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[ALERT!] TERROR Excer. SR05: Do We Dare Assume that this is More then a Drill? = Excercise to focus on Nuclear Terror Scenario (Charleston, SC) (9112B analysis for FBI)

update.gif (1754 bytes)August 21, 2005 --

 Webster Tarpley
with Skolnick & Bloom
July 31st Briefing (Nuclear Sneak Attack on Iran after a new 9/11 attack using nuke,. attack orchestrated by the US Government put forth as terrorist act on the United States / Rome / Somewhere in the World, Interim Global Strike Alert Order based on 8022-22 sneak attack against Iran or North Korea / World Hedge Fund Meltdown / Invisible Government Prodding Bush to Take Action / July 7 - London Bombings / US Invisible Government

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U.S. Northern Command Public Affairs

Eric May" <
[email protected]

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
[email protected]
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
(Mission of Conscience)

Mr. Michael Perini
Director of Public Affairs
250 Vandenberg, Suite B016
Peterson AFB CO 80914-3808

Dear Mr. Perini, my cybercav group, Ghost Troop, is running a contrarian exercise on the premise that command exercises like yours can be used as camoflauge for actual "False Flag" terror operations (such as was recommended in the infamous Joint-Chiefs-approved "Operation Northwoods" of the Kennedy administration, which the then-president rejected shortly before his assassination.

We have been quite successful in anticipating escalations of the "Global War on Terror" brought about by "Al-Qaida" operatives, as an examination of "Ghost Troop" in your search engine (I prefer Google) will show you. Candidly, we call Al-Qaida "Al-CIA-Duh," and the joke seems to be catching on!

Anyhow, the FBI and various police agencies around Houston are playing out our scenario with us, and we thought that you'd like to be included.  I note that your media release (below) does not specify the date of the CPX -- could you kindly reply to Ghost Troop and the Police Posse (in the cc's) what the date of the exercise is?

We are expecting the White House to execute 9112B during the Congressional Recess, but the date 7/27 is also under strong consideration. Would you be so kind as to reply to this important Ghost Troop query?

I attach your operation's phone numbers for interested parties (and I suspect that there will be many).

Media Relations              719-556-9670
Community Relations       719-554-3714
Plans                              719-554-4652
NORAD PA                       719-554-5816

Regards, CPTMAY

PS:  In the cc's are Agent Skip Midcap of the Houston FBI, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (my best friend) of Qatar, Thom Shanker, the NYTimes Chief Pentagon Correspondent and a few journalistic contacts. The folks in the cc's are Ghost Troop and the Police Posse we've gathered for our analysis/prediction.

[email protected] wrote:
Stay alert!!! From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 21:26:37 EDT
Subject: Excercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario
To: [email protected]
   Category: News & Opinion (General)  Topic: Government
   Synopsis: Exercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario
   Source: www.northcom.mil
   Published: June 29, 2005  Author: Press Release

[link to article on Northcom website:
http://www.northcom.mil/index.cfm?fuseaction=s.contact ;

pdf link to document from northcom regarding the exercise

   For Education and Discussion Only.  Not for Commercial Use.

FORT MONROE, Va. -- Here's the scenario. A seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this really a possibility?

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible.

Sudden Response 05 will take place this August on Fort Monroe and will be carried out as an internal command post exercise. The exercise is intended to train the JTF-CS staff to plan and execute Consequence Management operations in support of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV's response to a nuclear detonation.

Some of this year's objectives for SR05 are to refine nuclear incident Concept of Operations, produce a CM Operation Order, refine command post set-up procedures and maintain situational awareness of multiple CM incidents.

The Sudden Response exercise has been held at Quantico, Va., in the past, but has been moved to Fort Monroe to maximize command post training time. The senior leadership felt that it was more important to accomplish training instead of losing up to a day and a half in travel time, said Paul Deflueri, J7 Lead Exercise Planner.
This will allow us to still meet our training objectives, he said.

Some external participants may work with JTF-CS during the exercise.

We're trying to get representatives from FEMA Region IV as well as representatives from South Carolina Emergency Management Division and active duty soldiers from the (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive)
Consequence Management Response Force to play the role of task force units, Defluri said.

Each time we do one of these internal exercises, we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity, Defluri said. That's what we're trying to do for SR05: create a good scenario and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise.

TranzZ writes: "Since we already know that the 2 biggest terrorist strikes were durning simulations.. 9/11, 7/7.. And we know WND and FoX have been pushing the nuclear scare card..

Do We dare Assume that this is More then a Drill?"

To: + CC: in HEADER

From: "Eric May" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Fwd:
Excercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario (9112B analysis for FBI)
  [email protected],
"Agent Skip Midcap" <[email protected]>,
"Chase Untermeyer" <[email protected]>,
"Thom Shanker" <[email protected]>,
"Kyle Hence" <[email protected]>,
  [email protected], [email protected]
"Strang" <[email protected]>,
"mehran talebi" <[email protected]>,
"Dr. Toben" <[email protected]>,
"Tom" <[email protected]>,
"Top" <[email protected]>,
"Arthur Topham" <[email protected]>,
"marilyn trevino" <[email protected]>,
"UHPD" <[email protected]>,
"Chase Untermeyer" <[email protected]>,
"Ruben Vives" <[email protected]>,
"Tim White" <[email protected]>,
  [email protected], [email protected],
"Patti Woodard" <[email protected]>,
"Gretchen May" <[email protected]>,
"john mccarthy" <[email protected]>,
"dwayne melton" <[email protected]>,
"da Crazy Mick" <[email protected]>,
"Peter Myers"  [email protected],
"Chris Nielsen" <[email protected]>,
"Justin Noguez" <[email protected]>,
  [email protected], [email protected],
"Pasadena PD" <[email protected]>,
"cesar de paz" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
"QuietBear" <[email protected]>,
"andre rodriguez" <[email protected]>,
"Christopher Rudy" <[email protected]>,
"Leigh Saavedra" <[email protected]>,
"Sandye" <[email protected]>,
"Sherry Shriner" <[email protected]>,
"David Smith" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
"John Spooner" <[email protected]>,
"Shahid M. Allah" <[email protected]>,
"Lee Bradley" <[email protected]>,
"Larry W. Bryant" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
"Thomas Buyea" <[email protected]>,
[email protected], [email protected],
"Wendy Childs" <[email protected]>,
"Vicky Davis" <[email protected]>,
"Deex" <[email protected]>,
"Alan Duncan" <[email protected]>,
"Guy Dunphy" <[email protected]>,
"eileen duppstadt" <[email protected]>,
"Matt Engelman" <[email protected]>,
"Dr. Estess" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
"Felix Garcia" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
  [email protected], [email protected],
"Jesse Glessner" <[email protected]>



9112B -- analysis for Agent Skip Midcap, Houston FBI from Ghost Troop & Captain May -- 9112B

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911 and the phoney War on Terror of which the London bombings are a part, and reinstate God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

From: Eric May captainmay @ prodigy.net
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 11:58:29 -0700 (PDT)
To: jahpublications @ eircom.net

Subject: Fwd: 9112B -- analysis for Agent Skip Midcap, Houston FBI from Ghost Troop & Captain May -- 9112B

I think this email should be tied in to the article (and many thanks for your help!).  I'm also going to send a few more that could well be strung together.  The most important thing is to get a web posting ASAP, so that the US Zionist/Illuminatist War Cabal can't execute 9112B, which they are coding (more to come) as we speak for 7/27/2005.  I'll be sending along a set of 7/1/2005 emails that we my prediction when I left Houston for vacation.  They anticipate the 7/7 and 7/21 events, so much that I was baptized under special provision of peril of death (for what I'm doing now, which I told my priest I was bound to do by conscience).  The July 1 emails set the date, now part of the space shuttle countdown set for (cultic) 1039 hrs. 7/26, since the shuttle launch will be the perfect set-up for Al-CIA-Duh operatives to stage a fake terror attack on the Houston Port facility.

More to come -- and I'll let you know I'm finished after a few.  Regards, and please use utmost speed in getting us an article up on the internet!  CPTMAY, CO, Ghost Troop

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 19:45:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Subject: Fwd: 9112B -- analysis for Agent Skip Midcap, Houston FBI from Ghost Troop & Captain May -- 9112B
To: vlasisi @ aol.com, wndbear @ aol.com, wolf @ cnn.com,
WOLFMAN <rosswmarshall @ aol.com>, YELLOW <tavery @ mail.uh.edu>,
letters @ thetimes.co.uk, Libertarian <leshashy @ aol.com>,
lindalee3565 @ aol.com, lizsallen @ aol.com, ltoyota @ hmh.org,
Kay Lucas <liteworks201 @ aol.com>, Bill Matthews <ycm @ sbcglobal.net>,
Mik <mikaeel9 @ aol.com>, Mike <mt74i @ hotmail.com>, mike @ democracynow.org,
national @ washpost.com, CLG News <clg_news @ legitgov.org>,
noblevictor1 @ aol.com, oped @ freepress.com, oped @ imedia.ru,
oped @ thestar.ca, outlook @ chron.com, PAO/SF <darbyc @ soc.mil>,
PAO/SF <gowanr @ soc.mil>, PASADENA POLICE <wilkerson @ ppoatexas.org>,
Paula <samosid @ aol.com>, pbrook @ worldbank.org,
PENTAGON <shanker @ nytimes.com>, editpg @ freepress.com,
ellin_martens @ timeinc.com, fiklfinger @ aol.com,
firebase-chat @ yahoogroups.com, fpf @ chello.nl,
freedomsforum @ yahoogroups.com, ggoodo11 @ aol.com,
lee gibson <souiry @ yahoo.com>, gibson @ freepress.com,
gil.bujano @ rrc.state.tx.us, glazier @ imedia.ru, grootenboer @ imedia.ru,
gwsubs @ guardian.co.uk, SGT HPD <john.karshner @ cityofhouston.net>,
hshukrallah @ ahram.org, Adelaide Institute <info @ adelaideinstitute.org>,
jazzycatwanda @ aol.com, jboyle10 @ aol.com, Beth Jezik <bjezik @ hot.rr.com>,
jimrarey @ comcast.net, jreilly @ sacbee.com, jsalan @ aaiusa.org,
kim @ draftwesleyclark.com, letters @ independent.co.uk,
actionpost @ legitgov.org, amy_bonitatibus @ clinton.senate.gov,
angie_lundberg @ chambliss.senate.gov, bbeeghley2 @ juno.com,
cair @ cair-net.org, CAPTAIN <demontjcpd @ yahoo.com>,
carols @ falloutshelternews.com, CHANNEL 13 <chris.hanson @ abc.com>,
chase.untermeyer @ uth.tmc.edu, CID <steelepa @ stewart.army.mil>,
CPTCROSS <buriedbythemedia @ hotmail.com>, craig_peeler @ co.harris.tx.us,
craig_peeler @ itc.co.harris.tx.us, crossfire @ cnn.com, culmo80 @ aol.com,
cynthia @ ajc.com, ash dawn <kathvan2003 @ yahoo.com>, dbeasley @ ajc.com,
dinehwolf @ aol.com, don.kobos @ abc.com,
tommy donovan <feelslikerain9 @ yahoo.com>, edit.page @ wsj.com,
editors @ texasobserver.org

Now you're caught up with the Ghost Troop Police Posse, conducted with Houston FBI, HPD CID and assorted police posse.  Best regards, and please contact me via email,

CPTMAY, CO, Ghost Troop

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 11:33:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Subject: 9112B -- analysis for Agent Skip Midcap, Houston FBI from Ghost Troop & Captain May -- 9112B
To: Agent Skip Midcap <houston.texas @ ic.fbi.gov>, metrodesk @ latimes.com,
kylehence @ earthlink.net, Chase Untermeyer <untermeyercg @ state.gov>,
Thom Shanker <shanker @ nytimes.com>, testess @ uh.edu, wmonroe @ uh.edu,
karen @ militaryweek.com, dianneh @ ci.pasadena.tx.us, glippert @ tribune.com,
citydesk @ chron.com, faajg5 @ aol.com, dsarkozi @ uh.edu
CC: Justin Noguez <noguezjm @ yahoo.com>, oscarptyltd @ ozemail.com.au,
cesar de paz <cesaredepaz @ hotmail.com>, potholeontheroad @ aol.com,
QuietBear <quietbeartribe @ yahoo.com>,
andre rodriguez <rodriguezandre @ hotmail.com>,
Christopher Rudy <safetrek @ mcn.net>,
Leigh Saavedra <saavedra1979 @ yahoo.com>,
Sandye <mtrhead11 @ earthlink.net>, Sherry Shriner <sherryshriner @ aol.com>,
David Smith <djsmith9 @ pacbell.net>, snipeunblue @ aol.com,
John Spooner <spoon1 @ webtv.net>, Strang <dsstrang @ telusplanet.net>,
mehran talebi <mt74i @ yahoo.com>, Tom <cordurah @ hotmail.com>,
Top <sgtlee6 @ earthlink.net>, Arthur Topham <radical @ radicalpress.com>,
marilyn trevino <plaintuff @ msn.com>, Tim White <phantom469366 @ yahoo.com>,
wndbear @ aol.com, Patti Woodard <pazuu @ spiritone.com>,
yojowest @ sbcglobal.net, Adelaide Institute <info @ adelaideinstitute.org>,
jazzycatwanda @ aol.com, Beth Jezik <bjezik @ austin.rr.com>,
jimmykilpatrick @ educationnews.org,
Dale Johnson <johnsondeejay @ yahoo.com>, josephanthony.yuja @ tin.it,
KayLee <kaylee1 @ charter.net>, Kelly <retakingamerica @ aol.com>,
kittyc2000 @ earthlink.net, lambandlion_92277 <nyknak @ inreach.com>,
leigh <eesiel @ yahoo.com>, Leslie Lewis <eternity34 @ yahoo.com>,
liteworks201 @ aol.com, lizsallen @ aol.com,
Henry Makow <henry @ savethemales.ca>,
Father Marshall <jaimesj @ hotmail.com>,
Father Marshall <jmarshall @ jesuits.net>,
Brice Mason <bricemason @ hotmail.com>, Khut Mau <khutmau @ gilanet.com>,
Gretchen May <gsonnier @ prodigy.net>,
john mccarthy <johnmccarthy1369 @ msn.com>,
dwayne melton <morning_star2012 @ yahoo.com>, da Crazy Mick <jkm @ uwm.edu>,
toben @ adelaideinstitute.org, myers @ cyberone.com.au,
Chris Nielsen <bigbirdz @ earthlink.net>,
"Shahid M. Allah" <sma103 @ hotmail.com>,
Mark Andrews <stargate723 @ webtv.net>, Lee Bradley <leebrdly @ yahoo.com>,
"Larry W. Bryant" <overtci @ cavtel.net>, buriedbythemedia @ hotmail.com,
Thomas Buyea <ranger116 @ webtv.net>, cardsnstuffny @ yahoo.com,
Wendy Childs <momof3ds @ hotmail.com>, cinblonde @ aol.com,
Vicky Davis <eyeswideoopen @ yahoo.com>, Deex <montwest @ earthlink.net>,
Alan Duncan <aduncan282 @ aol.com>, Guy Dunphy <guyd @ zip.com.au>,
eileen duppstadt <eileenduppstadt.2 @ netzero.com>,
Matt Engelman <matt @ mattengelman.com>, fiklfinger @ aol.com,
ggg @ bigplanet.com, ggoodo11 @ aol.com, gilliganpt @ aol.com,
Jesse Glessner <contact @ surfingtheapocalypse.com>,
Karl Granse <kgranse @ earthlink.net>,
Douglas Harrison <doug.harrison2 @ sbcglobal.net>

