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Corrupt US Officials Betray American People R: Wanta Plan, Austria To Release Wanta Trillions?

Wanta Dealing With Austria Now For Release of Trillions. What Happened to the American People?

Wanta priincipals say Vatican not involved in behind the scenes control of Wanta trillions. But other researchers disagree, saying the whole story now smells with Vatican/NWO deceit, as Wanta may have good intentions but being used as a patsy.
3 Oct 2006


By Greg Szymanski


According to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the company formed by Ambassador Leo Wanta to distribute $4.5 trillion in repatriated off shore money, the Vatican is not involved in the behind the scenes shenanigans of blocking the release of the money.


But Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, strongly disagrees. Phelps claims after researching the story and watching the story mature, every "sign and signal" in the story leads him to believe the Vatican is working hard behind the scenes to control Wanta and working "overtime, in fact, never to release one penny for the betterment of the American economy."


And Phelps accusations need to be taken seriously because ever since the Arctic Beacon started questioning Vatican involvement in the Wanta story, the publication's editor has been the subject of threats, harassment and CIA surveillance.


"Why would Wanta ever allow the money to be put into a Bank of America account or a Citibank account since the BOA is controlled by the Jesuits and Citibank is under Knights of Malta control.," said Phelps regarding the transfer of the $4.5 trillion in June. "Why did he ever allow the money to be transferred into the hands of a third party when he supposedly has control of the money as legal trustor."


In fact, the Arctic Beacon recently asked the same question publicly, as legally Wanta was declared trustor of more than $27.5 trillion with supposed signatory power over the money spread in hundreds of foreign banks. Further, if Wanta is legal trustor, asked many readers, why does he have to enter into an agreement with the U.S government in the first place?


But instead of Wanta putting the money in his account after reaching a deal to repatriate $4.5 trillion, the money was transferred into a third party BOA and Citibank account, where then, according to Wanta and Cottrell, the Bush administration has illegally blocked the transfer, using the money in a nefarious manner to reap monetary benefits while usurping Wanta and the American people's legal right to the money.


"You have to question the Vatican involvement here," added Phelps. "They want to bring this country to its knees and never would they allow this much money back into the economy since we know they have control of our banking system through the CFR and control over the Federal Reserve."


Besides the Vatican being questioned as the real behind the scenes controllers of this story, Wanta has been at odds with the powers that be ever since he was declared legal trustor of more than $27.5 trillion accumulated as a result of his financial efforts on behalf of President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold War.


Furthermore, Wanta was jailed for the better part of a decade for trying to return trillions to the American people, as Reagan had dictated, but later was backstabbed by the following three presidential administrations who instead wanted to illegally pocket the money for their own personal use, according to Wanta.


Previously, Wanta came forward with these allegations, presenting documentation of more $745 billion in misdirected and stolen money, attributing the thievery to those occupying the White House after Reagan left office.


Upon his release about a year and a half ago from a Wisconsin state prison, Wanta set out on a financial quest to repatriate the money according to Reagan's directives, in May entering into a negotiated settlement with the powers that be to return $4.5 trillion for the benefit of the U.S. economy.

Phelps added that it's hard to tell what Wanta's real role is in the story, but said either he is being used as a patsy or that the Vatican is in firm control of the entire series of events with the ultimate goal to "agitate the people and destabilize the economy" by creating a smokescreen while the powers that be continue stealing trillions of off shore money.


Although Phelps would like to believe Wanta's version of events, he added the "whole scenario" looks like a "Jesuit operation" to create confusion while further debasing the American government and bringing down the economy.


"You have to remember that the Jesuits and the Vatican control the New World Order and their goal is to destroy freedom and the American economy," added Phelps. "They will never allow anything good to happen and will release trillions into the economy."


On a recent radio show on a Christian station, Phelps said the reason the Arctic Beacon editor became the target of a stepped-up harassment campaign was because he began questioning Vatican and Jesuit control of the story. Szymanski also appeared on the show in order to leave a public record of the strange series of events, leading him to go public for protection and/or protection of Wanta, who has gone into hiding.


Until recently, Wanta has always "gone public" with his accusations and financial details about the repatriation settlement, but of late has been hiding away and staying out of the public eye, citing security reasons.


