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Mark Fuhrman: Grand Jury Should Probe Terri Schiavo Case

Friday, July 1, 2005 9:02 a.m. EDT

Famed detective Mark Fuhrman is calling for a grand jury probe of the Terri Schiavo case, saying there's no other way to get to the bottom of the unexplained 1990 collapse of the then-26-year-old woman.

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Sued Under Rico Statutes? Maybe That Is Right Thing?

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

"I want a grand jury investigation," he told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity on Tuesday, adding that Schiavo's parents also favor the move.

Fuhrman, whose book "Silent Witness," hit bookstores this week, said that if Florida prosecutors decline to convene a grand jury probe, the Justice Department should step in.

He asked, "Were Terri's civil rights violated? When I looked at this case, she never got the due process of a death row inmate."

A similar investigative book by Fuhrman, "Murder in Greenwich," is credited with forcing Connecticut prosecutors to reexamine Martha Moxley's 1975 murder, resulting in the conviction of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel.

In the Terri Schiavo case, Fuhrman said most of the questions revolve around her husband, Michael and the conflicting stories he's told over the years.

"Michael Schiavo can't seem to remember anything consistently," he told Hannity, citing discrepancies in his account of his reaction to Michael's wife's collapse and the time he called paramedics.

"We have to have Michael Schiavo sit in front of a grand jury," the famed detective urged, noting that Schiavo has refused over the years to be questioned under oath in a deposition. "[A grand jury] is the only way to investigate this case."

Asked if he'd ever seen a case with so many unanswered questions, Fuhrman told Hannity: "Yeah, it's called Martha Moxley."


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Governor Manchin Says "No Problem"

As you can see from the link listed below when the governor was told on March 30, 2005, of my situation he said no problem.  He also stated which is not on video that he did not want to see me in a nursing home.  Well if it is no problem then why has the governor's office been reluctant to help?
Another update would be that Peggy the governor's assisstant stated that the governor was traveling at this time and as soon as she could get him to see my complaint she would discuss with him what he could do that was legal to help me.  Also the Office of Civil Rights has been CC'd on this email and they are now looking into my complaint. 
Click on this link to download the movie:



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Sued under RICO statutes: Maybe that IS right thing?

www.FindLaw.com article on front-page
badly Op-Ed's the Autopsy
Report....it just goes continuously on

   B_ - 11:13am Jun 23, 2005 (8108.)
Cassel on Schiavo--M. Schiavo has been vindicated
beyond question. If Jeb Bush is still pushing this matter,
maybe his administration should be sued under RICO
statutes. They're certainly corrupted. [end]

Now my Reply to "B_" on www.FindLaw.com message
board in response to their post/comments regarding
the article posted their, written by Ms. Cassel.


Sued under RICO statutes: Maybe that IS right thing?

(c)2005 David R. Kirkland | St. Petersburg | WMUF |

The autopsy report did one main thing.

The stated cause of Terri's collapse by the starter of the "theory" has been Michael and his entourage since day one and was:

- Collapse caused by Heart Attack.
- Heart Attack caused by chemical imbalance.
- Chemical imbalance caused by eating disorder.

Medical examiner said, no conclusive evidence of eating disorder.

Medical examiner said samples revealed under lab analysis, after arrive hospital, after collapse, show low potassium caused by paramedics injection(s) of epinephrine used in the reviving procedures on scene.

Medical examiner said, she absolutely did NOT have a heart attack.

Medical examiner said, cause of collapse is still undetermined.

Medical examiner said that RECORDS and Michael's own account leave a big gap of 70 minutes and upwards of two hours, based on his depositions and Larry King interview, support that he waited to call 911.

Medical examiner spoke to the top COP, Jeb Bush before the news conference to tell him of this negligence by Michael in getting his wife the life saving assistance that she needed immediately.

       So the story that Michael and entourage has used for 15 years, to justify quitting on Terri Schiavo and instead turning to efforts to profit, by stopping and deny badly needed and shown by early records to be helpful, Treatment. 

       NOT repairing thirteen fractures discovered in 1991 due to still unfound causes, and to focus his efforts on his fiance' and commit fraud on jury to get millions based on phony and now debunked reason for collapse, leaves us with yours or my sister and daughter, if she was our family, being MADE DEAD under false pretenses. 

       This means that some various individuals have also committed fraud on the State of Florida and all of us in the public.  To put into a more personal perspective, the cause of our loved ones collapse by "external forces" as the medical examiner stated, now, if not before, is even more a matter that the POLICE must investigate.

       If the cause was by a person, or being struck, shoved down the stairs, suffocated, assaulted or other means, then you and I surely would not rest until we knew the whole truth.

       The now falling apart truth that has been fed to us by Michael and his attorneys over the years is now a story proven wrong by THIS medical examiner.  Do you dare know  or want to know the Real Truth?   Read the report for yourself.

       The governor is the chief law enforcement officer. It is his JOB and duty to not just her, but would be to you and your family if in this exact situation of being put back to the original scene of the collapse with a boat load of unanswered questions, at that apartment, in February 1990.  If her collapse was caused by another person, then as the grave marker indicates, died February 25, 1990, we are finally investigating a possible murder that took place then.

       If Michael says that is when she died, then her cause of death MUST be determined.  You would do the same.  If not, then you have no respect for life and your everyone around you, especially your family should not trust you with their kids or their lives as you do not care and would not bother to find out why or who had caused their collapse, should that happen in the future.

OJ led everyone on a wild goose chase.  Scott Peterson had people going in all directions.  Michael and his accomplices have done the same to all of us.

What caused her collapse? 

Why did he cover up for 11 years the bone scan that revealed the thirteen fractures? 

Why did he not scream to the heavens, "how did my wife get these 13 fractures" when he was told by the doctors in March of 1991? 

Did he threaten the doctors with a lawsuit to get them to not report to police then?

       The medical records in early 1991 show (public record) that Terri was beginning to be able to speak several cognitive and appropriate words at specific times relative to something that was going on, but, when the 13 multiple fractures event was revealed, he took her out of rehab that was helping and stuck her in a long-term care facility with orders by him for absolutely nothing that be called therapy or be of benefit to more recovery. 

Why?  She was starting to talk.  That is how come the doctors decide to do the full body  High-intensity Bone Scan just 11 months after the still Undetermined Cause of Collapse which is the last determination of the medical examiner...still more to investigate to find out the cause.  If it was by criminal means then her perpetrators deserve to have a chance to live themselves.

