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Paul supporters reach into their pockets

Supporters of Ron Paul are putting their money where their mouth is — the Internet....the campaign said it expects to exceed the $2.4 million haul it brought in during the second quarter...a day later $170,000 had been raised, with additional donations coming in at a rate of a little more than $10,000 every hour. Currently amount donated has reached over $331 thousand. Donate today and give hope for America!

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Ron Paul Switch Parody

This is a parody of the apple switch commercials that were on a few years ago. I hope you think I'm as funny as I do.

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RonPaul2008 Live $500,000 Boost Challenge: Raise $500,000 by September 30, 2007 Is On the Move

Over $320 thousand dollars donated so far with 4 days and 16 hours left to go. Live updates!

Visit and donate today!

Spread the word.



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Mark Adams to be on Jim Fetzer Radio Show September 26, 2007 (Today)

Dear Reform Activists:

If you are interested in election reform, media reform, or judicial reform, you might want to check out Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio show on the Genesis Communications Network on Wednesday, September 26, 2007.  I will be a guest, and we will be discussing the need for election reform, the Holt bill, and the failures of the courts and Congress to allow a full and complete investigation of the contested 2006 elections.  His show runs from 5:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern on Tuesdays through Thursdays.  The link to the web site is and you can listen live at on Network 4.

I represented Clint Curtis, John Russell, and Frank Gonzalez in contesting their alleged losses in 2006 in Florida State court and in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Our contest was instrumental in exerting the pressure to pass a paper ballots law in Florida which at least gives us something to count if someone can find an attorney who will file a lawsuit or a contest.  However, these contests were dismissed WITHOUT any review of the evidence and contrary to the law as well as the rights of the candidates and voters to have the votes counted.

If you are wondering why you didn’t hear about this, it could be due to the media cartel’s refusal to cover election fraud and judicial corruption.  If you want judicial reform, you need to realize that without assurance that the votes are counted, you will not be able to elect leaders who will respond to your demand that judges should follow the law or be removed from power.  Finally, if you want media reform, you need fair elections to elect leaders who will help break up the media cartel, but you can also help by turning to independent media sources like and Genesis Communications Network and spreading the truth about what is really going on.

Do you want to restore and preserve our democracy, or do you want to entrust it to those who would continue to use secret vote counting machines which are unreliable, expensive, and unnecessary?  If you are for the Holt bill, think about your position and how easy it would be to restore and preserve our democracy with a bill mandating paper ballots and public vote counts.  If you are for fair elections, spread the word like Paul Revere before Holt passes and the powers that be claim that they have “fixed” our elections.  (Imagine Bush, Cheney, et al., smiling like the Grinch and laughing sinisterly every time they hear this repeated.)

For more information, please see my commentary on Op Ed News about How to Take Action on Holt and Fix Our Elections at and see how easy it is to let your Congressional representatives know that you want to restore fair and verifiable elections.


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

P.S. Please pass this along to your contacts.



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Brits for Ron Paul

Our friends in England who have the same problems with an unresponsive govt. send encouragement and offer support

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Register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary

Don't be a pawn in our broken voting system. Take control and help make the 2008 presidential ballot a win-win choice.

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Ron Paul Song! Go Shelby Lindley! Awesome Song For Ron Paul!

A friends sent me this video of her daughter singin
’ for Ron Paul. How awesome!
If this don’t warm your heart then it’s probably not beatin’

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More Stupid Censorship and Manipulation by GOPStrawPolls (part of GOPBloggers): Re: Removing Ron Paul from their Straw Poll

GOP removes Ron Paul from straw poll, replacing him with "None". "None" wins straw poll.

From another:

Notice that if you go one month back in the straw polls, Ron Paul rocked the polls to the extreme. They removed him, which means they removed the candidate polling most highly on their own site. If there isnt something wrong with that, I dont know what can be wrong. These are the statistics for first choice candidates among voters last month. He was also the only one who got a positive acceptability rating on their poll last month.

