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Charlie Crist for Governor 2006 - Lawyer Asks Hard Questions


You may want to take a look at

It relates to Florida Attorney General and 2006 gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. The issue is his offices selective enforcement of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act where well-connected law firms are concerned.

Plenty of hyperlinked documentation for my assertions.  My Public Complaint #54 at concerning a law firm is tied to the story on Crist.

You folks have been a driving force behind my efforts.  Thank you for helping  to raise social consciousness concerning issues most folks in the media seem to sidestep.

Please call me at 904-629-6999 if you'd like to discuss.  There's no need to consider this a confidential communication.  Feel free to attribute all allegation directly to me -- I stand behind them all and have ample documentation.

Thanks again for your wonderful publication.  My hat's off to you regardless whether you pursue a further look at Crist. He seems like a straight shooter, but his office really brushed aside my report of a law firm's widespread consumer fraud.  No investigation whatsoever.  Not so sure that makes him a wise choice to be Florida's next Governor.   Your thoughts?

Best regards.

-Jeff Hill

Jeffrey R. Hill, Esq.
Florida Bar # 0833517
Georgia Bar # 354240
10200 Belle Rive Blvd. #166
Jacksonville, FL 32256

"Hill's Peek": "

"Regulating Lawyer Misconduct in Florida: Who's Responsible?":

"Palm Beach Times Action Line Complaint #54":

"Palm Beach Times Action Line Complaint #109":


From: "Jeff Hill" <>
To: <>; <>
Cc: <>; <>; <>; <>;
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Thompson" <>; "Mark Adams" <>;
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<>; <>; <>
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 2:42 AM
Subject: Selective Enforcement of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act Where Well-
Connected Law Firms Are Concerned

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Charlie Crist for Governor
2032 Thomasville Road, Suite C
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
January 28, 2006

Dear Attorney General Crist:
I visited your "Charlie Crist for Governor" web site and am taking you up on your invitation to contact your campaign. I am writing to express my concerns over what appears to be your existing office's selective enforcement of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act when well-connected law firms are involved.

A Jan. 24, 2006 article on reports that you recently sued a Florida corporation and its officers for improperly selling confidential cell phone and telephone records through its Internet sites. The lawsuit reportedly accuses the corporation of providing customers with confidential telephone calling records of unsuspecting consumers in violation of Florida's Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act and civil conspiracy laws.

You announced on Dec. 6, 2005 that your office sued two Palm Beach County men for unfair and deceptive trade practices stemming from allegations that their cabinet and countertop business took customers' deposits but failed to provide the requested items. Your complaint alleges the two men never delivered promised services. Affidavits from consumers reportedly reflect that victims were cheated out of more than $175,000 in deposits. Your office reportedly maintains the two Palm Beach County men are being sued under Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, which allows a penalty of $10,000 per violation, or $15,000 if the victim is a senior citizen or disabled adult.

In sharp contrast, your office failed to even investigate reports of a well-connected Jacksonville law firm's widescale misappropriation of many clients' funds. I am an attorney who was employed by FARAH, FARAH & ABBOTT, P.A. (a/k/a The Law Offices of Eddie Farah) in 2004 when I discovered it was frequently 'padding' costs charged to personal injury clients by $300 or more per case and had been doing so for several years. It overcharged hundreds of unsuspecting clients and the combined misappropriated funds are estimated at several hundred thousand dollars.

The law firm practiced as a professional association ("P.A."), an authorized business entity under The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. Florida Bar Rule 4-8.6(a) specifically provides, "Authorized Business Entities. Lawyers may practice law in the form of professional service corporations, professional limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, general partnerships, or limited liability partnerships organized or qualified under applicable law. Such forms of practice are authorized business entities under these rules."

As you are no doubt aware, there are many reasons attorneys choose to form professional associations for their legal practices. The owners of a professional association are called shareholders and ordinarily do not have personal liability for liabilities that arise in the ordinary course of business or from the malpractice of other attorneys at the law firm. This is one of the major benefits of operating a law practice as a professional association.

My Jan. 10, 2005 letter to your office reported The Law Offices of Eddie Farah's repeated acts of consumer theft/fraud in the years 2002 through 2004. That letter included supporting documentation from ten cases in which the firm grossly

Page 2 of 5

overcharged clients. My letter emphasized, “Given the frequency and duration of [the firm’s] overcharging practice, many clients and considerable sums of money are involved in these matters." Your office responded by letter dated Jan. 24, 2005, simply identifying The Florida Bar as the agency responsible for reviewing grievances against Florida lawyers. Your office's letter gave no reason for it's failure to investigate the offenses being reported as committed by the firm itself, a professional association. I am aware of no legal authority exempting law firms operating as professional associations from being investigated and, if appropriate, prosecuted under Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. If your know of any such authority, I would appreciate your citing it.

I had already reported my concerns over The Law Offices of Eddie Farah's overcharging practices to The Florida Bar by letter dated Sept. 28, 2004 to Donald M. Spangler, Esq., Chief Branch Discipline Counsel. My letter to Spangler also included supporting documentation of the firm's overcharging
practices. To my surprise, a full year went by with no contact from anyone on behalf of The Florida Bar to investigate my report of widescale fraud and misappropriation of clients' funds by The Law Offices of Eddie Farah. Not a single inquiry from The Florida Bar by letter, email or telephone.

