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Interview: Abramoff,. No Stranger to Stew Webb

Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger I’m your host Lenny Bloom. Welcome. This is CloakandDagger.de. It’s triple w cloakanddagger.de. We also can be found at cloakanddagger.ca. We’ll move on with our briefing tonight. Once again we’re here to scrape the bullshit off the truth, to expose the state secrets the ruling elite hope you don’t find right under your nose. Joining me is one of the great new sniffers and investigative reporters and patriots in the United States today… we welcome to cloakanddagger.de Stewart Webb. Stew it’s a pleasure to have you back at Cloak and Dagger.

SW: Well, thanks for having me back. Thanks for doing the show with me. I appreciate it.

LB: Stew…

SW: It’s always a pleasure.

LB: Stew.. so much is going on backstage in the global theater behind the scenery. It’s hard to know when to talk, where to find it, and where to start, and start to unravel it but you have through your lifetime been unraveling the onion, getting deeper and deeper and so we would love to have some of your briefings and talking to us about what’s going on backstage tonight.

SW: Well, the main thing and if I can I think the people should look at my website because we’ve been doing a whole series of stories since about April-May timeframe and Tom Flocco, investigative journalist, he’s a great writer, and he’s the one who’s been doing them. We’ve been connecting the dots should we say... myself and Tom Hennigan… and Flocco’s been doing the writing and we’ve been supplying the documentation… we’ve been connecting the dots from A to Z about the Bush/Clinton crime family. And in the process of course, you’ve had Tom on I believe… you put Mr. Hennigan on every week in a briefing.

LB: Yep. That’s right, he’s been on. Yep.

SW: He’s been doing this for… I don’t know… years with you now..

LB: Over a year.. Yep.. a few years.

SW: And so what we’re doing now is we’re connecting the dots. People can see the serious stories that we’ve done on stewwebb.com but the breaking news right now of course .. <blank> .. <inaudible and indiscernible> .. and several US attorneys who are directly involved with..

LB: I had a fade out there for a minute on the internet could you just say that again..

SW: I said the things that we’ve been connecting the dots on.. a lot of these things have been the subject matter that the special prosecutor, the United States attorney.. appointed United States attorney .. <indiscernible> … investigate Bush.. Patrick Fitzgerald.. now Patrick Fitzgerald is looking at a combination of a lot of different things and I can’t get into everything.. but if people remember when he released the indictments on October the 28th or 29th .. whatever it was.  against… the indictments against Scooter Libby .. Chief of Staff for Richard Cheney.. he said quote unquote “I’m passing up under National Security protocol 5 files to the court.. those were the indictments against Bush/Cheney/and others for espionage… that is for releasing Valerie Plame’s name to the media.. intentionally outing her. And people have to understand what she was. She was an agent that was undercover. Her specialty was weapons of mass destruction. She looked at the fact that they started a war based on lies and of course she and her network … several of them got killed in her network… other agents throughout the world got killed .. some people say it’s as high as 175 that were murdered over a year… year and a half period of time after this happened. But there are directly… I believe they can connect the dots on this and have… that there’s about six of them that they can connect the dots directly to Valerie Plame’s network.. now this was the result of her saying there’s no weapons of mass destruction.. of course her husband.. Ambassador Joseph Wilson.. had been commissioned by the CIA to find out if Niger had sold yellowcake .. nuclear material.. to Sadaam Hussein in Iraq.. which did not happen .. and he put it in his report … well then later they falsified a report.. Britain did.. Tony Blair and the Queen. They falsified a report to intentionally make it look like weapons of mass destruction.. now just two weeks ago in the Los Angeles Times a French general came forward and I’ve been meaning to put the story up.. I just received it today.. put it up on my website.. but it was in the LA Times .. it talks about a French general coming forth who is intelligence who’s claimed that there were no weapons of mass destruction.. and that the French had submitted a report along with the central intelligence agency saying this.. so this war that they started… it was all based on lies.. falsification.. which makes them war criminals. And I know that things are being looked at in that area.. but we also have Lenny.. are you with me here?..

LB: Oh yeah go ahead.

SW: OK.. we also have this Jack Abramoff mess.. which is congressman.. lobbying congressman..          buying off congressman.. senators.. etc. Now this has been going on for a number of years. And I want to connect the dots tonight on Abramoff because there’s a lot of connections to my former father-in-law, Leonard Millman..

LB: Go .. Yeah..

SW: He’s been dead for a couple of years..

LB: Right..

SW: But him and Abramoff were partners.  And they were partners in a building.. they called it the Star Wars building on Colorado boulevard just south of Cherry Creek between Cherry Creek drive and where the Silverado building was.. which he owned.. Silverado Savings.. Millman did.. his company.. the parent company of Silverado was MDC holdings in Denver.

LB: Right.

SW: MDC is one of the largest home builders.. Richmond American Homes.. Richmond Homes, etc… one of the largest home builders in the country. They are rated in the top 10 I believe… among many other building companies that Millman owned.. KB Homes, etc… but Richmond American or MDC holdings.. it’s important to know this… MDC Holdings had been lobbying for a number of years using Norman Brownstein…

LB: Right.

SW: Norman Brownstein was on the board of directors of Silverado.. so was Neil Bush, George W Bush’s brother… it was the illegal CIA money laundering.. narco money laundering and theft bank… they were doing security frauds there.. they were doing.. I mean that bank was a 50 billion dollar debacle when it failed… they only reported it as 1 billion but it was over 50 billion that I’m aware of and they never would open the whole can of worms up on that figure…

LB: Bank robbers got in charge of the bank…

SW: Exactly.. they own the bank and they were just you know growing money on trees should we say.. robbing it to death… now Millman… MDC Holdings… it’s important for people to understand this.. Larry Mizel now controls MDC.. and Norman Brownstein who was a former director… who is involved with MDC.. is the on record attorney for MDC… resigned his position as a director.. <indiscernible.. supposedly???>.. after the Silverado fiasco.. Norman Brownstein is one of the six CIA council that control all the stolen money for the Bush crime family.. he is one of the attorneys for George Herbert Walker Bush himself when Bush was CIA director in the 70s. Now these six attorneys.. Brownstein.. Natolly<?> and others … are the ones who have set up these trusts.. and the money would leave the country … all the stolen S&L money.. junk bond money.. the BCCI connections.. etc.. a lot of it go to the Isle of Jersey.. John Dix.. another money launderer connected to Denver.. who helped build DTC Parkway with Millman.. Denver Tech Center they call it…   

LB: Yeah

SW: It’s out south.. Now John Dix has been written about in a book called The Mafia, CIA and George Bush by Peter Brewton.. I contributed to that even though my name does not appear.. Margie Sloan at Time Magazine.. a reporter.. does.. I was working with her hand in hand when Brewton put the book out.. but we gave him most of the chapters on the Chicago connections and the Silverado connections.. but in there he speaks heavily on things pertaining to MDC Holdings.. but he.. I’m kind of losing chain of thought because I’m all over the board here with this...but..

LB: No.. no.. go ahead Stew..

SW: Ok.. but Millman and MDC.. Mizel and Norman Brownstein.. on the money trail.. the money would leave the country.. go to John Dix.. would go to Hong Kong.. it would leave the Isle of Jersey / Isle of Man.. go to Hong Kong.. come back into the country and it would come back through Arkansas.. which was Jackson Stevens and Hillary Clinton..

LB: Right.

SW: And then the money.. this was in the form of trusts..it would go out..

LB: You put together a big dot. Excellent

SW: Connecting the dots..

LB: Keep going..

SW: The money.. it would <inaudible>

LB: There’s a bingo.. there’s a big dot.. way to go Stew.

SW: It is the big dot.. And the money still is being transferred in that manner.. it goes out of the country.. it goes to Chase.. Morgan Guarantee.. it goes to the Bahamas.. it’s transferred out of there.. it goes to Isle of Jersey.. John Dix..or Isle of Man now.. and he was hit with income tax evasion charges.. Isle of Jersey.. so he went to the Isle of Man over near England.. and then it goes to Hong Kong.. and it also leaves Hong Kong and it ends up in two Swiss Banks that were the banks that were buying up Wall Street.. and so forth.. and through Eisley<??> which was the Waymark connection.. which financed 9/11 and financed Oklahoma City and the terrorist attacks and all the other stuff that’s been going on in this Bush crime family shadow government.. now the other part of the money.. went back into Arkansas.. Jackson Stevens… Hillary Clinton.. then it went back into the hands of the 6 CIA Council .. that is .. they show up as the directors of the trustees for the trusts that own everything.. I’ll give you an example.. there’s one trust.. I’m trying to think of the name of it.. well anyway it’s one trust they called somethin Trust.. and the trustee comes up as Norman Brownstein .. this trust owns a lending company out of Phoenix, Arizona who is the.. that loans 45% of all used vehicles from dealers in the country.. that means they’re financing 45% of all used vehicles in the United States of America and this is the narcotics money.. this is the stolen money from America.. much of this is just.. Lenny I’ve done so much research over the years.. and investigations.. turned it over to every agency there is … nobody ever do anything..

LB: And Stew..

SW: But the money trail I have..

LB: Yeah.. and..

SW: Abrahoff, Millman and Mizel were deeply in bed with Jack Abramoff and they still are..

LB: And Stew..

SW: Yeah..

LB: Just to give it some perspective.. can we not say that in light.. and what.. what also connects to what you’re saying is how there was that gold hoax… gold heist from Fort Knox in the 50s, the oil hoax.. I guess it was… sorry it was the gold heist of the 60s the oil hoax of the 70s.. junk bond Milken of the 80s.. S&L Savings and Loan with Resolution Trust.. each decade there was a heist which these guys were behind..

SW: They were all behind it.. and my ex-father-in-law.. Leonard Millman was always in the center of it.. so was Carl Linder of Ohio.. they called it the 3 legs of Iran/Contra.. Denver/Ohio and Arkansas.. and Ohio was doing.. Ohio.. Carl Linder.. American Financial.. AIG initially.. who started AIG insurance.. American Financial.. Charles Keating was his attorney and was doing S&L fraud back in the late 1970s and ordered to never to be in the savings and loan or banking business / financial institution business again.. he goes to Phoenix sets up American Continental Corp. and takes over Lincoln Savings.. or sets up Lincoln Savings.. and they were all intertwined heavily.. Millman and Carl Linder stole all the money from the Savings and Loans.. in the back door.. in the Resolution Trust Corp. they had different people who were acting as the trustees for the Resolution Trust Corp. selling off the assets back to them for 5 and 10 cents on the dollar.. there was also HUD they robbed.. now the S&Ls alone was over 1.5 trillion dollars worth of financial fraud.. they were involved with Michael Millikin.. and the junk bond daisy chain.. they’ve been written about heavily.. matter of fact.. I put a story up on my website.. if people go look at it.. the left hand column .. go down to junk bonds and look at the junk bond daisy chain story I’ve done and also it’s on the news page about 3 or 4 back on breaking news.. and I connected the dots.. I also put financial transactions.. showing half a billion dollars with the land fraud involving junk bonds.. how they proffered up their financial statements by selling property to each other every year and doubling the bare land.. the book value on their books in order to sell more junk bonds.. they were also the world’s larges penny stock brokerage company.. Meyer Blinder .. National Brokerage Group of Companies.. MDC Holdings Subsidiary .. and it involved also AIG.. I’ve been working all day and I’ve been up since early and my brain’s not functioning properly..

LB: Yeah..

SW: But ..

LB: Yeah..we’ve got em on our site.

SW: But anyway the guy was AIG that Spitzer had in the box and filed suit against… Greenberg

LB: Yeah.. Greenberg.. that’s his name.

SW: Yes. Greenberg was heavily involved with Leonard Millman and with Meyer Blinder in penny stock frauds. They were also AIG and Greenberg who Millman and Carl Linder put in charge.. who’s doing massive amounts of financial fraud .. where Leonard Millman and his National Acceptance Company which bought out.. or formed First National Acceptance Company of 50 South Steel, Denver.. and then later buys 2 or 3 years ago before his death..

LB: Hank Greenberg.. we’ve got a whole thing on Hank Greenberg.. AIG.

SW: Yes.. But Millman bought out Bank of America. Well his National Acceptance Company.. Hank Greenberg and him used to make loans.. and they ran out of people in Denver, Colorado.. and I had federal agents telling me this.. that they were going out and finding homeless people on the streets and they  telling them they would give them a thousand to two thousand dollars… and they had what they called their brokers.. these little financial fraudsters.. and they would go out and find these people and they would be paid two thousand dollars commission to give a homeless person a        thousand dollars to have them sign a note for a hundred grand and Millman would write them a check for a hundred grand and make it look like he cashed it and then he would turn around and he would pay his broker.. his financial fraudster scamster.. his two grand.. give the homeless guy or whoever it was a grand.. they would fill out a big long form that said they had all these assets which they didn’t have.. then Millman had reinsurance.. he would reinsure the loan.. then he would sell it over.. make it look like it was sold to AIG and Hank Greenberg.. Greenberg would service the note for a couple months.. then all of a sudden it would go belly up and the properties weren’t registered at the recorder of deeds office.. so therefore there wasn’t anything that could be done.. so AIG would hit the reinsurance companies and they were breaking reinsurance companies and insurance companies all over the world.. and that’s how come they became the largest insurance brokerage.. or insurer in the world.. they are the largest.. the largest in the united states and the world… and it was through all this financial fraud because they were breaking insurance companies.. now these same people… Abramoff .. let’s go to Abramoff for a minute.. because it’s important .. he’s all over the news.. Abramoff is nothing but a lobbyist.. Abramoff was out for Abramoff .. and he’s out to make as much money as he can.. but he has all these ties with the Denver MDC Millman crowd.. 1) Millman and him own the building called the Star Wars building on Colorado Boulevard.. after they built the building they intentionally bankrupted on the loan on the building … broke another S&L over the deal.. then they turn around and they go in the back door through the bankruptcy court.. buy the property up for 5 and 10 cents on the dollar and then they of course form a new corporation that makes it look like other individuals involved and they buy it up.. and they turn around and buy their own building back.. and this is how they do it.. it’s a continuous thing.. Abramoff owns properties in California with Leonard Millman also.. same kind of crap was going on.. massive financial fraud.. now Larry Mizel that runs MDC Holdings now.. this company.. this narcotics money launderer .. financial fraudster.. I mean as an example.. Richmond American Homes.. they are reporting building 10s of thousands of houses in California and Texas on plats of land that don’t even exist.. they go out and plat it but they never build a house on it.. but yet they report on Wall Street.. they’re a publicly traded company.. they report that they’re building all these houses.. there’s 10 thousand houses <indiscernible.. a year or here>.. that aren’t even built that they’re claming that are being built in order to proffer up their stock from 25 dollars a share which it was pumping at to over 80 dollars and I think it’s back down around 70 now.. more financial frauds.. Jack Abramoff talks 5 times a day to Larry Mizel each and every day because Mizel and them in the past have been running a massive illegal political campaign money laundering game of which I got blown out by Jonathan Beatty with Time Magazine.. about Silverado and how.. and it tied the Denver Airport scandal.. a 1.5 billion dollar project that ended up over 16 billion when it was said and done.. with a secret underground facility.. and they bled the thing dry.. they were doing massive illegal political campaign money laundering where they were telling builders.. contractors such as subcontractors.. a framer.. or a guy that was doing the installation or an electrician .. David Mandarich.. the president of Richmond Homes.. the MDC subsidiary.. was telling his subs.. Larry Mizel needs a check up here today for 10 thousand dollars made out to Mayor Peña of Denver’s campaign.. bring us an invoice saying that you completed the basement in unit such and such in one of these new homes we built .. bring us an invoice and we’ll reimburse you… they had that game going on .. the subcontractors if they didn’t go along with the deal they didn’t do business with Richmond American Homes.. so this campaign thing was going on.. I found out about it.. blew them down on the deal.. it was the states biggest case the state of Colorado.. I got Time Magazine.. Jonathan Beatty that later found the Silverado BCCI connections.. and did his whole series of stories .. BCCI by Jonathan Beatty.. but he also is doing a book called the Outlaw Bank.. which it came back to this campaign contribution game.. the same thing that Abramoff is doing.. what they’re doing is they’re cushioning themselves and have been for the past 7 or 8 years using Jack Abramoff.. it’s Millman.. the Mizel.. the MDC Holdings game.. George Herbert Walker Bush’s money boys..  Now.. did I connect some dots for you?

LB: Well Stew.. I think you have connected some wonderful dots…

SW: Now.. I’m going to connect one more for you.

LB: Go ahead..

SW: The St. Lewis Post Dispatch.. Saturday.. Dec. 24, 2005.. this was just last week.. it says the Associated Press.. Washington.. President George W Bush has granted 11 pardons.. bringing to 69 the number of clemency orders he has issued since taking office.. 3 moonshiners and a bank robber are among those pardoned as is a Denver lawyer with Republican political ties.. the pardons were issued this week in keeping with the tradition of granting clemency during the holiday season.. one of those pardoned.. Wendy St. Charles is a lawyer for Denver homebuilder MDC Holdings.. St. Charles was convicted on drug charges in 1984 and sentenced to 4 years in prison.. MDC chairman Larry Mizel and his wife Carol have contributed more than a half million dollars to Republican campaigns says The Center for Responsible Politics.. Now that’s just .. here we’re talking about a lawyer at MDC Holdings.. which was the parent company of Silverado .. busted on drugs in ’84.. sentenced to 4 years in prison.. which she hadn’t spent any time in jail yet.. just got a presidential pardon.. Now Bill Winn who robbed HUD.. who was the former Ambassador to Switzerland.. who’s an MDC Holdings director today.. Asset Investors.. a subsidiary of MDC.. which is Colorado’s largest financial institution… Bill Winn had robbed HUD for 500,000 apartment units with Millman, etc. Norman Brownstein, the CIA attorney,  shows up as the Board of Directors for AIMCO.. which that’s where the 500,000 apartment units ending up in the corporate umbrella.. as a RIT.. Real Estate Investment Trust… now Bill Winn was given a presidential pardon.. I got the conviction on him.. I got it through the independent prosecutor.. Arlen Adams in 1989.. in 1991 he pled guilty.. that was should we say my claim to fame as a whistleblower.. the independent prosecutor.. HUD / Savings and Loan / the Denver airport /  and the illegal political campaign contributions.. but they put the prosecutor in and they gave Phil Winn an indictment at the time he was Ambassador to Switzerland .. a former FHA commissioner.. now Phil Winn was to be sentenced 4 to 6 years in jail with a million dollar fine.. he paid the million dollar fine… head judge Sherman Finesilver.. a coverup mister for the Bush crime family in Denver, Colorado.. former head judge Sherman Finesilver which Larry Mizel gives his award to every other year from his Judea .. Mizel Museum of Judea <indiscernible.. Benai Breathe??> Museum… he gives an award to Sherman Finesilver as one of the most influential people in Denver, Colorado.. Now Sherman Finesilver sat on this indictment case .. this sentencing judge sat on the one of Phil Winn… and he sat and he sat.. he sealed it and he sat and Phil Winn never went to jail.. and I kept asking myself why is this guy not spending any time in jail.. it’s because Sherman Finesilver sealed it .. sat on it.. 10 years later.. all of a sudden Bill Clinton before he leaves office gives Phil Winn a presidential pardon.. so Phil Winn all of a sudden that 4 to 6 years that he was supposed to sit in jail.. 10 years previously.. goes off the books.. the same thing is going on with this current MDC lawyer Wendy St. Charles .. the same thing.. on her drug account… drug bust 26 years ago..

LB: Well Stew this is terrific dot connecting..

SW: 21 years ago I’m sorry…

LB: and you’re certainly going to help the sale of my stock in my headache pill company that we market worldwide you know don’t forget.. our worldwide headache pill company.. you’ve been able to give a lot of headaches tonight Stew.. you’re doing a wonderful job.

SW: Well.. I’m just trying to connect some dots here because Jack Abramoff works for the Mizel.. the former Millman.. currently Mizel is running the show.. MDC Holdings.. and if anybody goes back and looks at this.. in 1990 I got them busted for illegal political campaign money laundering and it killed a judges daughter to get him off the case so Sherman Finestein could come in and give an acquittal on the case.

LB: Well listen.. I’ll tell you something.. on Cloak and Dagger I have the official pardon list of Bill Clinton right off of the government website.. and it’s amazing how when you take a look at all the people that he pardoned and you look at what he pardoned them for you start to see 30, 40, 50 people and all of them are drug related or extortion related bank robbing, extortion, trying to fiddle insider trading, I mean it’s all amazing.. just go to your own US Government website.. it’s on Cloak and Dagger and take a look at the crimes that Clinton pardoned people for. And remember birds of a feather flock together.. you start pardoning these people.. how come so many extortionists, bank robbers, swindlers and land swindlers he pardoned…

SW: If you look at this current list of these 11.. there’s two of them .. false statements in loan applications.. isn’t that what Mr. Abramoff just got popped for..

LB: Exactly..

SW: <sigh>

LB: Well.. Stew.. I think for our dial-up brief cloakers who know that we live in a Cloak and Dagger world .. we should end it there because we don’t want to make it too much of a file.. and this way they can go back and listen to your great dot connection in putting together what’s happening backstage in the global scenery..

SW: One more dot I might connect here is that Abramoff was working not only for the Millman/MDC crowd but also for American Financial which is Carl Linder.. the Ohio connection and the Denver connection.. there was Ohio and Denver and Arkansas.. but he was working both ends being told what to do.. and if anybody really got into this guy and got into looking at what happened to him previously.. in 1990 they almost went to jail.. MDC crowd did.. for illegal political campaign money laundering to 200 congressman and senators all across the United States including then Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush.. and I mean they were exceeding the campaign contribution limit personally.. Mizel, Millman and all of them were making.. not only did they have their PACS going.. but they were contributing two hundred and fifty here and two hundred and fifty there.. and you could only contribute a thousand to a general election and thousand to a primary.. now they were exceeding that.. and some people were receiving 4 , 5, 10 thousand dollars from them personally and they were giving them out in 100 to 250 dollar bunches.. now there was another thing that happened after that all blew out in 1990. 1992 they’re doing the same thing.. 1994, 96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, and it will be this year again 2006 if they’re still in existence.. Carl Linder.. the Ohio connection.. was busted in the year 2000 for the same thing that was going on.. and guess who Carl Linder’s .. one of his main connected people were in properties.. in shopping centers.  Jack Abramoff..

LB: Wow.

SW: So see you got 25 years that Jack Abramoff, MDC Holdings in Denver.. the Denver connection.. Millman and Carl Linder of the Ohio connection.. have been using this punk Abramoff to do their bidding.. and along with it you always find Norman Phillip Brownstein.. the drug kingpin, the money launderer, a CIA attorney, that has offices not only in Washington, DC.. Denver, Colorado, and Mexico City, Mexico.. where he was laundering through the Citicorp which he shows up on as far as a director.. Millman’s bank before he died. You will also find that Brownstein was laundering and they were moving money for the former president of Mexico that got busted and outed for his drug dealings.. remember that..

LB: Yep. Exactly..

SW: and they had a big bang in the congress a few years back on this.. So Abramoff and Brownstein.. Mizel and Linder are all tied at the hip and there’s more coming because we’re going to do a big story on these guys..

LB: Well that’s great Stew and listen we’re looking forward to having you back real soon.. it’s great having you on here to fill us in on the players backstage behind the scenery at the global theater and..

SW: Lenny, it’s always a pleasure to be with you.. and I hope one of these days we can all say that the American people had enough and that they just had a revolution overnight.. it’s time for one.. it’s time that we clean our own country up..



