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Lee Emil Wanta / Wantagate: Paulson Fatality Diversion Masked Theft Of $44+ Trillion: Confirmation Of Treasury Shootings And DC 'Civil War'



Wednesday 9 January 2008 03:54













By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

Please Make a Donation to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing financial global corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the necessary resolution of the worst financial corruption and global financial crisis in history. This website has been calling the shots, because of the hijacking of Wanta's Settlement.


It has been alleged that the report below suggests that our report dated 2nd January to the effect that Paulson died, which preceded all other published reports to that effect, was hereby amended.
Careful attention should be paid to what we stated below. Specifically, we detailed the sources for all the information that we had received on this subject, as a direct result of which exposure, the orchestrated campaign of denigration that was focused on us by the rats, suddenly ceased. That happened because, since we had exposed their 'Black Op', they had no choice. It should also be understood that a 'Black Op' can be superimposed upon another 'Black Op', so that whether the
rat in question is dead or not makes no difference to the functioning of the 'Black Operation'.

The forensic evidence that is being accumulated makes it quite clear that the controlled video and other recorded evidence of what happened has been DOCTORED, BIG TIME: and that should make it self-evident that THE FACTS OF THE MATTER ARE BEING DOCTORED, AS WELL.

FACT: The US Treasury did NOT issue a formal denial of the verified confirmation by the State Department on 2nd January that Paulson had died. One would have thought that such a denial would have been appropriate, given the sensitivity of this matter for the financial markets alone.

FACT: The White House did NOT issue a formal denial of the verified confirmation by the State Department on 2nd January that Paulson had died. President Bush mumbled 'that's a lie', but if that was so, WHY WAS THIS PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT NOT FOLLOWED UP BY A FORMAL DENIAL?

In the analysis below, we explain that one reason that these denials were not issued was that the shootings indeed took place, so that denying the death of Paulson would have drawn attention to the shootings and would have forced the pathetic controlled 'mainstream' to start catching up with the despised 'alternative media' which is telling the truth while the 'mainstream' languishes under the constraints imposed by Operation Mockingbird, and fails in its duty as the Fourth Estate to tell the people the truth and nothing but the truth.

We would also draw attention again to the information about Mr Kimmitt cited below, and would reiterate that so far as we aware (we stand to be corrected here) there has been no mention of Kimmitt at all since these horrible events.

Finally, for the time being, you will note that the information censored from the report has not yet been posted. We state below that if the Settlement was not completed yesterday, we would post the sensitive intelligence which was censored from this report. The Wanta Settlement was not paid yesterday, as we anticipated. The Editor therefore, out of courtesy, asked whether it would not now be appropriate to post the censored information. The Editor's decision re all editorial issues arising for these reports and our printed intelligence publications, is final. However for reasons that have been explained to him this morning, the Editor has agreed to withhold this information for a little longer, as it ties in with new raw intelligence that is being digested 'as we speak'.

It has nevertheless been agreed that, on the assumption that the Settlement will again be aborted by the rats today, we will build the censored information into the next report. To close this point for the time being, the request from US intel to Mr Cottrell for the 'censored' information to be lifted from yesterday's report (below) was accompanied by a statement along the lines of 'you will be very happy later today'. In other words the US intel sources making the request represented, falsely as it unsurprisingly turns out, that they were in a position to indicate that the Settlement would indeed be effected yesterday, WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN. Therefore, naturally, we are in no way bound by our undertaking yesterday. A gentleman's word is his bond, but not if he is double-crossed.

The Editor prepared the report below in order to expose the background to the entire Paulson episode and to place it in the context of what was really going on behind the scenes. In a case moving as rapidly as this one, a report prepared yesterday is overtaken by events today, and vice versa. Luckily, the Editor was too tired at 5.00am British time to complete the posting of this report, because it became clear on the morning of 9th January that the absolute end of the line had been reached. Because of this understanding, we were in a much better position to deconstruct what that Paulson matter was all about. We summarise the position here in the context of today's news.

Paulson, Kimmitt and one further high US Treasury official WERE SHOT: that is CONFIRMED (see below). Then, on the back of these horrible facts, Cheney's desperate disinformation apparat built a 'Black Ops' 'sting', to the effect that Paulson was dead. (We don't really know, despite 'postmortem appearances', whether he is or not: but this is now a diversion: see what follows). Why, given that the shootings took place, was it 'necessary' to build a 'sting' (a possible 'lie' that Paulson was dead) on the back of that fact? The answer to this has now become clear. It is this:

Post-settlement, THERE IS TO BE ENDLESS SILENCE. The few despised 'alternative media' outlets that have tried to expose this historically unprecedented financial criminality are to be left out to dry. Now, in the cases of several outlets based in the United States, the relevant 'forces' can do any number of things: cease payments, withdraw handlers, harrassment, threats, whatever. But what can they do to silence us (within reason, and given our background and connections)? The answer is: NOT A LOT. So, as usual, 'they' resort to the only game 'they' know: DIRTY TRICKS.

Since 'they' want total silence to reign for ever, and a veil to be drawn across this evil, stinking theatre of criminality, the ideal solution for them would be to try to discredit the only sources that have led this hideous information into the public domain. So they tried it on, by elaborating on the shootings and possibly lying that Paulson had died. (We still don't know what happened to Kimmitt, by the way: see hard evidence of something very nasty, below).

As you will see from the report below, this 'sting' operation has not succeeded. Furthermore, post-settlement, the question remains: what are they going to do about Mr Christopher Story? Here is a suggestion: RELY ON HIS GOODWILL. No, we won't be silenced. But, as you will also see below, we DO try to be helpful whenever we can. We will govern our responses in accordance with the future behaviour of the 'forces' who would like to shut us down without a cause. All we have ever done is, pro bono publico, to publish the truth about hidden criminality at the intergovernmental level that stinks in the nostrils of every normal human being who is not sitting on his or her brains.

NOW, please take note of THIS. In the text below, you will see that a section, which was to contain extremely sensitive intelligence, HAS BEEN CENSORED.

This has happened because the Editor and Mr Cottrell were discussing this article yesterday and incorporated certain sensitive information which needs to be delivered into the public domain, and which will have devastatingly severe consequences behind the scenes were it to be publicised.

The eavesdroppers overheard what we had planned, and telephoned Mr Cottrell this morning to ask him to prevail upon the Editor for the intelligence to be withheld. The Editor has COMPLIED, but ONLY on the clear, strict understanding that the Wanta Settlement, which we believe may well be on the verge of implementation, is indeed effected TODAY, 9TH JANUARY 2008.

THEREFORE, should it transpire later today that we have been deceived, the intelligence that has been censored from this report will be reinserted without further ado, since we will not be bound by any undertaking if other parties have reneged on theirs, or double-crossed payees yet again.

The substantial opinion poll lead of the Obama campaign immediately prior to the New Hampshire primary election, which vanished to yield a tiny majority for Mrs Rodomski Clinton yesterday, is of course connected to the crisis that we are having to report on this website. Mrs Hillary Clinton is the criminalists' 'macro plan'. To cover up their past giga-thefts, they NEED this Evil Jezebel in the White House. When it appeared that Obama was heading for a second primary win, which would have given him near-impregnability, 'they' resorted to their usual DIRTY TRICKERY: fiddling with electronic voting machines. This subject is covered in the Editor's book 'The New Underworld Order', which is dedicated to the late Andrew ('Andy') Stephenson, who exposed the electronic voting machine fraudulence and was murdered by the Dark Forces for his pains in 2005.

Lo and behold, New Hampshire uses the notorious Diebold electronic voting machines, which seem to exist not to count votes BUT TO RIG ELECTION OUTCOMES. What a coincidence that there is a Bush Crime Family connection to Diebold. The American Presidential electoral system taught to young Americans at school is a myth. The United States struts around the world telling everybody all about democracy and judging whether a foreign election is fair or not, while back home it rigs its own elections. This Durkheimian 'election norm' is being exposed along with the financial frauds exposed by this website. The Dark Forces intend to vote-rig their way to a Hillary Presidency.

And while on the subject of deception, as usual, it is 10.15pm here, UK time, on 9th January 2008. As far as the Editor is aware the settlements have NOT been implemented.

This means that, having been deceived yet again, we will be left with no choice but to post the censored information referenced in this report. We removed the information on the basis that there was to be no further duplicity. But as Durkheim taught, duplicity in 'anomie' is their norm.

