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Wantagate: World vs. White House Bunker - Skinning the Cat Pt. 2

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Tuesday 1 May 2007 17:07

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A panel giving details of our latest publications has been added].

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


02 May UPDATE: Please take note that the following information has been RECONFIRMED to the Principals THREE TIMES by high-level informed financial sector and official sources within the past 24 hours. Separately, the Editor is in touch with Scotland Yard and the City of London Police Fraud Squad, on the basis of Misprison of Felony, which derives from/belongs to English Common Law.

Latent dislike of the British at the highest levels of this corrupt and reprobate American Federal Government has led to a catastrophic development, which was predicted to us by a US intelligence source known to this Editor, back in 2004. This source stated that the British would be ‘fleeced’ and ‘cleaned out’. This is exactly what happened on 29th and 30th March 2007 [see diary narrative below], behind the familiar smokescreen of ‘preparing to settle’ indications, reinforced by the shutting down of the British financial system on Friday 30th March for at least eight hours. The explanation given for public consumption to the British public was that it was necessary to ‘test the new electronic transfer system’ (Citibank, New York City to Brussels to Citibank New York City to Bank of England). In the course of this operation, the Bank of England’s liened gold was diverted and resources valued at $4.8 trillion+ were expropriated, according to European banking sources.

During such a banking system shutdown, there is no accountability and no recording of what transactions may be taking place behind the scenes. It has transpired that the purpose of the shutdown, which caused massive inconvenience to the general banking public, was not to ‘test the new system’, but rather to enable the cynical criminal operatives at the White House and the US Treasury to consummate a preplanned scamming operation for self-enrichment and geopolitical purposes, in collaboration with the secret globalists at Deutsche Bank and elsewhere, and corrupt operatives and traitors at the Bank of England.

The European banking sources inform us that the Bank of England is now effectively bankrupt, as a result of this ‘Economic Act of War’ perpetrated by the United States against its closest ally. The purpose of this operation will have been to tie the hands of the incoming British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, WHO INTENDS TO EXTRACT THE UNITED KINGDOM FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION COLLECTIVE AND TO REASSERT ITS SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE.


By bankrupting the Bank of England through this gross ‘Act of Economic Warfare’, the geofinancial conspirators perpetrating the scam (and Deutsche Bank was heavily involved), hope to box the new Prime Minister in, and to compel him in fact to pursue the OPPOSITE strategy to what he had (correctly) intended, so that instead of taking Britain out of the institutionally corrupt European Union Collective, he has to scrap the pound sterling in favour of the Euro. For the continued existence of the pound sterling is an impediment to the realisation of plans for secret German Eurasian hegemony.

Working with their agents in the White House, the US Treasury and certain banks, and especially in the corrupt Bank of England, the ‘end-game’ conspirators acting as proxy for the Nazi Continuum in Dachau, believe that they have destroyed Britain’s independence for good, not least given that Scotland is about to vote for a Scottish Nationalist Government which will try to secede from the union. This will not happen, but that's what the conspirators hope will happen.

The only problem with this conspiracy is that it has sown the seeds of its likely failure, because, as discussed at the foot of this analysis, the Eurozone is now under unprecedented strain due to the appreciation of the Euro on the dollar-Euro axis, consequent upon the relentless criminal financial operations of the White House and the US Treasury – as the Wanta Plan/Settlement is endlessly delayed while these crooks generate fiat money for their own self-enrichment and seek to delay implementation of the intended new ‘clean’ system.

The Bank of England needs a comprehensive audit immediately. It also requires the immediate services of Deputy Commissioner John Yates, at Scotland Yard or, more probably, of the City of London Police Fraud Squad. As soon as he becomes Prime Minister, Gordon Brown must require a thorough shake-down at the Bank of England, and must not be deflected from pursuing the course that he knows to be right for the future of the United Kingdom. We will support him in this.

With reference to this expropriation of $4.8+ trillion by corrupt US cadres from the Bank of England, the geopolitical purpose of which is also explained in this analysis, the Editor of International Currency Review recommends the following immediate retaliatory response:

1. The American Ambassador should be kicked out of London by the Foreign Secretary, with a demand that he retrieve the $4.8+ trillion expropriated from the Bank of England and procure the payment of the defaulted $4.5 trillion tagged and earmarked in the name of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta that should have been paid into the Securities Account of the Ambassador's Commonwealth of Virginia-based corporation AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, last June, but which has been corruptly diverted and exploited ever since by criminal cadres.

2. A deadline for the above of 14 days should be attached to the US Ambassador's expulsion. If this deadline is not met, the entire diplomatic staff of the United States should be ordered home and Britain should sever diplomatic relations with the United States, making it plain that they will not be restored until the above two basic conditions are met. A further deadline of 14 days should apply.

3. If this deadline is not met, all US military personnel should be ordered to leave British soil and bases within seven days, with no undertaking being given for their return at any time in the future.

4. American bank accounts held with banks in the United Kingdom should be ordered to be frozen en masse, pending resolution.

5. Siren voices asserting that this would be the precise outcome intended by the secret ongoing Nazi Continuum and the secret ongoing Soviet Continuum strategists, should be disregarded since neither the United States nor Germany can in practice do without the British for long. Also, fears of retaliation by the United States should be disregarded for the same reason.

Before we go any further, it will be recalled that in Part 1 of this report, the Editor revealed outline details of information conveyed by the controlled Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) operative Lt. Delmart ‘Mike’ Vreeland (the man who predicted 9/11 a month ahead of the event, from a prison cell in Toronto) concerning a devastating intended attack against the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul. Although this was a ‘tainted’ source, the information was reported at once to relevant US authorities and was then described by the Editor in a detailed Affidavit which the Editor wrote and had notarised in New York.

The highly intelligent ONI ‘Monarch’ operative, though notoriously of ‘low life’ pedigree, was nevertheless sound with respect to understanding geopolitical reality. At that time, the Editor thought that the intended attack might have been imminent. In the light of the recent satanic operation conducted by ‘Black Ops’ cadres of the Luciferian components of the US intelligence community at Blacksburg, VA, we reviewed this matter and concluded that the attack will have been intended to occur on 1st September 2008, when (on the basis of present plans) the Republican National Convention ahead of next year’s Presidential election convenes in the TWIN Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul.

The objective would have been to provide a ‘Grandfather of all Reichstag Fires’ pretext for the scrapping of the US Constitution (as predicted in such a context by General Tommy Franks, who can hardly have been ignorant of such an intention. Franks, like President George W. Bush Jr. and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, has been photographed performing, for the cameras, the Devil’s salute).

It should be added that further background information supportive of this conclusion exists, which cannot be presented here for public consumption. What the Editor did not mention in Part 1 was the weaponry that the report suggested would be used. We withheld this information from the Part 1 posting, although it was conveyed by others to the relevant authorities at the time. We now reveal what the report stated was intended.

Four megaton nuclear bombs were to be used. For reasons connected with our inadvertent investigations at the time, the Editor knows this to be accurate.

We believe that exposure of this preplanned satanic atrocity will have made it impossible for that particular pretext for imposing the intended US dictatorship, to proceed.

Preplanned and controlled atrocities such as Blacksburg are, of course, also intended as mass Psy-Ops offensives. It is apparent to this close observer of US society that many New Yorkers were so severely traumatised (unconsciously) by 9/11, that they have been unable to cope with further evidence of abominations – withdrawing instead into a simple world from which the harsh reality that the United States is governed by ruthless criminals who have shown that they will stop at nothing to meet their crackpot objectives, is excluded.

And the fact that our publicising the warning of the preplanned attack on the Twin cities scheduled for next year did not induce much surprise, is very indicative of the ‘success’ of the Luciferians’ ongoing psychological operations against the American people, which includes desensitisation to barbaric violence and torture inflicted upon Iraqis by the US military and the CIA. Disconcertingly, these abominations appear to be of very little concern to large numbers of Americans, although many are appropriately horrified, as indeed they should be.

Another (linked) Psychological-Ops dimension is all this sudden frenzy in preparation for next year’s ‘scheduled’ General Election. Both the US and British ‘democratic’ systems are controlled and rigged by intelligence cadres, with leading political figures routinely selected by the agentur to provide the necessary front behind which the always manipulated dialectical ‘democratic’ fraud is perpetrated on the unsuspecting electorate.

It is an unpalatable fact that Professor John Robison, of Edinburgh University, revealed in his classic 1798 expose of the Illuminati’s modus operandi, that ‘democracy’ was developed by the revolutionary agentur precisely so as to provide the dialectical stage upon which the charade of democratic choice could be displayed, without disturbing in any way the power and control mechanisms exercised by the agentur. This explains the universal cynicism with which democracy is viewed today by the general public – a state of affairs, by the way, with which the agentur are entirely content, given their expectation of limited or zero resistance to their intended seizure and usurpation of total power at times of their own choosing. 1st September 2008 was to have been the date selected for this to happen in the United States.

As part of this ‘democracy’ Psy-Ops softening-up operation, prominent operatives have suddenly begun to provide the American electorate with the benefit of boastful claims about their achievements, to assist electors to vote for them when the time comes – even though, on the above analysis, the agentur appears to have reserved the right to orchestrate a nuclear catastrophe in Minneapolis-St Paul to ‘terminate’ US elections once and for all.

Prominent among these operatives suddenly presenting themselves a year early for the electorate’s kind consideration is the former Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson – the Governor who, in secret collaboration with President Clinton (George Bush Sr.’s ‘Monarch’), presided over the US dimension of the takedown of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, so that the $27.5 trillion of assets of which he remains the sole Principal as a consequence of his high-level international Financial Warfare and intelligence work as taskmaster and paymaster for President Reagan, could then be ransacked without anyone lifting an eyebrow. Or so the criminalists naively imagined at the time.

By presenting himself as a candidate for the Presidency, Tommy Thompson suddenly acquired a Secret Service detail. Given his ‘baggage’ and what follows, no doubt he considered this to be essential – in view of the ‘unfolding of events’, to cite Lenin here.

For it was under the Governorship of Tommy G. Thompson, was it not, that:

1. Leo Wanta was illegally arrested by two plain clothes New York ‘policemen’ on the steps of a New York Courthouse after all charges against him had been dismissed by US Judge Allyce Ross, was illegally detained in a New York prison without a warrant, and was subsequently illegally extradited to Wisconsin, having earlier been irregularly seized contrary to international diplomatic norms in Switzerland in the context of a conspiracy orchestrated at the Swiss end by the long-term Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative, Marc Rich, on behalf of the Bush-Clinton crime combo, and flung into a stinking Swiss dungeon where an attempt was made to poison him with contaminated cheese. A prison doctor subsequently warned him that the Swiss authorities were accustomed to committing murder through poisoning in this facility, and advised him what prison food was safe to eat, and what was liable to be contaminated.

2. Ambassador Wanta’s sealed diplomatic briefcase (seized in Switzerland but made known to Judge Allyce Ross) – which had contained 18 high-value US Treasury instruments that the Ambassador, as Chairman-designate of the Somali Central Bank, had been instructed to use to refinance Somalia – was subjected to a search on the basis of a stale warrant, the schedule of its contents being listed and certified by Dennis M. Mengelt, Special Agent, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation. This list made no reference to the presence in Leo Wanta’s briefcase of the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments (worth $1.0 billion each) referenced by Judge Ross, on the basis of which she had concurred with the Assistant US Attorney that all ‘charges’ against the Ambassador must be dismissed.

3. Leo Wanta was then subjected to the worst features of the vast US GULAG, including being stripped naked in the snow, moved frequently from one GULAG facility to another so that his mail seldom caught up with him, subjected to Soviet-style attempts to have him certified insane (all of which failed), and confronted by five separate attempts to have him murdered. The most notorious of these involved a Deputy Sheriff who drove up to the Kettle Moraine GULAG facility, changed into prisoner’s clothing, and attempted to murder Leo in the bathroom. When this attempt failed, the Deputy Sheriff fled back to the administration area, changed back into his uniform, and escaped in a County Car.

4. The Ambassador was later humiliated by a controlled State kangaroo court charade (extensively documented by this Editor), in the course of which the Honorable Michael J. Torphy, the County Court Judge hearing the case, was lied to in perjured evidence submitted by an operative masquerading as a tax collector, Dennis Ullmann, and by the then Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin, Douglas Haag and the man who is now Governor of that State, James E. Doyle, who was then Wisconsin’s Attorney General. In other words, elected and appointed judicial officials systematically perpetrated fraud against the Court, also known as obstructing the course of justice.

5. A nexus of deceit, lies and fraudulent activity was perpetrated and orchestrated by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which originally raised a civil tax assessment for $14,129 that the Ambassador paid twice (to dismiss such ‘nuisance’ assessments) in 1992, while operating abroad – despite the fact that he had been a lawful resident of Vienna, Austria, since June 1988 by order of the Austrian Court, so that no Wisconsin State civil tax assessments on Leo Wanta from 1985 onwards had any validity.

In July 2005, the same illegally raised civil tax assessment was paid for the THIRD time by means of a check handed over to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in person by Attorney Steven Goodwin, using funds provided out of scarce private resources by the Editor of this service. As a consequence of that payment, the Ambassador’s fraudulently applied probation was terminated on the instructions of Judge Torphy, and the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Mr Michael J. Frank, appropriately signed Ambassador Wanta’s ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE, effective 14th November 2005. For the detailed background intelligence on the Wisconsin Taxation Gestapo dimension of this giga-scandal, see our website posting dated 20th March 2007 [see this website, Archive button]. In addition, the Editor included a 24-page Supplement to the special 480-page ‘Wantagate’ issue of International Currency Review [Volume 31, #3/4] in November 2006.

As will be seen below, there has been a very recent development out of Wisconsin that will cause the entire conspiracy to unravel. This is one reason why the Editor has reiterated the facts summarised above.

Given this background, which has been internationally and domestically known since we published the 24-page special supplement on the Wisconsin Taxation Gestapo Fraud in November 2006, and further since our posting dated 20th March 2007, you MIGHT have thought that Mr Tommy G Thompson should have ‘registered’ what is going on.

Well, this operative has certainly registered the need for Secret Service protection, which may be why he plunged so early into next year’s election charade, and why he lost no time in informing his prospective electorate of his ‘virtues’ and abilities.

But what no reasonably sane person could possibly have anticipated is that this Tommy Thompson creature has seen fit to send Ambassador Wanta an email soliciting his support at the polls, and asking the Ambassador to contribute to his election fund!


Governor Tommy Thompson has never accounted for the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments, worth $1.0 billion each and $18 billion in the aggregate, that were present in the Ambassador’s diplomatic briefcase but which were not listed by Wisconsin State Agent Mengelt in his ‘Return of Search Warrant’ dated 11th March 1994.

Governor Tommy Thompson presided over corrupted State judicial and taxation structures which procured that, for a non-existent felony (not paying a non-applicable civil tax assessment for $14,129 which has in fact been paid THREE TIMES and his now being demanded a FOURTH time), Ambassador Wanta was deprived of 14 years of his active life, during which he could have made further priceless contributions to the United States, comparable to the service he rendered as paymaster and taskmaster in his Financial Warfare operations against the USSR, and in other contexts on behalf of Uncle Sam.

