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New Intelligence Surfaces Re: Wanta Plan and Leo Wanta's Persecution,.



Saturday 2 September 2006 21:03



By Christopher Story, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,
World Reports Limited, London and New York:
For Part 1, see Archive Button or the main 'Click Here' report on Home Page

In the following analysis, the reader is asked to accept the urgent necessity for the preliminary geopolitical considerations, as a basis for understanding the apparent death-wish of the official criminal cadres who are in control of the American Republic, and who are engaged in a maddened free-for-all aimed at grabbing as much wealth as they can before the dollar collapses due mainly to their own felonious financial operations:

On 1st December 1995, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, President Reagan's most distinguished and accomplished aide, operative and high-level intermediary between the White House and President Mikhail Gorbachëv, wrote to President Clinton from one of the darkest recesses of the US GULAG:

'Why am I now treated like an enemy of our Great Nation? The US Government and the State of Wisconsin have without any legal jurisdiction and/or cause bound my feet, ankles, waist, neck and wrists in heavy link chain'.

'Why? My past and present US Government, White House, Congressional, Department of Defense, CIA, US Treasury etc., files show no malice [on my part]: just service, to our Government; and as a result, I am crumbling and very ill'.

'Mr President, I write this legal Petition/Pleadings with a very heavy heart and clear conscience. You indeed know that I am "Not guilty"'.

'Why is it that nothing submitted to your good offices and to Vice President Gore helps my lawful return to American freedom and liberty by birthright? My silence does not calm the pain and suffering I endure for my country'.

'All of you during this illegal criminalized seizure/ordeal under some mysterious color of law, coupled with abuse of power and misuse of power, have certainly worn me out completely, emotionally, and physically; destroying my family, business partner and friend; and my real friends, even without a single thread of any illegal or criminal violation and/or tax crime'.

'I have openly cried until my face is cherry red, and my blue eyes are swollen and circled with dark shadows; yet I am not guilty of any tax violation or criminal activities, but have served my country with dignity and loyalty; nor do I have any previous arrests/convictions, and my prayers to God, our Creator, are sincere. Mr President, do not allow my URGENT call for American Justice to be silenced. My personal grief and sorrow almost make me blind and sickly'.

Earlier in this moving handwritten letter, Leo Wanta commented that 'once upon a time, while offshore in our intelligence community, I chuckled over KGB spook stories about the GULAG (meaning The Zone), ZEK (Soviet political prisoners), SHIZO (cold punishment); and now I finally realize that I am in a GULAG, as a ZEK of the US Government, and received a SHIZO because on my arrival on 29 November 1995 at this temporary prison lodging, I had a "body search" in the winter snow while BAREFOOT'.

Having assembled all the relevant available facts of the matter, Christopher Story, the Editor of International Currency Review, has reached the conclusion that the illegal arrest, incarceration, atrocities and house arrest committed against this most distinguished, mild, brilliant, righteous
and honourable of US Presidential servants was orchestrated by the target that Leo Wanta had
travelled to Switzerland in 1993 to arrest, in accordance with instructions from William Sessions, who was then the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: Marc Rich. Sessions was suddenly sacked by President Clinton without any cause being given, while Leo Wanta was thrown into a stinking Swiss dungeon for 134 days, where attempts were made by the Swiss authorities to have him poisoned. He was then extradited in shackles to New York, freed by a Judge who saw through the deception, and then re-arrested illegally on a totally spurious tax charge without a warrant by the State of Wisconsin, in a conspiracy orchestrated by Marc Rich¹s buddy, President Clinton.

Marc Rich¹s real name is believed, on sound evidence which is to be published in the forthcoming issue of International Currency Review, to be Hans Brand, a German of Jewish extraction originally from Korbach, Germany, who emigrated to Canada on an assisted passage in 1954. Hans Brand is reliably believed (both by Mr Story on the basis of his own extensive research backed by personal observations from an informant, and by British intelligence sources) to be a long-standing high level operative of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), the Nazi Strategic Continuum located,
appropriately enough, at Dachau, near Munich. Do not be surprised that a Jew can also be a Nazi:
a large number of senior Nazis were Jews, and 155,000 German Jews served in the German military during the Second World War.

In 2005, a group of Western intelligence operatives attended the Munich Beer Festival for the purpose not of sampling the local brews, but as cover for the staking out of the nondescript building in Dachau where the DVD is based. An overhead satellite recorded all the comings and goings at the site, yielding decisive evidence of the central coordinating role played by DVD,
Dachau, as a fulcrum of the global revolutionary disruption that we are all witnessing.

According to the Nazi disinformation legend, the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris, was hanged in the nude at Flossenburg on 9th April 1945. This story was a disinformation ploy promulgated by the Abwehr itself, as it prepared to go underground, with the collapse of the Third Reich. Far from ceasing to exist, Canaris later surfaced with a large number of his fellow Nazis in Oklahoma.

Canaris, now calling himself Samuel Randall Pittmann, continued to direct the Abwehr/DVD, in part from Oklahoma City. The immigration records of these Nazis, including Canaris, were stored in the Murrah Building, and were destroyed in the Oklahoma Bombing.

The significance of all this lies in Nazi documents seized by the Allies in the early 1950s. One of these documents, called the 'Madrid Circular Letter', intercepted en route from the German (Nazi) Geopolitical Centre which the Nazi intelligentsia had established in Madrid in 1942 to ensure
the continuity of Nazism, laid bare the twin principles of Nazi long-range deception strategy:

'For us the war never ended' ['Für uns, ist der Krieg niemals vorbei']; and:

'We will build the Thousand-Year Reich on the ruins of the United States'.