10th January, early morning UK time: We are receiving indications, as yet unconfirmed, that a total sum aggregating $43 trillion was stolen and transferred to Israel: if that is not the case, this was the intention; or else the funds are controlled by Israeli interests. Should this turn out to be accurate, then the geopolitical scenario is almost certainly as follows. Israel is blackmailing the United States, with the assistance of traitors inside Citibank and elsewhere in the US banking system, and in the White House and the Treasury, to force the issue of bombing Iran, which the whole world believes would be an act of the most extreme folly imaginable. In other words, Israel may be saying to the United States: Bomb Iran, and then we'll return the money. Not before. Let's hope this assessment is dead wrong. But if it isn't, you can imagine the multiple adverse consequences that may ensue.

On January 8th 2008 a figure appearing to be Henry M. Paulson Jr., Secretary of the US Treasury, appeared on CNBC talking about the economy and related matters.

The voice appeared to correspond closely to Paulson’s known voice. Whether this individual was Paulson or not is not confirmed, especially in the light of forensic examination of video footage of the event, and of earlier ‘postmortem appearances’ not dealt with here; but the TV show purported to be broadcast live. Mr Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Ambassador Wanta’s AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, therefore telephoned the Editor to ask him whether he would publicise the sources of the information that Paulson was shot and gravely wounded on 28th or 29th December, and that he died shortly thereafter.

This is done below.

Peculiar to the United States, a mini-industry of ‘doubles’ exists who hire themselves out to stand in for prominent people who have either been killed or who, for various pressing reasons, need to be ‘absent’ when they are supposed to be ‘performing’. In an email received by the Editor from an informed US source at 4:41pm UK time on 4th January 2008, on the subject of doubles, the source wrote: ‘It would be interesting to see if there is more than one Paulson running around. Lookalikes are used a great deal for people in sensitive situations, because they get murdered a lot, so they keep a spare, or use the spare in sensitive situations’.

Forensic deconstruction of earlier still photographs, video and alleged ‘appearances’ raised serious doubts about the reliability of some of the images, according to several experts who have shared their analyses with us. However let us assume for that Paulson himself was interviewed on CNBC at around 8.00am on 8th January. This presentation assumes, subject to issues raised in the sources cited below, that the ‘real’ Paulson had suddenly materialised for public consumption.

Furthermore, we had a contact who deliberately attended the ‘Paulson’ event at the Westin Hotel in New York City on 7th January, having paid $20 entry fee. Although he sat at the back of the room, he thought that the person speaking was indeed Henry M. Paulson.

If this was indeed the case, why did the US Treasury not demand from the Editor of this service an immediate retraction of our report that Paulson had been shot, and had subsequently died? One would have thought that Paulson’s office would have seen to it that the report was denied. Why did Paulson’s office not issue a denial of the report?

At no time has the report been officially denied. How very odd!

Thus it would seem that the US Treasury was in no way ‘phased’ by the fact that Paulson had been reported to have been shot and had died. WHY ON EARTH WAS THAT?

FACT: Treasury Compliance specifically confirmed that the following official was shot by Special Forces operatives on 28/29th December 2007:

Henry M. Paulson, US Treasury Secretary.

At 01:08 UK time on 3rd January 2008, a source who is special to this service emailed the Editor as follows: ‘I was told that an Undersecretary of Treasury was also eliminated’ [sic]. We have separate confirmation of this, reviewed below. This email is of course held on file.

At 2.30pm UK time on 8th January 2008, Michael C. Cottrell M.S., speaking on an open transatlantic line that was immediately tapped into by inquisitive intelligence eavesdroppers and so that these eavesdroppers would hear what he had to say, specifically and emphatically reiterated that US Treasury Compliance had definitively confirmed the shootings (which were expert ‘pass-through’ shootings – see below – at least, in the case of Paulson, assuming he ‘is alive’: we have had no reports at this date of Kimmitt having been seen since the shootings). Mr Cottrell repeated this information with great emphasis for the benefit of the eavesdroppers. Mr Cottrell then added that ‘what we could not confirm was that Paulson had died later’.

However the Editor had been separately informed by a source citing the US State Department that he had died (see below). If the ‘fact’ that Paulson had died was a lie, it was perpetrated deliberately by the US disinformation apparat, in order to ‘sting’ the Editor and to try to compromise our exposures. This desperate ruse has not worked.

On the contrary, it has compounded the perpetrators’ terminal problems, as you will see if you read what we have to say now.

Why, too, did the Paulson family not protest at the Editor’s report? Was Merritt Paulson, Mr Paulson’s son, resident at Lake Oswego, Oregon, not disturbed by this report? Apparently not.

Was the report not officially denied by the Treasury, let alone the Paulson family, because the US Government despises what its cynical officials call ‘the alternative media’ to such an extent that it refuses to recognise its existence?

Put another way: since the report appeared in the so-called ‘alternative media’, was it not worth denying simply because, by definition, it could not be true?

If so, what is the problem? Why all the concern? Since the report appeared in the ‘alternative media’, it supposedly cannot be true – the reverse of the lie that if a report has not been published in the so-called ‘mainstream’ (a.k.a., ‘sidestream’, or ‘latestream’) media, it cannot be true either. Welcome to Operation Mockingbird.

Those correspondents who have flooded the Editor with emails complaining that the report cannot be true because it hasn’t appeared in the ‘mainstream’ need to look up Operation Mockingbird – the US criminal counterintelligence community’s long-established media control programme, which has been running for decades. Just type Operation Mockingbird into your browser or Google and read all about it. This programme has for decades successfully denied the American people the truth about issues that the criminal intelligence community, which controls the US Government, wishes to disguise or to obfuscate.

Therefore, rather than shoot the true messenger with the usual knee-jerk response that ‘the report hasn’t been confirmed in the mainstream, so it cannot be true’, serious students of the Dark Forces engaged in destroying America should equip themselves with this background, if only to spare the Editor and others who are trying to prevent the collapse at the hands of these criminals, from being inundated by emailers who haven’t done their homework.

Of course, the preceding observations do not address the ‘post-mortem appearances’ of Paulson, which is a separate issue, dealt with below.


What then happened was that the (supposedly) FALSE report that Paulson had died, was used in a deliberate Cheney-directed ‘Black operation’ or ‘sting’ ordered by Bush 41 through Bush 43 and Cheney, to discredit the Editor of this service and the Principals, with the following motives:

To stall our ongoing successful exposures of the financial criminality, money-laundering, drug-trafficking and drug distribution operations of the criminal cadres, which have triggered the ensuing investigations (backed by law enforcement, extensive ongoing investigations, Grand Jury hearings, DOD Internal Affairs and other relevant parties) of the continuing thefts, thereby enabling the criminalists to continue ‘business as usual’ behind the smokescreen of Paulson’s death.

To provide cover for the stealing of $44 trillion plus that Mr Cottrell has confirmed to the Editor took place behind the hysteria of the Paulson death.

Obviously, since the US Treasury did not DENY the shootings (because it couldn’t, as they DID TAKE PLACE, as elaborated further below), the Treasury WAS CONTENT FOR THE PAULSON FRENZY TO FEED ON ITSELF, for some reason.

What was that reason?

It suited the criminal elements in the US Government for the reports to remain ‘out there’, diverting everyone’s attention from what was actually going on behind the scenes, namely FURTHER GROSS THEFT AND LARCENY perpetrated under the control of Bush 41, Bush 43, and Cheney – who, you will recall, is the master disinformation and US Psy-Ops operative who ‘formerly’ controlled the MK-Ultra and related programmes based upon Himmlerian ‘Black Operations’ techniques imported lock stock and barrel by what soon became the (criminal) Central Intelligence Agency from ‘former’ Nazi Germany (the qualification ‘former’ being superfluous, given what is being exposed).

Several years ago now, Langley, the headquarters of the Nazi-penetrated criminal enterprise that is devastating the whole world called the Central Intelligence Agency, was renamed the George Bush Center for Intelligence. By this means, George Bush Sr., the world’s biggest crook, formalised the absolute control over the CIA that he had wielded de facto since becoming President Reagan’s Vice President in 1981.

Think about it this way. Suppose there is such a phenomenon as an intelligence ‘white hat’, and suppose that the ‘white hats’ were to have reached the collective conclusion that George Bush Sr. is indeed the most dangerous and ruthless criminal operative alive. What are they now going to do about it, given that their HQ is named after the world’s biggest crook himself?