The insensitive, outrageous email to Ambassador Wanta from Tommy Thompson was sent on 24th April at 16:45 pm local time. It bragged, among other things, that, ‘as Governor, Tommy Thompson cut taxes 91 times to save taxpayers $16.4 billion’. We are entitled to ask: did he deploy the missing $18 billion for that purpose, keeping the difference of $1.6 billion, by any chance? Or were the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments employed as collateral at corrupt foreign banks to raise additional funds which were then, in turn, used as collateral for the same purpose, so that $18 billion could have been multiplied to $100 billion by the cleptocracy within months?

We think we should be told.

The email also bragged that ‘As Governor, Tommy Thompson used his veto pen more than 1,900 times to save taxpayers $247 million’. However he didn’t use his veto pen to order the freeing from illegal custody of his most distinguished GULAG inmate who had committed no felony and who was languishing in his State’s filthy jails in the context of Tommy Thompson’s orchestrated operation, in collusion with the White House, to keep Wanta inactive and ‘dead’ – so that the criminalists and their banking sector co-conspirators could play fast and loose with the Ambassador’s diverted and misappropriated funds.

Tommy Thompson’s ‘veto pen’ was therefore used, it appears, somewhat selectively.

The email to Leo Wanta soliciting his financial support further asserted that Mr Thompson ‘has never wavered on core conservative principles’. Therefore, the former four-term Republican Governor of Wisconsin, now running prematurely for President, asserts that ‘core conservative principles’ include either orchestrating or condoning the following: repeated perjury; bearing false witness; committing fraud against the Courts; the ransacking and stealing of a victim’s assets, including his home, which was sold at a knock-down price, the proceeds stolen, and is now lived in by a Wisconsin State Attorney; the seizure of high-value monetary instruments belonging to the US Federal Government from the custody of a diplomat; the failure to return an illegally confiscated diplomatic briefcase (which cannot be returned minus the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments it contained when Leo Wanta was ‘taken down’); the illegal arrest, detention, extradition, jailing and terrorising of a diplomat; orchestrated, long-term fraud and scamming by State taxation authorities; the raising of fraudulent civil tax assessments and repeated fraudulent tax authority demands for the same civil tax assessments, even though settled under protest no less than three times; the repeated attempted murder of a defenceless victim in the GULAG; repeated attempts to have the victim certified insane in the GULAG; illegal long-term incarceration of a political prisoner, as in the Soviet Union; permitting the contracting with a Deputy Sheriff to murder a political prisoner in a WI GULAG facility bathroom; conspiring with others to fabricate and perpetuate a farrago of brazen lies and diversionary operations to obfuscate these and other orchestrated official criminal acts; and remaining long-term co-conspirator and accessory to the fact of massive official fraud, stealing and diversion of monetary assets, and associated crimes for which, on a scale measured against the Ambassador’s jail tariff, several millennia of incarceration would be wholly inadequate to fit the crimes in question.

No sooner had the Ambassador digested Tommy Thompson’s email asking for Leo’s support and monetary contributions, than the Ambassador received a further election-oriented email, also dated 24th April – this time, from the President of the United States, George W. Bush Jr. himself, the operative who, with his co-conspirators Vice President Richard Cheney, Cheney’s son-in-law Philip Perry, and the Ministry of State Security Chief, Michael J. Chertoff, has been systematically thwarting the Wanta Settlement since June 2006, thereby jeopardising the financial equilibrium not just of the United States, but (as is ever more apparent; see below) of the whole world.

This email to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta from President Bush started out as follows:

‘Dear Ambassador Leo

Your commitment to our Republican principles and ideals is helping to build a stronger, more prosperous future for every American’.

Note that, as has consistently been the documented case, the President of the United States correctly addresses Leo Wanta as Ambassador. An Ambassador is not permitted under international law to be detained, prosecuted in a State kangaroo court, jailed, placed on probation or otherwise disadvantaged, least of all on the say-so of the Governor of a State of the American Union, which has no external jurisdiction.

Let us deconstruct this Presidential assertion here:

1. Leo’s commitment, as a servant of the United States, is apolitical and is of course to the United States and all Americans.

2. Leo Wanta has been systematically prevented from applying his unique talents and expertise in the interests of all Americans and of the whole world by the intransigence, greed and serial criminality of the individuals itemised above, including the President of the United States himself.

3. Accordingly, of course, the President of the United States is NOT upholding ‘our Republican principles’, but is rather conspiring to prevent the application of equitable principles and common sense, as a direct consequence of his criminal behaviour, record and evident intentions. We wish, of course, that this were not true: but it is.

4. In a later paragraph, President Bush states that ‘I have set a big agenda for our nation’, the agenda being unspecified – whereas David Ignatius saw fit to publish an Op-Ed article recently in the Washington Post entitled ‘The White House Bunker’, in which he correctly revealed that prominent Republicans are scared to death of the intransigence of the Bush II White House in the face of insistent high-level demands from all over the world for order to be restored at the highest levels of the US Federal Government. The reality is that Bush Jr. has no agenda for the nation, and that the only agenda that makes any residual sense is one that procures the saving of his skin, which may be an uphill task.

5. Addressing ‘Ambassador Leo’ a second time, the President’s emailed letter stressed the necessity of ‘recruiting good candidates to run for office who share our core principles’ (see above). In this President’s opinion, then, ‘core principles’ may be taken to include: diverting, misappropriating, collateralising, hypothecating and otherwise exploiting private funds that do not belong to him, without the sanction of the sole Principal and owner of these funds; presiding over, specifically authorising and/or permitting innumerable fraudulent financial operations, some of which have been described in our earlier postings, and more of which are alluded to below; co-conspiring as an accessory to the fact of breaches of all the US Statutes listed yet again at the foot of this posting; feigning indifference to the mass murder and systematic Nazi-style torture that has been perpetrated on his instructions against Iraqis, contrary to all norms of civilised behaviour, and contemplating the commission of crimes against humanity; and, not least, frustrating the Wanta Plan, in so doing depriving the American people of its demonstrable immediate and long-term financial and economic benefits, including actual termination of the United States’ century-old borrowing orgy: and thereby ensuring the probable destruction of his political party in the 2008 General Election, assuming it is not rigged or terminated following a ‘Grandfather of all Reichstag Fires’ as pretext. That would conform with Jr.’s remark during the 2000 election campaign, in which he asserted that everything would be easier if the United States were a dictatorship ‘provided I am the dictator’. You can’t get much more specific than that.

President Bush concluded his emailed letter to ‘Dear Ambassador Leo’ with the following question: ‘Will you stand with me and help lay the groundwork for Republican victory by making a special contribution to the Republican National Committee (RNC) today?’

To which the Ambassador would have been entitled to respond: ‘Well, er, no, because you have hijacked my funds, thereby making it impossible for me to be of any assistance here’.

What kind of people, apart from rank criminals, are we actually dealing with? Are they perpetually drunk? Are they permanently high on drugs? Do they sit on their brains? Are they controlled by incompetent handlers who have no clue what they are doing, or who are at loggerheads with rivals? Are they certifiably mad? The only safe answer to this is what we pointed out in Part 1.

These people are all out of their minds and in Lucifer’s mind, and vice versa.

The foregoing is of course ‘secondary’ to the now widely understood ongoing criminal activity at the very highest levels of the US Government which has caused increasingly severe breaches between previously collaborating Governments and has triggered a banking war – with household-name institutions about to disappear as desperate attempts are made to grasp hold of embedded financial assets belonging to Leo Wanta in a vicious scramble for banking survival and supremacy.

At the same time, bankers and officials are reported to be disappearing and to be dead, a shoot-out has taken place at the White House, delegations have stormed out of a Group of Seven meeting, the President of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, is in the process of being exposed for corruption and forced to resign because the World Bank has been engaged in illegal transactions based on the Ambassador’s funds, while Mr Wolfowitz’s predecessor, Mr James Wolfensohn has been similarly alleged to have presided over such transactions; and contracts have been taken out on the basis of high-level instructions, on the lives of prominent foreign political figures, with the expectation of more to come.

In order to place these and related ‘Wantagate’ developments in context, we resume herewith our diary format, leading into the latest events which conform in every respect with our earlier general expectations.

Taken together, what we are about to describe suggests that the degree of tension gripping the international banking, intelligence, political, official, judicial and banking communities has reached an exceptionally dangerous level. The reader will rightly conclude from what follows that an orchestrated ofuscation offensive has been sustained, to provide a dense smokescreen behind which ongoing illegal financial manipulations and precautionary adjustments have been taking place as the criminalist co-conspirators react in ever more evident panic to the noose that is being tightened round their necks.

And key money center banks, driven by intelligence community pressure, are scrambling for control of institutions such as ABN Amro and La Salle Bank (the former Harris Bank) which hold accounts belonging to Wanta and/or fiat money accounts coveted by competing intelligence groups.

Numerous ‘preparing to settle’ sequences are itemised here, but underlying them a clear pattern emerges that implies the looming defeat of the cleptocracy.

Our diary resumes with effect from 5th March 2007. The following central point should be noted. Many of these sequences feature variations on the ‘preparing to settle’ theme, which ‘allows’ the perennial high-level perpetrators of these serial financial crimes who are continuing to exploit Ambassador Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion to generate untaxed fiat money profits, to sidestep the requirements of the International Court of Justice warrants and negotiated stipulations. These provide inter alia that so long as it can be demonstrated that ‘efforts are being made to procure the Wanta Settlement’, the full force of the ICJ’s decisions does not yet take effect (so much for the US perpetrators’ disdain for the powers of the International Court of Justice). Therefore, what we have been witnessing is a cynical ongoing display of deceitful US ‘compliance’ with the ICJ warrants and stipulations, which falsely conveys the impression of progress being made towards settlement, while actually delaying the Wanta Settlement so that the criminalists can in the meantime go on enriching themselves with fiat money generated off the back of the $4.5 trillion funds earmarked and held in the name of Leo E Wanta and his Virginia-based corporation, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

It should also be noted that in the diary listing, certain extremely grave and momentous developments are revealed; so it should not be assumed by the impatient reader that what you are about to read below is a description of multiple games of charades.

05 March 2007: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., Ambassador Leo Wanta’s Commonwealth of Virginia-based corporation, is informed by an official at Citibank, New York, that the bank has been told of a large transfer of funds to Citibank within 48 hours.

05 March: A US Treasury compliance officer informs one of the associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., that the transfer of the Wanta funds (to Citibank) was to be authorised by the continuing nominal US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, and by Deputy Treasury Secretary Kimmitt, later on this date.

06 March: A senior official in the US military advises one of the Principals’ associates that the transfer to the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., with Morgan Stanley, New York, will ‘definitely’ be completed on this date (6th March). The same associate had been informed by senior European financial authorities that the transfer had already been completed by the night of 5th March 2007. All this ‘information’ turns out to be worthless.

06 March: Intelligence is received confirming the huge financial scamming operation orchestrated by the Vice President of the United States, Richard Cheney, Philip Perry (Cheney’s son-in-law, partner in the international law firm of Latham, Watkins & Co., partner of Michael Chertoff, and Special Counsel to the Department of Homeland Security headed by Secretary Chertoff). This scam uses US Treasury-backed debentures and instruments – that is to say, the PUBLIC PROPERTY of the United States and of the people of America – for the purposes of private enrichment, an impeachable crime which, in time of war, under US law, merits summary execution for treason. $1.0 trillion worth of these instruments were delivered to Commerzbank in Hong Kong/ Germany, and $1.0 trillion were delivered to Chinese parties via Commerzbank, Hong Kong. [See: Washington criminalist gangsters out of control: our posting dated 12th March 2007].

06 March: Following notification from associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., and from investigators, that the United Nations fully supports the ‘Wanta Settlement and Payment’, it is conveyed that Vice President Richard Cheney had reached an understanding to leave the Vice Presidency with immunity from arrest and prosecution, in accordance with the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

06 March: US Treasury compliance informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., that the US Treasury is prepared to release the Wanta Settlement payment, and that President George W. Bush Jr., had been advised, in the course of ‘a secure video briefing held on 2nd March 2007’ to choose between making the belated Wanta Settlement payment in exchange for remaining in office as President of the United States, or else continuing to frustrate the payment and face impeachment or Article 25 removal from office.

O6 March: The same associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. states on authority that Her Majesty the Queen had been informed about the ‘secure video briefing’ mentioned above and fully agrees with the necessity for the immediate release of the delayed $4.5 trillion to Ambassador Leo Wanta/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

07 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. informs us that the Chinese authorities have advised that our reporting of these matters is ‘right on target’ and have initiated an official Government enquiry into the illegal financial activities of US Treasury Secretary Paulson and Deputy US Treasury Secretary Kimmitt regarding Madame Wu and the $1.0 trillion bribe deposited with Commerzbank (Hong Kong and Germany: see above).

07 March: Despite all assertions to the contrary, the payment of $4.5 trillion has not been effected. This time, Secretary Chertoff, of the US Ministry of State Security, is reported by investigators to be the source of the problem, having “stopped the payment” in further collaboration with “Cheney’s son-in-law Philip Perry”, whereas President Bush was not reported on this occasion to be withholding payment.

07 March: Investigators now inform the Principals that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Secret Service have issued ‘Case Numbers’ in the context of non-payment of the Wanta Settlement fraud perpetrated by the President of the United States, Cabinet members, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Treasury.

07 March: Investigators further advise that Cheney is now included in the formal investigation initiated by the FBI and the Secret Service into these criminal activities.

07 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is informed by bankers at Citibank that the ‘Wanta Payment of $4.5 trillion’ had been re-transferred to a US Treasury JPMorganChase Citibank account on the evening of Saturday 3rd March 2007 but had then been redirected on orders from Chertoff and Cheney conveyed on Sunday 4th March, to other accounts at Citibank, Bank of America and Wachovia, 24/7 since 4th March.

08 March: Investigators inform the Principals that Vice-President Cheney will not resign and has advised Chertoff: ‘Don’t pay anybody, it’s all going to go away: hold tight’. This comment, by the way, represents an interesting revelation of how scared Cheney and Chertoff have become as the scandals unravel (a fact reconfirmed to us separately much later).

09 March: A compliance officer within the US Treasury notifies an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Deputy US Treasury Secretary Kimmitt had informed compliance that the funds were authorised to be released on the evening of this Friday (9th March). This turned out to represent further obfuscation, because:

10 March: No payment is made.

10 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is informed that Senator Hillary Clinton is fully aware of the deceit and knows to whom and where the overnight earnings are directed from the ‘$4.5 trillion Wanta Settlement funds’ held at JPMorganChase, Citibank and related accounts.

