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Anti-Codex Petition Needs Big Boost

Please particpate in this Anti-Codex petition and get it spread around as far and wide as possible asking others to do the same:



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Legal Steps Taken In Andrea Clark Case To Stop Life Support Removal In Texas

Legal Steps Taken In Andrea’s Case To Stop Life Support Removal
   The life of Andrea Clark hangs in the balance at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in


   The life support of the 54-year-old woman was to have been removed Sunday after the hospital ethics committee decided under the Texas Futile Care Law that it would be futile to prolong the life of the heart patient and recommended that she be removed from life support despite her family’s wishes and the wishes of Andrea herself.
   Under the law, once the decision is made, by law the hospital is authorized to discontinue the disputed treatment after a 10-day delay during which the hospital must try to find a facility that will accept a transfer of the patient.
   Plans to transfer Andrea to a facility in


fell apart on Friday and the hospital has reportedly agreed not to remove the ventilator and discontinue dialysis of Andrea until at least Tuesday while the search continues for a facility where she can be transferred.
   Jerri Lynn Ward, the


attorney who is presenting Andrea and her family, says that efforts are still being made to transfer Andrea’s care to another physician or facility.
   She will be serving a cease and desist letter upon the hospital administration Monday to stop the hospital from removing life support from Andrea until she can ask a Houston court for an injunction against the hospital, stopping them from ending Andrea’s life.
   The letter follows:
Ms. Ann Thielke, J.D.
In-House Counsel
St. Luke’s Hospital
                                                                   VIA Email and Fax
Dr. Ron Giveon
Dr. Mark Tran
Dr. Robert Carpenter
Chairman of St. Luke’s Hospital
Case Manager
Blue Cross Blue Shield
          Re:  Andrea Clark
Dear Sirs and Madam,
As you know, I represent Andrea Clark and her family.  On behalf of the family and Andrea, I have been authorized to convey treatment decisions made by the family with regard to her care.  Because Andrea is heavily sedated and is limited in her ability to communicate treatment decisions to her physicians and the hospital, the family is empowered under law to make such decisions on her behalf.  The family is united in its decision that life-sustaining treatments should NOT be withdrawn or withheld from Andrea Clark pending transfer to another physician or facility.
On behalf of Andrea, the family, acting as a unit, has made the following treatment decisions:
  Life-sustaining treatment should continue pending transfer as referenced above.
  Dr. Ron Giveon should, in the exercise of reasonable care, prepare an interim summary of his findings and diagnoses to enable other physicians to have sufficient information in order to make a decision as to whether or not to take on the care of Andrea.  It is unconscionable to this family that Andrea’s primary attending physician has made himself unavailable to the patient during this trying time—even though he has delegated care to Dr. Tran. 
  It is the family’s position that Andrea is not a “futile case”.  Under the provisions and privacy regulations of HIPAA, the family is entitled to have erroneous information in Andrea’s medical chart corrected.  Because, it is at least one physician’s opinion that a diagnosis of futility and decision that life-sustaining treatments are inappropriate, the family requests, pursuant to HIPAA, that the medical chart be corrected and that the discontinuation of life-sustaining treatments on the basis of inappropriateness not be entered into her chart.  The decision that Andrea’s case is “futile” has placed seemingly insurmountable obstacles to transferring Andrea’s care to other providers.  It is repugnant to notions of justice and fairness that Andrea’s life be threatened because you have unilaterally determined a disputable outcome that impedes her chances of finding another health provider.
  The family has decided that the regimen of pain medication be reassessed and the dosage appropriately decreased so that a proper assessment of Andrea’s condition can be made by physicians other than the ones to whom this letter is directed.
  The family withdraws consent and authorization from the attending physicians and the hospital to discuss with, disclose to or elicit opinions from Dr. Robert Carpenter regarding protected health information concerning Andrea Clark.  It is the family’s opinion that Dr. Carpenter’s actions and opinions in this matter are informed solely by his personal philosophies regarding “futile care theories” and that he has not taken an objective approach in this matter.  Furthermore, it is the family understands that Dr. Carpenter is an ob-gyn, and not a cardiologist.  Thus, the family questions Dr. Carpenter’s seemingly active role in affirming treatment decisions of Andrea’s treating physicians.
  Moreover, it is the family’s opinion that Lanore Dixon and Charles Clark were treated with rudeness, insensitivity and disdain during an ethics committee meeting which focused on pain management for Andrea. The family felt that its positions were ignored and ridiculed by Dr. Carpenter. Moreover, the report Dr. Carpenter wrote as a result of that particular ethics committee meeting was rife with misstatements of the facts.  For instance, Dr. Carpenter wrote:  "…The specific question asked concerning that belief is when, if ever, her sister told her that she wanted to exist in a state of pain and suffering to achieve that goal. That question was never answered." 
  Lanore Dixon strongly disputes this and asserts that she did; indeed, state “that Andrea did tell me that she wanted all measures to be taken to save her life unless she was brain dead.”
  It is the family’s decision and desire that Dr. Carpenter recuse himself from consideration of this case and any decision regarding Andrea’s care.  The family will be exploring its recourse under the law and under the enforcement mechanisms of HIPAA to this end.
  The family requests that the ethics committee be convened on a day and time convenient for the family, their attorney and their medical experts to discuss Andrea’s care.
  The family insists that Dr. Carpenter, or any other hospital staff member desist from any attempts to unduly or unreasonably persuade, intimidate or bully any potential treating physician into accepting Dr. Carpenter’s opinion that life-sustaining treatments should be withdrawn.  The family, again, withdraws any consent or authorization from the parties in this matter for Dr. Carpenter to receive or discuss protected health information regarding Andrea Clark
  The family insists that it be made privy to any conversations between representatives or case managers and attending physicians or hospital staff and Andrea Clark’s insurer regarding matters of coverage.  The family is entitled to know if the insurer is placing pressure on the hospital based on its assessments regarding length of stay or any other measure impacting the insurer’s willingness to pay.
  Furthermore, Andrea Clark has apparently developed a pressure-ulcer while under your care.  The family has been informed that the pain that Andrea is experiencing, and which in part is being used to justify withdrawing life-sustaining treatment, is resulting from the pressure ulcer.  The family is entitled to evaluate whether or not proper and timely interventions were implemented to prevent Andrea from developing the pressure ulcer.  Further, it is the expectation of the family that all necessary and proper treatment be continued to promote healing of the ulcer.  It is the position of the family that the attending physicians and hospital have developed a conflict of interest as a result of Andrea’s development of a pressure ulcer that should preclude you from making a treatment decision that will inevitably result in her death.   Therefore, any action or decision that you make to withdraw life-sustaining treatment is ethically tainted by questions of fact regarding the level of care received by Andrea Clark.
  On behalf of the family, I am putting you on notice that the family intends to file pleadings with the appropriate court in order to restrain you from withdrawing life-sustaining treatments.  There are numerous questions of fact that should not be solely determined by you with regard to Andrea’s treatment.  There are fact issues with regard to whether or not the physicians and the hospital have acted with reasonable care in deciding that life-sustaining treatment should be withdrawn. Should you act to withdraw life-sustaining treatment prior to review by an appropriate Court, the family intends file complaints with the appropriate regulatory and licensure entities and to take any available legal action permitted under the law and in equity.
  It is the family’s opinion that the attending physician and ethics committee have overreached in this case.  It should not be your decision as to whether or not Andrea’s life is worth living.  The family demands that life-sustaining treatments be continued in light of the fact that the family intends to take this matter up with the Court.
  Should you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.
Very truly yours,
Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.
Garlo Ward, P.C.
        HHSC (