Paul 15075 (57%)
F. Thompson 4577 (17.3%)
Romney 2197 (8.3%)
Giuliani 985 (3.7%)
(none) 914 (3.5%)
Gingrich 657 (2.5%)
Hunter 594 (2.2%)
Huckabee 468 (1.8%)
Tancredo 368 (1.4%)
Brownback 333 (1.3%)
McCain 196 (0.7%)
T. Thompson 49 (0.2%)
Gilmore 29 (0.1%)

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September 22, 2007 Message from Ron Paul + Help Raise $500,000 by September 30 Challenge,.

September 22, 2007

Message from Ron Paul

The end is nigh. Of the third quarter of 2007, that is! And I need your help to make sure that our campaign gets a big boost. At the end of the second quarter, on August 1, we had more money than McCain, and we got a million dollars worth of free publicity.

This time, we can get 10 million dollars worth, IF we have good results to announce on October 1, and therefore the resources to build for the future.

After all, our ideas have never been needed more. The Federal Reserve is killing our dollar, the war is killing our soldiers, police-state methods are killing our civil liberties, and the income tax and bureaucratic meddling are killing our economy.

But there is hope for America in the ideas of this Revolution. What progress we are making, all across this country, among all groups. The mainstream media may ignore us, but we are winning strawpolls, drawing huge crowds, getting local media, moving up in the regular polls (a lagging indicator, of course), organizing, dominating the internet, and preparing the way for the early caucuses and primaries.

As our opponents begin to falter, and the undecideds grow in strength, this is our time. When people learn about our ideas and our work for them, they join the Revolution. So my job is to make sure they learn!

But I can't do this job alone. I need you. Please, reach out your hand and clasp mine. Our country is at stake, our children's future and ours is in the balance. Make the most generous contribution you can, and make it soon. Help me go into October with a roar. Help me build this campaign as it must be built.

A 13-year-old said to me the other day, "Dr. Paul, you are the hope of my future." No, I told her, but this Revolution is. Will she grow up in a poorer, more socialist, more militarist, more oppressive country? Or the free country you and I love?

Let's work together with all our strength for the Constitution, for America, for all our people, for freedom, prosperity, and peace. Together, you and I can make a Revolution. Let's do it!




September 24, 2007

We Need Your Help

Our campaign is at a tipping point -- one that will determine if Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination for president.

Last quarter, you helped raise more money for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign than the political pundits thought possible. I assure you that we will surpass our total from last quarter. The question is by how much.

We have one week left. Our goal is to raise $500,000 online by September 30th. That boost will give us the best fundraising quarter yet, and it will show that our campaign is getting stronger by the day.
$500,000 online in seven days will be a challenge. But I know we can make it.

If you have donated already, will you donate the same amount again? That will help immensely. Also, will you ask three friends to match your donation? That will quickly get us over the top by September 30th.

Check the graphic on our website to track our progress. You may donate directly by clicking here:

Thank you for your help!

Jonathan Bydlak
Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008


September 24, 2007

NY Republican Club Says "No"

The Metropolitan Republican Club of New York City told us this morning that there was not enough support on its board of directors to allow us to rent space for a fundraising reception.

The reception is scheduled for October 12. We are looking for another location.

Metropolitan Republican Club




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Wantagate: Leo Emil Wanta - Paulson asks Congress to Raise Statutory Debt Limit : Having Already Trashed 'Full Faith and Credit' of the United States By Criminally Blocking Wanta Plan Funds from Rightful Owners



Thursday 20 September 2007 03:45




By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

Make a Donation to help fund Christopher Story's ongoing financial corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the necessary resolution of the worst financial corruption and global financial crisis in history. This website has been calling the shots, because of the hijacking of Ambassador Wanta's Settlement.

EMBEZZLEMENT OF WANTA'S FUNDS BY NAMED U.S. OPERATIVES: Keep reviewing our report dated 17th September 2007 [see: Archive]. It proves forgery and fabrication of banking documents. This is an important development which is already having crucial repercussions.