10 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is advised by the Chinese authorities that they have lost all residual faith and trust in the integrity of the (nominal) US Treasury Secretary, Paulson, given his overt ‘in-your-face’ fraudulent activity and lies regarding the serial non-payment of the Wanta Settlement funds. The Chinese further assert that they are nursing losses aggregating some $300 billion that are directly attributable to Paulson’s non-payment and non-stop deception and lies. These are being recorded both in ‘real time’ and for posterity, so that his international reputation has been permanently tarnished.

11 March: Investigators advise that ‘the Group of 13’ [sic!] high-ranking politicians in Washington have not been paid and are extremely annoyed. This is a reference to the non-servicing of accounts held by entities such as Gulf Coast Holdings and Westminster Funds.

13 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advises that JPMorganChase has received, with the assistance of James A Baker III, quote ‘the Wanta Settlement $4.5 trillion funds’ unquote, but that payment of these funds necessitates ‘a process’, which is said to be of undetermined duration. This strikes us as a particularly feeble attempt at obfuscation, amid the usual cascade of empty undertakings, double-crossing, lies and false rhetoric.

13 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is advised by Citibank officials that ‘the Wanta Settlement $4.5 trillion’ are currently available at a Treasury JP MorganChase Citibank account awaiting US Treasury authorisation for the funds to be released to the AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. Morgan Stanley Securities Account at Citibank. Exc..u…us…se us: are they now recycling last year’s excuses, given that the Devil knows no new tricks?

14 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Homeland Security gauleiter Secretary Michael Chertoff is said to be ‘in the way’ and will not allow the funds to be released to the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

14 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is advised by the Chinese authorities that US Treasury Secretary Paulson recently travelled to China in an attempt to persuade the Chinese Government and the Bank of China and others in Beijing to use the bank instruments backed by the US Treasury’s $1.0 trillion (placed with Commerzbank in Hong Kong/ Germany) as the basis for a joint venture operation in the capital markets, but that:

China backed out of this proposed venture with Paulson because of the lack of trust.

The Chinese intend, instead, to approach AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., with a view to establishing a joint venture capital markets operation. Recall that Ambassador Wanta is well known, liked and trusted in China, as a consequence of his activities many years ago where he became known as the only American financial operative who could be trusted.

15 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is informed, by bankers from Union Bank of Switzerland and Deutsche Bank, and by Deutsche Bank compliance officers, that Ambassador Wanta and AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. have been paid. But NO payment has been received at the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. Such assertions have no meaning and represent ongoing inadvertent or intentional psychological warfare and obfuscation operations, enabling criminal parties to gain more time to trade the funds illegally, and to position themselves for the new post-Wanta Settlement regime.

15 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the ‘Wanta Settlement funds, et al’ have been under the control of Secretary Chertoff at the Department of Homeland Security and that control has now been handed over to ‘someone else’ in the Bush Cabinet, almost like a game of musical ‘pass the parcel’.

16 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the $4.5 trillion funds have been transferred to the Department of Defense (DOD) with effect from 15th March 2007.

16 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Vice President Cheney demands immunity before he releases the Wanta Settlement funds and those associated with it. This matter has come round, like all the other obfuscation excuses, before.

17 March: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. inform the Principals that Secretary Chertoff was severely reprimanded by senior Department of Defense officials and House Speaker Pelosi. As a consequence, new authorisation codes are to be installed and release of the funds is rescheduled for Monday, 19th March 2007.

19 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. is advised by a US Treasury compliance officer that no authorisation was given for the release of the Wanta funds.

19 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that:

Vice President Cheney is continuing to prevent the release of the Settlement funds.

The Pentagon has taken over control of the funds even though Mr Cheney fought against the transfer of control of the funds from Chertoff.

Compliance (at the US Treasury and the Pentagon) signed off on the release of the funds on Friday 13th March, but Vice President Cheney personally prevented payment actually taking place.

19 March: CHENEY-PENTAGON SHOUTING MATCH: An associate informs the Principals that he had been a witness to a conference call “shouting match” between officials at the Pentagon and other departments, and Vice President Cheney, in which Pentagon officials had attempted to persuade Mr Cheney to release the Wanta Settlement funds, since the Treasury Secretary, Mr Paulson, has stated that “the money is ready to go”. However this “shouting match” was abruptly terminated when Cheney hung up, shouting: ‘There will be no payment’.

20 March: Investigators advise that Vice President Cheney is now motivated to step down from the Vice Presidency, although he may change his mind at any moment.

20 March: A US Treasury compliance officer officially advises one of the associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that once the Wanta Settlement has been paid:

All US dollars around the world will be ‘on the books’ and no off-balance sheet funds or transactions will be permitted. This sheds an interesting light on the underlying motivation for the banking war that is taking place ‘as we speak’. The name of the game is: muscle in on institutions that hold tranches of the Ambassador’s REAL assets, which will remain in situ in accordance with the overall compromise taking effect at the Wanta Settlement. This ‘allows’ for diverted Wanta funds to then cease to be claimed by the Ambassador.

These assets are in a different category from ‘fiat’ assets generated through illegal exploitation of them. In summary, therefore, the name of the game at the banks is to buttress balance sheets by seeking to annexe (through the current banking merger frenzy that has gripped the City of London) as large a proportion of the Ambassador’s account assets as possible, so that massive portfolios of fake off-balance sheet fiat money will not trigger the obliteration of the banks holding them.

It’s a struggle for banking supremacy and survival, but the underlying pressures are coming from ruthless competing (domestic and international) intelligence communities. They know that when the new regime takes effect, the intelligence war will be won by those intelligence groups that have secured or retained control over assets that will still be exempt from taxation and ‘source of funds’ audit and disclosure because they are held in exempted ‘national security accounts’. It is believed that this will only ‘work’ in the United States, and that the CIA’s Bank of America has been directed to ensure US control over both illegally accumulated balances in certain ‘fiat money’ (ABN Amro) accounts and in real asset accounts currently owned by the Ambassador as sole Principal.

“Not a dime will be unaccounted for in the new system”.

Due to the fact that the system is going to change, as demanded and provided for by the Europeans, corrupt US office holders and operatives led by President George W. Bush Jr., Cheney, Chertoff, Perry at al, are trying to manufacture as much private money from exploitation of the Wanta Settlement funds ($4.5 trillion) as they can, offshore and off-balance sheet, before full accounting becomes universally mandatory, and payment of full taxes due on such holdings takes effect. Many of these operatives are scared to death that, in due course, the prospective requirement to pay back tax plus penalties on their ill-gotten gains will wipe them out financially (if they have not already been wiped out physically). In this connection it is reported that various bankers and officials have ‘disappeared’.

20 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that all relevant banks have received authorisation and direction to release the Wanta Settlement funds today. Once this has happened, the next issue will be to activate the un-freezing of funds within the World Bank and to transfer such funds to authorised accounts, such as the US Department of Defense. The role of the World Bank is coming under intense scrutiny in this context.

20 March: An associate of the Principals confirms that the banks in question have received notice to release the Wanta funds.

20 March: A US Treasury compliance officer informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “all the banks have just confirmed the go-ahead for payment”. The final official authorisation for the release of the funds will be forwarded by Treasury Secretary Paulson and/or Deputy Treasury Secretary Kimmitt.

Comment: Inventing all these red herrings must by now require a full-time staff tasked with generating fresh hourly variations on the same deceitful obfuscation theme, because:

21 March: No payment is received at the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. with Morgan Stanley in New York.

21 March: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Wachovia (serving the corrupt Bush criminal interests) and the CIA’s pocket institution, Bank of America, have yet again “re-directed the funds and have stolen the funds”.

This operation had been implemented under an instruction to ‘re-float the Federal Reserve’ by providing evidence in Paris of the fraudulent Riady US Treasury checks (ostensibly ‘worth’ $35 trillion). In other words, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Dr Ben Bernanke, and others, are STILL trying to sustain the bankrupt Fed, which has liabilities approaching $1,200 trillion. This is sheer madness.

21 March: A US Treasury compliance officer informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that late on the night of 20th March the mainframe computer at the US Treasury had been attacked by hacker(s)… and that Treasury Secretary Paulson had not sanctioned release of the Leo Wanta Settlement funds.

22 March: Foreign associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “The White House is preventing the Wanta Settlement to be authorised… because (someone) does not want the payment of $1.575 trillion in taxes actually to be paid out. Hence it follows from this revelation alone that the White House, meaning the President and Vice President of the United States, are pro-actively impeding Federal investigations and the remittance of collectible taxes to the US Treasury. The wilful thwarting of a taxpayer’s duty to remit taxes is a serious felony, as previously reported.

Note: With the Wanta Settlement, which will be taxed as previously reported, tax will be payable to the metropolitan countries’ tax authorities on ALL financial holdings (offshore, untaxed), across the board. This is logical, since it would be absurd and inequitable for the Ambassador to pay US and State tax on his compromise Settlement assets, and for the self-styled ‘beneficial owners’ of dollar offshore accounts to receive different tax treatment (i.e., to pay no tax). At the present time, the offshore (and indeed some onshore) ‘fiat money’ accounts of co-conspirators who have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Leo Wanta’s lawfully owned funds, are frozen. This has infuriated the cleptocracy, who cannot raise money for ‘orphanages’. When the money is unfrozen, tax will be chargeable to it at the rates charged by the metropolitan countries, with interest and penalties. Thereafter, the self-styled ‘beneficial owners’ will be required to provide evidence of source of funds, which they will largely be unable to do without exposing themselves to prosecution for criminal financial fraud.

22 March: A US Treasury compliance officer has advised an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Treasury Secretary Paulson and Deputy Treasury Secretary Kimmitt had been taking part in conference calls since 8.30 am EDT, on the vexed question of how to move and handle the Wanta Settlement payment today.

22 March: Foreign associates inform the Principals that foreign officials are actively reviewing with US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice the whole matter of the White House’s obstruction of justice and its refusal to authorise payment of the long-agreed and successively delayed Wanta Settlement funds.

22 March: A US Treasury compliance officer informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that at approximately 4.30 pm (EDT) authorisation to make the Wanta payment had still not been received. However the source is able to confirm that the US Treasury’s mainframe computer system had been hacked on 21st March from Germany.

To hack into the computers of a foreign government is an offence for which silly teenagers are being arrested and incarcerated for long periods.

It could also be considered tantamount to an act of war.

23 March: A foreign associate informs an associate of the Principals that Tony Blair and Her Majesty the Queen will be travelling to New York in the near future, where they will admonish the President of the United States for his failure to make the Wanta Settlement.

23 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. reports that a Chinese representative had informed the associate concerned that the Chinese (meaning here the Government and the Elders) are furious with the US Treasury Secretary because of:

His deceitful, slippery activities in connection with agreements between the Chinese and the US Treasury actually signed off by Paulson and other US Treasury officials, who are not trusted in Beijing (or anywhere else, for that matter) either.

Paulson’s illegal activity with the Inter-American Development Bank in connection with the $2.0 trillion worth of US Treasury-backed debt instruments referenced above.

23 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. now reports that the Chinese Government has demoted Vice Premier Madame Wu Yi because of her corrupt reported participation in the $1.0 trillion Commerzbank (Hong Kong) deposit transaction, arranged via Paulson and Cheney, also referenced above.

23 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advises that Texas Associates have informed him that the “Settlement funds” will be released before 5.00 pm (Frankfurt time) today. (He failed to add that a thousand Father Christmases would be parachuted onto the North Pole as the funds were being released).

23 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advises that European sources have stated that “sign-off” will not take place until Saturday 24th March 2007, and that the US Treasury (meaning Paulson, Kimmitt et al) have agreed to the sign-off, as has the British Prime Minister Blair, European Finance Ministers, and key European Prime Ministers.

23 March: Investigators now inform the Principals that “Finance Ministers” had met the British Prime Minister and Secretary of State Rice, explaining the ‘facts of life’ to them, i.e. stressing the necessity of releasing the Wanta Settlement funds immediately.

We have of course explained many times in the past why release is a prerequisite for immediate and long-term stability – notwithstanding the current stock market boom, which is financed by the rush of fiat money to ‘go legitimate’ so as to avoid punitive taxation, penalties and jail sentences. The stock market is not being propped up by the ‘Plunge Protection Team’, as widely speculated, but by panic money-laundering of said fiat money funds from offshore.

23 March: A US Treasury compliance officer says that he has ‘not been told of an authorisation for the transfer’ but that today’s events were in the Ambassador’s favour.

24 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. states that Pentagon officials have been insisting that the Ambassador’s Settlement is consummated, or “George W Bush will not get his money”. This may have referred to the $2.0 trillion that George Jr., is reported to have hidden in an account at UBS, India, and should have been interpreted as a less-than-veiled threat that the Swiss bank may freeze and even confiscate these ‘assets’.

24 March: A US Treasury compliance officer advises the Principals that he has received no authorisation up to midnight on 23rd March to release the Wanta Settlement funds.

24 March: Investigators advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that one Finance Minister did not sign off the Wanta Settlement release, but would do so at 1:00 pm (European time) today.

24 March: Investigators further advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that if the Secretary of the Ministry of State Security (a.k.a. the Department of Homeland Security) can be kept ‘out of the way’, funds will be released and distributed on Monday, 26th March.

Comment: It is by now more curious than ever that these endless vacuous assurances, undertakings, descriptions of what is about to happen, and other obfuscations, continue to be disseminated, when not a single one of them has historically proved to be reliable. It is as though everyone playing these games has forgotten that they are playing games, has lost touch with reality, and is engaged in a hellish nightmare, rather like one of those dreams in which one falls into a vortex, only to wake up realising it’s all a dream. The only difference here is that as these people continue to ‘mess up’, they are jeopardising not only the world financial economy, but global security as well. Because lurking behind this monetary chaos are latent prospective military responses, and at any time, it seems likely that one of the madmen perpetuating this nightmare will snap, and pull the trigger. As matters stand, we have seen that there are already anecdotal reports of bankers and officials ‘disappearing’. The monetary war could morph into a hellish military war at any time. And old presumed ‘alliances’ no longer have any meaning, especially the ‘Special Relationship’: see below.

25 March: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advise that the Cheney-Chertoff-Philip Perry cabal are engaged in a newly detected giga-scam. This has become apparent after investigators discovered that agents for these operatives are seeking investors holding deposits of $5.0 billion or more, in “China” (meaning Hong Kong). Under the fraudulent scamming arrangement being touted, such investments would ostensibly return:

100% per month to the investor.
200% per month to China.
200% per month to the US Treasury (supposedly)
200% per month to the equally corrupt Bank of England.

Quite apart from the monstrous rates of return suggested, this proposition is fraudulent in terms of US law since the ‘trades’ are to occur in China/Hong Kong, which contravenes Title 18, Sections 4 and 35, the Federal Reserve Act of 1916, and other legislation.

Comment: After 37 years of observing and reporting on the international financial economy and system, this Editor is entitled to point out that we were brought up in the distant past to be wary of offers involving fantastic rates of return. This is the reverse of loan sharking, where distressed borrowers, desperately in need of cash ‘down’, make reckless decisions to accept usurious liabilities in order to satisfy their necessary ‘quick fix’ cash requirements. Anyone who is not completely out of his mind would, unless consumed by lustful greed, be on guard against such a grotesque prospectus.