And it wasn't until last week, after the Vatican involvement was questioned and a strange sequence of events occurred involving the whole Wanta story, that finally prompted the Arctic Beacon editor to "go public" in an effort to protect his future, the future of his family and/or the safety of Ambassador Wanta.


As detailed in a recent article, Here is an update and the sequence of strange events that occurred:


According to principals close to the story, Wanta is keeping out of sight and a very low profile, fearing for his safety as the release of the money may only be days away.


According to Cottrell if the money isn't released in the next few days, he is prepared to go public again on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal on the Genesis Communications Radio Network at www.gcnlive.com.


The following strange sequence of events, occurring after the Jesuit Order and Vatican's motives were questioned related to the Wanta story, took place in the following manner, leading the Arctic Beacon editor to go public in order to protect himself as well as protecting the safety of Ambassador.


The editor also told his story Saturday on a Christian radio network in order that the harassment and threats be immediately chronicled publicly, as and added measure of safety and protection for the parties involved. Here is the sequence of events as they occurred:


----After an article appeared in the Arctic Beacon critical of the Vatican and Jesuits, a call was placed to the landline phone number of the editor on Sept. 21, asking for an unknown individual. The call was obviously placed from an Intelligence Agency since the number was non existent and was traced to be 489-489-4894.


---- After the editor conducted an interview with former Catholic Bishop of Guatemala, Gerard Bouffard, on Sept. 22, highly critical with eye-witness testimony implicating the Jesuit Order and Vatican as the spiritual controllers of the New World Order, a threatening email was received on Sept 23 essentially telling the editor to leave the country quickly or blood may be shed.


---- After several stories appeared in the Arctic Beacon questioning the Jesuit manipulation of the Wanta story and asking questions why Wanta was not communicating with an "old friend" who essentially verified his story, Wanta left a message on the editor's answering machine asking for a minor change, saying to call Cottrell since he was traveling. The funny thing about the call was that it was placed from a calling card number in a town very near the vicinity of the editor's residence.


---- On Sept. 28, the editor also received a message on his answering machine, saying the story had "created quite a stir" also indicating a minor word correction needed to be made on the story. Later in phone conversations, Cottrell indicated Wanta had called from nearby the editor's location, but was staying out of the public eye since he feared for his life. Cottrell added from what he knew and heard Wanta's life was in danger and the editor was being put under surveillance and harassed, as a scare tactic to quite down the story and perhaps give a clue to Wanta's location.


---- On Sept. 30 the editor received an email from France or Brussels, where Wanta has people handing his financial affairs, saying Wanta was going to meet with his "old friend", an international financier, as well as meet with the editor, saying " Amb Wanta will be seeing you soonest as well .... Further, he had never stated he did not want to speak w/you, but he is not in WI presently ....for security reasons."


---- In the late morning on Sept. 30, the editor received another call from Intelligence, this time from a man with a Middle Eastern accent asking if Ratti was home. The number again was traced as nonexistent and was the same 489-489-4894 number used on Sept. 21.


Commenting on the story further, Phelps said it looks like the powers that be want to create further world wide financial confusion by spreading the Wanta story. He added that if the money was released, he might think differently, but it appears the purpose is to spread endless confusion and further deflate the American economy.


Phelps' point is well-taken as many readers have commented that the story appears to spiraling "out of control with no end in sight." Furthermore, with each passing day the story gets stranger and stranger, creating world wide financial confusion while never ever getting close to really helping the American people.


"That's the Jesuit strategy," added Phelps. "This story looks like a perfect Jesuit tactic to agitate the people while reaching their goal of debasing the U.S. government around the world and destroying the economy. There is a very good chance they have been using this publication as a patsy, but once you called them on it, they realized you were on to them and that is when the harassment began, The Arctic Beacon has always stood for the truth and I applaud your efforts at having the courage to tell this story and try to get to the bottom of it while, at the same time, exposing that trillions of dollars have been stolen from the American people."


To illustrate the continued confusion being fueled here and abroad, Christopher Story, editor of the International Currency Review, one of the few journalists writing about Wanta, printed a story today, leaving the Arctic Beacon's tongue hanging out and wondering:


"Who's who and what is really happening behind the scenes of the "$27.5 trillion dollar man story?"  