Her own medical records have entries that document and establish that She WAS COMPLAINING VERBALLY DURING THERAPY OF DIFFERENT THINGS HURTING. 

Yeah, you or I would be too if we had all those found in 1991 fractures that could have been received anytime between the time bone scan taken, all the way back to the night before the mystery collapse whenever was the last time someone saw her moving about.   To think that she, all this time could have been screaming from the inside that different parts hurt really badly.  She had a broken leg, back,  ribs and more according to the bone scan report.  That must have hurt real bad.  But when you also have to work hard to finally be able to get a word out here and there, and our husband is doing everything he can to keep people from helping you -- something seriously suspect and very wrong with this picture. 

       Just pondering, that now, since that Bone Scan in March of 1991, that cognitive, seeing, hearing, complaining still undetermined as to how became this disabled woman, has been enduring those multiple fractures that her guardian/husband decided to hide and cover it all away, and to not order any kind of evaluation, or plan of treatment, whether casts, pins, physical therapy or something other than, deny everything. 

       No significant champion husband type effort really of any kind, to fix her, and instead denied her the very things that if not received, you or I would also DIE.  Food, Water, Air, the liberty to spend MY malpractice money on therapy, while you go live with your OTHER wife and the children that you made, throwing it in my face with your dual visits and saying that I'll never know Jodi is there.  Deny me so that I can never tell what really had been going on since Pennsylvania, with Pinellas Park.

What was she knowing?  Why did she seemingly so suddenly have her life started down an intentional path in 1990, of being made dead?  Instead of helped.

There are how many sides to a coin, honey?

One can only begin to imagine what actually went on in all those lives.  The ones who are alive and haunted by the truth, will "know" only what they want it all to be.  They killed by dehydration a woman.  That  is the only truth.  Investigate the lies and that will tell the truth.  Basic criminology, let the corpse, the dead persons life, tell what happened to them; to her.  Seek that, and it all seems comes right to the front....in the long run, every time.

It will all be revealed one day, when the guilt has eaten itself all the way to the core and the pain of knowing exactly what happened and not being able to keep it together, then the participants will have nothing else to do but tell all to save their own minds.  To beg forgiveness and not care the consequence to free themselves.

They will all go to her asking...

Human nature.  And nature is whom?

(c)2005 Copyright David R. Kirkland.  All rights reserved.

Additional refs:

Mark Fuhrman: Grand Jury Should Probe Terri Schiavo Case

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

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Knock, Knock... who's there?

By John Sipos

The Secret Service paid an unexpected visit at the home of Paul Timmerman, over on Florida's east coast today. Paul, for those who may not know, has been and is one of the most faithful friends Terri Schindler Schiavo could have ever asked for. Seems he failed to express himself as completely as he should have setting in motion a 3 hour ordeal of questions and searches to make certain he doesn't represent a threat to anyone. Clearly, the agents were just doing their job. Paul doesn't fault them. It does raise a legitimate question though:

Where were the cops when the Schindler family was begging for a criminal probe of those in the system conspiring to murder under color of law -- an aware of self woman who screamed for her life? At the center of that obstruction of justice was Bernie McCabe, States Attorney for Pinellas and Pasco Counties. McCabe directly ordered local police, sheriff officials, even the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to take no criminal complaints of abuse or neglect against Ms. Schaivo -- as his direct roll in making certain George Greer, the dressed in death black judicial robes -- got to finish the judicially ordered murder of this abused, misused disabled woman. For those who know Paul Timmerman, he is a kind, loving, Christ centered man who would likely not only not harm a flea -- if he could, he would rescue the flea and find it a dog to setup housekeeping with. Hey, Paul! Keep right on writing your letters, send them to everybody you can think of -- just make certain to say nothing that could be construed as a threat against any person. Paul apparently stood his ground during his time with the Secret Service agents -- all three of them. Terri was murdered, he told them. The murderer? George W. Greer, a man who pretends to being a judge, he is the murderer, more so than Michael Schiavo. Greer's get away car driven by Bernie McCabe -- making him an equal party to murder -- while other Constitutional officers in high places stood by, hands in their pockets and allowed the murder to happen. Those big signs posted on interstate highways at Florida's border should read -- Welcome to Florida, the land of sunshine, sand, and judicial murder.

John Sipos jsipos@ij.net

Additional refs:

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

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Bloggers News Network Features Michael Schiavo Feb. 24/25 1990 Timeline Charts

See Bloggers News Network - BNN... The Breaking News Source Of The Blogosphere link -> here.

Some helpful refs.


<a href="http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2005/06/the_empire_jour.html">Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990</a>

<a href="http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2005/06/judicial_corrup.html">Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge</a>

<a href="http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2005/06/florida_attorne.html">Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.</a>

<a href="http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2005/05/florida_snfu_co.html">Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions</a>

<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/Florida" rel="tag">Florida</a>

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More re: Secret Service Pays Visit To Concerned US Citizen Re: Terri Schiavo's Murder

Re: Press Release

Dear President Bush, Senator Bll Nelson, Jeb Bush, Carl Whitehead and John Joyce

Re: Paul Timmerman and Citizens,

Paul, I'm so sorry and ashamed at what someone has done to you just for speaking out against rampant criminal acts of public corruption under color of law.

If the Secret Service will only look into the felony crimes Judge George Greer and State Attorney, Bernie McCabe have done against citizens of Pinellas County as well as looking into your protestations.... then your being scared to death by these three Secret Service gentlemen will be worth it.

I know you feel the same way. I want to meet you some day and shake your hand for being a good and law abiding American.

If this "shock visit" to your home was intended to scare you into silence and not report federal and human rights felonies, then this was pure bullying tactics meant to stop you from speaking out against corruption.

I just got off the phone with the Director's Office of the United States Secret Service in Tampa, Florida and I advised his staff assistant, Teresa, of this problem. I was advised to send this e-mail, Cheryl Ford's e-mail and your e-mail to Mr. Joyce for his review and investigation and see who the person was who directed these three Secret Service agents to your home and why.

Additionally, by this e-mail communication, I request that the formal Secret Service Report with all supporting documntation, that will be generated by these three men is immediately made available to Senator Bill Nelson, Attention Legislative Assistant for Homeland Security, Ms. Celeste Brown.

