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Thursday 26 October 2006 14:02



By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,
World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press the
ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for ‘Wanta Crisis’ reports since June 2006.

For the past month or so, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta – the Principal and Trustor of the original $27.5+ trillion (now, with accruals, worth in excess of $70 trillion) raised from 200+ international banks in accordance with President Reagan's instructions to finance the 'post-Cold War' security regime – has refrained from public statements concerning the US authorities' default on their formal Settlement undertakings, which provided for $4.5 trillion to be made available for the use
of the Ambassador and his Virginia-based corporation for taxable US project operations.

His relative silence, with which the Editor of International Currency Review has voluntarily complied – in deference to, and respect for, a specific request from the US Treasury – has, predictably, been abused by the authorities, who have yet again defaulted on the Settlement.

The Editor warned at the time that the US Treasury could not be trusted to honour its obligations, let alone any lesser verbal assurances, and this has indeed again proved to be the case.

Specifically, in response to the blandishments of untrustworthy US Treasury officials, Ambassador Wanta accommodated them on the basis of their worthless assurances that everything was being done to expedite the Settlement. Naturally, these repeated assurances turned out, as usual, to be as worthless as US official paper.

As of 26th October, more than $4.275 trillion of US Treasury securities and Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) were reported to be in default in several European financial centres, including London.

Whatever band-aid arrangements have been made to mask these massive defaults – believed to include round-robin trades out of Birmingham [UK], Germany and India, crudely disguised with the assistance of a large Japanese institution, and back again to the United Kingdom – legal action is known to have been taken in the US court system against the Federal Reserve in respect of certain of these defaulted transactions.

So the situation 'as we speak' can be summarised as follows:

• The 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States' is meaningless in an even deeper sense than was discussed in our Internet postings earlier this year – in which we pointed out with emphasis that no verbal or formal undertakings by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve could be trusted, since the criminal operatives in charge have repeatedly demonstrated by their cavalier behaviour that nothing they say or undertake to do, has any meaning. This includes legally binding obligations.

• Now, with these defaults on financial market transactions, the 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States' has been shown to be non-existent. When a US Treasury security or a Federal Reserve Note is presented to a bank at maturity for fulfilment, the bank must obtain cash dollars for credit to the holder's account, or in accordance with his instructions. But when the clients of the European money center banks in question came to demand value for their securities, the banks discovered that they were unable to supply cash as routinely pledged by the US authorities.

As already noted, it is understood that round-robin patch-up arrangements may have been, or are being, undertaken to cover the failed redemptions and thus to buy further time. But in any worst-case scenario, the band-aid will come unstuck within days.

One likely possibility, given the sharp recent appreciation of the shekel in Israel (as reported in the Financial Times on 23rd October (1)), where substantial illegal financing operations associated with the continuing criminalist transactions masterminded by Dr Alan Greenspan and others have been taking place, is that Israeli operations through the Bank for International Settlements have been deployed in this context. But all such transactions, derived originally from the $4.5 trillion tagged
in the name of Ambassador Leo Wanta and his Virginia-based Corporation AmeriTrust Groupe (with an 'e'), Inc., are illegal. For by definition, all interest and accruals derived from trading Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta's earmarked and tagged $4.5 trillion CHIP are the sole property of the Ambassador.

Indeed, the longer this nexus of scandals has continued, the wider has become the gaping black hole that these criminal operatives have collectively dug for themselves – whether as accessories to the fact, like Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and his staff, or as co-conspirators, as explained in our earlier postings.

Moreover all concerned remain more than ever liable to prosecution for breach of the long list of Statutes given in our earlier Internet reports on this millennial global crisis (2) – which represents a brazen reprise of the scandalous hold-ups perpetrated by the US authorities in 1992. In a replay of those events, legal action, as noted, has been taken against the Federal Reserve Board – exactly as occurred on the earlier occasion.