Henry M. Paulson – the US Treasury Secretary responsible for the destruction of the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ by illegally stealing and diverting Ambassador Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement since June 2006 – yesterday invoked ‘the Full Faith and Credit of the United States’.

His latest hypocritical intervention was contained in a letter to the US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, in which he asked Congress to raise the Statutory Debt Ceiling, currently standing at $8,965 billion, ‘as soon as possible’.

Paulson’s letter to Congress contained the following breathtaking assertion:

‘The Full Faith and Credit of the United States, to which we all remain committed, is a national asset and a cornerstone of the global financial system’.

If that is the case, why did Hank Paulson systematically squander the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ from June 2006 onwards, by stealing, diverting, exploiting, leveraging and otherwise illegally abusing Ambassador Wanta’s $4.5 trillion – and in the course of these scandalous financial operations, which the owner of the funds, Ambassador Leo Wanta, never authorised – insulting and lying to the Chinese authorities, deceiving and double-crossing Heads of State and high officials of other Governments, and generally conducting himself in a manner inconsistent with the highest standards that should accompany occupation of the elevated post that he holds?

Was not such behaviour conducive to the accurate conclusion that no-one can have faith in a United States led by operatives like Paulson, let alone in its fraudulent credit and financing practices?

Why, if, as he claims, ‘we all remain committed’ to ‘the Full Faith and Credit of the United States’, has he demonstrated, by his irresponsible actions in presiding over the assault on Wanta’s funds since June 2006, his comprehensive lack of any commitment to financial integrity and to the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’, as we pointed out repeatedly in earlier Wantagate reports?

And why did he consider it even necessary to make this statement affirming ‘our’ commitment to the 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States’?

Was it not clearly because, for all his arrogance, this man knows perfectly well that the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ has been irreparably damaged by his own reprobate financial misbehaviour? And yet he imagines that by invoking ‘the Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ after having systematically destroyed it, no-one will have noticed this ridiculous inconsistency?

If ‘the Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ is such a great ‘national asset’, why has this US financial barbarian effectively destroyed it?

Does he seriously imagine that the 50+ million readers of this report around the world, and the senior officials of other Governments and in the international financial institutions who will be reading it too, will already have forgotten how Mr Paulson has squandered the reputation of the United States generally, and how he has repeatedly stolen and diverted the Wanta funds since the disastrous moment that he replaced John Snow as Treasury Secretary?

Does he admire Dr Josef Goebbels SO MUCH that he thinks that occupying the post of US Treasury Secretary entitles him to lie through his teeth as a matter of routine?

Henry M. Paulson Jr. is, of course, a Respondent to Ambassador Wanta’s Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Other Extraordinary Relief, dated 28th June 2007, lodged with the United States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division [Civil Action Number: 1-07 CV 609], the text of which is displayed in our report dated 9th August 2007 [see Archive], as well as on pages 137-160 of International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 and 2  –  which  we distributed worldwide from Central London on 14th September.

The other respondents are: Robert M Kimmit, Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury; Mr James R Wilkinson, Chief of Staff at the US Treasury; Michael Chertoff, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security; Alberto R. Gonzales, [former] US Attorney General; and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond [Director and/or Manager of Operations], Richmond, VA.

The Summonses and Returns of Service were all filed under the direction of Colonel Dana Wilcox (US Office of Naval Intelligence) on 27th July 2007. Unusually, the Court gave the Respondents 60 days to comply, which means that the deadline for compliance (that is, payment of the $4.5 trillion) is Thursday 27th September 2007.

This matter cannot go to default without the gravest consequences. The Court possesses the power to order the payment, and to award such extraordinary relief to the Ambassador as it sees fit. The case cannot be sealed until the Wanta payment has been made, and the Ambassador has taken economic receipt of the $4.5 trillion which belongs to him. The documents were served by Clark J. Reynolds, Private Process Server, of Fairfax VA.

Should the official Respondents take it upon themselves to defy the Court, an unprecedented constitutional crisis may develop – which would make the recent financial market turbulence appear to have been an enjoyable experience, by comparison with the havoc that will ensue.