They are stuck – because, in seeking to distance the CIA from this monster Godfather, they will have to acknowledge before world public opinion that the CIA is itself the hideous criminal enterprise that we all know it to be.

So what do they do? They decide that they cannot distance the CIA, and themselves, from George Bush Sr. – the practical consequence of which is that George Bush Sr. believes that he can do anything he likes, with 100% assumed certainty of perpetual impunity.

The CIA is the collective lackey, whether or not it has ever had second thoughts, of George Herbert Walker Bush Sr., DVD.

At the same time, we were informed on 3rd January that the CIA is furious because it has been exposed, and doesn’t know what to do. This criminal enterprise never imagined that there would ever come a time when it would have to deal with this problem. But the ongoing exposure of the CIA consequent upon the criminal cadres’ grotesque mishandling of Wantagate can only lead to calls for this dangerous, reprobate and recalcitrant criminal enterprise, the headquarters of which is named after the Godfather of criminal godfathers, to be cut down to size or closed down.

Permanent closure is actually the only way that the poison seeping out from Langley can ever be contained, and the world spared a truly hellish future.

Why should the CIA be furious that it has been exposed, when the exposure of its criminality has been achieved by this Wantagate website, without any assistance at all from the controlled and complacent ‘sidestream’ media?

Surely, the ‘alternative’ media – to use the pejorative phrase employed by a US Treasury official whose rudeness to one of our correspondents when he telephoned to establish Paulson’s status, was horrendous (1) – can have no relevance in such matters. It doesn’t count.

What counts is supposed to be what we read in the (controlled) ‘mainstream’. The ‘alternative media’, by definition, cannot possibly ever know anything. Why pay attention to it, then, Langley?

So, to summarise on Paulson (further source details below):

1. Paulson was shot in the timeframe specified. This was definitively confirmed by Treasury Compliance and was reconfirmed to the Editor of this service on 8th January 2008 by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., with all his extensive authority.

2. The shooting was undertaken by expert Special Forces marksmen who are quite capable of ‘pass-through’ shots in accordance with their instructions. Assuming that the intention was not to kill, its purpose was to warn these operatives that their monstrous treason against the United States and the American people will no longer be tolerated.

3. The death of Paulson was a lie (on the assumption, for the purposes of this presentation, that he is not dead) which was then retailed on Bush 41’s orders through a compliant grapevine and via the State Department in order to discredit the Editor of this service and to trash our reporting. This ‘sting’ operation has been a failure.

4. In other words a ‘BLACK OPERATION’. a.k.a. ‘a sting’, was piggybacked onto the actual shootings that indeed took place. This of course has all the hallmarks of Cheney, a ruthless and singularly evil (MK-Ultra) operative who has known links with several crime families in Chicago, and with at least one Judge in Cook County, Illinois.

Now, before reverting to the Paulson background and to our sources apart from Treasury Compliance for the shootings report, what has been going on while the distraction of the Paulson ‘death’ was consuming the minds of half the planet?

Having completed the relevant investigations, Mr Cottrell informed the Editor in the course of the telephone call timed at 2.30pm on 8th January that the smokescreen of the Paulson ‘death’ report built on top of the actual shootings, was manipulated by Cheney and his disinformation apparat for OBFUSCATION PURPOSES and that:

$44+ trillion was stolen and moved to Europe behind this smokescreen (OR: an attempt to do this was perpetrated, which was partially successful but which has since been frustrated). The primary recipient institution involved was BNP (Banque Nationale de Paris, Paribas). This means that the eight Paribas bankers who were arrested, as we reported earlier, had corrupt accomplices who remained in place, and whose services were activated in connection with the illegal transfer of stolen funds being reported here.

The stolen funds represented $34 trillion held on C.H.I.P.S. belonging to Chinese parties (see earlier Wantagate reports) plus other monies including Ambassador Wanta's $4.5 trillion, a scandal that has triggered G-8 and Chinese retaliation against Citibank, the accounts and assets of which are reported (as of late on 8th January) to have been or to be at risk of being frozen, against the background of Citibank being 'ORDERED' to pay Wanta et al IMMEDIATELY. See below.

Funds were being disbursed into bank accounts to pay off domestic and foreign politicians and to set up more criminal financial and other operations. In other words, corrupt representatives of the payee ‘countries’ are helping themselves

Channels in communication with the Principals and this service were arguably lied to concerning all dimensions of these matters, including the usual Greenspan-Bush ‘preparing to settle’ routine whereby prospective country and ‘Tier 1-6’ recipients, headed by Ambassador Wanta, were to be paid in accordance with a constantly amended ‘manana, manana’ timeframe: the standard Bush 41 technique that has been deployed for years.

These manoeuvrings followed the usual, unchanging model of financial deception developed by Dr Alan Greenspan and Godfather Bush Sr., which we have called the ‘never-pay’ syndrome. The way this works is simple in theory. The model requires every outstanding payment (of monies and funds leveraged from them, owed to financial scam victims and past investors, and of funds owed to ‘countries’ and of course all the funds owned by Ambassador Lee Wanta as sole principal) to be linked and ‘dependent’ upon other transactions and remittances. That way, sabotage perpetrated by corrupt bankers and operatives at any level of the transactions gridlock, destabilises the entire payments edifice, so that payments are repeatedly aborted. This procedure is repeated indefinitely.

It may be added that further ‘active investigations’ have been triggered by these and related events, about which the Editor has not been informed.

Citibank in Hong Kong is virtually owned by the Chinese, who hold approximately 90% of its so-called 'assets' (debt-backed assets). Therefore the Chinese authorities would have no problem actually causing the demise of Citibank, and were more than entitled to take whatever action they might deem appropriate in the light of the outrageous and despicable last-minute $44+ trillion (in the aggregate) theft that was perpetrated (or attempted) under cover of the 'redirection' operation surrounding the Paulson shooting and 'death' farrago.

A ten-day deadline for the Wanta and related settlements imposed by the G-8 powers expired last Monday and failing settlement, Citibank may cease to exist and US banks, being non-compliant with Basel II, will be cut out of the world banking system overnight.

That would quickly trigger a 50+% drop in the US standard of living. However we believe that the massive pressure that has been brought to bear (mainly by this service, in respect of the public domain) may have 'done the trick' and that the Lee Wanta and 'linked' settlements will have been implemented just in the nick of time. This assessment is supported by the fact that we have now removed certain devastating intelligence from the present report, which we had talked over with Mr Cottrell. We have done this because just prior to this report being posted, Mr Cottrell received a phone call asking him to request that the Editor remove the relevant section 'because this matter is being dealt with this morning'. This was accompanied by a comment to the effect that 'you should be very happy later today'. Since the parties conveying this request are 'part of the solution, not part of the problem', we have naturally complied: with the proviso that in the event of any further interference with the settlements TODAY, the devastating information that we have removed will be reinserted on the basis that we don't need to comply with anything if we have been deceived.

As indicated in the preceding section, the sensitive intelligence that was to have been posted in THIS SPACE, has been removed at the request of people 'who are part of the solution, not part of the problem'. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ON THE UNDERSTANDING THAT IF THIS EDITOR DOES NOT GATHER THAT THE SETTLEMENT HAS BEEN EFFECTED TODAY, 9TH JANUARY 2008, THE SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE WHICH 'THEY' WANTED REMOVED, WILL BE REINSERTED WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. We cannot be 'told what to do', but were are 'trying to be helpful'.

Here, it needs perhaps to be added that it is neither here nor there, from the perspective of the Settlements, whether Paulson is alive or dead now, is it? If he is alive, the ‘sting’ objective of the criminal ‘Black Ops’ apparat was ‘achieved’ (so they may have briefly imagined: but no longer, we are told). If he is dead, Story was right, but he ‘rose from the dead’ in the format of a supposedly hired ‘double’ (the sophistication of which improved somewhat between 4th and 8th January, it seems), achieving the same fleeting objective in the perception of those who have little knowledge of US criminal counterintelligence Psy-Ops and the willing cooperation of the US ‘mainstream’ media under the terms of Operation Mockingbird.

In other words, the Paulson matter is indeed, viewed in the necessary broader perspective of the ongoing financial stealing and corruption that has been taking place while the Paulson ‘feeding frenzy’ has been going on, DIVERSIONARY.

