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Thursday 20 July 2006 03:10


The Federal Reserve Board, a private corporation owned mainly by foreign interests dominated by Germany, is dubiously blocking the crediting of $4.5 trillion of repatriated offshore funds that were transferred into the United States in May and June 2006, in fulfillment of an agreement reached last year between the US authorities and the US financial engineering genius, Leo Wanta, which would transform the financial and economic outlook for the US Treasury, the US economy, the American people, and the whole world.

In so doing, the Federal Reserve, which under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 [H.R. 3723]* "protecting proprietary economic information, and for other purposes", is not even entitled to knowledge of the agreements and intended transactions, is in breach of a large number of statutes – ­rendering the Fed's Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, an American of German extraction, and senior Fed officers, liable to severe consequences, not excluding being picked up in front of TV cameras by Federal Marshals.

At the G-8 Meeting in St Petersburg, one subject dominated the discussions behind-the-scenes: The Wanta Plan. This is the new name for the long-awaited Settlement with Leo Wanta, the distinguished US Treasury/Secret Service financial genius chosen by President Reagan to develop and implement financial strategies for the transformation of the USSR under Gorbachëv.

Under a revised agreement reached with the White House and the US Treasury, finalised in November 2005 and signed in December, Leo Wanta, the Trustor of giga-funds raised internationally and held offshore, agreed to implement a financial strategy to rehabilitate the finances of the US Federal Government.

The Wanta Plan is of greater relative importance, by an order of magnitude, even than the Marshall Plan, under which war-torn Europe was rehabilitated in the later 1940s.

For as soon as it is implemented, the US Treasury/Internal Revenue Service, will begin to receive a stream of 'windfall' funds organised by Leo Wanta's AmeriTrust Group. Inc. which will result in the transformation of the American Government¹s underlying debt position – ­while at the same time delivering a profound and lasting shot-in-the-arm to the US economy that will reverberate
around the world.

The agreement provides for the prepayment of taxes to the US Treasury, at the rate of 35% of the $4.5 trillion, equating to $1,575,000,000,000, together with prepayment of taxation to the State of Virginia at 6%, amounting to some $270,000,000,000. In addition, Leo Wanta has put mechanisms in place for the further generation of corporation tax deposits payable to the US Treasury Department/Internal Revenue Service of about $96 billion per banking day. Because of financing transactions which will consequently be carried out by other US financial institutions, estimated total windfall accruals to the US Treasury are likely to exceed $200 billion per banking day, from the moment of start-up. This is now running nearly three months late.

Furthermore, the Republican Party (undeservedly, but as a matter of fact) will be empowered to enter the forthcoming election seasons with promises of tax cuts, which could even include the outright abolition of Inheritance Tax ('the death tax'), and reductions in both income and corporation taxes, depending on the timeframe officially decided upon. Policymakers will need to weigh the paying-down of the $8.6 trillion of Federal debt – ­as reported by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – ­against obvious political priorities, including prospective tax cuts across-the-board.

Under the Wanta Plan, $4.5 trillion of off-balance sheet offshore funds were transferred to the United States in May and June, so as to fulfil the obligations entered into last December. This represents just a fraction of the aggregate value of the so-called 'Global Security Fund', consisting of off-balance sheet USG funds originally worth $27.5 trillion raised from 200+ international banks to finance the 'management' of the 'post-Cold War' environment.

The accumulated value of these funds, held offshore in bank accounts linked to Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence corporations established under President Reagan's Executive Order 12333, is now believed to exceed $70 trillion. The original $27.5 trillion was raised from the 200+ banks at a deep discount for 20 years at 7.5% per annum.

President Reagan is asserted by British intelligence sources to have been poisoned with a pathogen that is capable of reproducing Alzheimer's disease, developed in Germany or the United States by heirs of Himmler's scientists. The purpose would have been to ensure that Reagan could never recall any of his instructions or undertakings while President, should the crooks be exposed – ­as is happening 'as we speak'.

The Wanta Plan represents a compromise arrangement which will facilitate the transfer of originally off-balance sheet funds, onto the US Treasury's books and the generation of further taxable transactions – ­enabling the Treasury to pay down debt, while at the same time freeing up funding resources for an unprecedented boost to the US economy, attainable through tax reductions,
infrastructure projects and programmes to address some of the intractable problems facing the American people.