Admiral Canaris, a.k.a. Samuel Randall Pittmann, directed DVD, Dachau, until he fell ill in 1976, when his place was taken on a temporary basis by that alleged triple or quadruple agent Dr Henry ('call me Henny') Kissinger, whose Soviet codename is BOR. He kept the seat warm for George H. W. Bush Sr., who allegedly has dual US and German nationality, and whose real name is believed, on the basis of research corroborated by reliable sources, to be Herr Georg H. Scherff Jr. This man ­ usually referred to as 'Sr.', allegedly controls Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, to this day.

By contrast, George W. Bush Jr., 43rd President of the United States, is the unwitting or 'willing' prisoner of an 'opposing' dialectical US Nazi group usually referred to as the 'Neocons', but who should more accurately be termed 'Zionazis' (because it is unfortunately the case that the small minority of Zionists are simply Jewish Nazis). Between them, these two dialectically 'opposite' Nazi factions set up the Hezbollah-Lebanon crisis, with the intention of using the resulting fall-out as leverage for a pretext to bomb/nuke Iran back into the stone age. Their motivations included the dismantling of an assumed threat to Israel, together with the US priority to 'dissuade' Iran from trading its oil in currencies other than the US dollar [see below], as well as a lust to recapture control of the old Iranian oil contracts dating back to 1952.

Given this geopolitical background, the financial crimes being committed by senior US officials and high office-holders surrounding The Wanta Plan represent a replay of the orchestra grinding out walzes on the deck of the sinking Titanic.

For far from serving the geopolitical interests of the United States, these fools' insatiable greed has prompted the Chinese, already, to start to trade oil in currencies other than the US dollar. It was in part because the neo-Nazi régime of Saddam Hussein began doing precisely that – after it had been double-crossed by, or had double-crossed, George Bush Sr. – that it was decapitated by the Americans and the British in 2003.

The reason that the Chinese ARE ALREADY TRADING OIL IN CURRENCIES OTHER THAN THE U.S. DOLLAR is that the US madmen and crooked policymakers, some of whom are listed below, who formally sanctioned inter alia The Wanta Plan in gross bad faith on 12th December 2005, have,
in the course of their criminal financial operations, double-crossed the Chinese several times.

Furthermore, key Chinese parties have informed Ambassador Leo Wanta and his Executive Vice President and Treasurer colleague, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., that Mr Henry M. Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, has lied to them. This was a fatal error on Mr Paulson's part. We previously thought that Paulson's apparent reputation for straight dealing would lead to the solution of the crisis, but we have been disappointed. We should have known better, of course.

As an initial consequence of such a betrayal from the highest level of the serially duplicitous US Government, Chinese interests threatened ­ – and on 14th August 2006 implemented – their threat ­ to cease transactions through New York Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS).

The US official criminals have even achieved the previously inconceivable feat of actually uniting the Communists and the Taiwanese successors of Chang Kai Shek in their common hatred of the US Federal Government – ­ since both groups have been financially betrayed by the US authorities in the course of this tiresome crisis, according to impeccable US financial sector sources.

On 7th September 2006, critical payments must be made to official Chinese recipients, which, for impregnable legal and technical reasons, cannot be remitted without the $4.5 trillion payable to Ambassador Leo Wanta and his Virginia-based corporation, being paid out first or at the same time.

Because implementation of the delayed Wanta Settlement will set the precedent for the belated reordering of the United States' chaotic and deceitful official finances, by not only bringing funds onto the balance sheet and triggering colossal tax payments direct to the US Treasury, but also by raising questions as to the whereabouts of the remaining $23.7 trillion of Leo E. Wanta's original funds, the official criminals in the White House, the Federal Reserve and their co-conspirators at prominent US financial institutions, face the following millennial dilemma and temptation:

Shall we renege on payments to the Chinese in order to avoid having to pay Wanta, or not?

Their dishonourable and criminal intention is to do just that, if they can.

It now transpires that the Chinese "CHIPS" may be 'hollow', which means that all the funds belonging to the Chinese parties, in both camps, may have been diverted or stolen.

Ladies and Gentlemen: If these madmen, who are like bank robbers with nowhere to hide, fail to honour obligations towards both groups of Chinese on 7th September 2006 – calculating that there may be more chance of their skins being saved than if they do the right thing – both groups of Chinese may dump the dollar, which may collapse by at least 50% if matters run out of control as expected; and the world may enter an avoidable hell by courtesy of the Bush II White House.

Furthermore, Chinese trading of oil in other currencies will not only become the norm, but will be followed by President Putin, who is still waiting for his overdue $30 billion – as promised under the Reagan Protocols, of which Leo Wanta is the legal custodian.

Russia is furious that it has not been paid, as are the French, who raised their contingent for Lebanon from 200 to 2,000 troops on the understanding that their overdue $5.0 billion would be remitted, only to find that they, too, have been double-crossed. The same goes for all the other Reagan Protocol payees ­ Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

Recently, 80% of the restless British people were reported by UK pollsters to be so disillusioned
with the United States that they want the next Government or leader to sever the so-called 'Special Relationship' in favour of closer relations with the European Union Collective – despite the fact
that the EU is itself a long-range strategic deception trap directed primarily at Britain (the other
half of 'the Main Enemy'). That this is its purpose was revealed in a Nazi document published in Berlin in 1942 entitled Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft ('European Economic Community'), extensive excerpts of which have been published exclusively in International Currency Review, and will be revisited in the forthcoming ICR presentation [Volume 32].

Thus the George Bush II White House has successfully and perversely alienated the international community, which remains as disgusted as ever at its Abu Ghraib-style barbarity, now believed to have been instigated by the Zionazi faction (with which most of world Jewry has no connection).

Its reckless and perverse behaviour is almost universally acknowledged, forfeiting the United States the respect of the whole world, that followed the orchestrated 9/11 atrocities. And now, given that the Full Faith and Credit of the United States has been destroyed as a consequence
of the US Government's double-minded failure to honour its obligations, as summarised in the Editor¹s earlier 'Wanta postings', the prospect of this US Administration earning the distinction
of having become the worst, most criminalised, duplicitous and dangerous Presidency in US history, is likely to be realised. Given the sleazy, murderous complexion of its predecessor,
this is indeed some achievement.