Then, on 17th October 1989, a group of affected European Central Banks prepared a lawsuit against the US authorities, which the Rothschilds were happy to sign. On 27th October 1989, the European Central Banks filed a formal complaint against the US Treasury. Innumerable worthless official and Presidential undertakings were given for the relevant payouts of fees due to the 200+ banks to be remitted – all of which were reneged upon. As previously reported, an original official document in the hands of the Editor of International Currency Review dating from 1991, identified fraud at the highest levels of the US Government  –  which, again, is what is happening to day.

In fact, it is believed that the present occupiers of high office, having observed the blatant serial criminality perpetrated by their predecessors in the Bush I and Clinton Administrations, decided that since their predecessors had got away with financial criminality on a scale with no historical precedent, they can do even 'better' for themselves than Bush Sr, Clinton and their associates.

The relevant passage from the document [dated 22 February 1991] reads as follows:

'The remaining monies for disbursement [to the banks] have been held by the United States
under the direct instruction of the US Government, for reasons which can only be described as fraudulent, for over a year and a half. In addition, there has been a conspiracy of misinformation, orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Government, regarding the exact whereabouts of these monies and the timing of their payout. These monies should have been paid out in June 1989, or shortly thereafter' (3).

This time round, there has been, and continues to exist, an even more cynically manipulative conspiracy of misinformation, orchestrated at the highest levels of the US Government and by criminalised intelligence operatives. In honourably complying with the US Treasury's bad-faith request that he authorise no further statements for about a month, Ambassador Wanta predictably provided space for a vituperative, well-known Las Vegas-based nest of US criminalist intelligence disinformation operatives to start disseminating diversionary claptrap and lies – such as the latest fabrication that Ambassador Leo Wanta is in Austria. Earlier, Mr Wanta was reported to be located in Poland, and weeks before that, in Hungary. None of these statements were true – not least given that the Editor has the privilege of being able to telephone the Ambassador when necessary and is usually aware of his physical location. Since these fabrications represented make-believe, nothing else that the disinformation vipers in question have posted on the Internet, has any credibility (4).

The behaviour of the criminalised US authorities is all the more dyslexic since the Federal Reserve has itself been debating the necessity for US official debt 'behind the budget' (which International Currency Review has been on about for decades) to be paid down – as though this was a brand new idea. For instance, the July/August issue of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis' Review (5) contains an article by Laurence J. Kotlikoff entitled: 'Is the United States bankrupt?', which uses convoluted algebraic formulae and actuarial data to determine whether the current debt situation is sustainable, or not – when the permanent solution to this issue has long since been presented to these boffins on a plate by the US financial genius, Ambassador Leo Wanta.

Another, more recent, instance of the Fed's dyslexia surfaced in a speech given on 4th October 2006 by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke – a co-conspirator who is up to his neck in illegal financial operations exploiting Leo Wanta's Settlement funds. In his address entitled 'The Coming Demographic Transition: Will we Treat Future Generations Fairly?' (6), given before The Washington Economic Club, Dr Bernanke reiterated all the overused demographic and budgetological prognostications that we have been reading in Federal Reserve Board Governors' speeches (all of which are received in the Editor's London office) for the past several decades.

At the same time, however, Mr Bernanke made several references to the NEED for the 'debt behind the budget' to be paid down. Well, well, well. Why not get on with it, then, without further ado – by implementing The Wanta Plan which was formally agreed in November 2005, and officially signed up to, inter alia, by the then Federal Reserve Chairman, Dr Alan Greenspan, on 12th December 2005?

If the 'need' to start paying down the Federal debt is finally being acknowledged even by you, the Federal Reserve Chairman himself, Dr Bernanke, why bother asking rhetorically whether future US generations will be treated fairly – when you yourself are impeding the very solution to the crisis that you belatedly identify?

Everyone in power circles thoughout the world knows about, and commends,The Wanta Plan – since the stabilisation of the United States' chaotic official finances is in everyone's interests.

