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President John F Kennedy (JFK) Warned Of Conspiracy In Government


In Nov., 1963 in a TV public announcement, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WARNED THAT THERE IS A SUBVERSIVE secret society (a CONSPIRACY in GOVERNMENT) ATTEMPTING TO TAKE OVER  the U.S. & the WORLD, by using infiltration instead of invasion, subversion instead of elections, & intimidation instead of free choice, & has conscripted vast human & material resources, into a tightly knit highly efficient machine, that combines military, diplomatic, political, scientific, economic, & intelligence entities, --who’s operations & expenditures are concealed & not questioned, --& dissenters are silenced.  JFK , then, asked for help in the tremendous task of alerting & informing the people, so that man can be what he was born to be, free & independent. (Zietgiest-dvd; (Nat.PressClub).  ---JFK, this is that information, in this paper.  I spent years researching it.  I am there for you!!!  Judy (drjudyforjustice@yahoo.com) 





A Corporate/Military Industrialist Complex/Mafia/Nazi/Bush Administration Conspiracy

Who have seized control of the U.S. by Vote Fraud

Lead by, & Controlled by the F E D E R A L   R E S E R V E   B A N K, and who are

CONQUERING the U.S. & the WORLD by deliberate, malicious, evil, SUBVERSION, & Eliminating the Middle Class, &


--Using tactics of tyranny that have been well documented for thousands of years,

with massive technology, wealth, surveillance & drugs, & the Fraudulent Attacks of  9/11 as pretense for war & to take rights away. 

–And the U.S. & World are Ignoring It Like Sheep to Slaughter.


Walter Cronkite said, “The Bush Administration is waging war on the U.S., & is the most corrupt government ever to exist, because it is conquering the U.S. & the world, subversively.”(7/4/04, CBS News Sunday Morning).  U.S. President Eisenhower  warned not to let the Military Industrialist Complex take over. (l/17/61 Farewell Address). FDR stated that it is not right to take freedom away in the name of a New World Order,  GH Bush spoke of implementing the New World Order.

TACTICS USED:   --Make people to be ignorant, alone, poverty ridden, in debt, in fear, troubled, stressed, dehumanized, on drugs,  illegal & legal, unable to organize; -abolish unions; --discourage from thinking, speaking, writing, or taking action. --Generate poverty & despair; -raise taxes;  --destroy the economy by: outsource jobs & factory equipment, -abolish tariffs, illegal immigrants to lower wages & raise prices;  -Cause citizens to lose their land, homes & businesses so that everyone will have to work for & rent from the fascist regime at starvation wages, if they are even allowed to live;  -Daily compound interest loans at 39% generate massive debt that cause loss of homes & businesses;  Eminent domain;  Privatizing (almost all public entities have been privatized including highways, prisons, parks, etc.); inflate the currency;  -generate massive national debt that the taxpayers have to pay back, but goes into the pockets of the fascist regime. Control education & medias,  Nazi/CIA mind Control, Psychological & Marketing tactics, mind control drugs, especially Meth/barbiturate combination drugs such as laced marijuana,  make people forget who they were, family, friends, rights, democracy, sympathy, civilization, truth, & reprogram.  Promote conformity. Massive technology & surveillance. Have a common enemy to focus on, to defocus off the corrupt government; dazzle the ignorant --Hire in government only the immoral ignorant & those whom you can hold something over their head to accomplish the above tactics – especially the police & military!!!  The immoral ignorant are recruited by deceiving them into believing that they will be a ruling class over the oppressed masses or over a few, not realizing that they are destroying the Constitution & their own rights,& subjecting themselves to barbarianism.

       IF THE FEDERAL RESERVE WERE ABOLISHED, THERE WOULD BE ENOUGH FOR $5 MILLION DOLLARS FOR EACH CITIZEN, A HOME, FREE HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, ELDER CARE, PROGRAMS, ETC.  This government seized control by vote fraud. It is illegal to honor FRAUD!  Nothing the Bush Administration has done is legal, & must be forfeited, & indicted.  The jobs & factories have been outsourced to subjugated China, & the corporations are becoming multi-trillionaires while the middle-class is being eliminated, & losing their homes & businesses & going into massive debt.   Plato said, “If good people do nothing, evil people will surely rule over them.  You are either a citizen, a slave or a God. (300BC).  A massive conspiracy to conquer the U.S. & the World is taking place.

    DOCUMENTED BUSH ADMINISTRATION PLANS:  Karl Rove, Bush’s advisor, stated in his speech to the Republican National Convention 1/20/01, that THEY NEED & WILL HAVE A WAR, IN ORDER TO BE RE-ELECTED (“Bush’s Brain,” DVD). Cheney, Wolfowitz, Marvin Bush, & other Bush Regime War Profiteers, wrote in their, 2000 document, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Project for a New American Century,”  that THEY NEEDED A “CATASTROPHIC & CATALYZING EVENT LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR.” For world dominance, & to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. (Wikapedia & http ;new_ american_century).  The fraudulent attacks of 9/11 occurred several months later.    The transcripts of a Senate Policy Meeting on 6/27/05, show brave whistle-blowers from the Pentagon & Senate, who told that Cheney receives regular checks from the Pentagon for defense contracts to Halliburton, & that Halliburton receives 10 times what a normal bid contract should receive, & other exposés of corruption. The video “GLADIO” shows Italian Government Officials exposing the CIA’s plan to subversively dominate Europe, with drugs, mind control, & faked terrorist attacks that kill innocent civilians.  It, also, shows the training camps where the subversive agents are trained in Sicily.  The History Channel shows that Mafia training camps are in the same location.

The Federal Reserve (FED) has been privatized, along with the mints.  These private owners of the Federal Reserve, (Corporations such as Halliburton, Carlyle, BP Oppenheimer, Exxon Mobile, GE, IBM, Time/Warner, ConAgra) are the main fascists who control Congress, the president, executive branch, judicial, politicians, the job outsourcers, military, defense contractors, police & others that are conquering the U.S. & the world. Also, Congress gives trillions of dollars, paid by middleclass tax payers, to these Federal Reserve Corporations to outsource jobs, eminent domain, privatize etc.(CNN). The Federal Reserve charges rent & loan interest on all dollars & currency bills minted.  The U.S. currently pays over $50million dollars per day interest on all U.S. currency minted, which the Fed considers to be loaned to the U.S. Inflation is usually about 5% per year, but it is  900% during the Bush administration.  On 8/13/7, alone, they minted 90 trillion of legal counterfeit dollars, & putting it into their fascist corporations, & lowering interest rates to the member banks to 4%/yr, so they can buy up the land & businesses, & eliminate the middle class (while the interest rates to citizens is 39% daily compound – creating debts that cannot be paid back & foreclosures, slavery, loss of  homes, ruin, etc.). Bankruptcy has been eliminated to citizens, except member banks. The Fed, also, provides the loans for the national debt, at 39% daily compound interest(DCI), which is now over $250 trillion dollars, & can never be paid, & will just keep drawing interest.  It has never gone over $7 trillion, before. The Congressional Record of 1912, states that Congress can nationalize the Federal Reserve at any time by an escape clause in the Act of Congress that privatized the Fed. Why have no congresspersons done so???  They are bought off or threatened??  Why do the medias not report it??  -owned by the Federal Reserve Corporations.(See paragraphs below.)Note: the Fed, along with the World Bank, has, also, gained control of the other world currencies. Also, the five countries listed as Axis of Evil were the only countries that rejected U.S. currency, Federal Reserve banks, & the 39% sub-prime interest loans, -as did Sadam Hussein & Iraq who used a gold based currency.

