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Ghost Troop Commander Captain May Addresses Governor Blagojevich of Illinois Anent Possible Chicago 911 Nuclear Terror Event Going Live

Ref. of prior recent Ghost Troop communique:


Update Feb. 24, 2008: Interesting Obama / Rezko link:



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The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations [1954] + 1982 Interview w/ Norman Dodd by Edward J Griffin, Norman Dodd's Testimony on Regionalism [1978], Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


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Captain May, Ghost Troop Commander to Governor Blagojevich, State of Illinois

Dear Governor  Blagojevich (c/o IL PAO Col. Tim Franklin):

I'm copying my best friend, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (Qatar) in the CC's, along with the primary police/military contacts I made when I sent out my April 26 RED ALERT to the Chicago area.

As you know, in that alert I warned that the exercises of May 2-4, 2006, were most suspicious to me, an expert in military exercise scenarios and practices.  As I have been in touch with the Illinois National Guard PAO and Chicago Police PIO, I suspect that by now you've become familiar with my background in WMD, MI and PAO areas, and that for this reason you issued a press release on April 27, 2006 (the day after my alert), to reassure the public.

We of Ghost Troop have spent the weekend networking your region, and now have a substantial grass-roots coalition of interested parties, all of whom want Ghost Troop and me to continue to lead the way in double-checking the motives of the powers that be.  We hope you will appreciate our efforts, as you certainly don't want your state to be attacked by a Bush Administration that is now falling from power precipitously, and badly wants salvation -- from another "Al Qaida" attack, this time in Chicago.

We have worked extensively with the prospects of a "Nuclear 911," like the one that your state is practicing for, and we believe that it is the greatest aspiration -- and only chance -- left for the Bush Administration to retain the illegal dictatorship it established following its 911 mass murder of 3,000 Americans.  We correctly predicted and intervened in attempts to set up Texas City, Texas (via British Petroleum's refinery system there) for Nuclear 911's on 3/30/04, 7/28/05 and 1/31/06.

We note that there is extensive research by Chicago patriots about a possible 4/19/04 attempt to hit Chicago's Sears Tower -- backed up by clearly contrived "official" stories setting up the "Al Qaida" story.  That 4/19/04 attempt came 20 days after the first attempt to hit Texas City, and means that in 2004 you were the secondary target for the Nuclear 911.  Given that we have effectively deterred the Bush Administration from hitting Texas City most recently on 1/31/06, we're not surprised that they are setting your state up now; you're still the secondary target.

I have instituted the Chicago 911 Inquest to officially examine the attempted high treason of mass murder planned against your state.  In the event that I am disabled, incarcerated or assassinated during my conduct of this investigation, I request that all my loyal brother and sister officers of the constitution -- police and military -- continue the vital work, and add the value of a loyal captain's life to the punishment to be meted out one day against the guilty.

On Saturday night I made a regional broadcast in the Midwest via Daniel Ott's radio program.  It has been cyber-archived at http://www.theedgeam.com/, and lasts an hour.  I strongly recommend that you and your staff listen to that interview.  A point of especial interest is that I have a second interview still listed on Mr. Ott's home page, on March 4, 2006.  That interview came a month after our successful Ghost Troop interdiction of the Nuclear 911 in Texas City, and you'll find that I was then most interested in whether the Bush Administration would switch to its secondary target, and which city that might be.   At that point, I believe, I listed Chicago and Los Angeles as co-equal candidates.  That was prior to our discovery -- and your day-later admission -- of Chicago 911 exercises.  To view the work I've already done to bring national/international attention to the Chicago 911 dilemma, please refer to my main operations site at

According to the inherent authority of my oath of commissioning, and my self-activation (announced to multiple commands and IG's) on a mission of conscience, I am taking the exceptional step of convening a CHICAGO 911 INQUEST, paralleling the TEXAS CITY NUCLEAR 911 INQUEST already underway since February (after some prompting by Ambassador Untermeyer).  I will begin to accept applicants to the group immediately, and will not waver in pursuing the investigation, no matter where it goes.