The story is reprinted in order for readers to make sense out of it, as frankly we can't, and provide comments to the Arctic Beacon, as this publication thinks the Wanta story is spiraling out of control with no clear end in sight and no clear benefit to the American economy. The only benefit, however, is that the truth will one day be told and at least we understand how many trillions have been stolen from the American people.


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,

London, 3 October 2006


Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, who is legally a resident of the Republic of Austria, has offered the new Austrian Government the opportunity to charge its standard 50% corporate tax on the entire portfolio of assets, worth originally $27.5 trillion, and now valued, with ongoing accruals, at in excess of $70 trillion.


He is legally the Principal of these funds.


This is because the White House and the U.S. Treasury have refused to honour Ambassador Leo Wanta's compromise $4.5 trillion settlement, which has been the subject of successive postings since June 2006 on this authorised website.


It is now October, and this farce has gone on for long enough.


In addition, the full value of the 2,000 tonnes of gold bullion acquired by Leo Wanta, during his Financial Warfare operations against the Soviet Union, in accordance with the direct instructions he received from President Reagan, will be chargeable to Inland Revenue tax in Austria.


He is also the Principal and owner of this gold.





The incoming Austrian Government led by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, and the Austrian Chancellor-designate, Alfred Gusenbauer, and their advisers, have received this offer with understandable enthusiasm, and are already working on arrangements for the payments, which will convert Austria into the richest nation country in Europe, and indeed the world.


Leo Wanta held back making this offer pending the $4.5 trillion Settlement with the US authorities, on which the US Treasury has repeatedly defaulted since June 2006.


Instead, the White House, Treasury and Federal Reserve have hijacked the funds as collateral for exotic off-balance sheet financial transactions in order to sustain the fiat $ money carousel from which officials have been enriching themselves in a grotesque abuse of power which may lead to the Second American Revolution.





Leo Wanta was ordered by the White House to go and live in Austria, from where he conducted extensive international intelligence operations in the 1980s and early 1990s on behalf of the US Government. With effect from June 1988, he obtained authorisation from the Austrian Court ? the sole means of obtaining Austrian residency ? to reside in Austria, where his business and personal accruals are taxable.


On 7th July 1993, he was kidnapped in Switzerland, while on US Government business and serving as Somali Ambassador (agreed with the White House) to Switzerland and Canada. He was thrown into a stinking, polluted Swiss jail, where Swiss intelligence tried to murder him by feeding him tainted cheese, and was illegally extradited in shackles after 134 days, to New York.


A United States Federal Court in Brooklyn threw out the US Government's case, but Leo was then illegally rearrested on the US Courthouse steps without a warrant, and was illegally extradited to Wisconsin, on trumped-up civil tax charges ? where he languished both in jail and under house arrest, for 12 years. The purpose of this cynical, heartless operation was to remove him from the scene so that the funds of which he is Principal could be diverted, stolen and cynically misappropriated.





Full exposure of this travesty, including the text of a letter containing a nexus of demonstrable lies from the FBI to the Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General, Douglas Haag, which was then forwarded by Mr Haag to the Wisconsin County Judge, Michael B. Torphy ? thereby perverting the course of justice ? will be exposed, along with an unprecedented presentation of related intelligence and documentation about this scandal, in the forthcoming issue of International Currency Review (1).


The FBI's lies conflicted absurdly with the parallel lies perpetrated by the CIA, which maintained to the international financial community and to its own deceived cadres, that Ambassador Wanta was dead. (A dead man cannot (yet) be tried in US Federal Courts, although he can evidently be tried in State Courts. This fiasco shows that the culture of lying, which permeates the US Government, is so crudely applied that the FBI and the CIA cannot even co-ordinate their lies to ensure they match).


Underlying these scandals was the determination of rival US criminal intelligence gangs to grab control of the $27.5 trillion that Leo Emil Wanta had assembled on President Ronald Reagan's instructions. The funds were regarded as 'fair game', and so a repulsive free-for-all ensued.




Following his successful 'takedown' of the Soviet Union by means of Presidentially authorised Financial and Economic Warfare operations, Leo Wanta was awarded control of United Nations Contract Number 4, worth $5.0 trillion. This was stolen from him, after he had been 'taken down', by the CIA's operative, President William Jefferson Clinton, and his CIA wife, Hillary Clinton.