I just got off the phone with her and she has interest in this matter for the Senator to bring personal attention on the Senate floor to all members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House in Washington, D.C. Senator Bill Nelson will not permit any abuse of Florida's citizen's under color of law in violation of any citizen's civil and
constitutional rights.

I think these three Secret Service employees have an important duty to not only protect individuals in government; they also have a sworn duty to "Protect The Country" and "Civil Rights" in the Federal Constitution from Enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

By this formal message, I request that Mr. Joyce send this message to each one of the men via their Secret Service chain of command, who came into your home in Green Acres, Florida and through FOIA, provide the reason and orders they received to visit Mr. Paul Timmerman's home and provide this report to Senator Bill Nelson at hls Orlando Office, attention, Ms. Celeste Brown.

I will send my packet of Pinellas Corruption information to each one of those Secret Service men and document that they have all (each one) received this felony criminal information of judges, (George Greer) and several others in the Florida Sixth Circuit in Pinellas County so that any report on your activities on the internet as a vocal and honorable protestor against death of the innocent and helpless will be included in their final report. Homeland Security violations in Pinellas County demands this action.

I'm sure these three men from the Secret Service will want their very important and critical security report to be fair and balanced and contain only the whole truth. Without them looking at and then investigating the facts, the report would surely be incomplete and misleading to any reader, including Senator Bill Nelson. Jeb Bush and President Bush.

Remember Paul, I was beaten, abused, had a red pill pushed at me while I was in a solitary cell by a guard, I bled internally, was finally rushed by paramedics to a hospital and the paramedics brought out the paddles getting ready to shock my heart back to life.

An armed Sheriff's officer waited outside the CCU and when the doctors and staff left for a minute he came to me with that same red pill telling me to "take it", I refuse and yelled "NURSE".... "HELP"

My genitals had been twisted through my pants during this torturous false arrest. The nurse was later called in two days later, by me, to document the dark blue bleeding on my genitals and my marks and bruises on my arms and hands.

I have been called "White Nigger Boy" by uniformed sheriff's officers, I've been told to get out of town nigger lover or you'll be "gator bait" by uniformed police officers, my home was broken into by rogue sheriff's officers with illegal instructions from on high. Judges and State Attorney's staff? All of my investigation and original court documents were stolen.

A federal bank examiner friend of mine who discovered Pinellas Couny corruption had a gun put to his head by a corrupt sheriff's officer and when he went to the sheriff's Internal Affairs... it was deemed unfounded. He then went to the FDLE, FBI and DOJ..... and once they found out the sheriff had deemed their own criminal acts as unfounded.... that was it... based on "professional courtesy by one law enforcement agency to another".

The Tampa FBI covered-up this drug and judicial money scam investigation as well as the judicial corruption investigation and closed it down because a chief judge asked them to stop the undercover FBI task force. Why did the Tampa FBI's SAC, Carl Whitehead, stop this corruption probe. Why?

Paul Timmerman is also asking why? Who will tell America's citizens why? They also tried to ruin an honest judge, the Honorable Judge Greg Holder and this same corrupt racketeering underground of corrupt judges (on the take) went after him and gained access to "secured" United States military bases in the Tampa Bay area......Where was Homeland Secutrity?!!! Or the Secret Service agents?

If the Secret Service reviews Judge Holder's JQC trial records, they will be as angry as Paul Timmerman is and will be visiting the recently fired A.U.S.A. Jeffrey Del Fuoco who claimed that dangerous foreign terrorists groups and illegal funding of same are alive and well in U.S. Governmental Agencies in Tampa Bay.

Ask him..... he's now out of a job a couple of weeks now and maybe as angry as Paul Timmerman is and may be more than willing to spill the beans on everybody.... if you give him criminal immunity and witness protection.

Paul, we knew what you meant by your innocent statement about corrupt Judge Greer, everybody did. In fact, I believe many reporters said the same thing in numerous newspapers and on the air and TV news reports...... like FOX News' Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and local news anchors.

One lawyer said that Greer personally ordered the death...... and not just an order to deny a motion from Tom Delay and Jeb Bush.

Sadly, Paul, I didn't know you are fighting cancer...... as not only are we both Viet Nam era vets, I also have a nasty case of cancer. I've been fighting relapsed non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for nine years.... and once had 14 tumors all over my abdomen and aorta.

This stress to your system is very dangerous and I pray for your continued health. This Secret Service's "shock visit" could've harmed your immune system even more. I know mine is a mess after over a dozen powerful chemo infusions from Moffitt Cancer Center.

At 63, people tell me to just not try to fight this corrupt system any more. The judges just always get away with felony crimes and "mistakes" that end up taking lives of innocent citizens who come to them for help.

Remember the poor women who begged Judge Greer to help her as she was beaten and abused. Greer said "NO"... and she was later killed.

I have proof that Judge Greer signed a false and blank and undated court order and it was filled in by a lawyer pal of his. Nobody wanted to touch that one..... too embarrassing for the whole system in Pinellas County, America's Most corrupt county.

The bank examiner also has proof of drug trafficking by law enforcement and the FBI did nothing and instead threatened him to stop "causing trouble".

Everybody on this list feels your frustration and pain as a very religious man and a compassionate human being. I'm glad you had a witness come over to your home.... this is what two judges in Pinellas County told me to do as they both know drugs are regularly planted on citizens or their property in order to plant false evidence to shut citizen's up.

By the way...... when my false arrest and injuries hit the newspapers, Sheriff Rice ordered the doctor to "patient dump" me from the hospital.... this is all true. The doctor took medical orders from the sheriff.... as this hospital is run by county commissioners and the sheriff is a big paying "customer".

I had severe pain from the damaged abdomen bleeding and it was puffed out, I was on antibiotics, I was on an IV drip for pain and hydration and nausia, I had a high temperature and the runs...... any one of which mandates that the patient is medically unable to be discharged.

Four armed sheriff's walked into my hospital room and cut off the same "Maximum Security " uniform I had on for days that was soaked in other inmates' urine when I was dragged over a floor in puddles of inmate's urine and I was vomiting on the floor.

My leg chains and both arm cuffs were removed from my red and swollen wrists and ankles, My IV's were taken out with a quick grab. I was left butt naked to put on my clothes and then presented with a hand signed check from Sheriff Rice so I wouldn't have to go back to any county owned property for processing out.

I was then left all alone in my room in silence..... no wheelchair out to the front door....... nothing. I started throwing up in the room all alone and made it to the toilet.