As the governor of the state, charged with protecting the lives of your citizens, I expect that you will be pleased by my initiative, and will want your people to establish further contact with me.  You may contact me via email, or via Ambassador Untermeyer, who volunteered to serve as my Ghost Troop Chaplain because he recognized the value of our historic work three years ago.  Should your police or military people want to talk to my police and military contacts, the best resources will be Houston Police CID Sergeant John Karshner, who worked with Ghost Troop during our successful Texas City interventions of the last two years, or Houston Police Lieutenant Felix Garcia, who is my fellow martial arts instructor and has been my confidante in Ghost Troop affairs for three years.

The link to the CHICAGO 911 INQUEST is:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Chicago911inquest/.  All applicants to membership will be accepted.  The articles posted to the Chicago Inquest will also be listed in the Texas City Inquest and the Ghost Troop Group.  They will quickly become an indexed part of the internet.

God bless America, and protect her from treason!

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS:  Below I've attached one of the email bulletins now in circulation throughout the Midwest, which contains links to my RED ALERT, your day-after press release, and some analysis by your own citizens.

Ref: Chicago 911 Red Alert Interview: http://theedgeam.com/interviews/Captain_May_04.29.06.mp3

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx <[email protected]> wrote:
From: "xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: New info: Chicago 9/11
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:53:59 -0500

             Dear Captain May,
Hello!  Below is the Chicago 9/11 alert that I have been sending out.  It contains new information and ideas that will hopefully be helpful to you.  Check out, too, the information on biowarfare at http://www.panhealth.org/biowarfare.htm.
Thank you for your great work to help keep the public safe!   For this, I am very grateful.
Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards,
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


The info below is posted at http://panhealth.org/chicago.htm

Dear all,

Hello.  Since the last alert about the Chicago “terror exercises” (set to take place May 2-4, 2006), Illinois governor Blagojevich has published a press release on this subject,

You also might be interested in having a look at the excellent assessment of the Chicago situation, below, by Jonathan Campbell, a health consultant who has a background in political analysis, http://www.cqs.com.

>>>Finally, please consider alerting (by phone and/or fax) Chicago police, fire, FBI, Homeland Security, mayor, IL attorney general, et al., about the terror exercises that will be taking place in Chicago, and the possible implications (i.e., that the terror exercises could be a cover for a staged terrorist attack).  Contact information for Chicago-area and Illinois agencies is available at http://www.panhealth.org/chicago_contacts.htm

Email alert by Jonathan Campbell:
Dear folks,

      This is unfortunately going to be a very weird and off-topic email. I'm not one to easily be swayed by internet gossip, and I can't make any guarantees that this is not a hoax, but I think it is unlikely.

       During the early days in May, specifically May 2-4, the National Guard is going to be taking part in several "terror exercises" in Chicago. These have been confirmed by multiple sources and leaks within the U.S. military. A hospital  (Rush Memorial) has been commandeered.

      You may not be aware that such terror exercises also took place during 911 in New York and during the terror bombing in London, and it is thought by some, including many serious academic researchers, that these terror exercises set the stage for the attacks - that 911, etc. were actually primarily the work of the Bush Administration, arranging for Arab pawns to provide themselves as scapegoats and martyrs. (See http://www.911truth.org)

        The exercises in Chicago are going to be in response to a "simulated" response to a "dirty bomb" and a building collapse. Some think that the Sears Tower might be the target. I've provided the data that I have received below.

     You can make your own judgment as to whether you want to spread the word. I believe the threat is credible. Support for the Bush Administration is collapsing and anti-war sentiment is rapidly rising. This weekend there will be anti-war protests all over the country. Bush needs another 911-type disaster to align the country to war again, specifically to attack Iran.

news from lonelantern.org and Captain May

>Jonathan Campbell is a health consultant who has a background in political analysis, http://www.cqs.com.

