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Evidence indicates Bush wire-tapped alternative media

Is Bush using warrant-less spying as a pretext to monitor U.S. “enemies” list?

by Tom Flocco

WASHINGTON—December 22, 2005—TomFlocco.com—There is evidence that President Bush’s executive order authorizing eavesdropping on phone conversations of U.S. citizens, monitoring email and gaining access to private computers while failing to follow the law requiring court-ordered warrants may amount to criminal activity.

Internet IP address logs from this writer’s computer firewall security system provide evidence that the Department of Defense (DOD) is conducting surveillance, since logs show DOD internet identification numbers during specific occasions while we conducted phone interviews with intelligence agents and sources, and also while reports were being word-processed for stories regarding White House crime family activities.

DOD intrusion attempts to monitor the contents of our computer, track key-strokes or install a surveillance device were listed in our firewall security log as “high-rated attacks” by the U.S. government, the circumstances about which this writer and other witnesses would be willing to testify if subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury or Congress.

In a move reminiscent of President Nixon’s secret “enemies list,” Mr. Bush’s domestic surveillance program raises questions whether he is employing the Defense Department to spy on Americans not only for the “War on Terror,” but also as a pretext to conduct warrant-less monitoring of political enemies, anti-war activists, whistleblowers and unfriendly alternative journalists without a paper trail—both inside and outside the USA.

The reason the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury may question Mr. Bush’s sidestepping the courts for domestic spying on Americans lies in the fact that according Senator Joe Biden, Bush could have conducted electronic surveillance for 72 hours without even telling the court; but then he would have to tell a judge who he wiretapped—leaving a legal paper trail.

Keeping “the list” covered up prevents publicizing presidential abuse of power; but the issue of shredded documents becomes problematic for a grand jury, even as Bush summoned New York Times executives to the oval office on December 6 to ask them not to make public his secret spying program—10 days before the story ran.

Notwithstanding the oval office meeting, how did Mr. Bush know that the Times story was going to be released?

Curiously, Mr. Bush intimated in passing during questioning at a Monday morning press conference that phone/email surveillance also emanated directly out of foreign countries.

During one recent series of four TomFlocco.com reports, the day after each story was placed online we lost phone service for between 8 to 30 hours—on clear summer days—culminating with the
classified report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. when phone service was disconnected and the computer hard drive was destroyed.

Interestingly, our hard drive was rendered useless after previous phone conversations about high-rated Defense Department attacks showing up on firewall logs.

A secret 400-page Defense Department document obtained by NBC News lists the a  Lake Worth, Florida anti-war meeting as a “threat” and one of more than 1,500 “suspicious incidents” across the country over a recent 10-month period.

NBC reported that DOD spokesmen said domestic intelligence is “properly collected,” but the news outlet added that critics said “...the Pentagon now collects domestic intelligence that goes beyond legitimate concerns about terrorism or protecting U.S. military installations,” and “two-hundred and forty-three other incidents in the database were discounted because they had no connection to the Department of Defense—yet they all remained in the database.”

The secretive National Security Agency (NSA), which had generally been forbidden from domestic spying except in narrow circumstances involving foreign nationals, has monitored the e-mails, telephone calls, and other communications of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people under the program, The New York Times also reported.

Consequences of controversial news reports

A few days after witnessing a Verizon telephone repairman climbing the utility pole in
front of our house, we have experienced periodic heavy telephone echoes, hums and multiple clicks when talking with certain intelligence agents, sources and others during phone interviews for stories appearing during late spring through this winter.

Reports indicate that federal agencies employ vehicles bearing logos of U.S. companies to disguise surveillance operations; thus contract agents in such vehicles—normally having access to public utility poles—like Verizon or Asplundh tree trimming, etc., could facilitate wire-taps on unsuspecting citizens reporting in alternative media.

Verizon employees told us the government did not authorize nor require them to divulge whether there was a wiretap placed on a customer’s phone lines.

Moreover, Verizon personnel blamed our four separate phone service disconnection incidences during clear summer weather, approximately once a week each time, as “squirrels chewing on wires,”—within hours after placing a story online which shed light on varying aspects of White House crime family activities via intelligence agents and sources.

Within five minutes after a phone conversation with Stew Webb and placing “Who killed John-John?” online at the website, this writer’s computer was attacked, resulting in damage costing $300 to reformat the hard-drive and nearly a week without a computer.