No, Mr Paulson. YOU are the US financial official responsible for payment of Wanta’s $4.5 trillion, and YOU have systematically, perversely, obtusely, criminally, persistently, cynically and indeed CRUELLY blocked the payment of these funds – thereby preventing Ambassador Wanta from taking economic receipt of them (as is his universally acknowledged right), and for the certain long-term benefit of the American people, who are the ultimate losers from your serial treachery.

YOU are responsible for preventing Leo from meeting his taxation obligations, which – given your status as the US official in ultimate charge of the Internal Revenue Service – is an aggravated felony, to be added to all the other numerous felonies, including R.I.C.O. counts, which you and your colleagues have committed since this scandal (entirely of your own making) began.

YOU are responsible for the world’s financial crisis – only temporarily stalled, no doubt, if your irresponsible behaviour continues: and every informed financial observer and Government and institutional official around the world knows these statements to be true.

YOU are no more ‘committed’ to the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ than is Father Christmas. Your record is a disgrace and it is, moreover, permanently ON THE RECORD: we have just distributed the latest issue of International Currency Review [Volume 33, #s 1 and 2] in which your reprobate behaviour is recorded in graphic detail for posterity to review, and so that neither you nor anyone else can air-brush your abuses of US financial power out of history.

Your reputation is in shreds, and you have only yourself to blame, Mr Paulson.

For if Paulson had not committed treason by presiding over the hijacking of Wanta’s $4.5 trillion in June 2006, not only would Ambassador Leo Wanta have remitted $1.575 trillion (35% of $4.5 trillion) immediately by way of windfall tax paid straight to the Treasury, but the Treasury’s accruals arising from the implementation of agreed capital markets trading under the Wanta Plan would by now exceed $8.0 trillion. Treasury revenues from trades are expected to aggregate $200 billion a week.

Under the Wanta Plan, capital markets operations ON THE BOOKS between the Ambassador’s Commonwealth of Virginia corporation, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., and the investment banking firm headed by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., one of the world’s most accomplished securities experts, with six or eight financial institutions, will take place using techniques that are legitimate if tax is paid on the accruals, but which cease to be legitimate in any sense when conducted off the books – as has typically been the case in the underworld for years, with the accruals earned by free-wheeling US operatives exploiting stolen assets, stashed untaxed in secret bank accounts offshore.

Wanta’s immensely beneficial financing operations were supposed to have been kick-started no later than July 2006. The American people have thus been deprived of the massive benefits that should have been flowing from tthe trades by now, and have therefore been DEFRAUDED..

In other words, the US Treasury’s irresponsible, ongoing deficit-financing operations, which have continued for a century, would have been placed immediately into reverse by the final quarter of last year – and Congress would never again be required to raise the Statutory Debt Ceiling, which it has been doing ever since the Second World War. (The US Congress uses this residual power to impose its views upon the Executive Branch, but always raises the Statutory Debt Limit in the end, when the Treasury has exhausted various exotic internal financing mechanisms – including using the assets in and special powers of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Federal Financing Bank within the Treasury, which is permitted by Statute to have $15 billion of debt outstanding at any given time. Such operations can stave off a Government shutdown for perhaps six weeks).

Obviously, on the hypothetical assumption that 100% of the Wanta Plan's windfall accruals to the Treasury had been set aside to pay down the US Treasury’s background debt, not only would the concept of a Statutory Debt Ceiling long since have become redundant, but the Treasury would have hardly any background debt left at all.

Even if, say, 25% of the Treasury’s windfall Wanta Plan accruals had been set aside for paying down the debt, Congress would of course never again need to be asked to raise the Statutory Debt Limit. And the US Treasury’s sales of securities – of which $73 billion in marketable debt will have been issued this quarter, with a further $74 billion to follow in October-December 2007 – would cease.

Yes, this would inconvenience institutions on Wall Street that have grown fat, complacent and overbearingly powerful through financing the US Treasury’s operations; but the only parties that are liable to care about that, would be the overpowerful institutions themselves. They all boast of being frenetically innovative: let them invent alternative financing opportunities. Furthermore:

The US Treasury and the United States would already have been soundly refinanced.

