or the property of which it is a part.

(3) Transient occupancy in a hotel, condominium, motel, roominghouse, or similar public lodging, or transient occupancy in a mobile home park.

(4) Occupancy by a holder of a proprietary lease in a cooperative apartment.

(5) Occupancy by an owner of a condominium unit.

History.--s. 2, ch. 73-330.

Under Florida Law, established case laws. (Which I have copies) You can not evict someone as a tenant, you must foreclose on them.

After you receive this email to digest I will start on the next one.

Thank you.

Title XL

Chapter 697

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697.01 Instruments deemed mortgages.--

(1) All conveyances, obligations conditioned or defeasible, bills of sale or other instruments of writing conveying or selling property, either real or personal, for the purpose or with the intention of securing the payment of money, whether such instrument be from the debtor to the creditor or from the debtor to some third person in trust for the creditor, shall be deemed and held mortgages, and shall be subject to the same rules of foreclosure and to the same regulations, restraints and forms as are prescribed in relation to mortgages.

(2) Provided, however, that no such conveyance shall be deemed or held to be a mortgage, as against a bona fide purchaser or mortgagee, for value without notice, holding under the grantee.

History.--s. 1, Jan. 30, 1838; s. 1, ch. 525, 1853; RS 1981; GS 2494; RGS 3836; CGL 5724; s. 12, ch.

I made my payments worked on the home and as time went on Malcolm Slive stated to me that he was also a private mortgage lender, so we did some business.

Around Nov 2004 I came across a mobile home on a salt water canal in Hudson . I thought it would be a good future investment also, and so I called Slive and asked if he would provide short term financing for 3 years, I on behalf of my company would put $10K down. The interest was high; 14% but a bank would not finance it because it was an old mobile home, needed work.

We agreed on the deal, closed at one of his attorney's offices (David R. Carter) and I purchased it on behalf of my company and also started sinking in money into it; a total of about $7,000.00.

About a month later Slive calls me and states that he was thinking about what I did and that it sounded like a good idea, how about going in partners with him on more of the same types of deals. I agreed and he suggested attorney Carter draw up the "Joint Venture" agreements between us, and our companies and that attorney Carter would represent our mutual interests and 3 year goals in which I was to find, purchase, rehabilitate sell or rent the subject properties within lease with option to purchase contracts. I was the only one, behalf of my company authorized to do so and Malcolm Slive would hold up to 100% mortgage financing on the subject properties, while his and his wife's company Equitable would be 1/3 owners, along with my company. My company would be responsible for repairs, maintenance, taxes, my Company and I would be responsible for the mortgage payments. it was 14% but still acceptable to me because I was not looking to get rich quick, I felt that if I earned $30, 000.00 per deal it would be worth it. I would pay off my home, (approx 159K, make a profit. We ultimately did about 11 of them through the end of 2005.

At the times I entered into the above "Joint Ventures" I was lead to believe by Slive and David Carter that my companies and I Star One Mortgage Corp., Real Estate Tampa Bay Inc. were doing business with two separate entities Malcolm Slive and Equitable and that David Carter was representing our combined interests. at no time did David Carter, a seasoned real estate attorney, owner of Chelsea Title ever disclose verbally nor in written form that he represented the Slives only within the subject transactions and every agreement, contract, mortgage he designed, created, prepared was on behalf of the Slives, me, my companies' mutual interests.

I was being conned, into trusting them a little at a time and it was good and because I was so consumed with working up to 18 hours per day, 7 days a week I had no time to think the worst. But as time went on I started realizing that i was being set up to lose, and what they wanted was to have me do all the work for them, find, fix, sell the properties, while I made mortgage payments to Slive and then drain me out of monies, and fraudulently force me into defaults in order to obtain full possession of the subject properties, along with lease option, purchase agreements that I negotiated, obtained one being for over $500K, at about a $250K profit.

I gradually discovered also that since about 1992 the Slives have within rent to own scams, sold the same homes over and over again, fraudulently inducing their victims into believing they could purchase their homes, then fraudulently evicting them as tenants and other scams regarding RESPA Violations within private mortgage transactions involving David Carter.