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From Wayne Maden Report

January 22, 2006 --

As a follow-on to yesterday's exclusive, Washington insiders report yet another South African tie to convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

A major link between Abramoff and fundamentalist Christians like Gary Bauer and others are two South African Orthodox rabbis, Daniel and David Lapin. It was Daniel Lapin who introduced Abramoff to indicted Texas Republican Representative Tom DeLay. [See today's Political Chatter After Dark story about TV ads linking DeLay and Abramoff to pay-offs from Russian tycoons (a more gentle term for the "Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia")]. Lapin is a board member of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, along with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. President Bush re-appointed Lapin to be a member of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of Heritage Abroad, which helps dole out U.S. tax money for the preservation of cemeteries and historic buildings in Eastern and Central Europe. According to Newsweek, the re-appointment came after Lapin urged his supporters to steer campaign money to Bush's 2004 presidential campaign via Abramoff. Abramoff also helped Lapin found Toward Tradition, a Seattle-based religious group.

Daniel's brother, David Lapin, ran Abramoff's now-defunct yeshiva school in Silver Spring, Maryland. Part of a Federal land deal between Abramoff and indicted former White House aide David Safavian sought to transfer ownership of former Navy land at the White Oak research facility in Silver Spring to Abramoff's yeshiva.

David Lapin is chief executive officer of a Los Angeles-based consulting firm called Strategic Business Ethics. Lapin received a $1.2 million contract from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, an Abramoff client, where textile firms employ foreign nationals as virtual slave laborers. Northern Marianas Attorney General Pat Brown cannot figure what Lapin did under his no-bid contract to promote ethics in the U.S.-administered island chain.

The racism undertones of Abramoff and his Orthodox Jewish, racist Republican, and South African friends are clear. In emails, Abramoff referred to the Native Americans he was robbing blind as "morons and troglodytes."

According to new information received from South Africa, Abramoff's apartheid friends were responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses committed against black and white South Africans: the killing of the wife and baby daughter of anti-apartheid activist Marius Schoon in Lubango, Angola; the mail bombing that killed Ruth First, the wife of South African Communist Party leader Joe Slovo in Maputo, Mozambique; the shooting death of African National Congress activist Dulcie September in Paris; and the bombing of the ANC offices in London that was targeting ANC President Oliver Tambo. In the Northern Marianas, Abramoff's clients were perfectly happy to lobby for a change in U.S. labor laws to permit virtual slave labor among Chinese, Filipino, and other Asian nationals.

Abramoff and DeLay champion treating Chinese and other Asians, mostly women, as slave laborers in U.S. island colony in Pacific. Payments made from Abramoff's Capitol Athletic Foundation to illegal Orthodox settlers in Beitar Illit on the West Bank for purchase of sniper scopes, thermal imaging devices, and other "security" equipment used to target Palestinians. The racism here is clear and revolting.

Democrats are earnestly trying to find photographic evidence that links Abramoff to George W. Bush. At least five exclusive occasion photos are said to exist. At the same time Abramoff was pressuring Karl Rove to fire Fred Black, the acting U.S. Attorney for Guam and the Marianas, Abramoff's former personal assistant at Greenberg Traurig, Susan Ralston, was hired by Rove as Special Assistant to the President and Assistant to Karl Rove. According to knowledgeable Washington insiders, one of Ralston's major portfolios was working on demoting Black, who was investigating Abramoff's deals in the Marianas, including his representation of the Guam Supreme Court. Two of DeLay's aides, Michael Scanlon (subsequently convicted), and Ed Buckham, the President of the now-defunct propaganda and perception management firm, Alexander Strategies Group, began interfering in Northern Marianas politics in 1999 to help lay the groundwork for regulation-free sweatshops on the islands. After 911, Abramoff lobbied to prevent a tightening of immigration controls into the Northern Marianas. Tom DeLay supported both the loosening of labor regulations and immigration controls.

PS: Abramoff and his South African and GOP friends are reportedly making noise about suing WMR and/or demanding a retraction and/or an apology. Hell will freeze over before this publication will ever be intimidated by fascists, neo-Nazis, murderers, and racists, no matter where they live, what God they worship
(Quiet Note - Venus/Diablo/Lizardmen?), how many crooked lawyers and judges they have in their pockets, or how many f(r)iends in the White House they have.

Posted by: spies like us | Jan 24, 2006 6:28:13 PM


Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger I'm your host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host the Great American Judge Buster Sherman H. Skolnick. Sherman is grieving over the death of his brother.. we wish him well and we look forward to his return soon. Tonight my guest is our regular guest Tom Hennigan with his regular, wise, wonderful, excellent, terrific, update. Tom, welcome back to Cloak and Dagger to scrape the bullshit off the truth.

TH: Well I tell ya Lenny we had a great speech on Monday by Vice President Albert Gore.

LB: Absolutely.

TH: If you're able to get the speech in the United States you can get it on www.cspan.org but remember you better go up there as soon as you can because it's been hacked all week. For some reason CSPAN had technical difficulties this week with their website..

LB: Yeah.

TH: You add two and two together and you know what's going on folks here. Down here in America we live under a Yiddish British box occupation force and of course we are doing our best here with the American French Alliance and we will be victorious in annihilating this crowd. But we're at war and we continue to be at war.. but lets look at the events of this week and let’s take it from today and let’s go backward because I think the chronology will fit the time period a little better. Today Hillary.. I call her lesbian Rovenhurst.. gave a major foreign policy speech and she's been all over the media lately ever since Al Gore gave his speech. It shows you I call her I don't know what I should call her anymore. I mean she's just a rotten little whore. But she came out today and gave a foreign policy address. This came on the heels of her plantation snafu. According to our wonderful former First Lady she believes now that the Bush Administration made a mistake in allowing the French and the British and the Germans to negotiate with Iran.

LB: Oh.

TH: She believes that we should have had a unilateral approach to Iran and if necessary use military action with Israel to take out the nuclear sites that are in Iran right now. Now, question.. why is it that she decided to make this announcement today.

LB: Yeah.

TH: She should have done this some time ago. Of course the American media won't say that because the American media is bought and owned and controlled by Bush and this lesbian.. we've explained the Clinton/Bush crime syndicate and the extent to which it has swept over this country before so people have listened to us know what we're talking about..

LB: Yeah.

TH: Now why is it that she announced this today.. Bush has a lot of problems.. the Karl Rove indictment is forthcoming.. the Jack Abramoff scandal is mounting.. it is linking to a guy named Kamal.. to Osama Bin Laden's half brother... to various.. general council of Islamic banks.. there is financial documents and evidence rolling in now that will link Jack Abramoff directly to 9/11 blood money and the fact that he lobbied for a group that was directly tied to the bombing of the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 and then the same Islamic group that also has a Mossad connection was linked to the attack on 9/11 in the year 2001. So Bush has problems. Bitch has problems. Bitch's problem is two words.. three words.. President Albert Gore.. so what did she do today? She gives this almost unbelievably almost Hitlerian speech in which she basically shows her true colors as a Rovenhurst Mossad stooge of the worst order. But the reason she gave this speech is because she has She's not that stupid. Bush leaked to bitch.. he said listen sweetheart you're having trouble. This Gore thing is driving you nuts.. so here's what's happening..
little secret you might say..

LB: Unhuh.

TH: Bush has been running tankers, drones, and yes F17 stealth bombers to Israel for some time now under the radar screen for the direct use against Iran... in an operation called Operation Mullah... Operation Mullah. very few people knew about this. We know about it. Because what we have here is a national security violation of the worst order.

LB: Wow.

TH: Not only has Bush gone behind the back of Congress to plan a surreptitious war, which is unconstitutional by the way, with a foreign country.. He has endangered the national security of all Western Europe by giving Israel this F17 stealth bomber, 2) .. and 3) he leaked it to bitch. Bitch lesbian Hillary and said here’s what I'm going to do and it's going to be successful.. so what does Hillary do? Instead of keeping her mouth shut and not compromising the operation itself.. in other words there's no honor among thieves is there Lenny?

LB: No. That's for sure.

TH: … she gets right out in front of the people of New York state today and blasts away how we should bomb Iran knowing we're going to do it anyway.. knowing that if it is successful she can take the bow as a grand grandiose princess warrior.. that's what she calls herself by the way..

LB: Really?

TH: And get a big political ..what would you call it.. advantage over who she deems as a major threat to her ambition to be lesbo president queen.. and that major threat of course is once again President Albert Gore..

LB: Right.

TH: Now this is not the first time she's gone off the deep end.. She spent the entire week throwing pots and pans around at Bill Clinton screaming and yelling.. demanding that something be done about Al Gore.. I mean this is a spoiled rotten little bitch here..

LB: Right.

TH: A real bad little bitch.


TH: A Jewish American Princess. Is that what you meant to say Lenny.

LB: That's what I meant by that word.

TH: Now of course she doesn't admit to being Jewish but we of course have made it clear that she is. Now, back in 1994 during the period of the Hillary lesbian healthcare debacle.. after the elections of 1994.. in which the entire Democratic party.. north, east, south, west.. a coast to coast annihilation took the Democratic party apart.. thanks to a great degree to her and her you know.. gay marriage, taking peoples guns away.. national healthcare run by her without any oversight... people were disturbed by that type.. what would you call it.. monarchal type of operation so that so they voted in a Republican congress and it's still there to this day and she gets responsibility for that.. she wrecked the Democratic party once and clearly she wants to finish it off.. doesn't she Lenny?

LB: That's for sure.

TH: Well what did she do during that time period... after the election of 1994.. she started throwing shit all over the Whitehouse.. trying to beat up Stephanopoulos.. her adviser.. of course Stephanopoulos was one of the guys that takes credit for that 94 debacle too.. another mental midget.. he's the guy that wanted to pass all these second amendment gun rules. of course Al Gore was against all that.. he had common sense.. unlike these.. I don't know what you call these people.. northeastern wing goofballs.. she demanded that Bill Clinton attack North Korea.. preemptively.. after giving the order to assassinate the Branch Davidians down at WACO.. by the way folks she's responsible for that. She figured why not go after nuclear sites in North Korea.. this will suddenly rehabilitate Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton after the debacle in 94.. of course it would have caused World War 3. Well she went so crazy at the time that a good friend of mine.. an intelligence officer who is.. well I'm not going to say where.. I shouldn't say where he is.. but he helped basically orchestrate the Clinton foreign policy and basically under the radar screen did a lot to prevent World War 3.. actually his nickname is.. well I'm not going to say it. I can't say that.. but he basically.. Hillary became a security risk inside the Whitehouse itself. She was hitting Secret Service agents with ashtrays.. she was just acting like a lunatic.. she is a lunatic.. my friend decided.. after the sedatives didn't work.. nothing worked.. so what they finally had to do was bring Susan in.. a lesbian..

LB: Her lover.

TH: Her lover. And this calmed her down a great deal.. so that's basically why we call her lesbian Rovenhurst.. That .. of course.. activity has gone on her whole life.. but the period of lesbianism inside the Whitehouse began in 94 after her failed attempt to attack North Korea.. or convince Bill Clinton to do it vis-a-vis what she did to the Democratic Party in 1994.. you know what.. people don't change..

LB: No.

TH: When she's forced into a corner she lashes out as a Hiterlian..

LB: Yeah.

TH: And she did it again today. Of course this time she was tipped off in advance about Operation Mullah.. that Bush was going to do this.. so she figured I might as well take political advantage of it and give a speech about it. But now what she's done is she's compromised the whole thing by talking about it to begin with.. you see what I'm saying Lenny?

LB: Yeah.

TH: Is the American media going to report that she's a national security risk?

LB: No.

TH: No. Chris Matthews aka Rhoden Rodham's bitch will smear Al Gore for being overweight. I told Chris Matthews the other day hey punk if Gore's weight’s an issue what about her lesbianism.. he hung up the phone.. by the way isn't it interesting Lenny that today we had a Bin Laden tape again.. did you see that?

LB: Yes.. 119

TH: 1/19 .. 9/11 here we go again..

LB: Yeah.

TH: And you know what the last time we had a Bin Laden tape was right before the 04 election.. you remember that?

LB: Exactly.

TH: And now we have a Bin Laden tape 4 days after the duly elected President of the United States basically states without any doubt that this government has been infiltrated and it faces its most severe crisis vis-a-vis constitutional rule of law in our entire history..

LB: Yeah.

TH: Well of course that's true.. especially when you have domestic wiretapping of the American people... when you have statutes that are allowed to be put into effect by a criminal out of control Supreme Court that can't read the Constitution anymore or makes it up for the benefit of this Bushfraud occupant in which American citizens can be grabbed right off the street.. and held without trial.. without a lawyer without due process without anything and just arbitrarily declared as an enemy combatant.. I can testify to this myself ladies and gentlemen that Bush thought of doing this to me for the sole purpose of stopping me from investigating the bribery of the US Supreme Court in the year 2000 election.. So you here in the news media in this country that ohh their only spying on terrorists.. oh their only going after Arabs and people of that nature.. bullshit.. this occupunk fraud along with his business partners Bitch and Bill and Blair and the rest of them are dedicated to smashing and destroying the utter fabric of the history and elegance and grandiose of this republic down
here in America.

LB: Yeah. He's a tyrant.. an absolute tyrant.

TH: A conspiratorial..

LB: King..

TH: Tyrant and king

LB: Yeah..

TH: Of the worst order..

LB: Yeah.

TH: Now, what else also happened this week folks is that about two days after Gore's speech.. President Albert Gore's speech.. Bush, Blair and Bitch.. lesbo Mossad Bitch.. got together with Vladamir Putin.. decide to unify the worldwide true colors groups.. the assassination teams.. the Gary Best teams.. who had their origins in Kosovo and Bosnia.. and they decided that they were going to use these teams for worldwide terrorist scripting and political assassination.. they planned to do Delaware.. that didn't work.. the American French Alliance stopped them.. they then tried to do the English Channel tunnel the tunnel between England and France.. thinking this would create fervor in England and France to go to war in Iran.. knowing all along they still had their backup plan to use American stealth F17s with Israeli pilots to do it anyway.. Operation Mullah.. leaked to lesbian by Bushfraud.. now the question everyone’s going to ask.. why would.. let me connect the dots here a bit more..

LB: Yeah.

TH: This of course we discovered this was going on and immediately reported it to the proper oversight ..what is oversight it's not the congress.. it's not the supreme court.. it's the American French Alliance that's become the oversight on the ground here in America.. I know that you know that to be true Lenny..

LB: Yeah. absolutely..

TH: That's the oversight.. In fact the flag was flown upside down in Miami..
what is the American flag upside down it's in distress.. in distress. America in distress. That flag was originally flown upside down at the battle of Yorktown. And that's when the French came to our aid as they did in such grandiose fashion with their army with Lafayette and with their navy and bombed the British filth into the stone age.. and it led to their capitulation in the birth of the American Republic. Now, how did they cover the Blair thing with Bush and Putin..

LB: Yeah.

TH: Well, the next morning Lenny.. Tony Blair’s son was about to be kidnapped.. did you see that?

LB: Yeah.

TH: Now, what's that? That's another bullshit story put out by her majesty the queen and this ruling elite to cover the fact that we had fingered their
criminal conspiracy to create a worldwide financial and operational killing
machine.. had been fingered once again.. or to unify it as they say... that's
the term they were using .. I don't know what they .. I’m no expert on this .. that is to say that I’m not an expert on the operational unification system that employ because I'm not a member of their team obviously.. I’m trying to put and end to their team..

LB: Exactly.

TH: And we will put an end to their team. So here we go again.. we have Mullah.. we have Blair .. we have these plots.. we have an ongoing soap opera down here.. all triggered because the duly elected President of the United States directly told the government and ruling elite of this country.. an occupation force of this country.. that you are out of control. you have broken the law and you must go.. so we have a showdown coming here in the United States. It's called high noon..


TH: And high noon is coming.. whether it's today.. whether it's tomorrow..
whether it's the weekend... it is going to be here .. it is going to be on the
ground in America.. and we will see the second American revolution begin.. I hate to say this.. in a call to arms against the ruling elite.. America.. land of the free and the home of the brave.. now the land of the British and the Yiddish.. and the British and the Yiddish must go.. and either they go the easy way or they go the hard way.. but they're going to go.. and they're going to leave us alone.. and let America want to become a country run for the purpose for which is was founded on 200 years ago.. Lenny.. I'm a little bit

LB: Yeah.

TH: What would you say.. overcome.. not overcome.. but mouth wide open..

LB: Awe..

TH: Somewhat..

LB: Are you in awe..

TH: Watching these things happen every day like this..

LB: Yeah.

TH: It's just incredible.. what new low this filth will go to try to control
this country.. bin laden tapes. i mean bin laden wants to make a truce.. bin
Laden's a patsy everyone...

LB: Yeah.

TH: Now why is bin laden a patsy.. well. what i want to get into now.. and then we'll wrap up the briefing.. because I covered this a little bit earlier and I want to cover this again.. bush is facing real problems right now.. huge problems .. six months after 9/11, march 12 2002 Jack Abramoff on behalf of Greenberg Traurig which is American Insurance Group.. mega Mossad.. New York.. registered with the us senate.. now listen to this..

LB: Yeah.

TH: As a lobbyist for the general counsel of Islamic banks whose chairman Salid Abdullah Kamel had been documented funding terrorist and tied to banks which funded the 1998 bombing of our American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and eventually tied to the American Turkish Council.. and funding for 9/11 itself.. now this was the able danger stuff that linked Clinton and Bush together on terrorist funding that Sandy Berger took out of the National Archives and ate and the rest of it he stuffed it in his brown stained underwear.. you remember that Lenny?

LB: Yeah.. I sure do..

TH: Now.. we want to be a little bit graphic here.. it's not hockey night in
Canada.. but it's .. it is end to end action isn't it?

LB: It sure is.

TH: Now, for the first 9 months Abramoff collected 12 million dollars in fees from Indian tribes and additional sums from the general council for Islamic banks.. so basically what he was doing was laundering the Indian money through the terrorist money.. you like that?

LB: Yeah.. wow.

TH: Now this is a nice guy isn't it.. now Kamel is both the chairman of Dallah
Al Barraka group which is suspected of having ties to al-Qaida and other
terrorist organizations.. the biggest shareholder is Al Shamal Bank of Sudan.
The same bank where Osama Bin Laden has his money.. isn't that interesting..

LB: Very interesting..

TH: Osama Bin Laden's bank is the same .. is linked directly to Dallah Al
Barraka group.. and who's the lobbyist for all of this.. well none other than
Jack Abramoff.. Jack Abramoff.. now this report was issued with the help of the
US Central Intelligence Agency.. it's currently being covered up by Porter
Goss.. that's why we like doing this show Lenny.. because what we do is
everything they try to classify as national security we release it for them
don't we..

LB: Exactly.

TH: And we will continue to do that..

LB: Yes.

TH: And any time they have a problem.. come and knock on my door.. because you better be ready for the fight of your life punks.. because I'm going to take that Constitution.. I'm going to take my Constitution of the United States and shove it right up your ass and then take it out of your ass and make you read it.. now this French intelligence report was ignored by Bushfraud.. the French Jean Charles Bousard (sic) also submitted it.. it was also submitted to the United Nations.. I mean this lobbyist Jack Abramoff is tied to Kamel as well... he signed up.. he ran these consortium banks .. this Dallah Al Barraka group.. and Osama Bin Laden's half brother.. who lived here in the United States.. was a major shareholder in both the bank and the group.. and of course right after 9/11 .. Osama Bin Laden's half brother who is personal friends with Kamel.. did they bring him in front of the FBI and ask him about Kamel.. they flew him and a
bunch of other Bin Laden's out of the country.. now what do you call that.. you call that obstruction of justice and a criminal conspiracy involving all these players.. including Bushfraud.. the unelected occupunk in the Whitehouse.. it's called the golden chain everyone.. the golden chain.. Salid Kamel.. Abramoff.. money laundering.. and some of the money found its way through a Santa Cruz casino in Florida..

LB: Wow.

TH: Whose owner had links to the Israeli Mossad and was eventually assassinated. Do we hear that in the American media? Of course we don't.. because we've never left Dealey Plaza have we Lenny?

LB: No, we haven't.

TH: Now Atta was involved in a scheme with Abramoff and the mob to smuggle heroin using this Santa Cruz casino as a front. And who was a shareholder in the Santa Cruz casino.. well .. Jeb Bush.. the governor of Florida..

LB: Hmm.

TH: Jeb Bush the Governor of Florida... this fascist little piece of shit down
there in Florida.. Abramoff lobbied for the Indian casinos and for the general council of Islamic banks.. all tied to Saudi petro billionaires accused of ties to terrorist funding itself.. we back end that through Bosnia, through Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda organization, Gary Best, their founding in Bosnia and Kosovo. Abramoff is also tied to the collapse of Tyco, a large U.S. based multinational conglomerate that operates in many countries, including Saudi Arabia.. Abramoff is accused of bilking that company for millions of dollars in bogus and illegal lobbying expenses, collected by none other than Greenberg Traurig American Insurance Group.


TH: Who has all this information at his beck and call? None other than Elliot
Spitzer.. mega Mossad Spitzer.. who's covering all this up? I mean Tyco's former general council was Timothy Flanigan who testified in late July to the Senate Judiciary Committee.. Flanigan had been named as the number two man in the Bush Justice Department.. but had to withdraw because of his relationship with Tyco and guess who else Lenny.. Jack Abramoff.

LB: Right.

TH: Now we know about Urban Moving Systems and the Israeli's that were arrested outside New Jersey after 9/11.. the FBI wanted to continue to interrogate them and John Ashcroft allowed them to leave the country under diplomatic immunity.. and basically obstructed justice in the death of 3,000 Americans.. This is scumbag Abramoff who lobbied of course, if you listen to our previous show on the 2000 election, for Oracle and Choicepoint.. the software company that eliminated all the people in Florida from having their right to vote..

LB: Right.

TH: Before the election even took place.. Again we covered that in the last show but there was a.. what would you call it.. a computer coup before the election.. and a non-ground coup the day of the election..

LB: Right.

TH: Now all this dovetails through Greenberg Traurig.. and Ar Traurahara(


Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger I'm your host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host The Great American Judgebuster Sherman H. Skolnick. Sherman it's just tremendous to welcome you back after your Christmas vacation to Cloak and Dagger. Thank you for your return.

SS: I'm very pleased and honored to be on this program.

LB: Yeah. speak up..

SS: And we have back our illustrious Tom Hennigan and Tom is going to give us...

TH: Well Sherman it's a pleasure to be back on with you and I want to give you my condolences for the death of your brother.. I know how that is.. I lost my mom and dad back in the 90's in a short period of time.. and it's quite an event.. I know that.. and I know you loved your brother and we wish him Godspeed and that he's with his maker.. I guess..

SS: Let's get on with the briefing..

TH: Let's do that..

SS: Thank you for you good wishes..

TH: I think we should begin the program tonight.. as you know a lot has happened in the last week.. first we had the speech by the former Vice President of the United States Albert Gore Jr. A lot of us believe without any doubt he is still the duly elected non-inaugurated President of the United States.. in which he basically spelled out charges of high crimes and misdemeanors by Bushfraud.. to repeat what he said.. Mr. Bush you have broken the law repeatedly.. now since that time of that speech.. we've seen Bin Laden tapes.. I received information about an attempt by Clinton/Bush.. as we call her Bitch lesbian Rovenhurst.. and Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin.. to try to put together and unify the worldwide assassination teams that they have command and control over.. an outgrowth of a program called true colors.. what happened today then is a story broke that the Russians and British are spying on each other.. I think this is more a cover story for the fact that there is a major concern in both the British and to some degree the Russian government that the leadership of these countries has been compromised by this worldwide cartel.. Now the Bin Laden tape is interesting Sherman.. it surfaces right after Gore's speech which of course is kinda interesting.. I received a report...