Board of Medical Examiners
         Texas Department of Health
         Episcopal Diocese of





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Consumer Ideas: Bring Gas Prices Down - An Economics Survival Lesson

A man eats two eggs each morning for breakfast. When he goes to  the grocery store he pays 60 cents a dozen. Since a dozen eggs won't last a  week he normally buys two dozens at a time.

One day while buying eggs he  notices that the price has risen to 72 cents. The next time he buys groceries,  eggs are .76 cents a dozen. When asked to explain the price of eggs the store  owner says, "the price has gone up and I have to raise my price accordingly".

This store buys 100 dozen eggs a day. I checked around for a  better price and all the distributors have raised their prices. The  distributors have begun to buy from the huge egg farms. The small egg farms  have been driven out of business.

He checked out the huge egg  farms and found they were selling 100,000 dozen eggs to the distributors  daily. Nothing had changed but the price of eggs.

This pattern continues until the  price of eggs is 2.00 a dozen. The man says, "there must be something we can do  about the price of eggs".

He starts talking to all the people  in his town and they decide to stop buying eggs. This didn't work because  everyone needed eggs. Finally, the man suggested only buying what you need.

He ate 2 eggs a day. On the way home from work he would stop at  the grocery and buy two eggs. Everyone in town started buying 2 or 3 eggs a  day.

The grocery store owner began complaining that he had too many  eggs in his cooler. He told the distributor that he didn't need any eggs.  Maybe wouldn't need any all week.

The distributor had eggs piling up  at his warehouse. He told the huge egg farms that he didn't have any room for  eggs would not need any for at least two weeks.

At the egg farm, the chickens just  kept on laying eggs.

The distributor told the grocery store owner that  he would lower the price of the eggs if the store would start buying again.  The grocery store owner said, "I don't have room for more eggs. The customers  are only buy 2 or 3 eggs at a time".

"Now if you were to drop the price of  eggs back down to the original price, the customers would start buying by the  dozen again".

Finally, the egg farmers lowered the price of their eggs. But only  a few cents.

The customers still bought 2 or 3 eggs at a time. They said,  "when the price of eggs gets down to where it was before, we will start buying  by the dozen."

Slowly the price of eggs started dropping. The  distributors had to slash their prices to make room for the eggs coming from  the egg farmers. The egg farmers cut their prices because the distributors  wouldn't buy at a higher price than they were selling eggs for.

Anyway, they had full warehouses  and wouldn't need eggs for quite a while.

And them chickens kept on  laying.

Eventually, the egg farmers cut their prices because they were  throwing away eggs they couldn't sell.. The distributors started buying again because the eggs were priced to where the stores could afford to sell them at  the lower price.

And the customers starting buying by the dozen again.

Now, transpose this analogy to the  gasoline industry.

What if everyone only bought $10.00 worth of gas each time they  pulled to the pump. The dealers tanks would stay semi full all the time. The  dealers wouldn't have room for the gas coming from the huge tank farms. The  tank farms wouldn't have room for the gas coming from the refining plants. And the refining plants wouldn't have room for the oil being off loaded from the huge tankers coming from the Middle East.

Just $10.00 each time you buy gas.  Don't fill it up. You may have to stop for gas twice a week but, the price  should come down.

Think about it.

As an added note.. When I buy $10.00  worth of gas, that leaves my tank a little under half full. The way prices are  jumping around, you can buy gas for $2.65 a gallon and then the next morning  it can be $2.15. If you have your tank full of $2.65 gas you don't have room  for the $2.15 gas. You might not understand the economics of only buying two  eggs at a time but, you can't buy cheaper gas if your tank is full of the high  priced stuff.

Also, don't buy anything else at the gas station, no  cigarettes, no bread, milk or chewing gum, don't give them any more of your  hard earned money than what you spend on gas, until the prices come down.. Oh,  some folks may not see this message. Can you afford to print 10 at a time and  pass them out where you buy gas? If you can afford more, you may think of  putting them on windshields at the mall.  And pass this along to all your email friends.



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'American Hiroshima' linked with Iran attack?

Pakistani journalist who met bin Laden confirms al-Qaida nukes, says they may already be in U.S.

Posted: April 28, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: The following report is adapted from the current issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND. Annual subscriptions have been reduced to just $99 and include a free copy of Farah's latest book, "Taking America Back." Monthly trial subscriptions are just $9.95 for credit card users.