Dear Agent Midcap,

It was a pleasure to speak with you at last, and I'm sorry for having been so long in returning your calls.  I'm guessing that you're interested in the Houston Port / Pasadena Refinery District analysis I started doing back when I could still publish in the Houston Chronicle (before they stopped publishing me when when the White House pressured them in July, 2003).  Many people, nationwide, are following the Ghost Troop scenario of 9112B, since the "Target Houston" aspect of the scenario could easily involve any US port/petrochemical combination -- just as mainstream media has lately been prognosticating.

Up in the TO line with you are (inter alios):
Chase Untermeyer, my best man, best friend and (most important) the Ghost Troop Chaplain .  We'll be getting together in a couple of weeks while he's in town from his posting as Ambassador of Qatar.  Chase has been gone from Houston since last summer, but can confirm the matters below, in which he and I were in constant contact;

Thom Shanker, Chief Pentagon Correspondent of the New York Times, a former ghost troop with whom I used to discuss the war & infowar (in Russian and English, depending on whether Thom felt safe or anxious);

Kyle Hence, who is out working with Dr. Phillips (of Project Censored) in the 911 Emergency Truth Convergence;

and Ruben Vives of the LATimes metro desk.

There's my intro, new friend, and I'm sorry it's been so long, but I wanted to check my facts before I chatted with you.  Last time I was talking with the FBI was when I'd alerted the Gulf Coast in late-March, 2004, predicting (on the basis of crypto-analysis and media analysis) that there would be a 3/31 explosion in Pasadena.  I got it wrong by a day's time and a day's walk, since the BP plant went up on 3/30 in Texas City (twenty miles south of Pasadena) the day before my due date.  The prediction was close enough to send world gasoline premiums sky high, though, as your internet research of "Captain May and Ghost Troop" has no doubt revealed (via Forbes Magazine, et al.) Anyhow, you can search the web for all the stuff related to that little Ghost Troop cyber-reconnaissance.  It's the second most popular category of Ghost Troop analysis, coming in behind the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP) stuff that sent me into the underground two years ago (when Rove/Libbey were retaliating against media critics like me).

Check out http://www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/  to get a look at my Houston Chroncile op-eds, including the March 23, 2003 piece "Don't laugh at duct tape, it saves lives," which I wrote at the Chronicle's request (per David Langworthy, op-ed editor).

At the same site you'll also find my "Visions of Stalingrad:  Claim victory in Iraq now," which ran on April 4, 2003.  Funny story on that one:  David said he was running it on the 4th of April because the Army was going to reach Baghdad that day and prove that everything I'd predicted was wrong.  Well, what I predicted was that the "quick war" we were imagining (with extensive media prompting) being home from by the end of summer, 2003, was going to turn into quicksand, and bring us to the brink of World War Three.  As if to put an exclamation mark on my contrarian view, the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP) began that night, when the 3rd Infantry Division became engaged with Iraqi forces in a four-day, bloody battle, covered up by the mainstream media, beginning at the Baghdad Airport.

At the same site you'll also find my "3/7 Cavalry, tragedy and travesty," written on April 13, 2003 and delivered -- signed for by the Houston Chronicle in multiple departments -- to expose the illegal cover-up of the Battle of Baghdad.  It was because of the strength of my allegation (and the proof I got for it our at Ft. Stewart, Georgia from Chaplain, Colonel Neal Dennington), that the Chronicle editors, Frank Michel, David Langworthy, James Gibbons and Veronica Buccio decided to publish my "Still worried about the quicksand of war in Iraq" on July 8, 2003, as a sort of supporting piece for Ambassador Joe Wilson's strongly critical July 6, 2003 op-ed in the NY Times attacking the Bush rationale for war.

I'm supposing you're interested in BOBCUP as well as my predictions of a 9112B event, which should occur during the Congressional recess (or perhaps a bit earlier, as my working model involves the specific date of 7/27/2005).  BOBCUP is above, and 9112B is below.

By the way:  Kindly forward this email to Justice Department Special Prosecutor, Mr. Fitzgerald, who is investigating the Rove/Libbey retaliation against Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson.  If you'll check HPD you'll find that I have reported death-threats in connection with my work on BOBCUP and 9112B since March 12, 2003, when I began to work with your agency (and the "police posse" of interested local police).   My wife has also been in receipt of death threats, which both she and I have reported and filed with various police agencies, though I think Lt. Richard Storemski (in the TO line thorough his spokesman, David Sarkozi) of the University of Houston Police Department might be the best person to talk to about this matter, since it likely invovles retaliation by UH ROTC officials because of the anger generated from my initial whistleblowing report, made to the University of Houston Honors College (Deans Ted Estess and Bill Monroe -- in the TO line) and SFC Avery, UH ROTC, who forwarded it to the USArmy 5th Region and the UH Legal Department.

Here's the threat complaint with the HPD North Wayside substation which (according to one of my martial arts students who is a police officer) was locked and loaded for extreme conditions when the 3/30/2004 matter occurred in Texas City, in light of my prior warnings.

Houston Police Department
Incident No.:  038681004-M (It may be 036681004-M; the third number was hard to read)
Address:  7134 Finch
Date:  3/12/04
Officer's Name:  Salli (a bit hard to read as well)
Unit No.:  8C13D (or it may be 6C13D, the first number was a bit hard to read)

As for Mrs. May's filing of her death threat in March, 2003, you should contact her since about which agencies she contacted.  You have already had several conversations with her, of course, in her capacity as my lawyer, so I figure you still have her number.  Should you wish to interview me about my BOBCUP, 9112B or my whistleblower protection request (which I mean to make with this letter), please make contact with me through Mrs. May.

Please contact my brother black belt, HPD LT Felix Garcia (who is in the TO line) if you want to know more about my character or sincerity.  His number is (cell) 713-857-2522 and (HPD) 713-227-9300.  Lt. Garcia and Ambassador Untermeyer are the people who know me best.  Please contact Frs. Jimmy Marshall or Raphael Garcia (both Jesuites) of El Paso's Sagrado Corazon Church to confirm that I have recently been administered church sacraments on special condition of being in extreme peril of death (this on July 11, 2005, after my July-scenario predictions started coming true on 7/7).  You know, the Greek-derived word "martyr" is just "witness" in regular English.  I want to be a witness to the truth of things, Agent Midcap, and would prefer not to be a martyr.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, please extend my best regards to the H-Town FBI, specifically Agent Gilette, with whom I spent the better part of an hour reviewing BOBCUP/9112B from 1210-1250 on 3/12/2004 (he was the one who advised me to file a threat report with Houston Police Department).  Also a hearty hello to Agent Garcia to whom I spoke for 13 minutes from 1151-1204 on 3/23/2004, and Agent Stult, with whom I was speaking regularly throughout the matter of my 3/30/2003 9112B prediction.  I regret that they didn't act on my information until after I had alerted Tara Howard of KTRH (740AM, Clear Channel) radio, and she had called FBI national, thus causing the FBI Gulf Coast alert (although y'all sanitized my scenario!) and causing a next-day hush-hush police/media conference at which my scenario-in-sanitization was presented to the Houston police/media.  I would have continued to talk with the Houston FBI after my scenario came true on 3/30/2004, but unfortunately an agent who would not give me his name threatened me with criminal prosecution in early April, 2004, if I didn't desist from my analysis/predictions.  Given that most of my analysis/prediction is standard fare on mainstream media nowadays, I'm looking forward to working with a more interested FBI through you (via my wife/lawyer) or anyone else who may be interested.  Who knows, last year I would have said that y'all were trying to shut down the people who were giving you good intel about terrorism -- just as many, many people tried (especially loyal FBI agents) to do before 911 itself.  Maybe together Ghost Troop and the FBI can stop 9112B!

Please let me know if you want the hard-copy documents corroborating the assertions, cyber-publications and witnessed events I've described above.  Thanks for your remark that you appreciated my prior work with the FBI.  Given the way things ended the last time I worked with you all, that's a big relief!

Best regards,

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
(Mission of Conscience)

PS:  Immediately after this email I'll be sending everyone listed my two emails of July 1, 2005 (about the time the FBI was trying to find me), which I posted immediately before leaving for my summer vacation.  In them you'll find that the 7/7 and 7/21 London affairs were consonant with -- even corroborative of -- the Ghost Troop 9112B scenario.

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Dear Mr. Hence,

I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone this evening, and I left a message with Mr. Kubiak as well.  I know that you and Dr. Phillips, Dr. Griffin et al. are now quite busy with your project of debunking the official 911 myth, and regret taking up your important time.

As I mentioned on the phone, I am Captain Eric May, and Dr. Phillips and I had a long talk about the US body-count cover-up, the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP to Ghost Troop) and the 911 cover-up.  All of these Ghost Troop cyber-publications can be accessed via any search engine, though I prefer Google.

What will most interest you and the folks gathering for truth about Ghost Troop is that we are comprised of former military and interested civilians, many with a background in recon and intelligence.  We don't just analyze after the fact; we predict.

We're currently working on the analysis of the 911-to-be (ergo 9112B) event which has been pre-programmed into the public via the media as a matter of WHEN, not IF.  How convenient...

Anyhow, our best estimation is that the event will occur in Houston.  We've been following and developing that scenario since Feb. 23, 2003, when I published an op-ed "target analysis" of Houston (in good faith, in the days when I still didn't know who ran Al-Qaida), predicting that we were very likely the new New York.  In the last weeks I have been contacted by Houston Police CID and National FBI regarding my threat analysis.  Evidently some folks are willing to read contrarian analysis (i.e., non-Orwellian analysis), even in law enforcement, and this is heartening.

Dr. Phillips mentioned that he was going to be hosting some kind of conference this weekend, so I was very glad when one of my Ghost Troops sent me a forward of your release below.  Many apologies for any inconvenience.  True to my word, I gladly forward your info to Ghost Troop, which collectively worked to produce all the analysis you will find at Ghost Troop and Captain May.

I request that you forward this email to Dr. Phillips, and as many other 911 researchers as may be interested.  I'm sorry that I didn't take down his email address myself, but I was in the middle of calling national media contacts when we had our brisk and stimulating chat.

Ghost Troop is working out the 9112B scenario in an infowar exercise this weekend, and will blitzing cyber- and mainstream media.  I have spent this week chatting about matters with some very major media.  As an authentication of this I've attached a nice little Christmas Card sent me by one of my New York Times buddies, who got a bit scared when Ghost Troop published its first cyber-report on the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP).  Thom is up there in the address line with you and Chase Untermeyer, the Ghost Troop chaplain, my best friend and best man, and the US Ambassador to Qatar.  Chase and I are getting together when he comes to Houston in early August, and certifying that I am who I am, Ghost Troop is what I've described, and my analyses are genuine is his last task as Ghost Troop chaplain, a position he has filled with integrity through very difficult time and conflicting loyalties.

Ghost Troop was right about Baghdad, and when everyone else was too scared to publish it, we did; we were right about the 3/30/04 explosions (repeated on 3/23/05) at the British Petroleum plant in Texas City, Texas.  We've been published worldwide from Al-Jazeerah.info to Russian intelligence sources.  A bit of Google and a lot of word of mouth will be much appreciated by me and mine, and may prevent 9112B.  In a few moments I will email you another message, which will contain a couple of emails I sent out in June, predicting 9112B in the summer.  Ghost Troop, and those who know us, take the events of 7/7 and 7/21 as corroborations of the prediction that 9112B will occur during the summer break of the first year of the administration -- just as it did on 911.  It's the deus ex machina that will save Boy George from another Watergate with the Rove/Libby retaliations at White House orders, give him a causus belli for Iran, and enable him to reinstitute a draft -- not to mention the ability to initiate nuclear was as a "defensive retaliation."  I put the date at 7/27 for analytic purposes, but reckon than any day between now and the end of the break will do fine.  (I'm more confident on the zone of opportunity than the date.)