SS: Well he is still a paid puppet of the American CIA.. Osama is.. and so you would expect that he would dance to their tune.. he is giving them useful publicity worldwide.. he fits what some call the Hegelian theory of history where you create an antithesis for the purpose of later creating a synthesis.. and I can go into a lot of examples from history including the antiwar movement with Rennie Davis and those characters who carried out government purpose as provocateurs.. so..

TH: Well we know the last time..

SS: Osama is a very accomplished American CIA provocateur and that tells us the long and the short of it in the fewest words.. go ahead Tom..

TH: Right and of course this Osama Bin Laden tape.. the last time we saw him was right before the '04 elections.. political observers and contacts I have recall that time that Kerry and Bush were running against each other and Kerry's polls pretty much flattened out then and Bush went on to win the popular vote by at least 3 million votes.. the electoral vote in Ohio still remains a mystery.. as of course does the... one thing we can say about 2000 there's no mystery involved in..

SS: By the way Tom..

TH: Yes.

SS: Please note that it's the supposed duty of the American CIA to determine whether this is the real Osama Bin Laden on the tape and yet he is one of their puppets.. you don't know whether he's dead and they recreate his voice... they can do that nowadays and make it sound quite real.. so the American people don't know what their dealing with.. because the newscasts say well the American CIA is determining the validity of the tape.. maybe the American CIA created the tape.. you know what I'm saying..

TH: Well I have questions about that tape going back to the meetings between datanboo(??) Madam Eva Teleki in the Philippines in which the whole tape concerning the individual in the wheelchair is subject to being declared a fraud.. we presented this evidence to various people in Washington DC who have really never contradicted our thesis.. they just have ignored the information and say they can't deal with it.. now I do think it's interesting that again the Bin Laden tape pops up again now after Al Gore's dynamic speech.. there's no mystery about what happened in Florida as there is in Ohio but that's another issue.. we've dealt with that subject before but the fact is you say Bin Laden is dead.. Sherman I have it on excellent source this week... as high a source as you can get in US intelligence.. nicknamed Rusty .. that's all I can say at this point.. that Bin Laden has been dead for over a year and a half..

LB: Well of course it doesn't really matter whether.. it

TH: dead..

LB: It doesn't really matter whether he is dead or not the point is the Bush
crime junta is keeping him alive if the entity known as Osama is dead so it
really doesn't matter..

TH: The reason he's dead is because he suffered from kidney disease for years...

SS: Right.

TH: He received dialysis treatment in July of '01 in Dubai .. the United Arab

SS: In a..

TH: .. a little known article in..

SS: but wait a minute.. in a CIA hospital..

TH: Right.. and La Figero .. which is a French publication.. you know.. reported that back in July of '01.. never has retracted the story.. the American media ignores it.. and they ignore it because if it happens to be true that Bin Laden was getting dialysis treatment.. as it is true.. in July of '01 in a CIA hospital.. it is clear that the CIA would not be treating somebody that was about to bomb the United States of America with airplanes.. now another thing that people should recall is that on August 6th of that year.. Condoleezza Rice as I call her Aunt Jemima Treason Bitch .. received a Presidential daily briefing which outlined the attacks allegedly to be carried out by Bin Laden by aircraft..

SS: But but but Tom..

TH: And let me just finish this train of thought.. and of course most of that
information about what was to come out had been relayed to Vladimir Putin vis-a-vis a letter from Hudi Hussein to Vladimir Putin in which it states that Bin Laden will be used as a patsy .. Condoleezza Rice also had this information .. this stuff is classified right now.. so again you gotta be stupid in my opinion to believe that every time Bush or Bitch for that matter.. the Clintons or the Bush family .. the crime families get in trouble.. they reach for a terrorist script or a terrorist card to scare the American people and to try to black out information..

SS: But the problem Tom is.. maybe it's a cliche ..but what the American CIA does with the media and the American people is a house of mirrors.. now I'm going to tell you something and your gonna.. it's going to discombobulate this discussion.. the owners of the Figero magazine newspaper in Paris is the Bush crime family Carlyle group .. that's easy to confirm.. therefore we're dealing with a house of mirrors..

LB: Right..

SS: We don't really know what they did..

LB: Exactly..

TH: Well the problem with La Figero and the reason why I stand by La Figero.. because I know that in July '01 La Figero was actually up for sale.. and there had been a major problem inside the newspaper with wages and with people being upset about not receiving their severance pay and receiving their pensions and there's no doubt at that time that this story leaked out through that newspaper.. but you're correct that the newspaper is owned by Carlyle and the Bush family but still in all given the disputes that were taking place in that time period among the employees of La Figero because I had been in Paris in October of not this year but the previous year.. I had spent some time in France for about 10 days.. and I had spoken to the individual who wrote this article.

SS: Yeah.

TH: I had dinner with him at Che George on the Riv Gosh on the left bank.. and the information .. some of the information I can't talk about.. but I can tell you the story that he wrote about the dialysis treatment.. there are pictures.. there are photographs of Bin Laden in Dubai.. these photographs are being used right now Sherman to blackmail Bushfraud.. and I can tell you these photographs exist in various intelligence communities across the world.

SS: Yea.

TH: Now... that's the bottom line there.. now again Bin Laden's death.. the fact that he's used for the purpose of.. and of course the American media Sherman.. they play right along with this stoogery don't they..

SS: Absolutely.. the purpose is to confuse us where we no longer know who to believe and the result is a purposely mixed signal and remember a purported CIA official visited Osama while getting this treatment you mention on the top level of the American CIA hospital in the Emirates that you refer to.. we're whipsawed along..

TH: Yeah. Well now we got this espionage case..

SS: Some people believe that the Red Chinese .. if he is still alive.. are
guarding him for their own blackmail purpose in the far western provinces of China which are Moslem.. so I mean you can take it any way you want..

LB: Yeah.. but gentlemen.. let me just intervene here.. You know it really
doesn't matter whether the entity known as Osama Bin Laden, the actor playing him or his doppelganger are alive or dead.. the point is..

SS: Exactly..

LB: that this tape came from the Bush crime junta and they're the ones who are keeping the image of Osama as a fear factor alive.. so let's not get bogged down whether..

TH: I can tell you I talked..

LB: whether he's alive or dead..

TH: I can tell you.. right

LB: it doesn't matter..

TH: It doesn't matter..

LB: It doesn't matter.. he's alive.. the real Osama as a fear factor is alive...

TH: Right.. well they keep issuing these tapes.. I mean the original

LB: yeah.. he's alive

TH: British intelligence tape was never fully.. the original British
intelligence tape which Tony Blair used as a vehicle to indict Bin Laden for
doing this was never shown..

LB: no..

TH: And I can tell you now .. you know you look at what's happening with this spygate thing with the domestic espionage.. well Bush and the NSA have been doing.. the NSA has been doing this for years of course without probably even anybody knowing about it but now they've been fingered.. now let's look at the media is running around saying well the American people want to be spied on .. of course now the polls are changing .. now there's new polls out that say the American people do not want to be spied on .. so you don't know what to believe with the American media.. but here's what we do know.. we do know that Newsweek magazine's Michael Isakoff.. himself an accomplished asset of foreign intelligence had a piece in Newsweek magazine .. it's online.. you can get up there and take a look at it if you want.. it's actually a pretty good piece.. I give Isakoff credit.. www dot Newsweek dot com .. in which it's clear that the CIFA files in this Operation Talon.. which was put together by the Pentagon group that brought us the war in Iraq.. basically Rumsfeld and Wolkowitz.. put
together a group of spies to go out and monitor antiwar demonstrators..
Quakers.. people that had nothing to do with terrorism.. they overreached.. Isakoff makes that clear in his piece.. now.. when Albert Gore called for a Special Council to investigate this matter.. I mean obviously this piece in Newsweek is clear-cut smoking gun evidence.. as much as someone as I do who admire former Vice President.. Duly elected President Gore.. I gotta tell you Al if you're listening .. you're wrong now .. we don't need a Special Council.. after this article was released we need to draw up articles of Impeachment.. it's clear now that these people have set up an internal Gestapo with the purpose of spying on the American people for command and control.. for their command and control agenda.. now here's the kicker to the whole thing.. Isakoff was on Chris Matthews tonight.. not only did he talk about that but he talked about this Jack Abramoff scandal and he basically insinuated that Abramoff is
blackmailing Bushfraud.. here's what he's blackmailing him on.. he's
blackmailing him on an investigation which has now been broadened by Patrick Fitzgerald which includes a guy named Kamal.. a group called .. a chain of banks called General Council of Islamic Banks.. which includes Bin Laden, Bin Laden's half brother and it really kicks into the whole money laundering and financing of this alleged terrorist script on 9/11.. Fitzgerald from what we hear.. AKA sources close to the investigation. .. is now investigating this.. this deals basically with Jack Abramoff lobbying for the General Council of Islamic Banks.. the same banks through Saudi Arabia that funded the 9/11 script.. so what is Abramoff doing.. he's basically telling Bush Sherman.. if you don't pardon me I'm going to cooperate with Fitzgerald big-time on this matter.. I may also finger you for your homosexual involvement with Jeff Gannon.. your direct involvement in this 9/11 treason and the link to the Santa Cruz casino operation, Floridagate, the coup de etat in 2000, the entire can of worms.. am I right or wrong..

SS: I'd like to add some details.. can I do that now..

TH: You think I'm on the right track there..

SS: Yes.. but listen..

TH: It's a .. it's a multifaceted blackmail operation and Isakoff is famous for that isn't he..

SS: I call him Isafraud..

TH: I mean this is a multi.. let me just repeat it and you fill in all the dots
Sherman.. this is a multifaceted blackmail operation and Isakoff is the trigger man.. am I right or wrong..

SS: Alright.. the part that they're leaving out of the media.. is.. they're not
playing it up adequately.. Jack Abramoff has been a partner of the law firm Greenburg-Traurig.. part of the bribery reportedly of Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse funds used to influence and bribe the 5 judge majority of the US Supreme Court that arbitrarily installed Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office is that whole thing was orchestrated in part through reportedly John Scalia.. US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalali.. Scalia

LB: Scalia.

SS: Scalia.

TH: Scalia.

LB: Son..

SS: .. his son.. his two sons were involved reportedly in the bribery of the 5 judges including their father.. to make this arbitrary ruling.. at the time that the December 2000 ruling came down on a Tuesday night just before midnight.. John Scalia was put into the lawfirm Greenberg-Scalia.. Eugene Scalia .. a private lawyer at the time.. son of the Antonin Scalia.. had his law partner.. that is Eugene Scalia's law partner.. Theodore B. Olson.. a notorious, reputed, court bagman.. present the case before the US Supreme Court on behalf of the Bush crime family.. Bush vs. Gore. so you see where it's at.. the whole thing revolves around Greenberg-Scalia.. Greenberg-Traurig.. and on top of it that law firm through press releases and statements on their website.. allege.. that they know nothing of the hundreds of millions of dollars of supposed law firm business brought into the law firm Jack Abramavich.. .. So you see what do we got here we got another house of mirrors..

TH: Well I think we see through the mirrors pretty clearly now though.. Abramoff was basically a bagman for not only Floridagate 2000, 9/11, Iraqgate and the continued cover-up of these criminal activities that the Bush syndicate.. the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate has been engaged in..

SS: Listen but here's the problem..

TH: We're even getting information that Abramoff at one time was a espionage agent for the South African government and had links to a coup de etat in Equatorial Guinea vis-a-vis a silver mine

SS: yeah..

TH: that involved Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain and her little punk son.. Riggs bank.. Riggs bank and a large management company called Rimco R-I-M-C-O.. federal investigators discovered that Riggs set up phony and deceptive accounts in dummy corporations in offshore locations like the Bahamas.. where do you think Queen Menocela AKA Lesbian Rovenhurst got her money? Riggs was caught up in the Russian mafia money laundering scandal through the stake in a channel islands company called Valmet.. the scandal involved jailed Russian Oil Tycoon Michael

SS: But but but notice here another detail..

TH: And that's all tied to New York State Sherman and that is the stuff along with the AIG thing.. American Insurance Group.. Hank Greenberg.. that Eliot Spitzer the current District Attorney in New York is covering up..

SS: Here's another detail that must be considered.. that woman there..
Melliani.. um.. I don't know if we had her on this program.. but this program has mentioned her.. she sent a letter to Bush about her husband that got lost supposedly on one of the planes that crashed into the twin towers.. she sued Bush.. but her first lawyer.. if I have it straight.. reportedly withdrew from her case or abandoned her case.. or didn't please her in some way.. I don't know which of those you wish to choose..

TH: Well that all was linked to a company out of Andover Massachusetts called Marvelous Investments..

SS: Ok.. but wait a minute..

TH: He was a CIA stooge attorney and he was involved in..

SS: But wait a minute..

TH: Pardon..

SS: He reportedly joined Greenberg-Traurig..

TH: Yes he did..

SS: Do you see the point.. and she spoke out about that and it didn't get well publicized.. so some of these whistleblowers who claim that their loved ones died when this and that crashed into here or there.. on 9/11 were sold out.. at least that's what it appears to be.. if the story has a different version.. fine I'll listen to that as well.. but that's what it seems to be.. so now Greenberg-Traurig who profited by hundreds of millions of dollars of strange business of which I have a question whether they did any due diligence to get that business.. and they did it through Jack Abramavich .. and they thought it was legitimate business.. come on you don't get hundreds of millions of law business from the sky.. so there's something altogether wrong with this and this Traurig law firm in my judgment is similar
to Scantin Arp a partner of which has been made a US District Judge in Chicago with a possibly fake name.. Mark Phillip .. who was involved in corrupting the high level Democrats in southern Florida to stop the recount of the Gore ballots so it could be thrown into the hands of Scalia and a gang of 5 on the US Supreme Court.. do you understand what we have here.. this is a monumental treason..

TH: Well it's not only treason.. it's called massive racketeering, it's called

LB: Yeah.

TH: mafiosas.. and Abramoff is linked to a large degree to a string of
mafiosas... I mean the owner of the Santa Cruz casino was apparently some type of mafiosa linked to the intelligence community and he was assassinated.. now Abramoff.. you know Sherman it just doesn't get any better.. I mean it gets worse every day.. every day we find out that the United States of America..

SS: Has been sold out..

TH: the country of our birth and its government is involved in not only
shredding the Constitution of the United States .. but shoving it in the garbage can and burning it.. I mean Abramoff and his wife have done more criminal activity throughout Washington.. they created a company called Capital Athletic Foundation in 1999 as a limited liability company initially listing his home as the foundations principal office.. September 2002 he filed an operating agreement with the State of Maryland that all profit and loss shall be allocated to Abramoff as well as any cash remaining at the end of each year.. by the way and this is the Capital Athletic Foundation which was used to some degree to funnel the money down to Florida.. basically in 2000 the foundation's purpose was described in tax documents buying gifts to schools in Washington DC area .. well on further investigation now we've discovered that a lot of these funds were tied then and moved around and funneled to Florida through a Indian tribe.. And it all traces back to guess where Sherman.. you're absolutely right.. Greenberg-Traurig.. So Greenberg- Traurig basically paid for the gang of 5 on the Supreme Court to deny the American people their duly elected President of the United States Albert Gore Jr...am I right or wrong??

SS: Can I add some more details please.

LB: yeah..

TH: Yeah..

LB: Let's let Sherman add some details here.. go ahead..

SS: What's wrong with this whole story about this Abramovich is the papers play it up that he reportedly bribed 60 members of the House and the Senate regarding something to do with giving the approval to American Indians to be in the casino business in their situation where they're like a government unto themselves.. what's wrong with the entire story in my judgment is that the money in question and the bribery of the House and Senate was more than 60.. it was closer to a hundred and the American Indian Casino part is the least of it.. what they were bribed to do in the large numbers.. was to permit Bush to be the
resident and occupant of the Oval Office by way of the gang of 5 on the US
Supreme Court.. that was the function in my opinion for what I know about the Abramovich thing.. about the Greenberg-Traurig thing.. about the Scontin Arp thing.. and so on. which the media now puts over onto the American Indian casino business..


SS: Now notice something..

TH: Well you see the problem..

SS: I don't like to blow my own horn.. but a small popular paper printed the details in 1991.. Spotlight.. the nearest thing to it now is the American Free Press.. some of the same people.. they printed my exclusive story .. that this mysterious bank operating under the supervision of the Bank of England.. Bank of Credit and Commerce International.. BCCI.. that they had a bribery list to promote their business in America and for that purpose through the commodity markets.. mostly the mercantile exchange in Chicago.. bribed.. blackmailed, and did all kinds of things.. set up speeches in the name of and so on of 108 members of the House and 28 US Senators.. and as I wrote in my story at the time and it appeared in Spotlight in August of '91.. these members of the House and Senate.. some of them were promised that when they visited Chicago and got their
speech fees... that they would be given more speech fees through LIFFE in London which used to be a speculative index device over there.. and people claiming to be these Congressman picked up the money in London.. the strange thing is.. and by the way .. the Bank of England has been on trial now for a year.. and there's very little in the press about it.. in respect to this very thing. the Bank of England.. made a mistake or intentionally.. and for 30 days.. had an open record which was copied by some reporters showing the bribery list ..

TH: That was based on..

SS: and mentioned in my story.. so i mean you gotta compare the situation and the Greenberg-Traurig thing is a cover-up by way of the American Indian Casino racket of what really happened.. which was that the money involved through Jack Abramovich.. was for installing Bush arbitrarily and corruptly in the Oval Office..

TH: Yes.. and

SS: Did I make it clear.

TH: Yes and Sherman why don't you repeat the name of that London speaking fee deal.. in which these Congressman and Senators of both parties paid off to shut up..

SS: It was through an outfit that specialized in what they called naked options with nothing behind it.. LIFFE..

TH: LIFF.. You're talking about the LIFFE exchange..

SS: Yes..

TH: OK so basically the bagman for all this was Tony Blair and her majesty the Queen..

SS: Yeah..

TH: So here we have and what Sherman Skolnick has just pointed out here.. here we have.. this bitch. this conspiratorial tyrant and Queen basically directly interfering and destroying and overthrowing the American Presidential election with a checkbook..

SS: And the one that was supposed to be ... Tom the one that was supposed to be sent to prison for getting bribes clearly from BCCI whose name was on the list was Orin Hatch.. Senator from Utah.. Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.. who arranged bribes and shakedowns.. so that when Clinton was put on impeachment trial in the Senate with the chief Justice sitting there with his robe with the gold stripes on it.. Rehnquist.. that Orin Hatch escaped the bullet so to speak.. escaped going to jail by setting Clinton free.. you see what I'm saying

TH: Right..

SS: And within a few weeks that Clinton was released from the impeachment Senate trial.. you know what happened he agreed to bomb the hell out of Yugoslavia..

TH: Right and that was all done to create the necessary opening for the oil
pipeline that they so desperately wanted.

SS: yes.. from the Caspian..

TH: And you know what the interesting thing about that is Sherman.. that's tied directly to the year 2000 merger between Pennzoil

SS: Right..

TH: And Texaco.. which has now led to British Petroleum control over 50 per cent of US refineries in the United States

SS: Well wait a minute Tom..

TH: and people should be .. now just let me finish this thought please.. that's why people should realize that that deal through the Clinton impeachment led eventually to the merger which Clinton granted to the British.. granted these oil companies which have led now to the British Petroleum control over 50 per cent of US refineries in the United States and..

SS: yes.. but here's the fact you gotta understand.. people forget that the Bush crime family together with friends of his in Pennzoil.. ok.. Pennzoil originally was the company owned by daddy Bush and the other guy named Heike .. and there's this book about it.. and so on.. they got a judgment against Texaco for 12 billion dollars..1988.. they put Texaco out of business and took over some of Texaco's business so it was much more than just an ordinary merger.. it was a takeover between Pennzoil and Texaco..it became Pennzoil/Texaco.. Daddy Bush an instrumental situation there.. and if I'm correct at all the details I think Chevron got involved in that because a director of Chevron for 10 years was Condoleezza Rice whose name was on one of the big oil boats that was shown on Ted
Coppel's program one night.. so that's what we have all these details.. and um..

TH: Well people like.. people like Byron Dorgan.. in Democratic Party.. and
people like Diane Fienstein in the Democratic party.. were basically given
speaking fees in London to keep their mouth shut.. but you know Sherman.. I just wanted to mention this.. you connected the dots so brilliantly vis-a-vis the oil situation .. how that merger hit.. and the war in Yugoslavia..and bang bang bang off goes her Majesty the Queen.. that's why in this program we talk about overlord at Yorktown.. the need to expel the British once again from American soil.. as we did with our great French allies over 200 years ago.. but you know I mentioned ealrier this Kamal.. who was a Chairman of the General Council of Islamic Banks which is now being looked into.. now Greenberg-Traurig linked to 9/11, Floridagate, AIG, the whole treason plan, which started with the overthrow
of Al Gore's election..

SS: Exactly.

TH: Ever since then we've been under terrorist attack or alert.. Abramoff was the lobbyist shortly before 9/11 Jack Abramoff registered as a lobbyist for the General Council of Islamic Banks.. according to the National Journal.. the consortium was to be funded to counter the Treasury Department and the FBI's efforts to put an unwanted public spotlight on global terrorist financing.. so basically what Abramoff did was he end-runned.. he did an end-run around the restrictions within
the US.. inside the US government itself and basically lobbied for the investments and financial chicanery which led to 9/11 itself and that is what we're looking into right now.. and the key individual that's involved in all this.. including a guy named Kamal whose fortune is estimated at 3 billion dollars and is the chairman of Dallah Al Barraka.. a group which is accused of financing Al-Quida and other extremist groups.. and is also the co-founder and major shareholder for Al Shabil Bank of Sudan.. an
institution which Osama Bin Laden established a personal ownership interest.. so here is Abramoff lobbying for a bank owned by Osama Bin Laden.. and Kamal was listed as one of the 7 major individuals and sponsors of alleged terrorism in the report by French counterintelligence expert Jean Charles Brousard.. submitted to the UN Secretary General in December of 2002. That report basically describes exactly the financial links to the entire financing of the patsies and the paper trail which we know today to be 9/11.

SS: I assume Tom..

TH: And Kamal's name appeared in the golden chain.. a roster seized by guess who Sherman.. Bosnian authorities.. Yugoslavia.. that ties right back to Gary Best.. the whole scripted rogue group that operates outside the scope of any foreign government across the world.. and is engaged in high level blackops like 9/11 ... political assassination.. like JFK Jr. The attempt to assassinate Vice President Albert Gore over Chicago in 1998.. the whole
true colors team linked

SS: And 1999.

TH: Linked to Putin/Bush/Bitch/and Blair. You want to go ahead and throw some more things out there?

SS: Tom. I'm to our listeners because they're very well informed because of our program.. because of your briefings.. which are brilliant.. probably by now well aware that BBC did a very well documented study some months ago showing there is no Al-Quida.. the whole image of the Al-Quida.. is created by the British and American intelligence for the purpose of controlling..

TH: Go ahead Sherman..

SS: Our psychology, our viewpoints.. and so on.. so i mean if it isn't al-
Quida.. it's owned by the FBI,

LB: Right..

SS: British Counter Intelligence..

LB: Right..

SS: and so on.,.

LB: They're western assets..

SS: to tell us we've been had..

LB: yeah..

SS: It's the most monstrous treason probably in the history of the world.

LB: Sherman.. it's just like in Orwell.. it's the Goldstein.. these are just tentacles of Goldstein.. that basically they've created their
own enemy and they control their enemy.. the enemy is only in the minds of the people.. it's not a real enemy. it's a fake enemy.

SS: Right.