By Paul L. Williams and David Dastych
© 2006   

Al-Qaida has already obtained nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian black market, weapons tested in Afghanistan in 2000, and they may have already been forward-deployed inside the U.S., according to the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of Sept. 11.

Last week, Hamid Mir's credibility skyrocketed when he accurately predicted in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin and later in WND the imminent release of a new recorded communique from bin Laden through al-Jazeera, the Arabic TV network. Two days later, bin Laden's tape was the focus of international news coverage.

"If you think that my information and analysis about bin Laden's location is correct," said Hamid Mir, "then please don't underestimate my analysis about his nuclear threat also."

Mir said that he met with an Egyptian engineer last week who lost an eye after one of bin Laden's nuclear tests in the Kunar province of Pakistan. The Pakistani journalist said the encounter with the engineer greatly disturbed and depressed him since it provided further assurance that a nuclear nightmare for America is about to dawn.

Mir believes that an "American Hiroshima" will occur as soon as the U.S. launches an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

"Al-Qaida and Iran," he says, "have a long, secret relationship." "American Hiroshima" is the name al-Qaida leaders chose for their long-planned nuclear attack on the U.S.




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From Freedom to Fascism

Dear Readers:

“Oh, my, I had no idea!”

That’s what the audience is saying as they walk out of Aaron Russo’s new film, America: From Freedom to Fascism. Their voices are hushed. Some faces are pale and wet with tears, sick at what they’ve discovered. Many are red, angry to learn for the first time that they have been robbed -- of their country, their rights, and their very future have been stolen from them and their children.

But it may all end right there – all Aaron’s work, all his sacrifice, all his vision, all the possibilities to make a real change in America, unless we pitch in and help him. Let me explain.

Everything in the world was stacked against this movie. What major studio would back a movie this controversial?

-A movie that exposes the entire Federal Reserve scam the income tax fraud, and the IRS?
-A movie that catches a former IRS commissioner boasting that the IRS isn’t subject to Supreme Court decisions?
-A movie that publicizes government brutality against protestors?
-A movie that reveals how America was swindled out of her gold reserve?
-A movie that pulls back the curtain on the coming police state in the US, with its plans to tag everyone with a national ID card and implant an RFID chip in every man, woman, and child?
-A movie that lays bare the whole New World Order?

Warner Brothers and MGM and Fox wouldn’t touch that project with a thirty foot pole, let alone put up money to make the movie. Those giant corporations – already in bed with big government – would never produce or release that movie.

So without asking for anybody’s help, Aaron Russo set out to make this film, because he knew it had to be made.

He put up 100% of the money to make the film. He invested two years of his life.

He laid his name and his reputation on the line.

Not just for the sake of his own freedom, but for yours, too, and your children’s, and for millions of Americans who don’t know sic ‘em from come here about what their government really does, or the tyranny that government has already mapped out for them.

Aaron made this movie so everyone in America would understand, so people would really get it. And when they see the movie, they do. (You can view a trailer for the movie at

Let me make something plain. This is not a movie that divides, but a movie that unites. 

Aaron does not work like Michael Moore, who plays to the Left to increase polarization. 

Aaron’s movie plays to the whole country. It doesn’t take sides. It’s not Democrat or Republican, it’s not left, not right, but dead on.

Now Aaron Russo needs our help. The money and the years have been spent, the movie has been made, the test audiences are raving about it, distribution has been arranged, but Aaron still needs our help.

The movie must still be marketed and advertised. It must be promoted and supported by TV, newspaper, and radio advertising to get it out to the largest audience possible, to every nook and cranny in America,!  every city, every town, every hamlet, every corner of America.

How could a single movie be that important?

Because it will change forever Americans’ false perception of how things work here. Everybody has to see this movie. This is the tool we’ve been waiting for. It’s non-violent, it’s ruthlessly honest, and it can change America. Everybody who sees this movie gets it. The light goes on. Nobody has ever explained so much in one place before.

Without your help, Aaron has only enough steam to open in New York City on July fourth. After that, nothing will happen unless every one of us helps him.

If  we help Aaron now, here’s what he can do.

Ø  premiere in two theaters in New York

Ø  then open in a few theatres in Los Angeles

Ø  then Chicago

Ø  then take it to two hundred theatres nation wide, and then 500, and then  . . .

But all that takes money.

By now you may be snorting, “Who is this guy Franklin Sanders to ask me for money to help promote a movie?

That’s a fair question, and here’s a fair answer. According to an assistant United States Attorney, I am “the most dangerous man in the mid-South.” What makes me so dangerous? I am the man who opened a gold and silver bank so that Americans could realise their right to honest, stable gold and silver money. That was perfectly legal, even in 1984, but the federal government didn’t like it. For my trouble I spent the next sixteen years fending off the feds, the IRS, and state government, trying to keep my wife and me out of jail, and trying to keep them from killing my seven children, my wife, and me. I even ended up going to jail.

I know -- you think I’m crazy or lying. You can’t believe “our” government agents would do such terrible things. Most people can’t, and I understand why. It’s too horrible to believe. Besides, the government and the media work together to blacken everyone who stands for the law, the constitution, and the truth. They label them “trouble-makers” and “extremists”, and even, as a last resort, “terrorists.” Usually, it works, but our case was different. The federal government indicted 11 people out of our church (because the church elders refused to roll over for the IRS’s fishing expedition) as well as another 14 people.

Some pled guilty, just to put an end to the nightmare. By the grace of God, the 16 of us who held out to the end were all acquitted. (You can read the entire story at
The state also charged me in a related case, but I was convicted there.

And I should have been convicted, because I was guilty: guilty of speaking the truth, guilty of insisting the government abide by the law and the constitution, guilty of exposing the entire lying system of phoney money that steals the property and future from every single American. And if I had to do it all over again, as God is my helper I would do it without one moment’s hesitation, because it was the right thing to do.