The essence of the attempted ‘Black Ops’ ‘sting’ against the Editor of this service, if that was what happened, was applied in accordance with the following model, Mr Cottrell informed the Editor at 5.00pm on 8th January:

Step One: Redirect attention decisively away from what’s going on/is intended.

Step Two: OBFUSCATION: Create a massive diversion so that everyone rushes to look at an irrelevance. And in this context, Michael C. Cottrell stresses to the Editor that Paulson IS INDEED AN IRRELEVANCE. He was shot at and is being used to carry out the obfuscation programme directed on behalf of Bush Sr. by Cheney, while the criminal cadres (in the CIA and the relevant banks) perpetrated:

Step Three: Colossal theft of the funds. As stated above, $44.0+ trillion was stolen behind the smokescreen provided by this contrived Paulson obfuscation operation. At 4.50pm on 8th January, we were reliably advised that a very large sum of money, thought to have been of the order of $19 trillion, had been recovered, from the funds that were stolen behind the Paulson smokescreen.

It may reasonably be asked: if Paulson received a ‘pass-through’ bullet (assuming he is still alive, for the purposes of this analysis), why on earth would he subsequently cooperate with Bush and Cheney in this ghoulish play-acting? Good question.

Recall that Paulson resorted to blackmailing the President of the United States (even though Bush Jr. is the highest-ranking crook apart from the Godfather).

As reported previously, Paulson’s failed blackmail attempt went down like a lead balloon. If, as we are now required to believe, Paulson recovered from his ‘pass-through’ shooting experience and has been collaborating as a Dark Actor Playing Games in this charade, the only possible rationale for such behaviour would be that he is himself now being blackmailed by Bush/Cheney, and or threatened that if he doesn’t cooperate, the next bullet will be fatal. Such argumentation stretches the imagination somewhat, and might lead one to suspect that Paulson may indeed be dead, after all, as certain forensic investigators are continuing to tell us.

On 7th January, while ‘Paulson’ was ‘speaking’ at the Westin Hotel, Bush 43 was in Chicago possibly meeting with representatives of organised crime there in connection with the colossal thefts that had taken place as described above.

Meanwhile, in the background, Bush 41 proclaimed, as Mr Cottrell reported to the Editor, that ‘he would never, ever pay Ambassador Wanta’ – even as the hyper-corrupt President N. Sarkozy of France, of Hungarian Jewish background (2), was supervising safe receipt of the funds stolen in recent days behind the Paulson ‘Black Ops’ smokescreen. There is also a new corrupt Jordanian connection about which the Editor has yet to be informed.

Also on 7th January, the ‘preparing to pay’ syndrome yielded its usual outcome, when it was again revealed that Bush 43 had interfered with the country and Tier 1-6 payments yet again, after the US State Department had confirmed (as had other payee sources that are in touch with the Editor) that ‘everything was set to be completed’ on Tuesday 8th January.

Following the exposure of this deception, three officials at the State Department were sacked, according to a usually reliable source who spoke to the Editor after 1.00am British time in the early morning of 8th January.

Before we revert to our deconstruction of the Paulson shooting and the subsequent obfuscation operation, the question of ‘who is doing the shooting’ needs to be addressed. It will be recalled that DOD Internal Affairs took over ‘enforcement’ and other grim activities when it transpired that the Provost Marshal was not doing his job. It has subsequently emerged that this General Rodney L. Johnson, the Provost Marshal, an old Cheney associate, had been compromised, having apparently been caught ‘in flagrante’ on tape. Unconfirmed reports have since indicated that he was severely dealt with, which is believed to mean that he was incarcerated.

The Provost Marshal appears to have fallen victim to bribery, but Nancy Pelosi, who was once upon a time thought to have been in favour of the Wanta Settlement and related payments, may have succumbed to something else. According to a reliable source who provided the Editor with this information on 4th January, Pelosi may have been suborned by Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton, having been offered the Vice Presidency ticket on Mrs Hillary Rodomski’s now failing election campaign, in exchange for blocking the Settlement and related payments.

The shooting of a close aide of Mr Cheney, reported in our posting dated 2nd January, has been separately described to us as having served Cheney’s purposes remarkably well, too. Specifically, this shooting was a kind of ‘sib’ operation (in which the perpetrator is made to look like the victim) – a setup that implied at once that Cheney himself was in danger of his life, whereas in actual fact he is the mastermind behind the ‘Black Operations’ associated with these bank robberies, which can collectively be described as the biggest bank hold-up in world history.

Now it may still appear to some uninformed observers that the Editor was the victim of a ‘sting’: but if that was so, it was true ONLY with respect to the reported DEATH of Paulson (assuming that did not happen) which in turn was based upon deliberate official lies fed to supposedly honest and reliable people (see below).

However since the (pass-through) shootings of Mr Paulson, Mr Kimmitt and an unnamed senior US Treasury official did indeed take place, it follows that by ‘piggybacking’ the ‘sting’ onto the reality of the shootings, the Bushes, Cheney et al have simply contrived to lengthen the rope by means of which they are in the process of hanging themselves. In other words, they have exacerbated their problems, not the reverse. Because the shootings were true, and the ‘Black Operation’ to discredit the Editor of this service has drawn additional attention to them.

And also the Psy-Ops operatives have failed to discredit the Editor of this service, which was their intention: indeed several sources ‘close to the action’ have confirmed that the ‘Black’ lies fed to us were intended exclusively for that purpose.

Who is doing the shooting? The answer to this obvious question is that a countervailing force has developed within the American military, which has understood inter alia that the very actions of the military itself are destroying America’s military strength, an objective of malevolent foreign powers.

For instance, since the First Gulf War, some 500,070 veterans and other personnel have fallen ill with so-called Gulf War Syndrome, caused not (as some allege) by aspartame in Coca Cola (which turns into formaldehyde in conditions of great heat), while some 15,000 of their number have died from cancer and other conditions triggered by exposure to depleted uranium. The British Ministry of Defence is criminally covering up a similarly deplorable state of affairs in respect of depleted uranium-related illnesses among British military personnel.

The medium-term impact of this state of affairs will be to discourage young Americans from joining up, since it will become known that, due to the use of depleted uranium in armour-busting shells, signing up will mean dying early.

This may account for the reported fact that illegal Mexican immigrants are being recruited into the American armed forces, in the context of the unpopularity of Bush’s pointless and pitiless wars. Such recruits would be ignorant of the dangers they will face from contact with depleted uranium .

Anyway, due inter alia to such practical considerations, the countervailing force inside the US military is hardening in its attitude towards the confused shambles into which its corrupt civilian leaderships have led the armed forces, and is therefore sensitive to other parallel destabilising developments that threaten the future of the Republic – among which, we are now informed, is Wantagate and the unprecedented financial corruption that it has dislodged and exposed.

We also learned on 8th January 2008 from a newly acquired US source in regular contact with the military, who has specifically been drawing their attention to our reports for the past 11 months, that the measures that are being taken internally by officers to address the corruption crisis are of an ‘incremental nature’. This coincides with information retailed by our own contacts speaking with US military personnel regularly. This point should be borne in mind by all those spectators who are understandably impatient for results.

When the time came for decisive action to be taken, following Citibank’s uncouth behaviour in kicking Ambassador Wanta and his diplomatic associates off the Citibank premises in midtown New York under the supervision of two armed NYPD cops on 20th November 2007, DOD Internal Affairs assumed the lead in lieu of the discredited Provost Marshal.

Shootings that have taken place to date have been undertaken against known traitors (who are also de facto war criminals) such as Paulson and Kimmitt, by expert specialists who are literally able to inflict ‘pass-through’ shootings which wound and may even temporarily incapacitate the targeted perpetrators but do not result in their deaths. It was such precisely targeted shootings that took place on 28/29th December 2007 (assuming Paulson did not die later and although we reiterate that we are not aware that Kimmitt has been seen since). Furthermore, at 8.05pm on 4th January, the Editor was authoritatively informed that ‘new people are in control at the Treasury’, which would make sense if the top three had been ‘taken out’.

We also know that, effectively, a civil war is raging inside the US Federal structures as this horror story is being played out. For instance, the Special Forces operative seen (and reported upon) by Washington DC firefighters (see the report dated 2nd January 2008) was fleeing NOT (we are now informed by our military-connected sources) from the fire itself, but from Cheney’s own US Secret Service agents. That was why the Special Forces operative, whose hand was lacerated when he had to get through a window, refused hospital treatment.

This is the first ‘confirmed’ set-to between different formations inside the US Federal structures that we have been able to report to date.