LB: Tom are you there to pick it up here? Well Sherman.. Tom's taking a quick break.. why don't we just..

TH: Sherman I'm back..

LB: Ok go ahead..

SS: I mean the Romans did stuff like this

LB: You have to create the Goldstein..

SS: You set up a fake enemy.

LB: Fake enemy.

SS: And then they sent an army at public expense.. taxpayers money.. to go and fight an enemy that the Roman Lords set up themselves.. and then in the long and the short of it that's about what the United States has done.

LB: Right.

TH: Well basically what we've had here and we've done this before.. we had the overthrow of the election.. the legitimization of this coup was the whole 9/11 operation which is linked basically to true colors, Gary Best, Bosnia, Kosovo, the use of these cells. and that's the term i want to use tonight.. these cells. whether they're Bosnian cells.. whether they're these alleged terror cells.. these scripted actors.. and that's the term i use.. actors.. almost like a Hollywood production.. money for hire to create black ops and diversions and assassinations.. for the purpose of the worldwide crime syndicate linked right now directly to Bitch.. basically lesbian Rovenhurst, Bush, Clinton..

SS: Tom.. I think they

TH: The criminal Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin himself .. and you remember Putin's right in on this thing because Putin got the letter from Hudi Hussein which describe the events which took place..

SS: Tom.. if there wasn't political murders.. in 1996 in my opinion Al Gore would have been the candidate of the Democrat party leading a convention in Chicago.. he would have been elected later by the people of this country.. and he would have easily gone on to server two terms and we wouldn't have had this war, this bloodshed and this treason.. as you may remember I did an exclusive story.. that after the murder of Clinton's Deputy Council Vince Foster Jr. His widow Liz remarried and her stepson searched her house, found documents left there by her dead husband.. who had been assassinated but described as a suicide.. and with that was promised a million dollars by Bob Woodward.. that fake journalist on the Washington Post.. and they had a screaming match in a parking lot in Little Rock.. prior to the Democrat Convention in 96 where this stepson was to demonstrate these documents, discrediting Clinton and paving the way for Gore.. he never lived to it.

TH: Well you're talking about Neil Cooper Moody..

SS: Yeah.. so he was supposed to reveal those documents on Tuesday of the Chicago Democrat Convention.. he was murdered on Sunday.. shortly after he had a screaming match heard by others on Sunday..

TH: Bob Woodward we’ve described him before Sherman.. he's an operative.. he's now under investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald.. he's done everything he can to try to cripple that investigation because it leads to the kenne lafannee ajadui.. it leads to the end of the Clinton/Bush crime syndicate if fully pursued.. and you've got to remember what Neil Cooper Moody had.. he had the original outline of the true colors documents that JFK Jr. eventually tried to publish in George Magazine and was assassinated because of it by Bitch and Bush...and there’s witnesses..

SS: A week before they killed..

TH: Right..

SS: Kennedy Jr. on a Friday.. they tried to assassinate Al Gore in Airforce 2 as he was traveling over Chicago.. some devils within the FAA and other branches of government.. steered or vectored as they call 3 commercial airplanes into the same airspace over Chicago as Airforce 2 ... the Sun Times embargoed the story until the middle of that week and then said it was two planes.. but in my interviews with some of those that were involved it was 3 airplanes all set to crash into Airforce 2.. it didn't work.. the pilot of Airforce 2 threatened various retaliation against those in the aviation regulation business in the Chicago area.. the former head of the FAA who knew about this Admiral Engans died on a Tuesday after they tried to kill Gore.. by Friday night they had assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr. so what they had done in the '99 period.

TH: With a barometric bomb.

SS: They had cleared the field away.. because in my judgment and in the judgment of maybe other as well.. John F. Kennedy Jr. would have made a very good Democrat candidate for President..

TH: Well Sherman.. I can tell you this.. we know thing.. that John F. Kennedy Jr. was out to run for at least the Senate of New York .. which would have gotten right in the way.. of Hillary Lesbian Rovenhurst's attempt to grab the Senate seat in New York.. And people should remember even after JFK Jr. was assassinated .. because he had already had a screaming match with Hillary two days before..

SS: yes.. that true.. correct.

TH: And I'll tell you what the screaming match was about.. the screaming match was about the fact that she as a member of the Watergate Committee which was investigating the impeachment of Richard Nixon.. she wrote a couple articles of the impeachment ..that she was covering up the links to the team out of Montreal Candada..

SS: Exactly..

TH: Which had links to British intelligence and Mya Lanski.. that assassinated her husband.. and in return for this cover-up in limiting the scope she and her husband Bill were promised political power in the future.. that is why the American media which has been lying to us ever since Dealey Plaza in 1963.. is so hell bent on trying to push this lesbian into the Whitehouse.. every night you get on TV you hear Stephanopoulos or Chris Matthews.. let me repeat so everyone is as clear as a bell.. Hillary lesbian Rovenhurst had a screaming match with John F. Kennedy Jr. about him publishing true colors.. about him fingering the assassination team that killed his father.. and Hillary covered up specifically trying to remove and keep hidden the pictures of the bums who were wandering around the streets of Dallas.. AKA E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis.. and that is absolutely 100 per cent the plain truth..

SS: Tom.. my website.. skolnicksreport.com .. an s after my name s-k-o-l-n-i-c-k-s skolnicksreport dot com .. any of the listeners scroll way down .. they will come across a four part series.. What Happened To America's Golden Boy - The Murder of John F. Kennedy Junior.. and they will read all the details there together with excerpts from an FBI report that was not to have been released for 30 years but we were able to get the details of it.. and by the way.. Senator Teddy Kennedy of Massachusetts is a two faced so and so and covered up the murder of his nephew .. John F. Kenndey Jr. .. it's in my story.. scroll all the way down my website you'll come across the

TH: And people should realize too that the other northeastern liberal as they call him stooge.. that the media was to nominate in 2008 because they know they're going to lose.. John Kerry Skull and Bones Con or whatever his name is .. his father was a member of British Intelligence ..

SS: Exactly..

TH: and helped recruit the Ruth Paine.. the babysitter for Lee Harvey Oswald.. so what does that tell you..

SS: It tells you..

TH: That's why these people think their entitled to be President.. because they've been in on all these black ops and criminal acts that have been going on for the last 40 years which started with JFK's assassination which continued with Watergate and Richard Nixon.. which continued then with Iran/Contra and the Bush crime syndicate.. it continued on with the whole Clinton period..

SS: Have you forgot about ..

TH: It continued...

SS: Have you forgot the leading Republican woman who cohabits with John Kerry.. the Senator from Massachusssets.. Teresa Heinz..

TH: Oh Teresa Heinz..

SS: Whose first husband ... a Republican with Arlen Spector from Pennsylvania.. US Senator.. started to talk that there's something wrong with the Warren Commission and shortly thereafter he was killed in his airplane by a strange helicopter that ran right into the bottom of his airplane and killed him.. and now although she's a leading Republican.. she cohabits with John Kerry .. a supposed Democrat candidate in the '04 elections.. I mean we've been had.. we've been had..

LB: And gentlemen let's not forget as we have on Cloak and Dagger.. it's a little odd that Kerry's great grandfather.. Jacob Frankle.. born a few years after Jacob Frank died.. not too many miles away.. Jacob Frank received the patronage of Maria Teresa.. remember..

SS: Yeah.

LB: Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry.. her parents were involved with Kerry's

TH: Well that's a link right to the Austrian monarchy isn't it Lenny..

LB: That's right.

TH: Now you see we got the Bush family linked to the British monarchy.. that's why we make it so crystal clear on this program.. that what we are dealing with here.. as the great revolution French national anthem points out.. you conspiratorial tyrants and kings.. and what we've had here is an interloping and as Harry Reid said the other day.. people might have missed this.. he said quote.. America has been infiltrated.. yes they've been infiltrated by the conspiratorial tyrants and kings..

LB: of the black nobility..

TH: of the black nobility.. and folks we've just pointed out to you a lot of stuff tonight which i think we could go on and on i mean.. just recently Hillary.. by the way i can report something tonight.. this is breaking news Hillary is under a jag investigation right now by the pentagon.. what happened here over the last few days is that as the Europeans have been negotiating with Iran trying to get them to get rid of their nuclear bomb.. Bush secretly has been arming Israel.. a lot of it because Israel feels threatened.. immediately and probably for good reason given the 15 nuclear sites in Iran.. the media is not going to report that to you.. has been arming Israel with .. or trying to get them F17 stealths.. and get them the necessary ammunition to possible go in there and take out these nuclear sites.. some of this is done by blackmail.. Netanyahu has a lot on Bush.. the Victor Ash thing.. the 9/11 thing.. the Floridagate thing.. but what Hillary does is after Al Gore's speech she gets paranoid and runs up on television on Friday and claims suddenly out of nowhere. that the Europeans haven't done any good .. we need to do this on our own with Israel.. well why didn't she do that a year ago.. I’ll tell you why she did it.. she feels so threatened by Al Gore that she gives this foreign policy speech in which she suggests unilateral rather than bilateral action against Iran.. unilateral is one country.. bilateral is a group of countries.. of course she brought Israel into the equation.. well in the process of making this speech people in the intelligence community got so upset that they leak that she basically backhandedly leaked the operation which was designed to get Israel these F17 stealths which actually we're not supposed to send to them.. well now the whole operation has been compromised thanks to Hillary Rodham Clinton's big mouth Sherman how do you like that?/

SS: Tom.. can you in the remaining couple minutes.. can you give a little briefing on financials.. for example do you believe the statement circulating as a rumor or possibly valid already.. that Iran took a lot of money out of the banks of Europe and the United States..

TH: Yes they have.. they have taken all of their US dollars out of Iran.. and right now what we have is a situation.

LB: Out of Iran? no..out of Europe.

TH: out of Europe.. excuse me.. and what we have right now is a situation where the major oil and gold derivatives which are basically time deposits based on no collateral whatsoever have unhinged.. and there's also a report now that the Iranians are going to ask for payment in Euro currency rather than US dollars.. so what this will cause given that all these derivatives are dollar denominated.. if they go through with this threat.. what your looking at is a massive collapse of the US dollar all over the world.. an unhinging of all the Euro currency and other financial instruments including the bond market.. and who will that benefit.. the largest gold holders in the world.. the Russians.. and Vladimir Putin.. and his ruble.. which by the way has been moving up against all these currencies ever since 9/11.. isn't that a coincidence Sherman??

SS: Tell me this Tom.. is there a reason. separate and apart from the media's excuse.. why the Japanese market goes down practically everyday now.

TH: Well a lot of its tied to these derivative problems in Iran.. in Europe excuse me which have been created by the Iranian withdrawal.. but you know what sparked the Iranian withdrawal of the funds from Europe is when Hillary's big mouth helped leak Operation Mullah and the alleged secret plan to for Israel to take out the Iranian nuclear sites.. and when Iran found out about that.. they basically turned around and did a number right on the US dollar and took all the US dollars out of the Iranian banks.. so you see loose lips sink ships..

SS: I think we've covered the subject tonight and I think you can give a closing summary or whatever.. but we have learned a lot just from your discussion

TH: Well I hope I've done a good enough job here tonight.. and I think Sherman you've done a brilliant job.. and I would like to thank Lenny Bloom for bringing us forward here tonight..

LB: Thank you.

TH: We will continue to speak out... speak the truth. As I always close I want to say God Bless America.. God Bless Canada.. Viva La France.. a nation that has sacrificed blood and treasure for America as we have done for them.. they are not a parasite nation like the British who loot our US Treasury and create worldwide assassination teams.. they don't steal American elections.. they don't send arms to the Confederacy during the Civil War.. they try to interdict it.. a real ally.. an ally of the American people.. so I close this show as I usually do with never give in and never give up.. and once Sherman signs off Lenny I hope you can treat everyone here

LB: Yep.

TH: at cloak and dagger.. www dot cloak and dagger dot de .. to that marvelous music .. that great revolutionary tune.. the French national anthem.. a song of defiance against the conspiratorial tyrants and kings.. the French Marseille in full ragalei.. Sherman

SS: Thanks for your briefing .. my closing is the same as before.. TO HELL WITH THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND!

LB: To hell with Rome without walls... read it yourself without asking the government why because that will cause the propaganda to die.. goodnight gentleman.

TH: Goodnight.

SS: Goodnight everybody.

Posted by: spies like us | Jan 28, 2006 5:31:21 PM

IlluminattiKnows-Bush money-laundering bank funded 9-11 patsies £¬Blackwater, under fire, offers job to Republican representative

Blackwater, under fire, offers job to Republican representative

Bush money-laundering bank funded 9-11 patsies

Neo-con game plan: Abuse the legal system to stifle freedom of the speech and press

Was Jack Abramoff's International Freedom Foundation taking orders from the
"Sanhedrin"? South African documents indicate so.

Governor Jeb Bush ordered the destruction and shredding of public records and
documents in violation of Florida law.

Latest Bush Crime Family escapade: Transplants from Texas destroying state
gambling evidence in Florida

Germany may have to acquire its own nuclear weapons if it cannot be assured of NATO nuclear retaliation protection guarantees£¬ a German project that began under Adolf Hitler

Whistleblower revelations catching up on the Pentagon multibillion dollar looters: Rumsfeld, Zakheim, Wolfowitz

Abramoff's past slimy South African politics now a major political issue in
South Africa.

The Carlyle Group has its hands on millions of sensitive files on American citizens stored in limestone mine in Pennsylvania

January 28, 2006 --

Apartheid South African intelligence meetings on foreign activities, including support for Jack Abramoff's Washington operations, were code-named "Sanhedrin."

Billions of dollars in questionable cash and fraudulent loans and money movements linked to the Bush family and businesses linked to funding pilot training for the 9-11 hijackers.

A rash of whistleblowers in the Pentagon points to former Comptroller and neocon malfeasance.

WMR can reveal that according to government files obtained from South African sources, the South African apartheid military intelligence service, which supported Jack Abramoff's International Freedom Foundation (IFF) in Washington during the Reagan administration, held a number of secret operational meetings. The meetings, divided into senior level and junior-level sessions, were code-named "Sanhedrin."

Was Jack Abramoff's International Freedom Foundation taking orders from the
"Sanhedrin"? South African documents indicate so.

The following exchanges took place before the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in Johannesburg on September 11 and 23, 1998. Former South African super-spy Craig Williamson, the person who ran Abramoff as an agent in Washington, testified on the secret meetings (Note how the Commission Chairperson studiously steered the commision away from the topic of "Sanhedrin" in the second hearing and how the questioner in the first hearing kept inquiring why the term "Sanhedrin" was used by the intelligence services):

September 11, 1998 hearing:

MR BIZOS: When you became a security policeman at the Security Police Headquarters what year was that?

MR WILLIAMSON: During 1980 Mr Chairman,

MR BIZOS: During 1980? And when did you attend the first Sanhedrin meeting?

MR WILLIAMSON: Mr Chairman, I would imagine relatively soon.

MR BIZOS: Thereafter?

MR WILLIAMSON: Probably in the first, sometime in the first quarter of 1980 or mid 1980.

MR BIZOS: And how often did the Sanhedrin meet?

See- http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/

Another witness, South African intelligence bomb expert Roger Raven testified how South African covert teams pioneered in the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in targeting anti-apartheid leaders. U.S. military intelligence sources report that the IEDs being used in Iraq by insurgents are of the same design as those used by South African intelligence in the 1980s. For other testimony and documentation click here.


January 27, 2006 --

WMR's South African friends on the left should take note of this very
revealing article on how libel lawsuits are the mainstay of the neo-
conservatives on all continents.

Although the article mentions British MP George Galloway's successful libel
suit against the neo-con Daily Telegraph (the neo-cons hate it when they get a
taste of their own bilious medicine), it does reveal how arch-neo-cons Michael
Ledeen, Richard Perle, and Conrad Black have all played the libel suit card.
Now Tom DeLay and Tony Leon are joining in the fray. It's interesting how some
Saudi Arabian billionaire sheikhs and bankers have picked up on this nefarious
tactic to quash journalists who have attempted to expose their links to
Islamist terrorist fronts. There is a reason why the neo-cons are packing the
courts with the likes of Sam Alito and John Roberts -- they want favorable
judgments to uphold frivolous lawsuits designed to stifle public debate and a
free press so they can bring about their fascist new world order.

Neo-con game plan: Abuse the legal system to stifle freedom of the speech and


January 27, 2006 --

John Caylor of www.insider-magazine.com reports that a well-placed source
within the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has
revealed Governor Jeb Bush ordered the destruction and shredding of public
records and documents in violation of Florida law.

The department maintains oversight and approval of state gaming licensees,
slot machines, dog and horse tracks, and jai-alai. In addition, the state
government source revealed that Jeb Bush has replaced key members of the
Governor's Staff in Tallahassee with personnel from Texas who are overseeing
the destruction of state documents. An FBI source has confirmed the destruction
of public records by Jeb Bush may be in response to the ongoing criminal
proceedings against GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the Federal investigation of
the 2001 gangland murder in Miami of Sun Cruz casino boat owner Gus Boulis.

Latest Bush Crime Family escapade: Transplants from Texas destroying state
gambling evidence in Florida


January 27, 2006 --

Germany's former Defense Minister, Rupert Scholz, wants to complete a German
project that began under Adolf Hitler but ended after Germany was faced with a
two-front war. Scholz says Germany may have to acquire its own nuclear weapons
if it cannot be assured of NATO nuclear retaliation protection guarantees.
Scholz is a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party.

Germany's Christian Democrats want to complete the Fuehrer's A-Bomb Project
(Left to right, Nazi Germany's "A Team" [Atomic Bomb team], Hermann Goering,
Hitler, Albert Speer, Werner Heisenberg). George W. Bush is turning back the
clock around the world. When will this insanity end?


January 26, 2006 -- SPECIAL: NEW FACTS EMERGE ON 9-11 FINANCING. Hamilton
Bank, ex-CIA operatives, and 9-11 hijackers.

Researchers and investigators have uncovered links between a Miami bank that
collapsed in 2002 amid a fraud scandal that was highlighted by billions of
dollars in questionable cash and fraudulent loans and money movements linked to
the Bush family and businesses linked to funding pilot training for the 9-11

After the collapse of Hamilton Bank of Miami, the Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation (FDIC), an entity that WMR has reported was transformed by the Bush
administration from a regulatory agency into an investment center, and the
Israel Discount Bank assumed liability for the insured accounts. The FDIC
assumed liability for half the accounts and the Israel Discount Bank took over
the other half. Three Hamilton branches were reopened by the Israeli bank as
"IDC." Insiders report that Hamilton Bank was involved in joint (and possibly
rogue) U.S.-Israeli intelligence and money laundering operations.

In 2002, The Miami Herald reported that bags of cash from Latin American
political leaders would routinely be flown to Hamilton Bank for money
laundering. The Herald reported that one of Hamilton's customers was then-
Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso. Hamilton maintained an office in Panama.
According to court documents filed by the Office of the Comptroller of the
Currency, Hamilton's dubious loans to Maximo Haddad, the owner of the Mexican
construction firm PYCSA that built a private toll road in Panama and the owner
of two offshore companies, Perpetual International Holdings and Alderly
Management; Manuel Cohen, the Panamanian Consul General in Miami and the
managing director of Alexander H Finance Co.; failed banks in El Salvador and
Ecuador; Metrobank International (Vanuatu); Metrobank Panama, and a Florida
drapery and window covering firm with subsidiaries in Texas, Venezuela, Brazil,
El Salvador, Australia, Mexico, Spain, and Puerto Rico "appeared to have no
legitimate business purposes.'' Hamilton Bank has been described by
intelligence insiders as a front operation for intelligence-related activities
that may include, in addition to money laundering, weapons and drug smuggling.

Now defunct Hamilton Bank: Interesting clients

As previously reported by WMR last July (Intelligence Whispers), "In 1995, a
$10 million transfer was made to Houston. The source was the Saudi Royal
family. The funds were transferred to Nations Bank via Banca Svizzera Italiana
via SWIFT. On September 28, 1995, a $50,000 check was cashed at Nation's Bank
of Pasadena, Texas. It allegedly originated from the $10 million of transferred
funds from Saudi Arabia and the payee was "Fayyaz Ahmed." Fayyaz Ahmed, aka
Fayez Ahmad, was also named as one of the hijackers aboard United 175 that
crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center . . .

The account from which the $50,000 was paid was in the name of Treatment
Services of the Southwest Corporation, 14359 Torrey Chase Blvd., Suite D
Houston TX 77014-1635, in North Harris County --check number 266-406556-1; Tax
ID # 76-0455993. Much of the funds eventually ended up in Phoenix, later the
location of some of the 911 hijacker trainees. Ahmad also used the aliases
Banihammad Fayez Abu Dhabi Banihammad, Fayez Rushed Ahmed, Banihammad Fayez,
Rasid Ahmed Hassen Alqadi, Abu Dhabi Banihammad Ahmed Fayez, with the FBI
officially tagging him as one Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan al Qadi Banihammad.
Fayyaz Ahmed had been a resident of Delray Beach, Florida. The FBI later said
that the "Fayyaz Ahmed" who cashed the check in Pasadena was merely a student
paying for college tuition but the note on the check states "contingent for
travel expenses." Dallas, Texas was also one of the locations used by the
hijackers for flight simulator training. One of the flight training "tasks,"
hijackers trained to do was to maneuver planes between World Trade Center 1
and 2.

According to information recently obtained by WMR, the facts about the money
transfer are maintained in the Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County, "In
the Matter of the Proceeds of Account 41C-07029 RDC Holdings Co. , Inc."
The FBI in Arizona has investigated the case but may be under pressure not to
follow certain leads that could lead to the Bush family and their business

According to a source close to the case, the $10 million was moved from
Bluelake World SA, a Switzerland-based firm, via Topaz Liberty and Andromeda
International (both Panamanian firms), to the account of Southwest Services of
Houston, the account from which Fayyaz Ahmed was paid $50,000. Another
intermediary for the funds transfer was reportedly Hamilton House of Nassau,
Bahamas, a possible off-shore entity of Hamilton Bank in Miami. The financial
network that moved the $10 million to Arizona and Texas reportedly has close
links to Potomac Capital, a Geneva-based entity set up by CIA Director George
H. W. Bush in 1976.

The Bush financial networks involved with Metrobank and Hamilton also involve
the entry of illegal foreign money into the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign. See
November 2004 article.
This letter, sent to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees' ranking
members, is also germane to the issue of U.S. support for Saudi terrorists.


January 26, 2006 -- SPECIAL TO WMR. A treatise from "The Unknown SIGINTer."


January 26, 2006 --

A rash of whistleblowers in the Pentagon points to former Comptroller and neo-
con malfeasance.

Soon-to-be retired veteran Pentagon budget analyst Ernie Fitzgerald is not
the only Defense Department official to shine the light on massive Pentagon
fraud that has cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.
From former Army Corps of Engineers Principal Assistant Responsible for
Contracting Bunnatine Greenhouse, to Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
engineer Kenneth Pedeleose, to retired Army Reserve officer Paul Fellencer who
blew the whistle on waste by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), more
information is coming forth on how, under the regime of neo-cons like Donald
Rumsfeld, former Pentagon Comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim (now Senior Vice
President of Pentagon contractor Booz Allen), and former Deputy Defense
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (now World Bank President), the Pentagon was virtually
looted of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Whistleblower revelations catching up on the Pentagon multibillion dollar
looters: Rumsfeld, Zakheim, Wolfowitz


January 26, 2006 --

The problems with the 1997 privatization of the Office of Federal
Investigations (OFI), which ultimately became U.S. Investigations Services
(USIS), now owned by The Carlyle Group, were known to members of Congress,
according to a former OFI official.