By the beginning of September 2006, the US authorities were months overdue in fulfilling their formal obligations towards Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, to his Virginia-based corporation, the US Treasury, the State of Virginia, the American people, and to the eight foreign governments that are due to be paid under the Reagan Protocols (and which, contrary to speculation, cannot be paid
off by any other means).

In addition, these cynics had finally destroyed the integrity of the Federal Government, the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court, and the Rule of Law – and were very far advanced in their apparent determination to wreck the US dollar, the American economy, and the prosperity of the whole world.

By arrogantly betraying the Chinese, the Russians, the French, the Germans, the Canadians, the Italians, the Spanish and the Mexicans, they had further signalled to these and other powers that, since the US Federal Government cannot be trusted to honour its obligations, no residual faith should sensibly be placed in the US dollar any longer, either.

In other words, the White House has cravenly extended an open invitation to all these powers to dump the US dollar and to start trading oil in other currencies – no doubt betting that they will balk at doing so. Hitherto, the United States, under the Carter Doctrine, has considered any switch from the US dollar for oil and gas payments and invoicing purposes, to be a casus belli. But what these arrogant crooks in the White House and elsewhere seem to have failed to understand is that the Rest of the World is BIGGER than the United States.

If the Rest of the World reaches a 'tipping point' with regard to its exasperation with Washington, and dumps the US dollar, there will be nothing that these thugs can do about it.

Furthermore, the United States is a colossal world debtor ­ whereas its Cold War 'rival', Russia, paid off ALL its remaining debts to the Paris Club of 19 creditor countries on 21st August ­ signalling, for the whole world to see and understand, of course, that its credit rating is top grade, in the sharpest
contrast to the credit rating of the United States. The stage is therefore well and truly set, thanks to the devious ineptitude and corruption of the present White House and the stupidity of prominent personnel, for a geo-financial and geo-economic crisis with no historical parallel.

Such a situation could well slide into the Third World War, as will certainly occur if this American Administration is so demonically foolish as to attack Iran, to cover its tracks.

In such a case, Russia, given that it has been financially double-crossed by the Americans, will have no incentive not to intervene in support of Tehran.

Furthermore, none of the offended powers would retain any loyalty towards the US dollar ­ so that the fools and certifiably mad criminals in the White House and elsewhere in Washington will have brought about the very catastrophe that their forward planning was supposed to avoid: unless,
that is, it has all along been cynically designed to generate the pretext for the Third World War.

Meanwhile, since we first began reporting on this crisis, the list of US criminals who have been scrambling to enrich themselves, throwing all remaining caution and common sense to the winds, has expanded. Apparently, the spectacle of others engaged in a final self-enrichment free-for-all has been too much for some of these corrupt fools to bear.

Specifically, we are now formally authorised (in writing) to identify the following officials who are variously engaged 'as we speak' in terminal criminal financial operations contrary to the law and against the interests of the American people – ransacking the assets of the United States in a
pig-trough free-for-all on a previously unheard-of scale.

• James Wilkinson, Chief of Staff to Henry M. Paulson, US Treasury Secretary. On Thursday 24th August, Mr Wilkinson signed the necessary documents authorising, at long last, the transfer of
the $4.5 trillion from the relevant US Treasury account with Goldman Sachs and Company, to
the account of Ambassador Leo Wanta¹s Virginia-based AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. The funds were
not paid over. He appears to have signed the documentation so that he personally cannot be accused of felonious conduct at the day of reckoning.

• Henry M. Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, himself. When and after he succeeded John
Snow, it was believed (see above) that this reputedly honourable man had been appointed in
part to hasten the conclusion of The Wanta Settlement, which triggers associated overdue 'set-aside' payments. It transpires, instead, that Mr Paulson may, whether through blackmail or for
other reasons, have joined the ranks of the double-minded criminals ­ as he is alleged to have
been seeking to obtain his own contract to run Medium Term Notes to Deutsche Bank using the
US Treasury or its Federal Financing Bank (FFB), an institution with a separate legal entity based inside the Treasury itself.

• Dr Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. In addition to what has already been published about the Fed in these reports, the CHIPS payment system is controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. If the New York Fed is choosing not to permit the "CHIP" controlling
Leo E. Wanta's $4.5 trillion Settlement to be paid, Dr Bernanke is violating US Federal law and is
not being prosecuted, contrary to the law. The Federal Reserve can continuously tap that "CHIP" for the purpose of making money off-balance sheet. There is more than a suspicion that the Fed is illegally and fraudulently facilitating the illegal payment of criminal funds by this means and through associated transactions, in flagrant breach of the law and of the Full Faith and Credit of the United States ­ which is today, sad to say, null and void, as a consequence of these felonies.

Co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of this and multiple related continuing fraudulent financial, tax-evading, money laundering transactions condoned by the 'Justice' Department and the Internal Revenue Service include:

• George H. W. Bush Sr., former President of the United States, allegedly a.k.a. Georg H. Scherff, Jr., alleged head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau.

• George W. Bush Jr., President of the United States.

• Richard Cheney, Vice President of the United States. He is strongly rumoured to have been shorting the US dollar, betting against the US currency – which is both treason and a felony –
using inside information.

• Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense.

• The Omega Group of 'Neocons' (Cheney, US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and others).

• Dr. Linton T. Wells II, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

• Unnamed officials at the US Department of Defense.

• Maynard C. Anderson, former Assistant Under Secretary of Defense.

• William B. Bader. PhD, Chairman of the Board, Eurasia Foundation, Georgia (former USSR), and former Associate Director, US Information Agency.

• W. Neil Thompson and Mrs Janet Thot-Thompson, Multi-Sector Crisis Management Consortium (MSCNC), consisting of intelligence operatives.

