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Wantagate / Lee Emil Wanta: Citibank Board Meets To Decide Whether To Release Or Not Release Wanta's Funds



Monday 10 December 2007 19:18

An extremely serious criminal act took place on 10th December which again impeded the Wanta Settlement and therefore all the payments that have been linked to it (despite the fact that the Ambassador should have received his Settlement funds in June 2006, of course). An attempt was made to smash-and-grab a colossal volume of funds for placement backwards to the usual Middle East 'hidey holes'. It would appear that the perpetrator has lost his marbles and doesn't seem to appreciate that every single financial theft and attempted theft is traceable and is being traced, by monitoring teams working 24/7, and that recovery of stolen money he's 'lost' is no longer possible.

The stolen funds were quickly recovered. It is not clear why the perpetrator was not 'dealt with' there and then. There comes a time when such action cannot be avoided, and it seems that the relevant US authorities are employing restraint beyond the call of duty. The Editor is not in favour of drastic action, for obvious reasons, but what is happening has gone far beyond the boundaries of what civilised society can tolerate. We are now right down to a TINY, very well-known clique of world-class criminal operatives who haven't yet grasped that the game is OVER. Odd, isn't it?

The Editor's view has always been that blood might be shed. It has been, already, but the events have been largely hushed up. Remember, it is a standard German weakness to fail to understand when the correlation of forces has shifted against them. Hitler never understood, or wanted to understand this. Defeat is always 'unmoglich'. But it's staring them in the face.


'Because ye have said, we have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we in agreement: when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves'. Isaiah, Chapter 28, verse 15.

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

Please Make a Donation to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing financial global corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the necessary resolution of the worst financial corruption and global financial crisis in history. This website has been calling the shots, because of the hijacking of Wanta's Settlement.

The Editor is extremely grateful to the generous Americans and others who have so thoughtfully contributed funds to assist us with these exposures. He has now written to everyone around the world who had contributed by 27th November 2007, to thank them for their generosity.

Emails addressed to us which lack coordinates identifying the sender will be trashed unread. The Editor publishes all his coordinates, as has always been the case, as he has nothing to hide. Others should do the same. Also, we trash any emails unread that are not 'on message'.

It would be appreciated if webmasters would refrain from lifting our material without proper adequate attribution. Manifestly, the material may be used with attribution, but any other use is illegal and unethical. We also protest at people picking at our original research and posted reports, and crediting themselves rather than the Editor/this website.

Such behaviour is particularly prevalent in the United States, where lies are a way of life with some people, and is an example of the kind of dishonesty that we are exposing in these reports.

The Board of Citibank/Citigroup is reportedly meeting today and tomorrow in New York.

For public consumption (i.e., for the benefit of the controlled, bought ‘mainstream’ media) the primary subject on the agenda is the selection of the institution’s new Chief Executive Officer.

But the real issues that the Board is having to confront are as follows:

1. Does it propose to disgorge the $4.5 trillion (plus $704 billion of interest now: see the preceding report) belonging to and payable to Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta, that it has lawlessly retained and stolen since June 2006? OR:

2. Does it intend instead to remain operating and known as a criminal enterprise, and to continue stealing and exploiting the Ambassador’s funds contrary to both the law and to the Treasury Direct instructions that it received back in June 2006?

3. And: Does it seriously believe that its global reputation has not been gravely compromised as a consequence of its reprobate conduct in respect of its theft of Ambassador Wanta’s funds?

Is its arrogance so impenetrable that it assumes that it can disregard the fact that, as a direct result of its criminal and unethical conduct in respect of its scandalous retention of the Wanta $4.5 trillion, its name is now mud all over the world?

4. Is its Board not alarmed that trustees of funds held with Citibank may have come under pressure to remove their beneficiaries’ assets from accounts held with Citibank, given that the exposure of Citibank’s serial criminality lays the trustees open to the risk of litigation by the beneficiaries in the light of any failure by the trustees to exercise due diligence, given that Citibank has been shown to be a criminal enterprise which has stolen and/or misappropriated $4.5 trillion that it does not own?

As for the conduct of Citibank personnel, those who ‘matter’ internationally were beyond disgusted at Citibank’s brutal and barbaric behaviour towards Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta and his diplomatic colleagues at 399 Park Avenue on 20th November this year.

Fancy an INTERNATIONAL bank kicking DIPLOMATS off the bank’s premises.

What kind of mafia finishing school did Robert Rubicon attend?

And when it emerged that George H. W. Bush Sr. had been present ‘upstairs’, cowering in case he came face to face with the rightful owner of the $4.5 trillion and his Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Citibank’s tarnished reputation disappeared down the drain for good.