The theft of $44 trillion+ that was perpetrated under cover of the Henry Paulson distraction, was preceded inter alia by the following further known monetary thefts and interferences reported to the Editor of this service by ‘connected’ contacts:

At 10.40pm, on 3rd January, it was reported to the Editor that Bush Jr. and Cheney had ‘changed the banking codes’ for the Settlements again.

$2.0 trillion previously stolen by Bush 41, was recovered on Friday 4th January.

Several reports of massive attempted monetary thefts, which were thwarted.

The primary definitive source for our published statement that Paulson was shot on 28th/29th December 2007 was Treasury Compliance. This fact was reiterated to the Editor of this service in emphatic terms at 2.30pm on 8th January by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., and is indisputable.

The source for our knowledge that Robert M. Kimmitt, the Deputy US Treasury Secretary, and a third senior Treasury official, were shot, also (but see below) on 28/29th December 2007, was a knowledgeable ‘connected’ source in the United States with whom the Editor has been in contact for months, who spoke to the Editor at 12.45 pm on Thursday 3rd January.

We cannot reveal the identity of this source, but the source is of course identified in our retained note of the conversation. At the time it was thought that the attack on Kimmitt, who speaks fluent German and is/was a long-term Bush aide, may have occurred on 2nd January; but the shooting is now believed to have occurred in the same timeframe as the shooting of Paulson.

On 3rd January, US operatives telephoned Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., with the request that Mr Story should not publish anything further on that date, following our report dated 2nd January, as the 2nd January report ‘was getting in the way of efforts to complete the Settlement and payments’. This information is exceptionally significant here. Why, if our report dated 2nd January, updated to report Paulson’s death, was impeding settlement, is it nevertheless maintained that our report that Paulson died was the product of as ‘sting’ to discredit the Editor of this service? Presumably the CIA and Cheney are ‘on the same page’: or are they not?

In the same conversation with Mr Cottrell, the intel operative who called him, in Mr Cottrell’s own words, ‘asked me if it was Kimmitt who was killed yesterday’, implying: (a) that our suspicion that Kimmitt may have been killed could be true and (b) that the Kimmitt shooting or assassination did actually take place on 2nd January, and not on 28/29th December. If intelligence was deceiving Mr Cottrell, the record stands that on 3rd January 2008, a US intelligence operative asked Mr Cottrell whether the official who had been killed on the preceding day was Kimmitt.

Given such FACTS, it seems to the Editor to be somewhat premature for everyone to assume that the ‘Paulson’ who surfaced, for instance, at the Westin Hotel on 7th January and on CNBC on the 8th, was actually Paulson himself and not a double, as forensics are telling us was the case.

At 4.50pm on Wednesday 2nd January 2008, this source informed the Editor by telephone that ‘the State Department have confirmed that Paulson died on 2nd January’. On 5th January 2008, the same source informed us as follows: ‘The State Department confirmed that Paulson is dead’. At the time, we again thought that the death occurred, if it did occur, on 2nd January.

However it was subsequently believed that Paulson may have died on 31st December. On 7th January, the Editor demanded of the same source (verbatim): ‘Did the State Department confirm Paulson’s death on 2nd January, yes or no?’, to which the answer was an emphatic YES.

At 11.40pm UK time on 5th January, the Editor again spoke with this ‘connected’ source, and asked for the identities of two other distinguished sources that had confirmed that Paulson had died. In this conversation, the source indicated that it was now believed that Paulson may have died on New Year’s Eve. Certainly, during the final weekend of the year, the Editor became aware that it was thought that Paulson might not make it into 2008. The two distinguished sources for the information that Paulson had died were revealed to be:

A distinguished former Governor of the Federal Reserve (identity known to the Editor).

An Ambassador (identity known to the Editor,
who has been asked to withhold his identity from this report).

We have telephone contact back-up for this information. As indicated above, the Gold Badges who read our report on 2nd January 2008 did not dispute any fact contained therein.

Other sources for these events included the following:

1. An email dated 30th December 2007 and timed as having been received by the Editor at 5:56pm. from a high-level US source who, again, has been in contact with the Editor of this service from some months. He cannot be identified but the email is of course in our files. In any public airing of these events, the email message in question (as with all our email traffic and underlying notes) will necessarily confirm everything that is stated here with reference to our sources.

It contained the following statement:

‘Chris, I was told that Paulson took a bullet either late Friday or early Saturday. That came from my US intel, with two confirmations. Then today my [reference to a foreign power] intel also confirmed it with an odd reply to the question, saying: “Well, sometimes people take it in the chest’.

Initially, the Editor thought that the phrase ‘took a bullet’ (not used in England), may have been a figure of speech, and asked for clarification. He asked whether it was a figure of speech or that that the phrase should be interpreted literally, applicable also to the foreign intelligence source’s elaboration. The answer was that it should be taken literally.

At 17.59 UK time on 2nd January 2008, following the publication of our report that Paulson had been shot (updated to incorporate the report that he died), the Editor received an email message from a separate ‘connected’ correspondent, under the heading: ‘Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the US Treasury, died today from his gunshot wounds’:

‘This is true. I have it confirmed from a source of mine. Thanks again Christopher for all you do and your amazing courage to carry through this’.

On 3rd January 2008, the website carried a ‘Casper Update’ which contained the following passage:

BUSH was confronted today with the death of PAULSON.

“That’s a lie” says he.
“Well, produce him”, says he.
“I can’t, says he, “he’s sick”.
“Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die”, says we.
“Can you produce the FIVE CHENEY ASSISTANTS who have been shot?!

Before we complete this passage from, consider the following:

If our report that Paulson had died is a ‘lie’, WHY DID THE TREASURY OR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT NOT ISSUE A CATEGORICAL DENIAL OF IT, given that such a report might be considered a problem for the financial markets? The President’s verbal statement that it was a ‘lie’ should have been followed up by a categorical official denial of the report.

Or was it simply that, since the report appeared in a despised ‘alternative media’ source, it could not be expected to affect the financial markets at all?

Why did White House spokesman Tony Fratto have nothing to say about the report?

But of course acknowledging that it was a ‘lie’ was out of the question, wasn’t it, because the report was based upon a confirmation from the US State Department (backed, we can reveal, by statements by an Ambassador and a former distinguished Governor of the Federal Reserve) that Paulson had died. So the President was not only contradicting the State Department, but was also saying that the State Department had lied! Did he warn Condoleeza Rice that he would contradict the State Department’s confirmation? Apparently not.

Note that Bush 43 stated that he could not ‘produce’ Paulson, because ‘he is sick’. On the basis that the shooting was ‘pass-through’, Henry Paulson would have been ‘sick’ because he was still recovering from the shooting, which was not fatal. That would account for the appearance of an almost motionless Paulson ‘cadaver’ at the staged appearance that took place in the White House on 4th January (even though the Treasury’s website had explicitly stated that no appearances by Treasury officials had been scheduled for between 22nd December and 4th January). Alternatively, he was ‘sick’ because he was dead, and his subsequent choreographed appearances have indeed been performances by a hired doppleganger.

Observe that ‘Casper’ referenced FIVE Cheney aides who had been shot (whereas we only knew of ONE). Since the President did NOT dispute the information contained in the question (namely that FIVE Cheney aides had been shot), we believe that this information has to be correct. Instead of disputing that FIVE Cheney aides had been shot, the Criminal President simply said that he could not produce them. Obviously not, because they had been shot.

The ‘Casper’ passage concluded:

The three administration people arrested per STORY Update were taken to The Hague.

BUSH mumbled something about an instant recession “IF”.

Allow us to elaborate here:

The first statement provides confirmation that the three who were arrested as we stated in our report dated 2nd January were Administration officials (as we thought), not bankers. These officials were transferred to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Like the two Americans held by the Israelis pending payment of the funds that Paulson double-crossed them over (see the same report), these three US officials can be considered hostages pending the necessary settlements. Very interesting.

The Criminal President’s mumble about an ‘instant recession “IF”' was clearly a reference to his perverse stance that “IF” Basel II is implemented and applied in the United States, the corrupt banks’ on-the-books finances ‘will be’ severely constrained, tipping the country into recession at once (which is happening anyway).

Being interpreted, what he was trying to say but didn’t, was that his repeated interferences with the settlements represented an operation to frustrate and jeopardise or destroy Basel II, so that corrupt ‘business as usual’, could continue as though nothing had happened.

