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Chicago 9/11 Terror Exercise Event To Go Live?

RED ALERT: "CHICAGO 911" CONFIRMED (May 2-4, Terror Exercises)
By Capt. Eric H. May, MI/PAO, Ghost Troop Commander

I will answer email queries to the information below, and will provide documentation and links.  This email/article is now part of official record in the Texas City Nuclear Inquest at http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/GhostTroopCommand/.  CPTMAY


  Colonel Tim Franklin, PAO, Illinois National Guard
  Captain Lisa Kopczynski, PAO, Indiana National Guard
  Officer Kubiak, Chicago Police Public Information Officer
In the last 24 hours, the police and military officers in above have confirmed the following exercise scenario, about to be conducted in Chicago:

Homeland Security is the "main proponent" (the command) for an exercise May 2-4, 2006, rehearsing a response to a WMD attack and building collapse in Downtown Chicago.  State of Illinois civil assets, National Guard assets, Chicago area police assets and hospital assets will collectively be working under Homeland Security.

This is an uncomfortable confirmation of the alarming email/article I received, and promised to forward to you:

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 07:31:45 -0700
From: "Amy Sasser" <[email protected]>
To: Mik <[email protected]>
Subject: Fwd: THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago: May 2-4

Webster Tarpley  was also taking about this on crisis radio yesterday it is in the archives of www.rbnlive.com


THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago: May 2-4
              Gary Franchi - Chicago, IL 4-20-06   One of our Loyal Lone Lanterns has just informed us that the National Guard will be doing a training assignment in Chicago. This field exercise will be to simulate a chemical attack, whereby the National Guard will coordinate with local police, fire depts, and hospitals. One of the hospitals participating will be Rush.

    1) Exercise starts as a response to a pandemic spreading throughout Chicago. It could be anything from a terrorist attack to bird flu. Nobody knows.

   2) As the different groups are responding to this pandemic, there is a dirty bomb attack which releases a chemical agent.

   3) If all of that is not enough, the dirty bomb collapses a building.

    We do not have an exact location where this is happening, the National Guard doesn't even know. It is supposed to simulate a real life situation so, nobody knows until it starts.

   It will be May 2-4.

   Considering that "drills" were taking place the morning of 9/11 and 7/7 there is always the remote possibility that this is cover for another "inside job".  We pray to God that it is not.

   Chicago, be alert that Tuesday, May 2nd, Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th

[Back to Military/Police]  In light of this email, and my own independent work in the area of an attack on Chicago, I believe you are in imminent danger of attack.  I believe you are being set up.  It's that simple.

My background qualifies me to make the assessment I'm making.  I spent five years (1989-1994) with the USAR's 75th Division (Exercise) in Houston, conducting dozens of command staff and exercise scenarios like the one in which you are preparing to participate.  I worked as an Blue Force (US) and a Red Force (OPFOR) controller, then later as the Public Affairs Officer.  Later I wrote editorials for NBC's Houston affiliate, KPRC-TV and published military analysis for the Houston Chronicle.  In 1996, I interviewed with Karen Hughes to become the Bush speech writer, back when he was governor of Texas.  I'm connected and I'm aware.

Sears Tower 666 scenario

The reason the internet community brought me the email/article news you have confirmed is that I've been working on the prospects of a 911-style attack on Chicago for over a month now.  I began shortly after the Chicago Sun-Times' Frank Main published an article about new terror fears because of apparent surveillance of the Sears Tower:  http://www.chicagoredstreak.com/output/news/cst-nws-terror17.html

Shortly afterward, I published my first article about the prospect of a Chicago 911 set-up for the Adelaide Institute, Australia.  The specific date was March 30, 2006.  The top half of the article involves similar terror drills being conducted near Texas City back in January, but the bottom half of the article is a specific warning of a Chicago 911.  My specific scenario is that of a Sears Tower attack on June 6, 2006, giving the study the code-name of  Sears Tower 666.  It has been widely reprinted in several countries.  Here's the Aussie version:  http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/Dissenters1/Toben/toben_may_nuclear.htm

I've given interviews on the scenario, my most recent being on international radio yesterday, before receiving confirmation this morning that our worst fears were coming true.  You can find it on the home page of Cloak and Dagger radio (Canada/Germany), or via the direct link at http://www.cloakanddagger.de/lenny/ghost%20troopapr26.htm

Will the "Chicago 911" Exercises "go live?"

The exercise you are conducting may "go live" and result in tens of thousands of civilian casualties.  Whatever you are preparing for as a casualty count should be taken as the best indicator of the level of mass murder actually being anticipated.  It needs to be enough to rally the country behind Bush, and that means plenty of dead folks, at this point.

I believe that whatever information and security protocols you are observing relevant to this exercise are just so many prior-planned impediment to your discovering what it happening -- until after it has happened.  At that point you'll be in crisis mode, operating by training, not asking questions about the official story.

The idea that political leaders resort to dire measures in dire political troubles is not new, or disloyal.  Responsible military officers were advised to be on guard against just such a contingency when Nixon's poll numbers and political prospects pointed toward impeachment, and these signs are present for Bush as well.  Pro-Bush media are now speculating that the only "miracle" that can save him is another 911, and former White House insiders like Paul Craig Roberts are writing articles expressing my idea that his former employer may be contemplating false-flag terror to save his presidency:  http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/GhostTroopCommand/message/111

Texas City Nuclear 911 Inquest

The same thing now in danger of happening in Chicago almost happened in Texas City on January 31, 2006.  My intelligence unit, Ghost Troop, and I were heavily engaged in late January in a national/international public affairs campaign to alert the area, specifically warning of the prospect of a 1/31 nuke attack being set up against the city.