Best regards and good luck,

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
Commander, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
(Mission of Conscience)

Thom Shanker <shanker @ nytimes.com> wrote: Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 09:35:47 -0500
To: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
From: Thom Shanker <shanker @ nytimes.com>
Subject: Re: Dissident officer accuses White House of cover-up
Captain May,
In the interest of holiday understanding, I have to ask: After treating you with respect, as opposed to the hostile notes I know you have gotten from other members of the news media, why do you choose to insult me, as you did in the note you sent out? Such action is beneath a professional soldier such as you.
At 05:26 PM 12/23/2003 -0800, you wrote:
My name is Captain Eric H. May, and I am making the flat allegation that the Bush White House covered up the Battle of Baghdad with the Private Jessica scam.  Please be so kind as to visit the site I brough on line two days ago:  www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/ <http://www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/>

If you find the evidence of interest, kindly contact me via this email.  I am copying this letter to Thom Shanker, chief pentagon correspondent for the New York Times.  Thom knows about the cover up, but is afraid to tell -- all the mainstream media are.  You already knew you couldn't trust them, didn't you?

With your permission, I'll include you in my daily column, If I May, an analysis of war news from a former intelligence and public affairs officer.  If you don't want me to contact you again, kindly send a message.

Best regards,
Captain May

Thom Shanker
Pentagon correspondent
The New York Times

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA ADVISORY July 21, 2005 1:00 AM CONTACT: DC Emergency Truth Convergence http://truthemergency.us <http://truthemergency.us/>  W. David Kubiak, 207-332-3071, Kyle Hence, 401-935-7715
September 11 Victim Families who Fought to Create the 9/11 Commission Declare it a Failure on the First Anniversary of the 9/11 Report.

9/11 families join researchers to ask independent media and the foreign press for help
WASHINGTON - July 21 - On Friday, July 22, 2005, one year to the day after the release of the "9/11 Commission Report," Project Censored founder, Dr. Peter Phillips will lead a National Press Club briefing entitled "The Failure of the 9/11 Commission Report and the Mainstream Media’s Disregard." The briefing will feature scores of detailed examples of the Commission’s flawed findings, self-censorship, misrepresentations and conflicts of interest that call the accuracy and integrity of their entire investigation into doubt.

Time: 1:00-2:30 PM, Friday, July 22, 2005 Place: Holeman Lounge, National Press Club, Washington, DC Sponsor: DC Emergency Truth Convergence http://truthemergency.us
Lead presenters are 9/11 family members and Family Steering Committee cofounders, Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken. After the FSC members’ 18 months of lobbying finally forced a 9/11 investigation and the Commission’s creation, they submitted hundreds of unanswered questions that Commissioner Jamie Gorelick promised would be their investigation’s "road map". However, by these courageous widows’ count, the Commission ignored approximately 70% of their concerns, and also suppressed important evidence and whistleblower testimony that challenged the official story on many fronts.

Next, renowned theologian, Dr. David Ray Griffin, will address "9/11 and the Mainstream Press." Griffin’s new book, "The 9/11 Commission Report - Omissions and Distortions," analyzes over 115 specific lies, omissions and misrepresentations contained in the final document. He not only details individual lies and the larger patterns they form, he also documents glaring conflicts of interest within the Commission, especially the executive staff who steered, shaped and effectively wrote the final report.
After Dr. Griffin, four-time Emmy award winner and "Weapons of Mass Deception" producer Danny Schechter will examine the corporate media’s vital role and proven tactics in defending "official story" explanations of events like 9/11, Abu Graib, and the "War on Terror" as whole.

There will also be a presentation by British researcher Nafeez Ahmed, whose first 9/11 book, "The War on Freedom" is now an award-winning bestseller in Europe. Mr. Ahmed’s new book "The War on Truth" is already being hailed by geo-political scholars as the definitive deconstruction of the official 9/11 myth thus far.
This briefing is especially designed for the independent media and foreign press, and kicks off the DC Emergency Truth Convergence, an unprecedented three-day series of collaborative events between diverse truth movement researchers, veteran & victim family advocates, and indie media activists. See http://truthemergency.us  for details.

According to Convergence spokesperson Peter Phillips, "The events of September 11 not only took thousands of innocent American lives, they have been repeatedly used to justify previously unthinkable policies of domestic repression, preemptive attacks, torture, and endless war.
"We know most of these policies had been championed by powerful voices within this government long before 9/11, but without these outrageous ’surprise attacks’ they could have never come to pass. If the 9/11 Report is dangerously inaccurate, as more and more evidence now indicates, the nation still needs an honest investigation of what really happened and why no one has ever been held accountable. In particular, we need to know whether the behavior of officials who seem to have profited most handsomely from 9/11 and its dark wake should be looked at once again.

"Since we are anxious to get this crucial challenge to the American public and world at large, we are extending a special invitation to the independent media community and foreign journalists, who have a far better track record of investigating governmental deceit and exposing official treachery than the US corporate media."


------ Forwarded Message
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:12:53 -0700 (PDT)
To: <jahpublications @ eircom.net>
Subject: Fwd: 911(2B) signs,  Independence Day msg, "War of the Worlds" infowar review

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 05:44:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Subject: 911(2B) signs, Independence Day msg, "War of the Worlds" infowar review
To: Arthur Topham <radical @ radicalpress.com>, Top <sgtlee6 @ earthlink.net>,
Matt Engelman <matt @ mattengelman.com>

Yo y'all, just a few notes on the kulturkampf, which is just the neocon name for the infowar.

First thing: a cult sign:

The WestPoint graduating class of 2005 was dubbed by the media at its graduation as "the class of 911."  I get it from inside that the "class of 911" was the class of 2002, at least in the language of the WestPoint Corps of Cadets.  Ergo, the media pasted a title on the graduation (widely covered) of May 28.  "The-class-of-911" tag was probably applied to reinforce the memory of 911 -- as was the "coincidental" number of WestPoint graduates for the class...  911.  Yep, they're signing their work, boyz and girlz, the same was gangs always do -- with cultic signals.

More little tid-bits on the graduation...  Half the parents were crying in the stands (this from two sources who attended) because their kids already have orders for Iraq and Afghanistan.  This bit of war reality was covered up nicely in the patriotic WestPoint Graduation / Memorial Day Weekend spectacle with which Ma Megamedia regaled us.  I hate to speculate on something that touches so close (I have a friend who graduated among those 911), but I think this class has been dubbed the "hero" class by the War Cabal.  They're going to be the lucky kids who get to certainly fight, and perhaps survive, WWIII.

Second thing:  Bush sounds the horn

The prez gave a dimly-received pep talk to the folks at Ft. Bragg -- and the lame stuff he offered up was nothing to brag about...  Except that he reinforced his basics of 911 / GWOT linkage and insinuated the idea that this is a "world war."  This is the all-important basic argument.  We're all ready for the dance and just waiting for 9112B to open a world-wide can of whoop-ass.

Third thing:  Spielberg sounds the horn

"The War of the Worlds" was the prototype genocide-the-aliens movie, but it wasn't the last.  "Independence Day," the Fox studios blockbuster of 1996, was a remake (by another name -- ID4, remember?) of "War of the Worlds," of earlier fame.  Well, it has long been a Ghost Troop contention that Independence Day (ID4) was an ID-for (get it) the WWIII/GWOT construct, an attempt to establish the psychological premises for genocidal war against the "aliens" -- led by an ex-fighter pilot president no less!

Read the essay by Phillip Collins ( www.conspiracyarchive.com/Commentary/Semiotic_Deception.htm  ) for a fuller examination of the notions I've discussed and a more detailed (and chilling) analysis of "Independence Day."  Mr. Collins, by the by, did his excellent work long in advance of my later analysis (2004) of the film...

The us/them dichotomy is being massively reinforced by the remaking of "War of the Worlds" (of which, remember, ID4 was a remake) -- and this the very day after the prez said "world war."  Get it?  War of the Worlds = World War Three. Like GWOT, they've got to say "World War Three" in as many variant ways as possible to get you ready for when they say WWIII for real...

It's a cinematic signal of final mobilization, and a final reinforcement of the root motif of GWOT/WWIII:  we are in a war for survival, and we must genocide (or xenocide, since it's just "aliens" we're talking about) our enemies.  I'll go and see the film myself and with great interest.  I've already read reviews that sharply criticize the film's exploitation of "post-911 paranoia" to fill seats will apocalyptic atrocities.  Anyone surprised?

Remember y'all, Spielberg's earlier films included kulturkampf classics like "Schindler's List," part of the Holocaust Hagiography, and "Saving Private Ryan," which was part of the lionization of the "greatest generation" who fought the last world war -- as a preparation for the next generation (watching the flick) to fight the next world war.  Spielberg is doing his level best to get the audience ready to be participants of GWOT/WWIII/"The War of the Worlds" (and they're all the same thing, aren't they?).

Final note on Spielberg's opus:  the release date may be cabbalist/illuminatist:  6/29.  The six and nine (no giggling, boyz and girlz) are "rotational twins" and as such make 66 or 99, variants of 11.  The 2 in between the rotation character -- a signal for the "second" 911?  Anyhow, numbers aren't my expertise, but informed sources keep track of them and educated sources can extract much from them.  It might be worthwhile to check my math, but I think the WestPoint graduation (5/28) was the 1339th day from 911.  July 27, incidentally will (I believe) be the 1399th day since 911, and it's my personal pick for  911(2B); the numeric date will be 7/27 -- and the same "11" stuff applies to the two 7's around the 2.

Anyhow, I wouldn't bring so much attention to the date if it weren't for the fact that it's the day after the prez alluded to WWIII and during the week he appointed for "taking his case" to America -- and were it not for the fact that on the same day (6/29) the folks in NYC officially began the project for rebuilding ground zero (the former WTC's) as the "Freedom Tower" or some such.  As my late art history professor, Dr. Peter W. Guenther, taught me:  architectural statements are the most permanent of statements, and inevitiably are attended with rich cultural -- and cult -- symbolism.   I say it's the NYC beacon of Empire Amerika that they're announcing, y'all.

This will be an interesting summer, my friends -- and I hope, as always, that my alarms are mere alarmism.  I hope you will enjoy the real Independence Day, July 4, 1776, the day the founders stood up to the tyranny of King George.  Don't let them -- the War Cabal and the Megamedia Mouth that speaks for them -- ever confuse us about what Independence Day means.  That's what they were/are/will be trying to do, and it's just where we must try back the hardest.

I salute all Ghost Troops, the most loyal Americans.

Captain May

------ Forwarded Message
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:11:37 -0700 (PDT)
To: <jahpublications @ eircom.net>
Subject: Fwd: 911(2B) -- Ghost Troop / Captain May -- 911(2B)

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 02:46:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Subject: 911(2B) -- Ghost Troop / Captain May -- 911(2B)
To: Ghost Troop

Yep, y'all, it's time to speculate on the coup de grace the War Cabal intends to administer to the Republic, America to usher in the empire, Amerika.  Yep, we're talking about the second 911 incident, which I have coded "9112B."

Indicators point at a summer/2005 incident, a parallel to the first 911, coming during the Congressional recess, with King George in his castle of Crawford (the so-called Western White House).  Y'all can look at our earlier work on the matter of the second 911 (911-2B) in the article of last fall, published widely on the internet after the initial Rense publication at http://www.rense.com/general57/sepo.htm .

Please keep what has been on my mind for a while in your mind for the future, and remember what they have never ceased to tell us:  It's not a matter of IF but WHEN.  King George "quoted" the Al-CIA-Duh puppet UBL in his speech Tuesday, saying that the Middle East has become the Third World War.  Now at last the meaning of "Global War on Terror" is becoming apparent:  WWIII.  He stated outright that the only way we could lose our great war is by forgetting the lessons of 911.  I've got a feeling that 9112B will take care of our memory problems and "connect the dots" of a world-wide conspiracy of the Axis of Evil, which will be announce to have committed the deed.  This will send both parties scurrying to the throne of King George, protesting their patriotism as they help bury the Constitution with the continuation of the Patriot Act / Enabling Act.  We will answer "terror nations" (e.g., Iran and Syria) with a strategic version of war, nukes and all.

Them's my views, which I'll supplement with the little note to GT Matt Engelmann (our ever-engaged European editor) from earlier in the week.  Please circulate.

Good Luck, God Bless, Garry Owen.

Yours, Captain May

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 21:41:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Subject: Re: Greetings [9112B]
To: Matt Engelman <matt @ mattengelman.com>

Dear Matt (and Lady D):

I'm looking forward to renewing our contact when you're good and settled.  Lord knows, it's you who have always waited for me patiently, my friend..., so it's good to have a chance to be patient in return.  I'd particularly like to know what you think of the matter of the timing of the next incident, the "terrorist" incident that will give Bush the military adrenaline -- draft and nukes -- that he will need if he's really going to make a move to secure the region.  I'm concerned that the event nears -- must near, for when the summer ends there will be a school year drought in recruiting (already fallen drastically) and a "white flight" of suburbanites who are starting to take an anti-military point of view now that their teens are in line for the Global War on Terror.  Matt, I say the Bush Boyz have got to do it this summer or they have to give up the ghost on the War Cabal.  I don't figure King George for a quitter, and in fact that his particular strain of homicidal paranoia made him a choice candidate for the cabbalists themselves.  It's now or never, isn't it?  King George comes to Texas for his summer break in a month or so, and it was right after a month at Crawford that they put the 911 caper into swing...  I'm thinking that "9112B"  will fit nicely into that time bracket...