The forthcoming special issue of International Currency Review will display over 200 pages of Leo Wanta's banking and related documents illustrating and identifying banks, account coordinates and other relevant information ? including details of bank accounts which have been illegally brought under the control of others, and accounts opened in the personal name or names of American intelligence-related criminal operatives, with the funds placed corruptly in their own personal names. Publication of these documents will throw the international spotlight onto the biggest nexus of banking-intelligence scandals in world history.







Certain financially compromised US intelligence operatives known to have stuck their corrupt fingers into this banking pie, have recently disappeared ? with some, it is now believed, having suddenly taken up residence in the Republic of Ireland, which has no extradition treaty with the United States because of Washington's hypocritical attitude towards Irish terrorists, who are for some reason considered acceptable. (The British have lost over 5,000 people murdered by these terrorists over the years, while more than 25,000 people have been injured).







The U.S. authorities have wasted five months playing illegal self-enrichment games with the $4.5 trillion belonging to Ambassador Wanta, which will now be payable in accordance with Ambassador Wanta's instructions into accounts under his control, that will be taxable by the Austrian authorities.







It will be necessary for the two Wall Street financial institutions which have been trading the $4.5 trillion illegally, to disgorge the full $4.5 trillion plus all the interest applicable since the beginning of July, for Ambassador Leo Wanta's taxable corporate accounts in Austria and as designated.


The identity of the two large US institutions that have been trading the $4.5 trillion ? in lieu of the funds being credited to Leo Wanta's Virginia-based AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, as instructed by its Treasurer, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., in unacknowledged correspondence to the US Treasury ? was revealed in a terse communication from Ambassador Wanta to President George W. Bush Jr. on Friday 29th September 2006.


This referred to the fact that economic receipt of the long since formally agreed financial Settlement worth $4.5 trillion, was 'still unlawfully delayed within Goldman Sachs/Citibank, as clearly acknowledged within our US Department of the Treasury et al'.



As a consequence of its blatant banditry with Ambassador Leo Wanta's funds [see earlier postings on this website for details], the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and the White House have forfeited the residual respect of the entire international financial community. And the US Treasury has  'lost' $11 trillion to date by way of tax windfall payments from Wanta's operations, since midsummer 2006.


But such behaviour by the US authorities is nothing new, as will now be explained.


The original (late 1980s) refunding requests, met by a consortium of 200+ international banks, consisted of two tranches, as follows:




** $12 trillion of 'Fresh Cut' promissory bank Notes earning 7.5% interest annually, for 20 years and one day, with Swiss Bank Corporation and Deutsche Bank being the issuing bank for the funders [Transaction code: DKGO 83188 and JOS-TT-0001].


** $15 trillion of 'Fresh Cut' Promissory Bank Notes earning 7.5% interest annually, for 20 years and one day, with Banque Romande as the lead Funding Bank [Transaction Code: G.O.C.H. 11 0888].


The Collateral Code for both tranches was EFG JACOBE/ICC400/322/C3416, with Barclays Bank Plc ( London) and ABN-AMRO Bank (Amsterdam) being the lead banks handling the collateral.


The purposes of this transaction, which was the largest ever arranged, included buttressing the fragile dollar-based banking system; filling in gaping holes following the criminal ransacking of the US Savings and Loan institutions by criminalised US intelligence cadres; and providing US officials with the financial resources to 'manage' the intended 'post-Cold War' environment. As President Ronald Reagan's most trusted intelligence aide, Leo Emil Wanta was given the responsibility, as Principal, for controlling and managing these funds in accordance with his Presidential instructions.


Promissory Bank Notes (PBNs) are one form of bank instrument that are used by nation states and international institutions for debt-financing purposes. They are also used as the basis for arbitrage transactions, which are illegal in the United States, but not elsewhere. In the original transaction, for an overall face value of $27.5 trillion, the PBNs were purchased by a consortium of foreign banks, mainly in the Far East and Europe. The funders agreed to purchase the PBNs at 71.5% of their face value, to be repaid at par in 20 years and one day, plus an annual interest rate of 7.5%. The PBNs were sold by the consortium of 200+ banks at a cost of 61.5% ? the 10% difference being made up of bank fees, suppliers' (collateral) fees, funding agents' fees and various commission fees, together with monies targeted for various countries to finance agreed projects.