Under the scheme, the US Treasury would receive an initial 35% windfall tax accrual of almost $1.6 trillion, followed by monthly tax remittances estimated at $200 billion per banking day, at a minimum. Since, on the basis of the original scheme, the Ambassador will now, it is understood, be operating from New York, New York State would be at the receiving end of up to an estimated $100 billion, each and every banking day; while the Commonwealth of Virginia, in which the Ambassador's corporation is registered, would receive an initial tax windfall of $270 billion.

The State of Pennsylvania, in which Ambassador Leo Wanta's Treasurer and colleague, Michael C. Cottrell M.S., operates his trading firm, Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., was likewise scheduled to receive huge continuing windfall tax remittances on activation of The Wanta Plan.

The US authorities' eccentric refusal to implement it, given the criminal cadres' preference for
self-enrichment – 'what's in this for me?' – has so far deprived the US Treasury of almost $12 trillion, which would have accrued since the aborted start-up in July 2006. This would long since have reversed the escalation of US Treasury debt 'behind the budget', on which the likes of Goldman Sachs and Co., and other large US institutions, have waxed obese in recent decades
–  to the cumulative detriment of the viability of the US financial system and of the dollar itself.

Both the US Federal Reserve and the 'fat cat' co-conspiring institutions have a vested interest in the perpetuation of this dangerous debt carousel – which has left the US Treasury often unable to raise anything like the total amount required at successive recent auctions of Treasury securities, in order to plug the cavernous gaps left by profligate US Government spending. During the first Bush II Administration, officials were aghast at the rate at which money was cascading out of the door, with no proper records being kept, and squandered on unproductive wars and imaginary security priorities. This pattern of profligacy has continued.

But the real priorities of the US authorities are becoming better understood. For instance, there is a respectable argument that the primary criminalist purpose of the invasion of Iraq – accounting for the culpable stupidity of the US occupying forces in failing to plan well for the occupation – was to seize the Iraqi Central Bank, and then to strip the Central Bank of its gold and other assets.

In the process, 100 special operatives involved in the heist, were deliberately placed in a position where they would be slaughtered – so that no witnesses to the bank robbery would survive. One purpose of the heist was to procure direct control over Saddam Hussein's 'personal' bank, Bank Rafidain, which is believed to hold around $100 trillion worth of (now frozen) fiat money assets.

On 22nd October 2006, CNN reported that bones are being discovered at the World Trade Center site five years after that provocation – immediately ahead of which, a massive volume of gold was trucked out of the WTC basement area. This was a reminder that the London-based firm of Cantor Fitzgerald, which was then headquartered between the 101st and 105th floors of one of the WTC buildings, lost 658 employees on 11th September 2001.

Also destroyed was a huge portfolio of original derivatives contract documents, as a consequence of which a colossal inverted pyramid of financial obligations that were then falling due was, all of a sudden, 'forgiven'. On 19th September 2001, Cantor Fitzgerald undertook to distribute 25% of the firm's profits until 11th September 2006 (a measly five years) and to pay healthcare costs for ten years, for the families and loved ones of the 658 dead employees whose bones are now being discovered by construction gangs on the ghoulish downtown site.

This, in turn, reminds us that there are NO LIMITS TO WHICH THE CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE CADRES CONCERNED WILL GO, TO GRAB CONTROL OF ASSETS, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CONSEQUENCES. The loss of 3,000 lives needed to be weighed, in their dysfunctional Luciferian minds, against the downside of prospective 'domino' derivatives defaults, and of the 'benefits' to be gained from control of the gold stolen from the World Trade Center storage units.

By the same token, if the entire international financial system is now brought to its knees, with hyperinflationary consequences, as a direct result of the irresponsible and criminal 'Ponzi Game' behaviour of high US officials – and of the collapse of the American system of 'justice' and law enforcement – the Rest of the World will suffer along with the United States itself. But the criminal gangs whose key operatives believe themselves to be immune from prosecution are not about to be thwarted by such considerations. Their sole preoccupation remains: 'What's in it for me?'