See also:

Press release by Illinois governor Blagojevich:

April 27, 2006
Gov. Blagojevich announces large-scale exercise to test state’s ability to handle highly contagious communicable disease and terrorist events
Governor signs law to ensure life-saving medications are distributed quickly during public health emergencies; Illinois is first state to test lessons learned from TOPOFF exercise

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today said a three-day exercise next week will test the state’s ability to respond to an influenza pandemic and terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction (please note: this is an exercise only, designed to improve emergency planning and preparedness).  Last September, the Governor called for a major test of the state’s preparedness following Hurricane Katrina, when emergency response in the Gulf Coast was overwhelmed by the nation’s largest natural disaster in history.  Also today, the Governor signed Senate Bill 2921, legislation that will ensure that life-saving medications can be quickly dispensed during a health crisis, such as a pandemic flu outbreak, by allowing local emergency officials to enlist large numbers of health care volunteers to assist with distribution.


Complete resources available at http://panhealth.org/chicago.htm
Thank you very much for taking the time to have a look at this information.

Thank you for your help!  Have a great day!

[email protected]

Help save the Internet! Help protect Net Neutrality!



Citizens of Chicago!

From May 2-4, there are three days of Chicago 911 exercises are going on in your city, and there's simply no telling whether the Bush Administration is going to give those exercises a "go live" order.  If they do, they'll set off a mass-murderous explosion to put into effect exactly the conditions the exercises were meant to deal with:  a WMD explosion, followed by a building collapse like the World Trade Center towers.

False flags and historical parallels

The idea of such a Chicago 911 would have made Nero proud, and no doubt makes Bush hopeful.  In light of his sinking polls and sagging support -- especially among his generals -- anything less than a unique catastrophe might fail to do the job of propping him up again.  Something spectacular is needed to crystallize the nation into a war rage, so that it will continue to follow a leader whose flaws are now obvious to two-thirds of the American People.

False-flag schemes have to be conducted as they are conceived -- with chutzpah!  911 itself, after all, was nothing more than a high-tech, high-casualty remake of the Reichstag Fire.  It had plenty of chutzpah, and it was hugely successful!  There has never been a demolition job like the one in New York, which demolished two huge towers in an hour, and a two-hundred-year-old Constitution in the ensuing months.

Instead of getting a German Enabling Act for five years (to be perpetuated), we got the American Patriot Act for five years (to be perpetuated).  Instead of a war on "Jewish Bolsheviks," calling the Germans east to Russia's resources, we Americans got "Muslim Terrorists" calling us east to Arabia's resources.  Instead of a State Secret Police (Gestapo in German), we got a Homeland Security Agency (Homeseca in English).  We did it all to defend our Homeland, which is the post-911 English word that mimics the German Vaterland.

Yep, Chicago will have to be a quality production like New York to become one of the really great political mass homicides.  In simple fact, it will have to be better than New York, since the glitches in the 911 set-up have spawned a swarm of pain-in-the-ass internet analysis and publication.  In long-overdue response, the Chicago 911 will give the national authorities the green light to knock down or lock down the internet as they clamped down on dissidents and Bush enemies.  Chertoff's Homeseca forces practiced mass arrests just last week, grabbing nine thousand in one day.  It was a good final rehearsal for large-scale political arrests and small-scale political assassinations.

Chi-town waits it out, with two days to go

Well, there's no sense in complaining.  We've made it until the evening of the first day of the three days of terror in Chicago, terror of an unhinged federal government that preys on its own people.  Many mothers and fathers in your city will furtively speculate on the possibilities of things from now until Friday, when the exercises are complete.  Regrettably, there's simply no way of knowing whether the exercise, thought by most of its unsuspecting participants to be for American defense, will turn out to be the cover operation for a false-flag attack.

If the go-live order comes, thousands of Chicago's citizens will die instantly, and at the same moment Judas Journalists will scream in gigawatts of waves and gigagallons of ink that Muslims did it all, and that America can no longer hesitate to fully mobilize in a war for our existence -- and their extermination.  The enlarged death count of a WMD attack, probably ten times the number of 911, will help sell the sequel attack.  You always have to increase the volume of death if you're going to use a stale gimmick, like a tower collapse, again.

