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Although I would have preferred the extended analysis and 'diary' sequence entitled WANTAGATE: 'THE SKINNING OF THE CAT': PART 2, posted on 1st May 2007, to remain our main report in the NEWS panel for longer, I have had to post the attached update at the request of the Principals. This reflects the fact that they wanted the international financial community to be made immediately aware that a 'sting' operation mounted against Michael C. Cottrell and orchestrated by the White House, has been thwarted. This operation made use of a false HSBC 'screen' which has been 'up' at HSBC's Jersey, Channel Islands. office since March 2005, purporting to imply that Mr Michael C. Cottrell's corporation Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., has an account with HSBC, Jersey, which is not the case and never has been the case. The screen was put 'up' by a CIA mole operating inside the HSBC, Jersey, office. When the Editor protested about this to HSBC's 'security staff' last year, he received a brush-off. Now we may know why.

Notwithstanding this latest posting, you are urged to read the posting dated 1st May, as it contains a vast amount of detail on recent 'Wantagate' developments, including the White House-sponsored diversion and expropriation of $4.8 trillion from the Bank of England, a gross 'Act of War' perpetrated by the criminal US Government against its closest ally. This, and the 'Wantagate' scandal, explains why her Majesty the Queen, who was  very conspicuously snubbed on purpose when she arrived in the United States yesterday, made a pointed remark in her Richmond address about 'even friends having their differences'. This is of course diplomatic code for the underlying reality that a white hot blazing row is going on behind the scenes: over 'Wantagate' and the referenced 'Act of War'.

The cynical geopolitical rationale for this 'Act of War' is explained here, and in the 1st May posting.

Christopher Story FRSA

Investigative journalist, Editor and Publisher

International Currency Review

World Reports Limited, London

See ARCHIVE for earlier Wantagate reports and the extended report dated 1st May 2007.





Friday 4 May 2007 01:25

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A panel giving details of our latest publications has been added].

NOTE: Wantagate events are moving so fast now that we have to insert this report, in order to draw your attention to the ‘sting’ operation against the Principals, described herein. But our extended commentary and diary report dated 1st May 2007, entitled WANTAGATE: ‘THE SKINNING OF THE CAT’: PART 2 contains essential information and insights into the geopolitical situation with regard, in particular, to the evil expropriation of $4.8 trillion of assets from the Bank of England, an ‘Act of War’ perpetrated against the United Kingdom by the US Government as proxy for DVD. Dachau, in order to ‘bounce’ Gordon Brown into pursuing policies towards the European Union which would be the reverse of his known intentions. The White House’s criminal purpose here is to destroy the pound sterling, which stands in the way of the global hegemony ambitions of the criminal elite. As usual, these criminals ‘mess up’. Please refer back to our report dated 1st May in the ARCHIVE.

The criminal mind typically goes into overdrive when cornered, being by definition unable to ‘go straight’, to cease lying, deceiving, double-crossing, plotting and laying traps and ‘stings’ for its enemies – even when the perceived 'need' for such nasty behaviour is non-existent.

We saw that with Hitler, a low-life operative dragged from obscurity in Vienna, and we see this syndrome today in the reckless, unconscionable behaviour of the former MK-ULTRA controller, Vice President Richard Cheney, as he struggles to break free from the ghastly entanglements in which he finds himself due to his criminal determination to avoid paying the Wanta Settlement.

What is Cheney’s main preoccupation, as he contemplates the grim future he faces, if not yet the cockroaches that will greet him in the great American GULAG?

Why, it is as follows. How can I entice, entrap and ‘sting’ my most implacable enemy, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., who has been standing in my way and preventing me from getting away with stealing Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement?

Having ordered his criminal intelligence underlings to come up with a solution to this annoying problem, Cheney’s attention has been drawn to a latent dirty trick assembled some time ago for exploitation at the appropriate time. 

We refer to a ‘screen’ that has remained accessible since 9th March 2005 to anyone with the correct banking codes, at HSBC in Jersey, Channel Islands, labelled ‘Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.’, and referencing the correct address of Mr Cottrell’s corporation.