I followed up with Spangler by email dated Sept. 1, 2005, letter dated Sept. 6, 2005 and email dated Oct. 25, 2005. By email dated Oct. 27, 2005, Spangler rather succinctly responded, "The file to which you refer was closed. The grievance committee considered the matter after investigation and an audit by the bar staff auditor, and found there was no probable cause to pursue disciplinary proceedings. They did elect to send a letter of advice to the firm."

According to The Florida Bar's web site, "The Florida Bar has an important role in the regulation of lawyer misconduct. A complaint of unprofessional conduct against a Florida Bar member is a serious matter. The processing and investigation of inquiries and complaints are a basic responsibility of the Bar as mandated by the Florida Supreme Court. The Bar seeks to protect the public from unethical lawyers."

I find it difficult to fathom how The Florida Bar's grievance committee could reach an informed decision concerning probable cause to pursue disciplinary proceedings without ever even contacting the person reporting the misconduct as part of its investigation. Despite the egregiousness of the reported misconduct, I received no inquiries whatsoever from any Bar investigators by letter, telephone or email.

Questioning the thoroughness of the grievance committee's investigation and audit by the staff auditor, I sent a public records request to The Florida Bar for its complete file. It was only after repeated follow up requests that the Bar finally

Page 3 of 5

complied and produced the records. Unfortunately, the records produced offer no clues as to the basis for the grievance committee's finding of no probable cause for disciplinary proceedings. There are no indications any Bar investigators even contacted any of the witnesses I identified by name. Even the grievance committee's Nov. 8, 2005 Notice of No Probable Cause and Letter of Advice fails
to explain the basis for its finding.

It is undisputed The Law Offices of Eddie Farah overcharged many clients by substantial sums. Attorney John A. Weiss, Esq. of Tallahassee represented the firm's principals, attorneys and brothers Eddie and Chuck Farah, before the Bar. Weiss admitted the firm's overcharges in a Sept. 22, 2005 letter to The Bar stating,

"As an aside, I would advise you that the firm has refunded in excess of $120,000.00 ... to those clients who were inadvertently overcharged for costs. Approximately $10,000.00 remains undisbursed because the firm, and the private investigator it subsequently hired, could not find the individuals." That certainly sounds like a lot of money to be 'inadvertently' overcharged. The firm would have to overcharge 400 clients by $300 each to reach $120,000. Even The Florida Bar's own audit of the firm's trust account confirmed $130,000 in overcharges and a lack of substantial compliance with Bar rules governing trust acounts in the years 2002 through 2004.

According to a Jan. 6, 2006 letter I received from Spangler, "The Florida Bar cannot impose disciplinary action against a law firm, only against individual lawyers." This case demonstrates a dangerous loophole unscrupulous attorneys can easily exploit to the public’s detriment. If law firms themselves aren't subject to disciplinary action by The Florida Bar, why won't your office investigate a professional assocation's documented overcharging practices under Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act? Is it because the professional association in question just happens to be a law firm rather than some other business?

It's been over a year since I reported The Law Offices of Eddie Farah's overcharging practices to The Florida Bar and your to office. Someone must be responsible for protecting clients defrauded by law firms and the public needs to know who that is. If it's not The Florida Bar or the Florida Attorney General's Office, who the heck is it?

This issue of selective enforcement of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act when well-connected law firms are involved is gaining increasing attention. Would you please explain for us voters what your office's position is concerning this issue?

Page 4 of 5

Please call me if you have any questions.

Best regards.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey R. Hill, Esq.
Florida Bar # 0833517
Georgia Bar # 354240
10200 Belle Rive Blvd. #166
Jacksonville, FL 32256

enc. (attachments via highlighted hyperlinks)
cc: Various Members of the Media, The Florida Bar's Board of Governors, and other potentially concerned parties as listed


"Hill's Peek": "
"Regulating Lawyer Misconduct in Florida: Who's Responsible?":
"Palm Beach Times Action Line Complaint":

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Abramoff Scandal Updated



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More details emerge on Col. Ted Westhusing's "suiciding" in Iraq

More details emerge on Col. Ted Westhusing's "suiciding" in Iraq

See comments section at the following URL and/or visit Wayne Madsen Report



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Orwell's "Goldstein" - Resembles Today's "Bin Laden" - Will the NEXT PSYOP Usher in Martial Law (and CODEX) Under NORTHCOM?

IAHF List: Below this report I list several things we CAN DO to FIGHT BACK against the next planned ruling elite PSYOPS, political and military efforts intended to complete our enslavement and to force genocidal Codex measures on us.

In my last alert I referred you to this new section on the National Health Federation's website which details the shadow governments detailed plans to erase America's borders with Canada and Mexico in order to force the 3 countries together into a planned North American Union via which our dietary supplement laws would be harmonized to CODEX as just one part of a much
larger societal control agenda:


A Canadian on the IAHF list wanted to add his thoughts to this discussion and he sends us the following material--- especially take notice of what he's saying about NORTHCOM (The New Military Command Structure created in Colorado intended to coordinate (planned)  martial law throughout the US, Canada and Mexico)-----

Ponder this excerpt from George Orwell's infamous novel "1984" in the context of current news reports about Bin Laden's latest supposed "taped warning" (Urging a truce with the USA) disseminated via Al Jazeera news network:
(Bin Laden Offers Americans Truce.... January 19, 2006:


excerpt from --1984
(George Orwell, 1948)

...the face of Emmanuel Goldstein, the Enemy of the People, had flashed on to the screen. There were hisses here and there among the audience. The little sandy-haired woman gave a squeak of mingled fear and disgust. Goldstein was the renegade and backslider who once, long ago (how long ago, nobody quite remembered), had been one of the leading figures of the Party, almost on a level with Big Brother himself, and then had engaged in counter-revolutionary activities, had been condemned to death, and had mysteriously escaped and disappeared.