       The Federal Reserve & mints were privatized in 1912.  Prescott Bush (grandfather) was one of the main operations executives.  They minted much inflated currency, loaning it out.   WWI was generated shortly after, & the same corporations profited from the defense contracts & 39% DCI National Debt.   In 1929, the great depression was created by these corporations, & for years a large percent of the U.S. population was in extreme poverty.  Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath,” & the movie, “Cinderella Man” document how bad conditions were. The Federal Reserve engineered the great depression of 1929 by issuing unethical stock margins, & issuing thousands of large easy loans, -especially to almost all  banks in the U.S. These easy loans had a clause “that the loans could be called in at any time,” --And called in the loans to be paid in full, --on black Friday, October 1929.  The small banks collapsed, --people lost their land & businesses, & life savings- And the Federal Reserve gained control of almost all banking & credit in the world, the majority of land & businesses, & essentially -CONTROL OF THE WORLD.

     Loans with massive interest rates (39% daily compound) are being given to U.S. citizens, now, & causing U.S. citizens to lose their homes, land & businesses, --- foreclosed or bought up, by this fascist controlling Federal Reserve Banking system,  - so that everyone will have to work for, & rent from them, at starvation wages, if they are even allowed to live!!!!  Don’t ignore the build-up.  Prices are going up, --especially rents!!  Wages down!!!  Homelessness is rampant!!!  This is the same as the bank take-over of 1929, --but for individual citizens!!!  The Barbaric Fascist Regime is Emerging!!!  This depression will be much worse, with death & starvation!!

       The poverty of the great depression was probably meant to last,(as it did for South America), as poverty ridden, troubled, hungry people are easy to control, & rule, in a fascist regime--but FDR implemented an economic plan, “the New Deal,” & raised the standard of living to the highest the world has ever known. The Bush Administration is doing exactly the opposite.  FDR raised tariffs, created jobs in the U.S., built affordable homes, & established low interest loans (5% per year).  The Bush Administration-Federal Reserve has set interest rates at 39% daily compound interest for citizens, but 4%/yr for member Banks.  FDR established social security, programs, & Assistance for those who need it.  Homelessness is now in the millions.  It is estimated that 14,000 per  month commit suicide due to homelessness.  Their bodies are cremated, & Cheney’s Halliburton probably profits from the ovens. The Viet Nam War was engineered to rob the massive multi-trillion dollar social security fund that had been drawing interest since 1933.  No repayment was made.  The Viet Nam War ended when the massive social security fund ran out.  A democratic congress had a bill in place to indict & jail Nixon for it, but he resigned, & Ford pardoned him.  – The same corporations are profiting from the Iraqi War, which was generated from the 9/11 fraudulent attacks. 

       It appears that 90% of Congress is bought off or threatened, & cannot accomplish anything, & character &: career assassinations take place for those who expose or defy the regime, & thinking citizens & groups are shut down.  Senator Paul Wellstone started investigation & impeachment proceedings in 2002. He & his family just happened to be accidentally killed, sending a message to all other Congresspersons not to try it again. Pope John Paul II publicly spoke against Bush & the Iraq war, & he died of blood poisoning, which could have been injected. Martin Luther King , on TV, denounced the Viet Nam War, & told soldiers to lay their guns down, & was assassinated the next day.   JFK stopped the war with Russia, & the Missiles of October , & began to nationalize the currency, & was assassinated.

     JFK tried to abolish the Federal Reserve & currency with House bill 100010, & had already started minting new currency.  JFK was assassinated.  Bill Clinton took measures toward abolishing the Federal Reserve, & signed the wonderful NASARA Act, which gave each citizen one million dollars for the fraud the Federal Reserve imposed on citizens.  He was character & career assassinated, & impeached.  In 1864, the same corporations’ predecessors tried to privatize the Federal Reserve, & loan to the U.S. a national debt at 39% interest.  Abraham Lincoln prevented it, & stated that “if the corporations took over, it would be dark.” -& was assassinated.  In 1818, the Federal Reserve was privatized, but in 1838, Andrew Jackson nationalized it, undid all of their dirty work, balanced the budget, & implemented a strong Jacksonian democracy for U.S. citizens, with prosperity & equality.  (Continued in Addendum 1)

       The History Channel reports that the CIA/FBI has approximately 1 in every 5 to be a disruptor or informant on their own group, in any group or organization that thinks. The History Ch. gave an example of the hippies of the 1960’s, who were protesting the Viet Nam war.  They were disrupted into doing drugs, & became harmless against the corrupt government.  The FBI & CIA are the evil army of the corrupt government. Drugs, -especially marijuana, are one of their main weapons to make people harmless against the corrupt government.  The transcripts of the Wansee Conference show how Hitler was threatened into compliance, to be the evil PR man, & it appears to be the same type of  threatening for the U.S., from  the same corporations that profited from WWII. 

          THE CITIZENS of the U.S, are LIKE SHEEP TO SLAUGHTER being complacent, & not organizing, or trying to find out what is going on in government, or taking action.  They may think that nothing can happen, or that they will continue to enjoy their high standard of living that was engineered by FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy & Carter, but freedom is not free.  2300 years ago Plato said, “If good people do nothing, evil people will surely rule over them, & it has always been true.   The Holy Roman Empire (as a front for Spain) oppressed Europe for a 1000 years, by preventing education, science & economic growth, & promoting fear of being accused of being a heretic (& shut down the science, art & thought of the Greeks, Egyptians & Julous Caesar).  In the 1940’s South America was an industrial continent with middle class, many natural resources, mines, & rivers for cheap energy, but the Federal Reserve corporations took over, & established fascist governments, & the masses have lived in poverty, hunger, ignorance, subjugation, & filth, in makeshift huts, ever since. Now in SouthAmerica & Africa, PBS’s “American Experience” reports that people are being killed, & enslaved, & mines & land seized.  One tribe stated that they were accused of attacking, & those not chosen to work the mine were killed.  A man from Africa said that people of his country were talked into working for the Oppenheimer corporation, & living in their condos, & those not chosen, disappeared, & the workers were made to work for poverty wages.  South America & South Asia report that jobs have been abolished, & young people forced to sell drugs or other nefarious activities. China is subjugated to work for $1per day with no benefits or safety, &, work long hours, & are made to take methedrine to stay awake, & wear out after a few years.  AFL-CIO reports that Union members in Columbia & around the world are being mass murdered. Civil wars are, also, instigated, & one side supplied with weapons, as was reported in the movie, “Hotel Rowanda,” in which a million people were machetied to death.  Darfur & the Congo report that 4,000 families are being killed per week. We must ask, “Is the U.S. heading to the same fate??    