By extension, the desperate giga-thefts that took place under cover of the ‘Paulson obfuscation’ represented a frantic response by these cornered financial criminals to grab back as much of the stolen loot as they can, just in case they fail to frustrate the implementation of the new Basel II on-the-books banking regime, precluding corrupt ‘business as usual’.

At 5.20pm on Saturday 5th January, an authoritative source in the Southwest of the United States was reported to the Editor to have stated, with reference to Paulson: ‘He’s gone’. He added that ‘no-one is not accessible’. This email, too, is resident, of course, in our files.

On 4th January 2008, Patrick J Bellringer posted the following comments in response to this message (typical of many that we also received in similar vein) on the website: ‘I saw Paulson on CNBC at 2pm EST sitting next to Bush. This should put an an end to this Paulson death nonsense’.

Like so many others, this ‘helpful’ correspondent revealed his naivety and failure to understand that an image on a TV screen nowadays can lie, and may even have no meaning. The information on the screen may be entirely ‘virtual’, which these critics appear for some weird reason not to understand. Bellringer responded inter alia as follows:

‘I have been slammed with email from doubters like you about the US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson’s death being a hoax, and that I am a liar from claiming that Henry is now dead because you saw him on TV sitting with President G W Bush and VP Cheney. I ask: What did you see? Did Henry move? Did he speak? Did you see his eyes move? Were you looking at a video made by the CIA in their Hollywood studio? Were you looking at a lookalike (double), a holographic image or even a solid hologram?’

‘Is Henry Paulson dead? My military sources, some of whom participated in the incident in which Paulson was killed, say this is true. I have been informed that the Henry Paulson family are now making funeral arrangements. Why is this so, if he were alive?’

‘You must choose whom you are willing to believe. As Christopher Story has said: “You cannot have it both ways. Make up your mind which sources you trust, but don’t, please, burden us with your unbelief”’.

In a ‘Casper’ Update posted on on 4th January, the reporter commented:

‘We have at least as many sources as STORY claiming he is deceased and today’s video a fraud. One source says the family acknowledged his passing the day it happened, US military sources, banking sources, even WIKIPEDIA, said it’s true. The WIKIPEDIA obit, right below his picture, was removed within hours of posting. Another source said the family was making funeral arrangements. Others speak of a “stand-in”. Fox News and all present at the meeting of economic advisers would have to be in on the scam’.

Separately, on 3rd January, a correspondent drew our attention to the fact that the Wikipedia entry for Henry M. Paulson suddenly contained the phrase ‘Died: 2 January 2008’ beneath the Library photograph of this criminal operative. Now the text in that segment of a Wikipedia page is always blue. The date of death was shown in black. When the Editor checked the site (immediately after receiving the correspondent’s email), the date of death was missing.

The correspondent later confirmed that he had verified that the date of death had been there, but that it had been removed within hours of posting.

Forensic examinations of all the relevant tapes are in progress, and copies of all the ‘post-mortem appearances’ of Paulson have been acquired. This subject is getting too complicated to elaborate here, but a number of odd findings are worth adding now:, which had carried a report of the hastily convened meeting at the White House ostensibly between Bush Jr., ‘Paulson;, Bernanke and Leazar (Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers), had removed this report by 6th January, so that the listing jumped from articles published on 3rd January, to 5th January, with nothing listed for 4th January at all.

A supposed photograph of the meeting, shown on the Treasury website, has Bush Jr., ‘Paulson, Bernanke and Lazear in that order with Mr Lazear furthest from the camera, the only problem being that a portion of Bernanke’s head, which is further from the camera than ‘Paulson’s’, intrudes over Paulson’s head.

A Treasury Department photograph monitored on 8th January supposedly of the staged event on 4th January, had been changed. ‘Paulson’ was standing to one side.

An expert points out that this picture was suspiciously ‘identical’ to a known photograph of Paulson speaking at Georgetown Law School.

Official pictures about the meeting on 4th January included one shot of President Bush and ‘Paulson’, with Cheney, who was not mentioned anywhere as participating at the meeting. Some reports on ‘Paulson’s supposed video appearance at the staged event on 4th January suggested that the person in question was under severe strain.

If the Paulson video appearance at the staged meeting on 4th January was bogus, certain preliminary forensic findings support such a conclusion.

For instance, in video insertion and manipulation of Paulson headshot and hands took place, this would explain bizarre movements and expressions, with ‘Paulson’s’ shirt collar remaining still most of the time despite the head movement. The basic software being used for such fakery is the same, presumably, as that used in the fraudulent videos still concocted by the CIA purporting to be the updated ruminations of Osama Bin Laden, who actually died in Minnesota on 26th December 2001.

FACT: The late John Chambers, who died in 2001, was the key makeup-to-go expert for the CIA. The current leading experts in making up doubles are believed to be Hollywood’s Rick Baker and Robert Sidell, a former colleague of Chambers.

Forensic examinations of video footage of the ‘post-mortem appearances’ are reliably reported to contain curious anomalies. Explanations of these will have to wait until later, or they appear in the Editor’s Wantagate book, in preparation.

The main point to take away from this report is that PART of the Paulson matter MAY have been an attempted ‘Black Ops’ discrediting operation. It impressed a small proportion of gullible people, augmented by paid Cheney Psy-Ops hacks who have bombarded the Editor with abusive emails as a consequence. After a few were examined, these were all trashed unread.

But the shootings were real (as the ‘death may still turn out to be’: it may be too early to be sure) and have NOT BEEN COVERED UP. Therefore, to attempt a ‘sting’ operation against the Editor of this service on the back of the shootings, was an act of desperation by the Dark Forces who have been exposed by Wantagate through this website.

The ‘sting’ was also a diversion, to redirect attention away from what was happening – giga-theft on a gargantuan scale, a.k.a. corrupt ‘business as usual’. As should soon become clear, this massive criminal and diversionary 'Psy-Ops' operation has crumbled.

While vast amounts of the stolen funds were quickly recovered – the four PROMIS teams monitoring these illicit financial thefts and movements 24/7 have had no rest – the issue that matters is whether the tiny cabal of World Class criminals will finally be stopped, by means which this Editor has no right to speculate about, or whether the financial and economic crash that we predicted on 2nd September 2006 and again in the summer of 2007 – will be allowed, thanks to the satanic intransigence of these ruthless madmen, simply to occur because the relevant powers inside the US structures fail to take whatever action they might consider appropriate in the circumstances.

As this report was being closed, we were being told that Citigroup has had all its assets, as well as its gold, frozen. This information was provided to the Editor by email at 2:12pm on 8th January. It could not be confirmed at this closing: but the very surfacing of such a report indicates ‘where we’re at’ – which the redirected Paulson diversion does not.

One final point. As indicated above, the belated response of the ‘counterforce’ within the US military plus the relevant elements of the Military Power, are operating ‘incrementally’. We have this information from TWO separate military sources. Therefore, events such as those that have taken place in recent weeks, and others that we don’t yet know much about, are, by definition, having incremental consequences.

If you haven’t yet understood what is going on as these forces come to the rescue of the Republic at the last moment, bear that important fact in mind. And it’s not one minute to midnight. It’s five o’clock in the morning, in case those who have been fast asleep hadn’t noticed.

The following indications that the 'virtual reality' folks have been playing around with Paulson images, and that our suspicions on this score may be well-founded, have been received:

(1) From an expert in these matters [received 9th January 2008, 23:12 UK time]:

Play the Microsoft Media Player video
Right click your mouse while video is playing [may have to try this a few times]
Click ZOOM
Right click your mouse while playing, again
Click SLOW
[WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO] Notice the rear right portion of Paulson's head blends in with the yellow [or gold] stripe on the blue Navy flag, in the background, when he turns his head back & forth wherein, thusly, the polygon [shape around the edges of an object] of his head is not at all definitive. This is indicative of video alteration, commonly called "being photoshopped", named after the popular graphics, photo & video manipulative Photoshop software, though many other similar professional software packages that can do all this, also exist.

(2) From a correspondent [received 9th January 2008, 22:00 UK time]:

You are so right on.....they sure don't want any photographs of that meeting with Bush & Bernanke and Paulson...I have looked and looked, and what was all over the news two days ago is strangely missing from view now!! Could it be they are hiding something??? It seems they don't want anyone to see Paulson now: How strange.... You keep going Mr. Story, these rats are really on the run now. Thank you ...thank you.