Also..... I ended up in another ER at Mease/Morton Plant that same day and then the sheriff's internal affairs said I wasn't in the hospital and my complaint of abuse was "unfounded". Medical notes are gone and one senior officer said I was never in the hospital and I had made the whole arrest up..... your mind goes into a stunned mode of total disbelief.

All "charges" were dropped and now I can't find the arrest report...... because they said I wasn't "really" arrested.... just escorted out of the commission meeting.

This started because it was my turn to speak at a "Citizens To Be Heard" portion of the public and filmed County Commission meeting. I wanted to show where corrupt (felons) county officials had lied to the Commission and three sheriff's came out and stopped my speaking out publically and cuffed me and dragged me out to the elevator.......

Many citizens in Pinellas County need help from the Secret Service and I want them (even those 3 who came into your house), to meet with you and me and other scared protestors for civil rights and two judges and this federal bank examiner and document or video the interview and put that into the Paul Timmerman investigation report file as to why a good citizen like Paul Timmerman is also upset with the rampant corruption in Pinellas County.

Please let all of us request this urgent meeting before Director John Joyce at 501 E. Polk St. in Tampa. His phone number is (813) 228-2636 and his superiors in Washington, D. C. can be reached at (202) 406-8800. His e-mail is John.Joyce@usss.dhs.gov.

Our meeting together in one very large conference room will save the Secret Service thousands of tax dollars as we will all be there to answer and ask questions and this method of citizen exchange is supported by President George Bush when he speaks of each citizen's duty to communicate and expose terrorists to the Homeland Security and the Secret Service.

I'm sure we will all be able to meet with those three Secret Service agents very soon along with Mr. John Joyce as respesentatives of Senator Bill Nelson will be there as well as other governmental officials, national civil rights watchdog associations and the national media, e.g. Fox News' investigative reporters and camera crews.

This corruption isn't just about losing Terri to rampant judicial corruption as all of our lives are on the line and that is why we all need to see how we all can best support the Secret Service and Homeland Security. Paul Timmerman has a good story to share with Mr. Joyce and the media when a meeting time is set up in Tampa.

I'm requesting that Cheryl Ford remains our central contact individual as she seems to be able to coordinate important meetings such as this one will be and has an excellent relationship with all honest law enforcement agencies who really care about America's security.

She is well educated, knowledgeable, good temperment and motivated to let the truth about judicial corruption be properly exposed to U.S Governmental Officials for their immediate action as per the law and their functions and responsibilities.

Take care, and all pray for Paul's good health.

Sincerely and all the very best,


John Schestag, Founder
The Salvation Navy
Florida Whistleblowers
P.O. Box 1
Ozona, Florida 34660
(727) 785-9397 (Cheryl's e-mail is below)

Some additional refs:

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

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Secret Service Pays Visit To Concerned US Citizen Re: Terri Schiavo's Murder

Instead of trying to bust the bad guys who got away with murder of a disabled United States citizen who was denied her voice on purpose to make her dead by substituted wishes, the US Secret Service pays visit to "Pro-Life" Terri supporter (this particular label designation being only one of a vast spectrum of individuals [of all labels and designations] worldwide who know, from the facts and research that Terri Schiavo was blatantly murdered) for a perceived but misplaced threat against a judge. The White House (President, First Lady, Dick Cheney, Speakers of the House and leaders in the Senate,. never responded to their e-mails regarding evidence provided to them in regards to crimes against Terri Schiavo. The US Secret Service in the Tampa Field Office and the US Department of Justice (Attorney General and Disability Civil Rights Section) were never interested in the facts in regards to crimes perpetrated against Terri Schiavo while alive. They never contacted individuals back who provided them evidence of crimes.. no, they are only concerned with protecting rogue judges who never filed the correct oath of office and timely papers in regards to qualifying for judgeship positions, who are connected to the Hospice industry and other corrupt figures like Everett Rice (who hired Michael Schiavo as a jail nurse) and Bernie McCabe (who along with others certain of whom are under Jeb Bush ignore investigating or quash criminal investigations against the perpetrators involved in Terri’s murder.) Bernie McCabe while provided evidence blatantly showing Michael Schiavo is a liar in regards to his accounts of Terri’s collapse says that there is nothing wrong and that the investigation will be concluded very soon clearing Michael Schiavo unless he comes across something. McCabe has all kinds of evidence showing crimes against the now murdered Terri Schiavo, unless he put them in the paper shredder and deleted all his e-mails like “midnight clean up crew” software did in the Florida House and Senate in the days after Terri was murdered. McCabe broadcasts his non-investigation of crimes against Terri to the euthanasist St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune, Miami Herald, AP, UPI reporters, national television news outlets continue to spin. Forbidden e-mail, and commentary follows:

[From another]

Here is Timmerman's original e-mail message. Thanks for asking, now I will get the SS visit. 8/ heh...sorta funny.

Copy follows...


Schindler-Schiavo was not protected by TWO CONSTITUTIONS.  WHO'S RESPONSIBLE? 


I AM YOUR JUDGE, AND I'M GOING TO KILL YOU........GREER  (  I read his mind, prior to him being brain dead)