Several witnesses can attest to the phone service failures when attempting to call each time about the new stories, and there are two witnesses to our hard drive attack with whom we were discussing the JFK Jr. assassination story who would also be willing to testify before a grand jury or congressional hearing about these issues.

The strong echoes, hums and clicks could constantly be heard during conversations with key sources, including some connected to U.S. intelligence—and in one particular case, one of the agents who participated in the actual writing of the classified report on the JFK Jr. murder just prior to the 2000 election season.

The coincidence on several occasions in losing telephone service, then a destroyed hard drive immediately after releasing controversial stories and DOD high-rated government attacks showing up on firewall logs, would seem highly suspect—especially while receiving millions of hits from some 100+ countries.

Consequences of microwaves during phone surveillance

Federal whistleblower Stewart Webb—whose infant daughter was taken from him by Bush family associates 21 years ago—told TomFlocco.com that his computer was also taken down seven days prior to the release of our JFK Jr. assassination story, at a cost of $300 to repair a locked up hard drive.

It was Webb’s online copy of the leaked preliminary report on the murder of John Jr. at
StewWebb.com that led to our series of three interviews with a U.S. intelligence agent named “Delbert,” who was one of six participants in writing the JFK Jr. assassination report implicating three Presidents, an FBI Director, an Attorney General and a current U.S. senator—classified by the Clinton administration until the year 2025. The report is online at both TomFlocco.com and StewWebb.com.

So nuclear are Webb’s documents and store of knowledge regarding government corruption that just yesterday the administration sent an unmarked black helicopter to circle his house during daylight hours while on the phone with a New York reporter who simultaneously confirmed his server company’s call that his website was taken down.

The company told Webb that the $15,000 server hosting his website was destroyed on Monday by a strong electronic current.

On another occasion Webb was talking to a contributor to his website when both heard a loud pop over the telephone, wherein the contributor complained, “oh my ear—my ear hurts,” after which massive pain and a doctor visit proved the pop caused a perforated ear drum—a broken drum which had also destroyed the phone handset in front of another witness.

Webb told us that federal whistleblower Tom Heneghan’s telephone/fax machine was destroyed by electronic interference while also having his hard drive locked up—during this same recent time period.

Webb told us that his hard drive was destroyed last winter and he had received electronic microwaves through the telephone, destroying both handsets—while also revealing the microwaves caused him to have chest pains and he could see the electric current coming out of the phone.

Grand jury secrets of White House spying

Webb also revealed that secret White House wiretaps have continued going back before Bush 41 was president and when he was CIA Director, and then the Clinton and current Bush 43 administration: “House and Senate members, judges and police chiefs across the nation…local ‘red-squad’ hit teams via the ‘True Colors’ transcripts…have all been subjected to secret wiretaps for the purpose of political and criminal blackmail.”

Webb said his revelations about surveillance of United States congressmen, senators and other Americans can be confirmed in the explosive “
Colonel Cutolla affidavit.”

Much of the secret surveillance Webb described emanated “from the West-Star satellite systems appropriations—also known as KH-11 audio communications satellites—covertly transferred from the congressional budget by the Bush-Clinton secret shadow government within the government into the control of E-Systems Dallas, a subsidiary of the Raytheon Corporation.”

Fox News / Iran contra figure Colonel Oliver North called the operation “the company,” what Webb described as “a system involving government-organized narcotics, weapons and child-sex trafficking, and there are scores of witnesses willing to testify before the Fitzgerald grand jury about how this is continuing up to the present time.”

“The satellites have almost instant voice recognition ability to monitor any telephone in the world within one minute, and the White House can abuse this ability to spy on Americans even when their computer is turned off…a phone can act as a speaker unless it’s unplugged from the wall,” he said, adding, “they can hear everything you say.”

“But it gets worse,” said Webb. “High-frequency transponder devices can listen to and see Americans through their own television screens via cable transmissions.”

Operation Orpheus

Besides asking congressmen and Bush-Clinton officials about the explosive
True Colors transcripts detailing Bush-Clinton finance linked to Oklahoma City and 9-11, White House hit-teams and 150 witnesses interviewed in the JFK JR. probe, the Fitzgerald grand jury may have interest in the current status of “Operation Orpheus” and its implications for Mr. Bush’s secret domestic spying on American citizens—particularly the subpoenaed testimony of a certain U.S. Naval Intelligence officer.

Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence Alexander Martin described a Miami meeting in late 1984:

“It was one of the regular bi-weekly meetings which Jeb Bush chaired. But in this meeting Oliver North was present. This was one of the few meetings that Donald Gregg himself was present, and Frederick Ikley and his sidekick, Nestor Sanchez.”

Martin’s list of meeting attendees represents what Fitzgerald grand jury deputy prosecutors would call a mother-lode of White House crime family witnesses still living:

“These were all the top people. [Donald] Gregg was the National Security Adviser to Vice President Bush, His aide, Lt. Colonel Samuel C. Watson, Frederick C. Ikley, then Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for Caribbean and Central American Theater Operations, etc.”

“In this meeting, North gave an extensive speech about the Orpheus Operation and how monies were being diverted from narcotics operations to rebuild, reinvigorate, and to refurbish these various Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities (CILFs), most of which had been built early in the 1970s under the guise of housing Iranian Americans should there be a problem down the line.” [
The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran contra insider, Al Martin, 2001, pp 337-340]

In describing the meeting, Lt. Commander Martin said “Orpheus actually went to the point where if the liability could not be controlled, it would be necessary for [CIA Director William] Casey, North and George Bush Sr. to secretly formulate and potentially launch an outright coup d’ etat against the Government of the United States…the pretext was going to be a limited nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.”

“CILFs were also built for those American civilians who would be incarcerated. These were a combination of citizens who knew too much and citizens, whom they felt would be difficult to control under a provisional military government,” wrote Martin.

“This is the only meeting I actually attended, where I was actually searched to see if I had a tape recording device on me. We were not allowed to make any notes at this meeting. But fortunately I did make extensive notes about it directly afterwards, and I hid those notes over the years,” said Martin, adding, “I know where certain individuals were on a certain day, where they were, and what was said. They would have to prove that they were somewhere else on those days. Oliver North has tried to prove that before—and unsuccessfully—thanks to me in some cases.”

“On the morning he was scheduled to testify before Congress and expose the shadow government and national programs office,” said Webb, “CIA Director William Casey was rushed from his Langley, Virginia office to the Bethesda Naval Hospital with needle marks in his temple which caused a cerebral hemorrhage, according to agents I talked to.”

“The hospital floors above and below Casey were closed off according to my intelligence sources, and Casey told all the nurses and doctors to call people and have congressional investigators and members of congress come to see him right away, but he died—and all the doctors and nurses attending to him have died mysteriously—all the shifts…suicides, car crashes, accidental deaths,” said Webb.

“There are scores of intelligence agents who would testify to this information if Patrick Fitzgerald subpoenaed them to appear before the grand jury,” said Webb.

Shredding documents

It remains to be seen whether Congress or a grand jury will protect the privacy of all Americans by subpoenaing Mr. Bush for a complete and un-redacted list of all Americans spied upon from within the U.S. and from foreign countries since entering office—while certifying via witnesses that no lists were shredded to obstruct justice.

We have already reported that intelligence sources implicated senior presidential advisor Karl Rove and former vice-presidential advisor Mary Matalin as having knowledge of a paper shredding operation in the White House—a matter reportedly before a grand jury.

This, as legal authorities and reports said Mr. Bush may have also obstructed justice to affect news reports and polling, and violated his oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution as to 4th Amendment privacy rights regarding search and seizure.

MSNBC Hardball reported Monday that Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) sent a sealed letter for the record last July to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee complaining about Mr. Bush’s domestic spying; and other committee members were reportedly not informed that Bush would spy on American citizens, which may also have obstructed justice if Congress and the courts decide to find Bush in criminal violation of U.S. law.

Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor and specialist in surveillance law, said “The President’s dead wrong. It’s not a close question. Federal law is clear.” Turley’s analysis referred to the 1978 Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and court oversight as to warrants for electronic intercepts targeting terrorists.

Congressman Curt Weldon (R-7-PA) said, “It certainly wasn’t my intent to give the administration the right to tap the phone conversations of Americans,” when he voted for the Patriot Act.

During this writer’s private meeting in the Capitol Hill office of a U.S. congressman last spring regarding issues of government involvement in the September 11 attacks, the House member went over to the sound system and turned it up louder before we began to converse, indicating the member’s suspicions that House offices are bugged too.

“If this [United States] were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier…just so long as I’m the dictator.”  George W. Bush, president-elect, December 18, 2000



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