Massive and long overdue US domestic infrastructure and other projects, for the benefit of the American people, would by now be well under way.

The US economy would be thriving as never before, as a consequence.

The Republican Party would not be facing likely obliteration at the forthcoming General Election.

The US dollar would have been revalidated, would be appropriately strong, and the international financial system and infrastructure would be in truly excellent shape, rather than on the brink of terminal catastrophe, as is currently the case.

But Henry M. Paulson, who retained sole signatory power over Wanta’s funds when they were parked with his former institution, Goldman Sachs, in what we have described as the worst conflict of interest in world financial history, evidently knows better. For Paulson and his colleagues:

1. Deficit-financing – which is clearly intended to continue, given that he is asking for the Statutory Debt Ceiling to be raised, in accordance with the projections of the US Office of Management and Budget – is to be preferred to the refinancing of the US Treasury and the United States, agreed to under the Wanta Settlement and Plan, and to which the Group of Eight leading financial powers, as well as the world’s central banks (including the Bank of England, even though it has itself been endlessly engaged in dubious financing practices) have all signified their agreement.

2. The fact that the whole world, with the exception of the criminal clique led by the Bush II White House (we have to reiterate this, because what these people are doing is criminal: see the list of Statutes of which they are in breach, again appended below), has endorsed the need for The Wanta Plan to be implemented, is a matter of indifference to this monumentally arrogant thief – who has stolen Wanta’s funds, he may imagine, with impunity (not once, but many times now).

3. The fact that Her Majesty The Queen has requested urgent payment of the Wanta Settlement ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity’ (at last June’s Group of Eight Summit meeting held in Germany) is likewise evidently a matter of indifference to Mr Paulson.

According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), an appendage to the White House, the Debt Subject to Statutory Limit (which for technical reasons is always moderately greater than the Statutory Debt Limit) is to increase to $9.545.2 trillion by the end of Fiscal Year 2008, and thence respectively to $10.110.6 trillion by 30th September 2009, $10.612.3 trillion by end-September 2010, $11.092.0 trillion by the end of Fiscal Year 2011, and $11.466.6 trillion by the end of FY 2012.

Taking account of minor adjustments and debt issued by agencies other than the Treasury (and omitting the currently unquantifiable aggregate debt of the undisciplined Government-Sponsored Enterprises), ‘total Gross US Federal Debt’ as reported by OMB, will have reached $9.007.8 trillion by 30th September 2007, of which $3.924.5 trillion will be ‘held by Government accounts’. This peculiarity arises because the US Federal Government issues debt to itself.

Specifically, the surpluses accruing in the so-called Trust Funds (which contain earmarked assets that will be needed to meet future obligations) are required by Federal Statute to be invested in the Federal Funds (which accrue funds for current and capital spending purposes).

Leaving aside manifold leakages and extensive embezzlement, this means in practice that the earmarked Trust Funds are ‘blown’ for current spending purposes (i.e., spent).

However, since the long-term (social security etc) obligations for which they were accumulated remain unchanged, the ‘Trust Fund’ balances have to be ‘added back twice’, in order to reach a true picture (on the basis of these data alone) of the ‘debt behind the budget’. And this crude calculation omits compounding of interest.

Accordingly, while the OMB asserts that total Gross Federal Debt at 30th September 2007 is projected at $9.007.8 trillion (consisting of $3,924.5 billion held in Government accounts, and $5,083.3 billion held by the public, including the Federal Reserve, which held $768.9 billion of Federal securities at the end of Fiscal Year 2006), the ‘true’ projected total is $3,924.5 billion + $3,924.5 billion + $5,083.3 billion = $12,932.3 billion (excluding interest compounding).

By the same calculation, whereas the OMB projects that total Gross Federal Debt at the 30th September 2012 will have reached $11.487.3 trillion (consisting of $5,778.2 billion of debt held by Government accounts and $5,711.1 billion held by the public (which includes foreign holders), the ‘true’ volume of ‘background debt’ using these aggregates alone, will amount to $17.263.5 trillion ($5,778.2 billion + $5,778.2 billion + $5,711.1 billion) by the end of Fiscal Year 2012.