By the way, what do you think of "9112B" as a phrase?  I invented it, I believe, and it simply signifies the second 911, the 911-to-be which they have regularly sworn to us (both sides of the pond) is not a matter of "IF" but a matter of "WHEN."  9112B will be this summer, I believe, and Houston is my best pick for a location.  I think the barons of the oil patch (Bush Boyz) and the Texas Cronies (Bush Boyz) will make out just fine if a few decrepit facilities get a demolition (free, no questions asked), and they get paid off in federal bucks as a disaster zone of epic proportion.

Anyhow, needless to say I haven't forgotten my predictions of last summer, nor the dreadful apocalyptic psyop (or was it real intel?) of "German Guy" in December.  I'm trying to put my life together here in the heart of the Bushlands...  I feel like I'm living on the edge of Vesuvias and I'm the only one who notices the rumblings -- or the pattern that shows that the rumblings are gathering for an eruption.

I'd like to discuss things a bit when you get things in place.  I'm leaving for a vacation with my family next weekend, and things are a bit tumbled around here in preparation for that.  Call for a chat when you're able, my friend.  Yours, Eric

Matt Engelman <matt @ mattengelman.com> wrote:

Hi Eric

Thank you for your recent emails which gave me a big lift. We are totally immersed in physical labour now until moving day ˆ Tuesday. I will get properly chilled out and write to you after the moving day. You raise several points which I want to expand upon. I am very glad that you are so well.

Meanwhile, greetings from me and Daniëlle  J

Kind regards

------ Forwarded Message
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:08:30 -0700 (PDT)
To: <jahpublications @ eircom.net>

This one is from the "epiphany" that happened to my thinking when the 3/11/04 Madrid bombings (an Al-CIA-Duh/Mossad operation) happenned exactly 911 days after 9/11/01.  I took the coincidence as a call to do a bit of cryptoanalysis on dates of "terror" events and sent this out to the local Houston media/police and the national military/FBI folks.  It said that there would be an incident in the Houston refinery/port area on 3/31/04.  This was an actual email, dismissed by all, silenced by all except the internet.  Here's the article the way it was run by a series of internet publishers:  http://www.whale.to/b/may.html.  Long story short, the "strike" turned out to be (or became) a classified exercise involving Texas City, Texas, which occurred on 3/30/2004 and sent world oil prices into an upward spiral (that's per Forbes, quoted in the web article).

The point is that, like Cassandra of the Greek myths, Ghost Troop tells the truth that no one is ready to believe.  The pro-Israel Corporate US media (all branches) is misinforming the public, running stories that are both controlled and embedded with signals by the Bush Boyz!

The TO list on this forward is important, since it shows which agencies and individuals failed to respond to a valid alert.  CPTMAY

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 19:41:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
To: vlasisi @ aol.com, wndbear @ aol.com, wolf @ cnn.com,
WOLFMAN <rosswmarshall @ aol.com>, YELLOW <tavery @ mail.uh.edu>,
letters @ thetimes.co.uk, Libertarian <leshashy @ aol.com>,
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oped @ thestar.ca, outlook @ chron.com, PAO/SF <darbyc @ soc.mil>,
PAO/SF <gowanr @ soc.mil>, PASADENA POLICE <wilkerson @ ppoatexas.org>,
Paula <samosid @ aol.com>, pbrook @ worldbank.org,
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chase.untermeyer @ uth.tmc.edu, CID <steelepa @ stewart.army.mil>,
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dinehwolf @ aol.com, don.kobos @ abc.com,
tommy donovan <feelslikerain9 @ yahoo.com>, edit.page @ wsj.com,
editors @ texasobserver.org

The attached email was sent to you on March 13, 2004, and it ultimately was what caused the National FBI to put out a Gulf Coast terror alert on March 25, 2004.  Please refer to the original beneath this brief introduction note:

The last time we contacted you it was with a prediction that there would be an event in the Houston petrochemical industry on 3/31/04; we were wrong by 24 hours and 24 miles.  I know it was hard to take seriously then, but we were serious in our warning.  You can read details of what happened to this mission by Google Searching "Ghost Troop," or you can go directly to the main report of it at Rense.com ( http://www.rense.com/general57/sepo.htm ).  As for the matter of the unreported Battle of Baghdad, it's been published in book form by David Zucchino (Thunder Run:  The armored strike to capture Baghdad).

The Amazon reference is here
Ghost Troop does not deal in bad intelligence.  We are the most distinguished American unit of the infowar, and we are predicting a 7/27 strike against the Houston/Pasadena port/petro complex.  We told you this was coming in March, 2004; we're telling you again.

Best regards, and let's protect America,
CPTMAY, CO, Ghost Troop

Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net> wrote:

Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 03:44:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric May <captainmay @ prodigy.net>
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tommy donovan <feelslikerain9 @ yahoo.com>, edit.page @ wsj.com,
editors @ texasobserver.org

LESHASHY @ aol.com wrote:

please explain to me what the ghost troop is?  Also please explain to me the cover up regarding the battle of bagdad?  Do you have proof that the mossad and the cia or the bush administration was involved in 9  11..?  That has been my belief from the first day but I have not proof just speculation and rumor..


Dear sir,

as far as Ghost Troop, you can best learn that by referring to my website report, which describes the observations that made the military intelligence and public affairs officer in me infer a covered-up Battle of Baghdad.  The website report is at

omitspace: www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/

As the site will explain, I only STARTED my mission of conscience to uncover the truth about Bagdad with my initial indicators.  Thereafter I went out to Ft. Stewart, Georgia, the home of the 3/7 Cavalry and the 3rd Infantry Division, and confirmed the occurance and cover-up of a battle with their divison Chaplain, Colonel Neal Dennington, who told me that it was classified and that executions would be employed to keep word from getting out and retarding the war spirit of the nation.  This seemed (and was) unconstitutional use of psyops on our own side.  I came home to Houston and was underground within a couple of months, where I've spent most of my times since.

As far as 911, I didn't have a clue that there was anything then when I went on Genesis Communications and did an interview (via phone) with Jack Blood for a couple of hours -- and this was February 10, 2004!  It wasn't until Feb. 21/22 that I received an urgent call from a Marine Captain Jeff Cross, who told me he had been on leave five blocks from the WTC whe the first plane impacted.  Capt. Cross seemed lucid and insightful, though highly agitated.  He told me he had seen the kind of intelligence product I could produce at my site, and knew I had the guts to follow after some of his research at buriedbythemedia.com.  More persuasive than his research (for which I'm no expert), was his tone, sincerity and -- most important -- the way he, a normal officer, had been turned into an analyst of his own government by what he had seen as opposed to what had been reported.  This so much mirrored my own analytic process from my detection of the cover-up of the Battle of Baghdad that I switched the focus of my eleven-month investigation to 911.

Candidly, the thing that most broke the Skulls/Mossad angle for me was something some street-gang members brought to me on 912, the day after the attack, which I had analyzed for them in real time on 911.  These high school students of mine went to the computer lab and began to crunch numbers for "signatures," which the assured me were always part of their acts of gang activity (grafitti being a good example).  They brought me the following flight code for the plane that hit first in NY:  NYC11Q.  They then explained that the often used the Wingdings font (symbolic) to covey messages themselves, and that this is what happenned if you translated the letter (not numbers) of NYC11Q into Wingdings: into Wingdings:


Until Captain Jeff Cross called me in a state of extreme anxiety but overall coherence, this little fact had just slipped my mind, because I, unlike you, merely thought that this had been an elite-level special operation.  In fact, my first word on seeing the second plane hit was "brilliant" -- I wasn't happy about it, but I was objective.  I teach and study martial arts (low-end black belt), and I'm used to looking at violence objectively.

Now that the Media (heavily Jewish controlled) has winnowed the possibilities for the presidency down to two men who both belonged to a secret occult society that just happens to be signified by a skull and bones, the whole flight code has taken on the characteristic of a script suggesting the Skulls (the Power Elite) and Israel (Media) made a deal to knock down the WTC and blame it on the Moslems as a casus belli.

One last thing:  Yesterday's Spain attacks, playing by the Ghost Troop scenario, was on 311, which is noting but the square of three (nine) followed by one one.  Spain was falling out of the alliance, and Spain receives a timely terror threat.  At first Spain says Basque Terrorists, but then "critical evidence" linking the matter to Al-Qaida is found, and the US MEDIA starts to spin a story of more Moslem Terror, and concurrently begins to detail the scenario they've been setting up for the last six months or so, that the US will INEVITABLY face another, devasting attact from Al Qaida.  This plays into a hunch I started playing out as an intelligence exercise a year and a half ago:  that the Houston/Pasadena, Texas Chemical Refineries are a prime terror target.

The "Al-Qaida" warnings at present are for a catastrophic attack of the US, which is "90% complete."  The attack is code named BLACK WIND OF DEATH.  This so well melds with my cynic's scenario that our own people are setting us up to keep us attacking the Middle East that I have taken the trouble to call many, many police, investigative and military entities in the last week -- and shatter the normal protocols of my email connections.  I have lost a couple of carriers (and am glad I didn't lose you), but I have simply had no choice.  Here is what I saw coming to my town over a year ago -- though I didn't yet allow myself to think the horrible thoughts that I now must:  that we are being set up by the two groups with the most to win when we lose our lives to fight in the Middle East:  the American Rich and the Jews.

The cult/gang symbology ain't my cup of tea, frankly.  I'm a linguist (Russian, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Korean, Ebonics...) of some ability, but I did what smart people usually do, I tuned out my little Latin Kings and Southside Crips when they gave me the straight-up on NYC11Q.  The numerology biz ain't my bag -- it's the cult/gang/Jewish bag, so I'm playing it that way.  Here's another little suggestion (and there are whole articles online about the numerology of 911).  When GWB came to office he announced that he was dad was 41, and he was 43.


5, 7, 9, 11 ...  a sequence.  I talked to a Pasadena TX sergeant last week, and the two of us played out the following scenario:  NY was hit so Jewish Media would have plausible deniability and a reason to scream for war; D.C. was hit so the government (both parties) could do the same.  Houston/Pasadena is the next target.  Given that the number of the most recent attact was a 9-11 factor, 3-11, my scenario calls for the national emergency they've been rehearsing for to occur on a numerically consistent day.  I'm no expert, but a quick look at the calendar puts 3-31 in mind.  It's capable of being numerically construed as a relative of 911 and 311; further, it's the 91st day of the year -- something special to this year because it is a leap year.

I hope you can get better heads than mine to crunch some numbers this weekend.  I'd like to have a lot more for the FBI, the Secret Service, the US Chemical Corps, the local, state and national cops...  to go on Monday when they come back from the weekend.

Here's the op-ed I wrote over a year ago, and this is my doomsday scenario for Houston/Pasadena  (It's at the site I referenced above as one of my published war essays):

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
Commander, Ghost Troop, Cybercavalry (Christian)

February 23, 2003

“Don’t’ laugh at duct tape; it saves lives”
Houston Chronicle Outlook, February 23, 2003

As we poise to attack Iraq, our military leaders worry that our forces will have to survive and function on the “dirty battlefield” of chemical and biological contaminants. 