A number of employees of OFI, which was part of the Office of Personnel
Management (OPM) before privatization, refused to accept the terms of the
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The late Democratic Senator Paul Simon of
Illinois was particularly opposed to the privatization of OFI.

After OFI became USIS, the timeliness and quality of the security background
checks conducted on Federal employees quickly deteriorated according to former
OFI employees. They saw USIS being turned into a cash laundering operation
whereby a few officials at the top became instant millionaires.

Insiders also report that USIS "branched" into other operations never before
conducted by OFI/OPM. These other operations were the focus of Col. Ted
Westhusing's investigation when he was "suicided" in Baghdad. It is also
noteworthy that USIS assumed control of a converted limestone mine in Boyers,
Pennsylvania. The mine, built during the Cold War to safeguard files in the
event of a nuclear conflict, contains millions of government files, including
those held by the federal Employee Service and Records Center.

That means that The Carlyle Group now has access to sensitive personnel files
on millions of current and past government employees as well as contractors who
have applied for security clearances.

The Carlyle Group has its hands on millions of sensitive files on American
citizens stored in limestone mine in Pennsylvania


January 26, 2006 --

Abramoff's past slimy South African politics now a major political issue in
South Africa.

The following press release was issued by the Young Communist League of South
Africa. Leon and his Democratic Alliance are threatening the African National
Congress with a lawsuit for posting and distributing the WMR report.

WMR stands by its sources, who have in the past reported on Karl Rove's use
of U.S. Embassy personnel and South African security archival and Wits
University administrative personnel to dig up dirt on Theresa Heinz Kerry
during her time as a student at the university. Tony Leon, who has close ties
to Israel's right-wing government, apparently thinks it is defamatory to write
about his past. This tactic is similar to the one being used by Tom DeLay in
Houston. He has threatened lawsuits against Houston TV stations that run an
advertisement that mentions DeLay's links to Russian tycoons (many of whom are
part of the global Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia, the same Mafia that is
currently permeating South African politics). It should be stressed that Leon
is part of the same international neo-con network that, if they gain power in
South Africa, would have South African troops dying alongside American and
British troops in Iraq.

More- http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/

Posted by: ispy | Jan 29, 2006 11:47:44 AM

The real crimes of those in weapons against my family and the Jewish

people since 1920’s

What I am dealing with here is a person who committed marriage crimes, one day after the other while NSA/CIA perpetrated torture against me and my son and friends, and injuring a friends brain with electromagnetic injuries. Because of their crimes against my family, they continued on from one crimes after the other and pit my son and I between his abuses and theirs.

And just as millions continue to be killed as under Hitler and Stalins "Terror" campaign, so they are still now.

They deny those with desire of real peace and true studies, rightful

living, rightful studying, and a right society by these things...

As people focus on “Hezbollah” it is only another militant group set up

by the weapons industry in the past for the present world war and for

people to “focus” only on this moment. In the systems entirety, this

will not change. They will keep setting up these groups in the “new”

states (as they purged the world bank with new people who would not

know of any past) for building these new states; whereas new secular

leaders (puppets) are set up.

Thousands upon thousands of Studies on the Population and Weapons

Direction Studies up to the “Outward Purges”

First Boeing, Lockheed and their Scientists, along with criminal

agents, continued killing Jews in Russia AFTER the setup of the “state

of Israel” in 1940s, continued allowing studies in every kind of way on

millions of Americans, Jewish Americans and people worldwide in every

state, by picking them up, as was done to me and created thousands of

studies from “mind control” to medical studies, and thousands of other

studies for “non-lethal” weapons. Many Jews were killed in this way

before creating the state of Israel the last time and continued to be

killed, as through mind control, they have the state, and dirty agents

against the intelligent since then as well. **More recently, they had

the Australian Prime Minister visit Bush and exclaim it was an

“intellectual” war. In fact, many intellectual Jews were killed, but

the holocaust was blamed on “intellectuals” as well as every other

group that is blamed-but not the weapons industry controls.

The weapons industry today makes trillions (probably monthly) because

of such continued abuses and killing those from THEMSELVES down; the

whole society gradually becoming totally dependent on weapons and

re-building of states is because of the one continuous holocaust. The

brain implants and natural disaster weapons were already at the time of

Hitler. Remember the Russian explosion which was never really known,

but was thought to be a “comet” that had landed? It was written about

in Cosmos.

The National Institutes of Health, the Health and Human Services

section on Human Testing, and other Human Testing Oversight Committees,

and all of the areas where weapons are used, top military heads, are

purged just at the administration is going to play the saintly, and

racial game “against nationals” blocking of victims, denying every

Jewish death. And they go on to put out “Patriotic” garbage on the net,

along with watering down the abuses, and acting like the right to life

has something to do with an old, never used, “constitution.” So, while

millions have died, they make sure people are speaking about the rights

of the KKK, and the rights to “bear arms” as if that will help someone.

When the criminals cannot get the victim, by using directed frequencies

to their head, to commit crimes, and hold hatred towards someone, go

out and begin shooting randomly (which we never had guns) or do

something out of sheer panic, they simply continue their secret

slanderous lies, and keep directing others to commit crimes against the

victim, and always rely on their last campaign of trying to have

(already dozens of people around me) look “mental.”

Millions of Jews have been accused of being “mental” as well as any

other person who goes against this secular, militant,

weapons-dependent, dumbed-down society. Every single case of Jewish

deaths and attacks, and slander, were just the same as my own case; a

caring, higher thinking, intelligent, person.

One Jewish woman in Israel who realized this, who also desired a world

like Maimonides, who envisioned, a world of real religion and real

peace, based on higher beings and right society, peaceful living, was

also targeted constantly (as those sent out to target people are

unaware of the lies themselves) killed, and slandered as being

“depressed.” She knew that under weapons proliferation the hate-only

groups that can be used against each other, protecting the KKK,

protecting other “white” hate groups, the enforced heretical teachings

by the state, the continuation of militant groups for weapons

proliferation, the continued control and manipulation of fake “peace”

groups, the weapons industry only keeping around them those who believe

Judaism is about hating others, using adversaries against peace groups,

using adversaries against all that is good, and the final destruction

of real Judaism was at hand—that these groups would continue to be

raised up in new states by the weapons industry, and no one would ever

see a truly peaceful society. And this is true, because millions of

intelligent Jews and Non-Jews have died and are slandered, harassed,

terrorized, locked up, in the same way while these groups go on being


This is why they have to go against innocent, intelligent, women like

myself and ‘intellectuals’ as they claim, while saving the KKK and

every other ignorant person. And this is what they did. My case is here

because of a denial of justice for millions of Jews and non-Jews.

Israeli “State” not set up, AGAIN, until millions of Jews and gentiles

are already killed off.

By the time the “state” of Israel was set up under Hitler, Stalin,

Mussolini, and DeGaul in France, all of the Jews who would be

knowledgeable about the continuation of weapons proliferation, the

continuous states, the manipulation of world leaders and military units

or militant groups for wars were targeted and killed. This is why,

Hitler, mind controlled by the CIA (who themselves admit to going

through ritualistic mind controls) stated that they would be made to

“lose their memory.” This is exactly what we have today, so that only

short sighted ideologies can be used, just at the time they are needed.

Those Jews who really held higher thought and dedication to true

understanding of Judaism (not flippant secuarlistic beliefs in it) have

been targeted since then, including Rabbis. Those who are gullible and

brain washable, who believe these “wars” are for some end to something,

those who believe it is about getting rid of the “others” and so on,

were not weeded out and targeted but were watched and sometimes used

for certain things and then killed. If it were not just for the weapons

industry, weapons proliferation, the planning would be much different.

This is why they also have to have the “population control” people in

every area and every other kind of pseudo-science in Eugenics, while

certain Jews continue to be targeted either by sudden illness, stroke,

mind control attack, slandered, many even used and then killed with a

planned “anti-Semitic” attack and then made a “hero” after purposely

killing them.

Through mind controls, they have the “Zionists,” many who really

believe in G-d, go to Israel looking for their Messiah (of course those

in weapons have them believe it is them). They are herded back and

forth, homes built, more killed, Israeli leaders and others killed, the

Mossad purged; the Israeli army special agents killed, many in the army

killing themselves through mind controls, then tearing down homes,

running over a Jewish-American woman, killing Palestinians being that

which people are supposed to focus on, and beating Jews, killing them

on buses, etc.

The “Cost of Freedom” Lies, and “Democracy” lies used to manipulate

everyone under weapons controls
Not only were more Jews killed after setting up the state of Israel,

many deliberately attacked because they were Rabbis, or they were

linked to some area of knowledge; whether they were for peace and the

weapons industry decided they were going to change the peace deals, or

they were linked to Afghanistan, or had some knowledge of previous

weapons deals and “friends” of the weapons industry.

In 2002, the synagogues took census of who were members. One would

think that in a purge this would be for protection of the Jewish

people. But, it turns out that more were killed by their lists as well

as the administrations gentile’s lists, or secular lists, set up by

weapons industry criminals linked to the Oliver North Gang and weapons,

drugs proliferation.

They then go on to keep targeting Rabbis, Jewish children and women,

and especially those linked to something around the knowledge of some

former area (as no one can be in newer places for the “new” state with

old knowledge)—just as those around Ariel Sharon and others were

killed, including himself. And go back and forth with building homes,

then knocking them down. Through all of this they killed many more.

They go on to either threaten Jewish people by having their children

mind controlled, slander Rabbis, one Rabbi sent back to Israel, and

many killed. Some killed on plane crashes, sudden sickness, bombed by

“terrorists” and so on. The hundreds of ‘intelligence’ units under the

weapons industry knows where all people are at all times. Within

“intelligence” the weapons industry has factions worldwide just as they

did under Hitler and Stalin, so that no one really knows what the other

groups are trained to do or who really did what. So while they have one

group of militant agents that were trained in crimes, who commit crimes

against Jews, they later go on to have those groups killed as well.

Regardless, the thousands of deaths, and each stage, were not


This went on since before 1940’s, as did the spraying of the skies with

chemicals and taking water droplets from one area and spraying in other

areas, and creating a total thinking in the minds of “population

control” by causing “natural disasters” with weapons. This is why the

Jews and non-Jews in the areas of weather, science, historical writing,

were fired, arrested, killed, before setting up the state of Israel and

putting “newly trained” or new people in those areas who would not have

the knowledge of what took place before, excepting those who believe

the lies of eugenics or something else. (in one instance under Hitler,

and through mind control, it was a Jewish writer who even wrote that

Jews have nervous problems and were targeted because of that—just one

eugenics lie—and millions continue to be used against Jews and


They went on using “silent weapons” to kill Jews in the areas of

historical writing, and many other areas, including those who would

know of the Bush family links to Hitler, personally, and surrounding

(honecker, who died last year?) and along the line of Schindlers list,

but hey, the biggest heretical family is still in the White House.

At this present time, while thousands more Jews and non-Jews are

killed, they put in foreign students in scientific areas for continued

testing on the public, including with the HAARP system and in every

area for manipulations.

They continue to have criminal agents enforce “anti-Semitism” by

crimes, and have non-Jews everywhere in outrages while killing Jewish

people. At the same time they have the Jewish people in outrages

because of such crimes, and most do not realize the total deaths, only

those “public” anti-Semitic attacks which were purposely done, none of

which will every end with such stupidity that the weapons industry uses


By 1995, they use those in the Bush cabinet in science endeavors to go

“hunt” for the Russian Scientists who were the very ones used against

Jews and non-Jews, even though many of the scientists and those linked

to them were being killed already.

(By 2005, they set up their new Science Awards Persons) for the next

go-round of “testing” strategically place so that they will be out of

the country for that next go-round. The weapons industry begins serious

“movements” and transfers in all areas so that the next secular

“testing” people will be where they need to be.

Banks begin taking jobs to Japan and elsewhere by 2002

Corporations underneath the weapons industry begin making transfers for

those who may be brought back later for the “new state” of America

The “outward purge”
It was only at this point, that the weapons industry purged and set up

new people to attack the “nationals” in the United States, while they

continued to kill Jewish people in hundreds of different ways.

They have the World Trade Centers Bombed, even though they killed many

Jews around it

The create more crimes against Jewish people and try to patronize


They have other Jewish people arrested at the same time for crimes

supposedly committed, but which were possible ongoing mind control

crimes as well

Millions of arrests, firings, resignations ensue everywhere from the

admin, to the Park Interior, to every other organization, of course for

the new state to have new manipulators in those places, for the

“economic” upswing that the Bush Administration claims “America is

doing well” Of course, is because those with a “new job,” have one

because of those fired, arrested, killed, taken by plane, thousands of

military people killed, etc.

They being thousands of Israeli students to the U.S. for their racial

hate campaign under the weapons industry, and have the CIA protect them

in courts and jails
* They then purge, once, enough people within the CIA, and have the

Mossad and Israelis target Americans.
* They change the CIA to target “nationals” with directed weaponry and

HAARP using new “Scientists” (today’s scientists are more controlled

and directed only to weapons proliferation or those things that will

later be taken by the weapons industry).
The CIA begins nationwide, powerful subliminal mind control (again but

this time for the public purge), including the continuation of their

family destruction efforts, which happened to be on Jewish families as

well (as after the last world war, all families need to be without

parents, separated, moved around, etc. so that no one can be linked

enough to see the bigger picture).

The dumbed down, secular thinking, and hate thinking groups, the

militant minded, and more criminal agent minded, were then used to go

on to:
* Have certain individuals get into the “rabbinate” and slander Rabbis
* Have Oprah Winfrey discuss “ritual” as if all Rabbis (to begin with

many were targeted with mind control weapons under Russian agents to be

destroyed) were sexual predators, ritualistic people (this too was mind

control on some who were being watched and targeted since the 1920’s to

destroy them for upcoming weapons wars). If it were not true, with such

serious mind control used on people, it could in effect be used to

control them into not “committing a crime” Right?
(The mind controls since 1920’s can be seen in its entirety as to every

detail, whereas some Jewish people were used through mind controls at

that time to add certain rituals and hate things to writings simply for

weapons deals and proliferation, but which became the “norm” of

thinking for some, i.e., Freud also was taken from normal Judaic

studies and brainwashed, mind controlled to create certain “Psychology”

just for weapons industry controls) Again, those who see this, are

targeted by every kind of criminal and hater, and slanderer, the

weapons industry uses.
* So, they go on to have Rabbis threatened, accused,
* Other Rabbis were accused of being for “nationals” and sent back to

Israel but some were then killed (now, those in top of weapons want

people to believe—at the moment—that there will never be nationals?

when they set up more secular states in the same way)
* They set up Jewish Crises Centers, cause extreme violence in the

Jewish homes, then even had a “segment” on the news about Jewish

divorces [but only later when targeting the non-Jews]
* They went on to purge police areas, arrest people in corruption

scandals (the same scandals and corruption as the new people would be

used for, that is; to block justice for anyone), and put in the Mossad,

and the “Eugenics” and more violent police (some throughout were

arrested for crimes against citizens, but it is the genocide game to

blame the police or the secret police in all state reports)
* They built up the “Eugenics” and “Population Control” Propaganda

along with using them in the police
* By this time, they have created so much violence against the Jewish

people, their ready to kill anyone; they even have Jews demanding to

kill other Jews if they won’t kill the Palestinians; and Jews pointing

the finger at other Jews who were arrested; so that they cannot see the

millions of deaths—again. Neither did they see it the last time.
* The weapons industry has them boiling with hate to take out nationals

so they can build up another state. (The Labanon area was taken out

before and set up again).
* They had the Bush administration build hundreds more “mental

* They get their heretical psychiatrists (fabricated by the weapons

abuses since 1920 and known to be used for only keeping people drugged

and dumbed-down to such abuses on the public since then)
* More Jewish Americans and around the world are killed
**Again, since 1920’s it is only those who believe in real peace and

true religion in all areas of life that are killed; those who only care

about the next thing that comes along, or who can be persuaded to live

in the weapons industry illusions, though they are victims of it as

well, but the blind are kept for further weapons controls.

The Bush administration ventriloquist dolls for the weapons industry

(also mind controlled ritualists, hertical, secular minded, indifferent

to what they are asked to do next, CIA drug runners who backed the

deaths of millions of intelligent Jews), sets up the “Eugenics” line

and the DNA database and begins with the explosion of the world trade


By this time, those Jews, after years of using dirty Russian agents and

secular agents, had destroyed many, many American Jews, repressed them

into the ghetto areas, repressed their businesses (of which many had to

use their own money—not big time loans).

Under Stalin and Hitler, it was the same way, whereas millions of

Jewish people died and the weapons industry alone gathered around them

those who would kill both Jews and gentiles, attacking both, only

keeping those who would blurt out propaganda and war propaganda based

on very short sighted and brainwashed beliefs. By the end of the second

world war (and continuing) Jews in every area of intelligence were

attacked and killed

So, not only did the weapons industry kill millions of Jews up to the

very present, but then they use every ideology and lie to have people

believe there is some end or racial end or some kind of end to their

created factions set up in newly created secular states, and the

further mutilation of the public by thousands of weapons industry tests

that lead to the next world war, with all weapons money and CIA drug

running money, the scientific studies ending up right back in weapons

industry pockets.

Second, because of those unethical crimes which were perpetrated

against myself, and which were also created against Jewish people as

well, the weapons industry went on after I married to use weapons

against my spouse for 13 years to have my spouse (and still do after

already committing hundreds of crimes against us) go from confusion,

memory loss, to being despondent, unaware of conversations we just had,

and causing extreme emotional torment (later to my son), never showing

any affection but a total blankness. They waited and watched under

surveillance (later had these people fired) until he caused such

extreme emotional pain so that they could attack me to cover up their

crimes. There crimes were also using people in intelligence to harass

financially with personal information and causing extreme suffering,

trying to have us lose our home (later they sent Dee Arpino out to

‘question’ to begin fabricating lies who made a remark—“what do you

need to move for? People would love to live there.”

These weapons are a fact, which they would go on to knock me out

unconscious every day into a “deep sleep.” But, I still had no idea

what was going on.

By the very fact that they were planning on having me attacked every

single day, along with my son, destroyed my friends since 1989,

including Jewish friends, interfered with friendships and harassed

friends, injured my friend Ruth’s brain with a electromagnetic weapons,

and continued on with their lies to fabricate anything (including

trying to make the victim appear as a “loaner”).

Now, if the person is Jewish, they kill them and make up lies in the

same way. The only people since 1920, who the weapons industry keeps

are those who aren’t for a world based on true Judaism or any right

values in society. This is why they attack Non-Jews who believe in

Judaism as I did before being attacked with NSA’s Christian Programming

(CIA/NSA subliminal) which was done after they put me through years of

torture already and which is used in every single genocide, but used on

Jews as well. This was done by the worst criminals there is after

already killing thousands of more Jews up to and after that point.

**This is a proven fact, that since 1920’s they continue to kill off by

manipulation those Jews who cannot be forced into stupidity or hate and

even then they use them and kill them. The majority of those killing

off Jews and gentiles are secular and criminal, or only military

minded, emergency focused, etc, under the weapons industry, and for the

destruction of states for new states to be put up.

To go through 38 years of torture, and to allow those criminals, those

who do these things to all continue to cover up their crimes, by using

every ideology they can, is not going to happen. Their crimes will be


They went on to torture me with directed signals to the brain on top of

already using other weapons in 1995. When my friend Ruth came over to

tell me that her sister was [forced] into divorce and then the state of

FL accused her of being “mental” (which they went on to harass and make

“mental” claims against other friends and tried to do to me), also a

CIA weapons plan used on Jews and non-Jews (as the goal even in world

war II, was to separate families and have so many arrested, killed, or

sent overseas, removed and turned over in every area that know one

would know what took place—and they still do not).

My friend Ruth spoke about how her father was involved in black ops and

was a Mason. She spoke about the. She was targeted as well with

electromagnetic weapons to the head, but I had no idea rituals and baby

killings what she was speaking of. She suddenly had “new friends” who

treated her badly. One claimed she used the Ouija Board and who Ruth

still believes was the one who caused her electromagnetic injury. This

injury would be documented later, when her divorce (the same

interference as my own in her marriage and her spouse was military,

stationed in ) was final and She ended up in bed, sick without getting

any help.

Now, at this time, NSA/CIA knew by the brain implants that are

connected to NSA computers and which brain frequency codes are turned

into the persons thoughts (even though the criminals could care less

what the person is really thinking), that they used my spouse to put me

(and then my son) by his rudeness, indifference, never showing any

involvement, never showing any affection, but then destroying every

plan, whether financial, or for trips, for socializing (so they could

keep isolating us), and when confronted showing anger, calling names,

and threatening me that he would have his “friends” do something. They

knew by their surveillance and their own involvement in using weapons

to his head since his “debriefing” in Wahsington.

NSA/CIA knew by the brain implants that I had since age 7, that I had

Jewish friends, one religious who was attacked and accused by the use

of microwave weapons (and other incidents) never held hate for anyone,

was very outgoing, very well studied, previously did volunteer work,

was a hard working person, and held only good thoughts, and holds those

beliefs as Maimonides. They knew I studied everything that was and

wasn’t true about religions, philosophies, psychiatry, some physics,

and metaphysics from a young age. They used “ghost” type weapons around

our family after being picked up, people entering the home, attempted

kidnappings, people following, one guy who grabbed my arm as a kid, but

suddenly a friend showed up, and other things on me as a child and went

on to try to discredit me constantly and destroy things that I worked

towards, as is the case with millions of others, so that they could

make false claims later at this time. One of my Jewish childhood

friends’ family was directed with these weapons, the “ghost” weapons,

and satanic garbage that the weapons industry keeps hiring more of in

their criminal mind control areas, and she had a death of a baby in the

family. NSA/CIA knew this in their files as well. But, since they go on

with every kind of lie there is and even destroy files so that the next

person put in under the weapons industry can be manipulated, they would

ignore this and go on with their lies and crimes.

**They know how to target intellectuals from a young age by the energy

surrounding their body, and have been doing this since the 1930’s if

not before. The radio-frequency knowledge also came from ancient

Hermetics, even though the ignorant cannot understand it. So, these

weapons ideas were already used in some way by 1920’s holocaust and

ongoing. Jewish intellectuals are targeted as well, their work taken so

that the weapons industry can control that work with those they put in

and take out later. Millions of Jewish intellectuals were targeted

since 1920’s.

The only difference between what they did to Rabbi Meir Kahane and

myself, is take it to a different direction of manipulation. They

killed Rabbi Meir Kahane, after taking his beliefs and using mind

control on him and then kill him purposely. And they use (dumb as the

agents are) someone who would not know what others are doing, i.e.

someone to target Christians, someone to target Rabbis, someone to

target another group. And the other difference is that Rabbi Meir

Kahane would not know he was being used or that there were people

around him ready to kill him at any moment, the games of the weapons

industry. Under the weapons industry no one can hold beliefs. They must

be manipulated to their death. Every single person dies in this way but

many do not know it. The “War hero” loves being such so never realizes

that he is manipulated through mind controls. And those left, after 80

years of filtering out anyone with thought, are again, more flippant,

indifferent to these things, or hate groups, the ‘Satanists’, and those

who are dumber.

But, after causing myself a brain injury with electromagnetic weapons,

unbelievably, they would go on to use NSA “Christian mind control” and

“Miracles” through directed weaponry knowing that my spouse never did

and never is involved in real discussions with my son about religion.