Get this, therefore:

The US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., considers it highly desirable that by 30th September 2012, the US Government’s ‘background debt’ (excluding other sources of debt not tediously analysed here, and also excluding interest, compounded) should exceed $17.2 trillion – whereas, if he had not hijacked the Wanta Settlement funds of $4.5 trillion from June 2006 onwards, THE UNITED STATES COULD BY THEN HAVE HAD NO DEBT AT ALL: indeed this would have been the case already for several years. One is compelled to ask: is the Secretary of the US Treasury in urgent need of a brain scan? Is this man completely out of his mind?

Henry M. Paulson, who has squandered the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ and has (by his irresponsible and perverse actions) virtually brought the international financial system to its knees, as we have repeatedly pointed out, now has the unbelievable arrogance and effrontery to write to Senator Harry Reid to urge the US Congress to raise the Statutory Debt Limit – citing his ‘commitment’ to the ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ which he describes as ‘a national asset and a cornerstone of the global financial system’, and which he himself has trashed!

Perhaps Paulson's dialectical speech really does reflect an admiration for Dr Goebbels.

Perhaps he hasn’t understood that by blocking, stealing, diverting and exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement, he created the incentive for us to expose the fraudulent finance over which he and his colleagues prefer to preside – and that it is precisely because he hijacked Wanta’s funds, that the international financial economy has been rocked to its foundations, with more shocks undoubtedly to come.

Perhaps he hasn’t even been informed yet that we are increasingly able to prove, with documents, as we began to do in our report dated 17th September 2007 on this website, that US operatives and officials have been engaged in the systematic (and extremely crude) forgery, fabrication, diversion, theft and manipulation of banking documents, Pay Orders, financial assets, corporations, banking accounts and other assets and securities belonging to Ambassador Leo Wanta as sole Principal; and that the longer the Wanta Plan remains unsettled and Paulson’s aberrant behaviour continues, the more US official and ancillary financial criminality will assuredly come to light – with ever more detrimental consequences for the reputations and prospects of those financial criminals who are being exposed, and of the United States’ shattered reputation generally.

Perhaps Mr Henry M. Paulson Jr. couldn’t care less that the edifice of illegal fiat money accruals generated through the collateralisation and hypothecation of assets stolen from Leo Emil Wanta’s wholly-owned Title 18, Section 6 corporations, is teetering, as a direct consequence of the Secretary’s mishandling of the situation (to put it mildly), on the brink of becoming worthless.

OKAY, mountains of contracts were ‘successfully’ destroyed on 9/11, when the contracts held by Cantor Fitzgerald went up in smoke along with that firm’s 658 sacrificed employees, while Enron-related documents were ‘successfully’ incinerated when Building Number 7 was blown up late that afternoon. That meant, of course, that the contracts in question were all ‘forgiven’.

Mountains of contracts were ‘successfully’ destroyed when the files of Deutsche Bank were burnt in the Iron Mountain fires in London and Ottawa that took place in July 2006, when certain parties realised what was ‘coming down’ – with the same outcome.

And OKAY, these criminals have been able ‘successfully’, so far, to mask their criminality by inventing a fake, contrived ‘War on Terror’ – providing the pretext for unproductive, massively costly ‘Big Brother’ surveillance, the real purpose of which is to establish how much information about the criminal gangs’ fraudulent finance is ‘leaking’ into the public domain.

How unfortunate, then, that their endless, Goebbels-type lies – for instance, about Osama Bin Laden (the CIA’s ‘Tim Osman’) issuing updated fatwa-tapes as recently as a few weeks ago, when in fact he expired in the United States on 26th December 2001 – are unravelling almost as rapidly as intelligence about their endless financial frauds is surfacing.