update.gif (1754 bytes)July 28, 2005 --



[9112b reports] CPTMAY///Ghost Troop v SS///Secret Service   Inbox
Eric May
<[email protected]> to Cinblonde, sfarwell, wellsc, Top, Arthur ...
More options   12:29 pm (3½ hours ago)
Yo GTCindy, I just finished taekwondoing a bit, reflecting on the courage and esprit of Gallant Ghost Troop!  I come in to find your first email quite easy to answer.  Below you note that you gallantly went directly to the SS to warn them away from my hometown, which Boy George was going to nuke for WW3 just as sure as Nero burned Rome and Hitler burned the Reichstag (except that the Reichstag event for BG was 911 -- but I digress...).
You suggest that I may have called the SS inadvertently, but I assure you I did not.  Firstly, I know because I was just in touch with the news room at Clear Channel and the lady who answered the phone "News Room!"
I asked her if she would like to receive a copy of an email that would state that John Watson, Reich-wing talkshow host for Clear Channel, John Watson, in Deleware.  She was clearly agitated and said in a low breath (I believe to keep others from hearing), that John Watson and she hadn't called the SS; that in fact the SS had "come barging into the station yesterday afternoon" while she was there, and began asking people questions in true SS fashion.
I remark with interest that GT's as diverse as the Crawford Peace House Director, SGTKAY, and GTBeth from Texas have experience similar incidents of SS harassment, and it may have been the SS who death-threatened Mrs. May, my wife/lawyer, who has since filed ample reports of the matter through abundant channels.  SGTKAY has, I believe, many many tales to tell of how the SS acts around King Georges double-wide country castle in Crawford.  GTBeth caught harassment just before the war, while Mrs. May's death-threat came the afternoon that I busted the Bush Boyz for setting up a TARGET HOUSTON 9112b event back in March, 2003 (which is the fourth section of the article at www.100777.com/9112B .
Anyhow, for my own part, the only contact I've had with 'em is via a phone call with Agent Joiner, whom I assessed of the Ghost Troop TARGET HOUSTON scenario of 9112b, and that was back in April, 2004.  Curiously, on the same day (largely because of the way SS put me off), I called Defense Criminal Investigative Service Agent Taylor, who told me to call Agent Jim Trost (the Resident Agent in Charge), who was away for a week.
Agent Trost called me on April 23, 2004, and we talked about BOBCUP and 9112b and Ghost Troop from 1620-1655.  He listened mostly, but made interjections like "You can't see the big picture" in response to my pointed (and true) allegations about a cover-up of Baghdad; and "You're not looking at the whole picture," when I said that we had done crypto on the US media feed (as the CIA is now saying they do on Al-Jazeera TV), along with basic Cold War media analysis and predicted the 3/30/2004 Texas City explosions to within a day and a couple of dozen miles.
I asked him just what the hell the big picture was.
"I can't talk about the big picture on the phone," he replied, and he invited me to come and visit him in his office, an offer I declined.  Instead, I offered to have Chase Untermeyer (Ghost Troop Chaplain and Ambassador to Qatar), set a meeting at the University of Texas Health Science Center in downtown Houston, where I would provide documents and answer questions for record.
Agent Trost began to threaten me, telling me I'd better back down.
"Brother," I replied, "I don't back down, and Ghost Troop doesn't back down," then I hung up and called Chase.
Chase called Agent Trost the same afternoon, and I know from Chase that the discussed Ghost Troop business (BOBCUP & 9112b), and that Chase tried to set a meeting with UT, for which he was then Public Affairs agent in Austin and DC interests.  I don't know whether Chase contacted the campus cops, but I told him it was a good idea, after finishing a few years (after serving in the Reagan-Bush administrations) at Compaq HQ.
Anyhow, Chase called me back and said no dice on the meeting, that SS wouldn't agree, and I knew then and there that the meeting Agent Trost had invited me to was either to assassinate or intimidate me -- or perhaps to offer me enticements to keep quiet.  Whatever it was, it wouldn't bear the light of open discourse, and the SS (like the FBI now, apparently), didn't want any documents or recorded/witnessed conversations.  Can anyone say conspiracy?
Anyhow, Chaplain Chase remembers just about everything in my notes, 'cuz he's smart and loyal.  Chase was always interested in the Ghost Troop investigations because he knew they were historic (he said I'd be the next Thucydides if I was right about Baghdad).  And you can bet that Chase and I had many a talk about 9112b -- although I just talked about the "next event" in those days.
When Chase was appointed US Ambassador to Qatar in June, 2005, I told him outright that I was concerned that they (meaning SS, FBI et al.) were going to kill either him or me before it was all over, and that I believed his appointment might have been a way to put a wedge between the two top officers in Ghost Troop (the Chaplain and the CO) with an aim to this ultimate aim.
You can't imagine how relieved I am a year later to still be alive, and to have Chaplain Chase coming to Houston to visit over coffee next week!  As for the SS/FBI, I'm still waiting for 'em to David Kelly me, but they've waited.  I've always had a hunch that they were holding off because they were going to whack me back on July 17/18 2003 (the same day Blair whacked Dr. Kelly and came to smile for the cameras with Boy George).  Yep, as I told Chaplain Chase at the time, I thought the sudden announcement that Boy George, just back from Africa and then the Thursday night murder meeting with Tony, was suddenly announcing that he was coming to Houston for a fund raiser to "address the issue," which was the last murderously intoned word he had to say to a very subdued press when he and Tony were showing off how they could get away with murdering in the UK.
Tell ya what, I'll copy this email to a couple of contacts I made up in Crawford when I went up there to protest Boy George and give his SS a shot at me away from my family in August, 2003.  You may remember that there was a protest against the Iraq war by some 125 folks, most of us Texans.  Well, I was there, and I gave a speech against Boy George while his SS watched behind glasses, looking plenty mean, believe me!  While I was there I gave a stack of documents to Courtney Wells, the White House Producer for UNFair-and-IMBalanced FOX TV.  Here's her phone:  202-824-6369; fax: 202-824-6426; pager 800-759-8888 (Pin#110-2095); email: [email protected] .  Courney was very sweet, and I had to think of her embedded with the Bush Boyz..., but I suppose a media gal's gotta do that...
The other person I met and rapped with was Scott Farwell, a staff writer for the Dallas Morning News.  Scott ([email protected]) can be reached at 469-330-5623; fax 469-330-5605; cell 214-636-1905.  Like Courtney, he was most personable and communicative!  He only had one bit of advice for me:
"Look out," he said, "these guys are killers."
I told him that I'd heard the same thing in conversations with Paul Burka, Texas Monthly editor, who had confided it to me when I talked to him shortly after BOBCUP began with the Bushwhacking of the Arab Media (Al-Jazeera et alios) in Baghdad on April 8, 2003.
"Damn it," Paul said, "that sounds just like Bush and Rove."
Anyhow, it's been a busy day in the infowar.  CPTMAYSEZ 3 cheers for GTCindy and GTLiz!!!
PS 2 Courtney & FOX:  Y'all have some footage of me doing the contra-Bush speech about how he was getting us into a Quicksand War.  Will y'all tell Bill O'Reilly to play that and get in touch with me to set up a debate -- and tell him that I stand my ground pretty well, that Ghost Troop doesn't back down and its captain doesn't either.
Captain May / Ghost Troop
Aside to Chase: 

Captain, I had given the SS guy, Pete Murphy, your phone number regarding the 9112B prediction in hopes of stopping it.  Could you be confusing that with Watson?  Not sure.

Imperialism according to the conception of Che: the highest form of development of capitalism, with the purpose to conquer economical and political power world wide. Sometimes by setting up a puppet government in a developing country, sometimes through deals laid down by the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. That is the favourite way capitalist governments subdue developing countries to open up their economies to the interests of western multinational concerns. In case such countries won't keep in line, the ultimate trick is to launch a military intervention under the flag of the United Nations to restore "democracy" or "human rights".
-Ernesto Che Guevara before his death in 1967 (helped by the CIA)

"End the philosophy of plunder and the philosophy of war will be ended as well"
-Campanero Fidel Castro

The so-called Left-Right political spectrum is our creation. In fact, it accurately reflects our careful, artificial polarization of the population on phony issues that prevents the issue of our power from arising in their minds - (The Occult Technocracy of Power)
They are preparing for that worst-case scenario, which is the best thing to do.  Here at home, on the other hand, I’m afraid that too many of us are expecting the best-case scenario – that we will be untouched by the war – which is the worst thing to do.  We are negligent in our civil defense.
Take the duct tape squabble as an example.  Earlier this month, the Bush administration heightened the nation’s alert status, and gave the specific advice that citizens have emergency supplies, including duct tape and plastic sheeting, in the event of possible chemical or biological attacks on American soil.  Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, more concerned with the war for the presidency in 2004 than the war for Iraq in 2003, mocked the administration’s ineptitude, saying that it would have to do better than duct tape to protect the American people.
Daschle is wrong.  One of the first tricks of survival in a contaminated environment is to seal up a room with duct tape and plastic, breathing the ample inside air until any wind-borne toxins outside have dissipated.
Dismissing Daschle’s argument, I went down to a local hardware store to get supplies a few days ago, only to learn that he had already influenced many shoppers.  Duct tape and plastic sheets in hand, I asked the checkout clerk fomr the back of the line how many people were stocking up on the items.  “Not many,” she replied,  “duct tape won’t work.”  I explained to her why duct tape would work.  To most of the shoppers in earshot, this seemed to be welcome news, and several of them went back to the shelves for supplies.  The hardware store made a handful of dollars in profit, and a handful of people made purchases that could save their lives.
Now is the time for all wise people to come to the aid of… themselves.  Civil defense, like all forms of self-defense, is an unpleasant concept.  It demands that we accept our own stated reason for going to war:  There are evil people in the world who hate and seek to harm us with weapons of mass destruction.  We are in a war with terrorists – and terrorists are in a war with us.  Not just with our service personnel, intelligence agencies and police forces; not just with citizens of our political and financial capitals, but with all of us.  Terrorists deal in terrifying deeds.  The know that a thousand civilian casualties in America are more devastating to the nation’s morale than a thousand U.S. military casualties in Iraq, and may well be easier to inflict.
The Houston area is unquestionably among the top homeland targets for agents of evil.  Consider:
· We’re the nation’s fourth most populous city.
 We’re the home of the Johnson Space Center.
 We are the declared home town of the Bush family.
 We have the nation’s largest chemical district.
 Our climate enhances the lethality of a chemical attack.
When I was a general staff officer we routinely envisioned worst-case scenarios to test our preparedness. 
Let’s use one for ourselves:
Early one morning there is a massive explosion in the chemical district along our ship channel.  Lethal gases, similar to the ones released in the catastrophe of Bhopal, India, erupt into the atmosphere.  An early morning inversion temperature gradient – our climatic norm – keeps the toxic cloud on the ground, while gentle southeasterly breezes – again, our norm – blow it northwest inside Loop 610, where our population is most dense.  It may reach beyond that.  In any case, the toxins would not dissipate until the afternoon, when our atmospheric conditions usually cause ground pollution to rise.
If anyone thinks that my scenario may give the bad guys ideas they haven’t already thought of, think again.  Terrorists like the ones who simultaneously hijacked four planes and turned them into missiles are smart enough to think of blowing up toxic factories in populous areas.  They are constantly thinking of the bad things they can do to us – and we’d better start thinking about them ourselves.
May, a Houston-based writer, is a former Army Chemical Corps instructor of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.

Reader Reply:

Re: Eric May 's Feb. 23 Outlook article, "A Dangerous Truth / Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives": May should throw out the fear propaganda. Any elected government official who promotes fear ought to be voted out of office immediately. Americans should fear nothing except the tyranny taking place in our government.

John Leonard, Houston


Infowar promotion orders for GTMatt -- Ghost Troop 9112b campaign   Inbox
Eric May
<[email protected]> to Matt, C, Agent, SGT, Felix, Chase, Thom, John ...
More options   2:10 pm (2½ hours ago)
Very timely and spirited email (as always) GT Matt!  I hope you aren't too much in love with your current title to become LTEngelman, Ghost Troop!
GTMatt, you are hereby commissioned 1st Lieutenant in Charge of Ghost Troop European communications -- this promotion is something we have talked about in the past.  You are equal in rank to Marine Captain Jeff Cross, who has been the GT executive, serving loyally and bravely in that capacity, for the last year-and-a-half.  You are also co-equal with Navy LT Chase Untermeyer (now Ambassador to Qatar), who has been serving as my advisor and Ghost Troop chaplain since the beginning of the infowar (for me) the day (April 5, 2003) they blacked out the Battle of Baghdad.
In the event of my demise (perhaps soon, given the current retaliatory tactics of the Bush Boyz), my instructions to you are to reach out to the cyber community and publish the second year correspondence of Ghost Troop, which I sent you a year ago when I was talking to the Canadian Government about political asylum.  We have new allied assets -- and I request that they make contact with you directly if I'm out of commission.
Ghost Troop will naturally assimilate and publish my material, no matter what happens now.  This material will be invaluable in its value to the pending judicial/tribunal process that is bound to deal with the War Cabal and Bush Boyz.  I knew this from the days when I was on the phone with LTC John and Major Bettencourt over at Pentagon Public Affairs -- and they're the ones who convinced me to make my solo investigation an IG-registered complaint (which I did in multiple places -- including NASA), announce that my mission was one of conscience, and state that my investigation was a lawful one according to my enduring oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, even domestic tyranny!
It's inevitable that my second year report come out, since the only thing that could have fried our story out of so many thousands of computers and links is the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that they have been setting up in the Embedded Media as a part of their 9112b Plan (TARGET HOUSTON), which we have delayed or derailed (the jury's still out on which).
I believe the second year of Ghost Troop's campaigns should be named Ghost Troop / Apocalypse, Captain May and that the first year campaigns should be renamed Ghost Troop / April Fools, Captain May (although I think "The April Fools Collection" is a fine name for what is online at www.ghosttroop.net now.  Since the titles of these two years' campaigns bear my name (as the founder, CO and writer), the title is all that will be needed when it finally reaches hardback.
I am exceedingly proud of gallant Ghost Troop, and believe that we may have doomed the War Cabal and the Bush Boyz (SS & FBI) with our rapid analysis to support our prediction of a 9112b event in Houston, 7/27/2005, as we've written at www.100777.com/9112b .
Congratulations on your infowar battlefield promotion.  Now publish, even if I must perish.
Regards to Gallant Ghost Troops, all!  CPTMAY
PS:  Treason, to my direct cavalryman's mind, is the betrayal of one's country.  I would think that doing a Reichstag fire on 911 would qualify, and I would think that the 9112b attempt would qualify.  I would think that BOBCUP would qualify.  I would think that any officer of the military or law who aided or abetted those things, or now sought to interfere with my rational, lawful and conscience-directed inquiry into these things would also be guilty of treason.  Opinions, Ghost Troop?  CPTMAY

Matt Engelman <[email protected]> wrote:

Indeed, Captain, we would benefit from some definition of the term: treason.


Perhaps C M would be so kind as to provide a definition…?


To assist C M, I offer the following potential definitions, carefully selected for their consistency with C M’s overall message:


TREASON – Potential Definitions:

1) Treason is the utterance of a thought which challenges the views of the current government.

2) Treason is the advocacy of a policy which challenges the views of the Republican Party.

3) Treason is to trust hard evidence and your own personal judgment, while totally ignoring what they say on television – like some kind of lunatic!

4) Treason is to say anything which C M does not agree with.


Of course, C M is quite free to provide a different definition. I am only trying to assist.


Kind regards

--GTMatt (mission of sanity)

From: Eric May [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 28 July 2005 11:43
Subject: Re: comment on the code (Another threat for GTCPTMAY)


I forward your email to the Houston FBI (Agent Skip Midcap) and HPD Police (LT Garcia and SGT Karshner), who have been working on the code with me.  In the cc's are Ghost Troop, who will read your email with interest!  (Dis)regards, CPTMAY


PS:  Since when has cryptoanalysis been treasonous -- except in countries that are hiding evil plans from their citizens?  LOL!