Today Aaron Russo is guilty, too – guilty of making a movie to tell America the truth. And he needs our help.

Should one man take the cause of the whole nation on his own shoulders? Should one man give everything, while everyone else profits and none help? Any honest man must say, “No – let me help, too. I don’t want anybody else to carry the load for me.”

Here’s what Aaron needs: money to market and advertise America: From Freedom To Fascism.  If we won’t help him, Aaron has told me he will make sure America sees this movie even if he has to walk it across America. But if he has to do that, the movie will never have the effect it could have. Its impact will fizzle out in little sparks, instead of the massive explosion it could touch off. Everybody who has seen this movie knows that it can change America.

And I know that in America today there is no effective movement to oppose, much less turn back, the plans to create a police state and turn us into a nation of slaves. At his own risk and expense, Aaron Russo has made a movie that might be the spark to set off an explosion in the public’s heart that might win back our liberties, and our children’s future.

This is not a distant cause. It is the cause of our rights and our ancient freedoms, right here in America, and it is not happening to somebody else.  It’s happening right now to you, and to me, and this may be our last, best chance to wake up our neighbours. I’m not much of one to talk about “last chances” because I know that Heaven has many more options than we can conceive. Never before has the freedom movement had a professional like Aaron Russo on its side.  Aaron work has won numerous gold records, platinum records, an Emmy, a Tony, and six Academy Award nominations.
His films have received seven Golden Globe nomination and actually won three Golden Globes. To make this movie Aaron had to go against all the grain of Hollywood status and popularity. More than that, he had to love the truth.

We all know that advertising doesn’t come cheap. A full page ad in the New York Times costs $95,256.00. Half a page costs $52,920. A quarter page costs $26,460. One column inch costs $840.
Sounds impossible, but think: if only 529 of us each gave $100, we could buy that half page ad.

What am I asking from you?  Give up two meals for your freedom.

You probably don’t balk at dropping $6.50 for a large white chocolate macchiatto at Starbucks. When you take your wife and kids out to eat, you don’t hesitate to lay out $60 at Pizza Hut. If it’s a special occasion and you really want to celebrate, you’ll go to Fancy French Jacques or L’Aubergine and drop a hundred fifty bucks for four people and congratulate yourself on a bargain.

I am asking you to donate the price of two meals out with your family to Aaron Russo, to promote America:

From Freedom to Fascism.  You name the price.

Please note: this is not an investment, but a gift to help Aaron make sure the most Americans possible see this film. Not one cent of your money will go to anything but promoting this movie. No, it’s not an “investment” in the usual sense because you won’t get any money back, but it most certainly is an investment in your nearest and dearest interests, and the return may be restoring your country and your rights.

You may think the price is too high, the risk of nothing happening too great. You may be right. It may be too late to turn America from her fate. That’s what the enemies of freedom want you to think.

In December, 1777 it looked like it was too late for America, and too late for freedom. Toward Valley Forge you could trace the path of Washington’s men by the blood their unshod feet left in the snow. When they arrived at their campsite, no shelters were waiting, so they spent the first two weeks building huts. Lacking blankets, they had to sit by the fire all night to keep from freezing.  On December 23 Washington wrote to Congress that he had 2,898 men “unfit for duty because they were barefoot, and otherwise naked.” He wrote to his wife that she couldn’t come review the troops, because some were so ragged that their uniforms didn’t even cover their private parts.

To those men with the bleeding feet, it must have seemed too late for America, but they never went home. They never gave up. They gave their last breath. Next to that, giving up a couple of meals in a restaurant doesn’t seem like much to risk, does it?

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Sanders
The Moneychanger
(888) 218-9226

P.S. If you hesitate, you’ll never get around to helping Aaron Russo, so please sit down right now, write him the biggest check you can write, and send it to:

All Your Freedoms, Inc.
908 North La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, California  90069

In the For line, write “Gift to promote AFFF.” Sorry, you won’t receive any fancy letters or acknowledgements or brass plaques, because every cent is needed to promote the film. However, you will have this: You will know that you have stood shoulder to shoulder in a line of patriots stretching back over 200 years. For me, that’s enough. I hope it will be for you, too.

P.P.S. There’s one more way you can help: send this letter to every friend you can think of. And when you do it, explain to them at the top of your e-mail that you understand nobody likes spam, but this is not spam and not junk mail. It’s a chance to restore America.


Message from pc93: Please sign and distribute this Anti-Codex petition that Aaron Russo signed on to from the International Advocates for Health Freedom headed up by John Hammell. Please sign and distribute widely and ask your friends to participate by doing the same:



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OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast

After nearly a decade, shocking, suppressed evidence emerges

By Pat Shannan

Only moments after an enormous blast blew away most of the facade and a full quarter of the eastern end of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) began to release evidence implicating two men, and two men only, who they claimed were solely responsible. The evidence later showed that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols had confessed to the impossible.

At first, several independent investigators came forward to complain that there was an obvious cover-up. Now they call it the "ongoing cover-up of the cover-up." And now, even the new OKC museum contradicts the official theory of what happened on April 19.

Officials in charge at the time still refuse to discuss anything other than the manufactured spin: McVeigh and Nichols, as convicted by the courts, mixed up a large batch of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO—a mild explosive used by farmers to blow out stumps) and demolished several square blocks of downtown Oklahoma City with a devastating blast that could be heard miles away.

In reality, the ANFO story was born only 10 minutes after the blast when a high-ranking BATF official by the name of Harry Everhart witnessed the blast from nearby and called the BATF office in Dallas to excitedly announce, "Someone has just blown up the federal building in Oklahoma City with a truckload of ANFO!"

Some reporters and investigators, who have looked objectively at the bombing, now argue that neither Everhart nor anyone else could have correctly deduced in such a short time exactly what caused the explosion.

According to government documents released later, Ever hart was experienced in loading large amounts of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into a vehicle for use as a terrorist truck bomb, and his presence in the midst of the second worst terrorist attack in U.S. history looms suspicious to this day.

