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Wanta Plan Money Release Certain But Bush Administration Sets Terms - Wants Kept Quiet

Wanta $4.5 Trillion to be Released, But When and Under What Terms?

If Sherlock Holmes were here, he might have all the answers. But in the meantime many questions need answering so Americans can get full accountability of trillions of off-shore money stolen by last three presidential administrations.
26 Sep 2006


By Greg Szymanski


There are many questions surrounding the Ambassador Leo Wanta story that need answering no matter if the $4.5 trillion is released or not. As Sherlock Holmes would say, "When you think you know the truth, think again!"


If Holmes were here he probably could solve the trillion dollar mystery, but unwrapping the real truth behind the Ambassador Wanta story is like trying to throw jelly against a wall and making it stick.


And just when you think you've got the handle on what's going on something else happens to shake loose the jelly, making the pieces of the puzzle fall to the floor as if the trusted family dog just knocked over the whole darn card table.


To set the record straight, most of the questions surrounding the bilking of America out of trillions of off-shore money since the end of the Cold War do not involve Ambassador Wanta's credibility or truthfulness behind his story.


They involve a myriad of questions involving Wanta's former superiors and his superiors' superiors who actually control the Illuminati/New World Order and who have been using the trillions of off-shore money in an "off the books" illegal banking scheme to bring down the American economy.


However, one of the main questions that must be asked at this late stage in the game is even if the $4.5 trillion is released is it really going to do any good for the American people under the terms of the release, seeing that these terms are turning out to be strange to say the least.


According the Michael C. Cottrell, who spoke to the Arctic Beacon on Monday, it's not a question of "if the trillions are going to be released but when" in light of the sad fact that the corrupt Bush administration recently said "we will release the money when we are God damn ready!"


With that said, since trillions have been stolen from the American people, it is the right of the people not only to expect a prompt release of the $4.5 trillion but to also retrieve a full accounting of exactly how many trillions have been stolen, who actually pilfered the money and for what nefarious purposes it was used for since the end of the Cold War.


The reason this is important is that under the Reagan protocols and under his Executive Order 12333, the wheels were actually put into motion after the end of the Cold War with Ambassador Wanta to actually utilize off-shore and off the books banking to protect the interests of the United States while amassing a fortune which was supposed to be returned to the people of the United States.


However, as we have learned through Ambassador Wanta own statements, instead of the money being returned for the betterment of the U.S., it has been stolen and used by criminals in the last three presidential administrations for their own private use beyond the oversight of the people and their representatives in the U.S. Congress.


And it's no secret Ambassador Wanta has been jailed for the better part of a decade for trying to bring a portion of the trillions stolen back to the American people. And it's no secret he was declared legal trustor of an estimated $27.5 trillion by a 2003 federal court memorandum opinion by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee.


Further, it's no secret Ambassador Wanta entered into a settlement in June to return $4.5 trillion to the U.S. and that the Bush administration has been blocking the release of the money, which was originally transferred from foreign banks into a Bank of America account.


After being blocked from distribution into Wanta's account and now reportedly placed in a Citibank account, the only legal question that still has remained unanswered is why was the money transferred here from foreign banks in the first place when a legal trustor has signatory power over his trust account and should be able to transfer the money directly into his own account?


Furthermore, why was the Bush administration given the opportunity intervene by what may have been an unnecessary transfer to a U.S. when a legal trustor, given federal court authorization, has the signature power over his own account?


Although somewhat technical in nature, the American people need straight forward answers to the these types of questions since if the Reagan protocols are to be honored, the American people deserve a full an open accounting.


Further, these questions are not intended to impugn the integrity of Ambassador Wanta but only intended at determining the nature and intent of the beast working behind the scenes since the end of the Cold War, the same beast who illegally jailed Wanta and pilfered trillions of dollars to further the cause of the New World Order.


Just as these questions need answering, so do questions about how the settlement is now playing out.


According to Cottrell the trillions are "going to be released." However, how the money is apparently being arranged to be released behind the scenes is quite strange.


Again, according to Cottrell, the Bush administration wants the following conditions met before the release of the money:


They want it done quietly with no press coverage. They want to take credit for the release of the $4.5 trillion as if they were the "good guys wearing white hats." They want only the principal parties to mention the release by the verification of $1.6 trillion due in taxes  without mentioning the use and purpose of the remainder of the money.  And, of course, the administration wants no mention about how many trillions have been stolen in the past or how the trillions are to be used in the future.


So, with that said, if the Wanta money is released under these terms, he will have succeeded in forcing the government to uphold the rule of law concerning his settlement, a settlement it should be emphasized structured for the benefit of the American people.


However, the question must be asked if a gag order is placed on the Wanta settlement as proposed by the Bush administration, does it actually benefit them more by allowing them to get away "scott free" with the theft of trillions by allowing them to essentially continue under the curtain of silence to do business as usual.


Furthermore, the Wanta story has created agitation among the American people who are expecting to see some "financial light at the end of the tunnel" while creating , at the same time, a financial uproar around the world, attacking the full faith and credit of our nation while adding more fuel to the firestorm and downfall of our economy.


And if you look closely - think hard - isn't that exactly what the Vatican-led New World Order has planned for this country, planning a complete financial, social, political and moral destruction.


The questions regarding the Ambassador Wanta story need to be answered in hopes that the release of his money will help the cause of freedom and not further fuel the diabolical fires of fascism, working behind the scenes to destroy this country.

Greg Szymanski



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