C M <[email protected]> wrote:

May, your dumbass story has been sent to the patriot archives where it will be held as evidence in your upcoming treason trial. Quit pouring horseshit onto the net - fuckhead.

CPTMAY///Ghost Troop on Canadian Radio in twenty minutes!!!   Inbox

Eric May
<[email protected]> to lennybloom, Chase, Washington, John, Courtney ...
More options   2:45 pm (2 hours ago)

Yo Ghost Troop, I'm going on live with Cloak and Dagger's Lenny Bloom (in Canada) at 1500 Eastern / 1400 Texas Time.  To get a live feed or archive go to http://www.cloakanddagger.de/ and check your CO out.  If you miss the broadcast you can go to the same site and get a link to it for record!

click here (right-click "Save As")

LTEngelman and I became well acquainted through this process, as he checked out a couple of BOBCUP / 9112b interviews that I did with Cloak and Dagger last summer.  All the best -- and carry on with the mission of alerting the American People.  Remember, we've out-coded them with 9112b, and that code we created adds the suffix (2b) to their own spell of insanity over America (911).
And it serves the bastards right!  Paint signs:  "Impeach Bush for 9112b!" or  "Down with King George for 9112b!"  Be creative where you put it and how.  Shucks, someone get me a bumper sticker.  We caught the War Cabal and Boy George setting up my hometown!  9112b!!! Remember, it's only a search engine search from ignorance to enlightenment when they go home and plug those five very easy cyber-references into the computer:  9112b!
Best regards to all Gallant Ghost Troops -- you are proving yourselves under fire in the infowar, and we are winning!  Captain May / Ghost Troop / www.100777.com/9112b
PS 2 Lenny:  any comments?

Ghost Troop declares CYBER World War on King George & Bush Boyz   Inbox
Eric May
<[email protected]> to Cynthia, University, Chase, Washington, John ...
More options   3:57 pm (1 hour ago)
Yo Ghost Troop, keep up the infowar fire -- and by all means plug into this feed and distribute world-wide.  Remember, now we own the code well enough to play their own psyop of 911 back at 'em as 9112b, and there's no stopping the www short of EMP.  I expect that the War Cabal will collapse before the end of the Crawford break, when Boy George brings comes down to my home turf (not his) of Texas.  Regards, and be brave, no matter what!  CPTMAY

lenny bloom <[email protected]> wrote: Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 12:42:03 -0700
From: lenny bloom <[email protected]>
To: Eric May <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: CPTMAY///Ghost Troop on Canadian Radio in twenty minutes!!!

We have been praying that such brave Americans actually were left alive after the Bush/Clinton gang decimated the ranks of brave Americans. May God Bless Your Cause Forever. Destroy those traitors and Conspiratorial Kings!
March On!
Lenny Bloom

TX City explosion is 9112B ABORT CODE:  Ghost Troop Emergency Alert to Police Posse   Inbox

Eric May
<[email protected]> to editors, Cynthia, University, Chase ...
More options   8:36 pm (1 hour ago)

During today's interview, I told Lenny at Cloak in Dagger that I thought the 9112B operation was a bust, and that the Bush Boyz and NOZIs would have to abort the mission.  After our on-air interview, I told Lenny that I thought the Ft. Worth petrochemical explosions were part of an abort code to the sequencing I'd picked up at British Petroleum, Texas City on 3/30 (2004) and 3/23 (2005).  I explained that the numbers were cult:  the 3/30 being a Mason's 33, and the 3/23 being a 3(2)3 or 2nd 33 event...
Well, what do you think the odds are that the Texas City British Petroleum plant just blew up again -- and the NOZIs are coding like hell in the editorial rooms.  They've just sent up the abort code, y'all, and they're doing it all through NASA.  The ongoing discussion of the NASA shuttle is nothing more or less than a code for the botched attempt to nuke Houston with 9112B.
Here's the grand scheme, as well as I can make it out:  The Masons and Kabalists got together for the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma operation; they continued their cooperation through New York City, New York (911); they intended to finish the trifecta with Texas City, Texas.  Get it, each nominal parallel OK City/OK; NY City/NY; TX City/TX is a II idea, an nominal 11.
Right now the Bush Boyz are using the BP TX City explosion as an excuse to shut down the Texas City area and do emergency removal of the nuke and related apparatus.  Yep, they were going to drill the heart out of TEXAS, y'all -- as in the X in Texas; X, a cross; this was DIABOLICAL TREASON.  Keep an eye out, y'all, since they have to keep coding -- they're stuck in their own crypto-paradigm.  The wicked Bush Boyz and the NOZIs have been caught up in their own snares.  WORD. AMEN.  CPTMAY



update.gif (1754 bytes)July 31, 2005 --

Re: Communications, and other thoughts   Inbox
Eric May
<[email protected]> to LTMatt, LTChase, Top, LTLenny, CPTCROSS, Patti ...
More options   Jul 30 (12 hours ago)

Matt Engelman <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Eric


Firstly, I am very glad that you are alive and well. I have paid close attention to your messages about 9112B, and the BP refinery in Texas City. I am in agreement that we are presently in a period of risk of major attacks by the Global Cabal. I have been tirelessly studying the hidden (but genuine) power structure ABOVE the level of the traitor, mass-murderer, and heartless reptile: George W Bush. Therefore, any case of attempted 9112B is fascinating and relevant to my primary topic of research (the genuine but hidden power structure).


The implications of your complete scenario are either (1) that the mission was aborted in response to published predictions of the event (i.e. your Internet, radio, and telephone communications), or (2) that the mission failed for technical reasons. Either of those reasons for aborting the mission are plausible. However, my first idea (that they backed off because the plot was exposed) carries further implications – and this time, they are implications about the Global Cabal themselves. Why would they abort a mission of such global significance, when it would be simpler to merely instruct their controlled media to exclude all references to the 9112B predictions? And (with the highest respect): why would they not simply eliminate the predictors – especially as 9112B is likely to be accompanied (anyway) by the mass arrests of known political dissidents?


Therefore, as a focused observer of the Global Cabal, I alert you to another possibility. Perhaps, having astutely broken their trifecta code, you have accurately predicted the time and place of AN INCIDENT, but that the planned incident was something other than a nuclear detonation. Unless all relevant possibilities are considered and then excluded, the strength of the nuclear possibility is diminished. Having said this, your abort-sequence explanation makes a lot of sense. But there are other possibilities. For example, 7/27 could have been the coded date for the broadcast of INSTRUCTIONS for the real 9112B, which might occur on some other numerologically-juicy date, such as 8/8, possibly once again the Houston area.


Also please consider that nuclear detonation is not the only scenario capable of surpassing 9/11 for terror impact. Biological weapons are also possible, and are much closer to the modus operandi of our enemy. On the other hand, if they want to pin the deed on Iran, then they might choose a nuclear weapon, and claim that Iran was in possession of such a weapon.


The long and the short is that (so far) we do not have hard physical evidence. It took years for the 9/11 evidence to emerge prominently; but I think that things move a LOT faster these days J .




Regarding an email list, I can see the attraction, especially after Snipe’s message. The Yahoo Group works just great, but one is always subject to service disconnections and other serious problems, which are 100% problems with Yahoo. I do not trust Yahoo, and I do not recommend Yahoo for your current purposes. I have an idea which might work better, about which I will write more later (going to dinner and will pick a fertile mind in the process).


Stay well, and stay the course,

More later..

Kind regards



From: Eric May [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 30 July 2005 12:47
To: Matt Engelman
Subject: Ghost Troop communications


LTEngelman, I'd like to transition the Ghost Troop email list into a Ghost Troop Group (like the one you set up).  Can you w/b ASAP about this?  CPTMAY



Re: Dates (Ghost Troop next target/date: BPTXCITYTX / 8/8/2005)   Inbox
Eric May
<[email protected]> to Vicky, selan, sfarwell, Thom, John, Toben ...
More options   11:37 pm (1½ hours ago)
Dear GTVicky,
You can work with the 8/6 you mention below, but I'm feeling a lot stronger about 8/8 because they just announced that they were extending their "analogue 9112B story NASA Discovery" mission by a day to cover the 8/8 timeframe.
That accounts for the Discovery/9112B Analogue story alteration, and makes another fact harmonize:  This whole Bush Boyz NOZI gang thing is based on the number 11, and that single number can be found to dominate all the 911-type-events.  The 7/7 England False Flag Operation was the 77 (ergo 7x77) anchor of the WWIII summer 2005 cycle, and the Bush Boyz pretty much settled in for 7(2)7 -- as the second "7" event in the month.  It's the same case with the 3/30/2004 BPTXCITYTX event -- a "3" series event, like the Madrid event that preceded it by 19 days.  Well, that 3/30/2004 event (a numerological 3/3) was seconded this year on 3/23/2005.  Sign of the beast, y'all.  Word.
CPTMAYSEZ 9112B will be 8/8.
Captain May Ghost Troop
PS:  We have morphed the original report to Agent Skip Midcap into some thirty sites, and various media representations of my written and verbal reports are on the net.  I urge all Ghost Troops to insure the continuance and preservation of these invaluable tools for the tribunals to come.

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Have you picked up anything on   8-6-2005 ?    That's 21    777   



Vicky Davis

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over
generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a
raving lunatic. - Dresden James

First Millenium Attack - September 11, 2001   -   Reichstag Fire - Attack on
the WTC    9-11

Second Millenium Attack - November 9, 2001 -   Bush signed knowledge trade
agreement with India    11-9

"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that
they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and
be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion."
- Aristotle


July 31st, 2005 Cloak and Dagger talk with Webster Tarpley [Transcribed by PC93]

LB: Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. I’m your host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host the great American judge buster Sherman H. Skolnick and of course we’re here to scrape the bullshit off the truth and helping us once again is our famous and wonderful guest Webster G. Tarpley and Webster come on in and let’s start the briefing and start off with talking about your book Synthetic Terrorism. It is a great book. I’ve got it. I’ve read it. Marvelous. It’s a must read. Welcome to Cloak and Dagger.

WT: Thank you very much Lenny. Yes. I would just like to read before I get into my actual topic tonight, maybe remind people that you can get 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA from http://amazon.com . There’s a special offer. You can get 9/11 Synthetic Terror and my Unauthorized Biography of George Bush both I believe for 29 dollars and then you don’t pay any postage. If you do this, do me a favor because if we get the Amazon sales up we increase our chances of getting the book into bookshops which is an important thing to do and I have to say that probably some people in the 9/11 movement would be able to help in this regard. Now the topic I want to get to tonight is a very urgent one and indeed it’s the 31st of July and I want to point to a story that I became aware of about a week ago and I’ll try to do this in the order in which this unfolded in front of me. And perhaps I’ll get into some more detail toward the end. It would seem that we have vastly increased danger of a new 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, in Europe or someplace else and at the same time that being used as the pretext for the preventive or sneak attack on Iran that Cheney and the Neocons have been talking about for many, many months. The source of this.. the thing that gives it a very special urgency is an article that has appeared in a rather obscure right wing publication called The American Conservative. And let me just ask Lenny and Sherman have you guys seen the complete text of this magazine article by any chance?

SS: What is the name of it?

WT: It’s called The American Conservative. I’ve tried to find this on Capitol Hill. I couldn’t find it on Capitol Hill in Union Station. I couldn’t find here in the..

SS: Is it any good?

WT: No. It’s a magazine with Pat Buchanen but it happens to have one of the crucial articles I think for the current situation. It’s an article by a guy called Phillip Giraldi. Phillip Giraldi is a CIA old boy. He’s a veteran of the CIA Operations Directorate and he works together with Vince Cannistraro that maybe I think you might have heard of because he seems to be better known.

SS: Yeah. Cannistraro is a network consultant propaganda chief.

WT: Ok. So those two guys work together. Giraldi and Cannistraro are a team and in the current issue.. and don’t ask me what current issue means of The American Conservative we have the following quotation which I’m just going to read for you. “The Pentagon acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s Office has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM).. that is of course what you have out there in Nebraska.. Offutt Air Force Base. It’s the old Strategic Air Command plus the Navy plus other capabilities. So STRATCOM has been tasked with drawing up a contingency plan to be deployed in response to another 9/11 type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets including numerous suspected nuclear weapons program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional means hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the Untied States. Several senior air force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled by the implications of what they are doing... that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack. But no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections. Now I have not seen, as I’m stressing, the original American Conservative version of this. It is however all over the internet and probably a convenient place for people to find it is http://antiwar.com It’s an article by Justin Raimondo.. I think that people have heard of on July 25. So a week ago tomorrow. July 25, 2005. Now I have many reasons for believing that this is the real thing and that we have to take this very, very seriously. Let me point out that back in May at about the time that the current crisis was beginning to build up because that’s when I would date it. It seems to me that it begins around the beginning to the middle of May. We had an article by William Arkin. You remember William Arkin has put out this very interesting book on code words. He’s essentially got an encyclopedia of all the code words of the US military and spook world and he’s put that together as a kind of a dictionary. So Arkin wrote in the Los Angeles times and this was then picked up in the Washington Post on May 15th that Rumsfeld has issued a new defense planning guidance on essentially sneak nuclear attacks. And Arkin then tells us that this has evolved into something called CONPLAN meaning contingency plan. CONPLAN 8022-22 completed in November 2003. And this is a plan for a preemptive offensive strike against Iran and/or North Korea. In January 2004 Admiral James O Ellis certified that STRATCOM was ready to take those actions. In others words to carry out a nuclear sneak attack against Iran. There’s also an included option on North Korea. So the idea is that you’re allegedly attacking countries that possess weapons of mass destruction. I’m sorry I’m getting some interference in the background. I hope you can still hear me.