The programmes of the Two Minutes Hate varied from day to day, but there was none in which Goldstein was not the principal figure. He was the primal traitor, the earliest defiler of the Party’s purity. All subsequent crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts of sabotage, heresies, deviations, sprang directly out of his teaching. Somewhere or other he was still alive and hatching his conspiracies: perhaps somewhere beyond the sea, under the protection of his foreign paymasters, perhaps even—so it was occasionally rumoured—in some hiding-place in Oceania itself."


How is it that the CIA and US Military "can't find" a lanky 6'5" Arab who is dragging around a dialysis machine everywhere he goes?

Could it be that the CIA isn't TRYING to find him?

Remember- September 13-19, 2001: Members of bin Laden's family and important Saudis are flown out of the US, during the time that all U.S. commercial flights are grounded.[Boston Globe, 9/21/01, New Yorker, 11/5/01, [Tampa Tribune, 10/5/01]

Bin Laden was propped up by the CIA for years, and did huge business with the Bush family:

Could it be that Bin Laden is living under CIA protective custody with all the comforts of home while he periodically churns out the latest "tape" intended to foreshadow the next 911 styled PSYOP intended to "manufacture consent" for various NWO objectives including:

1. Tactical Nuclear Strike on IRAN

2. Additional 911 type PSYOPS on US Soil

3. The IMPETUS for Congress to pass the North American Cooperative Security Act which would erase our borders with Canada and Mexico to force us into the CFR planned North American Union

4. Putting NORTHCOM in control in a martial law scenario where US troops could be used to "restore order" anywhere in the USA, Canada, or Mexico

Lets look at each of these possible scenarios to see if there is any evidence to support their possibility:

1. Tactical Nuclear Strike on IRAN:  "The launching of an outright war using nuclear warheads against IRAN is now in the final planning stages." That shocking comment came from the 10 page article "NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST IRAN" released January 3, 2006 by Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at Canada's University of Ottawa and director of the Center for Research on Globalization

2. 911 is widely regarded by a growing number of researchers to have been a Psychological Operation, a modern day Pearl Harbor intended to manufacture consent for the Iraq war:

3. Everything pertaining to the North American Cooperative Security Act & CODEX can be seen in recent IAHF alerts, particularly

The Role of Northern Command ( Northcom )

   Northern Command ( Northcom ) ( based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado ) was set up in April 2002 specifically in the context of "the pre-emptive war on terrorism".

   The creation of Northcom is consistent with the de facto repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act. In fact, the position of a "Homeland Defense Command" leader "in the event of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil", had already been envisaged in early 1999 by Clinton's Defense Secretary William Cohen. ( click here ... ) .

   Following the Bush Administration's decision to create Northcom, the White House instructed Justice Department lawyers "to review the Posse Comitatus law in light of new security requirements in the war on terrorism." The 1878 Act was said to "greatly restrict the military's ability to participate in domestic law enforcement". ( National Journal, Government Record, 22 July 2002 )

   The role of Northern Command defined in the Pentagon's "Joint Doctrine for Homeland Security ( JP-26 ) ", constitutes a blueprint on how to defend the Homeland.

   Martial law could be triggered even in the case of a bogus terror alert based on fabricated intelligence. Even in the case where it is known and documented to senior military officials that the "outside enemy" is fabricated, a martial law situation, characterized by detailed command military/security provisions, would become operational almost immediately.

   Northcom has a mandate to "defend the homeland" against this illusive "outside enemy", ( Al Qaeda ) which is said to be threatening the security of America. According to Frank Morales, "the scenario of a military take-over of America is unfolding." And Northern Command is the core military entity in this takeover and militarisation of civilian institutions.

   Northcom's "Command Mission" encompasses a number of "non-military functions" including "crisis management" and "domestic civil support". Under Northcom jurisdiction, the latter would imply a process of "military support to federal, state and local authorities in the event of a terror attack". The latter would include:

   the preparation for, prevention of, deterrence of, preemption of, defense against, and response to threats and aggression directed towards U.S. territory, sovereignty, domestic population, and infrastructure; as well as crisis management, consequence management, and other domestic civil support."

   Northcom is described as having "a Creeping Civilian Mission". ( David Isenberg, Asian Times, 5 December 2003 ) . Since its inception, it has been building capabilities in domestic intelligence and law enforcement. It is in permanent liaison with the DHS and the Justice Department. It has several hundred FBI and CIA officers stationed at its headquarters in Colorado. ( National Journal, 1 May 2004 ) . It is in permanent liaison, through an advanced communications system, with municipalities and domestic civilian law enforcement agencies around the country. Ibid ) . It also has links to Canadian military and government authorities through the so-called "binaitonal planning group". ( See Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda? November 2004 click here ... )

   Meanwhile the CIA, which has a unit operating out of Northcom, has extended its mandate to issues of "domestic intelligence".

   In the case of a Code Red Alert, a national emergency would be declared. Northern Command would deploy its forces on air, land and sea. Several functions of civilian government would be transferred to Northcom headquarters, which already has several structures, which enables it to oversee and supervise civilian institutions.

   In other words, Northcom's "command structure" would be activated in the case of a code red terror alert. But Northcom does not require, in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 Defense Authorization Act ( DAA ) , a terror alert, a terror attack or a war-like situation to intervene in the country's civilian affairs.