It follows that the planners and perpetrators of this and associated decadent US giga-financial scams are reprobates from the dirtiest sewer of the global financial mafia, and should be arrested forthwith and charged with high crimes and misdemeanours, and treason against the United States and its people, without any further facile, corrupt and disgraceful prevarication. The United States, which prides itself on being the most brutally powerful nation on earth, has a military class which is either irremediably corrupt itself, or else stands in awe of this small clique of criminals who have been running rings round them and the whole world. This has to stop. America is making a fool of itself before the rest of humanity due to its arrogance and serial failure to bring these agentur criminals to book in a decisive manner. This is long overdue and should be addressed at once.

25 March: Investigators advise, in the foregoing context, that this desperately crooked operation represents a fraudulent ‘backfilling’ attempt to resolve the problem of some $200 trillion worth of unsecured US dollar-denominated subprime debt languishing at US banks. The scam implies that the financial cleptocracy has indeed reached the end of the road, and is flailing around in the financial underworld sewer trying to ‘fix’ the problems that they created over the years, which they thought could never catch up with them.

Most of these operatives will have been basing their complacency upon the ‘greater crook’ theory, which postulates that as long as a bigger crook is perpetrating the identical crimes, it is safe to continue perpetrating them because ‘if they can do it, so can we’. In the United States, intelligence cadres perpetrating these financial crimes imagine they are covered by the provisions of the National Security Act, which condones criminal operations and is therefore rightly considered to be a ‘crooks’ charter’. The coming purge should also include root-and-branch reform of this legislation.

26 March: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. inform the principals that European associates have stated that warrants for mass arrests will be issued by 6:00 pm EDT in Frankfurt, Germany, if the authorised release of the Wanta Settlement funds turns out, once again, to have been aborted and stopped. It is said that the funds are supposedly to be released by 1:00 pm EDT.

26 March: Investigators advise that there has still been no release of the funds. In this context, the Ministry of State Security chief, Chertoff, is reported to have wriggled: ‘We’re not holding any money… We don’t know of anybody who is owed any money…We don’t know anything about any money’. This is extraordinary, given that Homeland Security is itself engaged in financing huge operations vastly in excess of its congressionally mandated budgetary appropriations. It is also pathetic, given that Chertoff’s deep involvement in these obfuscation operations has been monitored in ‘real time’ for months past. Perhaps these people holding high office really are blinded by the power they think they wield. Or are they just conveniently schizophrenic?

26 March: European associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the Settlement funds MUST have been distributed by 6th April, before any scheduled attack by the United States can be undertaken against Iran, and that this is the agreement that has been reached with President G. W. Bush. We are of course reporting the truth: do not shoot this messenger.

26 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. now advises as follows (paraphrases):

‘Everyone hates the White House because of its wall-to-wall deceit and lies’.

‘European bankers are not going to release any funds to the US economy until Ambassador Wanta is paid the $4.5 settlement funds that have been illegally withheld’.

27 March: Investigators inform the principals that the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels has been raided, as described in our posting dated 5th April [see Archive on this website] and declared to be a ‘criminal enterprise’.

The dawn raids involved over 150 agents from, and operating simultaneously in, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Italy. See the website posting of 5th April for full background.

[Note: This disgrace did not prevent the President of the European Union, Jose Manuel Barroso, from addressing the bewildered and misguided Institute of Directors in London a month later, on 26th April, asking British industrialists and business to ‘back European reforms’, all unspecified. No reform ever takes place of the EC’s internal anti-fraud procedures run by OLAF, the EC anti-fraud Commission, which exists almost exclusively to obfuscate and cover up institutionalised financial fraud in the European Commission’s structures. The Institute of Directors has become another pro-EU (and therefore pro-institutionalised EU corruption), agitprop enterprise].

Following the dawn raids in Europe, it is reported that a large haul of secret bank account details were seized and that, as a direct consequence, the secret offshore bank accounts of 1,500+ operatives ‘inside the Beltway’ have been frozen, as reported by this service on 5th April 2007. Separately, recipients of ‘packages’ with ‘blue cards’ that supposedly authorise financial transfers in settlement of CIA Omega scamming operations, discover that the cards are completely useless, and it is rumoured that this reflects the fact that no such remittances will be allowed until the Wanta Settlement funds are paid.

28 March: European associates ‘in the know’ inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the Bush II White House is in complete sclerotic disarray and that, following all the deceit, lies and obfuscation over the Wanta Settlement that has been its primary preoccupation for months, no-one there knows how to react in the context of the European police raid [reported by this service on 5th April], and that the White House is now fearful that similar raids will be undertaken in Washington next, as the belated global cleaning-up operation gathers momentum.

As matters stand, Wantagate has certainly matured into a vast juggernaut that none of its corrupt sponsors can control any longer – reminding us of what happened when the Sorcerer’s Apprentice couldn’t turn off the faucet and could not activate his master’s magick broom either.

28 March: European associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the delayed $4.5 trillion “Wanta Settlement funds remain located atCitibank in New York City, and are appropriately unencumbered under the name ‘Leo E. Wanta’”.

28 March: European associates now advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that several key European countries are taking legal action to file a Class Action Levy against the reprobate George W. Bush Administration for non-payment of the “Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol” funds, which must be remitted out of the Settlement funds, as undertaken by the Ambassador.

28 March: European associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Her Majesty the Queen has despatched sharp letter to President George W. Bush and the US Treasury Secretary pro tempore, Henry M Paulson, asking for immediate settlement of the Wanta Plan funds. It may be added that Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta knows Her Majesty, and received an honorary knighthood from her prior to his illegal ‘takedown’ on 7th July 1993, in recognition of the singular services he rendered to the United Kingdom in earlier years.

28 March: Investigators advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the “Beltway Groups” are a complete mess. They believed themselves to be ‘bulletproof’, but 26 of their number were arrested on 27th March during raids reported to have taken place in Washington, DC.

29 March: A US Treasury compliance officer advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Ambassador Leo Wanta or Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., will be contacted with regard to the imminent release of the long seized and delayed $4.5 trillion Settlement funds to the Morgan Stanley Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

29 March: Investigators report that according to ‘the Agency’ (collective noun covering the CIA, Department of Homeland Security, et al), the funds and accounts are “stocked and ready for release today”, at 10.30 am Eastern Daylight Time.

29 March: A US Treasury compliance officer advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “written authorisation to release will be given to him after 4:00 pm EDT today”, and that US Treasury Secretary Paulson will sign off on the said release.

29 March: Investigators start advising AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that $4.8+ trillion will be transferred, but not all in one tranche.

29 March: A US Treasury compliance officer informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that ‘US Treasury Direct has received approval for $500 billion to be ledger C.H.I.P. S.W.I.F.T transferred, and that this procedure will take 3-4 hours at a minimum via S.W.I.F.T.’.

Of course this latest attempt at obfuscation, now focusing on an apparent sudden intention to remit the funds (which are fully intact as stated above), in dribs and drabs, bears no relation to earlier undertakings, which have all turned out to be false.

29 March: Investigators now advise that the aforementioned “S.W.I.F.T./US Treasury Direct process” has suddenly become the ‘preferred methodology’ for implementation of payment. This method of transfer would not involve the Bank of New York, Wachovia and the Federal Reserve, so wouldn’t that be a good idea?

29 March: European associates now inform an associate of the Principals that:

The British financial system will be ‘shut down’ on Friday 30th March for at least 8 hours. The Editor was in New York at the time, but heard anecdotal reports of employees in London being unable to cash end-month salary checks at their banks on that date.

The reason proffered for this sudden general shutdown was that it was necessary to “test the new electronic transfer system” (= Citibank, New York City to Brussels to Citibank New York City to the Bank of England). This explanation failed to convince anyone. Ordinary bank customers were left without any coherent explanation at all. The actual reason for this shutdown was that the White House and the Treasury needed cover for their preplanned expropriation of $4.8+ trillion from the Bank of England [see also above], which has bankrupted the British central bank, according to European banking sources.

This was an act of Economic Warfare perpetrated by the United States against its closest ally, suggesting that the United Kingdom should take appropriate retaliatory measures [see above].

29 March: Investigators advise the Principals that $500 billion has already been despatched via “S.W.I.F.T./US Treasury Direct” and that this amount has been placed “on the books at the Bank of England”. No-one is now bothering to explain why $4.5+ trillion payable since May 2006 to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta has not yet been credited to his Virginia-based corporation’s Securities Account with Morgan Stanley in New York.

30 March: But then, all of a sudden, investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the $4.8+ trillion has been placed “on the books” in Citibank’s system, but is booked with ‘Agency’ [CIA] commercial PRIVATE BANKING accounts with Citibank, New York City. What is happening is that these obfuscatory manoeuvres are being monitored in more or less real time, with the perpetrators presumably aware that we will in due course publish details of these deliberate manoeuvres; yet they seem nevertheless prepared to take the risk, on the basis of the aforementioned ‘greater crook’ theory, which postulates that it is OK to commit crimes provided that more senior officials and bankers are doing so too. And they MUST have known that the expropriation of $4.8+ trillion from the Bank of England would not go 'unreported'. So it's an ACT OF ECONOMIC WARFARE.



30 March: A US Treasury compliance officer (surely, a weird title for such officials in the prevailing context, surely) advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “the Wanta Settlement funds were not sent anywhere” and are still intact at Citibank, New York City. Thank you very much.

30 March: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “the $4.5 trillion Wanta Settlement funds have not been released from Secretary Paulson’s fiduciary responsibility” and have therefore not been moved.

30 March: Citibank officials now advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “a lot of money booked in Citibank national security accounts is now MISSING AND CANNOT BE ACCOUNTED FOR in accordance with the relevant banking compliance regulations”.

SO, the $4.8+ trillion has been STOLEN?

Late News (01 May): Its whereabouts are known and have been monitored/traced in 'real time'.

30 March: Investigators advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Vice President Richard Cheney and the former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, are now accusing each other of stealing the $4.8++ trillion from the Citibank, Bank of New York and Bank of England accounts. So you thought Armitage had disappeared to Afghanistan, never to return, did you? Well what happened, actually, was that, having ‘got out of town after outing Valerie Plame’, this serial Omega official criminalist US drug trafficker duly set up his so-called ‘import-export agency’ in Kabul, like he announced that he would, established the criminal US Government poppy trading operation after paying the farmers through the nose to sow poppy seeds, and after re-establishing the Afghan drug business and making a further fortune for himself, re-inserted himself back into clandestine USG operations back home – despite the foul language he had reportedly directed against Ms Rice prior to his departure to Kabul. This creep is one of the most evil of all the Luciferian mafia drug operatives associated with the US Government, a shamelessly amoral drug trader who should spend the rest of his life in the US GULAG contemplating cockroaches, which he resembles.

31 March: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. informs the Principals that the Chinese authorities are officially pressing the Bush Administration to release the Wanta Settlement funds and that the Chinese Government will indeed be inviting Ambassador Wanta or Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., to China to participate in a joint venture capital markets operation, as previously mooted.

02 April: European associates advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Deutsche Bank was heavily involved in the currency exchange operations of 29th and 30th March 2007, which resulted in the diversion of $4.8+ from the Bank of England.

02 April: European associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Homeland Security gauleiter Chertoff is currently under investigation for preventing [= US usage; UK usage: perverting] the course of Justice on SIX (6) counts in the context of the continuing frauds, to procure non-payment of the Wanta Settlement funds.

03 April: Deutsche Bank compliance officers advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that a crackdown on non-compliance off-the-books operations in Europe is now taking place. This is separately confirmed by British press reports.

03 April: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advise as follows:

Deputy US Treasury Secretary Kimmitt has insisted that written authorisation to release the Wanta funds will be forthcoming today.

Officials at the Pentagon advise that “everyone” has signed off for the Wanta funds release to occur today. Their word is no more reliable, of course, than anyone else’s.

Chinese associates reveal that a large volume of US dollars has been gathered for and on behalf of Ambassador Wanta and US Congressional war funding (this is precisely as was reported to the Editor of this service).

03 April: Associates further advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that:

The United States, driven by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, plan to attack Iran at 4:00 am on 6th April, but that funds must be released to Ambassador Wanta prior to the planned attack. Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) has also been stressing that an attack is planned for 6th April 2007.

Both former President George Bush Sr. and Her Majesty the Queen are most annoyed and upset that Ambassador Wanta was not paid today.

Both President George W. Bush Jr. and Vice President Cheney had just been ‘spoken to’, and given the choice of implementing the Wanta Settlement payment, or else spending the rest of their lives in jail. On further investigation, the Editor has established that this is a mild version of what was actually conveyed to the President and the Vice President from certain parties (see immediately below). Not to put to fine a point on the matter, these operatives were advised that they must release the payment, or ‘cease walking around’.

The ‘counsel’ came from Alpha-Omega compartmentalised sources at the highest levels in Britain, Germany and other capitals. It was also pointed out that the original $27.5 trillion of funds of which the Ambassador is the sole Principal had increased in value (as reported last year) to at least $70 trillion [although it must surely be significantly higher by now: – Ed.] and that while the Ambassador is to receive $4.5 trillion, the remaining, say, $65.5 trillion, is, as we reported in successive earlier assessments, to be ‘distributed’ within the banking system or left in situ at the banks ONLY if the ‘counsel’ mentioned above is heeded by the White House.

Since the criminalists show no signs of yielding, we may all wake up one morning to discover that the newspapers make very unpleasant reading. [01 May: Substitute 'WILL' here, for 'MAY'].

04 April: Against this background, investigators advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Department of Defense officials have observed “private C.H.I.P.S.” moving towards destination accounts for release. Oh really?

04 April: Associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that other Pentagon officials have observed funds moving from account to account today, but that the funds are NOT available for release to the Ambassador’s corporate Securities Account with Morgan Stanley, New York.

05 April: As previously suggested, a full-time obfuscation team must surely by now be engaged in generating fresh excuses on not merely a daily, but by now almost an hourly basis, in order to keep the fog of criminal disinformation from lifting and thereby exposing the open-ended scamming and private enrichment operations that are taking place behind the scenes.

Associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Vice President Richard B. Cheney has finally given authorisation for the release of the Wanta Settlement funds, once the British ‘hostages’ have been released from Iranian custody. HOWEVER:

Once the ‘hostages’ had been released, the brazenly duplicitous and lying Mr Cheney stopped the authorisation and release process.

US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi is returning to the United States from the Middle East and Europe, with written authorisation from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to pursue an Article 25 ‘removal process’ applicable both to President George W. Bush and the Vice President Richard Cheney given the serial criminality over non-payment of the Wanta Settlement.

05 April: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. inform the principals that the Chinese Government and Governments of certain European countries had been advised by the White House on 4th April that the Wanta Settlement had been paid. However the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. with Morgan Stanley, has not received the funds.