It also provides the compromise context for a veil to be drawn over rampant past financial corruption embroiling both the corrupt intelligence cadres and the compromised banks. If this window of compromise is closed, all concerned will be vulnerable to systematic exposure, and worse, without future let or hindrance.

For the alternative to The Wanta Plan would be the repatriation of the full $70 trillion worth of financial assets held in US Government corporate accounts abroad, some of which has been stolen by corrupt intelligence operatives and banking sector co-conspirators. Other components of the
funds have been cross-collateralised and otherwise tied up during Leo Wanta's illegal incarceration and confinement [see below]. Hence, certain institutions' continued existence might be jeopardised if the Trustor were to exercise his right to call for 100% disgorgement of the funds and the closure of the corporations and their accounts, as confirmed by US Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on 15th April 2003, in a Memorandum Opinion.

This stated that "Plaintiff's sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding".

In his compromise accord, Leo Wanta concurred with the transfer of $4.5 trillion, being a fraction of the original $27.5 trillion, and of course a much smaller proportion of the $70 trillion, which, as indicated, is the estimated value of these financial assets today.

However the Trustor has made it plain that he will be left with no option but to collect the aggregate $70 trillion if the long-delayed Wanta Plan is not implemented by close of business on Monday 31st July 2006. Given that the Federal Reserve, which is simply a clearing house, cannot now be trusted to release funds, the resulting USG accruals may have to be stored temporarily offshore until the tensions between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which have come into the open as a result of this crisis, have been resolved – or the Fed has been nationalised, as most knowledgeable observers now consider to be essential.

Certainly, there is no way that the United States can continue to tolerate its financial affairs being compromised by a private financial institution which British intelligence sources inform International Currency Review is taking orders from Germany, and blocking the new US 'Marshall Plan'.

Leo Wanta was illegally arrested in 1993, incarcerated and later released into house arrest for an intended period of 22 years, after he had refused to accommodate illegal demands by two US Presidents for funds held in Title 18, Section 6 offshore USG corporate accounts to be siphoned off into accounts for their personal ultimate benefit – ­and after he had annotated a Federal Reserve print-out which identified $1.0 billion that had been sent by Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, to Banco de Panama, Panama City for credit to 'Pilgrim Investments/Jorge Bush'.

Against this entry, Leo Wanta, who was auditing and checking Federal Reserve records for disbursements of the $27.5 trillion raised in 1989-92 from the 200+ international banks, wrote as follows:

"Acceptance of value by former U.S. President of the United States, George (Jorge) Bush is direct violation of our USA Title 5, Section 7353, et seq ­Jim Baker III told me to just "SHUT UP" as I am protected by Rogers Houston Memorandum to "co-operate", but I kept Receipts and Notes".

The complete set of Federal Reserve print-outs showing the disbursements, including amounts that aggregated at least $742.5 billion identified as having been stolen, and authorised by then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Alan Greenspan, were published in International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 and 3 [January 2005]. Late last year, Dr Greenspan reportedly obtained lifetime immunity from retiring Supreme Court Judge, Sandra Day O'Connor, but the likelihood is that the document may not provide the former Fed Chairman with the protection he sought.

Experts believe he could still be arrested.

The false arrest, imprisonment and confinement of Leo Wanta, President Reagan's specially selected international financial operative, was intended to have lasted until 2015, beyond the maturity date for the original $27.5 trillion principal. The CIA lied to all and sundry that Leo Wanta was dead, ­
thereby giving the green light to corrupt intelligence operatives and their co-conspirator banks to assume that the funds were theirs to exploit and use for their own self-enrichment and funding purposes.

But when Leo Wanta was freed from all illegal restrictions with effect from 14th November 2005 – ­after a large financial payment was made on his behalf on 27th July 2005 to a court in Wisconsin in settlement of illegally charged State taxes and penalties that he did not owe – ­the corrupt elements of the intelligence community and the conniving international banksters, received a collective high-voltage electric shock that reverberated around the world.

For all concerned had accepted the CIA's convenient lie that Leo Wanta was dead, so that the funds would never be claimed. Leo had been framed on trumped-up charges in a conspiracy ordered by President Clinton and illegally implemented without a warrant by the Wisconsin authorities.