   The jurisdiction of the Northern Command now extends from Mexico to Alaska. Under ( "bi-national" ) agreements signed with Canada and Mexico, Northern Command can intervene and deploy its forces and military arsenal on land, air and sea in Canada ( extending into its Northern territories ) , throughout Mexico and in parts of the Caribbean. ( See


1. EDUCATION is the first step. Please FORWARD this alert widely and urge everyone you know to subscribe to the IAHF list at There is safety in NUMBERS.

2. Very Hard Times are clearly being planned for us all. Prepare NOW- Turn your Body, Mind, and Spirit into WEAPONS against the planned NWO Genocide Agenda. See past IAHF alerts about the importance of alkalinizing your body:

3. Oppose the North American Cooperative Security Act: Send Mssg With One Mouseclick to Congress and Media

4. Organize a MEETING in your local area to EDUCATE more people so they'll understand whats happening with Codex and what they CAN DO to oppose the NWO's genocide agenda.

UTILIZE IAHF's Educational Kit to awaken more people.


1. Anti Codex documentary film "We Become Silent" by Kevin P. Miller. This hard hitting 28 minute documentary is narrated by Dame Judi Dench (famous British actress) and was produced by Kevin P. Miller, winner of the Gold Medal at the NY Film Festival in 1994 for a previous documentary called "Let Truth Be the Bias" that helped pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

2. One Hour Audio cassette tape of a talk I gave last August at the Pennsylvania Natural Living Assn Conference. This talk provides additional detail beyond that provided in the DVD and will help you connect the dots more on whats going on with CODEX and how it is that we can best fight back by stopping regional harmonization where we DO have political power.

3. Special Anti Codex issue of the Crusador Magazine with interviews by Greg Ciola of myself and several allies. (You can get additional copies of this magazine to hand out at your meeting for just the cost of postage by contacting Greg Ciola at

4. Copy of Gary Tunsky's book "The Battle for Health is Over Ph". (Disease can't live in an alkaline host. Make your body and mind a WEAPON against the New World Order. Get ready for ANYTHING they might throw at us. Learn how to best COPE with the stress of fighting the New World Order by taking active steps to improve your own health through simple things you CAN DO!!! Inspire your Friends, and Family!! (See
Health Maverick Turns Medical Science Upside Down Part 1 of 3

5. An IAHF bumper sticker with the url of the website because there is SAFETY in NUMBERS!!!


The North American Cooperative Security Act is MUGGABLE. Thats the view of my friend Norm Singleton, legislative director of Congressman Ron Paul.

You'll need to get everyone you know in cyberspace and who comes to your meeting to go here: and for more background information, see my previous alert on the threat posed by the North American Cooperative Security Act

If you need help to plan your meeting or want me to participate in your meeting via speakerphone or in person, we can discuss this: 800-333-2553 (N.America)


Please send a minimum donation of just $50. to

556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

or pay via paypal at Enter the site by clicking the white rectangle, and you will then see the orange scrollbar on the left side.The paypal button is located on the top of the scrollbar.

Additional Donations help us with the myriad expenses involved in running the IAHF office, in travelling to educate more people, and in getting to DC when it counts the most for lobbying trips.

Please FORWARD this mssg to more people and urge them to JOIN YOU in taking action. Together we can keep NACSA from EVER getting off the ground.



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Interview: Abramoff,. No Stranger to Stew Webb

Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger I’m your host Lenny Bloom. Welcome. This is It’s triple w We also can be found at We’ll move on with our briefing tonight. Once again we’re here to scrape the bullshit off the truth, to expose the state secrets the ruling elite hope you don’t find right under your nose. Joining me is one of the great new sniffers and investigative reporters and patriots in the United States today… we welcome to Stewart Webb. Stew it’s a pleasure to have you back at Cloak and Dagger.

SW: Well, thanks for having me back. Thanks for doing the show with me. I appreciate it.

LB: Stew…

SW: It’s always a pleasure.

LB: Stew.. so much is going on backstage in the global theater behind the scenery. It’s hard to know when to talk, where to find it, and where to start, and start to unravel it but you have through your lifetime been unraveling the onion, getting deeper and deeper and so we would love to have some of your briefings and talking to us about what’s going on backstage tonight.

SW: Well, the main thing and if I can I think the people should look at my website because we’ve been doing a whole series of stories since about April-May timeframe and Tom Flocco, investigative journalist, he’s a great writer, and he’s the one who’s been doing them. We’ve been connecting the dots should we say... myself and Tom Hennigan… and Flocco’s been doing the writing and we’ve been supplying the documentation… we’ve been connecting the dots from A to Z about the Bush/Clinton crime family. And in the process of course, you’ve had Tom on I believe… you put Mr. Hennigan on every week in a briefing.

LB: Yep. That’s right, he’s been on. Yep.

SW: He’s been doing this for… I don’t know… years with you now..

LB: Over a year.. Yep.. a few years.

SW: And so what we’re doing now is we’re connecting the dots. People can see the serious stories that we’ve done on but the breaking news right now of course .. <blank> .. <inaudible and indiscernible> .. and several US attorneys who are directly involved with..

LB: I had a fade out there for a minute on the internet could you just say that again..