If the worst happens, Michael Chertoff, the hegemon in charge of Homeseca, will be in a position very much like that of Heinrich Himmler, the hegemon in charge of the Gestapo.  Chertoff, whose name contains the pesky Russian word, chert, or "devil," is another of the many Bush Jews, the neocon apparatchiki who are the intellectuals in the war cabal.  Mass concentration camps -- with mercenary guard forces -- are already in the works for "just such an emergency," under Chertoff's command.  His men are in the command positions of the exercise, and the Illinois military and police forces follow his directions.

In his zealous mind, the half-stepping, half-hearted public, with its thousand piss-and-moan problems, is unfocused.  Their ambiguity will disappear in a flash and flame, and the second Chicago Fire will make the American People turn their woes into wars!

Judas Journalists & Chicago Chutzpah

The Bush Administration has carefully orchestrated a massive psychological operation on the American People for a over a week, with released messages of "Al Qaida" three stooges Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi and Al-Zawahiri.  They're getting to be a little stale, but still worry folks a bit, and provide a useful means for adjusting the "Global War" script through the Judas Journalists.  All three are promising attacks of one form or another.

As a sideshow, there has been a state show trial of a Muslim monster, Zacarias Moussaoui, a prop-up character in the 911 scam. He has "confessed," (to avoid the need for a factual trial), and now screams defiance and threats at the public like a bad actor (which he is) through the jurors who get to turn us toward the "death thing" by deciding his fate.  "Al Qaida" is uttered with vitriol from a thousand broadcasters' lips as they salivate for a cause to pit American Christians against Middle Eastern Muslims for Israeli Jews.  They have done wonderful service for the cause of war crime by turning the Arab nightmare into the American dream.

There has been a professional hit on an Egyptian Red Sea resort, likely by Mossad, blamed on the patsy Al Qaida.  Larry Silverstein, the Zionist Jew who bought and set up the World Trade Center (and who bought the Sears Tower) has staged yet another post-911 recollection and symbol salute with another Freedom Tower event -- just to get our mind on 911 and towers.  Flight 93 has been presented to us by a megamedia that thinks now a good time to reinforce the official myth of dastardly Muslims and heroic Christian passengers.  The heroic transcendence comes when the Christians are as willing to die as the Muslims themselves!  The perfect post-911 American must be as focused as the WW2 kamikaze!  Flight 93 is no Casa Blanca, but it does encourage the "right" feelings -- in perfect time for the Chicago 911.

No question about it, the American People are being readied for another Al Qaida attack -- and they have been told that it will be in the heartland of the Homeland months ago.  The WMD attack, high death tool and ensuing tower collapse to top it all off will achieve the kind of "iconic" psychological effect necessary to carry the war spirit to the nuclear level necessary to impose a Middle Eastern Final Solution -- for the equal benefit of the co-founders, the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby.

The first target for the American "counterattack" is obvious.  Iran is already being shaped into a monster by Judas Journalists with their headquarters in New York and their heartbeat in Tel Aviv.  The best propagandists in broadcast and print first insinuated -- and now insist -- that Iran is a "nuclear threat" bent on a "nuclear confrontation," that might have to be met by a "nuclear option."  Any idea is worth hanging a "nuclear" label on, and any excuse will do to start a nuclear war!

The cover story for staging Chicago 911

It takes a lot of resources to stage so elaborate an attack, of course, but that difficult problem has a simple solution:  It has likely been done with the willing assistance of the media!  The media has the perfect event to enable a Chicago 911 with the much-touted Mayday Mexican March (MMM), quickly set up by big business employers of illegal labor.  The whole national media apparatus spent the weekend focusing the nation on Chicago as most important part of the Mayday activities.  It has been a fine psychological operation, and has turned attention just where it needed to be, just when it needs to be there.