Records indicate that this ANFO explosives expert and his associates had destroyed at least eight vehicles in "test bombing experiments" at a secret range in the New Mexico desert in the 12 months prior to the OKC bombing.

Everhart and his fellow specialists even photographed and videotaped these truck bombs as they detonated.

Far from an anti government militia member, the vehicle bomb expert was Special Agent Everhart, an employee of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. And, according to federal government records obtained later, Everhart had been instrumental in obtaining the government funding to perform the ANFO bombing tests.

Everhart served on the National Response Team (NRT), a group of experienced bomb and arson investigators who respond to major bombing crime scenes throughout the United States.

He also served on a secret government project in 1994 that conducted tests using ANFO and C-4 to blow up cars and vans in a classified U.S. government experiment known as "Project Dipole Might."

According to files, reports and photographs obtained from the Department of the Treasury through a Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. government initiated a "comprehensive ANFO and C-4 vehicle bomb testing program" about a year before the OKC bombing. Records show the project was supervised and administered by the BATF, but was actually funded through a National Security Council (NSC) directive.

The Department of Treasury has confirmed the project was initiated under President Bill Clinton's NSC staff shortly after he took office in 1993.

The intent of the Dipole Might experiments in 1994 includes making videos and computer models to "be displayed in a courtroom to aid in the prosecution of defendants" in vehicle bomb cases, according to government documents. The exact precedent and purpose of this activity is unclear. BATF agents started blowing up vans and cars in the spring of 1994 at the White Sands Missile Range in order to collect test data for post-blast forensics computer software packages to be issued out to National Response Team personnel when they respond to truck bombings.

Why the NSC would fund such a BATF project—despite the rarity of the crime—has not been explained.

Nor has it been explained as to what specific threat-assessment information the government had when it decided to engage in such a project, just a few months before officials claimed a Ryder truck laden with ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploded in front of the Murrah building.

The only major ANFO vehicle bombing in U.S. history, prior to OKC, occurred in August 1970 at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wis.

Contrary to media reports, the World Trade Center bomb of February 1993 was composed of urea nitrate, not ANFO, according to the FBI.

Despite only one known case in almost 25 years, why did Clinton's NSC anticipate a need for detailed information regarding ANFO vehicle bomb attacks a few months prior to the Oklahoma City blast?

Treasury's own official documents reveal the intensity of interest. In fact, a brief summary of "Project Dipole Might" is featured in BATF's 1994 Annual Report to Congress.

There were enough clandestine characters hanging around Oklahoma City to fill a James Bond movie during the days prior to the crime.

BATF's paid informant Carol Howe had provided information that the Murrah building was one of three potential targets.

On April 6, Cary Gagan gave U.S. marshals in Denver the information that "a federal building would be blown up in either Denver or Oklahoma City within two weeks." He had not only personally delivered timers and blasting caps to a Middle Eastern group, but had sat in on a meeting where the blueprints of the Murrah Building were on display.

Then, 38 minutes before the blasts on April 19, the Department of Justice in Washington received an anonymous telephone call warning that the Murrah Building was about to be blown up but took no action.

After a morning of reporting that "multiple bombs" had been found in the Murrah debris—a report publicly confirmed by the Gov. Frank Keating—and that rescue operations had been halted for two hours while these unexploded bombs were removed, news people suddenly began to spin the government yarn about an ANFO bomb being responsible for the enormous damage.

One of the problems with that theory was the fact that the columns remained standing directly across the sidewalk from the truck as opposed to those that had collapsed more than 50 feet away. A retired air force brigadier general with 30 years experience compiled an irrefutable report on this subject, which showed exactly where the charges were placed inside the building.

It was so irrefutable that the prosecution refused to allow him to testify at the Denver trial as it would have destroyed any ANFO theory that the government had already sold to the American people.

On May 23, 1995, only 34 days after the explosions, the federal government stonewalled all attempts to examine the building's remaining structure and carried out an ordered demolition, destroying and burying forever what many believed contained the evidence of many explosions.

In its issue of Oct. 11, 19, as well as other issues, the now defunct weekly Spotlight newspaper fully covered the Oklahoma City incident and conclusively proved the accuracy of reporter Shannan's above story. The bombing was definitely a federal government operation; just why Nichols and McVeigh confessed is a mystery that forbids the closure of the case.

Not Copyrighted. Readers can reprint and are free to redistribute - as long as full credit is given to American Free Press - 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100 Washington, D.C. 20003



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Washington's Secret Nuclear War: Depleted Uranium

April 24, 2006 4:14 PM

From That Pentagon Death Star,
And The University That Poisoned The World

By Leuren Moret

Two images changed my life when I visited the Peace Museums in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 2000, on my first trip to Japan. I had worked as a geoscientist in two U.S. Nuclear weapons labs – Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Lawrence Livermore National Lab – but I never knew what a nuclear weapon really was, nor the horrific effects of radiation on the environment and biological systems. Now I know.

In the Hiroshima Museum, as a nuclear weapons lab whistleblower I wandered through the exhibits with TV cameras in my face, keeping it together by stuffing my emotions. I walked past the mangled lunch boxes and tricycles, thinking of the school children as I looked at the watches and clocks stopped at the moment the first thermonuclear weapon detonated on a human population. Shadows of people vaporized on stones, and on the steps of a building where one had sat, waiting for the bank to open on that fateful morning. A diorama showed the reality of dying people walking through the streets of Hiroshima with skin dripping and hanging from their bodies. In another image a man stood looking down at his eyeball he held in his hand. When I looked up at a model of LITTLE BOY, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, I lost it and broke down in sobs which did not stop until half an hour later, half way through a press conference. The cameras continued to roll, capturing my horror and
real feelings of the realization that scientists had made that “gadget” possible. I am a scientist, I worked in those laboratories of death. And I am a graduate of the University of California, which will forever be known as “the University that poisoned the world”. The University managed those laboratories of death, unchallenged, for more than 60 years.