We have in our hands copies of documents issued by HSBC dated 9th March and 18th April 2005 addressed to Pennsylvania Investments, Inc, the salutation of which reads: ‘Dear Customer’. Let us stop right here, as there’s a problem.

The problem is that Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., is not a customer of HSBC and has no account with this institution. The Editor of this service contacted the internal security personnel at HSBC last year, and pointed this rather basic fact out to them, but was given the brush-off – the excuse being that the London Office has no control over the screens put up by its Jersey affiliate, HSBC Bank International Limited, Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey JE1 1HS, Channel Islands.

In recent weeks, Mr Cottrell has been bombarded with telephone calls from operatives, traders and other intermediaries ostensibly seeking to conduct ‘trades’ with Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., through this non-existent bank account as advertised on this unauthorised ‘screen’. Given that he and his corporation have no account with HSBC, Mr Cottrell did NOT request this ‘screen’ to be put up at HSBC’s Channel Islands office, and it has not been removed – despite our protest (which reveals that HSBC’s ‘security service’ appears to be less than effective, to put it mildly). 

So what is going on?

The Channel Islands ‘screen’ was perpetrated by a CIA mole operating inside HSBC for the purpose of entrapment, a state of affairs that has been clarified by recent events. And the author of recent attempts to entrap Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., is, according to our impeccable US financial sector sources, none other than that latter-day Adolf Schickelgruber, US Vice President Cheney.

The Channel Islands ‘screen’ implying that Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., has an account with HSBC is fraudulent and was initiated without the approval and behind the back of Mr Cottrell, who has never signed any document authorising or confirming any such account. 

When Mr Cottrell explained this situation, with background detail, to the Editor on Thursday 3rd May, all of a sudden the line was cut (at 10.42 am Eastern Daylight Time), as our usual cluster of fascinated NSA/GCHQ/Mossad/Munich eavesdroppers who are so enamoured of the sound of our voices, blew their cover (as they frequently do, by the way), to express their annoyance that this Editor was again being briefed on yet another nefarious financial scamming ‘sting’ operation being perpetrated by the Vice President of the United States against Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta and the Executive Vice President of his Virginia-based corporation, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

The twisted Vice Presidential thinking here is that if Michael Cottrell can somehow be enticed into placing his signature upon a document which is part of a CIA ‘sting’ operation and fraud, he can then be discredited as a fraudster, thereby enabling the payment to the Ambassador to be aborted. Fraudsters like Cheney do not relish being exposed themselves, and their natural criminal instinct is to attempt by all means at their disposal to tar their opponents with their own filthy brush. 

This is of course a variation on the ‘greater crook’ principle, the only difference being here that the ‘greater crook’ is Vice President Cheney himself. So ‘greater crooks’ go about plotting to turn their targets into ‘lesser crooks’.

Sorry, Mr Veep. This ain’t gonna happen. 

Before we describe in summary (and diary) format the specifics of what has been happening, we mention that the criminal cleptocracy, which lied that Leo Wanta was dead, has been resorting to old lies again, since we last reported. The lie that Leo was dead had to be abandoned when he ceased to be dead with effect from 21st July 2005, although many ‘Useful Idiots’ embedded in the monumental US intelligence community continued spewing out lies ‘attached’ to that MASTER LIE, until their handlers advised them that they had better cease and desist, given that the Ambassador had ceased to comply with the description: ‘dead’.

Now these brain-dead maniacs are disseminating feeble lies to the effect, for instance, that the Ambassador and Mr Cottrell ‘want all the money to be paid to them so that they can distribute it themselves’, an assertion of such tawdry intellectual calibre as to be hardly worthy of mention. Except that since they all fear Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., so badly, they never speak to him at all.

If the person accused of a statement actually never opened his mouth, it is hard to imagine how he made the statement attributed to him.