Best of all, the Bush Administration operatives necessary to do the technical work of the Chicago 911 may have entered town with no questions over the busy weekend of MMM preparations.  All kinds of special operations teams may have already done pre-operation preparations Monday in the mass confusion of a mass protest.

A ghostly apparition and a rescue attempt

   There have been strange rumors of a surprise cyber attack on the planned exercise by a strange group of "cybercavalry" known as Ghost Troop, a haunting name for a unit of veterans with the haunting mission of heading off the next 911.  They say they blew the whistle on the same kind of set up in Texas City, Texas, Bush home turf, where they said he had set up a Nuclear 911 in tandem with the oft-exploding British Petroleum Refinery.  Now they say that Bush, frustrated with failure in Texas City, is turning to Chicago as a backup plan.  Their commander pledges to stand with Chicago no matter what, which is some comfort in grim times.

It all sounds plausible enough; nowadays a lot of disturbing things do.

Still, not everyone is disturbed.  The Bush Administration players, from cronies like Cheney to newbies like Tony Snow, are content and at ease with their historic work.  "Snow Job," in fact, was brought onto the team the week before the Chicago 911 so that he, a Fox fellow, would be able to handle the tough propaganda assignment of "spinning" the catastrophe for the White House.  All of them bank on the well-known presidential policy of not asking questions or bothering with answers in the wake of terror.  All of them depend on the persistence of a headstrong Bush in creating that terror, one way or another, one place or another.

It's all a bit Nietzschean, which makes them feel quite virile.  Their grandchildren, they have been told again and again, will thank them, and sing songs in praise of their deeds.  Such lofty philosophy and poetry has been tried, too, by a political elite -- the SS of the last century -- and it enabled them to do some notable deeds, too.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The official rhetoric of the New American Century sounds a whole lot like the official rhetoric of the Thousand Year Reich, when you come to think about it -- but it's the job of the Judas Journalists to make sure you don't.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

For the best updates on the Chicago 911, please view the "Chicago 911 Inquest" at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Chicago911inquest/?yguid=167912775.  You may apply via the same link to join the read-only group, to receive regular updates.  For the cyber-pub of my "Mayday Msg. 2 Gov. Blagojevich," please examine the fine Teknosis version at http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2006/05/ghost_troop_com.html#more.



to v911t, CSM
911-2B (911-to-be) is the "next 911" that the Bush Administration needs now!

Dear Veterans for 911 Truth,

Many thanks for setting up and promoting a veterans' 911 group!  This is my first submission to your forum, and I look forward to becoming one of its active members!

Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP)

I'm the commander of Ghost Troop, a cyber-intelligence unit that I founded shortly after the media cover-up of the Battle of Baghdad.  As a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, it seemed clear to me that Bush's media abuses were in fact constitutional abuses against the American People.  The Dept. of Defense Principles of Information -- and the Constitution -- back me up on that point (although King George and his Neocon Court don't care).

Our Ghost Troop mission of conscience began with honoring our dead comrades in the services who were receiving no just counting by the propaganda press.  That mission has been covered widely in the international media and US alternative media, and is summed up nicely (I think) by National Vanguard:  http://www.nationalvanguard.org/printer.php?id=6479.

We became creative in finding ways around the Israel Lobby's propaganda arm (they call it the media) to pursue just honors for our fallen brothers and sisters, who are dying in far greater numbers than are being reported.  Like most of you, we've become adept in "infowar," or getting information out despite the attempts at control or occasional retributions against truth-tellers.  This Sunday, I'll be doing an interview with a national veterans' program on BOBCUP and the 911 matter, and will be sure to post the link to the group.