When implemented, the Wanta Plan will bring renewed prosperity and untold benefits to the American people, transforming the outlook for the Government¹s finances, the economy, the dollar, the United States and the whole world. Because of its links to other crucial overdue international
financial accords, its final consummation – triggering what is known as a refinancing – will transform both the US and the world economies.

Yet final implementation of The Wanta Plan is being obstructed by a private organisation owned mainly by European interests, known as the Federal Reserve. Dr Greenspan¹s replacement, Dr Ben Bernanke, was reported on 17th July to be frustrating the consummation of Leo Wanta's international agreement, to the extreme annoyance of Swiss, Chinese, Russian and other foreign parties for whom The Wanta Plan unlocks other related beneficial geofinancial agreements.

The failure of the Federal Reserve to authorise Bank of America, Richmond, VA, the bank holding the transferred funds for the account of Leo Wanta, to credit the repatriated giga-funds to the account there of AmeriTrust Group, Inc., which he controls, is believed to contravene US legislation, rules and regulations, and represents a gross breach of national security, as well as of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 4, 35, 371, 372 and other provisions.

It is difficult to distinguish what the Federal Reserve is up to without reference to the verb "to steal".

The Fed's behaviour also represents a fraud against the United States, the American people, AmeriTrust and Leo Wanta – the Trustor of the funds raised in 1989-92 in belated fulfillment of President Reagan's instructions.

Conspiracy to defraud the United States implies the possibility of RICO charges, which can land convicted conspirators with between three and seven times damages.

As uncovered by International Currency Review, the original funds were ransacked by criminal gangs working with foreign intelligence penetrations operating within the US structures, led by successive US Presidents and corrupt US intelligence 'barons' and operatives – ­some of whom have placed
their stolen funds with foreign institutions under their own names to escape claims by holders of corporate Powers of Attorney.

In a wide-ranging conversation yesterday with Christopher Story, the Editor of International Currency Review, Leo Wanta stated that the Federal Reserve had illegally provoked what amounts to a massive default. Mr Story believes that the Fed may have ordered the Bank of America to withhold the transfer of the $4.5 trillion into the AmeriTrust Group, Inc. account that was established for the
ongoing transactions which are to transform the US Treasury's finances.

Following the rumbling international financial market disturbances induced by liquidity shortages arising from the remittance of the trillions of US dollars required for implementation of The Wanta Plan in May and June – ­factors of which the 'mainstream' media remained curiously ignorant – ­the funds were consolidated and then transferred to an account earmarked for Leo Wanta at the Richmond institution. However, as indicated, they have not been released for use by Leo Wanta's corporation, which owns the funds, AmeriTrust Group, Inc. The corporation is ready, and all the necessary formal documentation and procedures have long since been set up with the Treasury and other parties, for the daily transactions to begin, in line with last December's agreement.

After it had been confirmed on 17th July that the Federal Reserve was holding up consummation of the deal, the Editor of International Currency Review, who has a responsibility to report accurately to the international financial community, emailed the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve,
as follows:

'I have been informed that The Wanta Plan, a.k.a. the Settlement with Leo Wanta worth $4.5 trillion, agreed with the US Treasury and involving substantial continuing taxation remittances to the US Treasury including a prepayment amount equivalent to 35% of the principal (i.e. $1.6 trillion,
viz. $1,575,000,000,000), and $270,000,000,000 by way of 6% tax payable to the State of Virginia, may be being held up by the Federal Reserve. The funds have been repatriated and are known to be available now at a certain US institution. Would you please confirm to me that the situation is as described above, and if so, would you please provide me with the Board¹s explanation for this apparent interference with the agreement reached with the US Treasury, and for the Board¹s stance concerning this matter? If the position is not as described, would you kindly provide me with a statement as to the Board's position concerning this matter, so that we may inform our
international financial community subscribers accordingly? Thank you for your urgent attention to this enquiry. Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London Office:'.

As expected, of course, there was no response.

In addition to the fact that the Fed's sabotaging of The Wanta Plan is reportedly illegal, as indicated, the Federal Reserve would appear to be in a state of confusion, since it is impeding the long-term solution of the US Federal Government¹s financial problems – ­identified in mid-July by a
a component of the Federal Reserve System itself.