Paul F. Timmerman
Greenacres, FL


GardenGreetings@aol.com Add to Address Book
Date: 2005/06/28 Tue AM 11:53:30 EDT
Subject: Re: PressRelease: Pro Life Terri Supporter Receives Surprise Visit From Secre...
>I also wonder if our emails are censored and whatever happened to search warrants?
ALL e-mail, regular mail, computer records, business records, library records, and anything else can be *LEGALLY* intercepted and searched without your permission or knowledge. This is thanks to the Patriot Act and subsequent additions to the Patriot Act.
It's blatantly unconstitutional as law, but it's currently the "law of the land." Which, of course, doesn't mean it's right.
Mr. Timmerman is fortunate he was not jailed. His comments could have been easily misconstrued as "threatening a judge," which is a crime that carries a jail sentence.
In 2002, a man was jailed for 3 years for making a comment (apparently as a joke) that God was going to "speak to us through a burning Bush." He was arrested and convicted of threatening a president and sentenced to 3 years in prison.
In 2001, the editor of a university newspaper was visited by secret service and threatened with arrest and jail for writing a satirical editorial that asked Jesus to smite George W. Bush (as well as others, including MTV host Carson Daly).
There are hundreds of cases of secret service visits based on what individuals have said while they assumed they still have freedom of speech. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a country with freedom of speech.
What you can do to restore some of your freedoms:
Call or write your senators and your representative and demand they, as your representatives in our government, protect your freedoms, including freedom of speech AND freedom from illegal search and seizure. Insist that they follow the US Constitution in their voting and legislating.
Does it matter to which political party your Senator or House Representative belongs? No, it doesn't. Guess what? Ultimately, people from both sides of the aisle have voted to increase the power of unconstitutional laws such as the Patriot Act. While we are arguing over which political party is best (or worst), both parties have been acting to increase the power of government and decrease our rights and freedoms. 
And it is freedom of speech and freedom to dissent and freedom to assemble that is crucial in fighting things like the LAW that allowed Terri Schiavo to be killed. It is things like the Patriot Act that are limiting those freedoms.
It is also not only the "bad people who deserve it" who are becoming victims of unconstitutional (but currently legal) search and seizures. Mr. Timmerman is more the rule than the exception. It is people like him who are being harassed and intimidated. He is the kind of "terrorist" the Patriot Act is attacking.... and by doing so is attacking every principle on which our country was founded.
>As a statement to this country, I am tempted to take Paul's quote about Greer's mind >reading, and place it at the end of every email. Perhaps we all should consider doing the >same. Let it be taken as a message to our Leaders that we as American citizens still do >believe in
Fight4Terri Press Release:
June 28, 2005  (immediate release) 9:10 AM ET
Pro Life Terri Supporter Receives Surprise Visit From Secret Service.
Despite his own battle with cancer, Mr. Paul Timmerman of Green Acres, Florida is a kind, loving, man who has dedicated every day of his life over the last several years, trying to help save Terri. He has been a volunteer/leader in one of the many "National Fight4Terri  Action Groups"   for well over one year. The "National Fight4Terri Action Groups",  were created a few years back in an effort to have volunteers focus their letter writing skills to specific leaders who were involved with Terri, and who could have helped to save Terri's life.
Specifically, Paul's group was assigned to writing to Bishop Lynch.  Paul, in his desperation to bring attention to Terri's plight and save her life had literally spent numerous hours writing and calling all leaders in this country; praying someone would eventually acknowledge his calls or letters.  No one ever did. That is, until the other day when Paul received a surprised visit from three Secret Service Men.
What baffles me about what had happened to Paul, is when I, along with several others, had received a copy of the letter that Paul had written to the Elected officials, I could see that he was NOT making a threat to Greer in his email.  I could see that he was pretending to mimic George Felos when he telepathically speaks to the dead.  Paul, had even written in parenthesis, "(I had read his mind prior to him being brain dead)."
I will never forget Paul Timmerman's genuine and sincere efforts to help fight for Terri's life. When I had organized Terri's 41st birthday party this last December, I had been concerned about securing the two Pavilions at the public park I had chosen to have her party. The Pavilions were on a first come, first serve basis.  Paul volunteered to drive from his home, 4 hours away in Green Acres, Fla to make sure we would have the two Pavilions. He slept in his car on a chilly December night at the park to be assured someone would be there first thing in the morning to secure the two pavilions. 
I can attest to Paul Timmerman's kind and compassionate heart. He is a Christian man, and has financially helped numerous unwed mothers and many homeless in this country. His quest to protect LIFE, as a practicing Catholic sometimes brings forth his overly zealous letter writing campaign, however, Mr. Timmerman truly is an example of someone who loves and respects LIFE! 
Why is it that we could not get this much attention when an innocent disabled woman was actually being murdered on National TV?  Why now, does the Secret Service come to upset the privacy of a man's life who outwardly supports the PRESERVATION OF LIFE???
I wonder whose tax dollar is paying for the secret service to invade the privacy of a citizen, and more importantly, who ordered their visit?
Is it because we have truly lost our FREEDOMS to speak out about LIFE?
I also wonder if our emails are censored and whatever happened to search warrants?
As a statement to this country, I am tempted to take Paul's quote about Greer's mind reading, and place it at the end of every email. Perhaps we all should consider doing the same. Let it be taken as a message to our Leaders that we as American citizens still do believe in
Below, you will find a copy of Paul's letter explaining his visit from the Secret Service.
From Paul Timmerman

They do read our letters.  This is why the box is full.  What I thought
was a prank turned out to be serious.  I was writing a letter.  There
was a loud knock at the door.  I told them I would be right there.
Thinking it was my neighbor to borrow something. I opened the door and
it was a stranger.  He asked if I was Paul Timmerman, and I said yes,
what can I do for you.  He said (BREATH DEEP) Secret Service.  I
laughed thinking someone was playing a joke.  No Joke.  3 of them
standing there with the badges and IDs.   I only checked one out, and
glanced over the other 2.  They came in and asked who else lives here?
Just me and my cat.  No one else, just you and my cat?  Yes!   Big place
for just you and your cat, no live in maid, or cleaning women you may
have forgotten? NO!  L
ook around do you think this place has a cleaning
staff.  Do you mind if we look around?  What is this about? 
Do you write letters to the President?  "YA, but no one reads them!" 
That's what you think, this is why we are here.  We want to search your condo.
Stay right there don't move, I want a witness here. 
We don't want to embarrass you.  I do not mind. Hang on. 
Any weapons?  No, just those knives on the counter in the wooden Block. 
Just wait, I' m going to see if my neighbor is home.
Tom answered the door, Tom, quick I need a witness.   
He laughed, "Tom seriously, quick before they plant false

A long 3 hr. ordeal went on.  I asked them if they have the letter.
They pulled it out.  I told them I did write this, and there is no
threats in it at all.  They pointed to the last sentence. 

"I am your Judge, and I'm here to kill you......Greer" (I read his mind before
he went brain dead) 
I can not believe people do not know Judge Greer in the Terri Schiavo Murder case in Fl.

They had tons of questions, some of which I could not remember. 
I need to call my daughter,  I am late for dinner.  She laughed, and said most
people have car problems when they are running late, Secret Service?
Kris this is serious, eat without me so I can get this mess cleaned up.
I'll get you their cards. I'll call you latter.   

About an hour latter, I could not remember all the dates, hospitals,
etc.  Maybe my daughter knows.  I asked her the name of the hospital
they took me too when I had a severe seizure in Church.  I told them,
and the lead investigator took the phone to ask her questions.  The
other two said let's do the inspection of the condo.  I opened
everything, plastic bins, cabinets, closets. in every room.  Then they
wanted to inspect the car.  The lead inspector said wait, we'll do it
together.  More questions.  I wrote out on their form what the last
sentence meant.