I gradually started to disassociate myself from their mortgage transactions and started thinking about how to get out of their "Ponzi" real estate, mortgage, rent to own, tax, frauds, scams.

They never intended for me, my companies to make money on or purchase the subject properties and by fraudulently making me believe that we could they set me up and used me , so that I fraudulently induce others into believing that they could purchase the subject properties within lease with option to purchase agreements.

Unlike the Slives' lease with option to purchase contracts I did due diligence and the individuals that entered into the lease with option agreements were qualified to purchase.

I am attempting to simplify the matters within these emails, leading up to the subject judicial frauds and give you some background information:

First of all I will not make such serious allegations, assertions against some very powerful individuals unless I can back it up. I am not only a victim but a material witness, with first hand knowledge.

At the times I was fraudulently induced into the “Joint Ventures” I had no idea about the controversies regarding, revolving around the articles I emailed you, nor did I know that the Slives were involved within rent to own scams, nor did I know that David Carter employed the ex-wife of the last Pasco Clerk of The Court The cons were elaborate, well thought out, elaborate and I eventually discovered that they had much experience doing it.

I also did not know that several of the attorneys, retained by the Slives have direct financial, political, social or official ties, influences with the subject Judges and the Pasco Sheriff; West Pasco Bar, Florida Bar, Pasco Property Appraiser, Clerk Of The Court. (Jed Pitman)

The Slives, David Carter and with the assistance of an employee of Carter Rosalie Meyer by design worked very hard at gaining my trust and confidence and as I stated before I was so engrossed in obtaining, buying, selling, repairing the subject properties that I just trust them but gradually deal by deal they came up with additional side agreements aft closings, when it would have looked bad for me to back out that I started realizing that ultimately although my companies were 66.6 % owner of record the Slives using Equitable as an “Alter-Ego” were making 100% of the profits.

I put over $150,000.00 of my companies’ and my own money into all the transactions, including my home. I repaired them made mortgage payments, negotiated, obtained rental, lease with option agreements and the Slives had no intentions of of permitting me to make money on them or buy them and me believing that they did fraudulently induced others into believing that they could, when in fact later, and through a series of fraudulent eviction and threats of scams and judicial frauds against the occupants it became obvious that they had no intentions to permit them to do so either.

To the surprise of the Slives In May of 2005 I, on behalf of my company sold a subject waterfront property located at 6815 Flicker Lane for $179K to an individual and who was a previous customer of mine. He purchased one lot with a newer elevated mobile home. Initially that lot along with an adjacent lot was purchased for approximate $169K. Slive was to have purchased the adjacent lot for $60K and he was by contractual agreement supposed to have credited my company, me $100,000.00. Within a series of well thought out schemes, delays and acts assuring me that we would get paid they took possession of the adjacent lot, claimed that they paid us $60k for the lot, filed, recorded it as well as a document fraudulently stating that they paid us an additional $60K as credit towards the mortgage Malcolm Slive held.. Later Slive sold the subject lot to a mutual friend of Carter’s and him a bail bondsman, for about $130K. Later the man could not pay and Slive pocketed about $30K cash and within fraudulent documents regarding State Documentary stamps, filed with the Pasco Clerk, one witnessed and notarized by Sharon Pitman the ex- wife of Jed Pitman.

At the May closing Slive, Carter’s employee waited after the closing to the subject purchaser Paul Frazier to scam me, they concealed monies within the closing statements; approximately $I50K and which I learned later was used to commit tax frauds and launder money.

In late 2005 again, to the surprise of the Slives I found a buyer within thirty days to a commercial property located at 14426 County Line Rd. , Hudson for about double the price purchased and with about $35K down they entered into a lease with option to purchase contract with me, my company.

Eventually I started putting two plus two together and one day I confronted Slive and asked that we redo our agreements, he refused stating that “A deal is a deal” and then I do not know what triggered it but he stated to me that his wife told him that he was setting me up for failure and he asked me what I though of that, and then he added with a smile; “Be careful who your partners are.”