Specifically, the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis published a report in mid-July by Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, suggesting that the United States is going bankrupt. This extreme proposition flies in the face of schoolbook economics, which teaches that so long as a sovereign government enjoys a reliable taxation stream, it cannot become bankrupt in the same way as a corporation or an individual.

In a departure from its usual high standard of analysis, the St Louis Fed entered the realm of make-believe, giving publicity to a calculation by Professors Gokhale and Smetters, cited by Professor Kotlikoff, to the effect that a long-term US 'fiscal gap' of $65.9 trillion will open up between all future Government spending and all future receipts (no timeframe).

According to the Office of Management and Budget, the underlying Gross US Federal debt will exceed $11.5 trillion by fiscal year 2011. This, however, fails to take account of the earmarked Budget Trust Fund accruals that are required by law to be 'invested' in the Federal Funds Accounts at the US Treasury, meaning that the earmarked funds are consumed in current and capital spending.

The OMB's Gross Federal debt numbers 'add back' Budget Trust Funds 'held in Federal Government Accounts', being funds earmarked for future welfare and pension obligations which have been spent – so that these accruals need to be 'added back' a second time, to yield a true adjusted Gross Federal debt figure which, by 2011, will have reached some $17 trillion.

Even this calculation omits off-off-budget debt, such as that accumulated by the Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), much of which has been obliterated from the OMB¹s latest data.

Yet these official numbers bear little relationship to the scaremongering calculations suddenly publicised by the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis which 'just happened' to coincide with the time when The Wanta Plan, already delayed by two and a half months, was meant to have gone on-stream.

The suspicion has therefore arisen that the privately-owned Fed, the members and foreign shareholders of which thrive in a deficit-financing environment, is sabotaging the bona fide financial and economic rehabilitation agenda of the US Treasury – ­contrary to the interests of the American people.

In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated after intelligence cadres working within the corrupted and penetrated US intelligence community, became aware that he was intending to abolish the Federal Reserve System and to replace it with a central bank network fully owned by the United States and therefore exclusively loyal to the interests of the American people.

As matters stand, this private corporation, owned mainly by foreigners, is now impeding the will of the US Treasury under its superbly qualified new Secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., and is depriving the United States and the American people of the benefits which will accrue following mplementation of The Wanta Plan, which was the primary subject of behind-the-scenes discussions in St Petersburg.

If this matter is not resolved, the American people will have every right to demand the nationalisation of the Federal Reserve, the indictment of its senior officers, and the bringing to justice of those office-holders and corrupt intelligence community cadres owing allegiance to foreign powers – which appear to be working through the Federal Reserve to frustrate this new 'Marshall Plan for America'.

On the basis of Christopher Story's calculations, given that the original start-up date for The Wanta Plan was the beginning of May 2006, the US Treasury has already foregone perhaps $7.5 trillion of windfall accruals – ­excluding revenues arising from tax payable on parallel transactions, which
would have yielded an estimated further $6.2 trillion (calculations based on 62 banking days since the beginning of May).

With legitimate, real funds pouring onto the balance sheet from private transactions at this rate, the US Treasury's finances, and the outlook for the US and world economies, would be transformed within two years. This was fully agreed and understood at St Petersburg, where it was learned that
over 20 financial groups are standing by to participate in this refinancing.

No-one who is somehow still unaware of the extent of malevolent foreign penetration of the US structures, can understand why the Federal Reserve is impeding The Wanta Plan – ­not least since the bulk of the transactions will be monetarily sterilised through largely remaining within the financial system, while the resulting secondary transactions, taking place on a global scale, will revitalise the world economy in a structured and orderly manner.

The conclusion reached by knowledgeable observers is that the United States is being held to ransom by foreigners through the Federal Reserve. The primary culprit is Germany, and its secret 'Black' Nazi Continuum agency, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau.

On 13th July, an Iron Mountain document storage warehouse located at Bow, East London, adjacent to the City of London, caught fire and continued burning for three days. And on the preceding evening (12th July), the Iron Mountain warehouse located in the Cyrville Industrial Area, Ottawa, Canada, also mysteriously burned to the ground. These fires were 'no coincidence'.