(3) From a correspondent in Canada [received 10th January 2008, 15:56 UK time]:

Message: 01/08/08 CNBC interview: Paulson's Own Words Indicate Last Year [2007]:

Here's where there's a serious kink in the cover-up. In this video of Paulson,
supposedly in the morning of January 8 on CNBC, Paulson is asked a question
regarding the depth of the problem in the housing market and that  the problem
was initially underestimated (UNSAID: because it covered up the underlying frauds).

Paulson goes on to answer the question as follows:

"Well I can remember, I came to Washington early in the summer of 2006
and I remember late 2006 early 2007 that most economists, as they looked at
housing were looking at it bottoming out sometime in 2007 and this problem
has been more significant than a lot of people, a lot of us first thought
it would be. I can tell you it was about MID YEAR THIS YEAR that we put
together, and I think we put together an effort to deal with this and I
think we'll be talking about that later to deal with what's going on in
the sub prime area".

This interview was supposed to have taken place in the morning
of January 8, 2008 and yet he said "MID YEAR THIS YEAR that we put
together, and I think we put together an effort to deal with this"
meaning mid year LAST year. i.e. in mid-2007.

This is a strong indication that this interview was conducted towards the end of 2007,
and NOT on 8th January 2008 as the population is supposed to believe.

If this is a fraudulent report, CNBC is a party to the covering up of massive
financial fraud and would be a co-conspirator and an accessory to the fact
of crimes, including the murder of senior US officials, of course.

Link (first video about 3/4 towards the end):

(4) From a US correspondent [received 10th January 2008, 2.45am UK time]:

This link came to me today and so I am forwarding after watching it, to you.
God bless you. Here is the link:


(1) The source's email dated 6th January 2008 and timed at 05:47 am UK time, stated: 'I called the Department of the Treasury and they acted very strange. The man I spoke to refused to identify himself and would only answer questions with questions ridiculing my willingness to believe alternative news sources. He was totaly insolent and rude and hung up on me'.

(2) An experienced businessman and traveller known to the Editor of this service, who has had extensive business in Hungary, informs us that Hungarian crooks are among the most ruthless and dangerous category of mobsters in the world.

Editor's Note: We are still, from time to time, receiving emails from frustrated people seeking documentation to 'back up' what we publish in these reports. Such correspondents choose to overlook the well-known fact that we have published several huge issues of International Currency Review which contain hundreds of pages of facsimiles of relevant documents. Since we are a commercial operation, we cannot make these volumes available free of charge.

However copies are available in many university and other libraries around the world, and of course they can be ordered via this website at any time. But the main point here is that complaints along these lines reveal lack of knowledge of the background, which is that an immense volume of relevant documents has been published, while these reports are approved where necessary and appropriate either by the Principals or by Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., before being posted.

In the case of this presentation, the Editor conveyed a copy of the report for Mr Cottrell's attention as a courtesy and at the same time to ensure that what has now been published here does not 'cut across' matters of an intensified nature that are currently in hand.


We now repeat, yet again, our familiar summary of the Statutes, securities regulations and fraud information that we have appended to these reports for many months. The reason we append this information is to remind everyone of their clear responsibilities under the US Misprision of Felony legislation, and of course to provide a legal basis for these reports.

Reiteration of the fraudulent transactions involving Bank of New York Mellon – a bank so arrogant and conspicuously indifferent both to its tarnished reputation and to its grotesque breaches of US law and of N.A.S.D./S.E.C. Regulations, that it now takes first prize in the crowded competition for the title of ‘Most arrogant and corrupt financial institution in America’. At least, this was the case until the perpetration of the 'Saturday scam' described above and on 13th November:

Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment” Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

“ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

“THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:


“FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.

“The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.

To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.


‘FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.

“Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent on person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.


NASD Rule 3120, et al.
NASD Rule 2330, et al
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3040
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-1
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and SEC Rule 15c3-1
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 3110
SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and Procedural Rule 8210
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and 2330 and IM-2330
NASD Conduct Rules 2110 and IM-2110-5
NASD Systems and Programme Rules 6950 through 6957

In addition to which Bank of New York Mellon is in violation of:
97-13 Bank Secrecy Act, Recordkeeping Rule for funds transfers and transmittals of funds, et al.


Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
Anti-Drug Abuse Act
Applicable international money laundering restrictions
Bank Secrecy Act
Conspiracy to commit and cover up murder.
Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
Economic Espionage Act
Hobbs Act
Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
Maloney Act
Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC] (1)
Money-Laundering Control Act
Money-Laundering Suppression Act
Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminal activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
Securities Act 1933
Securities Act 1934
Terrorism Prevention Act
Treason legislation, especially in time of war

This list shows to what extent the Bush II Administration condones one Rule of Law for the Rest of Us, and absolute contempt for domestic and international law for the officials and bankers who are illegally diverting and exploiting Wanta’s funds.

The Directors and others listed in Part 1 of the Wantagate Listing of Institution Directors and others posted on 11th June may likewise be Accessories to the Fact of, and/or co-conspirators in, wittingly or unwittingly, the egregious violation of the laws itemised above. This list is reproduced in International Currency Review, Volume 33, #s 1 & 2, September 2007, on pages 163-168.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

Wicked Pedia Update dated 2nd December 2007:

As previously reported, the Editor’s attention was drawn, in the second half of November 2007, to a pack of old lies, diversionary claptrap and disinformation posted on Wikipedia under ‘Leo Wanta’.

Although this posting appeared FOR THE FIRST TIME on 12th November 2007, it consisted almost entirely of ancient lies, including disinformation dredged out of ‘Thieves’ World’, a hatchet job published in 1994 by Simon and Schuster by the late Claire Sterling, a CIA operative.

Mrs Sterling died suddenly after being summoned for her second meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under Clinton.

The fact that the OLD Wikipedia lies appeared for the first time as late as 12th November 2007, and consisted almost totally of old, discredited lies, omitting the Master Lie that the CIA retailed after the Ambassador had been taken down, namely that he was DEAD, indicated quite clearly to the Editor and his advisers that this latest evil display of regurgitated disinformation represented a deliberate operation by the US intelligence community’s disinformation and lie machine, to begin, all over again, the process of discrediting Ambassador Leo Wanta – so that they can relieve him of his funds by some false pretext or other after a ‘gag order’ has been signed.

The definitive up-to-date information on the Ambassador’s affairs has been published on this website, and in several issues of International Currency Review, Economic Intelligence Review, Soviet Analyst and Arab-Asian Affairs, all published by World Reports Limited, for several years. Copies of these publications are in official, institutional and library hands all over the world. Therefore, any posting about Ambassador Wanta that relies upon ancient lies and fails to take account of the accurate information that we have published, can easily be demonstrated to represent yet another US intelligence community and NSA discrediting operation.

We now understand that the Principals have been advised (for the past several weeks) that they will not be allowed to reveal that they have been paid. This loony state of affairs is designed to ‘set them up’ for a future discrediting operation whereby false witness will be deployed against them to the effect that they have stolen the money, or some such pack of lies, which they will be unable to refute because they will be bound by the ‘prerequisite’ gag order that is intended. Its purpose, of course, is to ‘legitimise’ the old and new lies that the US disinformation apparat will be preparing for future use. The likelihood is that the new discrediting operation will be extended to Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., as well. We are prepared for this intended onslaught.

On 19th November, the Editor posted on Wikipedia the accurate text about Leo Wanta that is now reproduced below. The Editor’s accurate text was then removed by Wikipedia, leaving the ‘old lies’ that had existed previously. When the Editor became aware of this, he reposted the accurate text below, and, given that his own copy had been deleted, he then deleted the pack of lies, leaving his own accurate text up on the Wikipedia site instead, without the lies.

On 2nd December, the Editor was advised by a monitor that the Editor’s accurate text had been removed and that the old discrediting lies had been reposted on the page by Wikipedia. When the Editor checked, he found that the page could no longer be edited because of what the site managers described as ‘vandalism’.

It was not ‘vandalism’ to delete the truth and to replace the truth by old lies, but it was ‘vandalism’ to delete ‘old lies’ and replace them by the truth.

We are therefore able to conclude from this Wicked Pedia outrage, as follows:

1. Wikipedia, which purports to ‘change the world’, prefers lies to the truth.

2. Wikipedia is therefore, by definition, a source of disinformation and lies, and cannot be trusted as a source of reliable information in any context.