I was too tired, shocked to get angry, I did not know what to think, and I had to weigh my responses because they had my home and my monies in their hands. I guess that he is such a sociopath that he had the nerve to say what he said. It was surreal I trusted that bastard with my life.

When I left his office I had to start thinking fast how to protect myself.

Bottom line; I started demanding my money, he kept reassuring me I would be paid, that he would apply the monies owed to the property on Flicker Lane if Frazier did not pay, so I could buy it back and or apply it to my home.

Owing me about $150K he forced me into defaults and with threats of evicting me from my home, “Making me homeless”, blackmailing me by falsely accusing me of stealing monies from him and occupants of subject properties he made me enter into a written agreement while stating to me that he would figure out how much I, my company was owed while I kept making payments to him and he took a vacation. On April 28th 2006 he had quit claim deeds already pre-notarized, witnessed by Carter’s employees ready for me to sign all the subject properties to him, excluding one property in Hernando, and my home. I signed them in his office, we were the only ones there. Later Carter and his employee denied the fact that they were pre-notarized and witnessed and that I signed them at their office Slive was to have filed and recorded the subject deeds only after it was determined that I, my companies owed him monies, after August 1st, 2006.

Instead; on or about August 4th he not only filed, recorded them but he claimed to The Florida Department Of Revenue that he paid me and my companies $6,700.00 A PIECE FOR EACH PROPERTY. I reported the frauds to the FDR. They made him pay about $7,000.00 and they sent me a 10% reward.

Additionally, at the time he filed, recorded the subject deeds Slive was to have contractually release me, my companies from all liabilities associated with the subject properties. He did not and within even more scams, thefts, judicial frauds, criminal extortions to follow intentionally held about $1.5 Million dollars in liabilities against me and my companies and that resulted in dissolutions of my corporations, insolvencies, and my being indigent.

I demanded my monies and in retaliation with the assistance of David Carter and his partner Andre Lyons and I discovered later my own attorney I was fraudulently evicted within judicial scams; County Court Judge Paul Firmani.

In the event that Slive did what he did; prior to my executing and delivering the subject deeds to him I had four quitclaim deeds executed from my companies to me. I waited and demanded from him and Carter for months that they pay the monies owed, and cancel the mortgages. They did not and then I filed them. Within the deeds I described the reasons for filing and recording them.

Within a series of more fraudulent tenant evictions, threats of, against occupants of subject properties complaints to quiet title, mortgage foreclosures; lawsuits with the assistance of Judge Lowell Bray, Paul Firmani they proceeded.

I tried to file complaints with the Pasco Sheriff and to make it short but I can further support and evidence within even more scams and frauds designed to assist the Slives, the subject attorneys and Judges, obstruct, suppress, conceal omit evidence, criminal and regulatory investigations, which also included the local Brooksville FDLE Office, the Florida Bar, two title insurance Underwriters the Fund (Attorneys Title, First American)

The following emails will attempt to explain and identify the individual attorneys, judicial frauds, cover ups, case numbers, as well as the corruptions regarding, involving Sheriff Bob White, Mike Wells, Jed Pitman, the Bar, and their attempts to assist them by obstructing investigations.

I did email some to you yesterday, and again I can evidence, exhibit what I allege and assert.

I have been doing my best as a non-lawyer but I need assistance.

I had to live in the streets for months when they stole my home and fraudulently evicted me. I had to sell everything I owned. I kept fighting, now they want to do it again.

I was by design selectively singled out for the within the real estate, mortgage, rent to own, mortgage, tax scams, frauds by the Slives and attorney Carter, they knew that their influences and associations would protect them in the event I discovered what they were doing. The fact that I was a mortgage broker further assisted their scams because they tried to say that as such I had knowledge that would have prevented me from being scammed.

They have financially bribed parties to lawsuits and their attorneys, named within their fraudulent lawsuits, contrary to their clients’ interests if I would win, so they would not oppose their fraudulent lawsuits in order to default me.