SW: I said the things that we’ve been connecting the dots on.. a lot of these things have been the subject matter that the special prosecutor, the United States attorney.. appointed United States attorney .. <indiscernible> … investigate Bush.. Patrick Fitzgerald.. now Patrick Fitzgerald is looking at a combination of a lot of different things and I can’t get into everything.. but if people remember when he released the indictments on October the 28th or 29th .. whatever it was.  against… the indictments against Scooter Libby .. Chief of Staff for Richard Cheney.. he said quote unquote “I’m passing up under National Security protocol 5 files to the court.. those were the indictments against Bush/Cheney/and others for espionage… that is for releasing Valerie Plame’s name to the media.. intentionally outing her. And people have to understand what she was. She was an agent that was undercover. Her specialty was weapons of mass destruction. She looked at the fact that they started a war based on lies and of course she and her network … several of them got killed in her network… other agents throughout the world got killed .. some people say it’s as high as 175 that were murdered over a year… year and a half period of time after this happened. But there are directly… I believe they can connect the dots on this and have… that there’s about six of them that they can connect the dots directly to Valerie Plame’s network.. now this was the result of her saying there’s no weapons of mass destruction.. of course her husband.. Ambassador Joseph Wilson.. had been commissioned by the CIA to find out if Niger had sold yellowcake .. nuclear material.. to Sadaam Hussein in Iraq.. which did not happen .. and he put it in his report … well then later they falsified a report.. Britain did.. Tony Blair and the Queen. They falsified a report to intentionally make it look like weapons of mass destruction.. now just two weeks ago in the Los Angeles Times a French general came forward and I’ve been meaning to put the story up.. I just received it today.. put it up on my website.. but it was in the LA Times .. it talks about a French general coming forth who is intelligence who’s claimed that there were no weapons of mass destruction.. and that the French had submitted a report along with the central intelligence agency saying this.. so this war that they started… it was all based on lies.. falsification.. which makes them war criminals. And I know that things are being looked at in that area.. but we also have Lenny.. are you with me here?..

LB: Oh yeah go ahead.

SW: OK.. we also have this Jack Abramoff mess.. which is congressman.. lobbying congressman..          buying off congressman.. senators.. etc. Now this has been going on for a number of years. And I want to connect the dots tonight on Abramoff because there’s a lot of connections to my former father-in-law, Leonard Millman..

LB: Go .. Yeah..

SW: He’s been dead for a couple of years..

LB: Right..

SW: But him and Abramoff were partners.  And they were partners in a building.. they called it the Star Wars building on Colorado boulevard just south of Cherry Creek between Cherry Creek drive and where the Silverado building was.. which he owned.. Silverado Savings.. Millman did.. his company.. the parent company of Silverado was MDC holdings in Denver.

LB: Right.

SW: MDC is one of the largest home builders.. Richmond American Homes.. Richmond Homes, etc… one of the largest home builders in the country. They are rated in the top 10 I believe… among many other building companies that Millman owned.. KB Homes, etc… but Richmond American or MDC holdings.. it’s important to know this… MDC Holdings had been lobbying for a number of years using Norman Brownstein…

LB: Right.

SW: Norman Brownstein was on the board of directors of Silverado.. so was Neil Bush, George W Bush’s brother… it was the illegal CIA money laundering.. narco money laundering and theft bank… they were doing security frauds there.. they were doing.. I mean that bank was a 50 billion dollar debacle when it failed… they only reported it as 1 billion but it was over 50 billion that I’m aware of and they never would open the whole can of worms up on that figure…

LB: Bank robbers got in charge of the bank…

SW: Exactly.. they own the bank and they were just you know growing money on trees should we say.. robbing it to death… now Millman… MDC Holdings… it’s important for people to understand this.. Larry Mizel now controls MDC.. and Norman Brownstein who was a former director… who is involved with MDC.. is the on record attorney for MDC… resigned his position as a director.. <indiscernible.. supposedly???>.. after the Silverado fiasco.. Norman Brownstein is one of the six CIA council that control all the stolen money for the Bush crime family.. he is one of the attorneys for George Herbert Walker Bush himself when Bush was CIA director in the 70s. Now these six attorneys.. Brownstein.. Natolly<?> and others … are the ones who have set up these trusts.. and the money would leave the country … all the stolen S&L money.. junk bond money.. the BCCI connections.. etc.. a lot of it go to the Isle of Jersey.. John Dix.. another money launderer connected to Denver.. who helped build DTC Parkway with Millman.. Denver Tech Center they call it…   

LB: Yeah

SW: It’s out south.. Now John Dix has been written about in a book called The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Peter Brewton.. I contributed to that even though my name does not appear.. Margie Sloan at Time Magazine.. a reporter.. does.. I was working with her hand in hand when Brewton put the book out.. but we gave him most of the chapters on the Chicago connections and the Silverado connections.. but in there he speaks heavily on things pertaining to MDC Holdings.. but he.. I’m kind of losing chain of thought because I’m all over the board here with this...but..

LB: No.. no.. go ahead Stew..

SW: Ok.. but Millman and MDC.. Mizel and Norman Brownstein.. on the money trail.. the money would leave the country.. go to John Dix.. would go to Hong Kong.. it would leave the Isle of Jersey / Isle of Man.. go to Hong Kong.. come back into the country and it would come back through Arkansas.. which was Jackson Stevens and Hillary Clinton..

LB: Right.

SW: And then the money.. this was in the form of would go out..

LB: You put together a big dot. Excellent

SW: Connecting the dots..

LB: Keep going..

SW: The money.. it would <inaudible>

LB: There’s a bingo.. there’s a big dot.. way to go Stew.