LB: Yep. Go ahead.

WT: Now anyway the CONPLAN 8022-22 I take it is the overarching capability here and we now have this new step by Cheney reported in the tasking of STRATCOM to make this specific and the most important thing about the newer report that I started with is that it explicitly starts from a new 9/11 terror attack. Now let’s just put this a little bit into a context because I think there is a context that makes this hang together. As I have been arguing for over the past several weeks and maybe months by now.. the invisible government.. the rogue network that brought you 9/11 and that means a network inside the federal government of the United States above all although also reaching into the British government and of course a large part of it is privatized… has been moving towards some kind of crescendo.. some kind of confrontation since about the beginning of May. I would date it quite frankly back to that day on May 11th when the plane approached the Whitehouse and Congress, The Supreme Court and the Whitehouse were all evacuated amid scenes of panic. On May 15th we have the Washington Post article announcing that what we just heard the Interim Global Strike Alert Order based on CONPLAN 8022-22 for the sneak attack against Iran and North Korea. On May 18th we had a live grenade thrown near Bush or at Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia. The background for all this in mid-May is what seems to have been a world hedge fund meltdown with perhaps 20 to 25 per cent of the worlds hedge funds essentially being thrown into bankruptcy when a lot of them bet wrong on General Motors and Ford and when those two companies were actually going bankrupt. On June 22nd a small plane approached the Whitehouse. Congress was once again evacuated among scenes of panic. July 1st is an important date. You may recall the Scott Ritter analysis from back in February that Bush had ordered the bureaucracy to be ready to attack Iran as of the end of June. Sometimes this report comes out to attack during June but I think the correct reading is to be ready to attack by the end of June. On July 2nd three small planes appeared over Camp David. All of these are essentially the invisible government prodding Bush to take action. Of course his normal mode is to do virtually nothing. Then of course on July 7th the London underground explosions and bus explosion. Again prodding not only Bush but Blair and indeed all the other leaders to essentially accept the demands of this US invisible government. On July 8th the Singapore Cooperation Organization put out this demand that the US set a timetable for giving up its bases in Uzbekistan and Kirgisia. Those are the bases remember that were the result of Bush’s telephone call with Putin on the day of September 11th which was complete with all kinds of nuclear blackmail on the part of the US world network against Russia. At that point I think Putin went into a kind of tactical retreat and said fine come in to these Uzbek and Kirgis bases. On July 9th we have a bomb in Israel killing 2 people. Highly significant is that Rumsfeld blamed Iran in a remark that was not very much reported but which I was able to pick up. Then as Sherman was saying before with the one on the 22nd we have.. I’m sorry.. on the 21st we have London explosive devices.. We have this very strange second round of explosions in London which it seems to me just in parenthesis leading to a permanent martial law regime in the United Kingdom under the Civil Contingencies Act and this circus that their running on in London from day to day, this absolute ape theater that their putting on seems to me to simply be a pretext to get the population terrorized to the point where they’ll accept permanent martial law. On July 22nd the Sharm El-Shaikh bombing in Egypt with 80 to 90 to 100 people killed.. highly significant that on July 22nd.. this is what Sherman is referring to a small plane crashed between the German parliament, and that’s the old Reichstag, the one that Hitler burned down. the model for all these things, and the office of the German federal chancellor, that’s Gerhardt Schroeder. So it comes down right in the middle between these two buildings. I had been there just at the end of May. That I think is an unmistakable death threat to Schroeder who may be planning to somehow try to break lose from the Maastricht system, the European Central Bank, the IMF and the rest of the straightjacket and to try to make direct bilateral deals with Russia in order to get his country out of economic depression.

SS: Was that a British plane Webster?

WT: No, I think it’s a small plane that took off from inside Germany. It’s an ultralight aircraft and the pilot was killed and I don’t know how the British would get into that but maybe there are details I don’t know about.

SS: Well at the time some claimed in Germany that the German authorities were holding a British/German spy.

WT: I don’t know. Do you have references on that?

SS: Well, our friends across the pond talk about it so..

WT: Well I know that. Does anybody talk about it in anything that’s cited.. (says something hard to understand).. I don’t know and I have to confess for me the overall pattern is more important than the internal details of each one.

LB: Yeah, let’s let.. go ahead.

WT: What I’m trying to get at that there’s an unmistakable pattern of crescendo, in other words, they’re building up to something and they’re treating Bush and Blair very roughly. At the same time Blair seems to be responding by giving them at least the beginnings of Marshall Law in Britain but here we seem to have a kind of a stasis. Now we’ll get to this in a second. On the 25th Raimondo comes out with the Giraldi quotes. I don’t know when Giraldi published his article. On the 27th we had Rumsfeld in Iraq talking to the generals saying the US is going to begin getting out of Iraq next year. Now this is very strange because if you think of the Bush administration they’re practically hysterical that there can be no timetable for withdrawal. What I take this to be is simply disinformation. In other words it is black propaganda. If you go back to May and June of 1941 you will see that Hitler and Stalin, both of them, were putting out a series of dispatches and reports about their peaceful intentions and the lack of military buildup along their borders. I think what we’re getting today from US officialdom is a kind of blatant disinformation of this Hitler/Stalin type. Basically they call it a prewar type. I think to date they may indeed be thinking that Iraq has now been brought to the verge of civil war. If they do make their attack on Iran those forces will simply move into Iran and leave Iraq to descend into civil war and chaos because that is the essence, of course, of the Bernard/Lewis plan for the Balkinization of the Middle East which is the script behind what the US is doing. And then finally on July 29th and I think that this is another big turning point.. according to the Washington Post that I have here on the 29th the government of Uzbekistan out there in Tashkent in Central Asia has told the US you have 180 days to get out of that base. In other words the US is being unceremoniously booted out of Uzbekistan and the important airbase that they have been using for scores and scores of flights in regard to Afghanistan but it’s also a base that they would be using in regard to a campaign against Iran. If you look at the map the US has got, of course, Iran sandwiched into a vise between the airbases in Iraq to the west.. the airbases in Afghanistan to the east.. the airbases in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to the south. If they can envelop Iran also from the north they gain a great deal but that depends on these bases in Uzbekistan and Kirgisia and as I say this is a very blunt statement saying get out and get out within 180 days.. get your aircraft out.. get your personnel out… get your officials out .. no reasons. have no reasons.. sovereign Uzbek decision. You don’t need reasons.. go home! I think one of the reasons that comes out along the edges is they don’t talk about war so much. What they talk about is color revolutions.. what I would call CIA people powered coups.. that there had been attempts by the US to overthrow these governments and in particular we’re talking about Karimov there in Uzbekistan. They tried to topple him. He’s been able to hang on and I think he learned a lesson. It’s clear that with the backing of Putin and of China he’s in the process of kicking the US out. On the radio here yesterday in Washington we had Stephen Cohen.. sovietologist.. worked at Princeton for many years now NYU coming out and saying this is the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union that the forward march of Anglo-American expansionism, or this is how I would say it, he says it’s the first time the US has lost one, I would say it’s the first time this implacable forward march of Anglo-American aggression and expansionism and destabilization has been thrown back and kicked out of a country because up to now it’s always been going into countries and not leaving. Now of course maybe the US won’t leave but this in some ways puts a kind of a 180 day limit on that ability to attack Iran. Because if you’re serious about attacking Iran you want that base. And if you start attacking Iran maybe you go back to the Uzbek government and say well now we do need the base because we’re also attacking Iran

SS: For all we know Webster the Uzbekistan Supreme Court has ruled on this huh?

WT: I congratulate them. I think it’s exemplary. I think there are countries that are bigger and wealthier. Of course the US was giving them to this date was some miserable pittance of 20 billion dollars a year. This was also on the eve of a visit by Nicolas Burns one of the mad dogs in striped pants from the US State Department who is going to go in there and lecture Karimov about how Karimov had to allow an investigation of the destabilization. Of course the investigation would become a vehicle for the destabilization and the overthrow of Karimov so Karimov seems to be smart enough to say get out and I think that brings the hysteria of the rogue network in Washington and London, in some other places to a kind of a boil. Now let me just make a comment about what people can do and how you can understand this. We already know. I have a chapter about this in my book 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA.. you can get it on Amazon. I have a whole chapter about war games and terror exercises. These are different things. However their function is similar in the way that their used. Remember that on the day of 9/11 there’s a whole array of war games. You have Vigilant Guardian, Northern Guardian, and so forth. You have the fact that the whole 9/11 operation was conducted under the aegis of an operation, war exercise called Amalgam Virgo. You have a biowarfare drill going on in New York City. You have the National Reconnaissance Office conducting a drill about crashing planes into buildings including the Pentagon on that day. The average citizen, and this is the point where if you don’t advance to the level of MIHOP, if you’re not able to understand Made It Happen On Purpose you can’t understand what is going on around you. This is where LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) will simply not be enough to understand anything. The way in which these terror operations are run, be it 9/11 the 7/7 bombings in London or the one presumably upcoming, the way in which they’re run is that they are conduited through the normal military and police and intelligence agency bureaucracy but they’re conduited using military maneuvers and terror drills which closely resemble, which closely mimic the terrorist activity that’s about to happen. And there are many reasons for this. One reason is you’re conduiting a terror operation through a bureaucracy where some people know what is happening, some people are vaguely aware and support it, some people know nothing at all, some people know nothing at all and would be actively hostile if they found out what you were doing. There are loyal people inside bureaucracies, strange as it may seem. There are whistleblowers who might just go out and somehow raise hell about what’s going on. So if your going to crash planes into buildings you have a military or terror drill that seems to revolve around crashing planes into buildings. Go back to the Hinckley attempt to assassinate President Reagan. There was a 9 Lives exercise going on, set to go on the next day involving Presidential succession. In other words if Reagan had been killed that day and Bush had become President back in 1981 that would have been under the aegis of a coincidence, but of course it’s not a coincidence, a Presidential succession drill set for the very following day. If we look at the London 7/7 events we’ll see that in April of this year we had had this exercise series Atlantic Blue on the part of the British, TOPOFF 3 (meaning Top Officials 3) on the part of the United States and Triple Play on the part of Canada and that exercise was about bombs in the London underground that came at the same time that an important international gathering was taking place which was itself subjected to a biowarfare attack. Now the biowarfare doesn’t seem to have happened, at least as far as we know, but that would have been the G7 or G8 meeting Glen Eagles Scotland. So the idea is it’s what you realize that the kind of exercise that is going to be held is a key to seeing when these things might actually take place. This becomes a means to prevent them from happening. In other words to expose them it’s a kind of a mass whistleblower corp of the general public before the fact. Because I have to stress that press releases and press reports, press briefings, preparatory meetings and all sorts of things take place and they’re in the public domain. You can go to NORAD and see what they have posted in the way of coming drills. You can go to the Pentagon and all the subdivisions thereof. You can go to NATO headquarters. You can go to the Homeland Security. You can go to FEMA. You can go to the British Home Office. You can go to the Italian Defense Ministry.. and on and on and this is exactly what we need to be doing. This is an appeal that I’m making and we discussed this here in Washington last Sunday at a workshop of the Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11 and on terrorism in general. This was the one held at American University that we can perhaps talk about if we have a few minutes at the end but I think the important thing is there’s a kind of vigilance which is now required of people. Get yourself onto some website you can monitor and start looking for terror drills that might begin to fulfill Dick Cheney or again the controllers of Dick Cheney, the people who actually run Dick Cheney, their intention perhaps during the month of August. Remember that the month of August is a very dangerous one. We don’t have any Congressional oversight such as it is. The Congress has now gone home. They’re wallowing in politics. Now as a result of that workshop I got an e-mail from one of the participants who calls my attention here to an exercise and those of you who are taking notes you should take notes on this. Sudden Response 05. Sudden Response 05 will take place in August, starting tomorrow, I don’t know exactly when, in Fort Monroe. Fort Monroe is an old fort left over from the postwar of 1812, it’s a at the mouth of, well it’s on the Virginia side, it’s above Norfolk, Virginia. It’s on Chesapeake Bay. It defends the entrance to the James river from Chesapeake Bay. So from Fort Monroe down into North Carolina, down into South Carolina, they’re running Sudden Response 05. How interesting. This was reported in the newspapers here. We have the Winston-Salem North Carolina Journal March 18, 2005. North Carolina Sites Will Be Part of Summer Terrorism Drill. Now lets get to the heart of the matter. What is it that they’re going to be drilling. Well, a seafaring vessel, a freighter, transporting a 10 kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Now, I don’t know what that means, a port off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

LB: Fort Sumter.

WT: Wow. Yes. It’s the cradle of secessionism and it’s the cradle of one attempt to destroy the United States and maybe it will be the cradle of another attempt to destroy the United States. So the freighter has got a 10 kiloton nuclear warhead. It gets to someplace in the Carolinas. This is not so clear. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this a real possibility? Well, says this, this is a press release from NORTHCOM, from the US Military Northern Command. And they say Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here in Fort Monroe, Virginia is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible. Now they say that this will be an internal command post exercise. Watch out. There are in theory two different kinds of drills, one is a, you know, the commonest is a military maneuver where tanks go out in the field, soldiers march around, divisions go places, and you have that. In the air force it’s live fly, airplanes actually take off. Right. For the fleet, ships actually move around and mimic what they’re going to do in case there’s real combat. But then there’s also what you can call the staff exercise, right, the sandbox exercise as it’s sometimes called, the headquarters exercise, things like the HILEX series, like High Level Exercise, or TOPOFF. But this is supposed to be an internal command post exercise that’s going to be largely related to Fort Monroe but it’s going to theoretically involve places along the North Carolina coast just in the same way as Peter Power of Visor Consultants was running an exercise in the London underground about bombs going off in those stations at pretty much that time. It’s going to have the participation of FEMA region 4. It’s going to have active duty soldiers from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Consequence Management Response Force. Now here’s an interesting quote. This is from a guy called Paul Deflueri. He is the J7 lead exercise planner. He says each time we do one of these internal exercises we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity. What is the maximum of fidelity. The maximum of fidelity is that there really is a nuclear bomb there. That’s how I would see it. In other words this opens up a continuum of horror which we simply have to contemplate. Then he says that’s what we are trying to do for SR 05, for Sudden Response 05, create a good scenario, and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise.

