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More Re: Wanta Plan Legitimacy

Americans and "People in the Know" Speak-Up About The Wanta Plan
Documentation abounds verifying $4.5 trillion settlement; Arctic Beacon editor subject of veiled death threat by Bush Sr. camp.
7 Aug 2006
By Greg Szymanski

The Leo Wanta story has caused a flood of emails to the Arctic Beacon numbering in the thousands, from all parts of the globe, like a raging windstorm of financial shock and awe, disrupting business-as-usual among top heads-of-state and international bankers.

Let there be no mistake about it, The Wanta Plan is on the lips of the "people in the know" all over the world. The financial plan top officials are discussing represents the release of $4.5 trillion in repatriated off-shore funds tampered with illegally by high-level U.S. authorities.

But it also must be emphasized the $4.5 trillion owed to Wanta and his AmeriTrust Groupe is only the tip of the iceberg of a deeper problem involving trillions more in looted off-shore money, as well as shake-ups in the Federal Reserve banking system and the Bretton Woods system of international monetary management, which established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states.

As one top financial onlooker who knows the importance of the implementation of The Wanta Plan said:

"If it is not honored shortly, it spells a total collapse of the worldwide banking system and, in turn, a collapse of economic proportions far worse than anything ever seen before."

While officials and bankers this week scramble to get their "financial ducks in order," let's look at what thousands of citizens from America and around the world have said in their emails.

More than 90 percent of the emails were supportive of Wanta's efforts to return trillions to the American economy while, at the same time, applauding his efforts for exposing massive financial corruption by Bush Sr. and Clinton.

Although impossible to print the text of all the emails, here is a typical example of someone backing Wanta's efforts:

I commend you on your hard hitting and excellent articles in an effort to get the Leo Wanta Story out to the public. I have sent your links and headlines to at least 40 people, and most of them have sent it on to their friends and relatives. I have also sent emails to every financial newsletter I get as well as our local

media editors and reporters and asked why I have not seen this in their publications on the web or in print, or reported on their news broadcasts on TV and radio.

My next effort is in progress to get everyone I know to flood their Senators and

Congressmen with letters, faxes or phone calls and DEMAND they answer for their part in this complicity of silence to the American People. Thank You Again...and may you and Mr.Wanta be safe and protected through this whole cleansing of America about to happen! Enough is enough after 9/11, the "Patriot Act" bull and smearing our Constitution with their arrogance, it is a blessing to have Mr. Wanta lead the way to do what is right.

It is time for a massive change in this country's direction...and the media and

Congressional body better sit up and take notice because their credibility is ZIP!! May every American get along side of him and pick up their pen or phone.

Keep up the great reporting!!

Like previously mentioned in the positive and negative Wanta response category, about 10 percent of those who emailed expressed disbelief, citing the extraordinary amount of money as being the biggest stumbling block in putting Wanta's story in the truth category.

Regarding a whole different batch of emails, categorized as the 'documentation category," about 70 percent of the people emailing were satisfied with the amount of documentation presented pertaining to the Wanta story, documentation found either on the internet or in other pertinent federal and state court documents available in the public record.

However, for the 30 percent expressing interest for more "docs," as they say, several emailers helped in that regard, bringing attention to the validity of the filing of the AmeriTrust Groupe, Wanta's incarceration in Wisconsin and a 2003 federal court case filed, verifying Wanta's legal trustor status of approximately $27.5 trillion, a large portion of which has been documented by Wanta as stolen by operatives working for the Bush and Clinton anti-nationalist gang.

Further, the importance of Wanta's story lies in the meticulous documentation kept by Wanta himself, documents citing important bank accounts and offshore companies, including names of the individual parties involved in the massive bribery and theft ring.

For those, seeking that sensitive documentation, a portion of the stolen accounts amounting to $743 billion has already been published in the Arctic Beacon archives in past stories. But the remainder of the evidence is in Wanta's possession, and that of other trusted members of his group, all standing ready to release it at the proper time, if necessary, to prove his case.

However, regarding the validity of the corporation, the Arctic Beacon has access to and has seen the incorporation papers of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. It is as follows:

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. (with a capital 'T' and an 'e' in Groupe) was registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia by the State Corporation Commission, Richmond, on 20th May 2004, as attested by the Clerk of the Commission, Joel H. Peck. Its Registered Offices are at Old City Hall, Suite 350, 1001 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219, USA.

For those wondering about the illegal incarceration of Wanta in Wisconsin, the Arctic Beacon has in its possession many of the pertinent court documents verifying Wanta's accusations of illegal arrest and subsequent jailing. Further, a Wisconsin resident and former Viet Nam vet who personally contacted the Wisconsin state Corrections Dept. provided this proof of the case, as well as other interesting comments.

Prior to my contacting you, I confirmed a couple of facts about Leo Wanta/$27.5 trillion case. I am a resident of De Pere, WI (just outside Green Bay, home of NFL Packer football team). A computer friend of mine tracked down Mr. Wanta's birthday of June 11, 1940 (Mr. Leo Emil Wanta exists); I personally called State of Wisconsin/Department of Corrections (Victim's Advocate confirmed). Mr. Wanta was incarcerated in 1995, paroled 2001 and discharged in 2004. I have a copy of State Bar of Wisconsin (2004?), Docket #96-I-888/Ruling Order, Leo E. Wanta/Chippewa Falls/WI v. WI Dept. of Revenue---Tax Appeals Commission. All confirms part of Mr. Wanta's association with Wisconsin. I plan a PR campaign in my area (simple format to reach residents, businesses, etc.). I used it in a local 2005 election. I cannot afford a lot.