They inspected the car.  Done.  I went in and The lead inspector knocked
again, just a few more questions, out goes the cat. Done!

Be careful in your letters.  I guess I need to be More explicit so there
is no misunderstandings.  Gee, imagine people do not know about Greer?
Or was this just harassment?  As I went looking for the cat, they were still outside, I
almost went over to tell them how to get out, but I decided to keep
looking for the cat.  I got him in, and now it's time for dinner. 
I did get some licks in about the Bush Boys, AG. Gonzales, McCabe and
Corruption in Florida.  If they had done their jobs, I would not have to
write letters.  But they instead violated 2 constitutions, and an
Innocent women was starved to death, murdered!  Listen guys, I respect
life, and no way will I take a live, not even Michael Schiavo.  They
could not believe all the stickers on my car.  I told them I was
Pro-choice, one laughed, while the others searched the car. Oh well

I'll try to work the e-mail some before bed, and do some tomorrow before
I go to visit the sick and disabled

        GOD BLESS YOU ALL  !!!
   From one Christian to another
             one Pro-Lifer to another   

Some additional refs:

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

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Supreme Court Traitors, Eminent Domain Of Big Business - News Media Blackout Re: Intimidation And Harassment Of New London Residents

Shocking New Developments In Supreme Court vs. Homeowners Case


Prison Planet | Updated June 26 2005

America has been reacting with overwhelming revulsion over the past two days to the Supreme Court's decision that local governments can force property owners to sell out and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public, even if the property is not blighted, and the new project's success is not guaranteed.

However, shocking details that cast this entire farce in its true light have flown under the radar of mainstream media reports.

Those details came to the fore today during an interview on The Alex Jones Show, nationally syndicated on the Genesis Communications Radio Network, on which Michael Cristofaro, one of the New London Connecticut homeowners fighting the unconstitutional decision, appeared as a guest.

Cristofaro's family have lived in New London for forty two years and the city had already previously seized his first home by imminent domain in 1971.

Cristofaro related a series of actions by local government officials and their hired New London Development Corporation thugs that amount to nothing less than outright intimidation, harassment and extortion.

These include;

- An insulting offer of $60,000 from the government on a home worth $215,000. The government would condemn the house years in advance then offer a pittance for it.

- Unannounced visits to Cristofaro's elderly parent's home demanding they sign a contract to hand over their property.

- Intimidating and harassing phone calls at all hours of the day.

- Parking bulldozers and wrecking balls outside the houses pointing at the property with threats of "your house is next."

- Revving the engines of the bulldozers outside the houses in the early morning hours of the morning. Just picture that for a second, revving bulldozers while threatening old people to sign papers handing over their home.

- Cristofaro's mother becoming distraught and suffering a heart attack after being served with condemnation papers that said she no longer owned her property and had ninety days to leave.

- A death bed plea from a 93-year-old resident begging "what about my house, what about my house?" The man had been living in his home for 80 years. The contractors would park construction vehicles on his property, make his house literally shake and would, Waco-style, shine bright floodlights into his home as his blind wife cowered in fear.

- A threat to charge residents back rent if they lost the case, effectively meaning the homeowners will have to pay the city to be kicked out of their own homes. One resident, William von Winkle, would owe the city $200,000 in back rent.

- When the Supreme Court decision was made on Thursday, the city had police cruisers and a fire truck casing the neighborhood because they feared the residents would riot. "What were they planning on doing? Hosing us down?" stated Cristofaro.

- Real Estate agents paid by the government to force residents to sign contracts to hand over their homes were on an $8,000 commission to get the signatures by any means possible.

- William von Winkle's apartment tenants were forcibly evicted and locked out from their homes in the early morning hours during winter with snow on the ground, before the city even owned the property. Von Winkle had to break back into his own apartment block to prevent his tenants from freezing to death.

Cristofaro said 75 different families, most elderly and sick, were subject to this brutal torment.

This website telephoned several of Cristofaro's neighbors in the area and they confirmed that they had also been subjected to this persecution.

Imagine if your neighbour hired a bulldozer, parked it outside your house, and started revving it up and threatening to demolish your property if you didn't sign a document and hand your home over to him. He'd go to jail but the city government can do it to elderly people and the Supreme Court backs them up every inch of the way.

The Supreme Court also ruled twice in the past that blacks weren't human beings. Are we supposed to just blindly follow their every dictate or should we stand up and fight these robber barons?

Cristofaro compared the situation to living in the Soviet Union. "Welcome to Russia," he stated. "That's what it feels like. You have no rights. The US Supreme Court just took away our property rights."

Alex Jones drew the analogy of Mafia tactics in assessing how the city government had treated the New London residents.

"These corporations come in and pay off city council members and then they come and steal your land and don't even pay you what it's worth."

"You take my cousin Luigi. You put him on as a store manager. You pay him $30,000 a year or we're gonna burn your business down."

"It's extortion ladies and gentlemen. It's racketeering."

Jones compared the activities to the Godfather movie, where the individual is given an 'offer he can't refuse' and told: "Sign the contract or your brains are going to be on it."

Cristofaro described the bulldozers aggressively revving their engines in front of the houses.

"Can you imagine seeing these big bulldozers pointing at your house revving their engines and you see a little smoke stack up on top of the little lid opening and closing with all that black smoke billowing. And all they'd do is rev it for about five or ten minutes, turn it off, turn it back on then they'd raise the front of the bulldozer."

The New London residents plan to fight the government to the bitter end and are currently pursuing numerous different legal options.

Support these brave residents in their stance against the New London city Mafia government and the New London Development Corporation. Email this news article to all the radio hosts, World Net Daily, the Drudge Report, all the TV news stations, your Congressmen and Senators. The mainstream media ignored the very worst aspects of the case, the Soviet style harassment and intimidation of the New London homeowners. Demand that they bring these details to their reader's attention.

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Pentagon Madness: Nuclear War by Depleted Uranium



A nuclear war is being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan - not your typical nuclear war of powerful, glowing mushroom-cloud blasts that reduce everything in their paths to blackened, flattened ruin, but a covert nuclear war using a mechanism that is just as deadly but not so obvious.