For Bush Sr. certainly had cause for concern on that occasion. If he had been confronted by the Principals, he would probably have received a tongue-lashing that only his supposed Alzheimer’s could ever make him forget. No wonder he and Rubin Cube couldn't face a confrontation.

What’s more, no-one in the West is more disliked 'as we speak' than George Bush Sr.. For a bank as prominent as Citibank to be known to be aligned with this millennially cynical criminalist operative, whose notoriety equates these days to that of some of the worst criminals in human history, has been a public relations disaster without parallel in this dodgy bank’s chequered existence.

Citibank has a chance today and tomorrow to rehabilitate itself (just) – even though, short of a publicly visible purge of personnel and of all corrupt practices from top to bottom, it will continue to be associated with a distinctly nasty smell.

It cannot hope to escape the consequences of its arrogant disregard to date for the usual banking sector sensitivity to reputational risk.

In order to remain in business with any chance of repairing its disastrously tattered reputation, Citibank has to begin at once by disgorging the funds belonging to the Ambassador that it has stolen; and furthermore, it needs to pay the additional interest that the Principals have reasonably demanded, given that it has been illegally using the Ambassador’s monies without permission to provide an illegitimate base from which the 90% of American banks that are non-Basel II-compliant, are meant to be lubricated; and Citibank will be expected to disgorge the Ambassador’s funds with a good grace, and without further disreputable deceit, and its usual menu of ducking and weaving.

Otherwise its new Chief Executive Officer – should anyone be so foolish as to accept a position that could land them in jail – will find that the bed of nails that he or she has agreed to lie upon will turn out to be, at the very least, a fast-track to oblivion and a wrecked career.

Any false move now by this notorious criminal enterprise could be terminal for the institution, and catastrophic for both the United States and the whole world.

As The Queen told the Group of Eight financial powers in Germany last June, the Wanta Settlement payment has to be completed ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity’.

Memo to the selfish Citibank Directors: That means people OTHER THAN your greedy selves.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

Wicked Pedia Update dated 2nd December 2007:

As previously reported, the Editor’s attention was drawn, in the second half of November 2007, to a pack of old lies, diversionary claptrap and disinformation posted on Wikipedia under ‘Leo Wanta’.

Although this posting appeared FOR THE FIRST TIME on 12th November 2007, it consisted almost entirely of ancient lies, including disinformation dredged out of ‘Thieves’ World’, a hatchet job published in 1994 by Simon and Schuster by the late Claire Sterling, a CIA operative.

Mrs Sterling died suddenly after being summoned for her second meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under Clinton.

The fact that the OLD Wikipedia lies appeared for the first time as late as 12th November 2007, and consisted almost totally of old, discredited lies, omitting the Master Lie that the CIA retailed after the Ambassador had been taken down, namely that he was DEAD, indicated quite clearly to the Editor and his advisers that this latest evil display of regurgitated disinformation represented a deliberate operation by the US intelligence community’s disinformation and lie machine, to begin, all over again, the process of discrediting Ambassador Leo Wanta – so that they can relieve him of his funds by some false pretext or other after a ‘gag order’ has been signed.

The definitive up-to-date information on the Ambassador’s affairs has been published on this website, and in several issues of International Currency Review, Economic Intelligence Review, Soviet Analyst and Arab-Asian Affairs, all published by World Reports Limited, for several years. Copies of these publications are in official, institutional and library hands all over the world. Therefore, any posting about Ambassador Wanta that relies upon ancient lies and fails to take account of the accurate information that we have published, can easily be demonstrated to represent yet another US intelligence community and NSA discrediting operation.

We now understand that the Principals have been advised (for the past several weeks) that they will not be allowed to reveal that they have been paid. This loony state of affairs is designed to ‘set them up’ for a future discrediting operation whereby false witness will be deployed against them to the effect that they have stolen the money, or some such pack of lies, which they will be unable to refute because they will be bound by the ‘prerequisite’ gag order that is intended. Its purpose, of course, is to ‘legitimise’ the old and new lies that the US disinformation apparat will be preparing for future use. The likelihood is that the new discrediting operation will be extended to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., as well. We are prepared for this intended onslaught.

On 19th November, the Editor posted on Wikipedia the accurate text about Leo Wanta that is now reproduced below. The Editor’s accurate text was then removed by Wikipedia, leaving the ‘old lies’ that had existed previously. When the Editor became aware of this, he reposted the accurate text below, and, given that his own copy had been deleted, he then deleted the pack of lies, leaving his own accurate text up on the Wikipedia site instead, without the lies.