Unlike their previous other victims I have aggressively resisted and the more I have the more open, brazen the thefts, acts of extortion and judicial frauds in order to continually cover them up as well as years of fraudulent judicial scams regarding rent o own judicial scams, State documentary tax scams and the associations, ties to Pasco County Government, the subject Judges, several Public Officials, as well as the Pasco Sheriff, several influential subject attorneys, including an ex- New Port Richey City Attorney, two Officers within the West Pasco Bar, Florida Bar.


The subject Judges have ran out of actions that they can spin and manipulate as to look legitimate and so they are out of desperation just fraudulently abusing their authorities, power, judicial immunities knowing that criminal, regulatory, including Bar investigations have been obstructed and that they have additionally unlawfully, fraudulently criminally obstructed my obtaining legal assistance.

And again, I can evidence my allegations, assertions, and as I have been trying to do for almost 3 years willing to under oath, under penalty of criminal perjury, within taped criminal investigations will testify as well as provide the material documents, evidence, exhibits in support of my accusations, assertions.

Peter Salomon


Posted by: Peter J. Salomon | Jun 9, 2009 12:54:24 PM

My email of February 11th, 2010, to Senior Reporter Mike Deeson Of Tampa bay 10 Connects:

Re: Pasco County, Florida Public, Judicial Corruptions:


To: mdeeson@tampabays10.com


I don’t know what else to say.
You have in your possession the evidence, many of the documents supporting what I have asserted; everything with regards to the fraudulent tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosures, judge’s orders continually contradicting themselves, reversing, deciding as necessary in order for Slive and his attorneys obtaining fraudulent, favorable decisions, covering up one judicial fraud, with another….

I can lie, they can lie, you can lie but what you have in your possession does not and trumps any hearsay attempts to spin and cover them up.

Neither investigations, nor direct questions it has just enabled, encouraged, and empowered the subjects to continue.

I will again state, what I have for over the last three years have asserted, maintained, evidenced to you and others at the same time:

Two real estate brokers; the Slives, one real estate attorney; David Carter initially defrauded, scammed me, and additionally used me to defraud others, including the state and federal taxing authorities, within real estate, mortgage, rent to own, money laundering, mortgage “Ponzi” scams, while further using the Pasco Clerk Of The Court and Property Appraiser to do it..

In the early nineties attorney Carter, and Mike Wells; the subject Property Appraiser were involved within similar types of “Ponzi” scams, as evidenced within the Tampa Tribune Article I have forwarded you.

The other attorneys involved within the judicial frauds and scams, including evidenced fraudulent tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosures, and their further, additionally evidenced judicial frauds are politically, or socially, or financially, connected to the subject public officials involved, Sheriff White, Judges Bray, Firmani, Mills.

With the assistance of Sheriff White, directly obstructing criminal, and as a result regulatory investigations Judges Bray, Mills, Firmani, within open acts of judicial frauds, including within concealments, omissions, suppressions of evidence, matters of law, as well as the subject attorneys’ (within the subject fraudulent Florida Landlord Tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosures) own frauds upon the courts.

The bottom line, and as more than substantially evidenced and also in your possession is that the Slives, using several of the subject attorneys named, have for over two years used a multitude of judge Bray, Firmani, Mills approved, known, evidenced judicial scams, including fraudulent, kangaroo litigations, hearings, decisions within them, in order to fraudulently evict people from their homes as tenants and when in evidenced fact, and law, by Slives own sworn to admissions they should have been foreclosed on.

The Sheriff obstructs investigations, fraudulently, falsely stating that the frauds, thefts of properties and monies within the financial, mortgage, real estate, rent to own, tax scams are “Civil Matters” and therefore deferring it to the subject Judges, the subject Judges, as evidenced; openly, fraudulently, unlawfully, knowingly, intentionally rule in favor of the Slives., covering up the subject financial frauds involving The Clerk of The Court, Property Appraiser, the Slives, attorney Carter, as well as the judicial frauds, including financial bribes, favors, including those by my own attorney;EVERYTHING I HAVE REPEATEDLY EVIDENCED, FORWARDED, FILED WITHIN THE SUBJECT CASES.