       Poland was a wealthy intelligent nation, with lots of coal, iron ore & resources.  Nazis insidiously infiltrated Poland, & took over Poland’s industry & economy.  When Poland rebelled, & tried to nationalize their mines & refineries, Nazis attacked Poland, & replaced their forced, cheap, Polish labor with Jewish slave labor, & concentration camps.(Tarpley; Loftus).  All Polish Nobility, & educated & intelligent Polish were hung in 1939, & Nazi propaganda spread lies that Polish were ignorant, foul smelling, & of low moral character, to prevent any sympathy or aid.  In 1939, Nazis stated that Jews, Blacks, Slavics, Gypsies, & non-whites should die, or be slaves (Black Fox).  Nazis implemented the concentration camps & gas chambers that could kill 10,000 per day.  Nazi propaganda justified it by blaming them for Germany’s problems, & saying that they were inferior, & like rats, & OK to kill.  The Police were given the legal right to “summary judge,” kill in the street, also.   If any individual resisted, their family &/or village or group were all killed. Although Churchill warned from 1933-1939, England & France appeased Hitler until 1939, & the U.S. traded with Hitler until 12/7/41.  If they had entered the war earlier, they could have saved, 2 million Brits, 1 million U.S., 278,000 Czechs, millions of Poles, 9 million Jews, 48,000 Asian Indians, millions of Russians, & 50 million total.  I am trying to warn you, now, just like Churchill!!

      This fascist regime is trying to oppress everyone, like black people were oppressed in the Southern United States from 1865-1965, with no rights, & “Jim Crow” type subjugation,--not allowed to talk back to ruling class, prevented from education, forced into debt, working long hours for not enough to live on, & put on chain gangs, rented out as slave labor for 8 cents per hour to the corporations, as can be seen in the movie, “Sounder,” or“Color Purple,” in which Oprah’s character had her eye put out for talking back, & she dared not defend herself;. Or Ernie Ford’s “16 Tons”& what do ya get?-another day older & a deeper in debt. St.Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to the company sto.”  Debt (&/or drugs) has replaced official slavery & creates a new pseudo-slavery.  In the South, blacks could be lynched at any time, & never prosecuted. In 1954, Emmet Till was lynched, & no one was ever punished. PBS’s Am. Experience showed that levies in Louisiana, 1927 were dynamited to take pressure off of the levies in chosen neighborhoods, & blacks were enslaved to work 24 hours a day, & shot if they refused. City Confidential showed the Greensboro, NC massacre of  1979, in which those who protested against the KuKuxKlan & low wages & no benefits, were gunned down by police & Klan, (who prevented their own chance of fair wages & benefits),  & none were punished. ARE THESE THE SAME THAT HAVE GAINED MORE POWER??

     The collaborators may think that the oppressions only occur to the poor, ignorant or non-white, but I have 14 years of college, genius IQ, lt blonde hair & fair light white skin, never used any kind of tobacco, don’t drink, & my mother & grandfather were elected on the Republican ticket (Eisenhower type). I am, also, a Masonic Order Frat member. (Don’t believe defocusing lies about the Masons.)The Bush’s, Cheney, & most of the regime are Masonic Order, but they do not follow the good, Godly, humanitarian principles of the Masons, like I do.  I do not feel bad speaking against them, as they are massively out of order, to the point of lies, fraud, mass murder, & destruction of the Constitution & civilization, & I wrote the White House, & told them so, & suggested that they mend their ways. I received a reply of ridicule & veiled threat.  I think, speak, & write, so I am a danger to the spread of the fascist barbaric regime, & am oppressed as described at the end of this paper.

          THIS IS THE SAME MILITARY INDUSTRIALIST COMPLEX THAT ENGINEERED, & PROFITED FROM WWII. & no one can be trusted to collaborate with it:    Chief Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal & Author Fredrick Forsythe report that the Nazi’s Continued after WWII, regrouping in Odessa, & infiltrating the world, especially by taking over the police,& military (The Odessa File). The CIA was created from the Nazi SS in Operation Paperclip.  The book by Industrialist, Fritz Thyssen (1941), “I Paid Hitler,” documents that Hitler was a tool of the Industrialists, & that they brought Hitler to power in exchange for promises of defense contracts, & subjugation of cheap labor. Prescott Bush was Fritz Thyssen’s business partner, & was convicted in a U.S. Senate Hearing of Aiding the Enemy in 1942, & the Bush Administration is using the same tactics they used to get the massive gold & resources out of Poland, the Jews, & Germany.  The transcripts of the Wansee Conference showed that Hitler wanted out in 1942, but was threatened, indicating that Hitler was just an evil PR man, & not a genius. Corporations were the brains pupeteering him.  Also, note that Hitler & the German people joined the Nazi party, with promises that they would be a ruling class over the oppressed masses, but Germany wound up in poverty & destruction, too, & Hitler dead. (Obtain a copy of the Thyssen book by writing the above address.)        In the Nuremberg Trials, Deputy Furher Herman Guerring testified that he based the concentration camps, Jewish subjugation, on how the U.S. subjugated African Americans in the Southern U.S. (Who taught him that? Prescott Bush??)  The Wansee Conference documents that Guerring was one of the major planners of the Nazis, yet, the corporations let him be found guilty & die at the Nuremberg trials.  Also, note that the Nazis killed anyone who could talk about what they did or saw.  Reinhardt Heydrich planned & implemented the concentration camps, & he was shot 3 months later. Top General Rommel was shot with no trial.  The Nazi SA brutally implemented the Nazi Police State, fear, & the subjugation of the Jews, & the SA were gunned down in their homes with no trial, & replaced by the Nazi SS.  Chief Justice Ernst Janning was one of the major planners of the Nazis, & signed the warrant for the Jews (it was not a decree from Hitler, who protested it.) Janning was sentenced to life in prison at Nuremberg.   --And hundreds of Nazi SS men were brought to the U.S. to prison camps in the Southern U.S., but were released, & encouraged to marry U.S. girls. We must ask if they started up the American Nazi party, that is presently joined with the KuKuxKlan to subjugate & disrupt blacks, Jews, women, Communists, non-whites, immigrants, Polish,  Slavics & others, & do not realize that they are bringing to power the oppressive, barbaric fascist regime, that subjugates them, as well. They are deceived into promoting “divide &conquer” for the Fed.  The Nazis regularly killed their own Nazis if they distrusted them, or if they knew too much. Where there is lying, cheating & murder, no one can trust anyone, & must beware of barbaric tactics at all times.  Only the immoral ignorant would collaborate on their promises.