The criminals didn't care about the loss of 658 Cantor Fitsgerald lives plus those of the other victims, and the devastation wrought by blowing up the World Trade Center buildings; so why should we expect them to be concerned about collapsing the international financial system? Presumably these serial nutcases believe that they have a 'global solution', to put in its place,
after everything has been so carefully destroyed.

International Currency Review believes that the 'unrolling of events' now in train is liable to force these recidivists to come to their senses – although, given their criminal mentality, they will persist in their aberrant behaviour far beyond the STOP signal. That will be their collective downfall.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Wanta's offer to the Austrian authorities, announced in our preceding posting, remains very much alive. Since the US Government cannot be trusted to fulfil its formal obligations to him, signed by Supreme Court Justices as well as by the holders of the highest US official offices, Vienna is negotiating to accept the accruals to be derived from calling the full $27.5 trillion ($70+ trillion) for taxation purposes, given Leo's court-affirmed status as a legal resident of Austria. International Currency Review understands that the Austrian Government has not been, and is not about to be, intimidated by the US authorities in connection with this matter – and that talks are proceeding with a view to implementation of this alternative solution. If concluded, the Republic of Austria will become one of the richest countries in the world, while the United States – in accordance with its leaders' demonstrated criminal preferences – will continue its accelerating descent towards hyperinflation and unaccustomed poverty, like Argentina.

The US Treasury has clearly acknowleged that economic receipt by AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, has been delayed within Goldman Sachs and Citibank, which are still alleged to be, or to have been, engaged in illegal transactions based on the $4.5 trillion Wanta CHIP, without the Ambassador's permission. The CIA's very own financial institution, Bank of America, is also reported to be, or to have been, engaged in illegal transactions based on the Ambassador's tagged assets.

Although the entire international financial community has repeatedly been warned of the grave cumulative consequences of such criminality, it is believed that the failure of the US Department
of Justice and of the US Secret Service to take the overdue and appropriate 'Gold Badge' action to remedy the situation, has emboldened the brazen co-conspirators and accessories to the fact, to continue with their aberrant activities – impervious of the consequences. There is now a danger that this reckless behaviour may tip the world over into an uncontrollable financial upheaval.

A large number of banks and other institutions hold bank accounts and have banking relationships and/or transactional histories for corporations owned by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta – formed under President Ronald Reagan's Executive Order 12333 of January 1981, in order to enable him to implement intelligence and authorised investigative and Financial Warfare operations on behalf of President Reagan directly, the US Secret Service/Treasury Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Federal Bureau
of Investigation. As a high-level professional financial operative, Leo followed his instructions.

Equipped with the coordinates of the bank accounts and/or the lock boxes at the institutions in question, the Principal, in default of his Settlement, will proceed, as handed down by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in his Memorandum Opinion dated 13th April 2003, to require the institutions holding his assets in such accounts to disgorge all funds that were held in them prior to Mr Wanta's 'takedown' in Switzerland on 7th July 1993, plus all subsequent accruals.

That operation represented the culmination of a Soviet 'Blowback' offensive against the United States, orchestrated by the Kremlin's key assets Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Marc Rich (who may have 'ordered' the compliant Swiss authorites to arrest Mr Wanta) – so that the funds of which Leo
is the Principal could then be ransacked, diverted, alienated and collateralised in a vast series of illegal transactions that has kept corrupt banks afloat – and continues to do so, via their ongoing ledger-to-ledger carousel, to this day. With all this abuse, the wheels are coming off the carousel.

Naturally, the banks are desperate to ensure that The Wanta Plan is implemented, so that they never have to disgorge Wanta's assets; but since every effort is being made by the criminalist US cadres to avoid honouring the Settlement, their very worst expectations are about to materialise.