British intelligence sources have confirmed to the Editor of International Currency Review that a substantial volume of Deutsche Bank files perished in the London warehouse fire. Deutsche Bank and German institutions have dominated the heavy high-yield investment programmes and financial trading operations that characterise hidden financial activity in the intergovernmental financial sector (to which the mainstream financial media is blind), since the late 19th century.

The Iron Mountain fires have been described as panic measures by criminalist foreign cadres to destroy the evidence of the massive serial financial fraud that has been exposed by International Currency Review and its associated intelligence publications. If so, the arson was wholly in vain, as duplicate and original copies of the relevant documents are stored in 25 special locations worldwide. These frauds have been driven by criminal gangs operating within the US official structures, allegedly led by George Bush Sr., who has been exposed by British and other intelligence informants as the actual head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst.

According to these sources, Bush (Busche) Sr., who allegedly holds dual German and US nationality, succeeded the long-term German (Nazi) Abwehr chief, Admiral Canaris, after Canaris fell ill in 1976 (he died in 1978).

The interim head of DVD, to cover Bush Sr. while he occupied the post of Director of Central Intelligence, is alleged to have been Dr Henry Kissinger – whose Soviet codename is BOR, but who has also been identified by sources as allegedly the head of DVD, pending Bush Sr.'s accession.

In January 2005, Jack Roach, a CIA officer, was brutally murdered and tortured in the basement of the head office of Union Bank of Switzerland in Zürich. British intelligence sources have confirmed to Christopher Story that instructions for this murder were allegedly given by the head of the DVD: George Bush Sr. The Editor of ICR has also been informed that the assassination was allegedly approved by the President of Switzerland. The late brave Mr Roach, who was tortured with cigarette butts, was carrying banking codes that were seized from him – to the benefit of German banks and 'Black' intelligence, and to the detriment of the United States.

In October last year, a contingent of US intelligence officers attended the Münich Beer Festival. However the purpose of their presence was not to quaff amber liquid, but rather to stake out the headquarters of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, at Dachau, which is close to Münich.

A satellite was positioned above the nondescript building, and on the basis of the evidence of comings-and-goings obtained, the existence and significance of DVD was indeed confirmed; and the White House was finally, reluctantly, belatedly brought to understand at last that the Nazi Continuum 'Black' intelligence strategic intelligence centre in Dachau exists. The British had been trying to make the Bush Jr. Administration understand this, previously without success – ­since the President is the son of the alleged actual Head of the DVD.

The head of the DVD resides in the United States because America is the largest component of the 'Main Enemy'. Britain is targeted by DVD via the European Union, which is dominated by the long-range penetration, subversion and control strategy laid down by the Nazis in 1942, in a compendium of papers published in Berlin entitled 'Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft' [European Economic Community].

In the early 1950s, the Allies captured a Nazi document that was en route from the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid – the long-range Nazi planning apparat established there when the Nazi intellelligentsia realised that Germany might lose the war. Called 'The Madrid Circular Letter', this document promulgated two themes for the attention of the 200,000 Nazis by now scattered around the globe. They were:

1. 'For us, the war never ended': 'Fur uns, der Krieg ist niemals vorbei'; and: 2. 'We shall build the Thousand-Year Reich on the ruins of the United States'.

With the West mesmerised by the Cold War, which German 'Black' intelligence under General Reinhard Gehlen (DVD) systematically promoted by feeding false information to the Allies about Soviet intentions, the Nazis created a 'safe haven' for their operations behind the cover of the Soviet and STASI facade. This cover has now been blown, and the lethal dangers presented by the secret power of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst is now exposed for all to see and understand.

Following the murder of Jack Roach and confirmation of the existence of DVD, there is now talk in certain intelligence circles of the need for this strategic Nazi Continuum organization to be decapitated and the long-range offensive against the joint 'Main Enemy' – ­Britain and the United States – ­to be decisively terminated once and for all. DVD merely informs the German Chancellor of its operations, if it feels like it; but as it is self-financed from immense hidden funds, especially heroin proceeds, it does not accept his or her instructions. Rather, it arrogantly considers itself, as custodian of Nazism, to be above the Government, having hidden for half a century behind the Soviet threat and the Cold War, for which it was itself largely responsible.