       In addition to evidence that this is the same military industrialist complex that engineered WWII, there is evidence that they meant for the U.S. to lose, & the world to be conquered at that time, & their fascist ruling class to subjugate the starving masses of the world, if FDR, Eisenhower & Truman had not stopped it.  The transcripts of the Nuremberg Trials show Hermann Guerring testified that American Industrialists profited from German defense contracts. The response of the Nuremberg Tribunal was that all industrialist were innocent, & not to be tried.  Guerring, also, testified that they made people believe that terrorists existed, to make them give up their rights. The Reichstag Fire destroyed the legislature building, & just happened to kill all Communist Legislators. Propaganda spread that Communists were terrorists.  The Reichstag Fire Act followed that took away all rights of all people.  That corresponds to the U.S. 9/11/2001 fraudulent attacks, alleged by  terrorists, --and the Patriot Act, which takes away all rights, & gives totalitarian power to “the President,”(who is controlled by the Federal Reserve, Corporations, & industrialists).  After WWII, the CIA was created from the Nazi SS, including the commander of the cruel Americas bomber rocket project that enslaved allies & Jews to work 24 hours a day until their death(History Channel).  After  WWII, the Communist scare in the U.S. corresponds to the Nazis using Communists as their terrorists, but brave U.S. patriots, such as Edward R.Murrow, put a stop to the U.S. communist terrorist scare.  JFK stopped the war with the USSR.  As more evidence that the U.S. & Allies were engineered to lose WWII, U.S. tanks were built very inferior  to German Tanks, for  the  1st half of the war, & all U.S. tanks were being destroyed in battle, while no German Tanks were destroyed(History Channel).  Also, the book,  “The Scarlet Pimpermal of the Vatican,” & it’s DVD, “Scarlet & Black,” 1981, with Gregory Peck, gives the account of a first hand observer, & Father Confessor to imprisoned Nazis,  that top Nazis confided in him that the  Nazis were not losing but just regrouping to conquer  the world (This report backs up Simon Wiesenthal & John Forsythe’s “Odessa File” Report).  Also, that the Americans were 13 miles from Rome, which was almost unguarded, when the U.S. was ordered to halt, until German reinforcements arrived three weeks later, when many Allies died. He, also, reported that the Nazis believe that 50% of the world’s people are like cattle, & must be killed or enslaved. (Remember the 2000 Pentagon Document, PNAC, says the world’s population must be reduced from 7 billion to 500 million)  That is, also, the doctrine of the American Nazi Party/KuKux Klan (History Ch. Nazis in Am).  The same pattern of tyranny that conquered Germany & Poland is being used by the Bush Administration, Now:  Collapse the currency & economy; have a catastrophic event to make people believe there is terror to give up their rights(Reichstag Fire/Reichstag Fire Act & 9/11  Patriot Act);  Have a common enemy(Jews Communists/AlQieda); Control the Medias; Control Education(dumbing of America), etc. see Paragraph 1, 1st page 1.

  MAFIA INVOLVEMENT  An issue of Time Magazine in Fall 1969, titled “Inside La Cosa Nostra,” stated that to become a high official, one had to murder a family member or significant person.  It is rumored that G.H.Bush & Nixon were, or arranged, the shooters from the Grassy Knoll for JFK, --& that G.W.Bush, sabotaged JFK,Jr.’s plane (dvd George), & that Marvin Bush hired the NY Mafia’s Controlled Demolition Company to bring down the World Trade Center, for  the 2008 presidency.  It is a well published fact that the U.S. government began doing business with the Mafia during WWII, for control of the shipyards, & help with defeating Italy (History Channel).  Did they totally merge?  Many reports on the History Channel talk of the Meeting in Appalachian, NY in April 1957, between the Mafia & CIA, to discuss the deal, & means to put drugs on the streets of the U.S., & market to U.S. citizens.  This is reiterated by a first hand observer in the movie, “Who killed Martin Luther King?” Corporations have been using the Mafia/Organized Crime/Gangs of NY to launder money, & do dirty work since the 1890’s.(History Ch. Mobsters) We must ask, “Are all major conspirators in the Military Industrialist Complex, held to such rules, as the initiation task of a major murder??  The DVD Gladio show that CIA training camps in Sicily for subversive agents are in the same location as Mafia training camps, as shown by the History Ch.  The Discovery Times Ch. “Conspiracy Files” shows the Mafia & CIA working together to assassinate JFK, while working on a conspiracy to overthrow Castro.

-      The CIA, is the evil army of the Corporations,  & was created from former Nazi SS officers, in 1946 Project Paperclip (History Ch. & O’Brien).  It began evil programs called *COINTELPRO + Mind Control Ultra (MK ultra with its Nazi German spelling),  & allowed unconstitutional surveillance, wire tapping, & drugging of  U.S. citizens, supposedly designed to fight communism with truth serum drugs.  In 1950, MKultra experimented on unaware U.S. citizens, especially soldiers, hippies, & defenseless people, until they died, with LSD, Methedrine, Marijuana, & other drugs.  The head of the project, -a military officer was also killed with the drugs. The purpose was probably to determine the dose that could be given to drug dealers to deal to U.S. citizens.  They determined that stimulants such as Meth when combined with depressants such as marijuana create mind control & easy hypnosis.  Anything that is said during the first few minutes of taking, remain as mind control, often permanently. Sophisticated marketing tactics were developed, with Nazi  mind control principles, such as have a confident attitude, & dehumanize,  Market to children before they have a knowledge base to think, & trust older people.  Deceive with promises of riches & popularity, etc. that never occur, but debt, poverty & control occur,-but they are made to carry rolls of money to help recruit new victims, & are told that they will be let go if  they recruit enough others,  --Kill those who know too much, or want out.  Drug sales to ignorant people, always begins with friendly free drugs, then debt & control begin, & tapering off  to de-human-ization  with destruction of self-esteem, cutting off from family, friends, & support groups, instilling fear, intimidation, & despair.  Marijuana is laced with Meth to make it a mind control drug, & make people forget all feelings, & who they were (Gladio). Meth laced marijuana, LSD & other drugs, also, destroy testosterone, so that men will not be interested in women, & will have less support groups, love, & be more inclined to the “divide & conquer,”  & “subjugation of women.”  The CIA CONTROLS  all ILLEGAL DRUG SALES, especially marijuana, & deceives all ignorant people that it can., 50% of the U.S. GNP is from illegal drugs sold in the U.S., & the money is laundered thru the Fed.(MikeC. Ruppert).

    The Senate Frank Church Committee, 1976 investigated the CIA COINTELPRO program, & ordered it to stop, but apparently, it did not   The CIA  makes PEOPLE LIKE SHEEP TO SLAUGHTER, alone, ignorant, frightened, intimidated, taking drugs, complacent, in despair, competing against each other, incapable of thinking, speaking, writing, questioning, organizing or doing anything to stop the corrupt government.    The History Ch. Program, “Hippies,” shows how CIA subversive infiltrators, disruptors & informants were placed at a rate of 1 in every 5 in any organization that thinks, & that drugs were placed in the food of hippies in 1968, to change them from protesting against the Viet Nam War, to protesting to legalize LSD, --subverted to being harmless against the corrupt government.  The CIA recruits infiltrators from prisons (after torturing them), by offering to let out the most evil criminals if they do the dirty work for the CIA.       The CIA mind control Drugs, especially the meth-laced marijuana, crack & cocaine, make people like zombies, making them forget who they were, & their ability to have empathy, sympathy or concern for democracy, liberty, etc.  This may have first been noted by film makers of the 1950’s who made the films, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” in  which pod people would appear looking just like someone who disappeared, & the film showed those people were being given nerve pills for reporting something to the police.  The movie, “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” showed aliens from Mars raising the dead as an army of Zombies to conquer the Earth.  That may not have been so ridiculous, because former Nazis in the CIA (aliens from Germany not outer space) may be using Carribean Zombi-fication tactics of giving people drugs to make them compliant, with no will or memory.    CIA agents are made to take drugs in an initiation ceremony, so they are controlled, also, & can lack empathy. (History Ch. “Hippies”).    Illegal drug dealers are taught to hypnotize & mind control their victims. Training centers are in Flagstaff,AZ & Sicily, & other places. The movie, “The Manchurian Candidate of 1961, describes how brain washing can even make a person kill their loved ones or commit suicide, or obey orders mindlessly.  The History Ch. program, “Hippies,” tells of such a CIA program, from actual MKultra files. We must consider that that is really happening, with drugs.The DVD “George,”  postulates that JFK,Jr was killed by a Manchurian Candidate type brainwashed assassin, who sabotaged his plane, w evidence, of who turned off the gas tank, while the plane was radioing in for a landing, & caused it to take a nose dive –the flight instructor who was on board.    Now, the CIA is planning to insert RFID chips, the size of a grain of rice, in everyone, under the deception that it will be a helpful ID, records & banking aid, but it will probably control people, like in the second version (2005) of  “The Manchurian Candidate, ” & will eliminate any privacy or independence  freedom, & will make the barbaric immoral ignorant into the controllers. G.H .Bush was head of the CIA in 1976,(& a CIA agent in the early 60’s) & son of Industrialist, Prescott Bush, who was convicted by Senate Hearing1942, of financing Hitler.