The banks must disgorge, on demand, the assets that are the property of Leo Wanta which are resident in the relevant accounts and in lock boxes – whether or not these assets have been collateralised, cross-collateralised, used for hypothecation purposes, or otherwise disposed of, without the Principal's consent. If they fail to honour their obligations, not only will their reputations be destroyed – because their illegal behaviour will be publicised – but the Ambassador will wind up owning the defaulting banks in question.

Assuming that the criminalised US authorities continue their recalcitrant stance, the proceeds will be taxable in the Republic of Austria. Goldman Sachs and Co., Citibank and Bank of America, as appropriate, will also be required, of course, to disgorge the $4.5 trillion belonging to Ambassador Leo Wanta and his corporation, along with the massive accruals earned on his funds since such illegal trading began – on pain of RICO penalties which can, in certain circumstances, range up to seven times damages. This would be more than enough to collapse even the largest institutions in question – and to procure that they, too, devolve into the Ambassador's control. That is the logic of the present insupportable situation.

To repeat: Calling the full $27.5+ trillion ($70+ trillion) of Leo Wanta's corporate taxable funds has become necessary because of the repeated defaults by the US authorities on Ambassador Wanta's $4.5 trillion Settlement – agreed in November 2005, formally signed off at the highest US levels on 12th December 2005, and officially reaffirmed in bad faith in June 2006. This followed the transfer across the exchanges of REAL funds aggregating $4.5 trillion – a process which induced a severe financial market liquidity squeeze and the accompanying stock market disturbances, and which was characterised as well by the arrest of seven bankers, and by at least three banking sector suicides,
in European centres.

These tragedies are believed to have befallen bankers whose criminality was exposed when funds contributing to the aggregated $4.5 trillion were called from their institutions, and they were then compelled to account for funds that they had alienated, used improperly, or else which were not accessible. Many institutions were compromised after the CIA had lied to the international financial community, and among its compartmentalised cadres, that Leo Wanta was dead – even as the FBI was perpetrating a farrago of separate and uncoordinated perjury lies to the corrupted Wisconsin authorities in order to obstruct justice in a series of political kangaroo court hearings so as to keep Leo Wanta locked up, under house arrest, and therefore unable to manage the funds of which he is the Principal, in accordance with his ongoing instructions.

The relevant documents, with a substantial volume of compromising materials and all the relevant banking transaction papers with account coordinates, will be published in the forthcoming issue of International Currency Review (5), which is read among the most powerful echelons of the world financial community. This huge issue is now at an advanced stage of production.

The forthcoming issue of International Currency Review will also carry IN MEMORIAM pages, listing the financial sector deaths that have occurred as this global financial crisis – universally ignored by the complacent, controlled mainstream media – has unravelled behind the scenes.

For, since Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta ceased to be dead, as had been proclaimed by the Central Intelligence Agency, panic has reigned in banking boadrooms, in key corridors of power, among corrupt intelligence communities and within the narrow circles of impostor claimants to Wanta's funds – as, layer by layer, the Ambassador has peeled off the successive skins of these scandals to reveal the colossal cesspit of corruption writhing beneath the surface of governance and the international dollar-based fiat money financial system.

Stand by for more bankers to jump out of high-rise windows as more of their number are exposed and forced to account for source and use of funds – after being misled by the CIA into believing that they could treat Wanta's funds as their own, while their collaborating intelligence community scamsters ran for cover. It is these people who need to be rounded up and, as Michael C. Cottrell MS, has suggested, 'given the meat-hook treatment'. That may be indistinguishable from the 'lamp post' treatment implied by the confession attributed to that arch-criminalist, George H. W. Bush Sr, who is reporetd to have commented: 'If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us all up on lamp posts'. That may well yet happen.