As noted, the loan transaction was the largest ever put together. By 22nd February 1991, some two-thirds of the overall transaction had been completed. A report of that date on the transaction leaked, to International Currency Review and published in 2003 and 2005(2), contained this statement:


'The remaining monies for disbursement have been held by the US banks, for reasons which can only be described as fraudulent, under the direct instruction of the US Government, for over a year and a half.


In addition, there has been a conspiracy of misinformation, orchestrated at the highest levels of the US Government, regarding the exact whereabouts of these monies, and the timing of the payout. These


monies should have been paid out in June 1989, or shortly thereafter' (3).





Sounds familiar? A replay of such behaviour has taken place since June 2006, when the formal Wanta Settlement, signed off by the US Supreme Court, the President, the US Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and senior legislators last December, should have been initiated ? prior to taxable business transactions beginning in July 2006 which would have netted the US Treasury some $11 trillion by now, plus massive windfall tax revenues payable to the cash-strapped states of Virginia and Pennsylvania, as described in our earlier reports.


But instead of honouring their obligations, the seemingly mentally deficient operatives in the White House, the US Treasury and Federal Reserve, and their intermediary associates in the banking and intelligence communities, preferred, predictably, to revert to their usual untaxed off-balance sheet self-enrichment ploys, as in 1989-91 ? using the $4.5 trillion brought across the foreign exchanges from April to June 2006, as 'collateral'.





This time round, however, the spotlight has been shining in their faces ? a fact which does not seem to have deterred those concerned, from their reckless determination to indulge in a frenzied orgy of self-enrichment ? without regard for the consequences.


These, however, are now likely to be so severe that the whole world may be rocked to its foundations ? unless there is a sudden, belated change of attitude at the highest levels in the US official structures.

It goes without saying that the reputation of the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve and of certain US institutions is suffering, as the international financial community contemplates the prospective fall-out from this latest demonstration of American official arrogance.


And quite apart from what is now very liable to happen in the United States itself at any time, consequent upon the reprobate failure of the US authorities to fulfil their obligations ? and to prefer de facto default in order to buy more time for self-enrichment ? the banks also face an unprecedented crisis.


Let us consider specifically what this implies.





At a certain bank in Central London, there is a lock box belonging to corporations owned by Ambassador Wanta, and it is open to the Ambassador to walk into this institution at any time, having made an appointment for the purpose, to request to open the lock box in the presence of the Bank Custodian, and to dispose of the real assets contained therein, as he sees fit. The bank must of course implement his instructions. If these assets have been used illegally as collateral for hypothecation purposes, so that their withdrawal from this bank might cause not just the bank in question, but other banks with which it has been merged, to collapse, that is not the Ambassador's problem any longer. Mr Wanta has been leaning over backwards for months to 'provide space' for the American authorities to fulfil their Settlement obligations ? so that the banks which have stolen and diverted funds for collateral and hypothecation purposes, could be let off the hook.


But the US Treasury and the White House seem to prefer the prospect of a global financial calamity, to the simple task of ordering the $4.5 trillion to be transferred to the relevant securities accounts of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc [see ID and taxation coordinates below].





The banks holding Leo Wanta's real assets, while he was so conveniently taken 'out of the way' on trumped-up charges for 12+ years (as it turned out), so that the funds could be diverted and stolen, have been using them for their own books ? institutionalising the system of interbank pledges and ledger entries (ledger to ledger).


In other words, the banks are supporting each other, using inter alia the vast float of funds generated from Leo Wanta's real assets, to keep themselves solvent.


Naturally, the institutions concerned are individually and collectively anxious (an understatement) for the Leo Wanta Settlement to be finalised ? because they will thereby be 'off the hook', in the sense that the assets will not be called, so that they will not, accordingly, be required to account for their source of funds, and use of funds. That would be anathema for them, since in many cases the funds have been diverted, collateralised, and/or stolen.





The US intermediaries who have been generating money and storing their profits in unreported offshore bank accounts, will still remain liable to be indicted for tax evasion, if the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ? which has been in gross dereliction of its duty of fairness to all US taxpayers ? finally gets round to investigating the convoluted financial affairs of the self-enrichment officials and others who have been cynically milking the US dollar fiat money system for their own benefit while occupying official positions.




And following the failure of the Treasury to order the $4.5 trillion belonging to Ambassador Wanta to be credited to his Virginia corporation's securities accounts with designated US institutions, not only does the Treasury now face the prospect of losing the further trillions in tax accruals that had been intended, but the badly betrayed American people will clearly be condemned to shoulder ever-increasing taxation burdens indefinitely.