It appears that the White House has taken to adopting the device of lying brazenly to foreign governments, impervious of the consequences. That would be a logical progression, given that the Bush II White House has lied, deceived, double-crossed, obfuscated and manufactured diversionary smokescreens to mask its open-ended, illegal exploitation of the Leo Emil Wanta Settlement funds since June 2006, making President Bush’s ‘core principles’ rhetoric in the stupid email he sent to Ambassador Wanta on 24th April not merely hollow, but open to sustained ridicule – given that its language diverges 100% from this President’s actual behaviour, as is unravelled in these reports. It is also testimony to the intellectual Lilliputism of the operatives concerned, that they cannot even comprehend how inanely hypocritical their public protestations now appear.


05 April: Investigators now advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that verification has been obtained confirming that Vice President Cheney has been systematically blocking, and continues to block, the Wanta Settlement funds from being released by Treasury Secretary Paulson. The same sources also confirm that people are being blackmailed and bribed in large numbers by Vice President Cheney, Philip Perry, Michael J. Chertoff, and other rats in this pack of serial Omega charlatans.

06 April: A US Treasury compliance officer advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the banking codes in the C.H.I.P. account have been replaced so that the $4.5 trillion+ can be “ledger drawn down on the C.H.I.P.” directly to the Securities Account of Morgan Stanley held by AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. with Citibank, New York City.

10 April: Associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Pentagon officials are now saying that large volumes of funds were shifted during the preceding night (of 9th April), and that preparations are being made to fund the Congressional/White House Iraq Supplementary Appropriations Bill.

10 April: A US Treasury compliance officer advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that once again, no authorisation had been received, as had been ‘scheduled’.

No payment was remitted to the Securities Account of the Ambassador’s Virginia-based corporation with Morgan Stanley, New York City.

11 April: European associates advise that the Deputy Finance Ministers of the Group of Seven (G-7) countries have confronted US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Dr Ben Bernanke concerning key observations by United States Supreme Court Justices regarding the continuing non-payment of the Wanta Settlement, and the reactions of member nations of the International Court of Justice.

No doubt one of the points that will have been discussed in this context is the wholesale collapse of international trust in any undertaking given by any US official in any context – a conclusion reached by President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin when, in late April, he set about conspicuously tearing up bilateral agreements with the United States in retaliation for having been endlessly double-crossed and lied to by the Bush White House over the Wanta Settlement and consequent non-payment of the funds to be released to foreign governments thereunder by the Ambassador.

11 April: European associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that “we are being used by President G. W. Bush with Congress to get what President G. W. Bush Jr. wants (Iraq war funding with no withdrawal dates) before he will release the Wanta Settlement funds”.

However this represents only a fraction of the reality, which is that, from deep inside their mental bunker, where they are trapped as a consequence of their scheming and serial deceit and double-crossing greed and dishonesty, Bush and Cheney are making damn sure that everyone else finds themselves as irretrievably trapped as they are. This will become clearer as this narrative unfolds further. They are also perpetrating vile Economic Warfare operations against the United Kingdom, which merit decisive retaliation by the British Treasury. AND they want the Iraq war 'black hole' to continue indefinitely, not least as a financial no-man's land for 'Black Ops' financial scams.

In the meantime, bear in mind that the continuing fog of disinformation thrown up as this crisis expands, is intended to provide cover for the colossal frauds, blackmail, criminal operations and Financial Warfare that are being perpetrated by these mad US clowns.

12 April: European associates advise that a full-scale quasi-national tax fraud investigation is now in progress and is focused on the non-payment of tax on off-balance sheet US dollar funds held in offshore accounts throughout Europe. This is immediately confirmed when the Inland Revenue announces a tax amnesty against the holders of offshore accounts resident in the United Kingdom, expiring on 22nd June 2007. The only carrot offered under this amnesty is that the penalty will be restricted to 10%.

12 April: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the Swiss Banking authorities are now “cracking down” on bank fraud. They are paying special attention to fraudulent operations conducted by Bank of New York, Barclays Bank in New York and the United Kingdom, Wachovia, First Union Bank in New York City, etc, calculated to defraud the United States and the legal beneficial owners of the funds in question.

It has also emerged, and has been revealed to investigators, that the CEOs of Wachovia and Barclays Bank have direct knowledge of, and participation in, such fraudulent banking operations. The CEO of Wachovia accordingly received an appropriate warning about this criminal activity.

13 April: European associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Interpol and Europol have joined in the international tax fraud investigation into off-balance sheet, untaxed offshore US dollar accounts. They also inform the Principals that the White House is in total disarray, and that there are distinct signs of panic, with officials ‘squealing’ on others, to save their own hides.

14 April: Associates now inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that a “Special Committee” consisting of members from both the Senate and the House of Representatives, formed to monitor and press for a resolution of ‘Wantagate’ – which all concerned recognise is now roiling the entire political and financial communities both domestically and abroad – has placed the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke “on notice” to comply with the payment authorisation regarding the Wanta Settlement and to cease collaborating with the White House to obfuscate the issue.

In response, Dr Bernanke informed the Committee that President George W. Bush Jr. is directly and personally responsible for issuing repeated instructions for non-payment of the Wanta funds.

Now that this has been authoritatively clarified, US law enforcement has no excuse for any further prevarication. And we understand that the prevarication may indeed have stopped.

14 April: Investigators advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that the President of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, has now been identified as having been “running” PRIVATE World Bank accounts for members of the Bush II Administration, using diverted proceeds derived from the illegal money laundering operations connected to exploitation of the withheld Leo Wanta Settlement funds.

Investigators further advise that Wolfowitz holds dual passports (of the United States and Israel), and is thus a citizen of both the United States and Israel. (Your correspondent was brought up to believe that it is not possible for a foreign passport-holder to occupy an official position in the United States, as Wolfowitz did when he was a senior US Government appointed official. If that no longer applies, your correspondent would like to apply for the position of US Treasury Secretary).

It is later confirmed that Wolfowitz’s predecessor, James Wolfensohn, was engaged in similarly illegal financial transactions using the World Bank facilities to exploit the $27.5 trillion of funds owned by Ambassador Wanta as sole Principal, which the criminalist operatives have co-conspired with crooked bankers to exploit, leverage, collateralise, hypothecate and otherwise abuse, on the basis of the CIA’s lie that Leo Wanta was dead.

Thus, when he ‘ceased to be dead’ with effect from 21st July 2005, Mr Wolfensohn, a complacent operative par excellence, must surely have been among those who, upon learning about this fact, may have missed a few nights’ sleep contemplating the possible implications should these criminal financial operations ever be exposed.

The unmasking of Paul Wolfowitz, under cover of the old story about the financial favours he orchestrated for Shaha Riza, his girlfriend (who must now be concerned for her own safety, one would have thought) has the obvious potential to lead straight back to Wolfensohn.

17 April: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Vice President Cheney claims to be operating under cover of a Presidential order from President George W. Bush Jr., not to pay the Wanta Settlement funds to the Ambassador or to anyone else, contrary to Bush’s formal written undertakings as specified in the classified May 2006 agreement with the Ambassador.

This document is privileged and is covered by national security legislation, H.R. 3723 and other relevant provisions. The Editor asked again, for the record, whether it could ever be published, and the answer is that it cannot, for reasons especially of national security, but also for the key purpose of protecting private business secrets in accordance with H.R. 3723.

17 April: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advises that Chinese associates are now present in the United States and will remain there until Ambassador Wanta has received the Leo Wanta Settlement funds of $4.5 trillion as a deposit in the Ambassador’s Virginia-based corporation’s Morgan Stanley Securities Account.

17 April: The State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue now issues a ‘Notice of Warrant Filing’ addressed to Leo E. Wanta (received by the Ambassador on 19th April 2007. A copy of this 'tax' document is faxed on 19th April to this Editor). This latest version of the aberrant State civil tax assessment against the Ambassador is for the sum of $46,129.21. The detailed background to this central matter was described in our posting dated 20th March 2007, which as previously noted may be accessed on this website: Home Page, Archive.

The documentary background of this phase of the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo scam is hereby re-summarised immediately below. Please note that the Ambassador had received no notification of any State tax ‘due’ since the THIRD protest payment by Attorney Steven Goodwin on 21st July 2005, which duly triggered Ambassador Leo Wanta’s ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE from Probation, even though of course he never committed any crime, as the criminal conspirators will shortly be obliged to acknowledge in the light of developments.

1. Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section [] writes to Leo Wanta on 30 October 2006 [received by Leo Wanta on 2nd November 2006] as follows:

Dear Leo Wanta: In view of the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on your appeal of the Income Tax assessment made by the department dated January 29, 1996, I must ask you to send us your remittance now (as indicated on the enclosed Notice of Amount Due). Please return the Notice of Amount Due with your remittance. Sincerely [sic!], Signed, Gregg T. Frazier [signature], Chief, Central Audit Section []: GTF:K1P:A923REVC2B3460/Enc. A923 (R.8/96). The letterhead on this communication reads: State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Audit Bureau, 2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8908. Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8908; Telephone: 608-266 2772; TTY 608-267 1049; Fax: 608-267 0534;

2. Enclosed with this communication from Frazier was a computer print-out ostensibly from the WI Department of Revenue (although its name is not stated thereon), labelled ‘Amended’, displaying the following computation:

12- Regular interest: 1988: $21,594.30; 1989: $7,581.12; Total: $29,175.42
13- 50%/100% penalty: 1988: $10,249.00; 1989: $3,880.00; Total: $14,129.00*
14- Total amount due: 1988: $31,843.30; 1989: $11,461.12; Total: $43,304.42

The computer print-out was annotated in handwriting as follows: ‘Per Wisconsin Supreme Court Order Dated December 30, 2005’. The Ambassador had never been informed of any such Wisconsin Supreme Court Order. One reason he was not so informed was no doubt that the amount illegally demanded had of course been paid by Federal Attorney Steven Goodwin’s check on 21st July 2005 (a copy of the processed front and back of which is held by this Editor and in certain other secure locations internationally, and of course by Attorney Steven Goodwin himself at his Richmond, VA office). Another possibility is that Wisconsin State Department of Revenue communications to the Ambassador following the payment of the funds to the Department of Corrections on 21st July 2005 were corruptly withheld from Leo Emil Wanta, a state of affairs which, if it were to emerge in any discovery process, would render the perpetrator(s) liable under the pending R.I.C.O. action as co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of further fraud against the Ambassador and the Courts.

3. On 1st December 2006, a ‘Statement of Account’ in the sum of $43,304.42 subtitled ‘Individual Income Tax’ was issued by the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue to Leo Wanta. Although dated 1st December 2006, this document was received by Leo Wanta on 30th December 2006. The spurious amount was ‘payable’ by the end of December 2006! It contained the following details:

Filing period: 12/31/1990: Interest: $29.175.42; Penalty/Fee: $14.129.00*; Period Balance: $43,304.42. FACTS: (A): Leo Wanta became a lawful resident of Vienna, Austria, per the Vienna Court’s decision, with effect from June 1988, having been resident abroad on high-level US Government business and therefore out-of-State since 1985, so that he could never have been assessable to any valid Wisconsin State tax for the periods cited; and (B): Leo Wanta was languishing in the US/Wisconsin GULAG and then under Wisconsin house arrest and on probation from December 1993 until 14th November 2005, having had all his very modest personal financial assets seized from him, and his house sold at a knock-down price without his agreement and the proceeds stolen (it is now lived in by a Wisconsin State Attorney), so that he could therefore never have been in a position to pay any tax, even if it had ever been due, which was never the case.

Please follow this thread carefully because there is a sensational development to follow…

4. On 16th January 2007, the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued a ‘Notice of Overdue Tax’ addressed to Leo E Wanta, labelled ‘Date of Assessment: January 1, 2007; Period Assessed: 31-Dec-1990; Individual income Tax; Amount due: $46,119.21. ‘Interest’ of $2,814.79 had been added to the spuriously demanded amount of $43,304.42 referenced above. This document was received by Leo Wanta on 18th January 2007 and was faxed to this Editor on that date.

* $14,129 is of course the PRECISE AMOUNT of the illegally charged State civil tax assessment settled by Leo Wanta under protest from Singapore TWICE by Wisconsin local Attorney checks in 1992, and settled for the THIRD time via Attorney Steven Goodwin’s check for $30,626.97 proffered by him IN PERSON to WI Corrections Agent Michelle Riel in Wisconsin on 21st July 2005, using funds provided from scarce private resources by this Editor on behalf of the Ambassador: see again our posting dated 20 March 2007 and the 24-page Wisconsin Taxation Gestapo Supplement to International Currency Review, Volume 31, #s 3 & 4.

This part of the narrative is continued with entries dated 19th-27th April 2007, when a document surfaces which will cause the entire ‘Wantagate’ conspiracy to unravel.

18 April: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advises that he has been informed by Chinese associates that Chinese and French diplomatic officials are cooperating pro-actively to procure release of the Wanta Settlement funds to the Ambassador.

18 April: An associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. informs the Principals that Deutsche Bank officials have been exerting continuous pressure on their German offices to clean up the off-balance sheet US dollar accounts that have not been charged to US or German tax.

The officials advised that Deutsche Bank “exploded” over the depositing of the $1.0 trillion of US Treasury backed debt obligations placed with Commerzbank in “off-the-books” bank accounts (the ‘assets’ being based upon usurped US Treasury resources commandeered for illegal private gain from the White House and the US Treasury).

So in other words, the arrangements with Deutsche Bank were contravened by means of separate (and illegal), parallel arrangements with Commerzbank – revealing the White House/Treasury's further duplicity and untrustworthiness as it plays one bank off against another (not that this should, surely, have come as any surprise to the hardened Deutsche Bankers concerned).

The notorious Commerzbank deposit arrangement, exploiting the PUBLIC resources of the US Treasury, we repeat, was orchestrated for PRIVATE self-enrichment purposes: see above. But the reason for Deutsche Bank’s “explosion” of anger is that this arrangement manifestly fell wholly outside arrangements agreed upon separately between Deutsche Bank and the White House and the US Treasury, and suggested that the White House had favoured Commerzbank with this corrupt deal. The illegal $1 trillion deposit was placed at the direction of President G. W. Bush Jr., Vice President Richard Cheney, Philip Perry, and US Treasury Secretary pro tempore, Henry M. Paulson Jr., and other US operatives.

19 April: A US Treasury compliance officer admits to an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., that (and we quote):

“Something is wrong inside the Treasury, since no authorisation is forthcoming despite the constant calls into the Treasury from US and foreign Government officials demanding the payment of the Wanta Settlement funds to AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.”.

It should by now have dawned upon those concerned that the global monetary furniture is indeed being rearranged, amid continuing US criminal financial operations, with one objective being to ensure that the most powerful and ruthless criminal ‘players’ emerge from the biggest financial corruption and monetary scandal in world history, with maximised ill-gotten wealth and immunity from the consequences. This is not going to happen.