In other words, the German Chancellor is as powerless against these entrenched Nazis as the US Government and its Treasury appear to be in the face of their 'in-your-face' sabotage of the new 'Marshall Plan' for the United States designed by the US Treasury financial genius, Leo Wanta.

For this reason, there is today actually discussion about a Third World War – and not just in the Middle East. A reference to this possibility appeared in an op-ed column by a known intelligence analyst in The Daily Telegraph, London, on 19th July. The apparent ongoing sabotage of The Wanta Plan by the German-directed Federal Reserve may prove to be just about the last straw.

Recall again, finally, that President Kennedy was assassinated after it became known that he intended to nationalise the Federal Reserve System.

Bush Sr. was present in Dallas on the date of the assassination, and was allegedly exfiltrated by plane in a hurry following the atrocity.

How long will the American people tolerate this endless foreign intermeddling in their affairs?


The Economic Espionage Act, 1996 [H.R. 3723] reads in part as follows:

'WHEREAS, the President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in, as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.

INASMUCH, the names, identities, names coordinates and other identifying information of persons or entities that are party to this transaction, contained herein, or learned hereafter, shall be a Corporate Trade Secret that shall not be disseminated other than as provided for herein, or as
allowed under applicable law. Any unauthorized Disclosure of the Private Transaction, parties to, or other material fact of, shall subject the violator(s) to Criminal prosecution'.


Click the mini-Archive on the Home Page, or 'Back to Archive', above. The mini-Archive contains earlier analyses on this millennial crisis.

See also the following World Reports intelligence publications:
International Currency Review, Volume 28, Number 4, March 2003.
International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, January 2005.
Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Numbers 5 & 6, March 2006


President Bush Aware Of 4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement But Arrogantly Hides Deal Indicating Complicity In Hi-Jacking Trillions From The People

Former Ambassador Leo Wanta giving Fed's illegal blockage of settlement until July 31 to release money or he will pursue the entire 70 trillion stolen by Bush and Clinton crime families. Money now being held in Bank of America in Richmond, Va., as media continues to cover-up story of the century which could turn around the American economy.

22 Jul 2006

By Greg Szymanski

President George W. Bush received a letter on July 14 from AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and former Ambassador Leo Wanta, advising him of a massive 4.5 trillion dollar settlement earmarked for the U.S. Treasury.

The letter was addressed to Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., asking him for his prompt attention in releasing the repatriated offshore funds. Wanta on June 12 entered into a negotiated settlement with U.S. authorities ending his quest to recover an estimated 27.5 trillion in funds first generated by Wanta on behalf of President Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War.

After Reagan left office, the money was earmarked for the American people with Wanta as legal trustor, but instead he was backstabbed and the money hijacked by President George H. Bush and President William Jefferson Clinton in an elaborate offshore banking scheme to enrich their own pockets and the pockets of a select group of elite friends

The Arctic Beacon is one of the only news outlets covering the explosive Wanta story, which if followed up properly, could lead to indictments to Bush and Clinton, as well as many other co-conspirators who have defrauded the American people out of trillions of dollars while, at the same time on paper, supposedly bankrupting the country.

In England, the International Currency Review has been the only British outlet following the story. Here is what this British internet source had to say about the Wanta story, which also has been reported and verified by the Arctic Beacon:

"Leo Wanta, an honourable and upright man (rare in the intelligence environment), refused to accommodate demands from two US Presidents for Trustor funds to be diverted for their own ultimate personal benefit, and annotated a Federal Reserve transactions print-out to the effect that George (Jorge) Bush Sr. is in breach of crucial US statutes in connection with a transfer of $1.0 billion from a bank in Malaga, Spain, to Panama, in August 1989.

"Instead of being supported by his peers, as would be expected in an ethical environment, Wanta was framed, arrested, flung into a stinking Swiss dungeon for 133 days, extradited to the United States (after an intervention by Yizhak Rabin), arraigned before a US Judge in New York, released when the judge threw the case out, rearrested without a warrant on the US courtroom steps, extradited illegally to Wisconsin on a trumped-up tax charge, suffered false witness, jailed for 22 years, experienced three attempts to murder him in prison plus unsuccessful official efforts to have him certified insane, released into house arrest in Wisconsin where he languished for many years, and falsely reported by the lying CIA to be dead."