They even used lies to people about him being “Catholic” to have

“Catholic revolutionaries” (put into the CIA at one time for attacking

non-Catholics) attack me. Not once did my spouse every show, since his

debriefing, NSA behind it, anything but total indifference to anything,

rudeness to his family. When, suddenly he decided to have our son

‘baptized’ because his mother wanted it, they directed these weapons at

me even more, including other weapons, marks on the legs, still falling

unconscious, having severe headaches (as my friend Ruth began

complaining of) and nausea. My spouse going through periods of “passing

out” and other odd, not known events. I realized something was not

natural, but could not put my finger on it, as the NSA/CIA began going

into their “Revival” mind controls on churches and synagogues. They

began heavily targeting me with these microwave weapons even more,

though I had a weapons brain injury, like Ruth, already kept telling my

spouse “my brain seems like it’s being fried, I can’t explain it). The

“twilight zone” weapons kept me just trying to go on and do what I had

to do. At the same time, NSA/CIA continued to use weapons and my spouse

(like the Russian prisoner torture studies on the public) to keep me in

fear. When I went to church, finally, after serious coercion, I had no

understanding of “Christianity” as others see it, especially with such

heretical CIA microwaving and extreme outbursts and fainting, and other

claims being made.

1999-2005, At this time, they then went on with arresting, firing,

replacing, moving and killing Christian church leaders.

As the NSA/CIA committed hundreds more crimes, and secret lying

slander, even regarding my spouse, they knowingly used my spouse, and

still do to torture and isolate myself and my son (by also attacking my

friends, even before 1989), but went on to fabricate every kind of lie

from hater of this or that to being a “loaner” to being associated with

the KKK (as they sent one operative out later along with those they

slandered me to to keep making mention of the KKK and “haters” and

block me from public enjoyment.)

**They went on to purge the Christian church leaders as well of all

intelligent people as the political and war agenda went along. Those in

the RC church who were used in the CIA and other intelligence were also

killed, fired, arrested, and destroyed in some way. *Even though they

had Dee Arpino try to make me look like a hater because I do not agree

with the church but only those things that come from people like

Maimonides, prophets and Sages, and tolerance for the more traditional

priests from ancient days.

They continued with their “sexual” attacks on me, high-powered

radio-frequency to the groin area, and fabricate lies, though I am

innocent of anything. They used these weapons on Rabbis to have them

arrested, though they probably did not know what it was.

If you’re under attack by the weapons industry, and you’re Jewish they

slander with one thing. If you’re under attack, and they suddenly deem

you’re not Jewish (and use microwave brainwashing on the person), they

try to make lying claims to Christians about the person, when they go

on to kill thousands more Christians around the world. It was when I

was having serious “scare” tactics by this church business and CIA

garbage, like being in the twilight zone, having no idea what they were

doing or teaching in the church (but it was not Torah or Old Testament

or even true religion) that they set out to commit even more crimes

with weapons, because they knew that they already gave me injuries from

the weapons, and that I was having constant adverse reactions rather

than going along with it. (those they subsequently fired so that no one

would know what they did to the public.) This is what they did to Rabbi

Meir Kahane—at the point the “ice was breaking” in controlling him—they

killed him. My spouse, as rude as he is, because of weapons to his

brain, went on to tell me that it was Christian groups attacking me

with these weapons, showing up at the door, pulling up out front, etc.

when he knew about NSA because he worked higher up in it. Therefore,

the whole Christian thing put me into even more shock, when I tried to

appease people by going to church, and looking up church websites, kept

finding the strangest “Christian” websites, which were under political

agendas, and constant agent harassment.

So, then they send out tons of “agents” within the ‘Christian’ church

by slandering me as “not Christian like”; having over ten a week to my

door, and continued to target me with every kind of “fog” weapon even

though I continued to do good things every single day.

Then, they pre-meditatingly sent Dee Arpino out, while I am with my son

in the park, to ask me to come to her home by pretending “friendship”

just like Ruth, and right after they knowingly injured Ruth’s brain.

This was right before the Oprah Winfrey show in “Rituals”
They had her question me over every petty little thing, including the

Catholic church, the Masonic rituals, purposely to get me to speak of

what [I had forgotten] my friend said about her father and the rituals,

(Dee Arpino says, “That’s heresey!! No ones going to believe that!!” in

a threatening tone. She goes on to tell me that “Jews” do not have

their children vaccinated and something else as well and then yells, “I

hate Jews!” so that the victim, I would wonder what in the world is

going on and would look up news of any type .

**Using radio receivers in peoples head was done in the 1920’s. Those

who were Jewish right also became victims. It is not but simple

frequency knowledge and is being sold to every kind of group. This is

why, of course, your crazy neighbors are left alone, but the

intelligent, caring individuals are attacked and slandered and crimes

continue against them in every way.

A guy in Pennsylvania is arrested for ritual and throwing his son in a

fire just after this. But Dee Arpino, and those doing this at the top,

go on with their “hate” lies and every other kind of lie, while keeping

me just trying to do good through the microwave fog and terrorizing my


Corporate heads, World Bank people, and every other kind of person in

top places go on to be fired, arrested, accused, when new people are

again put in to do the same exact thing the next go round, that is

after the cycle of purges.

Judges Purged
The judicial system goes in a cycle of the most dirty corrupt, child

molesting judges when killing Jews and non-Jews during weapons testing

period, to suddenly, being arrested along with lawyers, fired, accused,

let go, and they put in the most “holy” judges after already

fabricating lies against victims in secret files and millions of deaths

against innocent Jews and non-Jews.

A court case ensues in regular court with a Rabbi who is “let go” from

a synagogue with a sarcastic, flippant judge, like those the weapons

industry creates. The weapons industry wants the Pee Wee Hermans, the

flippant Woody Allens, the War Mongerers, the brainless, those who

speak without thought only what they heard over and over again, and the

totally crazy like some people I know. Those who are normal are going

to be attacked in every way and, ironically, accused of being those


They then go on to use the reactions, like discussions of what could be

happening hypothetically, from the victim, myself, to further their

lies in every kind of way (thousands of lies just from being questioned

when in fact they kill all of those people in every group anyway) so

that they could fabricate more lies through brain implants (which is

fabricated and given to FBI and they are told lies about the victim and

then go on to use more weapons on the victim as “mind control”).

Thousands of people go on to be arrested. NSA/CIA continue with

hundreds of agents following me, using different ones weekly, but all

day long, phone threats, terrorizing, and going from using helicopters

for “mind control” to bringing in a CIA unit to commit even more crimes

and fabricate “linkage” lies and have even more agents commit crimes

against us. (See the RICO crimes against us and Stew Webbs case).

In the interim, they use corrupt judges to go along with fabricated

lies against people, including having trials against parents without

their presence, taking their children and having people extra

judicially committed as “crazy” this that and the other, or taken away

in some sort. But, go on to arrest the very judges they used to destroy

peoples lives.

They go on to arrest hundreds of Jewish people, most by mind control.

Some Jews live in jail for over 20 years with their Torah, and many die

in jail. Now, in the days of Maccabees, it was the real criminals, not

the mind controlled, who were arrested, regardless of race—read it. And

the Inquisition was a momentary political event to get rid of the

heretics, whereas today those are the ones desired.

CIA “RICO” crimes committed against my family. Only days after the Dee

Arpino incident, they jumped out to threaten to take my son. (See the

Jerry Falwell groups and other groups involvement with

kidnpappings—they apparently slander to extreme Christian groups about

the family, and as I said, right after my family was picked up in the

1970’s, and whereas my mother, not understanding these things, made a

comment about rude treatment by the church, there became a string of

attempted kidnappings on myself, one in which two men showed up

claiming they were from Sesame Street Broadcasting and looking for

children for the show). When they came back later that evening and

knocked on the door, my little friends and I the only ones there,

called her father and had the men arrested at the end of the

development. These people being linked to serious mind control groups,

probably wer let out. My friends’ father and family then became

targeted, ended up divorced, and he “committed suicide.” ** Since World

War II, many Jewish and non-Jewish families have children kidnapped for

the continued manipulation and mind controls under these weapons, and

to destroy families.

It was at this time, after being threatened and falsely ‘questioned’

and crimes already committed against my family for years, that I found

out about the “Waco” case (a mind control subject for a long time) and

which Janet Reno had just attended a weapons meet on mind control

weapons at that time and which they claim they never did much study of

his brain) and upon trying to figure out what the guy’s issue was, they

made up more lies about me, and after already committing serious crimes

for year, went on with their “Christian” extremist lies (when I am not

Christian, sent people out to attack me for that lie.

My neighbor was even complaining about the “activity” and helicopters

in the area, as the CIA and Israelis were sent out to harass everyone.

My babysitter had been accused of being “mental” as well. I could not

keep a babysitter which is one of the reasons I began to homeschool

only after much study on teaching theory and curriculum. BY harassment,

they destroyed my studies, and went on to steal my curriculum material

while fabricating hundres of lies a day, and attacking me with

helicopters when my spouse made the comment jokingly, “They’re after

you, Sue.” and laughing, and when in fact they are nothing but

criminals and liars.

Thousands of people begin complaining of being attacked by these

helicopters, followed, that are used by DAARPA supposedly for “CIA mind

control testing” and ‘gathering data’ but went on to commit crimes

against people as if they were the ATBF. Even the ATBF made complaints

about having to fabricate lies and work with the CIA on their criminal

“drug busts” trying to associate innocent people (RICO crimes) as was

done in millions of genocide cases and false arrests around the world.

They would continue this trauma on me for years simply by lies.

They keep firing, and even arrested the FBI agents linked to the crimes

they committed; one linked to the cover up of the weapons directed at

the Waco “compound” where they were terrorized into believing they

needed to stock up weapons to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, they’re still killing intelligent Jews who will not go along

with the hate crimes against non-Jews, knowing that one group after the

other is set up for the weapons industry, (Many who did go along with

it in the last world war also became victims later) and it will simply

go back to the other revolving groups they use in this cycle after this

world war. They tell the Jewish people, while they set up other secular

states and have no intentions of doing anything different, that to kill

non-Jews is “the price” of Jewry—something that never existed in the

prophets, with anyone else.

From 2000-present

NSA/CIA knew that I only studied as Maimonides and hold those beliefs,

not only before attacking me with “Christian” mind control and

committing crimes, but that I was not ever political and never studied

politics, state constitutions, secular civics, or anything to do with

conspiracies, police states, or anything of a secular nature except for

those things I listed before, or racial thoughts, but held a world view

in light of those truths behind the prophets. Suddenly, other friends

around me became extreme “believers” in Christianity as well, though it

turned out the be the very same political phase.

They then went on to direct “satanic” weapons at me, during sleep

attack me with high-powered, loud music, and other things at night, and

during the day (like many other victims, including Schlund, the former

agent who spoke out) attacked with the CIA’s “deep sleep” weapons

knocking me out, though I desired to get up. And sent out “Satanists”

to make stupid comments to me, my friends, and to my spouse at his work

asking for $6.66 in gas and staring at him intently. Since my spouse

could care less about anything in his state of apathy and only showing

anger when confronted about it, of course, he just gave the guy what he

wanted and went about his business only telling me of the odd incident

later. We discussed these ongoing harassments, and the agents sent out

with lies to harass over and over again.

At each stage, when I figured out who they were using they would either

transfer or fire (later in 2004 they purged the CIA as well), and in

some cases arrested those used in "scandals" they were used to do.

NSA, by the direction of the administration and weapons heads, would,

of course, NOT tell anyone of the truth, or our conversations of their

crimes, but would only extract anything they could make up lies as

their torture to the head with weapons, continued crimes got worse.

They went on to manipulate the sale of our home, to harass around

moving all day long, to begin to make up ATF lies or lies of that sort

with their helicopter harassment, some of which was only personal

helicopters before, and cost us over $14,000 before moving, putting

down five contracts that ended up in stalls, and one buyout of the home

developer, during a contract, harassment around seeing homes, and

blocking us from moving to the place we desired by such harassment.

(The false lawsuits and harassment financially in every area before and

afterwards, and causing extreme financially distress by harassment,

manipulating every single plan; whether it was through taxes, or our

mortgage, or having my spouse suddenly receive a check to cash around

1995 while he was in a state of confusion by the weapons, or something

else, bringing a lawsuit against him to try to get him to “repay” for a

trailer he sold to someone else who left it back in the early 80’s).

But, every day, they caused us hundreds of ‘incidents’ to deal with.

From 1991 to the time of moving, they would keep having agents mess

with paperwork in all areas, and even when we sent our mortgage payment

by overnight, paid mail, they would claim they didn’t receive it.

Thousands of people between 1999-2005 lost their homes illegally by

this type of harassment, and many went to court only to be harassed

even more and even threatened with arrest. The homelessness tripled

during this time.

They attack my friend, Andrea, and when she sits down with me to

discuss that she had Jewish relatives in the past, and different things

that she worried about, and those things related to Jewry, including

her tracking and harassment, they take part of the conversation and

fabricate more lies—AGAINST ME—regarding those discussions, when I

never had anything bad to say about anyone, and meanwhile having my

spouse still acting as rude as can be and totally unloving and only

making jokes about the harassment, and even taking his discussions that

he involved me in about “police states” and events like those out west

whose houses were broken into by the ATBF and fabricated lies by those

conversations, which I think are petty to begin with, against ME for

more harassment 24/7. They threatened her, as a witness, and put her

into a mental institution again and again, putting her on meds, even

though she had just graduated with honors for social work, and

continued to threaten me every time I would go see her or anyone else

for that matter that were friends of mine (for their ‘isolated loaner’


Then, they went on to even fabricate lies about my spouse at the same

time, they fabricate lies against me and have him commit marriage

crimes; causing severe financial crises; going against every agreement;

not sticking once to any agreement; and having his memory erased and

lying because he cannot hold any commitments in the marriage one way or

the other. NSA/CIA knew I had several conversations about divorce, but

went on to terrorize me and continued to manipulate back and forth;

using him against me, then having lies against him, directing weapons

to him to have him act in certain ways, never loving, then directing

weapons at me when I got extremely angry about his behavior and their


They directed more weapons to the head and body in every kind of way.

They continued killing off the scientists in biological weapons, the

Russians used to kill millions of Jews and gentiles, and began

“searching” for the rest of the dirty agents used to kill millions only

in 2001-2005.

Every single day they had haters and criminals add to their lies about

me, adding to secret files, from “hate” to Christian nonsense, and

their CIA drug running lies to “Waco” type lies. Of course, even though

their crimes were documented and even reported by some around me, they

deny by their secret lies, doing these things, and my right to justice.

Then, after torturing my son and I all day long, and we’re angry they

would try to send out the totally ignorant to believe other lies about

the victims, acting like they are documenting ‘social services’ type

things. Their crimes are beyond crimes.

I have received nothing but comments about how smart and good my son

is, only for my spouse to go against (through weapons to him)

everything he needs to do for us, including partaking in real

involvement with his son. If he is confronted about showing any real

involvement, he gets angry and only causes our son to feel worse. Yet,

NSA/CIA continued to attack my son and I all day long, putting

businesses they used to harass us out of business, until my son even

mentioned it.

They continued on canceling our tickets, harassing every time we were

out in public, committing crimes all day long, following as if to kill,

sending weapons to the head, even though I only did good.

They harassed me for years around employment, having the companies I

worked for soon bought out, file chapter 12, would have other “new”

employees come in and cause gossip and uprisings within the company,

and send people in to question me constantly about “UFO’s” since 1989

(because of my pickup and brain implant and because of my spouses

involvement in that area) and even had people I didn’t know call me out

of the blue for work, only to have me more harassed and secretly

slandered. So, they went on to completely block me from working, and

more recently harassed me each time I went for self employment in

insurance where I thought I could make some money and still work from

home. Back and forth, every single time, they would have people

following and harassing, and even come to just one foot within the top

of my car with a helicopter from beyond Dover.

I begin being followed more and more, including by ‘police,’ by their

“secret lies” for “national security” while out on the road, going to

take my son or even his friends to any place, after I went to report

their crimes, and because of instant tracking by brain implant I am

blocked. Stared down, pull up quickly and slam on their brakes, as if

they were going to kill me.

They begin calling every place owned by CIA/NSA operatives, as the John

St. Clair Akwai case shows happens, and happens under every NSA

genocide around the world for that matter, with lies having them direct

“security” or yell “security! Security” Now, at first, you may think it

isn’t directed at you. But with the other harassment, and being the

only one in a certain store on occasion, and having people run up to

stare you down, of course, it becomes obvious that it is part of the

harassment. The harassment of every person being killed; whether

Lebanese, South American, Iraqi, is done in the same way. Only, those

in the money making of world war weapons, now turn it into a “racial”

event during the final blow to the world’s people. The rest of the 80

year cycle against Jews is hidden in many ways.

At this point, the NSA/CIA knowing I am an innocent person, doing good

every day, reading to my son, financial planning, taking him places,

continued to play on the fear by sending even more signals to the head

while having me harassed outwardly. I just happened to pick up a book

(must have been my spouses) on the last holocaust, and when I realized

that the police arrested for any reason or fictitious lies and that

Scientologists and only those with a “baseline of science” were used,

they played on this too.

Every single day they committed crimes and lies all day long, and

continued on to harass new people I met or meet, and harass me after

speaking to someone or going to see someone I met. They are nothing but

killers of the Jews, from 1920 onwards, and killers of everyone else,

liars, heretics, criminals, haters, war mongers, drug runners. This is

why the Bush family has been around so long, since the 1920’s, criminal

and heretical as they are, while millions of Jews died.

The Liars go on to put on the internet and in public, fake trials with

only a couple victims for brain implant atrocities, and even putting up

hundreds of websites that deny the holocaust, so as to make Jews

believe it was fake and non-Jews to believe it was fake; having Jews

even believe that all Jews are let out of jail or that it was all

staged, having Jewish people not see the total loss overall to real

Judaism and the Jewish family. Though there will always be those who

are living the rich life in “Judaism” and are adamant for the current

moment, most die for nothing but weapons, and even those who were once

“prominent” as many American Jews, became the next victim.

They went on to continue financial destruction by the weapons to the

head, to stop me from financial planning, and to use operatives in

areas to harass around banking and finances, and even had someone

continue to send me e-mails that said, “You’re money is linked to

Terrorists” which I still have. They destroyed us financially over and

over causing us to have to take out another loan only to use more “fog”

weapons on my spouse and I to cause confusion and not be able to do

those things financially we would have done, that were planned, every

single day using more operatives to crimes against us and outward

harassment as well.

It was at this time that NSA fired the agents.

As more and more people used in the weapons testing lies for the last

fifty years against Jews and non-Jews became the next subject of

arrest, I became more and more afraid with their harassment every

single place I went, that I would be arrested for absolutely anything,

including wiping my but. They used this fear through brain implants for

falsified lies for even more extreme harassment.

They go on to have groups attack Hassidic Jews, Dr. Goldstein, being

only one, with the “ethnic” and DNA lies that came out of Eugenics,

while patronizing, and hiding their crimes as “angels” behind the son

of King David, Rabbi Schneerson, G-d rest his soul. Since they used

mind control on those to “praise” the mind controlled Dr. Goldstein,

and create a public grave and scene for him, many other deaths ensued

around that. Then they get people to slander them as “ethnic” weirdoes.


The criminals behind the weapons industry, along with their “war

heroes” their created haters in the KKK, and other hate groups, the

mindless, the secular being ever the only ones left after world wars,

after the 80 year cycle of purges.

By this time, the Mossad, working with the CIA and Police “transferred”

their secret lies to where they manipulated out move, knowing very well

that we would not move here, and that my spouse again, while under

surveillance asked, since we had no time left without having to pay

taxes on the money from the other home, to move here temporarily.

Again, after settling in our “new home” they send more people out to

falsify lies simply by giving them lies to begin with and follow while

still shutting down businesses (which became so obvious to my son.)

Those at the top are doing this to women everywhere. They went on to

keep me in terror even though I did good things everyday, with the

interruptions as much as they were. They used the reaction from the

interruptions to make up more lies, i.e., every single time my son and

I went outside, they would send someone with harassment, and then make

up a lies by the end of the day when we are fed up with it and we’re

ready to have a fit. Eventually, they would have my son in rages, and

at times myself, but would still harass. They went on to ride up next

to me as if to blow me up when I went to the store after telling my

spouse that I would tell the police what they were doing.

And continued to commit crime after crime, and then go on to tell

agents, that the victims (many other victims have complained of the

same things) need to be followed because they are “recovering criminals

or drug users.” Every lie they can use, they use. (See Schlund vs. Bush

and Schlund vs. CIA, the agent who knew that NSA and the CIA had lists

of people they were going to try to link to their drug operations, but

can even direct drugs like biological agents from high powered weapons,

and then kill them and accuse them of being drug users) not only try to

link innocent people to

NSA intercepted, and sent people out immediately to settle “for us”

when he called someone to ask them to make a quick settlement on the

home since we were going through the runaround. Funny, my name was not

spelled right on the documents that go to the city, and the documents

we signed were not given to us signed.

At this time records were stolen illegally by certain individuals

through the FBI files and other files to harass and use as slander and

criminal acts, and to use stolen identities for the CIA and other


The Pope dies and the new holocaust Pope, the “antagonist” to Israel is

put in. Many former priests were killed, fired, or arrested for

something (as many worked in secret areas before anyway). The pope of

the previous holocaust and world war helped every criminal run through

with their stolen identities.

They went on to have my spouse admit to having a “chemical imbalance”

(during our move, using his doctor) as well as friends of ours, and

then after moving go to see someone and admit to “lying” and then had

him fired from a new job for a 1982 break up of a fight between a man

and woman, by calling his workplace and stating verbally that he had a

“felony.” The only difference now, being that he doesn't care one bit,

but is still just as difficult going in circles.

They continued on directing weapons to him to cause us extreme pain on

top of their torture, and continue to target my son and I, to cause

such extreme interference in life, each moment to fabricate every

single lie that they do, including their “isolated loaner” lies. And

they continue to direct high frequency to the groin area, and claim (to

other victims and on victim’s websites) that it is for receiving “mind

control” as if they ever used ‘mind controls’ in a ‘good’ way on


By the time they caused such severe torture and confusion and financial

ruin, even though we lived normally and my son learned many things that

those in school do no (and by the way they are directed in schools with

weapons now as well). They would harass outwardly all day long with

many agents, and when we got mad, they would simply call another person

with a lie and direct weapons to the head, and more high powered

microwaving. Or, they would begin by directing weapons to the head,

having my son frantic, and then send someone out to sit nearby

harassing as if we were bad people. Nothing but criminals!!! That’s all

they are.

Sudan and other areas in Africa have holocausts induced also by the CIA

and “non-lethal” microwave weapons which is ongoing
Other world leaders, including Sadaam Hussein are arrested after the

genocide by the CIA and drug runners, death squads

By this time, millions were killed in South America, and in one nation

where they used such acts, they then sent in a “peace keeping” force

because the area was just “so bad” and then went on with more weapons

to kill the people. This is simply what we’re waiting for here and

actually going through.

Not one iota of an area under the weapons industry, whether

internatinoal or national was unturned before the outward dropping of

the bombs--just like in Hitlers days. Even the Jewish head at the

Smithsonian, who disliked the irreligious tactics, and heretical ideas

(the Smithsonian put billions into covering up history, not against one

group, but all).

When it no longer becomes useful for someone, including Ariel Sharon,

they get groups against ther person. When the weapons industry wants

peace "negotiations" to hold up the weapons, they get the peace people

in mind control groups against the leader, and when they want their

weapons to roll, they get the people ready to kill up in arms. And all

along this mind control for coming to another world war, one could see

the massess controlled when suddenly needed for the next weapons and

political event, those killed around these events, including Rabbi

Hakohen in Afghanistan, the other Rabbis, and millions of others, since

1990. and it is a great loss, again, for continued states and serious

weapons and mutilation of the whole world, everything in life swayed to

and fro by the weapons industry.