Another factor underlying this crisis is the global banking war that ‘Wantagate’ has triggered, as institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland are hard-driven by their intelligence community handlers to try to grab as large a volume of real deposits and instruments held in accounts legally and legitimately owned by Ambassador Wanta as possible, so that when the new ‘clean’ regime is consummated, the institutions holding the broadest spread of such ‘real’ assets will survive, with others going to the wall.

In parallel with all this, a ruthless intelligence war is being waged between the United States and Britain (see also below), with British intelligence driving the Royal Bank of Scotland to prevent Bank of America (the CIA’s main bank) obtaining control of Wanta accounts and closing the door to future scrutiny. And that is only one of many similar considerations that are conflicting this truly horrendous monetary crisis.

Is the monetary showdown a prelude to a military confrontation? Evidently President Putin, who is disgusted with the White House’s never-ending duplicity and lies, thinks so.

19 April: Sources advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that investigators have again revealed that an illegal money-laundering conduit authorised by the White House reads as follows:

Deutsche Bank, New York City, to the CIA’s Bank of America, California, back to Wachovia Bank, New York City, to the Federal Reserve’s Interbank Settlement Fund, to the Bank of England (Birmingham), via Carl Daniels, to Barclays Bank, London.

Barclays Bank and Wachovia (‘walk-over-ya’) Bank have been busted for the money-laundering operation described immediately above, by the Swiss Banking authorities.

We now reveal further evidence of Financial Warfare waged by the Bush-Cheney White House against the United Kingdom, which, not solely in our view, amounts to an Act of Economic War and implies that the ‘Special Relationship’ is redundant mythology:

The merry-go-round money-laundering circuit described above uses the Bank of England’s putative gold reserves as pledges for guarantees.

But the cabal of fraudsters, including Carl Daniels, sold the Bank of England’s official gold for US dollars and then liened the funds with payment-in-kind securities. Moreover it appears that officials at the Bank of England may have complied with US ‘instructions’.

The net effect of this was that the corrupt banks operating this scam authorised by the Bush-Cheney White House have siphoned off the Bank of England’s real gold reserves, in exchange for fiat funds.


On 30th April we were informed that $4.8 trillion was expropriated by the United States, with inside corrupt assistance, by the United States Government, following the sale of the Bank of England’s gold. It was placed with Citibank.

This $4.8 trillion central bank heist was perpetrated during the shutdown of the British banking system to the banking public, ostensibly to ‘test the new electronic transfer system’.

During such banking system blackouts, there is no accountability and no record of the transactions taking place behind the scenes. The United States committed an ‘Act of War’ by stealing resources from the Bank of England. THE BANK OF ENGLAND MAY NOW BE BANKRUPT, AS INTENDED BY THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE U.S. TREASURY, ON BEHALF OF DVD, DACHAU. On 30th April 2007, we were informed by European banking sources that it IS bankrupt.

A further extraordinary component of this dimension of the crisis, noted above, is that Carl Daniels, an employee of the Bank of England, appears to have been taking instructions from the White House to sell the Bank of England’s gold. If this is anywhere near the truth, Carl Daniels, and the entire Board of the Bank of England, should be arrested for treason and fraud against the United Kingdom and its people.

Deputy Commissioner John Yates, of Scotland Yard/City of London Police Fraud Squad:

And if, as is likely, it transpires that the Bush-Cheney White House has orchestrated and planned this clever scam against the Bank of England, we and others would consider this operation indeed to represent an Act of War. In that event, the United Kingdom should consider severing diplomatic relations with the United States, should kick the US military out of the bases that it uses on British soil, and should in innumerable other ways indicate in no uncertain terms that normal relations will not be restored until such time as the present reprobate incumbents of the White House have been physically removed from office, replaced by honourable servants of the United States, and the Wanta Settlement has been paid [see above].

For this represents nothing less that a cynical, poisonous ‘Black Ops’ counterintelligence offensive perpetrated against the central bank of a supposedly close ally. So far as we and most other informed observers are now concerned, there is no such thing as the ‘Special Relationship’, and any documents that assert the contrary should be torn up forthwith.

It is now perfectly clear that the Bank of England has been targeted to be ‘taken down’. This being the case, this crisis has now escalated to a point of unprecedented tension between the reprobate US Federal Government represented by a criminalised White House on the one hand, and the United Kingdom under partially corrupt and confused leadership on the other.

Also irretrievably antagonised by these criminals in the White House are the Governments of Germany, Russia, France, Austria, the Netherlands, China, and probably Canada and Australia.



U.S. BLACKMAIL AGAINST THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY: It is now evident that a US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) operative, handled therefore by ‘the Agency’, quite possibly also on behalf of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, has been deployed to destabilise and blackmail the Royal Family, although we also believe that this is not the sole US operation of this nature against the British Monarchy. We refer specifically to the quite dreadful state of affairs confronting Prince Andrew, a distinguished British naval officer, whose alleged weaknesses have been ruthlessly exploited in part by a 24-year-old ONI playboy from New York called Paolo Liuzzo, who was carefully inserted into the Duke’s family entourage and started dating under-age Princess Beatrice. In 2004, this ONI gigolo had been placed on probation for assault following a drunken brawl in which another youth had died. He later broke the conditions of his American parole ‘and I started taking Bea with me on business trips to Europe. I was looking for investors for a club I was starting to help disadvantaged youth’. Have we said enough?

This Paolo conman somehow contrived to live in Eaton Square, one of the most expensive locations in Central London, with a young ‘Count’, Alex Clavel, in an apartment notorious for hosting all-nigh raves. Press reports of this scandal have alluded to a drugs dimension. In the background is the decadent Sarah Ferguson, who was ‘loosed’ from the Royal Family years ago, but has mysteriously returned and is said to be ‘motoring through’ Prince Andrew’s funds, consuming several million pounds annually on her excesses.

The reason this bad woman is kept around is that she knows a great deal and literally ‘cannot be got rid of’. What she knows is the primary focus of the blackmail that the evil US Office of Naval Intelligence, on behave (we believe, of DVD) is directing against the Royal Family/the Monarch in a complex ‘Black Ops’ offensive. Because Fergie is ‘there’, her known absence of morality has been exploited by this ONI creep to prostitute an under-age Princess, and of course in the process to conduct close-range counterespionage against Prince Andrew and the Royal Family generally, given Fergie’s knowledge of certain sensitive matters that might prospectively be exploited to blackmail the British Monarch, in the minds of these evil people. This explains why Britain caves in to every unreasonable demand of the United States, including submitting to the unequal and unjust bilateral extradition treaty, and going along with such aberrations as the illegal invasion of Iraq.

This background of US proxy blackmail may also explain why scams such as the brazen raid on the Bank of England’s gold have proved ‘successful’. The decimation of the Bank of England’s gold reserves implies that the pound sterling will in due course collapse – which ‘just happens’ to be what the Pan-German Nazi Continuum, DVD Dachau, is aiming at.

Such a development would provide the orchestrated pretext for the abolition of the pound sterling and its substitution by the European Collective Currency, which is actually backed by no Government at all.

That is the European monetary essence of this intelligence and banking crisis, folks.

19 April: Associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that process of service (delivery of a subpoena brought under the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court) has been attempted on several occasions, in order to provide Vice President Cheney with notification of action being taken against him in person. Up to this date, Cheney has avoided being served, on each occasion. This Vice President is reliably reported never to reside at Blair House, but always elsewhere (try Waynesboro, PA, per Cryptome). He is seen from time to time in the Senate, over which he presides as ‘Speaker’.

We now learn the following:

SHOOT-OUT AT THE WHITE HOUSE: On 18th April, when an attempt was made to implement process of service under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court against Vice President R. B. Cheney, gunfire was heard at the southwest corner of the White House compound. The briefly reported episode was described in terms of two White House guards’ guns having ‘accidentally’ been fired.

Of course, that was a fabrication. What actually happened was that when an attempt was made to serve the Vice President with the Supreme Court subpoena, the White House guards opened fire and wounded two agents (Gold Badges). It is believed that a third agent was killed.

So we now have the first confirmed incident of violence in Washington D.C., a development which conforms with our expectation posted earlier.

In all likelihood, absent a change of hard heart at the White House, this is precisely how matters will end: IN A D.C. CIVIL WAR.

19 April: Investigators inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that at 4:02 pm Eastern Daylight Time, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg signed an enforcement document requiring release of settlement funds (including the Wanta Settlement funds), withheld by the White House, without further ado. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is deservedly held in the highest regard everywhere.

19 April: A US Treasury compliance officer advises an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that a “clear channel” of communication had been identified from Cheney to Treasury Secretary Paulson to compliance officers for Wanta Settlement authorisation, which was to occur shortly.

This channel has turned out to be so ‘clear’ that it is invisible.

20 April: Associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that Vice President Richard Cheney has stated that he “won’t accept any subpoena from anyone”, implying with crystal clarity that he considers himself to be above the law and can do exactly as he pleases.

Normally, arrogance of such proportions precedes a calamitous fall; and there is no reason to believe that this normal pattern will not eventuate in this case.

20 April: A US Treasury compliance officer informs an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that verbal authorisation to release the Wanta Settlement funds will be provided after 4:00 pm, Central Daylight Time, by Deputy US Treasury Secretary Kimmitt.

So, all of a sudden, no written authorisation is necessary: the Treasury has ‘gone verbal’. Whoever thought up this claptrap?

20 April: Chinese official associates advise an associate of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that both Chancellor Mme. Angela Merkel and a senior Chinese Minister had admonished US Treasury Secretary Paulson for withholding payment of the Wanta Settlement funds, in the course of a pre-Group of Seven (G-7) meeting held today.

[19-]20 April: Given that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have continued to press for payment of the old $14,129 (plus massive extras) for the FOURTH time, the Editor renews his contact with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to which the Attorney check for $30,626.97 proffered in person by US Federal Attorney Steven Goodwin in April 2007, was remitted, leaving 3 messages on the Department’s voicemail, with the following outcome:

From: Dipko, John A  –  DOC; To:; Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007 10:45 pm; Subject: RE: Leo Wanta:

‘Mr Story: I am in receipt of your April 19, 2007 voice mail and I understand you attempted to reach Communications Specialist Alec Loftus. Questions regarding the actions of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue need to be directed to that agency. Thank you.

John Dipko, Public Information Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections: (608 240-5060)’.

We thought that Mr Dipko’s choice of the words ‘the actions of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’ were carefully chosen for our close consideration, and this deduction turns out to have been correct [see entry at 27th April below].

21 April: In response to Mr John Dipko’s email dated 20th April [see above], the Editor replied by email to the Public Information Director of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as follows:

From: Christopher Story FRSA
Cc:; ; ;; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2007 1:10 am; Subject: Leo Wanta:

No, this is quite incorrect. Following the Hon Judge Michael B Torphy's Restitution Order, the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue has nothing to do with the matter since the Department of Corrections and the probation staff, have had 'ownership' of the case, as you know very well.

Therefore, I am entirely within my rights to ask your Department to intervene with Mr Roger Ervin [the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Ed.], and I request that you now speak immediately with Mr Matthew J. Frank [the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue] to that effect. You have stated in writing to me that your Department sent the check for $24,900.91 on 4th August 2005, and it is up to your Department to procure confirmation from the Department of Revenue that they duly received the payment and banked the check.

In any case, this matter has escalated now and you will have received a detailed email from me to Meredith Helgerson, spokesperson for the WI Department of Revenue, which has been copied to appropriate parties [see APPENDIX below]. You are passing the buck: your Department accepted the funds and your State Department is accordingly responsible for the correct and appropriate disposition of them. Furthermore as you will doubtless have learned from our website [Home Page/Archive: report dated 20th March 2007], I personally provided the funds from scarce private resources with which Attorney Steven Goodwin paid your Department: I therefore have an interest in this matter, and so far as I am concerned, my funds, loaned to the Ambassador, appear on the face of it to have been stolen or else misappropriated.

Please, therefore, procure that Mr Frank addresses this issue as a matter of extreme urgency immediately with Mr Ervin, as I can assure you that this affair may cause immense damage to all concerned in the very near future since this scandal cannot and will not be allowed to continue. You were very helpful with your email to me dated 10th November 2006: please be of further assistance now and grasp the severity of this matter so that it can be brought to an immediate conclusion. It is obvious that the Department of Corrections is responsible for the disposition of the funds: so it is, I repeat, up to your Department, as the lead WI Department in the matter, to sort this out without further bureaucratic stonewalling and buck-passing. Thank you for your courtesy to date. Christopher Story FRSA

23 April: DELEGATES ‘STORM OUT OF G-7 MEETING’: Associates of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. advise that both the French and the Chinese representatives attending the Group of Seven (G-7) meeting (expanded to include China here) ‘stormed out’ after having very severely admonished the US representative for having played fast and loose with the funds belonging to the Ambassador, for the United States Government’s endless duplicity and lies, and for having still not paid the Wanta Settlement, blocking the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol payments to specified foreign Governments.

24 April: At 12.17 am the Editor, having spoken on two occasions to Ms Meredith Helgerson in the Communications Department at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, sent a summary of the two conversations in question, to this Wisconsin official at 12:17 am London time. The text of this email is given below as an APPENDIX to this report.

24 April: At 8:50 pm, Mr John Dipko, Public Information Director of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, emailed a reply to this Editor’s email dated 21st April, which contained the following:

’This week, we "re-confirmed" payment of the checks by our agency to the Department of Revenue and the Wisconsin Public Defender's Office in the amount of $24,900.91 and $4,167.64, respectively, in accordance with the restitution order on file for Dane County criminal case 1992CF000683’.

Recall that the sum of $24,900.91 represents the original amount of $14,129 plus interest and penalties falsely stated by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to be outstanding, even though it was paid twice in 1992.

On 10th November 2006, at 10:36 am, Mr John Dipko had emailed the Editor as follows:

‘Our records indicate that Mr. Wanta made the $30,626.97 payment that you referenced.

The Department of Corrections collected the money from Mr. Wanta and then dispersed two separate checks dated August 4, 2005 totalling $29,068.55: one in the amount of $24,900.91 payable to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and the other in the amount of $4,167.64 payable to the Wisconsin Public Defender's Office. The remaining $1,558.42 accounts for fees and surcharges that had been assessed to Mr. Wanta. Mr. Wanta discharged from Department of Corrections supervision on Nov. 14, 2005’.

Thus the Editor now possessed TWO written statements from the Public Information Director of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections confirming formally that the Department had duly remitted the sum of $24,900.91 to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections by official check dated 4th August 2005. See entry at 25 April below…

24 April: Associates advise AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that a service of process on Vice President Cheney had again been attempted today. On this occasion, the Vice President slipped away with the assistance of his Secret Service agents, to avoid service. These Secret Service agents are doing their job, but at the same time they are protecting this criminal and are helping him to avoid service, thereby obstructing the course of justice. Put another way, they are preventing a known criminal from being brought under the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court, which may mean that they are co-conspirators.

25 April: The Editor emails Mr John Dipko, Public Information Director of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue in the following terms:

Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 00:18:11 +0100

To: "Dipko, John A - DOC"

Subject: Re: Leo Wanta

Mr Dipko: Thank you for your response below.