Throughout this nasty business, your correspondent has tried to place himself inside the mind of a serial criminal like Vice President Cheney. It is so dark in there, that one doesn’t want to try this for long. But one clear finding is that if your mind is as twisted as Cheney's appears to be, you cannot, ever, ‘do the right thing’, because ‘the darkness does not comprehend the light’ (1).

Cheney appears to be incapable of ever doing the ‘right thing’, which is why he and his henchmen have been emitting increasingly hysterical, panicky outbursts about ‘never paying the Ambassador' – thereby shedding further light on the criminal mind, which often seems to mimic that of a juvenile.

What we are now called upon to describe exposes a further dimension of organised criminal activity by holders of highest offices in the White House, the US Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security and Members of the US Congress against the people of the United States of America.

In this respect, there seems to be very little difference now between the Hitler regime and that of George Bush II, specifically in the sense that the Adolf Hitler regime was 100% focused on endless criminal operations, with operatives like Reinhard Heydrich (whom Cheney actually resembles more closely than his Fuehrer) spending all their time devising ‘stings’, scams, entrapment and blackmail operations against their targets, including figures inside the Nazi apparatus itself. 


Here, then, are the new diary entries:

28 April: By email timed at 6:39 am, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., is approached by Mr Dominique J. Menoud, who runs a US Department of Defense-sponsored corporation registered in Dover, Delaware, called Novia Continental, Inc., but operates out of Romania. 

He proposes that the Principals should enter into a foreign exchange contract involving 500 trillion Japanese yen (JPY) owned by the Chinese Government via HSBC Bank, Hong Kong, with 4% of the profits payable to unknown parties on the basis of a bank-to-bank ledger-to-ledger process. The provider of the Japanese yen would want payment in Euros. According to Mr Menoud, this approach would render ‘a special favour to the Chinese Government’.

FACT: In 2002, the National Security Agency stole a transaction worth $500 billion and the signature of Michael C. Cottrell after proposing the CIA’s Benchmark Securities Inc. transaction referenced on page 109 [Figure 3] of
International Currency Review, Volume 31, Numbers 3/4 [November 2006]. Sizeable transactions were then completed fraudulently, using Mr Cottrell’s stolen signature. 

The intention this time round will have been to pull off the same trick, but with the added purpose of entrapping him as stated above – something that cannot be done without Mr Cottrell's signature on relevant documents.

28 April: Suspicious that this was indeed a malevolent ‘sting’ operation, Mr Cottrell submits details of the Japanese yen-to-Euros transaction via associates to the Chinese Government, in order to establish its authenticity.

02 May: Chinese associates confirm to AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that:

• Vice President Cheney has bribed a banker inside HSBC, Hong Kong, to make the proposed offer to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., via Mr Menoud.

• The intention of Vice President Cheney and of the Bush Administration is to attempt to place Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Ambassador and associates in jeopardy by enticing them into becoming involved in a fraudulent foreign currency transaction, so that they can then be excoriated and discredited for malfeasance. It’s a typical White House set-up.

• Their motive is to create a pretext for avoiding their obligation to pay out the $4.5 trillion Wanta Settlement. The criminal mind is now focused on framing Michael C. Cottrell M.S., whom they fear.

• The Chinese authorities are of course not cooperating in this latest operation by the Bush operatives to entrap Mr Cottrell and the Ambassador. On the contrary, when the Chinese authorities are ready, a contract will be issued directly to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S./AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.

Self-evidently, the Chinese parties will deal directly with Pennsylvania Investments, Inc, not via HSBC, the Jersey office of which displays the fraudulent and spurious ‘Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.’ screen, which has been put ‘up’ by a CIA stooge inside the Jersey bank, ready (the criminalists had anticipated) to entrap Mr Cottrell in a fraudulent ‘sting’ operation, as described.

30 April: European bankers advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., that the Bank of England, which has been scammed by the criminal American Government as revealed in our posting dated 1st May, is ‘in over their heads and too deep to be able to come back’. 

The Bank of England urgently needs a massive infusion of US dollars in order to be able to remain a viable central bank, and the only source for such ‘real’ US dollars is the Wanta Settlement. 