WT: Consequence

LB: Madmen.

WT: Management Exercise.

SS: Isn’t the danger, Webster, that they might want to piggyback some kind of a real event on top of the mock drill.

WT: Yes. This is exactly what I’m arguing. And there would be.. some people… a lot of people... let’s say the majority of people taking part in this event, assuming this is the real thing, will believe that they’re taking part in what it’s billed as.. that it’s a civil defense exercise to protect against the terrible consequences of a bomb going off. But it’s perfectly feasible once you have such a thing going on, to bootleg into it, and conduit through it something that begins to approach more and more the actual contingency that’s being discussed, in other words a nuclear detonation. And that is why, this is simply the fruit of one regional researcher looking into this. I’ll give you a couple of others. I want to call peoples’ attention to the John Batchelor radio program. It is on the ABC radio network here in the United States and it seems to be on from 9’oclock every night to 1’oclock in the morning. And they have any number of people come on there but if you listen to this for awhile you will note that they have the wildest most extravagant and fantastic Neocon propaganda. For example just to give you an idea of the level. When you had the Iranian election. Neocon commentator come on and say this election was no good because the participation was only 22 per cent. I said alright I’m going to check the press about this and most wire services agreed that the participation had been 80 or 85 per cent… much more than the US. So, It was perfectly legitimate and I think that gives you the idea of what kind of wild stuff gets on there. However, it’s now obviously going to be used as a sewer where wildly inauthentic elements are mixed in with other propaganda elements that may indeed foreshadow something that’s going to happen. So here we go. Yosef Bodansky, he is a terror expert, right, always in quotes, right “terror expert”. He presents himself. He gives himself out to be a “terror expert”. He has worked for the Congress. He has written many books. He wrote a book about Bin Laden even before September 11th. He knows something. The question is how does he know it. Comes on the other night.. he says oh.. says there’s increasing tension in the Islamic.. the Moslem populations of central Italy. Hmm. How does he know that? He doesn’t tell ya how he knows it. But he says that there is increasing tension because a hit is planned in Rome. And I think that probably there are other indications that Rome might find its way onto the target list in some way. It’s certain that there’s straws in the wind which is all you ever have, that Rome may be targeted. So we’ve now got the coast of the Carolinas, we’ve got Rome and I’m sure we have other places. I’m sure that you could add a few. Well, what I’m suggesting is, if there’s a movement out there, if there are people who take 9/11 research seriously and the work that we’ve all been doing these last few years. Now is the time to get yourself into gear and go into a vigilance mode like you’ve never done it before, because the goal here is to stop something before it happens. We’re after all opposed to terrorism. Terrorism is the way the oligarchy makes war upon the people. We want it stopped. We want it shut down. We want that mole network cleaned out. And we want the patsies quite frankly rolled up and thrown into jail themselves, sociopaths and psychopaths that they are. But the main thing is to realize that the actual operation is not going to be done by patsies. They’re not going to be done by a bunch of lunatics spouting the nostrums of Algazari or something like this. It’s going to be conduited through the state bureaucracy, military, intelligence, and other government ministries, or executive departments as we call them here, or forms of local government, or always a privatized possibility, always a private military firm, or somebody like Visor Consultants as we’ve seen again and again and again. So I think this is a kind of emergency that seems to come together. Let me just also point out a couple of background factors because people want to know why now, why now. One thing is that the US land army is in the process of collapsing as people have seen. There’s a military limit to how far this can go. There’s some people on the internet who are arguing the real number of deaths, people killed in Iraq among the US military is between 7 and 9 thousand and that this has been hidden. There are other reports there are approximately 5,500/6,000 deserters mainly in Ireland. The planes seem to land at Shannon Airport near Dublin in the middle of Ireland and that’s your last chance to make a run for it and that seems to be where people are making a run for it. And so forth plus the collapsing morale, the collapsing levels of recruitment and so forth. You’ve also got this tremendous financial crisis which I tried to point out. The hedge funds seem to have taken a body blow. A deadly crisis of the hedge funds back in about the middle of May. I was aware of it at the time. And then you wonder what does that do. Every time you have a qualitative deterioration in the financial situation that is translated into increased adventurism, increased desperation on the part of these invisible government types because ultimately they are controlled, they work together let’s say with financiers, with Wall Street and the city of London. You’ve also got a political crisis, right, we’ve got God knows, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby on the verge of being indicted and the rest of that. In other words Bush cratering, Bush in freefall, key figures of the Bush administration possibly subject to indictment, and so forth. And you could.. it’s not of course that Bush… it’s not.. and I don’t want to give the impression that Bush is launching all this to save himself. Bush does not have the power to do any of this. He is being prodded to do it. He is being prodded to do the public part of it by those who have the power to make the behind the scenes part of it come true. And those people behind the scenes regard Bush as their asset as long as he carries out their orders… the forces above and behind the Whitehouse to which our real attention ought to be directed rather than the simple puppets Bush, Cheney and the rest of the expendables that you see. So financially, militarily, politically and I’m sure we could say other dimensions that have brought this entire Anglo-American system to the brink. And again, look at Britain. Look at this constant ape theater that their putting on… telling people oh these terrorists are still at large, right, the second time they said there were four or five of them.. patsies, they seem to have arrested those patsies. But now you find these grave spokesman for the terror analysis community saying well we’re sure, you never know why, that we have a fifth, a sixth, a seventh and an eighth cell and that they could go into action at any time. So the Londoners in particular are being subjected to a kind of terror demagogy and terror blackmail, the goal of which seems to be Tony Blair seeing himself as an Aznar. Remember Aznar right before the Madrid bombings in the spring of last year, Aznar was on his way out. He was going to lose the election because the Spanish hated his war policy. Tony Blair is a lame duck to the extent that he has to face the voters. He would have been out this year, or maybe next year but he was on his way out for sure. This is the great danger of martial law is that it lets an unscrupulous politician say well if I have to get reelected I’m gone, I’m dead road kill but if I have martial law I can stay in power for three, four, five years, how many, and I think it’s the Aznar model that Blair is trying to imitate. Whether the British people will let him, whether the British people will be, say, as I hope, whether they will be as intelligent as the Spanish and kick him out, and the rest of the people who are trying to use terror to brainwash that country, well I hope that they’ll do that. But it seems to me that Tony Blair is trying to imitate Aznar, but of course not to imitate his failure. So what I urge people to do, get your attention fixed on these coming maneuvers and send that in. You can send it to me. I’m at [email protected] . If you guys get some maybe you can forward them to me. I know you’re going to be interested too and let’s try to set up a vigilance. We call it maneuver monitoring. It’s a function of the independent, international truth commission on 9/11 that we decided that would not simply look backward or look around us from day to day, wait for what came in, but to go out aggressively and since we do know something about how terrorism takes place to try to undercut it by trying to identify in advance those kinds of maneuvers and drills that would lend themselves to being the vehicles and conduits for some sort of apocalyptic action on the part of this bankrupt and hysterical ruling class that we have.

SS: That’s a brilliant analysis that you’ve made Webster and of course the Scotland Yard secret police are in a bind. They cannot release the pictures of the July 7th event because actually the trains and the subway were bombed from underneath. Therefore those that were onboard with knapsacks who they claim had explosives in their knapsacks did not do it because the train was bombed from underneath. And they don’t want to show the pictures because that would verify it.

WT: I think there’s solid reasons to believe what you just said Sherman. I would agree with that.

SS: And the idea of trying to flush out the thing in advance by the various methods you mention is a brilliant idea and I commend you.

WT: Great.

LB: Webster, you wanted to say something at the end about the university you said mentioned earlier.

WT: I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know when we could come back on but maybe we could come back on cuz I think that maybe we just wanna forget about that for the moment.

LB: Ok. Let’s leave that. We’ll do that in a next briefing next week. But let’s just.. once again your book is available at amazon.com .

WT: Yes. It’s called 9/11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA. It has a whole chapter, including this analysis of the uses of military drills. I’ll tell you an example. I’ve actually done this once before. Maybe I should tell this story briefly because shows it can be done. 1975 was a rough year for the rogue network. Because remember they had been kicked out of Vietnam, right, they had been routed. They had been routed out of Vietnam after 15.. 20 years of attempts to impose a puppet regime in that country. So the rogue network, the US establishment, would be another way to say it, was pretty hysterical and they were pretty interested in finding some way to reassert themselves because of course in those months after the end of the Vietnam debacle. I’m talking about the helicopter flying the people off the roof of the embassy and these scenes of wild panic. There was of course a danger that the whole Anglo-American world position would collapse and that the Soviets and the Chinese would advance and that pro-US governments would fall and that pro-Soviet regimes would come in. There was some chance of that happening. Anyways they took it seriously. So they planned a maneuver called HILEX 75. HILEX again being High Level Exercise. If you want help with these acronyms you have to get the book by William Arkin. I have no interest in this book but it does help you to understand what a lot of these acronyms and abbreviations mean. A sort of military jargon, right, the stuff that we’ve just gone through, right and remember the one you have to remember..


WT: Well yeah. MIHOP. But it’s Sudden Response 05. Sudden Response 05 is the one you want to find out about. Or TOPOFF. If you find TOPOFF 4 or TOPOFF 5 or TOPOFF 6, you better watch out for that one too. Or Amalgam Virgo. They could bring that one back. Anyway, the one we had was HILEX 75. HILEX being High Level Exercise. And this is gaming at the level of US government, NATO governments, state department, foreign ministries of those countries. And in those days I got a report that this was actually a staff exercise, it was a sandbox exercise but it had the capability of course of becoming something real. And the way that this worked was, the idea was that they were going to have a simulation of a thermonuclear confrontation in the Warsaw pact. But there was a possibility that that kick over into something real. In other words an actual confrontation with the Soviets and the rest of the Warsaw pact. So it was in December of 1975. I was in Europe at the time. And the people I was working with in those years did a European wide, US wide campaign calling attention to the danger posed by HILEX 75.. that HILEX 75 could turn into the third world war. And it was simply a barometer of the desperation of the US, British ruling elite, that they felt that they somehow needed to teach the Soviets a lesson, or scare the Soviets, or throw the Soviets back on their heels to prevent the loss of Vietnam from being the collapse of their entire world position. So on New Years Eve of 1975 I was on the steps of the Milan cathedral with 4 or 5 of my friends at the time and we handed out a leaflet saying watch out for HILEX 75 that is a staff exercise of NATO, and telling all about it, and it could turn into the third world war, because there are nuclear weapons at Verona, there are nuclear weapons at Naples, there are nuclear weapons here, there and everywhere. So do something about it. Call your local journalist, call your member of Parliament, call the local Italian Defense Ministry or call the local military bases.. do something. And somehow with very limited means I think it was clearly I think in retrospect possible to remove, or at least, well it turned out to be remove, to block, to negate this capability that was built into HILEX 75 to turn it into a real war. The exercise I believe happened but it didn’t turn into a real war. And I think that part of the reason it did not turn into a real war was because there were probably a total of maybe 200 or 250 people around the world who went out and did something, a leaflet, a phone call, talking among friends, something like this, right, talk it up. And I believe what 75,000 listeners for Cloak and Dagger or something of that order? That is a massive maneuver. In other words, if people who listen to this are willing to do something. Put out a statement. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Do something to call attention to the fact that there is a grave danger of a synthetic terrorist action, a state sponsored false flag synthetic terror attack during the month of August and beyond, and that this could turn into this attack on Iran that Cheney is talking about. Notice that they won’t have to tie it to Iran. Part of the verbiage which I read to you at the beginning is they don’t care if Iran can be implicated. But if the terror event takes place, Iran will be the target no matter what, just in the same way that Iraq was going to be the target of 9/11 whether or not they could be tied to it.

SS: We appreciate your treasury of wisdom that you’ve brought to this program. His current book Synthetic Terrorism has been bundled up with his previous wonderful book Unauthorized Biography of George Bush that originally came out in ’92, went out of print and now is available through amazon.com. I’ve read both books. They’re both very wonderful.

LB: They are must read books for all media scientists, professional spies, and amateur sleuths, so you’ve gotta get Webster’s book.

SS: Thanks for being on this program Webster and bringing your treasury of wisdom onto this program.

WT: It’s always a pleasure.

LB: And we’ll have you back again next week and looking forward to your briefing again next week Webster.

WT: Ok. Maybe this time we can get some of the lessons from the Cynthia McKinney hearings that were held here on the 22nd of July and the weekend Truth Convergence at American University which had some progress and lessons of other types.

LB: Absolutely. We’ll look forward to having your briefing on that subject next week.

SS: My usual conclusion is THE HELL WITH THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.

LB: Read it yourself instead of asking the government why because that will cause the propaganda to die. Goodnight gentlemen.

[Almost at the same time - WT: Goodnight. SS: Goodnight Webster.]


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