Three days later in the Nagasaki Peace Museum, I saw FAT MAN, the first plutonium atomic bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki. There were photos taken by a local photographer just hours after the bomb destroyed the city. People were standing on a bridge absolutely devastated, lying on the ground dying, patterns from their kimonos burned into their skin. And then I saw THE photo. A young mother standing with her kimono open barebreasted, with a vacant stare, while she nursed her dying baby. Sobbing overwhelmed me once again, and still brings tears to my eyes when I think of that image, which is burned into my brain by now. I am a mother, and in that moment I knew that mother could have been me, with the life of my baby taken from me, or any other mother around the world. Radiation respects no living thing. That is when I made the decision to spend the rest of my life doing research and educating the public about radiation. I never knew that I could make a difference. Now I
know that, as a citizen scientist, empowering others is the best way of all.

I started by writing a Letter to the Editor, not expecting to have it published, but it was. And then I started writing articles about depleted uranium which I had learned about from a journalist, Akira Tashiro, whom I met in Hiroshima on that first trip to Japan. In 2002 he asked me to write the Forword to his prize-winning book DISCOUNTED CASUALTIES: THE HUMAN COST OF DEPLETED URANIUM. Then I was asked to be an expert witness in Japan for the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan in 2003. Marion Fulk, a Manhattan Project scientist and Livermore nuclear weapons program researcher, prepared me with the best science in the world for my testimony. The testimony resulted in a very strong conviction on depleted uranium weapons, illegal under all laws, war conventions, US Federal Code, and US military law. In fact, during testimony the exposure of the original 1943 Manhattan Project plan to develop it as a radioactive poison gas weapon, convinced the international
panel of Judges to make two additional charges: it was a crime against the environment, and President George W. Bush was guilty of war crimes by knowingly exposing his own troops to illegal radioactive weaponry.

My motivation to expose the horrible truth about depleted uranium, resulted in very unexpected successes. One of the most important actions was taking a bill, introduced and stuck in limbo in the Connecticut legislature, to New Orleans on a speaking tour in March 2005. I joined antiwar protestors and veterans marching through the streets of New Orleans on March 19. We ended up standing on the white marble steps of the antebellum Louisiana Supreme Court in the heart of the French Quarter. While I stood in the hot sun describing the horrors of depleted uranium weapons, a withered grinch of a security guard glared out at me from behind the locked doors of the Courthouse, while a police van across the street secretly videotaped our speeches. Bob Smith, a Vietnam veteran, came up afterwards and asked me for a copy of the Connecticut depleted uranium bill originally written and introduced by Pat Dillon. Dillon is an epidemiologist and was the Speaker of the House in
Connecticut, a position she lost shortly after her bill was introduced.

Much to my complete shock, Bob Smith and Ward Reilly, two Vietnam era veterans, took it to the Louisiana legislature. They told two legislators willing to introduce the bill to “white out Connecticut and write in Louisiana”. It was quickly passed unanimously by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor within a few months. What I didn’t know then, was that bill would set States rights against Federal rights, and National Guardsmen against regular military personel, busting the depleted uranium issue open on a national scale. Because state governments have legal jurisdiction over the National Guard, the state bill requiring mandatory testing for depleted uranium exposure did not cover regular military personel. This angered the regular soldiers who were frustrated and angry over being “kicked to the curb” by the Pentagon and Veterans Administration. The state is legally entitled to force the Pentagon to pay the costs of implementing the bill, because the Pentagon
is in violation of its own mandates, directives and orders which require training, testing, and treatment for soldiers handling depleted uranium.

In May of 2005, Congressman McDermott M.D. (D-WA), introduced a depleted uranium bill in Congress. Attached to the bill as a supporting document was an entire issue of President Bush’s hometown newspaper in Crawford, Texas, THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST, which Leon Smith, the Editor, had dedicated to “What is DU?”. On March 1, 2006, a second issue “Have DU Will Travel” came out with extensive interviews with scientists. After covering Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey last summer, the paper is now widely read in Washington DC. Recently, Editor Leon Smith published a book called THE VIGIL: 26 DAYS IN CRAWFORD, TEXAS about Camp Casey.

Today, more than 15 states have introduced a depleted uranium bill, and Louisiana and Connecticut have passed theirs. It has created a nightmare for the Federal Government and put the Pentagon in permanent PR counterspin as well as exposed 15 years of official coverup under three Presidents and corruption in Congress. Our children, our sons and daughters, have been sent off to the battlefields of the Middle East and Central Asia to become uranium meat. The cost of their care has been dumped on the state medical facilities. Their families have been destroyed, not to mention their lives. It is time for citizens and state elected officials to pass depleted uranium bills which will help all soldiers by putting pressure on the Federal Government.

Each of us has a part to play by demonstrating at local facilities like Alliant (manufacturer of depleted uranium weapons), writing letters to local newspapers, contacting elected officials, counter-recruiting in schools, or just passing on the information so that others can become aware. Put a song in their hearts by sending “Johnny Got A Gun”* to your local radio station or Indymedia site to play on the air.

Depleted uranium is Washington’s secret nuclear war.

*Download the MP3 file for “Johnny Got A Gun” -

Leuren Moret is an independent scientist and Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley. She is featured in documentary films on depleted uranium: BEYOND TREASON (2005), BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND (2005), BAGDAD RAP(2004). They can be purchased by contacting her at < >.



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Chicago 9/11 Terror Exercise Event To Go Live?

RED ALERT: "CHICAGO 911" CONFIRMED (May 2-4, Terror Exercises)
By Capt. Eric H. May, MI/PAO, Ghost Troop Commander

I will answer email queries to the information below, and will provide documentation and links.  This email/article is now part of official record in the Texas City Nuclear Inquest at  CPTMAY


  Colonel Tim Franklin, PAO, Illinois National Guard
  Captain Lisa Kopczynski, PAO, Indiana National Guard
  Officer Kubiak, Chicago Police Public Information Officer
In the last 24 hours, the police and military officers in above have confirmed the following exercise scenario, about to be conducted in Chicago:

Homeland Security is the "main proponent" (the command) for an exercise May 2-4, 2006, rehearsing a response to a WMD attack and building collapse in Downtown Chicago.  State of Illinois civil assets, National Guard assets, Chicago area police assets and hospital assets will collectively be working under Homeland Security.