The purpose of the ‘Act of Economic Warfare’ perpetrated by the proxy Nazi American Government is to decapitate the pound sterling so that the incoming Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown, whose intention is to revolutionise Britain’s relationship with the European Union, will have his hands tied, and will instead be forced to ditch the pound in favour of the European Collective Currency. We have accordingly seen through this unfriendly, despicable operation, conducted clandestinely by Vice President Richard Cheney on behalf of his boss, George H. W. Bush Sr., the head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, the ‘Black’ Nazi Continuum and strategic planning centre that is focused above all on the destruction of ‘the Main Enemy’ (Britain and the United States).

The Editor has called for the US Ambassador to be kicked out of his Embassy in London and told by the Foreign Secretary to retrieve the expropriated $4.8 trillion of Bank of England assets and to procure the delayed and diverted Wanta Settlement within 14 days, in the absence of which Britain should sever diplomatic relations with the United States and order the rest of the US diplomatic staff, including its affiliated nest of spies, just like disgraced Soviet spies, to leave the British capital until such time as these matters have been resolved to London’s satisfaction. 

That is what your correspondent would do if he were Foreign Secretary in this situation. So far, no-one has written in to say this is ‘going too far’, implying that the international community agrees with this sentiment. That applies to the 30+ million recipients of the email version of the posting dated 1st May 2007. Our web statistics are going through the roof, too.

When Her Majesty arrived in the United States on Thursday 3rd May, the airport personnel took an inordinate amount of time bringing the ramp to the plane, and then messed about wasting time while laying down the red carpet. 

They then contrived to keep the Head of State and the Prince waiting for a further quarter of an hour. In her speech, Her Majesty made a pointed reference to the fact that ‘even friends can have differences’. This is diplomatic code for the Queen’s statement that a horrendous, blazing row is going on behind the scenes: which is precisely the case. And the row is about the Wanta payment and the illegal expropriation, with the assistance of corrupt elements in the Bank of England itself, of assets belonging to the British central bank worth $4.8 trillion. The Queen should have cancelled her trip and the American Ambassador should have been kicked out of his London Embassy. 

Our 'diary' continues...

02 May: European associates forward a foreign exchange contract for the exchange of US dollars to Euros from Madrid, Spain, the relevant sponsor of which may be the so-called European Economic Development Council [EEDC], which is located at C/Panama, 12 – 28036 Madrid. The President and Chief Executive Officer of this very exotic financial distribution operation is a certain Sr. Enrique Aguirrezabala, originally from Mexico. In
International Currency Review, Volume 31, pages 3 & 4, we reported (on page 136) that ‘this outlet is alleged on impeccable authority to be a primary outlet for drug-trafficking proceeds allegedly presided over ultimately by George H.W. Bush Sr’ (2). 

• Associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., that the Chinese Government’s representatives advise that HSBC bank located in Hong Kong has placed the aforementioned fraudulent foreign exchange contract without the Chinese Government’s approval. This behaviour may of course jeopardise HSBC’s future within the territory.

• Although the separate contract did not target the Principals, this further intelligence reveals again that the Vice President of the United States is engaged in massive personal enrichment operations involving fraudulent financial contracts, notwithstanding the barrage of criticism of his ongoing treacherous and reprobate behaviour that has long since reached deafening proportions. Perhaps he is deaf. Although the following connections will be obscure for the general reader, this kind of fraud displays the footprint of Vice President Richard Cheney, having been observed to be practiced by ODL Securities Ltd (at 6th Floor, Salisbury House, London Wall, London EC2M 5QQ), Deutsche Bank, Bank of America (the CIA’s main bank), Wachovia/First Union (New York) and the Federal Reserve. Now we have HSBC Hong Kong engaged in similar Cheney transactions without the sanction of the Chinese Government – deals which are intended in part to enrich a sitting Vice President of the United States and his criminal associates who are abusing their high positions for personal enrichment and illegal geopolitical purposes, as explained in our posting dated 1st May.