I demand that you provide me forthwith with a time-stamped receipt to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue confirming that the Department of Revenue duly received the sum of $24,900.91 paid by your Department per your Department's check dated 4th August 2005.

Failing prompt provision to myself of such a receipt, I am advised that you will personally be considered a co-conspirator to a R.I.C.O. violation in the context of this matter.

You may fax the necessary time-stamped receipt from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to the Department of Corrections to my London, UK, fax number, which is as follows: 01144207-233 0185. My London address is:

Christopher Story FRSA, Managing Director,
World Reports Limited, 108 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2EF United Kingdom

25 April: Associates inform AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. that more than one Group of Seven (G-7) member has formally notified the Bush-Cheney Administration that they have 48 hours (or until 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Friday 27th April 2007), to effect the Wanta Settlement, thereby facilitating the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol payments. Specifically, the Chinese authorities have indicated that they intend to dump their US Treasury holdings immediately onto the market. To elaborate:

The G-7 Government’s Notice warned of imminent measures detrimental to the financial and commercial interests of the United States, which can include freezing American bank accounts, seizing other assets, and selling US Treasury securities. It was further believed that at least one other G-7 Government issued a similar official Notice to the White House.

The Chinese Government has separately conveyed a formal (written) DECLARATION, by way of NOTICE, that failing the White House procuring the Wanta Settlement payment within the deadline, measures will be taken to order the sale of US Treasury holdings.

At the close of business on 25th April, no payment had been made to the Securities Account of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. with Morgan Stanley at Citibank, New York.

25 April: The Board of the World Bank express their lack of confidence in Paul Wolfowitz as President, and instruct him to resign. Their reasons for this have little to do with the ‘public consumption’ story surrounding Shaha Riza, but everything to do with the illegal use of World Bank facilities to “run” funds diverted from Ambassador Wanta.

Wolfowitz continues to resist [as of 01 May 2007] resignation, even after this latest blow, which followed the demand by one of his deputies that he should step down immediately. He has probably been asked to stay put by the White House, but this bravado ‘front’ is expected to collapse.

No World Bank President can possibly remain in place without the support of his Board, let alone the staff; and this has been decisively withdrawn.

26 April: A communication is received by Leo Wanta from 20/20 Financial Consulting Inc, out of Broomfield, CO, offering ‘immediate relief from tax harassment’ and beginning as follows: ‘As you are probably aware, a State tax lien was filed against your assets on April 17, 2007 in the amount of $46,129.00’. This represents, of course, a libel against Leo Emil Wanta, since no State tax is due and, as shown below against 27th April 2007, we have obtained proof of payment of the civil tax assessment paid by with this Editor’s private funds, in the form of a copy of the relevant check from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

The Wisconsin Tax Gestapo have ‘goofed’ again, by disseminating libellous information about the Ambassador; and needless to say, this latest indication that they couldn’t care less, is being incorporated within the R.I.C.O. legal action going forward against the Wisconsin authorities.

27 April: The Wanta Settlement payment had not been made by 2.00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (subsequently extended to 9.00 pm EDT), so a further run on the dollar, followed by rapidly escalating international financial tensions, is now inevitable.

The US stock market, inflated because so much fiat money has been laundered into it by panicking holders of untaxed fiat money assets held offshore, is displaying numbers that have no connection with underlying reality – a symptom of the extreme gravity of this crisis, against which we have been repeatedly warning for a year now.

A replay of 1929 may have become unavoidable, as the operatives inside the White House bunker, having either deliberately or through their own arrogance and 'too clever by half' stupidity set the international financial system on the path to self-destruction, console themselves with the Hitlerian thought that, if they are to go down, they will do their best to ensure that they pull everyone else down to monetary Hades with them.

27 April: At 21:14 pm, the Editor receives the following communication from Mr John Dipko, Public Information Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections:

‘Mr Story: In response to your request dated April 24, 2007, attached is a copy of the check to document the transaction between the Department of Corrections and the Department of Revenue. Again, the issuance of the check was in accordance with the restitution order on file…. John Dipko, Public Information Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections (608) 240-5060’.

In the email version of this website posting, we attach the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' pdf which shows images of the front and back of their check dated 4th August 2005 made out to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections HERE. If you wish to review this pdf, by all means send the Editor an email using the CONTACT US facility on this website, and we will forward a copy of the pdf to you. We are calling this check the CHECK MATE check.
Production by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections of the front and back of their check P0524844/16184456 dated 4th August 2005 for $24,900.91 (twenty-four thousand nine hundred US dollars and 91 cents) made out in favour of Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Attn: Karen Sawicki, 718 W Claire Mount Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701, confirms that Mr John Dipko, on behalf of the Department of Corrections, was accurate when he stated in his emails cited above that his Department had duly sent a check for $24,900.91 to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Indeed it can now be stated that the Department of Corrections appears to have behaved correctly throughout, according to documentation.

The same cannot be said of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which we have sharply criticised both in print and in our website posting dated 20th March 2007 [see Archive].

As indicated, this Department has continued to demand THE IDENTICAL $14,129+++, with its latest document, entitled Notice of Warrant Filing asserting that Leo Wanta owes $46,129.21, demanding THE SAME MONEY (+++) that was paid per the Department of Corrections’ check for $24,900.91, using this Editor’s private funds, as referenced above. Again, the demand reiterates a request for THE SAME $14,129 (plus extras) that was paid under protest TWICE in 1992, and A THIRD TIME on 12st July 2005.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ check provides definitive Proof of Payment, not least given that the payment to the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue was made by a component of the Wisconsin State Government itself. The reality is that the Department of Revenue never had any right to collect tax from Leo Wanta within the timeframe cited.

Since it has therefore been demonstrated that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s continuing claims for the same funds are fraudulent, and since it can be and has been separately proven by ourselves that all the previous State civil tax assessments and demands for tax perpetrated by the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue against Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta within the timeframes specified have also been fraudulent and form part of the identical ongoing ‘takedown’ fraud, it follows that the entire basis of the illegal takedown of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta is hereby demonstrated to be a sham, and that the Ambassador is indeed a victim of what is now being referred to at high levels in Washington, D.C., as ‘a miscarriage of justice’.

The WI Department of Corrections’ Proof of Payment check has of course, as indicated above, been incorporated within documentation forming the basis of the R.I.C.O. case that is now being brought forward on behalf of the Ambassador in US Federal Court.

With the consequent unravelling of the ‘Wisconsin dimension’ of this scandal, the entire domestic and international financial community has taken decisive notice that the cover-up of the worst financial corruption scandal in WORLD history can no longer be sustained. The juggernaut cannot be reined back, and events will have to take their painful course. AS THEY WILL.

28 April: At a conference in Brussels, the US Deputy Treasury, Robert Kimmitt, made a conspicuous point of refusing to comment on the continuing depreciation of the US dollar, which is a specific consequence of this crisis, driven by the malevolent intransigence of the US Treasury and the White House. Instead, he told reporters that only his boss (pro tempore), Henry M. Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, is in any position to make public comments on the dollar on behalf of the US Treasury. ‘There is only one person who can speak about the dollar…. I will leave it there’, Kimmit said. Being interpreted, this meant as follows: ‘If you want to know why the US dollar is dropping like a stone, you’d better speak to the top official who is orchestrating and responsible for it. It’s nothing to do with me’.

We can hardly have been the only observers to attach significance to this cop-out.

The appreciation of the Euro on the dollar-Euro axis, reflecting the adverse consequences for the US dollar of the reckless criminal behaviour of the US Treasury Secretary and the White House in illegally exploiting the Leo Wanta Settlement funds, is about to destroy Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) which underpins the European Collective Currency (the Euro).

This can hardly have been the intention of the Pan-German Nazi Continuum strategists (DVD, in Dachau) when they planned on orchestrating these events through their apparent puppets in the present White House, who probably have no clue that they are in the process of destroying the long-range Eurasian hegemony strategy of their Nazi mentors. But the reality is that, due to the macroeconomic pressures now being exerted, for instance on the Spanish economy, by the Euro’s inordinate appreciation, the Spanish authorities are being forced to tighten monetary policy into an accelerating downturn driven by the Euro’s appreciation, without the flexibility to devalue their exchange rate as was possible prior to imposition of the EU Collective Currency. The former European Commission monetary official, Bernard Connolly, now global strategist for Banque AIG, says that “Spain faces a cycle of recession, deflation and widespread private sector default – a depression in fact”. The situation in Greece is comparable, and Portugal is not far behind.

The Euro is ‘stronger’ than it was in mid-1995, when two Italian Ministers called for a return to the lira. France is squealing under the burden of the Euro’s strength, with house prices falling in January, the motor industry in trouble, and continued losses of Eurozone exports share. The French cannot be expected to sit out deflation, and will (rightly) prefer to abandon the Euro. Inflation is taking off in Germany, with house prices rebounding and pent-up demanding bursting out so that Germany will need higher interest rates soon.

As for Spain, Miguel Fernandez Ordonez, Governor of the Bank of Spain, testified before the Cortes (parliament) in late April 2007 that ‘the single monetary policy has meant that excessively loose conditions for our economy have been almost continuous’. The consequent Spanish boom has been associated with house price inflation since 1995 of 270%, and an increase in household debt from 75% of disposable income to 133%. But the Euro’s ‘strength’ has suddenly impacted the construction and real estate sector, with the share price of the Valencia-based builder Astroc crashing by 62% in a single week.

In other words, as we predicted on 2nd September last year, the degradation of the US dollar arising from the corrupt operations orchestrated from the US Treasury and the White House is indeed in the process of destabilising and prospectively destroying the Eurozone, a process that will occur much more rapidly, in the absence of the Leo Emil Wanta Settlement, than complacent analysts probably realise. One reason for this is that the latest ‘false’ appreciation of the European Collective Currency on the dollar-Euro forex axis follows a prolonged period of economically unwarranted Euro ‘strength’, so that the new currency market pressures are liable to become the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’.

As for the bankruptcy of the Bank of England brought about by the criminal operations perpetrated against it by the White House, this ‘Act of War’ represents a catastrophic development that will tear the remnants of the ‘Special relationship’ apart, just as Gordon Brown takes over power as Prime Minister. And here’s the rub.

This is a carefully planned operation orchestrated by DVD, Dachau, through its PROXY agents in the US intelligence community and the White House, designed to prevent the new Prime Minister from undertaking the coup he has been preparing during the years he has served as Prime Minister-in waiting: to remove Britain from the European Union Collective.

The intention of the secret German-US co-conspirators has been to make it impossible for the pound sterling – an impediment to the globalists’ ambitions – from remaining in existence, and to force Gordon Brown to ditch his EU exit plan, in favour of ditching the now unbacked pound sterling instead, and to replace it with the Euro.

But, as is always the case with German secret strategic intelligence operations, these swine have miscalculated. Because the corrupt operations, closely coordinated with Deutsche Bank, to exploit Ambassador Wanta’s funds and to fabricate endless delays in meeting the Settlement, are inducing terminal pressures on the Economic and Monetary Union which is the central component of their Eurasian hegemony strategy. The likelihood is that the Euro system will indeed start to disintegrate, just as the criminalists think they have got Britain cornered. While there will be pressure in London to cover this calamity up for ‘confidence’ reasons, the expropriation by these corrupt Americans of $4.8 trillion from the Bank of England is hereby exposed, in the hope and expectation that Britain will at last retaliate against these swine in a manner that will force them to regret their actions.

Furthermore, these maniacs have severely underestimated the likely determined response of the incoming Prime Minister. During the Second World War, when Hitler tried to obliterate London to smithereens, the response of Londoners and the British people generally was to stick two fingers at Hitler and to manufacture miniature chamber pots with Hitler’s image on the bottom (the Editor has two of these memorabilia). It can be taken for granted that this will be the kind of response to be expected this time round. The British have, for some reason, a very long fuse. But when that fuse snaps, woe betide anyone standing in their way.

In case the meaning of the above escapes anyone, we imagine that Mr Gordon Brown’s response to this outrage will be to proceed full steam ahead with his intended course.

WEAK AMERICAN GENERALS SAID TO BE TERRIFIED: The Editor was informed on 30th April that ‘the US Generals are terrified’. It is understood that in order to keep the restless American Generals ‘in line’, the Dark Forces ‘inside the Beltway’ and in the Virginia area are targeting their children and grandchildren. But the juggernaut of this crisis may force the US military to act, sooner rather than later. They had better get moving – finally.

There are five further factors of interest that emerge from this analysis and summary:

1. What lies behind the daily, almost hourly, fabrications, obfuscations, ‘preparing to settle’ reports and elaborations, of which the most recent batch is reported in our diary format above? Here’s one underlying explanation. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) system having been shown to be susceptible to bribery and other imperfections (not least the tell-tale refusal of the US criminal government structures to sign up to its provisions), its partial effectiveness nevertheless has the potential to cause extreme embarrassment, irritation and inconvenience to arrogant US officials, as Paulson duly discovered when he found his wrists encased in cuffs in Germany, as reported by this service last December. Not least because of this partial effectiveness, there is a continuing need for the ICJ to be ‘mollified’, and this requirement is being ‘satisfied’ by means of the device of constantly conveying the (hitherto false) impression that settlement of the Wanta Plan is imminent. This is believed to ‘get the ICJ off our backs’, buying time for further patchwork solutions intended to circumvent the inevitable Wanta Settlement and make more fiat money.

2. The Banking War: As noted above, a banking war, proxy for a phase of the ongoing, white-hot international intelligence war, is taking place. The ‘mainstream’ media, having failed to absorb or even to inform itself about ‘Wantagate’, appears to have no clue about any of this, confining its commentaries to such idiotic assertions as that put forward in The Sunday Telegraph on 29th April to the effect that ‘the world’s biggest banking scrap is all about people’. If ridiculously shallow assessments such as this are the best that modern British financial journalism can offer, our substitution of the word ‘sidestream’ media for ‘mainstream’ appears to be well justified.

The FACT is that the battle for control inter alia of ABN Amro is in reality a struggle for the control of the multiple legitimate bank accounts owned by Ambassador Leo Wanta as sole Principal.

The bank accounts belong to some of his Title 18, Section 6 corporations, which are LEGITIMATE US Government corporations established offshore under the provisions inter alia of President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Executive Order 12333, which authorised US intelligence officers, in accordance with their instructions, to establish corporations both onshore and offshore, for the purpose of conducting intelligence operations on behalf of the US Government under contract with the CIA or whichever agency needed their services.

This is not the way that your correspondent would have proceeded had he been President of the United States, but it is an accurate historical statement of the situation.

As such, these Wanta accounts hold real assets, on the proceeds of which tax is payable to the US Treasury upon their repatriation. Prior to their repatriation, Leo Wanta reported each year to the General Accounting (now ‘Accountability’) Office, so that the authorities always possessed financial information concerning the assets held in these accounts prior to repatriation.