SW: It is the big dot.. And the money still is being transferred in that manner.. it goes out of the country.. it goes to Chase.. Morgan Guarantee.. it goes to the Bahamas.. it’s transferred out of there.. it goes to Isle of Jersey.. John Dix..or Isle of Man now.. and he was hit with income tax evasion charges.. Isle of Jersey.. so he went to the Isle of Man over near England.. and then it goes to Hong Kong.. and it also leaves Hong Kong and it ends up in two Swiss Banks that were the banks that were buying up Wall Street.. and so forth.. and through Eisley<??> which was the Waymark connection.. which financed 9/11 and financed Oklahoma City and the terrorist attacks and all the other stuff that’s been going on in this Bush crime family shadow government.. now the other part of the money.. went back into Arkansas.. Jackson Stevens… Hillary Clinton.. then it went back into the hands of the 6 CIA Council .. that is .. they show up as the directors of the trustees for the trusts that own everything.. I’ll give you an example.. there’s one trust.. I’m trying to think of the name of it.. well anyway it’s one trust they called somethin Trust.. and the trustee comes up as Norman Brownstein .. this trust owns a lending company out of Phoenix, Arizona who is the.. that loans 45% of all used vehicles from dealers in the country.. that means they’re financing 45% of all used vehicles in the United States of America and this is the narcotics money.. this is the stolen money from America.. much of this is just.. Lenny I’ve done so much research over the years.. and investigations.. turned it over to every agency there is … nobody ever do anything..

LB: And Stew..

SW: But the money trail I have..

LB: Yeah.. and..

SW: Abrahoff, Millman and Mizel were deeply in bed with Jack Abramoff and they still are..

LB: And Stew..

SW: Yeah..

LB: Just to give it some perspective.. can we not say that in light.. and what.. what also connects to what you’re saying is how there was that gold hoax… gold heist from Fort Knox in the 50s, the oil hoax.. I guess it was… sorry it was the gold heist of the 60s the oil hoax of the 70s.. junk bond Milken of the 80s.. S&L Savings and Loan with Resolution Trust.. each decade there was a heist which these guys were behind..

SW: They were all behind it.. and my ex-father-in-law.. Leonard Millman was always in the center of it.. so was Carl Linder of Ohio.. they called it the 3 legs of Iran/Contra.. Denver/Ohio and Arkansas.. and Ohio was doing.. Ohio.. Carl Linder.. American Financial.. AIG initially.. who started AIG insurance.. American Financial.. Charles Keating was his attorney and was doing S&L fraud back in the late 1970s and ordered to never to be in the savings and loan or banking business / financial institution business again.. he goes to Phoenix sets up American Continental Corp. and takes over Lincoln Savings.. or sets up Lincoln Savings.. and they were all intertwined heavily.. Millman and Carl Linder stole all the money from the Savings and Loans.. in the back door.. in the Resolution Trust Corp. they had different people who were acting as the trustees for the Resolution Trust Corp. selling off the assets back to them for 5 and 10 cents on the dollar.. there was also HUD they robbed.. now the S&Ls alone was over 1.5 trillion dollars worth of financial fraud.. they were involved with Michael Millikin.. and the junk bond daisy chain.. they’ve been written about heavily.. matter of fact.. I put a story up on my website.. if people go look at it.. the left hand column .. go down to junk bonds and look at the junk bond daisy chain story I’ve done and also it’s on the news page about 3 or 4 back on breaking news.. and I connected the dots.. I also put financial transactions.. showing half a billion dollars with the land fraud involving junk bonds.. how they proffered up their financial statements by selling property to each other every year and doubling the bare land.. the book value on their books in order to sell more junk bonds.. they were also the world’s larges penny stock brokerage company.. Meyer Blinder .. National Brokerage Group of Companies.. MDC Holdings Subsidiary .. and it involved also AIG.. I’ve been working all day and I’ve been up since early and my brain’s not functioning properly..

LB: Yeah..

SW: But ..

LB: Yeah..we’ve got em on our site.

SW: But anyway the guy was AIG that Spitzer had in the box and filed suit against… Greenberg

LB: Yeah.. Greenberg.. that’s his name.

SW: Yes. Greenberg was heavily involved with Leonard Millman and with Meyer Blinder in penny stock frauds. They were also AIG and Greenberg who Millman and Carl Linder put in charge.. who’s doing massive amounts of financial fraud .. where Leonard Millman and his National Acceptance Company which bought out.. or formed First National Acceptance Company of 50 South Steel, Denver.. and then later buys 2 or 3 years ago before his death..

LB: Hank Greenberg.. we’ve got a whole thing on Hank Greenberg.. AIG.