For over 3 years, within organized conspiracies, collusion and each one using his influences, standing, office, including within certain media, the Bar, law enforcement, public office they set out to try and discredit me, make me look like I am delusional, misinformed, misguided, crazy, and the more I have desperately tried to reach out for help and make you and others aware of what has been going on they capitalize on my desperation and ignorance, apathy, complicity further assisting them with falsely manipulating, spinning what is in your face evidenced and in your possession.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” An “evidenced “fact” is a “Fact”

Again I have been made unlawfully and criminally homeless, as a result of the subject judicial frauds and that are no less than repeatedly evidenced criminal extortion, and because no one cared enough to legitimately try and investigate, ask questions, examine facts, evidence, witnesses and because your producers feel that the story seems to be unbelievable., ignoring what you have in your possession and the additional fact that you strongly have felt that there is a story since April of last year.

I need your help, and as I have repeatedly evidenced, maintained; this is also about others; taxpayers, individuals scammed, defrauded out of their monies, properties, denied their rights of redemption, judges unlawfully having them pay for their own foreclosures, illegally forcing them to pay into court registries, and at times giving access to the monies within to the predatory sellers/landlords, within the subject and other rent to own, state documentary stamps scams, frauds, judicial public corruptions in Pasco County,

Please Mike, get your producers to see what is going on. I would not be homeless again if they would have permitted you to investigate months ago.

Peter Salomon


Posted by: Peter Salomon | Feb 11, 2010 12:31:38 PM

Pasco Real Estate, Predators, Frauds, Corruptions

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Pasco County, Real Estate, Rent To Own, Mortgage, Foreclosure, Florida, Federal Tax Frauds, And Its Judicial Scams, Frauds, Corruptions, Predators ………

Predator Pasco County Real Estate Agents, and their "Alter-Ego": Equitable Management & Investment Company, New Port Richey Florida, Malcolm and Dale Slive; Real Estate Brokers and the following

Pasco/Hernando attorneys, real estate brokers have been for years involved within fraudulent real estate, and or rent to own, mortgage, foreclosures, Florida tenant evictions, tax frauds, and its judicial scams in Pasco County Florida, and with the assistance of Pasco Circuit Court Judges, Lowell Bray, Stanley Mills, and County Court Judge Paul E. Firmani.

Judge W. Lowell Bray, Jr.
Circuit Court
Sixth Judicial Circuit

With the further assistance of their mutual “Friend”, Pasco Sheriff Bob White criminal and regulatory investigations have been criminally obstructed.

Pasco Sheriff Bob White

How about going to a Pasco/Hernando attorney for assistance, regarding legal matters, that involve an individual(s), or parties, or attorney, and that you allege or assert that he/she/they has/ have defrauded you.

Then imagine (Unknown to you) that the attorney you go to for legal assistance is a good friend of the opposing counsel, and is in some way is going to help him/ her, client get out of it, whether within financial bribes, or with the fraudulent assistance of a Judge within judicial favors, or within ex-parte, secret dealings, unlawful abuses of authority, discretion and either talk you or within strong arm extortion force you into agreements, things that you do not want nor merit or just lose all together……………………………

Now just imagine that, with the exception of you; all involved are buddies and are fully aware of each others judicial frauds and with the further assistance of the Judge, two other Judges, a Sheriff and who is also influenced by the subject attorneys socially, or politically, or financially and as a result obstructs criminal, regulatory investigations, they all conceal, omit, suppress evidence, matters of law, bribe witnesses, parties, potential witnesses, grant judicial favors, in turn for unlawful, criminal enrichment.

Imagine being defrauded out of money, properties, including your home, within real estate, mortgage, foreclosure, rent to own, tax, money laundering scams, going to the Pasco Sheriff and because for years several of the subject attorneys described below are his and the subject Judges’ ‘Buddies” he tells you that “It is a “Civil Matter” and refers you back to the very same people, that are part of criminally and unlawfully defrauding you, to decide your case!

Welcome to Pasco County, Florida!!