Those behind HAARP microwaving, then go on to say they are NOT testing

but using it on "criminals"
The Energy Department has meetings on "Why" there are blackouts caused


Serious Crimes in Oil continue to be committed against the people
"Energy Crises" caused by HAARP and other weapons surges, some by

Vessels or submarines being used for directed weapons.

Katrina and other "Natural Disasters" ensue

More Weapons Created Earthquakes and Sunamis, worldwide

Hundreds of Katrina people are outright shot, killed, found in


More "Katrina" incidents and murders, shootings, you name it go on

Unbelievably, mass deaths have occured everywhere, but the blind will

never see a thing, by this point, millions in Jewry and non-Jews, and

those who make news (in most cases) are the nut cases out of Hollywood

(many who are agents covering up such deaths or who are just total


The International Committee on Offensive Microwave weapons, the

Oversight Committees, and the 9/11 “Truth” Committees, and others claim

to have charges waiting for Bush, though his family criminals outlasted

the last world war and crimes against millions of Jews and gentiles.

And, again, after millions of Jews (not all have been killed yet,

though they still pretend to favor them) and non-Jews die, the weapons

industry has created more criminals, more apathetic, dumbed-down people

and beginning their new states with their favored hate groups and their

new world bank buddies. They go on with the --oh, so arrogant, race

lies and fancies, for their crimes. But, I have studied very well, and

the worst tragedies are done to those who are good in every race.

Just like, in world war II, they terrorized and killed Jewish people

and others before, during, and after, the war, who were good people,

and the rest are used in mind control anyway fo further the weapons

proliferation at each and every moment.

Only 40 million have been announced as genocide, CIA, victims, while

the majority continue to be denied, and "Geneva" was not set up to deny

millions of Jews their right to life, let alone every other area that

those drug and weapons proliferators put "new agents' in to block

victims, including controlling the Canada Case, whereas it was proven

that psychiatry has been run by agents covering up these abuses since

the last cycle of holocaust. Shame!!

After millions more good people are killed, excepting for those who can

be seriously manipulated in the interim, the majority are secular, drug

runners, drug kings even above the CIA, militant criminals, the KKK,

and the dumber than dumb. Every one of them are a shame to the Sages!

By Judy Muller, ABCNEWS.com, 16 July 2002. A non-lethal acoustic weapon that stops people in their tracks. For most people it will produce the equivalent of an instant migraine; it will knock some people on their knees. Sonic bullets at 50 times the human threshold of pain. Police departments and the Pentagon are flocking to see this revolutionary technology. U.S. Suspects Opiate in Gas Used in Theater

There are hundreds of weapons that they are using illegally against innocent citizens. It is not the Zionists who go to live in their homeland. Nor those who believe in Judaism and Torah. But, only the highest money launderers, and drug criminals as it was in the previous holocaust killing both Jews and non-Jews.

Posted by: Susan Cameron Honaker | Jul 30, 2006 3:01:46 PM

Susan Cameron Honaker

I am in a place where the Mafia and the KGB/NSA (because of former brain implants, my spouses involvement with top people and NSA, Area 51, and because of the amount of people they can use in ideology of holocaust) will not stop committing crimes, and destroying my life, at this point the denial of any living and future. They have committed hundreds of crimes. And when there is no justice, but only organized crime, they just want to keep up there crimes until death. They have denied me my right to normal daily living, to a divorce and to marriage by these crimes, to work, to retirement, and have cost us thousands of dollars monetarily, but most of all torture, and to where they are going to keep radiating and denying life or any possible end except for the victims death. My spouse only told me about his involvement after they committed hundreds of crimes to destroy me, and the whole family. However, they continue to keep torturing me while getting him to now deny that he was involved in the KGB are of NSA.

In accordance with the Russian testing along with the United States, since the Nuremberg Trials after the European purges, there continued deaths in Russia of Jewish and non-Jewish, and in the United States all during these ‘cold war’ years by so many overlapping studies and using the public as ‘free patients.’

Bush War Crimes Commission: The final verdict INQUIRY ON CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY COMMITTED BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION OF THE ... Was former KGB agent murdered over false-flag terrorism within Russia? rawstory.com http://www.tailrank.com/posts/.../Bush_War_Crimes_Commission_The_final_verdict -

Yes, people, even the congress is aware of the atrocities!

In Russia, they used every single organization to arrest and kill (since the 1950s and present) millions of Jewish and non-Jewish, taking out the bankers and oil tycoons last to set up new oil and weapons deals, new CIA, all new agents, and new citizens, and the oil and weapons testing and deals, is what this is all about, with organized crime destroying the rest.

During these years, there were tested biological and radiation weapons, microwave towers, earthquake and weather manipulation weapons, and satellites which are connected to signals intelligence. The fact is that these same weapons were used during the purges worldwide when creating the European Union, the holocaust and World War II.

DARPA, Stanford Research Institute, and the aerospace industries, the Israeli Mossad, the CIA, and NSA has been used by the Bush crime family and those at the top of the world wars, including the Rockefellers, and many other institutes were involved in the NSA’s signals intelligence to brain, and picking up kids for implanting the brain implants. Below is what their websites in government always say, something to the effect that this technology is ‘new’ when it has been used by the 1920’s. They have committed crimes against me for over 31 years, denied any rights to life, career, and marriage, and terrorizing for over 16 years for absolutely no reason in what will be described. Why? They do this to millions each year for no reason other than the fact that they are mobs, and now these mobs have to bring about chaos and ‘terror’ in the country to get rid of anyone from past weapons deals, agents, and those used in these areas of crime. (Also See John St. Clair Akwai vs. NSA which describes the terrorizing using NSA agents and CIA agents) DARPA has been used on myself and millions of others from childhood, along with CIA, who are purged frequently, fired, arrested.

These are only a couple studies which continue, overlapping:
Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:
Electronic implants in brain and teeth (Funny, Russia and the U.S. then sell these ideas from the deaths and the brains of people, but very few profit with such abuses enmasse) All of the profits from their deaths and crimes only go to a couple people who still keep dominating the largest drug companies as well.

Targeting: Long range
Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction
Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants
Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations
Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:
Drugs, electronics and electroshock
Targeting: Short range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Local production
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Subprojects: Many.
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

The ‘cyborg’ studies were used for nazi (those who go along with crime) doctors, and in scientology or other areas where crimes need to be committed without feeling or care. This is part of the torture they are using on me right now with spouse. He’s basically a cyborg. All while terrorizing me, he finally went to see someone, his doctor claiming it was a chemical imbalance (of which weapons chemical changes in the body are) and he went to see someone else whome he stated declared, “you’d make a good spy” and only one time. But he still goes in circles, and NSA still tortures me to try and fabricate lies for covering up their crimes and destruction. Note how the electroshock is transmitted, as we have experienced. And of course, my spouse’s electronic dissolution of memory, E.D.O.M. They were used in Vietnam and on intel operatives, including many other changes and programming in behavior for killing and crime without thinking. Being a different personality, at just the right time, being totally unemotional and dissaciative on family and at just the right times, causing torture and helping the aggressor by these split personalities where the memory is selectively ‘remembered’ when it is too late, consistently, to cause severe anger on the victims, i.e. while NSA agents, directed by the KGB, is using harassment around paperwork or in financial areas. Making plans, but by real-time, split personality, does not know what those plans are until two weeks later, have already made other plans because the others were destroyed, and consistent enough to cause severe problems, along with the other symptoms which are covered up by doctors. Having the same discussion week after week, as if the person just arrived here, just heard it or spoke of it, for over 13 years. Now,the KGB, is behind this and we have had many discussions, including his calling someone from “NSA” who told him there was no spying in the country, etc.


“The vision for the Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts (NIA) Program is to revolutionize the way that analysts handle intelligence imagery, increasing both the throughput of imagery to the analyst and overall accuracy of the assessments. Current computer-based target detection capabilities cannot process vast volumes of imagery with the speed, flexibility, and precision of the human visual system. Investigations of visual neuroscience mechanisms have indicated that the human brain is capable of
responding to visually salient objects significantly faster than an individual’s visuomotor transformation-based (i.e., movement) response.
The NIA Program seeks to identify robust brain signals that are amenable to recording in an operational environment and process these in real time to select images worthy of further review. The program aims ultimately to apply these triage methods to static, broad-area, and video imagery. Successful development of a neurobiologically based image triage system will increase the speed and accuracy of image analysis in a context where the number of acquired images is expected to rise significantly. In sum, the results of the NIA Program will enable image analysts to train more effectively and process imagery with greater speed and precision.”
Who needs analysts when corruption is the goal?

The weapons are used constantly on the public regardless of what time it is, from testing, to intermittent purges, to outward wars. There are mass radiation tests on military personnel, bases, and all across the world, and biological testing.

Discoverer II (DII) program is an Air Force, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),and ... Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) platforms may indicate a potential for vehicle ...http://www.fas.org/spp/military/program/imint/starlight.htm -
Darpa is connected to Lockheed, Area 51, and the mobs kidnappings, and “UFO” experiences by some, including myself, which was military, as my spouse was also involved in, and around 1995 to 2001, many former agents were being killed, or even children of those agents harassed in the same way.

During this supposed ‘cold war’ testing, the mafia and gangsters were used and were not arrested until the plan for 9-11 to have major purges in the United States and elsewhere. John Ghotti and Russian gangsters by the millions worldwide were used by the top mobs and weapons industries. Thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish supposedly committed ‘suicide’ while they stole brain transmissions, induced illness, and by 1998 thousands were dying from these illnesses, even at young ages, or even still being targeted for death.

My spouse not only knew the activity and whereabouts of John Ghotti but was involved in the satellite assembly, was on the submarines while there was radiation and microwave testing, and was linked to NSA, CIA, and the Pentagon, in Vietnam, and the Bush crimes family has not stopped with their gangsters committing crimes against me, and [trying to use] him in the crimes against myself, since I married. After marrying, as he discussed some things, although I would have no idea of the reality of what these things mean or anything about it, had no knowledge when married about any of his involvement in anything until after severe attacks, the Bush administration and their crime links continued with illegal surveillance and harassment and finally outward crimes and terrorizing. They have continued to use him to help them commit crimes, by having him be totally disassociate, argumentative, go through periods of ‘depression’ and other radiation attacks as the attacks on me became more severe. Below is nothing different than what the groups have been set up to do since the monopolizing by a small few of oil, weapons deals, and world wars. Since there was radiation testing all across the U.S. and on submariners in Puerto Rico, at which time we were also in, it would only be another excuse for the Bush crime family and those in top military cults. Each time a person is even in an area of secret crimes going on, they become a victim in some way, put on the surveillance and destroy list.

They have done anything they can to destroy our family, and this is why they used my spouse, every single day for over 13 years to make claims that he “is going to be a husband” and deny any affection whatsoever. This is exactly why the KGB, with NSA and CIA agents, while firing those used, had committed hundreds of crimes, including sending anthrax. They continue to have him try to torture me and my son, causing us extreme anger by his behavior so they can attack me with radiological weapons, and commit crime, and in any kind of way fabricate lies for extrajudicial death. I spent 8 years, with him denying me access even to my car by going in circles, lying, each week, holding up any kind of work on the cars, claiming he’ll do it, to going to yelling and saying “get someone else to do it” and back to “you’re not taking it anywhere, I’m going to fixt it.” This was all done by the KGB whom he worked with, before knocking me out, using extreme weapons on me, and then fabricating any kind of questioning by lying to agents, and by terrorizing so that they could destroy in any way.

Beyond all of this studying is organized crime from a few like the Rockefellers and others linked to cults and the dark powers of the Vatican, and Mafia. Links to the Russian mobs behind “security” crimes, the CIA, and the FBI (some from the U.S. were arrested).

The recent Russian and other purges worldwide in the name of ‘terror’ are headed by the former KGB agents, top mafia, linked to banks who funnel the money and weapons from bank to bank.

“The expedience of war opened the doors to American drug traffic and Mafia domination. This was the beginning of the Mafia-U.S. Intelligence alliance, an alliance that lasts to this day and helped to support the covert operations of the CIA, such as the Iran-Contra operations. In these covert operations, the CIA would obtain drugs from South America and Southeast Asia, sell them to the Mafia and use the money for the covert purchase of military equipment. These operations accelerated when Congress cut off military funding for the Contras.” for former doctors and specialists on these weapons see, http://www.whale.to/b/caul.html#Mafia-U.S._Intelligence_alliance

The presidents receive good benefits in all countries, including this one:
For the Treason Crimes and links see http://skolnicksreport.com He spent years researching the corruption and payoffs

“A senior U.S. Treasury Department official, in the Office of Internal Affairs, in his own-hand-writing, reportedly analyzed more than twenty five banks by which the Federal Reserve participated in facilitating the bribery and corruption of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his three sons.”

My spouse worked directly with these people taking down countries, as he later told me when he observed my son and I being attacked. But, because they can totally control him, they can keep destroying us. Since he went through years of higher covert operations, he was programmed just like the others in military Intel.

International terrorism by Russian and other Mafia
In order for those above the leaders in oil monopoly as well as the African oil deals, and South American, all people dependent on the system are replaced, from the bottom up to the oil cartels and presidents, and all businesses in the society dependent on weapons and oil, Vatican and Rockefellers and some other top Mafia pulling the strings.

Terrorism's True Roots and the Mafia's other partners-Enemy? of Czech intelligence, which was completely subservient to the Soviet KGB. ... The BZ experiments were conducted on soldiers at Edgewood Arsenal for 16 years. ...
http://www.angelfire.com/or/dhuard/communism7.html -

Carol Rutz's Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003
The Army's Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland ended up conducting ... Much of this psi research came under the control of the Soviet military and KGB. http://www.whale.to/b/rutz7.html -

At the time of his retirement they began with inducing depression, dizziness, odd illnesses, and circular, argumentative, controlling, but disruptive behavior, real-time memory lapses, of which they continue to do but now have him going along with it. See the “Russian Guard torture” programming studies on the victim’s websites. This is how they use others to torture one person in a family while actually the goals are to destroy both. Under Stalin, millions of women are attacked so the men can be used for other military operations they were previously taught, before being killed. He pulled out an implant from his mouth in 1999, he watched them commit crimes on myself and follow and harass, and knows about these things, yet as long as they can keep him in circles, they will continue to commit crimes on myself, depriving life by such abuses. Although I still go about trying to do well and live, and do for my son, they continue to use him to torture in the same circles, and use weapons on me and my son. We have had many conversations since they continued with severe outward torture about his involvement with those making plans above presidents, and those linked to KGB things, and the torture becomes worse on me.

By the time people are even speaking of these things, millions more have died and the NSA has already illegally convicted millions, accused millions secretly, or had them taken out of the country for more torture; myself, still radiating like millions of other as well.

So, they set up another ‘terror’ campaign and world war, in order to make more money using the weapons through racial and religious wars using criminals in all areas, and arresting everyone from former administrations and those used in this purge for crimes to get rid of the others. By the time there is only finger pointing, mass arrests, deaths, from the administration, to Energy, to judges, we are at another point of creating the next generations of mobs.

Let’s look at who they are and the order of the purges:

The United States was planning on the 9-11 attacks and the U.S. purges, so they set out long before to commit crimes, for the outward purges of those they already victimized, by terrorizing them while fabricating “national security” lies.

First, they killed thousands more Jewish and non-Jewish in the U.S. and abroad and arrested and/or killed JDL members, and people in every area of the administration, including Mike Boorda. Remember, no one, except for agents being targeted know or expect what is written here. New to many, so many of the events are not known why at the time, and as the Bush criminals intensify weapons to the head and outward crimes all day long, they know very well they are committing crimes, yet, they continue to do such with radiological weapons all day.

Former FBI director Freah and Clinton along with others made weapons deals to China, Syria, and Hezbollah, to Saudi Arabia, while making oil deals, and to Arafat in Palestine for wars in the Middle East. The next administration also made China deals, using China here for crimes (of which the now former Homeland Security Director is being arrested for helping with passports)

They brought in KGB Operatives involved in Russia’s weapons and purges to the U.S. to head up the NSA’s crimes with Negroponte and Hayden (now moved to CIA). Since my spouse was involved in activity worldwide, they attacked me severely, using high microwave powered weapons, entering the home, using loud music at night and other crimes (see the crimes which intensified, as the criminals know, on the brain, too fast for the victim to know what is taking place, and they threatened me as they are aware by phone, by car, and had me terrified day and night when I had done nothing)

The administration put into place those who would be ready to use the weapons on the public and had the “Bioethics Committee” discuss how these weapons would affect the people in the country. (see link below)

It is only in 1998, that Anisimov discusses these weapons that ‘will’ be used when they have been used since the 1920’s or before. The idea of radio frequencies and brain implants were actually studied by 1890, and were used in Jewish and non-Jewish since then, along with millions of deaths.

“Twenty-five pages of the seventy-two page book, generously translated by Ramon Ruelas, copyright.
The Russian author, N.I Anisimov has been interviewed in several mainstream Russian press articles in the 1990s as the spokesman for a Russian group of 'mind control' or psychotronic victims. He has appeared in the 1998 ZDF German TV documentary, "Zombies of Russia". Anisimov has been quoted by Foreign Military Studies Office, military analyst, Timothy L. Thomas in the Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly Vol. XXVIII, No.1, Spring 1998 article, "The Mind Has No Firewall".
Anisimov describes the history of psychotronic weapons, the weapon effects, who is targeted in illegal experiments in Russia, who is developing the weapons and the extent of the problem.” This website also discusses the ongoing crimes here in the United States.” You can find information on these studies and other links to documents from http://www.mindjustice.org or http://www.CAHRA.org
From 1945 to the present, they killed off millions of Jewish just for their intellectual information, because of brain implants, and directed weaponry and brainwashing; all while using the Mossad and others in brainwashing and then killing them, changing true religion or anything that is true into some off-group of heretical Christian and satanic garbage just to cover up for the mobs crimes. The idea, refer to cyborg, to make everyone for this period either criminal, going along with heresy, and/or completely apathetic to events taking place. Certain weapons frequency causes apathy, and over time they cause other permanent memory damage and cancer, death.

When they set up the burning of Waco, it was a Moloch Ritual Cult ‘sign’ for the criminals in those cults, from Rome’s Dark underground, to keep killing nationals in the country, while still targeting Jewish in Israel (as the satellites to Rome can keep a hold on security). Rome is behind this programming of cult worshipping. The Waco people, however they got there, had been directed to do so out of fear, and years of weapons of which Janet Reno was aware of and met with weapons specialists with these radiological weapons being used, and microwave, weather manipulation, etc.

By 2006, there are still ritual killings going on all over the country by police and others brainwashed in cult ritual killings. Some are only reported in the media as a family found dead. Rome was behind the first programming in Russia and the changing of texts, the brainwashing for these continued wars.

A wave of ritual killings ... out that reporting of the ritual killings was orchestrated, or at least ... (below) show that ritual killings happened in all ...
www.liberiapastandpresent.org/RitualKillingsSecondHalf20thFf.htm -

At this time, they had arrested thousands, including Jewish and Rabbis, and slandered and destroyed the character of them for supposed ‘sexual abuse’ which was done by the KGB and Rome. They had Rabbis killed in supposed accidents, and have nearly destroyed everything about Judaism and the Rabbinate.

When Rockefeller puts out an article on “The Human Condition” in 2000-01,there were already millions of Jewish killed, and thousands more to be targeted purposely between their gangs and leaders paid with big oil deals. The intent of this article was to presage the coming world war, of which they were going to have.

Obviously it is none of the ‘experts’ who come out with such ‘expert’ knowledge on the subject that are targets. You do not see the experts at this time having radium dumped on them. Sometimes, like during the Stalinist purges, the ‘experts’ were used for cover but later attacked. In most cases, all but a few were.

The military heads and the KGB make a list of who is going to be targeted from hence forth, before 9-11, with those appointed to the administrations, by transferring lies to those directors and names kept in databases, and as they terrorize the victims with every kind of agent, they just keep fabricating one lie after the other.

But, the Pentagon, and the administration continued, like other areas to see firings, indictments, transfers, so as to change personnel around adding to victims demise by lies kept in secret files against them after committing so many crimes and terrorizing them.

There have been several fake ‘hearings’ and hundreds in congress on these weapons, while the victims continue to be victimized, that being the plan. Like the Canada trials on CIA mind control weapons abuses, before continuing to commit crimes on those who they had already spent years testing on. And just as the Bush Commission found Bush guilty of crimes but he is not arrested until this whole genocide goes through. Most holocaust victims really did not see any belongings or money. It goes to the mobs who keep moving money and belongings around through banks and back to top people, and only bring lawsuits 50 years later, in fact in 2001 against IBM, while they had killed and were killing thousands more Jewish. At each phase of these operations to cause the death of victims, there are also ‘leaks’ much later and supposed trials as if the trial did something to curb the violence of the administration. They do the same thing with fake ‘help’ groups, including the International human rights groups, denying the real deaths while making it look like they only abuses are ‘prisoner abuse’ until long after the deaths occur, and then they report all the arrests from disappearances and deaths. With a few exceptions in all cases.

THE HOLY WARS BEGIN WORLD WIDE stirring up wars, with chain link of events, manipulation, and using people’s ideologies. Regardless of what it looks like to some, the religions will still be around, including hundreds of others created recently.

Then, the Pope puts out propaganda of “Holy War” in 1999 to 2000, as a sign to the Satanists behind the Church, and all of the created cults, and everyone that they were going to stir up wars among all religions and races, while at the same time they pretend to be the ‘peace’ makers. In every area where there are ‘peace’ deals, there is the mob, for Rome’s benefit, and there are wars going on, secretly, outwardly, crime, and weapons deals. What we’re under is a pathetic Roman Empire, in reality, only worse now, through programming, millions of cults, and pseudo-sciences to cover up crime.

A Ms. Schwarz brought suit many times regarding her association with Scientology and the coming holocaust in the U.S. This set off post office shootings and later anthrax mailings. (See judicial corruption and Amnesty Internationals reports).

There was another trial against Scientology for spraying of the skies and using chemicals in the air. The ‘mysterious’ droppings over Oregon and in Washington state were also aired on Unsolved Mysteries. The Courts declared that this spraying was legal for testing at such levels. And this spraying also has been occurring since the 1940’s for using biochemical and microwave directed weaponry on citizens, including signals to the brain or body tracking from satellites and NSA.

By 1989, in fact though there were firings and transfers for a new CIA, and other agents, they were sending out thousands of agents into the U.S., including foreign agents, to commit crimes on the public in general, and using microwave weapons for inducing deaths, causing accidents, causing fraud and other paperwork fraud forcing people into homelessness, bankruptcies (quadrupled between 99-2003), and manipulating housing moves. All of these agents, as was only reported in the news much later in 2003, were being called to target citizens by the use of these real-time weapons and harassment, i.e., they called agents on millions of individuals under the disguise of “NSA spying” long before 9-11. In fact, the CIA commits crimes and can commit crimes, and must commit crimes to keep their jobs. That is what they are hired to do. They are hired for drug running and crimes and as death squads for kidnapping and killings.

They create the 9-11 ‘terror’ and send out triple the amount of agents to terrorize by the fact that that’s what they are hired to do, while NSA has the CIA and other foreign agents committing crimes on the victims, they then fabricated lies for ‘secret files’ on the victims all day long by the very fabricated lies to begin with, and they increase these lies waiting for some day to come up with some lie for the persons extrajudicial death and never stop using weapons on the victims.