    The KuKuxKlan which is being joined with the American Nazi Party, & drug dealers are the evil army of the CIA, along with other immoral ignorant, to promote the divide & conquer  tactic of the corporations.  One way that they keep them ignorant is by  telling them that they have a “pecking order.”  Either they pick on someone, or they will be picked on.  A large part of their  social lives consists of bulling, harassing, & fear mongering.  This, not only prevents them from discussing politics, fair wages, benefits, religion, science, & intelligent topics, but keeps them in fear, disruption, division, & ignorance themselves, while bringing the barbaric fascist regime to power, -over themselves, too.    The military has the same “Pecking Order” tactics taught & imposed on them, too, so that only the immoral ignorant serve, now, & they won’t question the nefarious activities, that have replaced protecting freedom.  Not, only that, but everyone serving is  unofficially required to do drugs, -marijuana, cocaine, acid & others.   I observed it,  while I served in desert shield.  I refused to do any drugs, & I was treated with Abu-Garib type tactics, & the whole company was ordered to harass me.  Some told me they were let out of prison to do harassing.

- SILENCE THE INTELLIGENT:   CHARACTER & CAREER ASSASSINATION, threats to families, &/or actual death are engineered to those who speak out against the Fed or corrupt Bush Administration. This is a new form of concentration camps – with no walls.  Harassment, Illegal court cases, etc. usually stop when the victim makes large contributions to big Republicans’ campaigns.  That is the same as joining the unofficial Nazi party.

-  After G.H. Bush was elected, jobs began to be outsourced, & the economy began to drop, democrats began to be fired from jobs.  A person in Carbondale, IL told me that, “They were in on the new Republican movement, & New World Order, & anyone who is not, is going to become second class citizens or worse.”  So such a conspiracy does exist. GH Bush spoke of the “New World Order.”  FDR made a speech about stopping those who are trying to inplement, “the New World Order,” & stated that it must be stopped, & has no one right to abolish freedom. That speech is engraved on the FDR memorial in Washington, D.C.

-  Carrot & Stick, & Whack-a-Mole tactics.  If someone begins to profit, or raise their economic status, or establish a nice home, etc they get fired, or evicted, or otherwise oppressed, & whacked down.  Stressed persons are easier to control. Everything they worked for is pulled away like a carrot on stick. The movie, Mississippi Burning documents how a black man worked extra hard to buy a mule to get ahead, but the mule turned up shot dead.  Drug dealers send a charmer to make the victim fall in love, but the love is pulled away, to make the victim heart broken, in despair, unable to trust anyone ever, low esteem & easier  to control, etc.

-  HOMELESSNESS  is like concentration camps without walls,  Almost all Homeless shelters are run by illegal drug people who coerce illegal drug use, & the homeless are made to clean, & get out by 6AM.  It is shockingly uncivilized that the U.S. has homelessness, & controls homeless shelters in barbaric manner.

-. MAJOR MEDIAS are owned by the Fascist Regime. WhiteHouse Office of Global Communications censors the media.. & spreads propaganda.  Monkey see, Monkey do is a major tactic.  Beginning in the 1960’s messages of disruption, fear promotion of apathy, & mind control were put into the medias. As an example, the #1 TV show in 1962 was the Dick Van Dyke show, & they had an episode in which they stated that “You should not get involved, nor discuss politics or religion.”  These became common principles used by U.S. citizens, & prevented organization & intelligent thought, & left people to be alone when persecuted by the government or in any trouble, etc.  The Newspapers began printing, mainly, crime & fear related topics, & less reports of  science & accomplishment, recognition, or hope.  They, also, promoted admiration of crime, corruption & evil, & degradation of those  who think, speak, or  achieve, as crazy or a nerd.  The National Enquirer  was created by the CIA to promote fear , & to take attention off of intelligent thought. --UFO’s , celebrities, mindless entertainment, shopping? -DAZZLE the IGNORANT.

- Lies, blaming, deception, technical tangents, hiding, & chump-rhetoric are used to cover-up corruption.

- Food Corporations promote unhealthy food, with excess salt, MSG & sucrose sugar, which damages arteries, &makes people fat,& diabetic, at great profit(Dr.Atkins).

- Drug Corporations prevent new cures for diseases & disorders, & profit from criminally high charges for drugs (up 200% from 1990). HEALTH CARE is scarce in the U.S., as sick people are easy to control, also. (See Michael Moore’s “Sicko”)  They psychologically market unnecessary harmful drugs.

-. Fuel prices are raised to benefit oil profiteers. There is no shortage of oil. Conquering oil countries allows control of  prices,& all energy. Coal  mines are closed. There are enough coal resources to provide the world with oil for 500 years, & coal can be made into oil easily, as during WWII, when Middle East was Nazi captured.

       ENGINEERING THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS ATTACKS as a Pretense TO START WAR for DEFENSE CONTRACTS, & the basis of the Patriot Act to Take Away Rights, & Control  Oil,  energy, & the world, etc., & an excuse to conquer the countries who reject the Fed (Axis of Evil). -& to conquer Afghanistan since they shut down opium production(UnitedNations website), & the oil pipeline from the Caspian. (Hitler: Need Catastrophic event to take away rights & had -Reichstag Fire.)     The World Trade Towers were brought down by controlled demolition, not terrorists, & no plane hit the Pentagon or Bldg 7, & the 9/11 Commission Investigators were all defense contractors & Federal Reserve officers who profited from it.  The towers came down at the speed of gravity with no resistance to the floors, 11 seconds.  If  there had been even 1second from each floor, it would have taken 90 seconds.  They state that fire melted the steel girders, but  Jet fuel only burns at 1600 degrees & would have burned up in 15 seconds, & steel melts at 2700 degrees for two hours in a controlled blast furnace.. The Government report states that the towers collapsed into its hollow center, but pictures of the 1971 construction of the towers show that the center core had 47 4 foot diameter girders. Also, the towers had been built with all girders coated with massive amounts of asbestos which could not be removed, & no windows were built into the experimental environmentally controlled towers,& mold clogged the ducts, & were unfit for breathing, & were going to have to be brought down by controlled demolition, anyway.  Also, Bldg 7 came down, & no plane hit it., & Larry Silverstein was filmed stating that they decided to “Pull it,” an industry term for controlled demolition to come down. No steel framed building has ever come down by fire.  It would take 2 weeks to set controlled demolition, & Jeb & Marvin Bush were on the Security Control 2 weeks before hand & security cameras were shut down for  two weeks before, & day-long fire drills were held for several floors at a time, which would have given them time to set it.(DRG).  The original hole in the Pentagon was only 16 ft x 16 ft x 16 ft. The roof was filmed caving in, leaving a 16 x 16 x 70 ft hole, & no evidence of plane, nor skid marked burned lawn, nor any sign of the 120 ft wings, nor 30 foot titanium engines.  The 9/11 Commission stated that they vaporized w no residue left, which is against Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, that matter is neither created nor destroyed, & titanium & heavy metals vaporize at temperatures greater than 5,432 degrees, which has never been reached on Earth, & that temperature would have to have been maintained for the entire distance that the molecules floated off through, which would have vaporized the entire Pentagon, & fraudulent witnesses, & lawn, etc.  They, also, stated that in spite of the whole plane vaporizing, passports of highjackers, & body parts of passengers were found, & desks & books were filmed in the hole in the Pentagon.    The phone calls from flight 93 were obviously fraud from one script writer.  No parents screamed or cried or begged God not let their child crash & die.  They all, just said “uh huh, uh huh, have a nice life, & hung up.  (Read my paper 9/11 Was an Inside Job, with 20 irrefutable Scientific reasons proof that controlled demolition brought down the World Trade Center, & no plane hit the Pentagon. Also read David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor, 911 Mysteries, Loose Change, Steven Jones, Zietgiest, DVDs.) 