SW: Yes.. But Millman bought out Bank of America. Well his National Acceptance Company.. Hank Greenberg and him used to make loans.. and they ran out of people in Denver, Colorado.. and I had federal agents telling me this.. that they were going out and finding homeless people on the streets and they  telling them they would give them a thousand to two thousand dollars… and they had what they called their brokers.. these little financial fraudsters.. and they would go out and find these people and they would be paid two thousand dollars commission to give a homeless person a        thousand dollars to have them sign a note for a hundred grand and Millman would write them a check for a hundred grand and make it look like he cashed it and then he would turn around and he would pay his broker.. his financial fraudster scamster.. his two grand.. give the homeless guy or whoever it was a grand.. they would fill out a big long form that said they had all these assets which they didn’t have.. then Millman had reinsurance.. he would reinsure the loan.. then he would sell it over.. make it look like it was sold to AIG and Hank Greenberg.. Greenberg would service the note for a couple months.. then all of a sudden it would go belly up and the properties weren’t registered at the recorder of deeds office.. so therefore there wasn’t anything that could be done.. so AIG would hit the reinsurance companies and they were breaking reinsurance companies and insurance companies all over the world.. and that’s how come they became the largest insurance brokerage.. or insurer in the world.. they are the largest.. the largest in the united states and the world… and it was through all this financial fraud because they were breaking insurance companies.. now these same people… Abramoff .. let’s go to Abramoff for a minute.. because it’s important .. he’s all over the news.. Abramoff is nothing but a lobbyist.. Abramoff was out for Abramoff .. and he’s out to make as much money as he can.. but he has all these ties with the Denver MDC Millman crowd.. 1) Millman and him own the building called the Star Wars building on Colorado Boulevard.. after they built the building they intentionally bankrupted on the loan on the building … broke another S&L over the deal.. then they turn around and they go in the back door through the bankruptcy court.. buy the property up for 5 and 10 cents on the dollar and then they of course form a new corporation that makes it look like other individuals involved and they buy it up.. and they turn around and buy their own building back.. and this is how they do it.. it’s a continuous thing.. Abramoff owns properties in California with Leonard Millman also.. same kind of crap was going on.. massive financial fraud.. now Larry Mizel that runs MDC Holdings now.. this company.. this narcotics money launderer .. financial fraudster.. I mean as an example.. Richmond American Homes.. they are reporting building 10s of thousands of houses in California and Texas on plats of land that don’t even exist.. they go out and plat it but they never build a house on it.. but yet they report on Wall Street.. they’re a publicly traded company.. they report that they’re building all these houses.. there’s 10 thousand houses <indiscernible.. a year or here>.. that aren’t even built that they’re claming that are being built in order to proffer up their stock from 25 dollars a share which it was pumping at to over 80 dollars and I think it’s back down around 70 now.. more financial frauds.. Jack Abramoff talks 5 times a day to Larry Mizel each and every day because Mizel and them in the past have been running a massive illegal political campaign money laundering game of which I got blown out by Jonathan Beatty with Time Magazine.. about Silverado and how.. and it tied the Denver Airport scandal.. a 1.5 billion dollar project that ended up over 16 billion when it was said and done.. with a secret underground facility.. and they bled the thing dry.. they were doing massive illegal political campaign money laundering where they were telling builders.. contractors such as subcontractors.. a framer.. or a guy that was doing the installation or an electrician .. David Mandarich.. the president of Richmond Homes.. the MDC subsidiary.. was telling his subs.. Larry Mizel needs a check up here today for 10 thousand dollars made out to Mayor Peña of Denver’s campaign.. bring us an invoice saying that you completed the basement in unit such and such in one of these new homes we built .. bring us an invoice and we’ll reimburse you… they had that game going on .. the subcontractors if they didn’t go along with the deal they didn’t do business with Richmond American Homes.. so this campaign thing was going on.. I found out about it.. blew them down on the deal.. it was the states biggest case the state of Colorado.. I got Time Magazine.. Jonathan Beatty that later found the Silverado BCCI connections.. and did his whole series of stories .. BCCI by Jonathan Beatty.. but he also is doing a book called the Outlaw Bank.. which it came back to this campaign contribution game.. the same thing that Abramoff is doing.. what they’re doing is they’re cushioning themselves and have been for the past 7 or 8 years using Jack Abramoff.. it’s Millman.. the Mizel.. the MDC Holdings game.. George Herbert Walker Bush’s money boys..  Now.. did I connect some dots for you?

LB: Well Stew.. I think you have connected some wonderful dots…

SW: Now.. I’m going to connect one more for you.

LB: Go ahead..

SW: The St. Lewis Post Dispatch.. Saturday.. Dec. 24, 2005.. this was just last week.. it says the Associated Press.. Washington.. President George W Bush has granted 11 pardons.. bringing to 69 the number of clemency orders he has issued since taking office.. 3 moonshiners and a bank robber are among those pardoned as is a Denver lawyer with Republican political ties.. the pardons were issued this week in keeping with the tradition of granting clemency during the holiday season.. one of those pardoned.. Wendy St. Charles is a lawyer for Denver homebuilder MDC Holdings.. St. Charles was convicted on drug charges in 1984 and sentenced to 4 years in prison.. MDC chairman Larry Mizel and his wife Carol have contributed more than a half million dollars to Republican campaigns says The Center for Responsible Politics.. Now that’s just .. here we’re talking about a lawyer at MDC Holdings.. which was the parent company of Silverado .. busted on drugs in ’84.. sentenced to 4 years in prison.. which she hadn’t spent any time in jail yet.. just got a presidential pardon.. Now Bill Winn who robbed HUD.. who was the former Ambassador to Switzerland.. who’s an MDC Holdings director today.. Asset Investors.. a subsidiary of MDC.. which is Colorado’s largest financial institution… Bill Winn had robbed HUD for 500,000 apartment units with Millman, etc. Norman Brownstein, the CIA attorney,  shows up as the Board of Directors for AIMCO.. which that’s where the 500,000 apartment units ending up in the corporate umbrella.. as a RIT.. Real Estate Investment Trust… now Bill Winn was given a presidential pardon.. I got the conviction on him.. I got it through the independent prosecutor.. Arlen Adams in 1989.. in 1991 he pled guilty.. that was should we say my claim to fame as a whistleblower.. the independent prosecutor.. HUD / Savings and Loan / the Denver airport /  and the illegal political campaign contributions.. but they put the prosecutor in and they gave Phil Winn an indictment at the time he was Ambassador to Switzerland .. a former FHA commissioner.. now Phil Winn was to be sentenced 4 to 6 years in jail with a million dollar fine.. he paid the million dollar fine… head judge Sherman Finesilver.. a coverup mister for the Bush crime family in Denver, Colorado.. former head judge Sherman Finesilver which Larry Mizel gives his award to every other year from his Judea .. Mizel Museum of Judea <indiscernible.. Benai Breathe??> Museum… he gives an award to Sherman Finesilver as one of the most influential people in Denver, Colorado.. Now Sherman Finesilver sat on this indictment case .. this sentencing judge sat on the one of Phil Winn… and he sat and he sat.. he sealed it and he sat and Phil Winn never went to jail.. and I kept asking myself why is this guy not spending any time in jail.. it’s because Sherman Finesilver sealed it .. sat on it.. 10 years later.. all of a sudden Bill Clinton before he leaves office gives Phil Winn a presidential pardon.. so Phil Winn all of a sudden that 4 to 6 years that he was supposed to sit in jail.. 10 years previously.. goes off the books.. the same thing is going on with this current MDC lawyer Wendy St. Charles .. the same thing.. on her drug account… drug bust 26 years ago..