During the Bush, Sr. years in the CIA, along with Turner there were deaths and crimes on the whole country which led to many induced deaths of Rabbis, like rabbi Meir Kahane and others in the media, car accidents (as the army and CIA are using weapons that can put people to sleep, or knock out their vision, or cause car accidents)

They began mass arrests by 2000, and some deaths, of governors, former agents, FBI agents, and arrest as they go along, only keeping the lies while shredding any bit of truth of their operations. They transfer the lies, i.e, after they’ve fired three sets of judges for sexual crimes and bribery, the lies are sent to new operatives who keep attacking the victims, and they try to keep these lies going while destroying the persons life, finances, and every area, regardless of what the victim does, and they keep committing crimes until they can get enough new people to believe the lies. There were mass arrests and some trials of Jewish by 1995. The death reports are few in the media, but only around 2003 do we begin to hear about hurricanes, evacuations, chemical ‘leaks’ all over the country, ‘gang stalking’ which is the hired criminals being directed by the CIA and the Mossad, who are giving these people lies about the victims.

The judges are being told to kick out cases in the courts. The anthrax cases of which thousands across the country, and we received, were also ‘determined’ to not be heard. The victims of mind controls’ or murder as it is, will not be heard either, as many have been held up, ignored, or even heard and dismissed. Although some corrupt judges have been arrested, there could be three or more seats, and in the end there is a hired new judge who are unaware of the real events, and who could still take KGB and NSA lies, thereby going along with their previous crimes. The bribery in the courts is still on high with the actions of this government, the KGB, and the NSA, but with Rome pulling the strings. Lawyers are either fired, intimidated, or newly trained helpers who have no idea how to help anyone. In most areas, they hold ‘cyborg’ ideas as to why they would help cover up the crimes, like the ‘population control’ ideologies and ‘fair game’ of the Scientologists.

An Economic and Jurimetric Analysis of Official Corruption in the Courts, Global Programme against Corruption (PDF)
Official Corruption in the Courts. Vienna, May 2001. CICP-12 ... An Economic and Jurimetric Analysis of Official Corruption in the Courts. 6. TABLE 1 ...
http://www.unodc.org/pdf/crime/gpacpublications/cicp12.pdf - 321k - View as html - More from this site
Description of documented corruption in federal and Calfornia courts.
using federal courts to block a whistleblower's exposure of corruption in high ... Extending judicial corruption into bankruptcy courts. Where is the secret ...
http://www.defraudingamerica.com/description_judicial_corruption.html -

Arrested Judge
Judge Wilson was read the charges and was peacefully arrested by Denver AJM ... The four calmly walked the arrested judge without handcuffs to the neighboring ...
http://www.commonlawvenue.com/Misc/216-ColoJudgeArrested.htm - 3k - Cached - More from this site
DWI Attorney Austin Texas - DWI Charges Dropped Against Travis County Judge
Charges against Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe are dropped by special prosecutor. ... The police officer who arrested Judge Biscoe issued a statement saying he agrees ...
http://www.austin-tx-dwi.com/news/.../2005.10.travis.county.judge.sam.biscoe - 37k - Cached - More from this site
Godlike Productions -- Colorado Judge Arrested By Citizen Militia
UFOs, Conspiracy and Lunatic Fringe - Discuss it all at Godlike Productions ... The four calmly walked the arrested judge without handcuffs to the neighboring ...
Though Bush, like Sadaam Hussein, was found guilty, along with many in the courts, there is no justice for those already damaged, and still, the KGB is fabricating lies no those they already defrauded of life, and continuing with the radiological weapons and satellite abuses.

In all of the other purges, and in the United States, the CIA agents are usually killed, fired, harassed themselves. The police are being used in the crimes and then arrested. The top military will be arrested who are used in the crimes, as the top military official in Russia was related to the president and was then arrested for ‘using a fake name on a passport.’ Of course they are all forced to do secret crimes in the name of ‘terror’ and then they are arrested.

In many of the cases, like the one below, they area arrested for the same things that were shared worldwide for weapons deals during WWII, like the Rosenbergs were scapegoats as well. All of the arrests follow those things that are planned.

“LIPKA, ROBERT STEPHAN, former National Security Agency staff member, was taken into custody on 23 February 1996 at his home in Millersville, Pennsylvania, and charged with committing espionage while working as a communications clerk from 1964 to 1967.”

(although there are some cases of real espionage, or someone taking company secrets for the sole purpose of profit, most are scapegoats for higher wrecking or dismantling of something else by using them). In other cases, after terrorizing victims, and fabricating lies, the NSA and CIA only have to use NSA’s connection to computers and the manipulation of such technology or send fake documents to fabricate ones involvement as a scapegoat. I have received, though I never had any military involvement or knowledge until being terrorized, many odd documents myself, including one recently claiming to be of a diplomat nature and needing my address to send money, whereas the “to” and “from” address are the same. How would it get in my e-mail box? It wasn’t even addressed to me. A while back I was sent some kind of bank scheme claiming to be one holding money with the owner having passed away and needing to put it in someone’s name. Since the Bush crime family involves such extreme paperwork corruption, the stealing of files, the shredding of files, the stealing of person identities, and the like, anyone at this point could be a scapegoat.

This is one Russian headline saying a little more about the mass deaths in Russia (after 1995).

“Police, MP’s, and ministers more dangerous than gangsters – survey 11/08/2005 MOSCOW, August 11 (RIA Novosti) - A survey conducted by the Levada Center, a Moscow-based analytical agency, showed that policemen, deputies and ministers are more dangerous than bandits and terrorists, a popular daily reported Thursday. “

They use the CIA and Mossad and try to set up victims to be accused, and without much difficulty since they can terrorize all day long, and use directed weaponry, tracking so that they know where the victim is going, or times, and they can use the NSA-linked computers to do so.

This is what will be said about the gangsters in the administration and military heads, as was reported after the deaths of those in Russia, as well as Amnesty International reports of every other country after blocking the victims from any peace or living.
“Warlords and gangsters received their arms from corrupt Russian army commanders”

Another statement from the Bush-linked crimes in South America:
“Genocidal militarymen are at last being arrested after decades of impunity”

This is what the Federation of American Scientists said about Russias crimes:
“The Mafiya is not a new force in Russia.[32] The entire Soviet system has long operated with a flourishing black-market supervised and controlled by this group.[33] The black-market is a key to understanding not only the history of the Soviet Union, but also the problems Russia is presently facing in its gradual transformation into a democratic, free market society.[34] The black-market and trade Mafiya has long existed in Russia. It flourished during the Brezhnev years and in the 1980's.[35] “ fas.org
Notice how it says the black market and the mafia flourished for years. This is all the same thing in the United States while they spent years using the Mafia for weapons ‘testing’ and are now using the mobs to commit ‘terror’ crimes. The mafia runs from top bankers to small criminals and killers. (See Johnson’s Russia list)
The G-8 meets with the Russian Orthodox Church recently on how well the country was purged of church informants, other informants, and the whole country’s workforce, citizens, and the G-8 declares that the U.S. is not yet there to being a ‘democracy.’
The weapons today only serve for more severe abuses and human destruction

As one website describes, they have been around since World War I (some like to associate them with ancient biblical and knowledge, but because they are criminal and abusive they would have no higher understanding other than what is told to them, or what cults they have been programmed in, as most abusers are):

“According to the Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons produced by Hungary for the United Nations in 1978 4, the frequency that is thought to be most dangerous to humans is between 7 and 8Hz. This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough. Seven hertz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing. Whether exposure to such infrasound can trigger epileptic seizures, as some fear, remains unclear; experimental data on exposure to such frequencies gives a variety of results.”


Remember, after NSA used hundreds of agents for harassment and torture, also after years of using these weapons on millions of victims already, many dead by now from the effects, they fired the agents in 2003 and 04, so that they are now going to claim that the military is using them on ‘disobedients’ or something to that effect, when they have committed serious crimes and bribery in the courts to block any cases or even have secret trials making outlandish claims against victims without their presence, many simply kidnapped by the CIA, or killed (refer to country genocide and the corrupters at the top-see Amnesty Internationals death reports and arrests, as no one comes to arrest until long after the deaths). This website describes how they were used in Waco. What isn’t mentioned is the cult connection, and the doctor who was killed, along with a biochemist FBI agent firing, and the fact that the weapons were actually used to force them into a fearful state for years and manipulate them into such a dire situation.

With just one weapon out of hundreds, and just slight manipulation, the person can be put to sleep, caused nausea, severe sleep deprivation, caused anxiety, all of which they have used and more on myself, NSA and CIA ordered on the public, and have been doing this ‘testing’ for 31 years, for nothing but criminals to make money. This was done to me, along with other crimes of entering the home, manipulation, using torture tactics by using weapons on spouse as well, long before 9-11, and myself since non-consensual brain implants in November, 1974. Since the public is uninformed about these weapons, most incidents, including CIA activity would be passed off in our minds as coincidence, or ‘weird events’ until such extreme outward threats, terrorizing, and harassing, and an increase in activity as I have gone through. Most speaking of the subject would have no idea about these things, either, unless they experienced it. In my case, NSA, and those connected to this higher destruction of nations, linked to my spouse, continued more severe plotting on what they were going to come up with next by 1989 when the 9-11 had already been long planned. The torture by these weapons is so extreme the events could not even be put into words and this is what they already know about torturing; on some people using 18 different operatives around the clock to torture in any kind of way.

The weapons were known since World War I, but the brain implants, signals, and computer programs over the years created by the very harassment and deaths of millions, using signals to the brain, and using programming, with studies over top of studies by the thousand, severe medical abuses by using the weapons for illness, only makes for a few to benefit while the real knowledge needed in society is neglected and void, only the Gangsters at the very top perceiving some ‘weapons 50 years from now’ goal. From the very beginning of this, there are thousands of Jewish case histories of brain implants and programming; rewarding the most highly criminal but killing off intelligence and those who are against the crime, leaving a society with even more willing to commit crime. So, when we speak of ‘DNA’ (also many fallacies involved in such sciences) this would not be separate from the total DNA makeup, and their fouled thinking in the ‘right stock’ ideas and ‘population control’ as well as ‘racial cleansing.’ But, many know that the DNA changes in society come from the very usage of these weapons and studies which have been taking place on Jewish and non-Jewish communities’ right up to the present.

The Bush crime family has been behind killing millions of Jewish, and again, thousands that people simply blow off as just another death; that being the goal of such weapons; already denying this holocaust. Amnesty International only reports some deaths, even lacking thousands of Jewish deaths, and only long after the deaths are reported to them, of course by top officials. These are the same people behind killing millions of Jewish and then claiming “anti-Semitism” after they do. Not only that, but supporting the destruction of Jewish communities and then lying about it. Using the JDL and other Jewish, including children in crime and later killing them.

Below is only some detailed crimes which they continue to do against me and my son, and now after years of crimes and having my spouse go in circles, confusion, constantly causing family confusion, and their crimes in addition; manipulating our move by torture, trying to cause bankruptcy for years through crimes, severe paperwork harassment by using ‘agents’ they have continued using these weapons on me, and have me continue to put up with such behavior while he is going to go along with it, with the attititude of, “what are you going to do about it.” Everyone who meets my son makes comments on how smart and wonderful he is, he has many likings, reads different subjects, including clocks, plants, trees, weather and many other interest. Since NSA could whip my spouse into going along with the crimes, even while they watched him go in circles, because they were behind it, they continue with the idea that they are going to torture myself and repress us, cause more severe financial distress by his circles and having to take out loans because of their traumatizing and manipulation, and that they are going to continue directing weapons at me and my son while at home. They use weapons on my spouse (for so many years) so that he will go in circles each week, like a radio who remembers no previous conversations, of which these weapons can be used for and have already been used for. The other victims cases are the same. So, now the criminals are still working on this area of trying (in their minds) to isolate the victims (being me and my son since he is apathetic to the severe damage done already, and has no care in life, no planning, no responsibilities, only speaking that never comes about). He has continued to be dissasociative for 16 years, at which time (around his debriefing in Washington), NSA and the KGB which he was involved with, brought to the U.S. began more and more attacks, and as I tried to figure out what his problem was, the attacks became so severe on myself with weapons, including brain shock, that I would not put together what was going on. This is the same tactic that has been used since World War II on victims—shock, trauma, and fabricating lies for ‘national security’ until their death. Because they can have him go in circles on the subject, one day in denial, one day yelling, and one day this or that; they continue to use radiological weapons on me for further destruction when those who know me, and NSA knew that every day I have tried to do good. Their goal is to get the victims so sick, distraught, and ruined that they cannot do anything, when they cannot fabricate other lies for arrest. This is what they are trying to do now.

Many victims described during NSA’s abuses, being attacked by helicopters, which I have experienced off and on myself (at one time period all day while they committed many other crimes) and in extreme (see their crimes) during 1999 and onward while they tried to terrorize victims into either committing crimes by fear or by their usual lies of ‘mental health’ problems as they did to other people around my area and one person I know of personally, all while running drugs. If you look at Amnesty Internationals report on Israel, the activity is the same thing. However, thousands of Jewish who are not part of crimes have been killed for speaking out about having to be around such crime. So, the continued crimes against the innocent only get worse since World War I. In many parts of the world, it is the same thing; manipulated housing sectors, forced repressions, denial of work.

After putting me through severe trauma, believing at any minute my son would be kidnapped, after their attempted or threat to kidnap him, or that I would be shot (several children had attempted kidnappings, one real one nearby, and the CIA with guns in the wood at former residence), 24/7, using different cults with these weapons for years in the marriage, from morning to night, terrorizing me over religion, racial things that I would not be even thinking of, and then having me ‘questioned’ by the Bush cult thugs over every ridiculous thing so that they could fabricate lies, and pretending to be military interrogators, as in other genocide cases around the world, using NSA to terrorize, enter the home, threaten by phone, pretending to be ‘police’ while arresting dozens of police they did use, harassing and following by car, trying to cause car crashes, causing mass car crashes around me, trying to run me off the road, and using NSA and CIA to ‘drug’ me in some way, and using CIA set up drug runners (as Schlund vs. Bush shows) nearby, simply using it to make false phone calls and accusations to agents, who are the hired criminals to begin with--my friend Ruth having to see a brain surgeon for brain shock as well, but myself not being able to by such severe attack by so many agents; they manipulated our move, which had been planned long before even moving back to Delaware, but which they harassed and terrorized us through.

They manipulated our move near this air park, where the government just bought out the airport, continue with activity (in their minds isolating the victim)
The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers FL 33166 Summit Aviation, CIA front, Summit Airport, Middletown, Delaware 19709 302-834 ... George Bush & son. Sue Carper (not known if she deals drugs) ...
http://www.whale.to/b/sp/app1.html -
The agents are used, fired, and simply directed at the top to keep committing crimes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re illuminati, this is about the top making profits, killing millions of Jewish who cannot be cyborgs (see CIA cyborg programming) and taking intellectual information for top profits, only using ‘cyborg’ trained people to run the deals while they make profits from the technology. The whole system set up under Rockefeller is so that they are cyborgs, just following orders, while the rest are killed, and those used become arrested and killed also.

while fabricating more and more lies to new agents which are called ‘gang stalkers’ by the media (mass firings occurred in the CIA and NSA in 2003). They continue spraying low, using these criminals, and at the first 6 months here, while still in severe trauma, they dove down, and passed by one after the other 24/7. They continued with traumatizing (as long as the victim is in trauma). By the time the victim begins getting mad and ready to take action with the law, at which time, they again, threatened to blow me up (once at the store, insinuating at one time by my home, insinuating such when I went to public places, including when going by the court house). As other victims have documented, NSA and CIA operatives, as well as Gangsters are given businesses and run through the NSA, and any place through the NSA’s business office can be bought out, manipulated, as well as victims being harassed.
After destruction of my entire life, and hundreds of crimes over and over again, they have me attached to a satellite, another illegal crime. This is not a crime or a few crimes, but mass crimes.
See how the Signals Intelligence and Satellites Work (also see NASA website on heat, radio, frequencies to pick up objects on earth). This is only one weapon zed system of torture.

covert extermination policy!!! - trail talk - thebackpacker.com
The first President Bush brought former KGB member Gorbachev to the United ... years now, the MILITARY HAS BEEN SPRAYING THE SKIES throughout America, Canada, http://www.thebackpacker.com/trailtalk/thread/12826,-1.php - 34k - Cached - More from this site
Chaotic Synaptic Activity " Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle nations, in the skies over Lockerbee, Scotland, at Munich, in Mogadishu, Dufar ... 82 hijackings of planes worldwide, carried out by the KGB-financed PLO. http://www.chaoticsynapticactivity.netfirms.com/nfblog/2006/08/26/
The National Bio-Ethics Committee, http://www.georgetown.edu/research/nrcbl/nbac/links.html,

National Institutes of Health discussion with Harlan Gerard, the ‘Oversight Committees’ do not discuss this total bodily control until long after many have already died. After millions of deaths just since the 1950’s alone, whereas the majority were Jewish religious, including some I know, directed with these energies. When one finds out how people were fooled, and most new illnesses, brain cancers, and even accidents, are controlled by these weapons on all.

Psychiatry & Corruption Links
Universities discuss brain implants, in ethics, but they were around before the last world war and continued to be the death of millions in real time control right now on everyone by this time, especially with directed signals.


By this weeding out of the highest criminals, also the basis of “Marxism” (another illogical and fouled ideology that represents Roman heresy) while using pseudo psychiatry (which began and is still used as a cover for weapons crimes and which people are made to believe is part of history); although there could be real mental brain damage to people at birth or for some injury or reason. The militaries not only created schizophrenia, ADHD, and many other ‘mental disorders’ along with top mobs behind raking in millions in pharmaceutical money, big benies given to these fake psychiatrists, by using NSA and the KGB and other agents, with these weapons, but mass Jewish deaths have occurred, those of public places suddenly massed together in illness deaths or accidents, just doesn’t happen naturally. Pedophiles, cult criminals, and fake “UFO” researchers are used, along with most being paid agents, like the priests in the Roman Catholic Church who were arrested and some of the other sexual crime rings (though more are created through this rewarding of criminals process).

However, over time, we only end up with more destroyed, generations of people not just using and being moved by temporary political ideas and propaganda as if it were a real ideology, but now we have mind control weapons, since 1920’s where one cult is being used on top of the other in these militaries with such vast programming being used, and no one left with anything but a mingled mind, petty arguments and ideas in the media and elsewhere, petty thought, and petty plans that suit no one at the highest levels. When we take away the ‘isms’ it is nothing but the Roman Empire revisited but much more severe in this day and age. There is no such thing as communism, and if there were, it would not much matter if such a system were run justly. So, all of these ideologies, religions, and cults, are only part of the cycle for the top Mafioso to keep people’s minds so occupied they have no thought. You cannot have such mass corruption and Crime, even between races, at all levels, and ever has a right society. After killing millions of Jewish and through programming, this would be the ideal society for Rome, either keeping people as part of the problem in ignorance, or keeping people on the other side as criminal intents. Judaism itself was formed with the intent of using reason with knowledge, and that reason being within the whole system, but even that has many years of medaling from such a system as we see.

There is no such thing as socialism as well. There is no such thing as capitalism, although it can be used to suggest a society with business, the types of business with the whole system of society and interaction changes over time. none of the ideas set forth match a ‘whole systems’ or our whole system of life in its physical reality, and neither are achievable just as Rome keeps ‘security’ out of reach of everyone as well. But, a Roman Empire continues to add and add ideologies along with the weapons abuses for gangs and organized crime. So, the total system right now looks very different than anyone expects.

Though the earlier Mossad was behind the testing. Those who are doing this will use anyone and any reason, or any way to get rid of someone. The Israeli Mossad may be working in some areas, but their actions do not equal any whole of this system or the agendas either. They are simply used in organized crime, and for nothing but continued organized crime, rather than separating themselves from it, they see themselves as part of the circle where there is not end.

One of the problems is that crime, through these years of forming ideological groups and testing with these mind control weapons, paying big profits for years to gangsterism, has destroyed many and real education and religion itself. This crime ideology came about as they killed millions of Jewish and forced the rest through pogroms, into ghettos (as Clinton did with mass Jewish arrests and deaths) and used weapons testing and brain implants, but all through the forming of mobs by Rome. By having people programmed to believe that this boils down to hate, and gangsterism to get rid of others, it really complicates matters and only benefits, again a very few.

They have arrested and/or killed thousands of Jewish, and whether they committed crimes or not, is the very fact that we face today, that this is for nothing but accusing everyone under those in the weapons industry and destroying them by using this technology and mind controls to begin with for only a few to profit. Isn’t this what the mind controls and the Talmud which has been severely abused by those in the weapons industry teaches?


These Rabbis, and thousands of other Jewish people they have arrested and/or killed, and the mafias that they are using right now to destroy the innocent is only a reflection of the destruction of a top few like the Rockefellers and those in weapons has done by the millions of deaths to destroy people over and over again, using one group in crime and religious heresy, while the other half arrest the one’s they just used, for only a few to benefit. And those who are innocent of anything go too, as they have just targeted and killed thousands of innocent Jewish people, in this same way, as they are trying to do to me. In each case, you must refer to the programming. Those at the top of this have figured out how to keep programming for this continuous cycle of usage of people and arrests and death of those who are innocent, while arresting those they programmed into the very activity they are programmed to do.

These are the crimes they have committed against me and my son, while using my spouse and trying to destroy in any way possible. They have continued to commit hundreds of crime knowingly while using my spouse to help them torture with severe emotional abuse for 16 years and on my son, so that they can do in all. They actually denied me marriage, my career, my own retirement, and attacked me more and more with weapons each time I asked him for a divorce from 1991 to the present. They attacked me with radiological weapons each time I tried to fix the problems he caused, and they committed hundreds of crimes on me each time my spouse argued in circles, using surveillance for the crimes, using surveillance so that when I would try to fix the problems from the crimes, and from his circles they would use heavy radiation on me so they can continue with their lying crimes. And in their outward crimes, they hope to cause such severe torture and anguish on the victims so they can keep them in this place of trying to convict the innocent person in any way possible, through consistent harassment and trauma while denying it.

They put many businesses that I went into out of business, including [being behind] buying out my spouses business after we moved, and fabricating an “FBI” call to have him fired at his new job, making false verbal claims. Yet, they continued to attack me every single day, including with bomb threats next to my car and then calling agents to harass and follow based on lies. Remember, they have committed crimes on me since childhood for these profits. And while they sell these technologies to those who perceive to be benefiting, they all become victims later.

The National Security Agency has a program called SADBU (Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization). The page to which this message originally linked stated that this office contracts with or acquires small businesses, particularly those owned by women or minorities, that "may support mission requirements." It conducts bi-weekly marketing briefs for such businesses. Needless to say, such "marketing briefs" would provide an excellent cover for the coordination of ongoing conspiratorial activity. How can all of these Jewish and non-Jewish be arrested for crimes that the government is still hiring millions of NSA and CIA agents to commit? It is a racket, a destruction of all for a very few through organized crimes. I am not saying that some haven’t commit crimes, but that they are hiring millions more to replace in crimes, including in the CIA and NSA for the very crimes they are arresting others for. There is nothing but corruption in every corner. And in this process they have again destroyed anything good to come out of it, only more organized crime for Rockefeller and weapons/oil deals. Although they are torturing Christians around the world in the same way, I have always held higher Judaic beliefs, another crime of NSA’s programming, is to make everyone some ‘form’ of Christianity that will fit back into the purges.

NSA's Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts
receive encrypted audio scripts from NSA central intelligence operations through ... The NSA technique is simple; they transmit their human programming message ...
http://www.kimsoft.com/2000/NSA-psy.htm -

These scripts are used on the very people they have just killed and arrested, including Rabbi Meir Kahane, using someone or anyone in opposition to the person. They continued to use directed scripts while torturing me and putting me through trauma over any petty thing they can to fabricate more lies.

Posted by: Sue C Honaker | Dec 3, 2006 7:57:25 PM

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