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Infowars MoneyBomb: Help Alex Jones and Crew

This moneybomb needs to be posted on every website... if we are going to make history and boost this private company up to an all new level of participation, and public view, WE need to step it up. The juggernaut of information that is reported by Alex Jones and crew needs to be heard by the masses. Yes, they will think the information is crazy at first, but one by one the light bulbs above their heads will alight as they connect what they hear to their own lives.

A paypal link will be provided soon. Alternatively, if you do not wish to participate in (pure donation) please consider infobombing your neighborhood. Buy ENDGAME, make copies and place them on the doorsteps in your area.

We enabled Ron Paul to compete with the corporate sponsored politicians, now we can enable Alex Jones to compete with corporate media. Let's do this! Get the word out, blog, forum, chat, email, let everyone know about this moneybomb. Go build a myspace page place posters on telephone poles, invite everyone, do anyting you can! This must happen. $100 will not break anyones bank. Collectively, we can each donate the small amount and create a massive force for Alex Jones to use toward educating our peers about the coming economic crisis, the fraudulent carbon threat, the coming police state and more... it is all up to you and I. There are thousands who listen to Alex Jones every day. This is your one chance to blast a crater into the side of the establishment. Pledge. This has never been done before, make history!

Alex Jones
http://infowars.com    http://infowars.net    http://social.infowars.com    http://jonesreport.com    http://jonesreport.net    http://prisonplanet.com    http://prisonplanet.tv    http://forum.prisonplanet.com    http://martiallaw911.info    http://endgamethemovie.com   

G. Edward Griffin
http://freedom-force.org    http://freedomforceinternational.org


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