On 2nd December, the Editor was advised by a monitor that the Editor’s accurate text had been removed and that the old discrediting lies had been reposted on the page by Wikipedia. When the Editor checked, he found that the page could no longer be edited because of what the site managers described as ‘vandalism’.

It was not ‘vandalism’ to delete the truth and to replace the truth by old lies, but it was ‘vandalism’ to delete the truth and to replace it by ‘old lies’.

We are therefore able to conclude from this Wicked Pedia outrage, as follows:

1. Wikipedia, which purports to ‘change the world’, prefers lies to the truth.

2. Wikipedia is therefore, by definition, a source of disinformation and lies, and cannot be trusted as a source of reliable information in any context.

3. The only category of sick society that would have any interest in disseminating lies about Ambassador Wanta, the United States’ greatest living patriot, rather than the truth, is the mentally disturbed US counterintelligence disinformation apparat (a.k.a. the US STUPIDITY COMMUNITY) which, by its actions in deleting the Editor’s ACCURATE information and replacing it with old lies, and by its illegal behaviour in ‘snipping’ our website texts as stated above, thereby reveals the desperation of its concerns, which all have to do with covering up official criminality.

4. It is now far too late for the US stupidity community to repair the damage that it has done since June 2006, when the Ambassador’s funds were first hijacked by the criminal financial operative Henry M. Paulson, US Treasury Secretary. So it is laying the groundwork for a renewed discrediting operation against Ambassador Wanta and his colleagues.

We and others will see to it that this intention is defeated, and that such nefarious scheming is exposed for the amoral and disgusting Luciferian behaviour that it represents.

The ACCURATE text that the Editor posted on the Wikipedia site, follows. (The Editor, after all, PAID FOR AMBASSADOR WANTA’S EXIT FROM PROBATION, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SO HE CAN HARDLY BE A SOURCE OF DISINFORMATION, CAN HE?). This information will be very widely distributed by other means, in order to provide all concerned with the necessary ‘heads-up’ as to what these US Dark Forces have in mind. They are out of their minds and in Satan’s mind:

The disinformation about Leo Wanta (Lee Wanta) below was first posted on 12th November 2007. It contains ancient CIA disinformation and long since exposed lies going back to the early 1990s, and obfuscates the truth. The report appended immediately below was added on 19th November 2007, to correct the disinformation contained in the original stub.

It was subsequently removed and is hereby replaced. This sequence of events, which suggests that egregious lies are preferred to the truth, has been recorded on, which contains all the updated and breaking Wanta material, that was ignored and traduced in the stub at the foot of this report.

This is the correct information that we posted on 19th November 2007:

The 'information' posted below represents a deliberately malevolent, false disinformation picture which has no bearing on reality. It is a travesty of the truth of the matter and cites Christopher Story as the author of some of the disinformation, which is libellous and implies that Story, the veteran
Editor of International Currency Review of nearly 40 years' standing, is engaged in the egregious dissemination of lies, which is not the case.

This is such an egregiously malevolent stub of disinformation that readers should prudently dismiss it altogether; they should start afresh by accessing Christopher Story's website, which is:, reading from the Archive. is the authoritative source for all updated information on Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta. The source 'Thieves' World' was a CIA disinformation work prepared by the late CIA disinformation operative Claire Sterling, published in 1994.

This stub regurgitates ancient lies perpetrated by the CIA, which lied for many years that Lee (Leo being his intelligence community name) Wanta was dead. The CIA proclaimed that he was dead so that corrupt cadres could ransack his funds (see below).

He 'ceased to be dead' with effect from 21st July 2005 after Christopher Story, a British private citizen, had paid $35,000 from his scarce private funds pro bono publico by way of 'restitution' to an American lawyer for onward payment to the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, to procure Mr Wanta's release from his illegal probation.

Despite his Ambassadorial status, Wanta had been illegally 'taken down' in Switzerland on 7th July 1993 without a warrant on a trumped-up Wisconsin State charge of having failed to pay $14,129 in falsely assessed Wisconsin State fabricated tax that he never owed because he had been resident in Vienna on US Presidential intelligence work since June 1988.

This data is all in the public domain, has been published for several years in International Currency Review, the Journal of the World Financial Community, and can be read on Mr Story's website.

International Currency Review is a banking and financial journal with a worldwide circulation:
ISSN 0020-6490. It is published by World Reports Limited, London.

Notwithstanding that this fabricated tax demand (orchestrated by US criminal intelligence) had been paid twice under protest by Lee Emil Wanta from abroad (in May and June 1992), the funds were improperly allocated by the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue and were never credited to the false account maintained by them for the Ambassador. (Christopher Story holds documentary
proof of both payments). They were paid a third time by Christopher Story in June 2005, which action duly procured Mr Wanta's release from illegal probation effective 14th November 2005.