3. The only category of sick society that would have any interest in disseminating lies about Ambassador Wanta, the United States’ greatest living patriot, rather than the truth, is the mentally disturbed US counterintelligence disinformation apparat (a.k.a. the US STUPIDITY COMMUNITY) which, by its actions in deleting the Editor’s ACCURATE information and replacing it with old lies, and by its illegal behaviour in ‘snipping’ our website texts as stated above, thereby reveals the desperation of its concerns, which all have to do with covering up official criminality.

4. It is now far too late for the US stupidity community to repair the damage that it has done since June 2006, when the Ambassador’s funds were first hijacked by the criminal financial operative Henry M. Paulson, US Treasury Secretary. So it is laying the groundwork for a renewed discrediting operation against Ambassador Wanta and his colleagues.

We and others will see to it that this intention is defeated, and that such nefarious scheming is exposed for the amoral and disgusting Luciferian behaviour that it represents.

The ACCURATE text that the Editor posted on the Wikipedia site, follows. (The Editor, after all, PAID FOR AMBASSADOR WANTA’S EXIT FROM PROBATION, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SO HE CAN HARDLY BE A SOURCE OF DISINFORMATION, CAN HE?). This information will be very widely distributed by other means, in order to provide all concerned with the necessary ‘heads-up’ as to what these US Dark Forces have in mind. They are out of their minds and in Satan’s mind:

The disinformation about Leo Wanta (Lee Wanta) below was first posted on 12th November 2007. It contains ancient CIA disinformation and long since exposed lies going back to the early 1990s, and obfuscates the truth. The report appended immediately below was added on 19th November 2007, to correct the disinformation contained in the original stub.

It was subsequently removed and is hereby replaced. This sequence of events, which suggests that egregious lies are preferred to the truth, has been recorded on, which contains all the updated and breaking Wanta material, that was ignored and traduced in the stub at the foot of this report.

This is the correct information that we posted on 19th November 2007:

The 'information' posted below represents a deliberately malevolent, false disinformation picture which has no bearing on reality. It is a travesty of the truth of the matter and cites Christopher Story as the author of some of the disinformation, which is libellous and implies that Story, the veteran
Editor of International Currency Review of nearly 40 years' standing, is engaged in the egregious dissemination of lies, which is not the case.

This is such an egregiously malevolent stub of disinformation that readers should prudently dismiss it altogether; they should start afresh by accessing Christopher Story's website, which is:, reading from the Archive. is the authoritative source for all updated information on Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta. The source 'Thieves' World' was a CIA disinformation work prepared by the late CIA disinformation operative Claire Sterling, published in 1994.

This stub regurgitates ancient lies perpetrated by the CIA, which lied for many years that Lee (Leo being his intelligence community name) Wanta was dead. The CIA proclaimed that he was dead so that corrupt cadres could ransack his funds (see below).

He 'ceased to be dead' with effect from 21st July 2005 after Christopher Story, a British private citizen, had paid $35,000 from his scarce private funds pro bono publico by way of 'restitution' to an American lawyer for onward payment to the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, to procure Mr Wanta's release from his illegal probation.

Despite his Ambassadorial status, Wanta had been illegally 'taken down' in Switzerland on 7th July 1993 without a warrant on a trumped-up Wisconsin State charge of having failed to pay $14,129 in falsely assessed Wisconsin State fabricated tax that he never owed because he had been resident in Vienna on US Presidential intelligence work since June 1988.

This data is all in the public domain, has been published for several years in International Currency Review, the Journal of the World Financial Community, and can be read on Mr Story's website.

International Currency Review is a banking and financial journal with a worldwide circulation:
ISSN 0020-6490. It is published by World Reports Limited, London.

Notwithstanding that this fabricated tax demand (orchestrated by US criminal intelligence) had been paid twice under protest by Lee Emil Wanta from abroad (in May and June 1992), the funds were improperly allocated by the Wisconsin State Department of Revenue and were never credited to the false account maintained by them for the Ambassador. (Christopher Story holds documentary
proof of both payments). They were paid a third time by Christopher Story in June 2005, which action duly procured Mr Wanta's release from illegal probation effective 14th November 2005.

As a consequence of Wanta thus ceasing to be dead, the CIA's lie that he was dead collapsed in chaos, and all the subsidiary old false witness lies that the CIA had perpetrated, including those assembled for disinformation purposes in the stub below (which, in line with the standard false witness used throughout by detractors, attempts to portray Christopher Story as a source of disinformation) were discredited as well.

Why was Wanta taken down? So that the criminal intelligence cadres running the US Government could ransack the $27.5 trillion of funds assembled by Leo Wanta on President Reagan's orders, in the course of his Financial Warfare operations against the USSR.

Under Reagan's Executive Order 12333 of 1981, US intelligence officers were permitted to establish corporations which could thereafter contract with the CIA/DIA/DEA/NSA et al for the purpose of fulfilling allotted intelligence tasks allocated to them.

The financial proceeds of operations conducted by such corporations were consequently the property of the corporations and thus of their shareholders, a legal fact of life which has never been, and cannot be, disputed. This was not a good idea because almost all US intelligence
operatives are liars and do not function on the basis of the Rule of Law at all, if they can help it.

Lee Wanta is the well-known patriotic exception to this rule: he operates solely in accordance with US law, in contrast to the behaviour of other US operatives, which is why the kakocracy* needed to remove him from the scene, as duly occurred July 1993.

Once Wanta had been illegally arrested (contrary to international law, as a diplomat) and then thrown into a stinking Swiss jail on 7th July 1993, the criminal cadres inside the US official structures immediately ransacked Mr Wanta's bank accounts according to plan.

The history of this matter is, and has been, elaborated in great depth on Christopher Story's website and has been extensively published, as mentioned, in International Currency Review and other World Reports Limited intelligence publications.

Students are advised perhaps to begin with the 'Wisconsingate' report dated 6th August 2007, which forensically dissects, with detailed documentary back-up, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's tax fabrication operation against Wanta, stretching back for over 20 years, that has been exposed by Christopher Story in minute detail, and which formed the fabricated basis for Wanta's illegal takedown in 1993, despite the fact that Wisconsin has no jurisdiction beyond its borders.

The overall Wantagate crisis, which is the sole and continuing underlying cause of the prevailing global financial and economic day of reckoning that the world is now facing, has been triggered by the fact that the George W. Bush Jr. White House, aided and abetted by other senior office-holders, hijacked the compromise financial settlement of $4.5 trillion that the White House itself agreed (in a classified accord that was finalised in May 2006) should be paid over to Ambassador Wanta, so that the stolen and diverted remaining $23 trillion of his funds (and the many hundreds of trillions of dollars hypothecated upon them) could be released from a de facto lien arising from the collapse of the CIA's lie that Wanta was dead.

For clearly, since he had ceased to be dead, 100% of these funds (plus the hundreds of trillions of fiat ‘funny’ money generated by illegal leveraged operations from that base) belonged to Lee Wanta and to no-one else: a situation that the banks 'could not handle'.

The entire narrative of what has become the worst financial corruption crisis in world history (which this stub consisting of disinformation attempts to obfuscate) is set out in great detail on Christopher Story's website, to which all readers are directed in order for the accurate state of affairs to be understood. As indicated, this stub below is a travesty and a disgrace, as it regurgitates long since discredited CIA lies, presents a diversionary, distorted and misleading picture, and because it malevolently incorporates Christopher Story as a source for some of this disinformation.

It is a disgusting instance of ignorant and malevolent US counterintelligence disinformation and deceit at its very worst.

All the statements in the above commentary may be verified by reference to and International Currency Review. Another publication covering this matter in detail is Economic Intelligence Review, also published by World Reports Limited, London. Wanta students should access the Archive on the Home Page.

A book devoted to Ambassador Wanta and the Wantagate crisis is in preparation

The Wanta disinformation referred to above has been deleted from this page. ENDS.

The Ambassador and his colleagues now have special diplomatic status (conferred upon them by HM The Queen in 2007), which means that the Ambassador is now an Ambassador several times over. This factor greatly complicates the intended discrediting offensive that the mad US stupidity community’s Dark Forces contemplate, their sole objective being of course to cover up their own criminality, in line with pending ‘thought crime’ legislation which has the same Nazi-style objective.

*Note: ‘Kakocracy’: Governance by a clique representing the worst elements of society, in their interests and to the exclusion of all other interests, from the Greek, kakos, meaning foul, or filthy.

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001.

Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier Wantagate reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.



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