In the interim, the criminalists have started to deploy their thugs against honourable brokers and others who refuse to be corrupted and bamboozled by these competing gangs of Chicago-style mafia scamsters masquerading behind the cover provided by their official positions. Only a day or so ago, a broker working with Michael C. Cottrell was accosted by thugs and threatened – the last resort of these deviants. The Editor of International Currency Review has himself sustained seven identifiable threats since he began his undercover investigations into this crisis four years ago.

The global institutions which must disgorge Ambassador Leo Wanta's funds, or which have handled transactions for him and his Title 18, Section 6 USG corporations contracted to the US Government, or which have banking relationships with the Ambassador and his corporations include, but are not necessarily confined to, the following organisations*:

AB Invest [Avenue Banque]
ABN-AMRO Bank N.V., Amsterdam,
Agape Holdings, Ltd, Barbados
Agricultural Bank of China
Algemene Spaar-en Lufrentenkas
Algemene Spaar-en Lufrentenkas/ASLK Bank
Altalanos Eriekforgalmi Bank Rt (AEB RT)
Amsouth Bank, N.A
Amur Commercial Bank, Moscow
Anglo Manx Bank Limited
Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Melbourne
Bacob Savings Bank, Borgerhout, Belgium
Banca di Roma, Rome
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Banco Ambrosiano Veneto
Banco Espanol de Credito, S.A., Madrid
Banco Espirito Santo e Comerciale de Lisboa, Lisbon
Banco Exterior de Espana, Madrid
Banco Hispano Americano
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Bank ‘UKRAINA’, Kiev, Ukraine
Bank Bruxelles Lambert
Bank Crozier Limited, Grenada [closed down, money stolen]
Bank Dumesnil, Geneva
Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the USSR, Moscow
Bank of America
Bank of America International, New York
Bank of America, Milan
Bank of America, Newport Beach, CA
Bank of America, Vienna, Austria
Bank of China
Bank of New York, New York
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd, Tokyo
Bank Union de Crédit
Bankers Trust GmbH, Frankfurt
Banque Nationale de Paris
Banque Paribas (Luxembourg) S.A
Banque SCS ALLIANCE Geneva
Banque Suisse de Crédit et de Dépôts, Zürich
Barclays Bank, Hanover Square, London
CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privée, Geneva
Chase Manhattan Bank N.A., London,
Chase Manhattan Bank, Milan
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York
Chase Manhattan Bank, Vienna
Chemical Bank of New York
Citibank  –  Frankfurt
Citibank  –  Geneva
Citibank  –  Los Angeles
Citibank  –  Milan
Citibank  –  New York
Citibank  –  Singapore
Citibank  –  Tokyo
Citibank  –  Vienna, Austria
Citibank, N.A., Philippines
Citicorp/Citibank, London, Painewebber, Inc
Clydesdale Bank Plc
Commercial Bank ‘Moldova-Agroindbank’, S.A., Kishinev
Coutts Bank (Switzerland) Ltd
Coutts Bank, London
Crédit Lynonnais Bank Nederland NV, Amsterdam
Crédit Suisse Bank
Crédit Suisse Bank, Geneva
Crédit Suisse Bank, Lausanne
Crédit Suisse First Boston, Zürich
Credobank (Commercial Bank)
DBS Bank/Development Bank of Singapore: This bank was closed down by the Singapore authorities and $70 billion belonging to/controlled by Ambassador Wanta was stolen in the process.
Dean Witter Reynolds
Den Norske Bank AS, Oslo
Deutsche Bank, Düsseldorf
Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt
Faroe Investments
FIDENAS AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Générale de Banque
Gosbank, USSR
Handels Bank AG, Zürich
Handelsbank Natwest, Zürich
Hansabank, Talinn, Estonia
Joint Stock Bank ‘Kazkommertsbank’, Almaty
Jugobanka D.D
Lloyds Bank Plc
Lloyds Bank Plc, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
[funds placed in the personal name of Jan Morton Heger]
Manufacturers Hanover Corporation/Mantrust
Marshall and Ilsley Bank
Merita Bank, Helsinki
Merrill Lynch Inc
Midland Bank Plc, London
Morgan Guaranty & Trust Bank, New York
Morgan Stanley and Co, New York
Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd, Hong Kong
Moscow Cooperative Bank 'Partner' Bank
Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd, Singapore
Mosstrolbank, AmeriTrust Corporation Inc.
National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
National Westminster Bank
National Westminster Bank of New Jersey
National Westminster Bank Plc., Herne Bay, Kent
Nomura Singapore Limited
Nordbanken AB, Stockholm
Northern Trust International Banking Corporation
Norwest Bank, N.A
Ost-West Handelsbank, Frankfurt
Painewebber, Inc
Paribas (Suisse) S.A., Geneva
Philadelphia International Bank
Prudential Securities, New York
Raffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich, Vienna
Raffeisenbank Appenzell
Rafffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG [RBZ], Singapore
Relvnesheconombank, Minsk
Rigas Komerc Banka, Riga, Latvia
Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
Royal Trust Bank
Sanwa Bank Limited
Sanwa Bank Lt, Düsseldorf
Schweizerische Bankgesellshaft /Union Bank of Switzerland
Security Pacific Asia Bank, Ltd
Shearson Lehman Hutton Inc., Denver
Société Générale, Paris
Société Générale, Riga, Latvia
Southwest Securities, Inc
Standard Chartered Bank, Philippines
State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs for Turkmenistan
Status-Credit Bank, Moscow
Swiss Banking Corporation
Swiss Volksbank, Zürich
Texas Commerce Bank, Dallas
Toronto Dominion Bank
Unibank A.S., Copenhagen
Union Bank of Switzerland, Geneva
Union Bank of Switzerland, Zürich
Vilniaus Bank AS, AB, Vilnius, Lithuania
Volksbank, Bonn, Germany
Volksbank, Offerdingen, Germany
Westdeutsche Landesbank, Düsseldorf, Germany
Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank, Vienna.