During the past few wars, starting with the Balkan wars, and the first Gulf War and on to Afghanistan and the current Iraq war, a major "improvement" to weapons has been in use. It was the tipping of munitions - bullets, shells and bombs with so-called Depleted Uranium. So-called because there is nothing really depleted about it. It is just as lethal un-depleted Uranium.

DU is a by-product of the Nuclear industry - a hitherto waste product and a problem to dispose of. Now the perfect solution was to put it to use making weapons more lethal.

This nuclear war has spread radioactive dust and refuse across the whole landscape where these munitions have been used.

The immediate "benefit" of tipping weapons with DU is that it gives a multifold penetration power, hitherto not possible with regular weapons.

Munitions can penetrate armour plating with ease and reduce tanks and buildings to ruin. When they explode the power is immense, causing a massive fireball that engulfs all, burning or vapourising its hapless victims without mercy.

This is the immediate horror of war - that we rarely hear about or see.

The aftermath of the immediate horror is the after-horror - over 1000 tonnes of DU has been deployed in the current war in Iraq.

The chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion in 1986 released 700 tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Over 20,000 bombs (many DU tipped) were deployed in Afghanistan up to mid 2002. "The DU explosive charges in the guided bomb systems used in Afghanistan can weigh as much as one and a half metric tons - as in Raytheon¡¦s Bunker Buster - GBU-28" (Le Monde March 2002)

This material gets into the soil, leaches into plants, rises in dust when the ground is disturbed, gets into the lungs and seeps into the skin of local populations, and the soldiers of both sides, and is carried around the world on the winds.

Children playing on and around destroyed tanks and battlefields are particularly susceptable.

"Children rather than adults may be considered to be more at risk of DU exposure when returning to normal activities within a war zone through contaminated food and water, since typical hand-to-mouth activity of inquisitive play could lead to high DU ingestion from contaminated soil." (The Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 5, No 44, October 29, 2001

Soldiers exposed to radiation by the handling of these weapons and the dust released after they explode have been affected in large numbers.

The first Gulf War resulted in a very low official US soldier death toll and 7035 injured.

The reality is that of 580,000 soldiers who served in that war 325,000 are on permanent medical disabilty and 11,000 have subsequently died - an astonishing figure of 56% of those who served are now seriously ill with radiation related sicknesses, eupehmistically labelled "Gulf War Syndrome" by the medical and military establishments that refuse, of course, to acknowledge its true cause.

Typical official explanations are dust storms, reaction to vaccines, exposure to pesticides. Other "official studies" try to further whitewash the situation by inadequate tests on military personnel who were not exposed to the dangers, and subsequently reporting "negligable or zero" levels of radiation in their urine.

Since dust storms, vaccines and pesticides are not known to cause cancers of the magnitude being experienced then the DU issue is front and centre of suspicion.

From the 2003 Iraq invasion, in one US military unit alone, eight out of twenty soldiers have developed malignancies. That is 40% have become seriously ill only 16 months after being exposed to the radiation.

Throughout Iraq (and Afghanistan) doctors are reporting frightening statistics of hitherto unseen levels of hideous birth defects, and radiation sickness related conditions in a wide cross section of the population.

For the people of Iraq the lack of adequate medical facilities, and indeed proper infrastructure of power, water and supply shortages means that any semblance of proper treatment is usually next to impossible and the situation is totally futile.

Don¡¦t forget that during the "Sanctions" against Iraq between the two wars - it is reported that over 500,000 children died as a result of lack of medical and other supplies. A figure that former Secretary Of State, Madeline Albright said was "worth it".

For the soldier who unwittingly has been exposed to high doses of radiation, the threat is not only immediate to his or her own wellbeing but the danger is brought home. The reproductive system becomes a radioactive infection agent, passing on damaged genes to their offspring and even to their spouses.

In a group of 251 soldiers in Missouri who had produced normal babies prior to deployment to the first Gulf War, 67% of post-war babies were born with severe defects - missing arms, eyes, legs and with rare immune and blood diseases.

Marion Fulk, a nuclear physical chemist, when asked about what efffect DU contamination has upon the body explained that the effects of uranium contamination targets the DNA. This causes a multitude of medical conditions that are typically vague and far reaching - in effect the body is "trashed".

When asked if the main purpose for using DU was not only improving weapon performance but indirectly to cause maximum destruction to life, she was blunt - ¡§I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people.¡¨

The first DU weapons were produced in 1968 for the US navy and early, crude versions were used by Israel against the Arabs in the Yom Kippur war of 1973. DU weapons have been subsequently sold by the US to 29 countries. Thousands of tons of DU weapons were tested in the US between 1974 and 1999, and contamination from these tests resulted in a dramatic increase in cancers and leukemia rates of those living around the test facilities.

The military again denies any connection to DU.

A new book by Michael Collins Piper, published by American Free Press, ¡§The High Priests of War: The Secret History of How America¡¦s Neo-Conservative Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire,¡¨ details how the US administration neocons led by Henry Kissinger from as far back as the late 1960s had formulated plans to launch wars against the Arab world. This manifested itself into "The War Against Terror", after the 911 atrocity - which, by the way, was NOT caused by a bunch of Arabs living in caves, but that¡¦s a different altogether more scary story. The book delves into the creation of the neocons - by Trotsky lover Irving Kristol - whose son is currently one of the most influential men in the US. The Israeli lobby¡¦s neocon network has strong links with Kissinger and other notables as George Schultz, Zbignew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz, Samuel S Huntington, and of course the more visible Cheney, Rumsfeld and not to forget the media contingent -for example our own Rupert Murdoch - hence the rabid support of the Iraq war on Foxnews and why you would never hear about the DU story or the true reasons for the Iraq [and onward-Christian-soldier invasions still to come] on Fox or any other mainstream network. In Brzezinski¡¦s book ¡§The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives,¡¨ the map of the Eurasian chessboard includes four regions strategic to U.S. foreign policy. One of those regions (Afghanistan and Iraq) is currently laid waste with DU radiation.

The US, Australia and Britain went to war with Iraq based on a totally fabricated premise that Iraq possessed "Weapons Of Mass Destruction". Ironically the United Nations defines the use of Depleted Uranium as a "Weapon Of Mass Destruction". The "coallition of the willing" are deliberately flouting a United Nations resolution which classifies Depleted Uranium munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction.