          The fraudulent attacks of  9/11 were the basis of the PATRIOT ACT which takes away all rights of U.S. citizens, cancels the Constitution, & establishes sovereign immunity & totalitarian power, with its clauses, “President can do anything necessary,” & “line veto.”  The Patriot Act’s clause that states, “President can cancel government activity to maintain security,” gives the  right to cancel the elections of Nov. 2008, after another fraudulent attack. (October Surprise???), & the fascist dictatorship could be fully in place. The Domestic Terrorism Act abolishes all rights of U.S. citizens, allows torture, imprisonment or death w no trial or rights.

-  CORRUPT COURTS MAKE UNJUST DECISIONS, UNJUST LAWS, & CONSPIRE!!   Technicalities, cost, & corruption take away access to courts or justice. Unjust laws have been passed, & kept secret from the medias & citizens & give sovereign immunity power to courts.  The 14th Amendment, which declares equal justice & U.S. Constitutional Rights for all, & superiority of the U.S. Constitution, has been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court., & even if citizens do make it into court, crooked courts, & their conspirators make unjust decisions that violate rights, & rob, cheat & victimize U.S. citizens at any time, making them helpless.   

- Euthanasia has begun in hospitals for the elderly, chronically ill & “non-working.”  I have heard of many people going to  hospitals with non-serious disorders, & were given a shot of morphine, & died, including wealthy Republicans & --including my own mother.  I saw her EKG, & it was normal, with normal p waves & QRS, but was listed as A-fib, & sudden congestive heart failure (impossible).  They did not know that I took 1 semester of Cardiology.   She was 94, but enjoyed life, had blue cross insurance, a pension, & was not a burden, & had been elected on the Republican party, & was Masonic Order of Eastern Star.

       One of the most subversive & barbaric tactics that is being used, today, is the SUBPRIME INTEREST RATE of 39% daily compound interest rate, & the abolition of bankruptcy except for the members of the Fed.  Collection agencies, now have the right to  obtain a court order  with a signature, only from the clerk, with no judge or trial or hearing or notice to you, for  the secret confiscation of your bank account with no notice, garnishment of your salary, for the amount of the debt that they say you owe plus a 30% addition as pay to the collection agency, all at 39% daily compound interest, which would be collected for the rest of your life, & could never be paid off. This law, also, states that a person only needs $800. per month to live on, and all else is to be garnished & confiscated.  In addition to that, government aid such as food stamps, health care, etc, can not be obtained unless you have less than $700. per month income.   That is what happened to me., & I am living in my car, a small Nissan Sentra, since 6/1/2007, including cold December & January, --and they have collected $200,000.00 garnished from my paycheck, & confiscated my bank account, & I have had to go to work, even when I had pneumonia, with no health care, so that I can obtain my $800 per month to eat on, and keep gas in my car!!! --and I am a 55 year old woman, all alone, & this is how the government treats me, a U.S. citizen, whose ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war, WWII, & I am an honorably discharged Veteran, declared not eligible for benefits, recipient of 4 national level awards, constantly employed for 40 years with tax paying, never in any trouble, held city committee positions,  a voter registrar, etc.  This is the most barbaric government, ever.

CIVILIZEATION BARBARIANISM: Civilized societies have Laws, written or unwritten, for No Lies nor Murder, Care for the Sick, Elderly & Weak, Take Turns, & Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You. Barbarianism: Whoever can Push, & Shove the Hardest & constant distrust & fear. 


SOLUTIONS: Organize, think, speak, write, act. We must begin the Resistance, even though, now, we are up against massive technology & weapons. Educating people to this issue, & their impending fate, is the first step. Educating those who collaborate, that they are destroying their own rights, & establishing this barbaric fascist regime that could last thousands of years is one way that could work.   We must organize millions of citizens.   There must be  Solidarity among all citizens…Look to John Dunn’s poem of 1604, “Give me a man who’s a stout hearted man, & I’ll soon give you 10,000 more.  Shoulder to shoulder, bolder & bolder.”  There cannot be any collaboration with this evil regime, nor middle of the road.  Do not join the military or support the fascist regime in any way, -especially if your job is outsourced.  Do not work for slave wages. even if you see no other way to feed your families. Establish safe houses for those who are oppressed, or become homeless – especially those who are character & career assassinated for being an activist to stop the fascist regime, or due to their jobs being outsourced, or a subprime loan causing them to lose their homes & businesses. Do not pay back subprime rate loans more than 5%/yr. (Refusing to pay taxes could only work if millions refused together.)  Do not accept any oppressions. If crooked cops try to shut down your meetings, or oppress you in any way, do not cooperate or give in!!  Watch for them to say that they are only doing it for your own protection, or other such chump lines.  That was one of the main Nazi tactics.  “Those who trade security for liberty will have neither.” No surrender!!  State:  “I choose not to give in to your treason against the Constitution, & malfeasance of your position, & trampling on my civil rights.” Document who, what, when & where you were oppressed. Save it for the tribunals. Note: Israelis hung all Nazi collaborators, even if it were to save their own life.

       Citizens should look to the Polish, Norwegian, & Czechoslovakian resistances during the Nazi take-over as examples. Not one Czech divulged any info on who killed their Nazi governor, Rinehart Heydrich, even when their families were killed.  The Nazis stopped the killing after 400 were killed, & the resistance claimed victory against tyranny. The Nazis hung all Polish intelligencia in 1939, & seized their 95 million dollars worth of gold (95 trillion in today’s money), & rich lands of iron ore & coal. The Polish Warsaw resistance did not surrender, nor collaborate, even tho, starving, & the punishment was to have a bucket of gasoline thrown on them, & burned to death. The present Military Industrialist Complex, with the major medias, continued the Nazi propaganda against the Polish, with Polish jokes on U.S. TV, especially The Smothers Brothers Show of the 1960’s, to prevent sympathy, or demand for forfeiture of the gold, or retaliation.  Citizens should, also, note that these are the kind of tactics that they are, presently, facing. 