• John Negroponte, Director of National Intelligence.

• General Michael Hayden, Director of Central Intelligence.

• Starre Foundation, viz. Hank Greenberg and William B. Bader et al.

Using a Federal Reserve 'tap' based on Ambassador Leo Wanta's earmarked and tagged $4.5 trillion, these and other high-level scamsters and criminals have been running, inter alia, more than $25 trillion of US funds into India and Israel, allegedly using the payment services of the Bank of England, which are allegedly being made available, for the corrupt disposal of the proceeds.

In the light of this inside information, the Editor had to write to the Bank of England by email, on 29th August 2006, as follows:

Subject: Questions to the Bank of England concerning the illegal trading by corrupt US officials via India of $25+ trillion

Bank of England
Press Office
29th August 2006

Dear Sirs

I receive your regular monetary reports and am the Editor and Publisher of International Currency Review. I am also the official outlet for information for the international financial community concerning the Settlement agreed for Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta.

Details of our recent Internet postings on this subject will be found on our website, the address
of which is:, Home Page. The current report is accessible on the Click Here panel, and the earlier reports are accessible via the Archive button, also on the Home Page.

How much money is flowing from financial institutions in India, to the Bank of England, in the form of cash (US dollars), Medium-Term Notes and US Treasury instruments?

What are the amounts that are being credited for accounts of the following:

Former US President George H. W. Bush Sr.
President George W. Bush Jr.
Former President William Jefferson Clinton
Senator Hillary Clinton
Mr Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense
Vice President Richard Cheney

Special accounts for the US Republican Party
Special accounts for the US Democratic Party?

As the Bank will certainly be aware, the funds, amounting to some $25+ trillion, conveyed to India
by US official parties, are being handled and traded illegally, and it therefore follows that the India-based institution(s) and the Bank of England would be engaged in criminal financial operations in respect of any associated transactions.

We are publishing a very extensive double issue of International Currency Review in which detailed information about the financial scandals concerned, including extensive banking documentation that we have been authorised to incorporate, will appear along with our analyses.

We will publish the Bank's response to this enquiry. In the unlikely event that I receive no response from the Bank within seven days, this fact will be made prominently known to our subscribers, as being a matter of pressing international concern in the public interest.

I look forward to hearing from the Bank at the earliest possible moment, in view of the manifest urgency of this enquiry.

My email address is:

For the sake of good order I would add that I have circulated this enquiry to interested parties, who will be most interested in your response.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Story FRSA
Managing Director
International Currency Review
World Reports Limited
108 Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2EF
Telephone: 0207-222 3836
Website: www.worldreports.

At 10.54 am UK time on 29th August, the Editor received the following response from the Bank of England Press Office:

Dear Mr Story
Thank you for your e-mail this morning and your interest in the Bank of England, but I am afraid we are unable to help you.
Gary Hunt

Press Officer
Bank of England

With this extraordinary reply – reminiscent of a Watergate-era non-denial denial – the Bank of England failed conspicuously to deny the illegal transactions that are taking place, consequent upon the corrupt financial operations of US office-holders and officials. The purpose of the letter
was, of course, not to elicit information that the Bank would clearly not have provided, but rather
to alert the Bank of England to our general knowledge of these transactions.

The letter was subsequently emailed worldwide on our behalf by the CIA's Brussels station.

A copy of the letter and related information is being delivered personally to her Majesty The Queen.

The further purpose of this letter was to alert the Bank of England to the fact that it is known that illegal money laundering and credit operations, allegedly involving the Bank of England in illegal transactions, are being initiated by corrupted US officials and conducted within the closed central
banking network via the US Federal Reserve's Interdistrict Settlement Fund Booking System, set up under Article 13A of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, as amended (Regulation A).

These arrangements were elaborated under 'reforms' triggered by the Bush Task Group Report on Regulation of Financial Services (Blueprint for Reform) of 26-27th March 1985, which, while typically appearing to 'reform' the US dollar financial system, in actual fact created an unrestrained money laundering framework inside the closed central banking network devoid of any oversight, through which every category of deviant financial activity, from personal self-enrichment operations and corrupt pay-offs and 'facility payments' to the funding of terrorism through the CIA operative 'Tim Osman' (a.k.a. Osama Bin Laden) and the manipulation of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
as a controlling mechanism of global terrorism, could be, and have been, perpetrated. The illegal transactions originated by corrupt US officials via India with which, as the Bank's brief response suggests, the Bank of England may be inadvertently or otherwise involved, may fall within these closed 'Black' financial central banking arrangements.

As previously reported, the present and former holders of high office in the United States, with other American officials, are severally and collectively co-conspirators to criminal financial, money laundering and tax evasion operations, and are collectively accessories to the fact in respect of
breaches inter alia of elements of some or all of the following US Statutes:

• The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) enacted by Section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 [Chapter 96 of Title 18 United States Code].

• The Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, a.k.a. The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970.

• The Hobbs Act of 1946 [18 USC, Section 1951 including USC 371 ('Conspiracy to commit offense
or to defraud the United States').

• The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 implementing The Securities Act, 1933.

• The Money Laundering Control Act of 1986.

• The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.

• The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.

• The Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money laundering Act of 1992.

• The US Money Laundering Suppression Act of 1994.

• The Terrorism Prevention Act of 1996.

• The Maloney Act of 1938, amending The Securities Act of 1933.

All of the parties concerned are also indictable under Section 35 of USC Title 18, 'Crimes and Criminal Procedure' ('Imparting or conveying False Information'); under Title 18, Part 1, Chapter
1, Section 4, ('Misprision of Felony'); under US Code Title 18, Part 1, 'Crimes, General Provisions',
('Accessory after the Fact'), as explained in the Second Mid-August Status Report and posting;
and also under HR 3723, The Economic Espionage Act of 1996, which provides as follows:

'Whereas, the President of the United States, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction, by allowing corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade
Secret fully protected under Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community'.