Our work was confirmed in an article in the Galveston County Daily News on Feb. 2, 2006, which reported that national WMD-CRT "day after" assets were present in the target area on the day after our Jan. 31, 2006 prediction, on Feb. 1, 2006.  The public, made aware by our public affairs campaign to get the message out, were quite alarmed, but at least they weren't dead.  As with Chicago's May 2-4 exercises, the Texas City exercises were under wraps, an adjunct of an exercise being run from Jan. 31-Feb. 2 by Ft. Monroe, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.  Like your exercise, they were run from a Tuesday to a Thursday.

The Texas City articles, by mainstream Daily News writer TJ Aulds and cyber-jounalist Greg Szymanski, can be accessed -- along with my real-time interviews -- at our 2005-2006 main operations site:  http://www.spiritone.com/~pazuu/pow-mia/GhostTroopCaptMay.htm

Mission of Conscience, w/ References & Request

   I am a Christian former Armed Forces officer, on a mission of conscience, serving in obedience to my oath of commissioning, I urge you to reflect prayerfully on your own oaths of commissioning, made to defend and protect the constitution.  Before beginning this current analytic stretch, I had myself baptized by Fr. Raphael Garcia and Fr. James Marshall in the Sagrado Corazon Church of El Paso on July 11, 2005.  My certificate of baptism, widely circulated as part of my media kit when I interview, is given under "emergency" conditions, meaning that the good priests who baptized me knew exactly what I was going up against:  possible assassination by my own side.  I copy them and all other principle involved contacts via BCC.

I request that you regard this notice as a military "CRITC" report, meaning that it is of critical importance, and should be forwarded as widely as possible, all the way up the chain of command.  This applies equally to all military/police recipients of this communique, and is emphatic.  I am asserting extraordinary powers, but as an officer in my position, I have no choice.  Any other responsible US officer, given my training and presented this emergency, would be obliged to do the same.

If I am correct in my documented analysis and prediction, extending from the fearful Texas City results to the fearful Chicago possibilities, then the constitution is under attack, and the American People are in danger.  All my actions have been vindicated by the results, and history will vindicate those who asked the hard questions for their country instead of looking the other way.  Now is the time to do your duty according to the constitution -- even if it means asking questions after you are told to stand down, or spreading word of the prospect of a false-flag terror attack.  You have been trained, as I was, to stand up on a mission of conscience when the time came.  It has come.

Your brother in oath and duty,

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS:  Below I attach two VIP references, confirmed via their emails to me:

First, Thom Shanker, Chief Pentagon Correspondent, NY Times, who was a constant contact until I went public on the matter of the Battle of Baghdad cover-up, and the July, 2003 Bush attacks on his critics:

Thom Shanker <[email protected]> wrote:
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 09:35:47 -0500
To: Eric May < [email protected]>
From: Thom Shanker <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Dissident officer accuses White House of cover-up

Captain May,

In the interest of holiday understanding, I have to ask: After treating you with respect, as opposed to the hostile notes I know you have gotten from other members of the news media, why do you choose to insult me, as you did in the note you sent out? Such action is beneath a professional soldier such as you.


At 05:26 PM 12/23/2003 -0800, you wrote:
My name is Captain Eric H. May, and I am making the flat allegation that the Bush White House covered up the Battle of Baghdad with the Private Jessica scam.  Please be so kind as to visit the site I brough on line two days ago:  www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/

If you find the evidence of interest, kindly contact me via this email.  I am copying this letter to Thom Shanker, chief pentagon correspondent for the New York Times.  Thom knows about the cover up, but is afraid to tell -- all the mainstream media are.  You already knew you couldn't trust them, didn't you?

With your permission, I'll include you in my daily column, If I May, an analysis of war news from a former intelligence and public affairs officer.  If you don't want me to contact you again, kindly send a message.

Best regards,
Captain May

Thom Shanker
Pentagon correspondent
The New York Times
Second, the US Ambassador to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer, who serves as my Ghost Troop chaplain -- at his own request -- and is my official witness.  Ambassador Untermeyer and I are good friends, and he served as my best man at my wedding.  He has been a witness to the Ghost Troop activities on the Texas City scenario since we first began to work on it in March, 2004.  As you can see from this recent email, we are in regular contact, and plan to meet when he visits home this summer.

"Untermeyer, Chase G." <[email protected]> wrote:
From: "Untermeyer, Chase G." <[email protected]>
To: CaptainMay <[email protected]>
Subject: Gracias
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:45:44 +0300


#ieooui) }                ERIC: God to hear from you. I usually get emails on Blackberries rather than on blackberries. I hope to see you when I�m back in Houston sometime around the 4th of July. I know I won�t be able to change your mind on the Bush Administration (or much else), but we can certainly agree on Gretchen�s preserves on fresh biscuits. (Which side, though?) Till then, CHASE.

Ambassador Untermeyer is mentioned extensively throughout the Texas City Nuclear Inquest.  In fact, I only began the inquest after receiving a question from him that led me to calculate the odds against our Texas City work being random chance, and that email is the first message entry in the articles that comprise the inquest:  http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/GhostTroopCommand/message/91


New Ghost Troop Communique (May 1, 2006):




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