The past 911 & the future 911-2B

Since we began back in April 2003, we have taken up the 911 Event as well.  I wrote a brief essay "American Reichstag Fire" for the 911 Truth Movement (published by MUJCA) describing my own 911 "awakening." The essay tells how I was clued-in to reality  by the down-to-earth talk of a Marine Captain, Jeff Cross, who had been near WTC on 9/11, and had the military background to catch the scam in real time.  Capt. Cross served as my Ghost Troop executive officer for the first two years of our history:  http://mujca.com/captain.htm

Since my career involved a lot of exercise scenarios (I ran them with the 75th Division for five years), Ghost Troop has been working on the idea that the Bush Administration uses exercises as preparation and cover for false-flag terror.  Accordingly, we scrutinize military exercises simulating terror events, with an eye to the possibilities of each for "going live."  We believe that the corporate media (we call 'em presstitutes) are quite accurate when they say that the next 911 isn't a matter of IF, but of WHEN.  They're accurate, of course, because they're not speculating at all; they're programming us for an eventuality that they are hoping will come soon, before their role in the first 911 -- and every lie since -- becomes obvious to everyone.  After the much-promoted "911-2B" happens (if we don't prevent it), they will be the liars who tell us it was all done by the enemies of America -- who just happen to be the enemies of Bush and his Israel Lobby friends.

911-2B Targets:  Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles

We have determined that the Bush Administration needs extensive preparation for the false-flag 911-2B attack.  They can't just go anywhere and do anything without preparation.  As Armed Forces members, we learned that there must be intelligence preparation, rehearsal, OPSEC during the execution phase... In short, all the rules of warfare apply.  We just have to understand that the warfare is being waged against the country we swore to protect by the leader who is worse -- far worse -- than fellow traitor, Benedict Arnold.

Two weeks ago we uncovered and confirmed May 2-4 "terror exercises" practicing a "Chicago 911," and published an international alert.  Because of our efforts to expose the secret exercises, people in the Midwest had a chance to vent their fear and anger -- and just maybe shut down an operation that was meant to "go live." Incidentally, there was a big-time hint at possible treason in that case, given that Mayor Daley of Chicago was ("coincidentally") in Israel with Israeli security forces on the days when the secret exercises were supposed to "pretend" that a major building (probably the Sears Tower) was supposed to be hit by a WMD and collapse.

Anyone interested in our "Chicago 911" work can find a good starting place in my Teknosis article of April 27:  "Chicago 911 Terror Exercise Event To Go Live?" (http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2006/04/chicago_911_ter.html).

We are operating under the premise that the Bush Administration is falling so rapidly that it is in danger of being toppled, one way or the other (for which I earnestly pray).  That being the case, "Boy George" Bush has no way out from his woes except another "Pearl Harbor" event (i.e., another 911).  Even my Republican buddies say it without batting an eye:  The only man on earth who can save Bush from impeachment (and a treason trial for 911) is his favorite bogey man, Osama Bin Laden.

We consider the three most likely cities for another 911 to be:  Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Given the urgency of the Bush Adminstration's situation, we think 911-2B is in the works in the near future.  Candidly, we believe that the Chicago 911 would have gone live last week without our intervention, followed by the support of the 911 Truth Movement in publishing our analysis.  As we are working the 911-2B scenario now, I'll be posting updates as they occur.  Like all of you, I have received the Armed Forces training to know that good intelligence and timely action can avert catastrophe.  I hope that each of you, reflecting on the oath we all took, will continue to rally veterans to stand up for America in her hour of greatest need, when she stands in the shadow of a murderous tyrant, a Neo Nero who destroys his own country's cities while his mediawhores persuade the people that it was all done by Arabs, and that the answer is to send a generation to die for Oil
and Israel.

As I am on a mission of conscience, commanding a group of 275 like-minded veterans, cyber-researchers and civilian activists, I sign myself in my official capacity, and hope that each of you remembers -- as I make myself remember in my signature block -- that we were all trained to act as Armed Forces members when the Republic and Constitution were under attack!