'Inasmuch, the names, identities, bank coordinates and other identifying information of persons
or entities that are party to this transaction, contained herein, or learned hereafter, shall be a Corporate Trade Secret that shall not be disseminated other than as provided for herein, or as
allowed under applicable law. Any unauthorized Disclosure of this private Transaction, parties
to, or other material fact of, shall subject the violators to Criminal Prosecution'.

The reason this legislation is applicable here is that some of the parties have stolen proprietary information, which falls under this Statute, from Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., and from his private corporations, and from Ambassador Leo Wanta, since 12th December 2005, when the Wanta Settlement documentation
was finalised and signed (that being the key date from which, retrospectively, the associated gag
order would be operative: it does not, of course, apply to crimes committed by parties against Leo Wanta and his corporation etc, after that date. As of this posting, there is no operative gag order, since the other parties to the Wanta Settlement are in breach of contract and of their obligations).

More generally, the office-holders and officials responsible for these crimes and this crisis have elevated the Black Art of saying one thing and doing another, to a new level of accomplishment. They are insulting the American people and the world by flouting the Rule of Law, on the cynical assumption that since it has collapsed in the United States, and there are no checks and balances, no enforcement mechanism exists ­ so they can do as they please without fear of any adverse repercussions for themselves personally (which is all they care about).

They also assume that, since Ambassador Wanta is a mild and forgiving genius, as well as being a consummate professional intelligence officer, he will not seek legal redress and recompense for the atrocities and wrongs inflicted upon him by the ruthless criminal gangs and their operatives such as the heartless former President Clinton. They also know that the Wanta Settlement triggers
a gag order (see above) whereby Leo Wanta will concentrate exclusively upon the financing and project operations benefiting ALL the American people that he has promised to implement. As a proven man of his word, unlike his criminalised antagonists, he will certainly do just that.

But what these scamsters and criminal officials appear to have overlooked is the fact that Leo Wanta is in no position to interfere with the legal process in respect of the crimes that these people have been committing with his and associated funds since the Wanta Settlement was finalised and signed on 12th December last year.

For protection against indictment and the drastic consequences of their money-laundering,
tax evasion, co-conspiracy to defraud, and other related crimes, their cynical reliance upon
the collapse of the Rule of Law and of any enforcement mechanism, may well prove to be their collective and individual undoing.

And any of these perpetrators who fondly imagine that they enjoy some form of 'transactional immunity' for their serial financial crimes are living in cloud cuckoo-land, since such immunity,
if available, does not cover their felonious activities.

Close official foreign observers of these financial scandals believe that the culprits suffer from
two disadvantages: first, they do not in fact understand the actual system to a sufficient extent to be able to conduct appropriate financial transactions legally; and secondly, they overwhelmingly prefer to violate the law in order to gain vast personal accruals, stashed offshore, on which they intend to pay no tax. They may also believe that since so many of them are 'doing it', none of them will ever be made to suffer the harsh penalties for their criminality.

They are liable to be mistaken.

This brings the Internal Revenue Service back into the frame. This branch of the Treasury, like the Treasury Secretary and his colleagues themselves, is being two-faced. On the one hand it pursues ordinary US taxpayers for every penny of tax that can be squeezed out of them, while on the other hand it is turning a blind eye to these high-level criminals who are blatantly evading their taxes.

In other words, the IRS is condoning the existence of a sizeable privileged class of blatant tax evaders, and is taking no action here to enforce the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) of 1982, contrary to equity and their fiscal responsibilities. This means that not only
has the American Rule of Law collapsed, but so also has the US tax collection system.

As previously discussed, the penalties for tax evasion in the United States are exceptionally severe. Ambassador Leo Wanta, who broke no laws, and actually owed precisely 15 cents, was falsely imprisoned for not paying about $14,000 of Wisconsin State tax that he never, ever owed,
and faced up to 22 years in prison and under house arrest so that the US criminals could grab
the funds that he had assembled under covert Presidential instructions to finance the post-Cold War 'security environment'.

Whatever may be thought of that Presidential objective, criminal cadres saw these funds as 'fair game' – ­ and set about diverting, stealing and pillaging them. They belong, to this day, to Leo Emil Wanta, taxable to the United States and/or to the Republic of Austria, and are worth a nominal $27.97 trillion, but in current value terms, collectively in excess of $70 trillion.

They assumed that since he had been falsely 'put away' for 22 years, the funds were available to be grabbed, diverted, used for collateralisation and hypothecation purposes, and otherwise disposed of in respects never authorised by the Ambassador. They accordingly suffered a collective 'shock' when Leo Wanta surfaced last year, after a third illegal tax levy plus interest and charges that had been unjustly imposed upon him by the criminalised Wisconsin authorities, was paid, and he was subsequently given back his freedom as a consequence.

Under the Wanta Settlement, Ambassador Leo E. Wanta, President Reagan's specially appointed Trustor of these funds as specified in the Reagan Protocols, remains their legal custodian, and is entitled, not least in accordance with Judge Gerald Bruce Lee's Memorandum Opinion dated 15th April 2003, to collect and repatriate 100% of these funds ­ absent implementation of the compromise Settlement agreed last December and updated in June 2006.

Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ordained that 'Plaintiff's sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and [to] report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes
in a refund proceeding [see International Lotto Fund, 20 F, 3d at 591]'.

The Wanta Settlement lets the domestic and external financial sector institutions which are de facto co-conspirators to the diversion and theftof these funds, off the hook by implementing Judge Gerald Bruce Lee's procedure on a smaller scale. It was ostensibly in fulfillment of this procedure that the $4.5 trillion was brought across the exchanges in May and June 2006, inducing a severe but temporary financial market liquidity squeeze.

However cynics are now understandably suggesting that this exercise may in reality have been intended to amount to a device to gain access to $4.5 trillion, which could then be ruthlessly and amorally exploited on an open-ended basis along the lines that are being observed.