With the assistance of Pasco Circuit Court Judges Lowell Bray, Stanley Mills, and County Court Judge Paul Firmani, Pasco County Sheriff Bob White (Their buddies) the following Pasco/Hernando County real estate attorneys, members, past or present Officers within the West Pasco, or Florida Bar and who also specialize in “Elder, Probate, Estate Planning” have been directly involved within financial scams, judicial frauds regarding real estate, mortgage, foreclosures, rent to own, Florida State and Federal tax scams, frauds:

Several of the subject attorneys have at one time or another been affiliated with Pasco attorney David R. Carter, (Officer within the Florida Bar) and who is also the owner of Chelsea Title, in Florida, as well as other title agencies, and who has also used First American Title Insurance Company, as well as Lawyers Title: “The Fund” within his financial, tax scams, as well as The Pasco Clerk Of The Court, Property appraisers Office.

Within real estate, mortgage, rent to own, tax, money laundering types of “Ponzi” scams attorney Carter, with the assistance of several of his employees, including Rosalie Meyer I, as well as others have been defrauded.

In the early 90’s, and as per the St. Pete Times: Pasco Politician Feels Sting Of Property Deal : http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=888&dat=19920609&id=ESEMAAAAIBAJ&sjid=kVwDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6700,4017973; Attorney Carter, as well as then County Commissioner Mike Wells, and who is now the Pasco County Property Appraiser were implicated within the same types of real estate “Ponzi” scams, schemes.

Roland D. Waller
New Port Richey, Florida

Richard C. Williams, Jr.
New Port Richey, Florida

Mathew D. Ellrod
New Port Richey, Florida

Randall Jay Love

New Port Richey, Florida

Ryan Bailey Finck
Spring Hill, Florida

Anett Lopez
New Port Richey, Florida

Paul H Nessler Jr
Spring Hill, Florida

James Wesley Pritchard, III
New Port Richey, Florida

Wayne K. Ekren
Port Richey, Florida

Herbert Elliott
Tarpon Springs, Florida

Andrew M. Lyons
New Port Richey, Florida

Posted by: Peter Salomon | Mar 18, 2010 2:26:12 PM

Judge Robrt J. Morris did not give me a "Fair Trial" He violated the "canon Law" so the GAL "best friend" my only child's medical foster mother's sister could adopt my child. He did throughly review and went verbatim whatever DCF Coalition Team and all involved recommended. He also broke the Constitution and did not live up to what he was sworn to do as a Honorable Judge. My case where he also was a high member in the cabinet, the Supreme Court would not look at my case period! Threw it out. Judge Robert J. Morris also broke the "Blanket Rule' and never me
ade the decision or fate for my child. He also prevented me from talking in my csse and to be in court to defend myself against the DCF Coalition Team, Doctors who kept hidden the Adult Psych Drugs called "Lexapro and Celexa, with no dosage,duration or medical notes provided. He kept me hidden from the court and all witnesses on my behalf who threatened and fired by the GAL and DCF. Judge R. Morris would not let me speak at all or show evidence that was not allowed in court. DCF witnesses were telephonic,hearsay no facts. I lost my only child by his bad behavior, unproffessional, misconduct, violations, picking sides,judicial corruption to help opposite side without real facts, just hearsay with DCF judged on,not enough time,fast closed court ruling. He should be impeached! Supreme court I know he may have something to do with the Judge to look at my case, So much conspiracy,extrisic fraud etc.

Posted by: Francesca Moore | Jan 15, 2011 7:13:17 PM

My case has all the grounds for dismissal or "grand Jury" as requested. A destroyed mother and only child because of a one-sided,corrupted,unworthy,conspiracy, Judge to help a DCF Coalition employees sister,and Best friend of his appointed GAL, to steal my only child using all the GAL and DCF web of allies,switching words in documents without court order, having access,destroying files,forging,addind,hearsay fraud ,criminal crooks lying under oath with the crooked judge,criminal activity and public corruption to help friends,relatives and family!

Posted by: Francesca Moore | Jan 15, 2011 7:20:55 PM

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