According to an August 2002 report by the UN subcommission, laws which are breached by the use of DU shells include: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Charter of the United Nations; the Genocide Convention; the Convention Against Torture; the four Geneva Conventions of 1949; the Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980; and the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, which expressly forbid employing ¡¦poison or poisoned weapons¡¦ and ¡¦arms, projectiles or materials calculated to cause unnecessary suffering¡¦. All of these laws are designed to spare civilians from unwarranted suffering in armed conflicts. When we have the new US Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, the man who set the groundrules regarding what is "acceptable torture" - saying that the Geneva Conventions are "quaint" - well you get an idea of the seriousness of the problem. Professor Doug Rokke, ex-director of the Pentagon¡¦s depleted uranium project -- a former professor of environmental science at Jacksonville University and onetime US army colonel who was tasked by the US department of defence with the post-first Gulf war depleted uranium desert clean-up -- said use of DU was a ¡¦war crime¡¦. Rokke said: ¡¦...This war was about Iraq possessing illegal weapons of mass destruction -- yet we are using weapons of mass destruction ourselves - such double-standards are repellent.¡¦ Rokke added: ¡¦A nation¡¦s military personnel cannot wilfully contaminate any other nation, cause harm to persons and the environment and then ignore the consequences of their actions. To do so is a crime against humanity. It is equivalent to a war crime.¡¦ Not only is it a War Crime, it is a War Crime in four ways. Karen Parker JD, famous UN War Crimes and humanitarian lawyer stated "My ¡¦four-point¡¦ test is this: "It spreads" (beyond the field of battle); "it lasts" (can¡¦t be turned off when the war ends); "it injures people in impermissible ways" (as in making an as yet unborn child deformed); and "it harms the environment".

Since the one and only time "real" nuclear weapons were used - Hiroshima and Nagasaki world opinion has not been favourable for the use of such destructive weapons - the Ultimate WMD.

Uranium-tipped bombs, shells and bullets are just different forms of slow-acting, nuclear weapons by stealth. They are slower than the instant big boom and flash of Nagasaki type Nuclear Weapons. Now we are using the next generation of nuclear weapons on the hapless civilians of Iraq - and our own soldiers, indeed the whole world, is going to pay a heavy price. Uranium weapons spread deadly radioactivity that kills and contaminates forever.

Japanese professor, Dr. K. Yagasaki, has calculated that 800 tons of DU is the atomicity equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The U.S. has used more DU since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs. 10 times the amount of radiation released into the atmosphere from atmospheric testing!

In June 2003, the World Health Organization announced in a press release that global cancer rates will increase 50 percent by 2020.

So when you are filling up tomorrow¡¦s breakfast dish with cereal - spare a sobering thought that those flakes of corn could be contaminated by an invisible danger - but even if they are not, rest assured that hundreds of thousands of people are.

Sources used in this story that readers are encouraged to consult:


1. Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets: A death sentence here and abroad" by Leuren Moret, http://www.sfbayview.com/081804/Depleteduranium081804.shtml.

2. Bob Nichols - bobnichols@cox.net. www.globalresearch.ca/articles/NIC502A.html http://www.sfbayview.com/012605/headsroll012605.shtml

Depleted Uranium - audio file - dr schultz and dr ali - appearing on Breakfornews.com

See Doco: The Doctor, The Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children - SBS TV Australia - to be repeated 2005 - call 1800 500 727 for details.

Additional research: American Free Press four-part series on DU by Christopher Bollyn.

Part I: "Depleted Uranium: U.S. Commits War Crime Against Iraq, Humanity," http://www.americanfreepress.net/ht...

Part II: "Cancer Epidemic Caused by U.S. WMD: http://www.americanfreepress.net/ht...

Part III: "DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care: Pentagon Hides DU Dangers to Deny Medical Care to Vets", http://www.americanfreepress.net/ht...

Part IV: "Pentagon Brass Suppresses Truth About Toxic Weapons: Poisonous Uranium Munitions Threaten World", http://www.americanfreepress.net/ht...

August 2004 World Affairs Journal. Leuren Moret: "Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War," http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2004/



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The Empire Journal Refers To Charts Pointing Out Discrepancies In Schiavo's Testimonies - Makes Case For Strangulation

Classic Signs of Domestic Violence, Asphyxia Present in Schiavo Case

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors where one partner tries to maintain control of the other through the use of physical force, intimidation and threats.

The abuse can take many forms including:

Physical: Kicking, punching, shoving, slapping, pushing, burning, biting, choking or kicking.

Emotional: Excessive jealousy, crazy making, mind games, isolation from friends and family, making the victim feel worthless and threats.

Verbal: Name calling and put-downs

Spiritual: Attacking the victim’s spiritual or religious beliefs or misquoting Scripture to justify abuse.

Financial: Controlling the victim’s economic status and basic needs, withholding money

Destructive Acts: Destruction of victim’s property, vandalism and harming or killing pets

Carole Lieberman, M.D. a Board Certified Psychiatrist on the Clinical Faculty of UCLA, says that Michael Schiavo fits the profile of a wife abuser.

Ref. 1

Ref. 2

More info. on charts below:

Post the following to as many blogs asking them to feature it as a regular post.. Also when contacting Jeb, or other officials via fax, snail mail or e-mail include this. Please spread this as far and wide as possible and ask others to do the same. Be creative,.:

Michael Schiavo's 30-70 Minute Gap Exploded Away Regarding 911 Call Seeking Assistance for Terri Schiavo charts prove a much larger gap in which Michael Schiavo did not seek help and also prove his various testimonies are merely concocted stories made up while under oath,.

Michael Schiavo asserts on Terri Schiavo's tombstone that she departed this earth on February 25, 1990 but failed to tell that to the medical malpractice jury when seeking and winning millions of dollars for her care. Charts explode away 30-70 minute gap mentioned by authorities regarding Terri's "collapse" and time Michael Schiavo waited in seeking help and add an additional 2 hour gap. In fact Michael's
accounts proven to be no more than stories hiding his complicity in her collapse. See the charts:


Additional refs:

Teknosis Provides Charts Proving Michael Schiavo A Liar/Complicity in Terri Schiavo's "Collapse",. Re: Events of Feb. 24/25, 1990

Judicial Corruption Cover-up Documentation - JQC Attempt To Lynch Good Judge

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, Rep. Everett Rice, Bernie McCabe, JQC, Tampa FBI,. Judicial,. Corruption,.

Florida SNAFU Continues as Corrupted Charlie Crist and Everett Rice Clamor for Florida Governor & Florida Attorney General Positions

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