According to sensitive sources, the evil impasse surrounding settlement of The Wanta Plan, has resulted paradoxically in a number of very large financial institutions in the United States teetering on the brink of insolvency. The generic explanation for this is that, pending the resolution of these matters ­ which means that the privately-owned Federal Reserve STOPS blocking payment of the CHIP holding the $4.5 trillion ­ the institutions in question cannot proceed with urgently desired transactions, and are encountering liquidity problems as a consequence, which could shortly threaten to make them insolvent.

But the Federal Reserve – owned mainly by foreign powers and controlled by Dr Ben Bernanke, of German ethnic extraction, working with George H. W. Bush (Scherff) – is preventing the Treasury from fulfilling its obligations, with the connivance or even the cooperation of the new US Treasury Secretary, Mr Henry M. Paulson. The following considerations, explaining this reprobate and illegal behaviour, are pertinent:

• With implementation of the Wanta Plan, the US Treasury will, in a remarkably short space of time, become cash-rich, the financial condition of the US Federal Government will be transformed, and the outlook for the US economy – thanks to very large infrastructure and other taxable projects facilitated by legitimate, legal Wanta Settlement transactions on-balance sheet – will sharply and continuously reduce the necessity for the Treasury to borrow money.

• This will mean that the Federal Reserve, and the credit institutions which have grown fat over the long years in the context of the US Government¹s open-ended deficit financing misbehaviour, will enjoy less and less Treasury patronage ­ so that sooner, rather than later, the Treasury will have no further need for their services.

• By extension, the foreign institutions that own the shares in the Federal Reserve will lose their purchase over the Fed, and thus over the US Treasury and its finances; while the Treasury, having less and less 'need' of the Fed, will at last resume its rightful place as by far the most powerful
financial institution in the United States, and the world.

• The Fed will either be nationalised, as has been recommended by the Editor of International Currency Review, and its shares all paid off so that the foreign shareholders are dismissed, converted into a national central bank that is subservient to the US Treasury but with statutorily safeguarded policymaking powers, or else abolished altogether. (It was because both Presidents
Kennedy and Reagan contemplated precisely such reforms, that both of them were shot).

These developments, triggered by The Wanta Plan ­ under which an initial $1.6 trillion ($4.5 trillion to be taxed at the full rate of 35%) will be prepaid direct to the US Treasury (not via the unreliable IRS), to be drawn down as it requires, and a further initial $96 billion will be paid by AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, into the US Treasury's coffers per banking day, augmented by comparable amounts, collectively yielding the Treasury at least $200 billion of windfall taxation remittances per banking day, will be equivalent to an urgently needed Marshall Plan for America. The finances of the US Government and of the United States will be transformed, and the days of the United States floundering around as a debtor nation, will be strictly numbered as a consequence.

For implementation of The Wanta Plan ­ which was signed off by James Wilkinson for the Treasury, on 24th August 2006 – but is still being illegally blocked at thehighest level – is calculated to result in the accelerating reduction of the US Treasury's colossal 'background' debts, the very belated rehabilitation of the Office of Management and Budget's hitherto deceitful numbers, and the
buttressing and stabilisation or strengthening of the US dollar on the foreign exchange markets.

The State of Virginia will be receiving an initial prepayment (at 6%) amounting to $270 billion; while joint venture financing operations between Michael C. Cottrell's private corporation Pennsylvania Investments, Inc. and AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., will soon start to generate tax revenue for the State of Pennsylvania at the prevailing State taxation rate of 9.9% (within a week to ten days of the start-up of transactions). These operations will use legitimate, above-board, legal procedures and will generate ongoing taxation revenues, unlike the crooked off-balance sheet transactions that are used in part for the personal enrichment of officials and tax evasion.

Currently the United States has to borrow $2.5 billion per day from foreigners just to stay solvent, while the trade deficit has ballooned under Bush-Cheney to about $800 billion. In June 2006, the
US trade deficit soared to $70 billion, while foreign central banks bought no more than $47 billion
worth of US Treasury securities to shore up the American public¹s ravenous appetite for cheap junk goods imported from China., following Western manufacturing investment there.

According to Tom Blackburn of The Palm Beach Post, Vice President Richard Cheney has invested heavily 'in a fund that specializes in short-term municipal bonds, a tax-exempt money-market fund, and an inflation-protected securities fund. The first two hold up if interest rates rise with inflation. The third is protected against inflation'. This source has also revealed that Mr Cheney has dumped a further $10 to $26 million (estimated) of private money into a European bond fund, implying that he is counting on a weakening of the US dollar – which, if the market rumours are accurate, he may himself be helping to engineer by feloniously shorting the US dollar using illegal, exotic off-balance sheet techniques, as mentioned above.

But if the US Treasury fails to satisfy the now cooperating Chinese Communist and Taiwanese parties who are due to be paid on 7th September 2006 – whether because the "CHIPS" from which
the payments must be made are 'hollow' (i.e. the funds have been stolen) or because the criminals calculate that they cannot allow The Wanta Settlement to be completed, because they fear that their past felonies and tax evasion will unravel and will be exposed over time – the following ghastly sequence of events can be anticipated:

1. As indicated, the Chinese are already paying for some of their oil imports in currencies other than the US dollar, according inter alia to reliable financial market sources in New Delhi.

2. If this is already the case prior to 7th September 2006, and the Chinese parties ­ now cooperating as has never happened before, thanks to the crass stupidity (or evil design) of the US criminalist operatives concerned ­ imagine what will happen when the US Treasury reneges on its payment
obligations towards both Chinese groups on 7th September 2006. It can be taken as read that both groups will cease all transactions via CHIPS, and will proceed to universalise their use of their own and other currencies for oil trading purposes.