The Bin Laden videos are every bit as crude as the careless forgeries of banking documents that we have been examining and exposing, especially given that this operative has been 100% dead for nearly six years now: really DEAD, not falsely dead, like Leo Wanta, whom the CIA claimed was dead and who ceased to be dead when the Editor paid his ransom money in July 2005.

One might have thought that these intelligence operatives would have learned from the collapse of these two gigantic lies alone, that basing everything they undertake upon lies and deception, is proving somewhat – er – counterproductive. But apparently, Not So.

One has only to read recent issues of International Currency Review, to see how far this exposure process, triggered by Wantagate, has already gone – and the immense, almost open-ended scope for further exposures of this US financial criminality, that are being revealed almost daily.

And little of all this would ever have ‘come out’, you understand, to cite Ms. Gwendolyn Waymark herself [see our report dated 17th September: Archive], if Mr Paulson and his colleagues had not hijacked Ambassador Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement from June 2006 onwards.

Yes, it could indeed still have been brushed, somehow, under a colossal Iranian carpet back in June 2006, had the Wanta funds not been stolen – because, if Mr Paulson-Goebbels had fulfilled his solemn obligations, we would not have had the opportunity, and the obligation, to bring all these sordid ongoing US official financial crimes to the world’s attention.

The Editor has to add that he has been quite staggered at the crude nature of the forgeries and the US lies and deceptions that he has unearthed in the course of this research.

All things considered, therefore, these second-rate US intelligence operatives, all of them, may accurately be described as ruthless, cunning, careless, yes – and unbelievably STUPID, as well.

Here are the main references for Case #: 1:2007cv00609-TSE-BRP in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria. See report dated 9th August 2007 [Archive]:



Case Number: 1:2007cv00609  –  TSE  –  BRP
Filed: 20th June 2007
Petitioner: Lee E. Wanta
Respondents: Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Robert M. Kimmitt, James R. Wilkinson, Michael Chertoff, Alberto R. Gonzales and Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Court: Virginia Eastern District Court
Office: Alexandria Office
County: Richmond
Presiding Judge: District Judge T. S. Ellis III
Referring Judge: Magistrate Judge Barry R. Poretz
Nature of Suit: Other Statutes: Securities/Commodities/Exchanges
Cause: 28: 1361 Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Defendant
Jury demanded by: None

Note: This case cannot be sealed until Ambassador Leo E. Wanta has been paid the $4.5 trillion of his Settlement diverted and exploited illegally since June 2006.

Reiteration of the fraudulent transactions involving Bank of New York Mellon – a bank so arrogant and conspicuously indifferent both to its tarnished reputation and to its grotesque breaches of US law and of N.A.S.D./S.E.C. Regulations, that it now takes first prize in the crowded competition for the title of ‘Most arrogant and corrupt financial institution in America’:

Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment” Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

“ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scienter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

“THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:


“FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.

“The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.

To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.


‘FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.

“Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent on person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.


NASD Rule 3120, et al.
NASD Rule 2330, et al
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3040
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-1
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and SEC Rule 15c3-1
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3110
SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and Procedural Rule 8210
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 2330 and IM-2330
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-5
NASD Systems and Programme Rules 6950 through 6957

In addition to which Bank of New York Mellon is in violation of:
97-13 Bank Secrecy Act, Recordkeeping Rule for funds transfers and transmittals of funds, et al.


Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
Anti-Drug Abuse Act
Applicable international money laundering restrictions
Bank Secrecy Act
Conspiracy to commit and cover up murder.
Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
Economic Espionage Act
Hobbs Act
Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
Maloney Act
Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC] (1)
Money-Laundering Control Act
Money-Laundering Suppression Act
Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminal activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
Securities Act 1933
Securities Act 1934
Terrorism Prevention Act
Treason legislation, especially in time of war

This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and absolute contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Wanta’s funds.

The Directors and others listed in Part 1 of the Wantagate Listing of Institution Directors and others posted on 11th June may likewise be Accessories to the Fact of, and/or co-conspirators in, wittingly or unwittingly, the egregious violation of the laws itemised above. This list is reproduced in International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 & 2, September 2007, on pages 163-168.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier Wantagate reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.



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