This is because the Bush II White House prefers the fiat money carousel, which generates ever-expanding 'hidden' Federal budgetary debts that have been growing exponentially for over a century ? but which also enable senior officials to enrich themselves off-balance sheet without paying tax. Over the medium term, the volume of such untaxed US 'funny money' that will have been generated will destroy the dollar ? which may even be the intention (for it to be replaced by a world currency).


The United States is going to regret defaulting on Leo Wanta's Settlement: and it is likely that the American people will have something decisive to say on this matter.





But the Republic of Austria, which provided Leo Wanta with hospitality and security in the years before the criminal cadres took complete control in the United States, will become the richest nation in Europe ? and indeed, in the world.


Work started on details of the new arrangements with the Austrian authorities and Chancellor-designate Alfred Gusenbauer, on the evening of Sunday 1st October 2006, when it became clear that the US authorities were not interested in the trillions of tax accruals payable under the Wanta Settlement, on which they have reneged.


Quite rightly, the Austrians see this is an opportunity not to be missed: and they will be hastening completion of the formalities with the Ambassador over days and weeks ahead.


And Americans, facing mid-term elections shortly, will be demanding to know why the Bush II White House has let them down so badly.

Greg Szymanski

Greg also has his own daily show on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com



Leo Wanta's Gold Doubloons

(Conspiracy Nation, 09/10/06) -- A fleet of Spanish galleons carrying Mayan treasure sank, during a hurricane, in the Caribbean. "Dutch" Reagan sent "Ambassador" Leo Wanta to recover the gold horde. Reagan's final words to Wanta: "I want the American people to have all those doubloons."

"X" marks the spot.

Evil pirates, however, also wanted the sunken treasure. They have been thwarting the final wish of "Uncle Ronnie" Reagan. On several occasions the bucaneers have forced Wanta to "walk the plank." Luckily, the "ambassador" is a good swimmer. He struggles on valiantly, through shot and shell, determined not only to retrieve the loot but also to distribute it to the public.

On the Internet, the tale makes the rounds. "There's gold, I tell ye! GOLD!! We'll all be rich!"

In the 16th century, the Spanish galleons, laden with treasure, flooded Spain with gold. Guess what happened? The price of gold plummeted. Now Leo Wanta is said to have as much as $27.5 trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of money with which he is about to flood America. What do you think will happen? Will we all be rich?

Years ago, Conspiracy Nation reported, "The Wanta story is complicated. He is said to have played a part in the collapse of the Russian ruble. According to veteran White House reporter Sarah McClendon, Wanta was working at the request of Ronald Reagan, part of a plan to destabilize the economy of the Soviet 'evil empire.'" (http://www.theconspiracy.us/vol10/cn10-92.html)

In the same article, Conspiracy Nation reported that J. Orlin Grabbe, a retired professor from the prestigious Wharton school, had Leo Wanta as "a sometime travelling companion of Vernon Walters and supplier of machine guns to Bill Casey." So Wanta appears to be definitely "connected." The point is, can what he says be trusted?

Eager to break any "hot story," some Internet publications are sitting ducks for travelling Leo Wantas peddling sea tales. Not necessarily to say the Wanta news is a "buried treasure" yarn, but there is that smell of fish about it.

"Catherine," at the "Solari Action Network," has pulled the Wanta stories. She regrets that the appearance of such stories at the web site have lent them a degree of credibility. "I regret that the IQ in America is this low," she adds.

"Catherine" considers the Wanta doubloon story to be "complete yah-yah. Financial soap opera." Nonetheless there is an underlying truth: trillions of dollars are missing. "That is the type of truth used which disinfo folks wrap around to spread their lies." (http://www.solariactionnetwork.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1256&)

So we have Leo Wanta, connected to Bill Casey and the CIA, embellishing a true story of vanished trillions. We have too-eager Internet publications lending credibility to disinformation. We have gullible people, like Sioux Indians doing the Ghost Dance, grasping for any Messiah who comes along.

Or, we have trillions of dollars about to fill our pockets, courtesy of Ronnie Reagan and Leo Wanta.

We'll all be rich, I tell ye! RICH!!

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