3. Since the Russians have not been paid the $30 billion owed to them under the Reagan Protocols, which Ambassador Leo Wanta has promised and which he stands ready to pay them immediately ­ and which President Putin thought would be forthcoming to coincide with Russia paying off all its remaining debt to the Paris Club of creditor nations ­ it can also be considered a near-certainty that the Russians will coordinate their energy trading policies with the Chinese, and will switch to other currencies for oil trading purposes without further ado.

4. These developments will be anticipated by powerful holders of dollars and US Treasuries, and will lead to a very steep devaluation of the US dollar, possibly by 50% or more, in a frighteningly short space of time.

5. The proposition that the Chinese and Russian parties would be reluctant to dump their dollars in anticipation of, in parallel with or consequent upon such developments, would appear, on the face of it (but see below) to preclude any such grievous outcome. Obviously, the implosion of the US dollar will drive the Euro, the Japanese yen and the pound sterling through their respective roofs. And the burgeoning demand for and deployment of currencies other than the US dollar for energy trading purposes, will increase their value further, to the US dollar¹s additional detriment.

6. The insane outcome would be the devastation of the world economy ­because US exports will suddenly be dirt cheap and everyone else's exports, including those of the Chinese, will be priced off the market. Large numbers of firms which operate 'just-in-time' sourcing, will be crucified.

7. Inflation will rise sharply in the United States, followed by interest rates, converting the housing market's current plight into a slump, and leaving millions destitute or facing bankruptcy.

8. Corporations geared to handling imported goods or components will wake up to discover that their imports are up to twice as expensive as was the case previously, while the domestic market for their goods will dry up or be sharply curtailed. Many corporations which have outsourced production and services to China and elsewhere in Asia, will be crucified, and will go to the wall.

9. The stock market will reflect these developments with a vengeance, precipitating a share slump of proportions that have never been experienced in history.

10. For the first time since the collapse of the Bretton Woods currency system in 1971, the United States will need to earn foreign currencies to pay for its imported energy. (It currently pays for
its imported oil, in part, by printing instruments such as Treasury Diamond Certificates worth, say,
$1.0 billion each, which are credited for the accounts of the central banks of the energy exporters concerned). This necessity will initially induce something very close to a depression in the United States ­ alleviated marginally by the release of official oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ­ whilethe economic 'J-curve' phenomenon takes effect. Under this model, the consequences of
any steep currency devaluation are delayed until the boost to exports revitalises the balance-of-payments and the trade deficit disappears, which only starts to happen after a very extended time-lag. The current account deficit, aggravated by the United States' external debts, will take much longer to stabilise.

11. The political consequences will include the annihilation of the governing Republican Party
at the forthcoming US mid-term and General Elections ­ an avoidable outcome predicted by most analysts anyway, due to other factors. The GOP can still rescue itself from the pit – just by urging implementation of The Wanta Plan. Otherwise it faces a precarious (or zero) future.

12. The 'tanking' of the US economy will probably have destabilising and (for many) unforeseen consequences, not excluding severe domestic social unrest.

What has been described above is both insane and irrational. Against such a scenario, rational analysts would argue that the Chinese, the Russians and others would be shooting themselves collectively in the foot by switching to currencies other than the US dollar for oil trading purposes, because their own currencies will appreciate steeply as the dollar collapses.

That is true, and in a rational environment, this assessment would be correct: they would be constrained from taking such action because it would be too hazardous. They also know that countries which try this, face decapitation by the US and British military.

But we are not discussing a rational environment here. The criminalised US office-holders, the US Federal Reserve, the relevant officials and their co-conspiring banking associates, have not been behaving rationally since The Wanta Settlement was signed off on 12th December 2005.

On the contrary, instead of honouring their obligations, they have displayed a continuing, flagrant and cynical disregard for legality and for meeting their solemn and formal obligations – having succeeded in destroying the Full Faith and Credit of the United States and the residual trust of powerful foreign countries.

For they are engaged in nothing less than a frantic get-rich-quick orgy before the horrendous day of reckoning which they themselves are seemingly determined to bring about, materialises.

Although they probably decided as long ago as last November to take the grave risk of seizing the funds formally sanctioned by the Supreme Court to be paid for Ambassador Wanta's compromise Settlement, they are behaving in this irrational manner essentially for two fundamental reasons:

• Those concerned are using their high offices as platforms for tax-free self-enrichment below the radar, and, because like common bank robbers they cannot stop, they are continuing to do this with the spotlight shining right into their faces and blinding them from the reality that they are walking
blindfolded along the edge of the precipice.

• Certain of their number owe their allegiance to malevolent foreign powers, which pretend to be 'allies', and which are content to see the United States broken and destroyed. The primary foreign power coordinating this operation is Germany ­ but not the Berlin Government, as such, because it has no power over the Dachau-based Nazi Continuum, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, of which George H. W. Bush Sr. (Scherff) is allegedly the head. The President of the United States
is meanwhile in thrall to a separate dialectical component of the Nazi Continuum, and is engaged
in self-enrichment operations as well.

All the foreign powers involved, including those professing to be 'allies', are seeking to exploit this very rapidly deteriorating situation for their own cynical advantage – competing with the criminal gangs controlling and inside the US official structures, like rats in a sack, to squeeze the maximum leverage out of the crisis ­ a crisis that has been clumsily engineered by the Federal Reserve and the White House, and their respective manipulating forces.

The perpetrators cannot afford for all these scandals to unravel, which is one reason why the mainly foreign-owned Federal Reserve is blocking payment of Leo Wanta¹s legitimate and taxable settlement from the CHIP controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Yet ironically, the more these criminalised officials seek to line their own pockets, the greater the certainty that the
entire rats' nest of scandals will mercilessly engulf them all. On balance, their choice must be to settle, not least since the immediate consequence would be some alleviation of the pressure they are under due to their arrogance towards the American people, and their intransigence.