Although Bush and the mainstream press have not uttered a peep about the massive amount of money headed for U.S. coffers, in the letter the President was made aware of the particulars of the deal, including an estimated 1.6 trillion to be placed in the U.S. Treasury as taxes paid by AmeriTrust.

Further, as noted by the International Currency Review, the deal provides for the following arrangements made between Wanta's organization and the U.S. Treasury, all made known to Bush:

1. Pay 35% tax direct to the Treasury, amounting to $1,575,000,000,000 prepaid.

2. Pay 6% state tax to the State of Virginia amounting to approximately $270,000,000,000 prepaid.

3. Generate windfall tax payments to the US Treasury worth at least $96 billion per banking day.

4. Generate secondary tax windfalls arising from related financial transactions by US counter-parties and others worth at least the same amount again, so that total daily tax windfalls accruing to the Treasury/Internal Revenue Service will aggregate an estimated $200 billion per banking day [3 + 4].

5. As a consequence, rehabilitate the US Federal Government's finances, reversing the decades of financial decadence, and providing resources for infrastructure and other projects, tax reductions (including a possible outright abolition of Inheritance Tax, and income and corporate tax cuts), plus additional resources for the vulnerable segments of society.

Presently, the 4.5 trillion is being held by Bank of America in Richmond, Va., as the Federal Reserve Board is illegally blocking the release of the money to the U.S. Treasury, the American People, AmeriTrust and Wanta.

Further, according to Wanta, who appeared again Friday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, "everyday the money is being tied up" illegally by the Fed, "the American people are losing 200 billion a day."

Wanta added there was no justification to hold up the settlement and has given the Fed until July 31 to release the money or he plans to pursue all legal avenues to gain control of the total 27.5 trillion.

However, financial observers claim if Wanta proceeds after the total amount it could bankrupt many large worldwide financial institutions, lacking the liquidity to meet Wanta's request, as much of the money has been illegally diverted or stolen by corrupt U.S. officials like Bush and Clinton.

Dubbed the Wanta Plan by financial onlookers, analysts suggests the massive settlement if used properly could once again turn around the U.S. economy, erase the Bush-orchestrated 8 trillion plus National Debt and again put the needs of the American people and its faltering infrastructure at the forefront instead of in the background, as planned by the New World Order's plan to destabilize the economy and destroy America from within.

Since President Bush is fully aware of the settlement and the particulars behind the whole Wanta story, as well as being complicit in the theft of trillions, he should be publicly forced by the fess up instead of being protected by a corrupted media, a media also on the take like a bunch of back alley criminals being handed a paper bag full of money in order to keep their mouths shut.

Although there have been many attempts to outlaw and disband the Fed, the Wanta settlement should be the story that breaks the camel's back, giving Americans a clear-cut example of how foreign, private interests are controlling the destiny of their country.

The Wanta story shows a crisis has peaked since it is clear the Federal Reserve is sabotaging the finalization of the deal cut between the U.S. Treasury and Wanta, the former distinguished U.S. Secret Service/Treasury financial expert and agent

Since it is now out in the open that the Fed is blocking transfer of trillions owed the American people, financial analysts close to the case say it's time the U.S. Government disband and seize the Fed, replacing its underlying statutes with new ones creating a national central bank on behalf of the people, with appropriate policy independence safeguards protecting the people's interests not private foreign entities.

As a recap, according to Wanta, the repatriated funds now sitting in a Virginia bank represent only a small fraction of the original $27.5 trillion which was raised in 1989-92 from more than 190 international banks at a deep discount for a 20-year period at 7.5% per annum.

The long-term Trustor of these funds, by Presidential instruction dating from President Reagan's era, Wanta further believes the total funds are now worth approximately $70 trillion.

And if the funds aren't released to the American people, Wanta again wanted to remind President Bush, the Fed and other higher-ups he will take action as trustor to organize the collection of the full $70 trillion from offshore accounts of the Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations, and their closure, as has been advised by U.S. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in a Memorandum Opinion signed in April 2003.



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