This analysis has been appended because the Principals deemed it urgently necessary to draw the international financial community’s attention to the fact that Vice President Cheney is continuing to mastermind operations which have the objective of creating circumstances that would enable him to frame Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. and the Ambassador, in order to avoid making the $4.5 trillion payment. In this, as in all other duplicitous operations against the Wanta Settlement that Mr Cheney has presided over since this crisis began, the Vice President will fail. 

The sooner he comes to his senses, if he has any, and recognises that he is simply hastening his own ‘cockroach time’ by orchestrating these serial scams, the sooner will America emerge from the darkness into which it has been plunged by these crooks, whether they survive this crisis or not.

Attention spans being typically short, it should be added that this Addendum in no way detracts from or displaces the extreme gravity of the matters displayed in our extended posting dated 1st May, especially the ‘Act of War’ involving the illegal expropriation by the US Government of assets worth $4.8 trillion from the Bank of England. This has been reported, of course, to the appropriate UK authorities, who can read our reports like anyone else.


(1) John, Chapter 1, verse 5: 
‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not’.

(2) In the same issue of our journal, we highlighted a formal EC ‘Answer’ [Reference: E-1360/06/EN] given by the Lithuanian ('former' Party) operative, Mrs Grybauskaite, European Commission Budget Commissioner, on behalf of the European Commission (EC) on 31st May 2006, following a question tabled by the MEP for Southeastern England, Mr Ashley Mote, concerning the irregular use of the European Union emblem by the European Economic Development Council, an entity arrogating to itself a title that implies its close affiliation or integration with the European Union structures. The Commissioner asserted inter alia as follows: ‘In 2003, the Commission was informed by letter by a French citizen of the non-authorised use of the European emblem on the website of the European Economic Development Council [EEDC]. Via its Representation in Spain (Madrid), the Commission took action against EEDC, requesting them to change their logo (circle of 12 stars) in order to stop the illegal use of the European emblem on their website. The organisation in question subsequently changed the emblem to a logo of six stars’.

In our exposure of EEDC and ‘Enrique’, we commented as follows [page 137 of ICR, Vol. 31, 3/4]:

‘So here we have a colossal money-sink operation which has sought to ‘pass itself off’ as being linked to the European Union and has been slapped down by the European Commission for doing so, but which, apart from changing its logo from the 12 yellow stars on a blue background to six yellow stars on ditto, has basically continued to project itself in the same manner’ as before.

Note that the European Commissioner specifically used the word ‘illegal’ in her response to Mr Mote’s question (3). We stress this point, as this is what this ‘Enrique’ specialises in: illegality. 

International Currency Review, Volume 31, Numbers 3 & 4, November 2006, ‘New distribution networks where ‘source of funds’ is never mentioned’, pages 133-144. It is worth reading our expose of the so-called European Economic Development Council, to gain an insight into the extraordinarily crude mentality of these desperate financial operatives.

For the sake of good order, we reproduce again the list of Statutes etc. of which the officials and institutions in question remain in breach. This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and total contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds:


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

• Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
• Anti-Drug Abuse Act
• Applicable international money laundering restrictions
• Bank Secrecy Act
• Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
• Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
• Economic Espionage Act
• Hobbs Act
• Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
• Maloney Act
• Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC]
• Money-Laundering Control Act
• Money-Laundering Suppression Act
• Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions 
being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
• Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [FISA]
• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
• Securities Act 1933
• Securities Act 1934
• Terrorism Prevention Act
• Treason legislation, especially in time of war
Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

• Please be advised that the Editor of
International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or the earlier Wanta Crisis reports. We are a private intelligence publishing house. Subscriptions to our services may be entered by pressing SUBSCRIBE against the selected publication title, and following the ultra-safe web payment procedure. We have no subventions apart from our subscriptions and books income, and cannot spend unproductive time on Internet discussions. If you would like to enter into formal consultation arrangements with the Editor on a fee-paying basis, you need to go, in the first instance, to the Global Analysis Limited section of this website and send us details about your requirements. We charge for our time and cannot provide free advice on any of these issues.



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