In blocking the Settlement, the Fed has signalled that it is indifferent to the interests of the United States and the American people, and is therefore courting its eventual, probably accelerated, nationalisation or abolition.

At the same time, the holders of high office and their co-conspirators are hoping against hope that the lack of checks and balances and of any law enforcement system that threatens them personally, will continue to enable them to maximise personal untaxed profits on a colossal scale, and that the
Internal Revenue Service will not investigate them for tax evasion.

If this is their foolish calculation, they have overlooked several important considerations:

• While Alberto Gonzales, the US Attorney General, and his Department of 'Justice', may be controlled or blackmailed by the corrupted Presidency, United States Attorneys have the power
to indict the Attorney General himself. The notion that arrests, handcuffs and indictments will not feature in this depressing narrative, is grossly complacent, premature and mistaken.

* The Republican Party, distasteful though it has become, stands to gain immeasurably from implementation of The Wanta Plan. This is because its consequences ­ such as facilitating the outright abolition of Inheritance Tax etc ­ could ensure the survival of the Party, which will indeed
otherwise be decimated in forthcoming elections, even given the universalisation of electronic voting systems and the usual corrupt rigging of the results by electronic means, as intended.

• The fact that the corrupted cadres control the 'mainstream' media has NOT prevented this crisis from becoming public knowledge both domestically and worldwide. Much more to the point, the international financial community, including of course the central banking community – as the Bank of England's politely evasive response to the Editor of International Currency Review confirms – ­
are fully aware of the proportions of this huge crisis, which they are necessarily constrained from commenting on because the stability of the international financial system depends upon the maintenance of confidence which they know to be gravely threatened by the temporary supremacy of the ruthless high-level crooks concerned.

• If central banks (like the Bank of England, the Reserve Bank of India, and the Bank of Israel),
are themselves involved in related criminal financial operations, as is being widely reported, they are themselves knowingly and recklessly contributing to the destabilisation of the international
financial system which they are supposed to support. The offending central bankers would be running the serious risk that the situation escalates beyond any possibility of control, thereby destroying their own raison d¹etre, along with that of the compromised Federal Reserve itself.

• A sizeable community of international bankers has assembled Stateside and is waiting for the Wanta Settlement to be consummated 'as we speak'. These bankers are expressing growing resentment at the flagrant duplicity of the US authorities, and possess the power to retaliate decisively against the United States in the event that the perversely continuing US official
obfuscation and delaying tactics continue.

• Large numbers of US domestic and international financial institutions are waiting to conduct on-the-books transactions with Ambassador Leo Wanta's corporation [Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation
identification Number: 30203866855F001]. These institutions are demanding to know, as are their Governments, why the White House, the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve, are constantly reneging on their undertakings, deceiving and double-crossing all and sundry at home and abroad, repeatedly stalling and providing meaningless, two-faced, empty official payment assurances, and
generally behaving like deranged thugs running a Fourth World sink-hole like Zimbabwe.

No-one can believe any undertaking given by the Bush II Administration: but the gross arrogance of these people is such that they apparently 'couldn't care less'. They will probably wind up caring for much longer than they ever envisaged – behind bars, for years and years and years.

Then, at long last, they may FINALLY come to appreciate how Ambassador Leo Wanta felt when his feet, ankles, waist, neck and wrists were illegally bound in heavy link chain.

They, too, may experience the hideous evils of the American GULAG ­ arriving at the prison location for a humiliating "body search" in the winter snow while BAREFOOT, for instance.

However the difference between their prospective circumstances and those that President Clinton inflicted upon Leo E. Wanta in collaboration with his alleged DVD associate Marc Rich, a.k.a. Hans Brand, is that whereas Leo was wholly innocent of the trumped-up charges that were levied against him so that the crooks could pillage his Presidentially assembled funds, the official criminals who are holding America and the whole world to ransom today, will all thoroughly deserve every tedious minute of the hell that will be visited upon them in the brutal US GULAG intended for their enemies.

Are certain people at the top in the United States suffering from drink, drugs or mental problems, or are they behaving irrationally? Assuming, as seems evident, that these operatives are indeed, completely irrational, blinded by fear and greed, and unable to take their noses out of the trough before the carousel stops, and therefore effectively blind, what are they hoping to conceal?

• That all the money has indeed been diverted or stolen?

• Is THAT why Henry Paulson has lied to the Chinese?

• Are they still desperately hoping to conceal that they are all collectively and individually mega-tax evaders, and could, if indicted, spend the rest of their lives in prison?

• Have some of them at last come to understand that they are committing treason, for which the penalty, in time of war, which the President has declared, is execution?

Or is it that the malevolent foreign powers, secretly let by Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, with the covert cooperation of Russia, China and even France*, are indeed intent on delivering the coup de grace to their long-term enemy?

One can, of course, never tell in advance on what exact date cataclysmic events will materialise. But 7th September 2006, just a few days hence, seems to be a viable candidate.

It will usher in either the beginning of the end for the Republic – or a new beginning. The corrupt operatives at the seat of power can therefore spend these final days choosing whether they would prefer to survive, or whether they would prefer to risk being strung metaphorically up from lamp posts, which, since treason is being committed, may even be what awaits them.

Nor is this just a fantasy: George H. W. Bush Sr. (Scherff) is reported to have commented once that 'if the American people knew what we had done, they would hang us all from lamp posts'.

The stage is being reached at which this may become a reality. Certainly, given the avalanche of putrid corruption that is pouring out of the White House and the Federal Reserve 'as we speak', it would appear that the GULAG to which they once consigned Ambassador Leo Wanta – the man who engineered the end of the Cold War on Reagan's instructions – may be too lenient for them. ENDS.

* Historical note: In the 18th Century, France actually helped the American
revolutionaries with naval assistance – an adventure that contributed to the
further deterioration of the French state's finances, and thus to the French
Revolution: so Paris appears to have learned nothing from that experience.



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