     Watch for & identify, subversive infiltrators, who disrupt meetings, & spread negative propaganda against, & character & career assassinate, & try to turn the group against, the best thinkers, writers & activists, & turn Activist groups on harmless paths, such as just support the troops, or turn meetings into arguments, or turn the group to doing marijuana or drugs, or on some path that is harmless against the corrupt government.  eg.The History Ch. Reports the Hippies were changed from protesting the Viet Nam War  & Politics, to protesting to legalize drugs.  People must think critically about what they hear, & do, & not support subversive tactics.

     Take vows of no more lies, cheating, fraud, or murder. We must be able to trust ourselves, & cannot distrust those in our Resistance Movement. Throughout history, it has been important to be trustable, by never letting anyone see you lie or cheat.  The American Indians were famous for their “Honest Injun” philosophy, & none were known to lie.  The English were known for their sense of honor & word of honor.  Africans state that they are more morally, although not technologically developed than the present U.S.  We must restore honor & civilization to the U.S., & teach “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” Restore Honor.

      Stop all illegal drugs, especially marijuana.  50% of the Federal Reserve could be shut down if illegal drugs were stopped.         Those who take legal mind altering drugs must stop, too. (eg: Prozac).  When anyone buys illegal drugs, especially marijuana, they are mind controlled by the CIA drug dealers, & will disrupt the good activists & Resistance, & are controlled by the CIA.

     Then, Let’s rewrite the laws to make justice free, easy & accessible. All technicalities & statutes of limitations must be abolished!!  All harmful, evil, lies, cheating & deceptions must be against the law. We must restore the Constitution, especially the 16th Amendment that states equal justice for all, but with women & all race, creed, color or sex included. No limitations. .Past cases, too must be finally prosecuted, justly.  Laws must be written in easy to understand terms.

     Elections must have paper receipts, & poll watchers who receive an extra paper copy to double count the vote.  Free published documentation of the candidates’ policies, qualities & accomplishments, & speeches, & no big donations.  Free easy to read publication of what goes on in government must be made available by the government, & free speech publications encouraged.

       The population problem of 6 billion people in the world must be dealt with by voluntary vasectomies & ovary-ectomies, & eldercare (not mass murder as the Bush Adm is doing). Thousands of clinics must be set up around the world.

     Tribunals for Crimes Against Humanity, & Treason Against the U.S. Constitution, & Wars of Aggression,  must be brought, for the criminal Federal Reserve/Bush Nazi Regime, for specific individuals. Note: we must have fair trials or we are no better than them. Publish everything.   Document all injustices.  It only takes 1 documented case to bring down a corrupt person (Nixon for example.).  My case of how I was illegally, unjustly, & cruelly, deliberately, & maliciously, oppressed is attached.  That one case alone would be enough to bring down this corrupt regime, -especially since it began when I first attempted to turn in a drug dealer who was seducing my brother into doing drugs (before he od’d to death), & greatly increased after I witnessed vote fraud, & attempted to stop it.   

    Nothing can get done, until the Fed is abolished & forfeited. Anything done, will be shut down, or killed. DEMAND UN-PRIVATIZATION ABOLISHMENT OF IF the FEDERAL RESERVE were ABOLISHED with FORFEITURE,,there would be enough for 5 million dollars apiece, a house, condo, business or land for every citizen, & health care, free education, & programs.   This could be accomplished by telling that, & the issues of this paper, to the immoral ignorant who protect the Federal Reserve & corrupt government, & who are bringing it to power, especially the crooked police who oppress the activists, etc.   We must point out to them that they have a choice of liberty, rights, equality, justice, courts, health care, education, etc. or to live in the barbaric fascist regime that they are creating, in which they could be killed at any time, with no trial or rights, etc., & will have to live a life of constant fear & slavery. (Is life so sweet, or peace so dear, as to live in slavery & chains? Liberty or Death! (Patrick Henry). Single cases can bring down each individual with  fair  trials. Life in prison or worse could be threatened to anyone who does not forfeit or accepts or harbors Federal Reserve money or property.  Quit using U.S. currency.  Barter whenever possible.  Great Barington, MA & Ithica, NY are minting their own currency.  General work strikes. Quit doing business for big corporations.  Don’t join the army, police, nor support this fascist regime in any way. 

     Restore law & order, justice, & civilization.  Do not let a nation of the people, for the people & by the people perish from the face of the Earth. 

Judy Cunningham,RN,BSN,BA,MS(abd Ph.D.) 914-844-4649 drjudyforjustice@yahoo.com; 980 Broadway643,Thornwood,NY10594


Addendum 1:  Nationalization of Currency:    After Andrew Jackson nationalized the Federal Reserve, There were many attempts on his life, but he was strong & intelligent enough to survive, but his beloved wife died.  Two thousand years ago, Julous Caesar shut down the corporations & currency controllers of the Roman Empire, & instituted democracy, justice, science, education, arts, etc.  He was assassinated, & the currency privatized, & the dark ages followed.  The Holy Roman Empire followed, & taxed people under the disguise of  “masses to get into heaven,” & anyone who even questioned was burned at the stake as a heretic, until the Knights Templar attacked in 1181, & began the Renaissance, & began the right to think, & emerged the new middleclass, but were falsely accused of being corporate illuminati, themselves. Then in 1521, Martin Luther attacked with writing his edict & demanded the right to think, & translated the Bible.  Henry the 8th killed Bishop Thomas Moore who was channeling all of the gold out of England to the Holy Roman Empire, which was run by Spain, & enslaving the people of England. Lady Jane Grey nationalized the currency, & Queen Bloody Mary beheaded her nine days later, & beheaded hundreds of thousands of Protestants. Fortunately, she only lasted a year, & Queen Elizabeth I took over, nationalized the currency, & implemented one of the most fair, just, & prosperous governments ever, & finished  off the Holy Roman Empire 1588, by defeating Spain.  In 1776, the currency was privatized, again, & George Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry & the other Revolutionaries fought the American Revolution, for liberty from such enslavement.  In 33AD, Jesus overturned the tables of  the Roman tax collectors & “moneychangers.” in the temple, -& was crucified. Christians, Jews & Communists have been persecuted, & they were for equality & prosperity of all the people.  The man who made the video, “Masters of the Universe,” & Money Masters, in which is some of this info, just happened to be accidentally killed 6 months later.  He obtained most of his info from Senator McFadden, who was, also, killed. (See, also, Zeitgiest DVD). Hughey Long tried to nationalize the Federal Reserve, & “share the wealth,” & was ahead of FDR in the polls, & was killed before the election.  2,500 years ago, King David wrote in Psalms 112, a prayer that the predatory lenders would be punished, after the Romans conquered Israel, & implemented tyranny & crucifixions for dissenters. There are regular attempts on my life, & character & career assassination.