As a consequence of Wanta thus ceasing to be dead, the CIA's lie that he was dead collapsed in chaos, and all the subsidiary old false witness lies that the CIA had perpetrated, including those assembled for disinformation purposes in the stub below (which, in line with the standard false witness used throughout by detractors, attempts to portray Christopher Story as a source of disinformation) were discredited as well.

Why was Wanta taken down? So that the criminal intelligence cadres running the US Government could ransack the $27.5 trillion of funds assembled by Leo Wanta on President Reagan's orders, in the course of his Financial Warfare operations against the USSR.

Under Reagan's Executive Order 12333 of 1981, US intelligence officers were permitted to establish corporations that could thereafter enter into legal contracts with the CIA/DIA/DEA/NSA et al for the purpose of fulfilling intelligence tasks allocated to them.

The financial proceeds of operations conducted by such corporations were consequently the property of the corporations and thus of their shareholders, a legal fact of life which has never been, and cannot be, disputed. This was not a good idea because almost all US intelligence
operatives are liars and do not function on the basis of the Rule of Law at all, if they can help it.

Lee Wanta is the well-known patriotic exception to this rule: he operates solely in accordance with US law, in contrast to the behaviour of other US operatives, which is why the kakistocracy* needed to remove him from the scene, as duly occurred July 1993.

Once Wanta had been illegally arrested (contrary to international law, as a diplomat) and then thrown into a stinking Swiss jail on 7th July 1993, the criminal cadres inside the US official structures immediately ransacked Mr Wanta's bank accounts according to plan.

The history of this matter is, and has been, elaborated in great depth on Christopher Story's website and has been extensively published, as mentioned, in International Currency Review and other World Reports Limited intelligence publications.

Students are advised perhaps to begin with the 'Wisconsingate' report dated 6th August 2007, which forensically dissects, with detailed documentary back-up, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's tax fabrication operation against Wanta, stretching back for over 20 years, that has been exposed by Christopher Story in minute detail, and which formed the fabricated basis for Wanta's illegal takedown in 1993, despite the fact that Wisconsin has no jurisdiction beyond its borders.

The overall Wantagate crisis, which is the sole and continuing underlying cause of the prevailing global financial and economic day of reckoning that the world is now facing, has been triggered by the fact that the George W. Bush Jr. White House, aided and abetted by other senior office-holders, hijacked the compromise financial settlement of $4.5 trillion that the White House itself agreed (in a classified accord that was finalised in May 2006) should be paid over to Ambassador Wanta, so that the stolen and diverted remaining $23 trillion of his funds (and the many hundreds of trillions of dollars hypothecated upon them) could be released from a de facto lien arising from the collapse of the CIA's lie that Wanta was dead.

For clearly, since he had ceased to be dead, 100% of these funds (plus the hundreds of trillions of fiat ‘funny’ money generated by illegal leveraged operations from that base) belonged to Lee Wanta and to no-one else: a situation that the banks 'could not handle'.

The entire narrative of what has become the worst financial corruption crisis in world history (which this stub consisting of disinformation attempts to obfuscate) is set out in great detail on Christopher Story's website, to which all readers are directed in order for the accurate state of affairs to be understood. As indicated, this stub below is a travesty and a disgrace, as it regurgitates long since discredited CIA lies, presents a diversionary, distorted and misleading picture, and because it malevolently incorporates Christopher Story as a source for some of this disinformation.

It is a disgusting instance of ignorant and malevolent US counterintelligence disinformation and deceit at its very worst.

All the statements in the above commentary may be verified by reference to and International Currency Review. Another publication covering this matter in detail is Economic Intelligence Review, also published by World Reports Limited, London. Wanta students should access the Archive on the Home Page.

A book devoted to Ambassador Wanta and the Wantagate crisis is in preparation

The Wanta disinformation referred to above has been deleted from this page. ENDS.

The Ambassador and his colleagues now have special diplomatic status (conferred upon them by HM The Queen in 2007), which means that the Ambassador is now an Ambassador several times over. This factor greatly complicates the intended discrediting offensive that the mad US stupidity community’s Dark Forces contemplate, their sole objective being of course to cover up their own criminality, in line with pending ‘thought crime’ legislation which has the same Nazi-style objective.

*Note: ‘Kakistocracy’: Governance by a clique representing the worst elements of society, from the Greek, kakos, meaning foul, or filthy.

Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001.

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier Wantagate reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.



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