By contrast, secretly established offshore accounts holding untaxed fiat money generated through the illegal conspiratorial exploitation of the Ambassador’s legitimate USG Title 18 Section 6 entity accounts do not represent assets upon which the banks can rely, because their sources of funds cannot be verified, as is about to be tested.

Specifically, these accounts are to be subjected to taxation demands by the various metropolitan authorities, after which their self-styled ‘beneficiaries’ will be required to justify ‘source of funds’ and will be unable to do so without incriminating themselves. Therefore, having now at last fully understood the extreme gravity of the situation they face, institutions are scrambling to ‘own’ the ‘real asset’ accounts belonging to the Ambassador, because many other ‘offshore’ accounts have been frozen and must undergo the two-stage procedure identified above.

The banks competing for the Ambassador’s accounts are clearly also driven by their intelligence services, which is why we are correct in stating that the banking war is proxy for a phase of the white hot international intelligence war that is raging out of control.

3. ‘Transparency’: It is ironic that shareholders who have been making their views known at Extraordinary General Meetings of the relevant institutions have been focusing as usual upon obtaining the best price for the shares they own, whereas of course the General Managements and Boards of Directors in question are secretly focusing primarily upon obtaining control over the Wanta accounts, as discussed in 2 immediately above.

This of course means that the officers of the banks that we have in mind are FAILING TO DISCLOSE TO THE SHAREHOLDERS WHAT THIS BANKING WAR IS ALL ABOUT, which further means in turn that the shareholders are being misled. Shareholders reading this account of events may decide that it would be appropriate to take legal advice about this.

4. THE U.S. ‘ACT OF WAR’ AGAINST THE UNITED KINGDOM VIA THE BANK OF ENGLAND: In 2004, a US West Coast intelligence operative whose identity is known to this Editor commented to a certain contact that the UK was targeted for financial destruction. The comment was made in the context of his day-to-day knowledge of the illegal financial operations that have been manufactured inter alia on the basis of the exploitation of Ambassador Wanta’s funds. Although this US operative, being a Dark Actor Playing Games, purports to ‘work for’ a certain well known Democratic figure, in actual fact, given the internal geometry of the criminal US ‘Box Gang’, he ‘works’ for the US Pan-German Nazi Continuum CIA cadre serving the Nazi interests of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, which exists in order to implement the ‘Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’. Great Britain, which he hates (not least because he has been precluded from entering the United Kingdom), is rightly regarded as an impediment to the final achievement of that Luciferian objective. The Editor concludes from this that the gross financial operations which have resulted in the Bank of England’s gold being stolen, WERE PREPLANNED BY THE WHITE HOUSE, operating as proxy for the DVD – as would be logical since George H.W. Bush Sr. remains indeed the head of that Luciferian Pan-German ‘Black’ intelligence entity.

5. Europeans come to the ‘rescue’ of the Bank of England: It is equally ironic that, aware of the evil ‘Financial Warfare’ coup that has been perpetrated, with inside help (see above) against the Bank of England by the criminal US authorities, leading European institutions have reacted by pouring huge ‘previously fiat’ financial reserves into the Bank of England, to prevent its collapse in the face of the White House’s unprovoked malevolent attack.

The reason for this is that it is ‘too much’ even for the basically antagonistic European Union Governments, to contemplate the collapse of the Bank of England, which would of course have worldwide ramifications and ‘unanticipated consequences’.

Late intelligence: It is understood that this ‘rescue’ operation may not have been successful, but that, simultaneously, British special agents have tracked down the expropriated $4.8+ trillion. It is to be expected that US bank accounts in the United Kingdom will, at a minimum, have to be frozen.

The Editor would like to see the American Ambassador ordered to leave London at once with his entire diplomatic staff until such time as the illegally expropriated $4.8+ trillion is restored and the illegally delayed and diverted $4.5 trillion owing to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta since June 2006 is duly paid into the Securities Account with Morgan Stanley of his Commonwealth of Virginia-based corporation AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.

Failing the necessary outcome, the Editor would then order all American military to leave the United Kingdom within seven days, and would sever diplomatic relations with the United States. Arguments to the effect that this would consummate what the collaborating covert Nazis and the covert Soviets have always aimed at, can safely be ignored for the time being, pending the prompt resolution of this crisis. Neither the Germans nor the Americans can do without the British in the medium term, so such arguments lack any merit in this situation.

We hope that the US military and/or law enforcement authorities will take the necessary steps to bring this crisis to a halt. Otherwise the cumulative consequences for the whole world will indeed become terrible to behold.

We have received a number of unpleasant emails from Americans whose noses appear to be out of joint because a ‘hated’ Brit has paid for the Ambassador’s release from the US GULAG, house arrest and probation. NOW would therefore appear to be the moment for this Editor to say what he thinks about this dimension of the matter. The unpleasant fact is that no American, in any capacity, was prepared to raise the rather modest amount of $30,626.97 to procure the necessary overdue outcome, and to ‘move’ this crucial matter forward. The provision of these private funds was not an act of heroism on the Editor’s part, but rather one of extreme necessity, even desperation. Before, therefore, opinionated correspondents accuse this ‘Brit’ of intermeddling in the domestic affairs of the United States, please take note of the following simple facts: (1) No American was prepared to lift one finger on behalf of the Ambassador; and (2) This is not a domestic US crisis, it is a colossal international financial corruption crisis brought about by the stinking corruption and criminality of the clique that seized control of the US Federal Government many years ago.

So do not, please, complain that you are being helped to achieve what, for some quite inexplicable reason, you appear to have been quite incapable of doing for yourselves – even while also waging Financial Warfare against the United Kingdom, supposedly your closest ally.

The following is the full text of the Editor’s email to the Communications Office of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue dated 24th April 2007. Please note that this email was of course sent out BEFORE the Wisconsin Department of Corrections disgorged their check for $24,900.91 dated 4th August 2005 on 27th April 2007, as reported above (= CHECK MATE).

Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ;; ; ;

Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 12:17 AM

Subject: Record of Telephone Conversations 20 April 2007 with Meredith Helgerson: with added detail FYI: RE AMBASSADOR LEO WANTA

Dear Ms Helgerson

Re: Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta and the behaviour of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue generally notwithstanding Judge Michael B. Torphy's Restitution Order and Absolute Discharge from Restitution effective 14th November 2005: refer to Title 18 USC Section 4: Misprision of Felony in all dimensions of this specific case and generally: Repeated illegal Wisconsin State Civil Tax Assessments for the same amount of $14,129 (paid under protest THREE TIMES, in May and June 1992 and again on 21 July 2005: now illegally demanded a fourth time) of a non-resident of the State of Wisconsin/USA: see inter alia the 24-page Supplement published with International Currency Review Volume 31, 3/4 (November 2006) and further: Home Page/Archive posting dated 20th March 2007.

I refer to our telephone conversation today timed at 7.30 pm London (UK) time today, and thank you for your courtesy in taking the call and for confirming that Roger Ervin, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, will telephone me concerning the matter of your Department's repeated illegal multiple civil tax assessment billings for the same amount of $14,129 (+) and its 17+ years-long harassment of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, who has been a lawful resident of Vienna, Austria, since June 1988 and therefore is not and has not been during the tax periods cited in your documentation liable for any Wisconsin State tax at all. (I was directed at 7.23 pm London time today to call your number 608-261 2271, by Ms Terry Alexander of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue).

I asked you why your Department has raised the same civil tax assessment against Ambassador Leo Wanta on three separate occasions and has taken and banked the three checks concerning the same amount of $14,129 (+), of which the front and reverse of each check are held by myself and others, and why your Department has continued to demand, with interest, the same amount a fourth time, notwithstanding specifically that the full amount was paid under protest the third time on behalf of the Ambassador, to the Department of Corrections by Attorney Steven Goodwin on 21st July 2005.

For your further information, by way of reminder, John Dipko, Public Information Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, confirmed to me in his email dated 10th November 2006 timed at 16:36 pm UK time that on 4th August 2005 his Department sent to your Department a check by way of full settlement in the amount of $24,900.91 payable to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, thereby settling in full the third illegally and incorrectly demanded civil tax assessment amount of $14,129 (plus interest etc) which had already been paid twice under protest as 'nuisance payments' in May and June 1992, as confirmed by the documentation on file and as documented in the transcript of the County Court of The Hon Judge Michael B. Torphy Jr./Dane County, Wisconsin/USA.

As a consequence of the third protest payment, on 21st July 2005, of the same illegally raised civil tax assessment, following the decision in this matter of Judge Michael B. Torphy Jr., Mr Matthew J. Frank, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, issued a DISCHARGE effective 14th November 2005 ordering that 'Leo E. Wanta is discharged ABSOLUTELY'.

Per Judge Michael B. Torphy's Restitution Order all 'obligations' to the State of Wisconsin (albeit charged illegally and apparently corruptly quadruplicated by the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue), have been paid in full.

The Department of Revenue has nothing to do with this matter, has no right to be involved, and as stated the Ambassador has in any case been discharged from restitution ABSOLUTELY since 14 November 2005.

Notwithstanding the above, I gather that the Ambassador should have received a Satisfaction of Judgment document but that he has not been provided with it, which, given that the Department of Corrections sent your Department $24,900.91 in full settlement on 4th August 2005, is clearly felonious. This is especially the case, given that Mr Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, enclosed with his letter to the Ambassador dated 30th October 2006 demanding a fourth payment of the same civil income tax assessment, an 'amended' printout annotated in handwriting: 'Per Wisconsin Supreme Court Order Dated December 30, 2005', an 'order' of which the Ambassador had and has no knowledge, since he, your victim, was not served with any such Wisconsin Supreme Court Order at any time.

This further means, in plain British English, at any rate, that Mr LeoWanta has no obligations whatsoever to the State of Wisconsin and that any Wisconsin State Civil Tax Assessments against Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, a non-resident of the State of Wisconsin/USA since June 1988, are spurious, illegal and intermeddle with the Hon. Judge Torphy's Restitution Order and subsequent Discharge signed by the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

We also hold of course copies of (a) the receipt Number 2270992 PP signed by Wisconsin Department of Corrections Agent Michelle Riel referring to Attorney Steven Goodwin's check number 1098 for $30,626.97 and confirming that the Department of Corrections duly received his check on 21st July 2005, from which the above payment of $24,900.91 to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue was taken; and (b) a WI/DOC computer printout dated 22nd July 2005 signed by Agent Michelle Riel marked 'Paid in full 7/21/05', referencing the amount of $30,626.97, which self-evidently further confirms payment in full to the Department of Corrections, which is the lead Department in this matter given its 'ownership' of Judge Torphy's Restitution Order and the administration thereof throughout.

Although you represent or are the spokeswoman for the Department's Bureau of Communications, you resorted to the statement that you cannot comment on the tax affairs of a (purported) individual taxpayer and you reiterated this statement four or five times, even though I was able to understand you the first time.

However the purpose of my enquiry is also to elicit an explanation of your Department's behaviour generally, arising out of this scandal, so that we can be in a position to report on this matter to the international financial community accordingly.

The purpose of your office is presumably to communicate, not to block press enquiries, as you have done on this occasion. I pointed out several times that the issue is not just the spurious purported WI State tax affairs of Leo Emil Wanta, but also, as a consequence thereof, the ethical and possibly criminal behaviour of your Department. You then stated that 'I am familiar with your connection with Mr Leo Wanta', and also indicated that you had read or seen our recent website report on this matter, dated 20th March 2007, posted on Home/Archive.

Later in the conversation you stated that you are not familiar with the detail of the case.

The detail of the case, including the full text of Mr Dipko's email to me dated 10th November 2006, is posted on our website as stated above and was earlier elaborated in the 24-page Supplement that was published with International Currency Review, Volume 31, Numbers 3 & 4, last November, for the benefit and information of the international and US domestic financial, intelligence and political communities.

I further reminded you that on 3rd November 2005, when I also spoke with you, I spoke to Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section, concerning these issues, and that in the course of that same conversation he indicated to me that 'I will have to look into the matter'. He made this statement to me twice in the same telephone conversation.

At about 8.40 pm UK time today you telephoned me on 1-800 661 4809 and stated that you had contacted the office of the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Roger Ervin, and that he had instructed you to tell me that (quote) 'he will not make any comment on the Wanta case', thereby of course specifically commenting on the Wanta case and indicating his familiarity with it.

In this second conversation I reminded you that you had stated specifically that Mr Ervin WILL call me.

You made that statement twice. I therefore asked you why you had said this, and you replied that you had 'checked with the Secretary', which is not consistent with what you stated to me in the first telephone conversation of today's date (see above). I had been led to believe by you that Mr Ervin WILL telephone me about this matter and you have not complied with your earlier statement.

I also reminded you, in our second conversation today, that you had informed Mr Richard N. Goldberger, a journalist in Utah, that the Wanta 'file is closed'. Specifically I have an email confirming this, from Mr Goldberger, dated 20th January 2007 (timed at 13:15 pm UK time).

You responded: 'I apologise'.

When you stonewalled in the second telephone call above, I again pointed out that this matter is broader than the issue of a purported individual taxpayer's spurious tax affairs, as it impinges upon the ethical and possibly criminal behaviour of your Department. The facts are the facts, and they are fully documented, with the necessary copies held in multiple locations. I closed by stating that, given your Department's obvious stonewalling and failure to assist my enquiries, there are many ways to skin a cat, meaning that other avenues, I understand, will therefore be followed in order to bring this matter to the appropriate outcome.

Should you and your colleagues decide, in the light of the above and on further consideration, that it would be helpful for your reiterated and specific undertaking to me that Mr Roger Ervin will telephone me, to be fulfilled, I will of course be very pleased to take his call on 1-800 661 4809.

Yours sincerely, Christopher Story FRSA
Investigative journalist, Editor and Publisher

For the sake of good order, we reproduce again the list of Statutes etc. of which the officials and institutions in question remain in breach. This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and total contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s funds:


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

•  Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
•  Anti-Drug Abuse Act
•  Applicable international money laundering restrictions
•  Bank Secrecy Act
•  Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
•  Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
•  Economic Espionage Act
•  Hobbs Act
•  Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
•  Maloney Act
•  Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC]
•  Money-Laundering Control Act
•  Money-Laundering Suppression Act
•  Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
•  Provisions pertaining to private business transactions
being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
•  Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [FISA]
•  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
•  Securities Act 1933
•  Securities Act 1934
•  Terrorism Prevention Act
•  Treason legislation, especially in time of war

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

•  Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or the earlier Wanta Crisis reports. We are a private intelligence publishing house. Subscriptions to our services may be entered by pressing SUBSCRIBE against the selected publication title, and following the ultra-safe web payment procedure. We have no subventions apart from our subscriptions and books income, and cannot spend unproductive time on Internet discussions. If you would like to enter into formal consultation arrangements with the Editor on a fee-paying basis, you need to go, in the first instance, to the Global Analysis Limited section of this website and send us details about your requirements. We charge for our time and cannot provide free advice on any of these issues. This has been a straightforward business operation since 1963, and has nothing to do with any outside sponsorship.



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