LB: Well Stew this is terrific dot connecting..

SW: 21 years ago I’m sorry…

LB: and you’re certainly going to help the sale of my stock in my headache pill company that we market worldwide you know don’t forget.. our worldwide headache pill company.. you’ve been able to give a lot of headaches tonight Stew.. you’re doing a wonderful job.

SW: Well.. I’m just trying to connect some dots here because Jack Abramoff works for the Mizel.. the former Millman.. currently Mizel is running the show.. MDC Holdings.. and if anybody goes back and looks at this.. in 1990 I got them busted for illegal political campaign money laundering and it killed a judges daughter to get him off the case so Sherman Finestein could come in and give an acquittal on the case.

LB: Well listen.. I’ll tell you something.. on Cloak and Dagger I have the official pardon list of Bill Clinton right off of the government website.. and it’s amazing how when you take a look at all the people that he pardoned and you look at what he pardoned them for you start to see 30, 40, 50 people and all of them are drug related or extortion related bank robbing, extortion, trying to fiddle insider trading, I mean it’s all amazing.. just go to your own US Government website.. it’s on Cloak and Dagger and take a look at the crimes that Clinton pardoned people for. And remember birds of a feather flock together.. you start pardoning these people.. how come so many extortionists, bank robbers, swindlers and land swindlers he pardoned…

SW: If you look at this current list of these 11.. there’s two of them .. false statements in loan applications.. isn’t that what Mr. Abramoff just got popped for..

LB: Exactly..

SW: <sigh>

LB: Well.. Stew.. I think for our dial-up brief cloakers who know that we live in a Cloak and Dagger world .. we should end it there because we don’t want to make it too much of a file.. and this way they can go back and listen to your great dot connection in putting together what’s happening backstage in the global scenery..

SW: One more dot I might connect here is that Abramoff was working not only for the Millman/MDC crowd but also for American Financial which is Carl Linder.. the Ohio connection and the Denver connection.. there was Ohio and Denver and Arkansas.. but he was working both ends being told what to do.. and if anybody really got into this guy and got into looking at what happened to him previously.. in 1990 they almost went to jail.. MDC crowd did.. for illegal political campaign money laundering to 200 congressman and senators all across the United States including then Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush.. and I mean they were exceeding the campaign contribution limit personally.. Mizel, Millman and all of them were making.. not only did they have their PACS going.. but they were contributing two hundred and fifty here and two hundred and fifty there.. and you could only contribute a thousand to a general election and thousand to a primary.. now they were exceeding that.. and some people were receiving 4 , 5, 10 thousand dollars from them personally and they were giving them out in 100 to 250 dollar bunches.. now there was another thing that happened after that all blew out in 1990. 1992 they’re doing the same thing.. 1994, 96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, and it will be this year again 2006 if they’re still in existence.. Carl Linder.. the Ohio connection.. was busted in the year 2000 for the same thing that was going on.. and guess who Carl Linder’s .. one of his main connected people were in properties.. in shopping centers.  Jack Abramoff..

LB: Wow.

SW: So see you got 25 years that Jack Abramoff, MDC Holdings in Denver.. the Denver connection.. Millman and Carl Linder of the Ohio connection.. have been using this punk Abramoff to do their bidding.. and along with it you always find Norman Phillip Brownstein.. the drug kingpin, the money launderer, a CIA attorney, that has offices not only in Washington, DC.. Denver, Colorado, and Mexico City, Mexico.. where he was laundering through the Citicorp which he shows up on as far as a director.. Millman’s bank before he died. You will also find that Brownstein was laundering and they were moving money for the former president of Mexico that got busted and outed for his drug dealings.. remember that..

LB: Yep. Exactly..

SW: and they had a big bang in the congress a few years back on this.. So Abramoff and Brownstein.. Mizel and Linder are all tied at the hip and there’s more coming because we’re going to do a big story on these guys..

LB: Well that’s great Stew and listen we’re looking forward to having you back real soon.. it’s great having you on here to fill us in on the players backstage behind the scenery at the global theater and..

SW: Lenny, it’s always a pleasure to be with you.. and I hope one of these days we can all say that the American people had enough and that they just had a revolution overnight.. it’s time for one.. it’s time that we clean our own country up..



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