*Self-evidently, some of these institutions have since been absorbed into other institutions, have been rebranded, or have otherwise become successor organisations since 1993. The successor organisations are responsible for the Wanta Title 18, Section 6 corporate accounts and the assets they contain, inherited from the institutions that merged with them. Comprehensive details of the ACTUAL TRANSACTIONS, BANK ACCOUNTS AND COORDINATES, will be published in International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4 forthcoming.

Notes and References:

(1). 'Strong shekel and deflationary risk nudge Israel towards rate cut', despatch by Harvey Morris from Jerusalem, The Financial Times, 23rd October 2006.

(2). See Home Page, ARCHIVE button.

(3). Document entitled 'Summary of Transaction' dated 22nd February 1991, extensively annotated by Ambassador Leo Wanta, prepared in order to record the fraudulent behaviour of the American authorities in 1989-92. This document, which is in the Editor's possession, has been published in successive recent issues of International Currency Review.

(4). The nest of intelligence criminalist vipers in question spews out lies and disinformation from the Las Vegas area. Careless with facts, these operatives specialise in the dissemination of crude fabrications and diversionary fairytales in order to confuse gullible officials and interested parties. However they are usually so careless with their lies that their fabrications are easily recognisable as such. That this particular nest of vipers operates out of Las Vegas makes sense – since in that Sodom and Gomorrah, everyone, more or less, is tainted with some form of criminality or other, so that these snakes blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

(5). Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review, July/August 2006, Volume 88, Number 4, 'Is the United States bankrupt?', Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, and research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research; pages 235-249.

(6). 'The Coming Demographic Transition: Will we Treat Future Generations Fairly?', Dr Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, before the Washington Economic Club, Washington DC, 4th October 2006.

(7). International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4, November 2006, published by World Reports Limited, 108 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London SW1P 2EF, UK.

Relevant coordinates for Ambassador Leo Wanta are as follows:
Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS.

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001




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