I am a 62 year old citizen and honorably discharged Vietnam-Era veteran who is not known for lying, etc. My question, since I have read many of your recent articles on this case, is there any other info other than what you published for my very soon PR door to door campaign could use or add. I plan to KISS (keep it simple stupid). My targets that should be targeted for inquiries are political: my US Congressman, Mark Green (running against Gov. Jim Doyle), and two Senators, Mrs. Kohl (up for re-election this year) and Feingold (Presidential candidate, 2008?) along with Gannet News Corp. (Green Bay-Press Gazette). My facts and this story implicates former Gov. Tommy Thompson (in bush's cabinet in Dept. of Health) is also implicated in this story. Thank you for your coverage, I hope all of us can make a contribution to return these funds to the rightful owners, the American people, and put forth to vitally needed infrastructure projects such as education, transportation. etc.

For those looking for documentation regarding the 2003 case by Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, it has already been referenced in previous Arctic Beacon articles, acknowledging Wanta's legal trustor status of the $27.5 trillion in a memorandum opinion. Although the case was dismissed on sovereign immunity issues for the defendants, which Wanta understood he couldn't overcome, he was smart enough to file the case in order to get official court verification of his status as legal trustor.

Again, an emailer helped out with the documentation of the federal case:

04/25/2003 17 ORDER AND JUDGMENT in accordance with the accompanying memorandum opinion, it is hereby ORDERED that defts the United States of America, et al.'s motion to dismiss is GRANTED, ORDERED that pltf Ambassador Leo Wanta's motion to amend complaint is DENIED. The clerk is directed to ENTER JUDGMENT in favor of the United States of America, John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States, Paul O'Neill, former Secretary of the Treasury, and George Tenet, Director,

Central Intelligence Agency and against Ambassador Leo Wanta pursuant to FRCP 58.

( signed by Judge Gerald B. Lee ) Copies Mailed: yes [EOD Date: 4/28/03] (make) (Entered: 04/28/2003)

04/25/2003 18 JUDGMENT pursuant to the order of this court entered on April 25, 2003 and in accordance with FRCP 58, JUDGMENT is hereby entered in favor of the defendants USA, John Ashcroft, Paul O'Neill, George Tenet against Leo Wanta Copies Mailed: yes [EOD DATE: 4/28/03] (mcke) (Entered: 04/28/2003)

In the email category of "experts or insiders in the know," as well as those making contact by mysterious phone calls, they have come from two camps. As distinguished by Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of AmeriTrust, there are at least two other trusts or groups like Wanta's seeking money that are legitimate, and at least two others of known record fraudulently posing as legitimate but actually "fronting" for Bush or Bush Sr., trying to use the money for nefarious purposes.

One such email or phone contact from what appears to be the legitimate group has contacted the Arctic Beacon and has provided what appears to be a wealth of inside information of the behind-the-scenes workings of how The Wanta Plan, as well as other monies, are being handled.

Another set of emails, which even appear to include a veiled death threat to the Arctic Beacon editor, has been determined and verified to a high degree to be from the illegitimate camp, fronting for Bush Sr., who has already ripped-off some of the offshore funds and is still in the process of trying to sway things in their dirty direction.

The following email, received with a batch of others from this dubious camp, is reprinted for the editor's safety, as well as to let readers understand the real dangers looming behind this story. It should be noted the names of those sending the emails, as well as copies of those emails, have been sent to three separate sources for independent investigation, as well as preparation for a lawsuit if the threats continue.


In the "media contact" category, The Arctic Beacon has been contacted by a handful of sincere journalists wanting to follow up on the story, including Michael Herzog, Jeff Rense, of course Christopher Story who has been working on the story for years, Lenny Bloom and an anonymous major network television reporter who wants to follow up in a sincere fashion, admitting the Wanta story "is explosive" and is the "real deal."

There of course have been a couple of pesky radio broadcasters and propagandized reporters, whose names will go unmentioned in order not to give them any unnecessary exposure or credence in a story above their capabilities, who have actually tried to stir the pot with unfounded accusations like "I have been researching the story for two days and it goes nowhere," as well as asking things like "Do Wanta and Cottrell really exist?" and adding there are "holes" in the founding of the corporation.

Others, in a more slanderous fashion (again their names will go unmentioned as they likely crave negative exposure) have called the story a "fraud and a scam," of course without proper investigation, indicating hasty and unfounded conclusions for ulterior motives yet to be determined.

In fact, one CNN entertainment producer, Todd Leopold, was so brash and arrogant, choosing to send libelous emails while saying the parties involved were "untrustworthy." However, later in a phone call with the Arctic Beacon, Leopold quickly apologized and recanted his statements, admitting he never researched the story or the parties involved before making such libelous statements.

Furthermore, the Arctic Beacon is providing the original documents of the AmeriTrust $4.5 trillion settlement letters recently sent to President Bush and Henry M, Paulson, Jr., putting them on notice, as well as minutes of a recent AmeriTrust meeting detailing the intent to use $4.5 trillion to benefit the American people.

Here are letters and documents recently sent to Bush and Paulson.

Page 1 <> Page 2 <> Page 3 <> Page 4 <> Page 5 <> Page 6 <> Page 7

It might be added that if the letters were representing false settlements and demands, Wanta and the AmeriTrust Groupe would be subject to criminal and legal penalties of falsification, which has not been the case. Instead, the higher-ups involved understand full-well the validity of the AmeriTrust settlement, but they remain publicly silent while, at the same time, feverishly working behind the scenes on what has been called The Wanta Plan. However, the final outcome is yet undetermined but should be followed closely, for the future of America is at stake.

Greg Szymanski


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