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Brasscheck TV: Media-rigged "debates"

    You saw Ron being ignored.  You saw set up questions about running third party.  You saw him get set up with the conspiracy question. These are moves of desperation by a media losing their clout.  Then you saw their talking heads calling him a nut after the debate.  Lets let them know that their reign of power is being challenged. 
Here is a short video of their tactics.


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US elections are rigged long before
the voting results are falsified.

The news media helps the process along by
making (or trying to make) legitimate candidates

In the 2008 campaign for president, the candidate
the news media is trying to trivialize and
marginalize Ron Paul.

In 1992, the "disappeared" candidate was
Democrat Larry Agran.

A former mayor, Agran ran on a campaign of
spending the "peace dividend" on rebuilding
America's cities and cutting the military
budget dramatically.

Like Ron Paul, he had significant popular support,
but in the age before the Internet, the then all-poweful
news media was able to make him disappear.

Thanks to the Internet, we have made progress
since 1992.

See what media manipulation was like pre-Internet
in this short excerpt from Brian Springer's remarkable
film "Spin":

- Brasscheck

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videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.


Debate scorecard:



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