Your brother in oath and duty,

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS:  My Ghost Troop top NCO, Sergeant Major Neadows, is in the CC's.  He, like me, has a cavalry background, having served with the Air Cav in Vietnam.  I have Marine, Air Force and Navy officers and enlisted (I've been both) in the unit as well -- although I'm still looking for my first Coast Guard Ghost Troop.  I pass this email along to Ghost Troop with encouragement for those who are veterans to join V911T!
to larryb, ewikstrom, localnews, pchurton ...
More options   2:14 pm (2 hours ago)
Larry, as I noted to you, your news desk tried to BS me by saying that y'all had no interest in such stories as the one I broke worldwide over the weekend because "no reputable newspaper or broadcast story covers bomb threats."  This point was made before I identified myself as a media professional, and was clearly an attempt to discourage rational public inquiry, as I merely asked whether you and yours were going to cover the terror matter.

As for the argument that "nice media don't cover this," it's a most curious to me, since every one of the Texas and National media I covered thought this was a highly interesting story.  Most were quite courteous, helpful and thankful.  Hmm...

Frankly, it looks a whole lot like you media of Beaumont are helping to cover up a story.  You're doing wonders for the credibility of my associates and I, who are collectively known as Ghost Troop.  We came to despise all you media for covering up our dead brothers in the Battle of Baghdad, and we only find our worst suspicions confirmed by the performance of your news department.  From Saturday morning to present, they have hidden from -- or been shut out of -- a story of vital significance, since it suggests that Exxon Mobil is a target, no matter who is targeting it.

All you have to say to me is that you don't know a thing about the story, and that I can send it to you.  As I said, I was the KPRC (NBC) editorial writer, as well as a military PAO and intelligence officer.  How do you really think you and all the others on this Beaumont media list look to me and mine?

You folks may think you look incompetent, but you really seem to be in cahoots.  Say hello to the people in the BCC's who reacted like journalist, not co-conspirators.  CPTMAY

CaptainMay <[email protected]> wrote:
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 10:31:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: CaptainMay <[email protected]>
Subject: Texas Terror Confirmed (Immediate Release)
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], patrick@charlestoncitypaper.com,
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected].mil,
"Capt. Cross" <[email protected]>, [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
Jimmy Kilpatrick <jimmykilpatrick@educationnews.org>,
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
CC: Ambassador Chase Untermeyer <[email protected]>,
Fredrick Toben <[email protected]>

CaptainMay <[email protected]> wrote:

Please distribute widely!  CPTMAY



Fascism is NOT just the tactic of the"right".  It's been the tactic of ALL candidates except ONE, for several decades.
Gotta help ALL the friends you care about to watch the new movie at http://www.ronpauldvdproject.com/themovie.php!
Our government is sick.  Our country needs a doctor ... not a lawyer.  If we don't elect Dr. Ron Paul, the choice this time is "more of the same" with a CFR stooge.  It's a pivotal point in our history and we need your help NOW!
Issued 2/15:

ARLINGTON, Va. — Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding the results of Saturday's Republican contests:

"As the results of this weekend have made clear, many Republican voters are not satisfied with our party's likely candidate for president, John McCain.

Voters rejected him in Kansas and Louisiana. Even in Washington State, where McCain appears to have won a plurality, over seventy percent of voters felt another candidate better represented them, including 21 percent who caucused for me.

This is why my run for the Republican nomination will not end. The principles I stand for - limited government, non-interventionism, respect for individual rights, and strict adherence to the Constitution - have a long and proud tradition in the Republican Party.

As long as my supporters continue to support my campaign, I will not leave Republicans who have yet to vote without the ability to choose a candidate who holds these fundamental Republican values."

Just your vote is not enough this time.  There are at least ten people who value your wisdom (perhaps a hundred or a thousand or more).  Your job is to help as many of them as possible to understand why they want to help THEIR 10 or 100 or 10,000 "followers" to pass the freedom message to THEIR 10 or 10,000 ASAP.
Ron Paul, MD, for President in 2008!  Join us at www.RonPaul2008.com &/or WWW.RONPAUL.MEETUP.COM.
Regardless of the outcome of the 2008 election, the freedom message, the American Sense of Life, has been re-awakened and will prevail.
--bob & lou



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