ADDENDUM 2:   MY CASE:    Concrete example: My teaching contract at the University was not renewed.    My degree to diagnose & prescribe medicine was illegally removed.  In 2001, my house (in Carbondale, IL) was illegally seized, at gunpoint by the police, when I had a clear deed, & there were no charges nor court.  I lost my savings, & went $250,000.00 in debt for the lawsuits, & tuition, & became homeless, living in my car.  My wages as an RN are garnished to pay for the degrees that were pulled, & only leaves me $165 per week to live on, with no court, notice, nor chance to defend.  (Please read the whole 1000 page account.) I was indicted on false charges under Homeland Security, & my bank account seized with no court or warning, nor lawyers, written charges, nor any due process, etc. I told them it was the same as Alabama, 1964, but no dogs barking, nor cops clubbing over the head, but they are taking their own rights away.  I can never enter another college, nor pay my debts.  I lost all of my friends, & peers, etc.  In 1996, my house was robbed, & the police would do nothing.  I replaced everything at great expense.  My house was robbed again.  People would just walk in, & take things, & I could do nothing about it. In 2001, everything was taken, all household goods, clothes, furniture -even the fixtures. I never got any of it back. $160,000.00 was charged up on my mother’s credit cards. From 1990-98, a CIA agent stalked me, sat outside my house, & ran off people who attempted to associate with me.  In 2001, a uniformed Greenberg, NY cop robbed me at gunpoint, while I was moving my belongings to a storage locker. He high-jacked my truck, by having his thugs take what belongings he wanted, including my irreplaceable ancestors’ ring.  My IRS & military records have been changed to make me look slouchy, instead of a nationally decorated veteran, & constantly employed & a tax-payer & business owner, & a recipient of 4 national level awards.  Every time I rent an apartment or room, some unknown person calls the landlord, & threatens them & their family, &/or has their water turned off, etc. until they illegally, forcibly evict me.  In January 2007, my new apartment was pogramed(my belongings vandalized/destroyed). I was evicted on one day’s notice, & the police & government offices would not help.  Every time I get a good job, someone new comes to the department, & spreads lies & fraudulent complaints about me (once, a daughter of a Greenberg cop), or someone writes fraudulent complaints, all in the same handwriting with the same pen & paper with different fraudulent signatures, until I am fired.  Now, in 9/2007, a Greenberg Police Officer threatened my life in an animate, terrorizing manner, (I told him I refused to acquiesce to his blatant treason against the Constitution, & trampling on my civil rights, & chose to fight to the death.) & the Greenberg Police Dept. & States Attorney would not take the complaint.  Also, there are regular attempts on my life, & my phone, mail & E-mail are censored, to block help.  All of this trouble prevents me from finding a husband & having children, or any kind of life at all.  Also, I have developed somatic symptoms from stress & heartbreak.  These are just a few of the atrocities against me, which are too many to list, here.

    My degree to diagnose & prescribe medicine was pulled, in a deliberate, malicious, act, by Pace University, with no charges of harm, neglect, breech of standards, laws, or ethics, nor failure to meet requirements, etc. --just non-observational, quadruple hearsay & slurs, from one unqualified RN, Sandy Lewenson (of Greenberg) (who was hired, after I was accepted to the program, because she brought large amounts of money-grants from questionable sources with her.).  I was not allowed any internal hearings, nor due process, although a fraudulent hearing was held with a lawyer from Pace, before Sandra Lewenson as the fraudulent hearing officer.  Her charges were blatantly fraud, such as her lying statement that all instructors & preceptors agreed with her, when I filed evidence, signed statements that no preceptors or instructors had been consulted, & they all supported me.  I filed a lawsuit with 32 laws listed that were broken against me, & an 80 page complaint cross-referenced to 230 pages of concrete evidence, proving that the fraudulent charges could not possibly have taken place, & that it is against laws to pull someone’s degree on personal insults, or for no evidence, no observation, hearsay, etc.  However, Judge Denis Donovan mailed me a fraudulent, full judgment in the mail, before my time was even up to file my original evidence.  A citizen has the legal right to a certain amount of time to file original evidence, & then one year for discovery.  If no evidence is filed, the other side may file for a summary judgment.  However, my original time was not up, there was no motion for summary judgment, & the other side (Pace University) filed no evidence, but just one inadmissible hearsay from the one unqualified RN, Sandra Lewenson, who made the fraudulent slur charges, & the fraudulent hearing denial of appeal, & there were fraudulent hearsay charges from Pace’s lawyer Stephen Brodsky.(My NY state Assemblyman Richard Brodsky refused to even reply, proving they were like Leopold & Loeb, able to get away with murder, & assassinate my life & career, & sending a message to other who think, speak or descent from this conspiracy, just as JFK said in 1963, or as the CIA Project CointelPro dictated. *). Judge Denis Donovan lied in his judgment, & stated that I was on probation, (there were no charges of probation from Pace U.) although I submitted my transcripts as evidence that I never had any bad grades or evaluations, & was never on probation. That is a deliberate, blatant malicious lie, malfeasance of position, to harm a citizen, & crimes against humanity.   I filed an appeal, listing 171 laws broken against me in that fraudulent judgment that Judge Denis Donovan mailed to me, including NY & U.S. Constitutional Rights to due process, right to a jury trial, or any trial, & student rights to due process in court by Marin v PR, Dixon v AL, Tedishi, etc.  Judge Denis Donovan, also, illegally, listed new fraudulent charges against me, with which, Pace did not even charge me.  In a deliberate, unjust, treasonous decision, the Appellate Court found in favor of (conspired with) their favorite side, Pace University, who filed no evidence, but listed anti-civil-rights cases, that say that schools can do what ever they want, --cases overturned by Brown vs Board of Education. The higher courts & the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear my case, in spite of the vast fraudulent judgments & massive injustice, violation of my rights, & my following the correct vast & expensive methods to apply to appeal, & the devastation of my life.  My Senator, Clinton, replied, to my repeated reports &  requests for help, that the legislature has nothing to do with the courts, in a denial & rejection of checks & balances. -The U.S. Constitution, & flagrant disregard of deliberate, malicious, injustices, cruelty & treason by the courts, against a citizen, me. The transcripts of the Nuremberg Trials show that the judges stated that democracy ended when unjust laws were implemented, & injustice began in the courts.  As long as the unjust case described above stands, democracy is ended in the U.S.   I demand justice from the perpetrators of the crimes described against me, in the examples above.  Specifically, justice must be brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, the New York State Court of Appeals, Judge Judith Kaye & Court Clerk, Stuart Cohen, the 2nd Appellate Division, Judges David Ritter, Thomas Adams, Fred Santucci, Sandra Feurstein, Cornelius J. O’Brien, William D. Friedmann, Howard Miller, Stephen G. Crane, the Court Clerks, & Westchester County New York State 2nd Dept. Supreme Court, Judges Denis Donovan & Emmett Murphy.


Please copy this & distribute liberally.  Join JFK & me in informing the public, to keep people free & independent.  Please send money donations to the above address, so that I may continue to distribute this paper.  Do not send checks, as I was pseudo-indicted by Homeland Security, & my bank account was confiscated, & I do not have any way of cashing a two party check.  Money orders or concealed cash can be sent.  Please join me.  We must organize, & discuss, & educate, & recruit, & take action!!  Read my Manifesto of Rejecting this fraudulent government, & recovering our rights, & the Constitution. .  (Thanks to Les & Frank for showing  DVD’s in their 9/11Truth regular Sunday evening program, 2ndAv&10st.NY from which some of this info is taken.)   Read also, by Judy Cunningham, (1) 911 Was An Inside Job, Scientific Laws; (2)Opportunism – The Immoral Ignorant Bring the Corrupt Government to Power; (3)CIA Controls Illegal Drugs;  (4) Propaganda & Tactics Used by Tyrants, Abusers, Users & Drug Dealers; (5)The Nazi, Corporate, Bush Regime; Totalitarianism;  (6)Manifesto of the People,  Accusing of Treason, & Rejecting.









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