This is an uncomfortable confirmation of the alarming email/article I received, and promised to forward to you:

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 07:31:45 -0700
From: "Amy Sasser" <>
To: Mik <>
Subject: Fwd: THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago: May 2-4

Webster Tarpley  was also taking about this on crisis radio yesterday it is in the archives of


THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago: May 2-4
              Gary Franchi - Chicago, IL 4-20-06   One of our Loyal Lone Lanterns has just informed us that the National Guard will be doing a training assignment in Chicago. This field exercise will be to simulate a chemical attack, whereby the National Guard will coordinate with local police, fire depts, and hospitals. One of the hospitals participating will be Rush.

    1) Exercise starts as a response to a pandemic spreading throughout Chicago. It could be anything from a terrorist attack to bird flu. Nobody knows.

   2) As the different groups are responding to this pandemic, there is a dirty bomb attack which releases a chemical agent.

   3) If all of that is not enough, the dirty bomb collapses a building.

    We do not have an exact location where this is happening, the National Guard doesn't even know. It is supposed to simulate a real life situation so, nobody knows until it starts.

   It will be May 2-4.

   Considering that "drills" were taking place the morning of 9/11 and 7/7 there is always the remote possibility that this is cover for another "inside job".  We pray to God that it is not.

   Chicago, be alert that Tuesday, May 2nd, Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th

[Back to Military/Police]  In light of this email, and my own independent work in the area of an attack on Chicago, I believe you are in imminent danger of attack.  I believe you are being set up.  It's that simple.

My background qualifies me to make the assessment I'm making.  I spent five years (1989-1994) with the USAR's 75th Division (Exercise) in Houston, conducting dozens of command staff and exercise scenarios like the one in which you are preparing to participate.  I worked as an Blue Force (US) and a Red Force (OPFOR) controller, then later as the Public Affairs Officer.  Later I wrote editorials for NBC's Houston affiliate, KPRC-TV and published military analysis for the Houston Chronicle.  In 1996, I interviewed with Karen Hughes to become the Bush speech writer, back when he was governor of Texas.  I'm connected and I'm aware.

Sears Tower 666 scenario

The reason the internet community brought me the email/article news you have confirmed is that I've been working on the prospects of a 911-style attack on Chicago for over a month now.  I began shortly after the Chicago Sun-Times' Frank Main published an article about new terror fears because of apparent surveillance of the Sears Tower:

Shortly afterward, I published my first article about the prospect of a Chicago 911 set-up for the Adelaide Institute, Australia.  The specific date was March 30, 2006.  The top half of the article involves similar terror drills being conducted near Texas City back in January, but the bottom half of the article is a specific warning of a Chicago 911.  My specific scenario is that of a Sears Tower attack on June 6, 2006, giving the study the code-name of  Sears Tower 666.  It has been widely reprinted in several countries.  Here's the Aussie version:

I've given interviews on the scenario, my most recent being on international radio yesterday, before receiving confirmation this morning that our worst fears were coming true.  You can find it on the home page of Cloak and Dagger radio (Canada/Germany), or via the direct link at

Will the "Chicago 911" Exercises "go live?"

The exercise you are conducting may "go live" and result in tens of thousands of civilian casualties.  Whatever you are preparing for as a casualty count should be taken as the best indicator of the level of mass murder actually being anticipated.  It needs to be enough to rally the country behind Bush, and that means plenty of dead folks, at this point.

I believe that whatever information and security protocols you are observing relevant to this exercise are just so many prior-planned impediment to your discovering what it happening -- until after it has happened.  At that point you'll be in crisis mode, operating by training, not asking questions about the official story.

The idea that political leaders resort to dire measures in dire political troubles is not new, or disloyal.  Responsible military officers were advised to be on guard against just such a contingency when Nixon's poll numbers and political prospects pointed toward impeachment, and these signs are present for Bush as well.  Pro-Bush media are now speculating that the only "miracle" that can save him is another 911, and former White House insiders like Paul Craig Roberts are writing articles expressing my idea that his former employer may be contemplating false-flag terror to save his presidency:

Texas City Nuclear 911 Inquest

The same thing now in danger of happening in Chicago almost happened in Texas City on January 31, 2006.  My intelligence unit, Ghost Troop, and I were heavily engaged in late January in a national/international public affairs campaign to alert the area, specifically warning of the prospect of a 1/31 nuke attack being set up against the city.

Our work was confirmed in an article in the Galveston County Daily News on Feb. 2, 2006, which reported that national WMD-CRT "day after" assets were present in the target area on the day after our Jan. 31, 2006 prediction, on Feb. 1, 2006.  The public, made aware by our public affairs campaign to get the message out, were quite alarmed, but at least they weren't dead.  As with Chicago's May 2-4 exercises, the Texas City exercises were under wraps, an adjunct of an exercise being run from Jan. 31-Feb. 2 by Ft. Monroe, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.  Like your exercise, they were run from a Tuesday to a Thursday.

The Texas City articles, by mainstream Daily News writer TJ Aulds and cyber-jounalist Greg Szymanski, can be accessed -- along with my real-time interviews -- at our 2005-2006 main operations site:

Mission of Conscience, w/ References & Request

   I am a Christian former Armed Forces officer, on a mission of conscience, serving in obedience to my oath of commissioning, I urge you to reflect prayerfully on your own oaths of commissioning, made to defend and protect the constitution.  Before beginning this current analytic stretch, I had myself baptized by Fr. Raphael Garcia and Fr. James Marshall in the Sagrado Corazon Church of El Paso on July 11, 2005.  My certificate of baptism, widely circulated as part of my media kit when I interview, is given under "emergency" conditions, meaning that the good priests who baptized me knew exactly what I was going up against:  possible assassination by my own side.  I copy them and all other principle involved contacts via BCC.

I request that you regard this notice as a military "CRITC" report, meaning that it is of critical importance, and should be forwarded as widely as possible, all the way up the chain of command.  This applies equally to all military/police recipients of this communique, and is emphatic.  I am asserting extraordinary powers, but as an officer in my position, I have no choice.  Any other responsible US officer, given my training and presented this emergency, would be obliged to do the same.

If I am correct in my documented analysis and prediction, extending from the fearful Texas City results to the fearful Chicago possibilities, then the constitution is under attack, and the American People are in danger.  All my actions have been vindicated by the results, and history will vindicate those who asked the hard questions for their country instead of looking the other way.  Now is the time to do your duty according to the constitution -- even if it means asking questions after you are told to stand down, or spreading word of the prospect of a false-flag terror attack.  You have been trained, as I was, to stand up on a mission of conscience when the time came.  It has come.

Your brother in oath and duty,

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS:  Below I attach two VIP references, confirmed via their emails to me:

First, Thom Shanker, Chief Pentagon Correspondent, NY Times, who was a constant contact until I went public on the matter of the Battle of Baghdad cover-up, and the July, 2003 Bush attacks on his critics:

Thom Shanker <> wrote:
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 09:35:47 -0500
To: Eric May <>
From: Thom Shanker <>
Subject: Re: Dissident officer accuses White House of cover-up

Captain May,

In the interest of holiday understanding, I have to ask: After treating you with respect, as opposed to the hostile notes I know you have gotten from other members of the news media, why do you choose to insult me, as you did in the note you sent out? Such action is beneath a professional soldier such as you.


At 05:26 PM 12/23/2003 -0800, you wrote:
My name is Captain Eric H. May, and I am making the flat allegation that the Bush White House covered up the Battle of Baghdad with the Private Jessica scam.  Please be so kind as to visit the site I brough on line two days ago:

If you find the evidence of interest, kindly contact me via this email.  I am copying this letter to Thom Shanker, chief pentagon correspondent for the New York Times.  Thom knows about the cover up, but is afraid to tell -- all the mainstream media are.  You already knew you couldn't trust them, didn't you?

With your permission, I'll include you in my daily column, If I May, an analysis of war news from a former intelligence and public affairs officer.  If you don't want me to contact you again, kindly send a message.

Best regards,
Captain May

Thom Shanker
Pentagon correspondent
The New York Times
Second, the US Ambassador to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer, who serves as my Ghost Troop chaplain -- at his own request -- and is my official witness.  Ambassador Untermeyer and I are good friends, and he served as my best man at my wedding.  He has been a witness to the Ghost Troop activities on the Texas City scenario since we first began to work on it in March, 2004.  As you can see from this recent email, we are in regular contact, and plan to meet when he visits home this summer.

"Untermeyer, Chase G." <> wrote:
From: "Untermeyer, Chase G." <>
To: CaptainMay <>
Subject: Gracias
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:45:44 +0300


#ieooui) }                ERIC: God to hear from you. I usually get emails on Blackberries rather than on blackberries. I hope to see you when I�m back in Houston sometime around the 4th of July. I know I won�t be able to change your mind on the Bush Administration (or much else), but we can certainly agree on Gretchen�s preserves on fresh biscuits. (Which side, though?) Till then, CHASE.

Ambassador Untermeyer is mentioned extensively throughout the Texas City Nuclear Inquest.  In fact, I only began the inquest after receiving a question from him that led me to calculate the odds against our Texas City work being random chance, and that email is the first message entry in the articles that comprise the inquest:


New Ghost Troop Communique (May 1, 2006):



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Murder Cover-up Continues In Florida By Offices of President George Bush's FBI / Future Presidential Hopeful Jeb Bush / Future Florida Governor Hopeful Charlie Crist,.

Reply of Mark Adams in regarding Florida / U.S. corruption in Government:

Juan and Steven:

I am impressed by your efforts to inform the public of the corruption and injustice that has permeated Florida. Most people do not have the moral fiber that compels us to act or the courage that it takes to push for justice.

As you know, I am also fighting rampant corruption in Florida's courts and in the Florida Bar. Here are links to two websties with more information on corruption and injustice in Florida:
Florida Justice Watchdogs website
Florida Bar v Adams Website:

I attended the rally for justice for Martin Anderson in Tallahassee last Friday, and I met one of its organizers from the Southern Baptist Leadership Conference.  His organization understands the need for the church to get involved in demanding justice.

While we have all reached many hundreds and perhaps thousands of people, I think that it is time to organize our efforts and to try to take this to the next level. If we can start pulling together others who also want to put an end to corruption and injustice and start organizing rallys, I think that we can get some serious media attention and force our leaders to take action or at least inform enough people of their lack of action that these leaders will lose their offices.

Please give me a call to discuss this. You can reach me at 813-654-1235. I don't take calls from numbers that I don't recognize, so if you get my vioce mail, leave me a message, and I will call you back.

Thank you again for your courage and your efforts to expose injustice.


Mark A. Adams, Esquire

>From: pc93 <>
>To: "Mark Adams" <>, "T Lee Buyea Fla News
>Service" <>,
>Subject: Re: FW: Impeachment of Bush
>Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 09:52:03 -0400
>I wish there was something I could do to help this guy.. He has a lot more
>information files on his site now and it is damning! I was aware of this
>story quite some time ago but before many new eventuations.

Original URL before above referring URL

Podcast of interview with Steven Esdale:



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More Anent Vermont Bush Impeachment Resolution

"Impeachment should not be used simply because you disagree with a person's policies," Zuckerman said in a brief interview. "If you disagree with someone's policy, you vote them out. But President Bush has committed crimes, and that's what impeachment is for."



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